24 February, 2024


Sajith Congratulates Gota

Sajith Premiadas has congratulated Gotabaya Rajapaksa on becoming the seventh President of Sri Lanka.

Issuing a statement a short while ago Sajith Premadasa said: “At the conclusion of a hard fought and spirited election campaign, It is my privilege to honour the decision of the people and congratulate Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa on his election as the seventh President of Sri Lanka.”

“In light of today’s decision by the electorate, I have decided to step down as Deputy Leader of the United National Party with immediate effect,” he further said.

We publish below the statement in full:

At the conclusion of a hard fought and spirited election campaign, It is my privilege to honour the decision of the people and congratulate Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa on his election as the seventh President of Sri Lanka.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of our citizens who voted for me, in all corners of the island. I am humbled that you placed your faith in me. Your support has been a fountain of strength throughout my twenty-six-year-long political career. I also wish to place on record my gratitude to all those who worked tirelessly on my campaign. My family and I will never forget your sacrifice and dedication.

We have just witnessed the most peaceful presidential election in the history of our independent republic. This was a result of the democratic gains and institutional reforms that have taken place over the last five years, that empowered an independent elections commission and restored the rule of law. My appeal to the incoming President is that he take this process forward and strengthen and protect the democratic institutions and values that enabled his peaceful election as the 7th President of Sri Lanka. I also urge Mr. Rajapaksa to ensure that the post-election environment is peaceful, and that no citizen or NDF party supporter is persecuted or harmed for their role in supporting my candidacy.

For 26 years, I have been an active politician in this country. During that time, I have made every effort to serve the people, in my home district of Hambantota and wherever and whenever they needed my assistance. It has been my privilege to serve as Housing Minister in this Government for five years, prioritizing the creation of a home-owning society by 2025. I hope the people understand that these were sincere, heartfelt efforts to uplift the lives of my fellow citizens.

In light of today’s decision by the electorate, I have decided to step down as Deputy Leader of the United National Party with immediate effect.

In the coming weeks, in consultation with all those who supported my presidential bid, the people who have stood by me through my political journey and my loved ones, I will reflect on the future of my political career and where my life will take me hereafter. Bound to the people of Sri Lanka, I remain their faithful servant, today and always.

Sajith Premadasa M.P.

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Latest comments

  • 34

    If there is a true SOB who is responsible for the debacle in the UNP that true SOB is Ranil Wickremasinghe.
    This Bugger, this Girly Boy should stand trial for all the mess in Sri lanka today.
    Thank God his other Butterflies , Ravi K, Sagala R, Mailk S, and all the other shit rogues who pay him midnight visits to 5th Lane are no more.
    Hope that Sajith Premadasa has learnt his lesson and learnt the hard way and if Sajith continues to keep company with Ranil and his Shaggers then he won’t get any further.
    Hope this is the end to all bloody strikes from the Doctors to Railway workers and the new President needs to whip all the bloody strikers so that when they remove their pants the scars will remind them that they now live under a autocratic leader.

    • 3

      This bit of writing is a good demonstration of what a keyboard warrior is. Such warriors display their mental inferiority by using swear words, they slander and defame senior people, they do all this while hiding behind a fictitious name. “Intel” is an irrational fool who is incapable of expressing himself in well-thought out and clear language. If she/he must call the UNP and its leaders, or anyone or any political party for that matter deficient in any way, then do so with decency. You merely pollute these columns with your foolish nonsense. We access these columns to read something sensible.

  • 21

    Well said Sajith, leave gracefully with your head high, unlike those who cling on to power by any means. Are you sure you wont change your mind by popular request to stay on?

  • 24

    1,125 Buddhist Temples will not be built.
    But more private/public lands will be taken over by the military.
    Many more ancient sites of Buddhist Temples will be discovered.
    Another 100,000 will be recruited to the armed forces.
    The TID will be restored in its original format.
    All court cases involving the new president will be shelved,
    Governor Raghavan will be made a Deshamanya.
    MPs who join/return to SLPP will get two duty-free vehicle permits.

    • 3


      “MPs who join/return to SLPP will get two duty-free vehicle permits.”

      Any chance of them being issued with White Vans?

  • 11

    Gothapaya, gave lot of promises during his election campaign,a promise is a promise and let him fulfil what he promised to the people.

  • 21

    Well in the end, FEAR won handsomely. When fear is used as a weapon it always wins. Donald Trump mobilized millions of White Americans to fear the Hispanics/Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims and Chinese taking over the USA and won. Scott Morison & Tony Abbot instilled fear in the minds of Australians that illegal boat people (colored people) were taking over Australia and won. The Brexit nutters spread fear psychosis that Europe was destroying the UK and won. So this is nothing new. This is the new world order where fear and dooms day theories are swallowed by gullible masses at the expense of hope and optimism. Yes, democracy is a two edged sword. But there are some amazing leaders like Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand who have become a beacon of hope for democracy. As for Sri Lanka, lets enjoy the spoils guys. Who wants a duty free permit for a Lamborghini?

    • 2

      You forgot Modi, and how he mobilized the Hindu Radicals against the minorities in India.

  • 27

    Gota won the election overall. But he suffered a huge defeat in the north and east. This has not escaped the attention of many sinhalese who are furious about it. I myself have seen several memes on facebook already slandering minorities in that area of being ‘terrorists’ because they voted in huge numbers for sajith (who is ironically a proud sinhala buddhist). This is the mentality of Sri Lanka as a collective! It also proves that the divide and hatred between communities is still as strong as ever. And i dont see it getting better under another rajapaksa rule. It will almost certainly get worse!

  • 1

    Rowdy proof your son and wife people are with you

  • 5

    Zero-Hour: Where are you? Gotabhaya First Duty is to FREE himself. For now forget “Duminda”. Give “Gota” little breathing space. “Ali Sabri & Co. ” will do the “FIRST JOB”.

    • 3


      When do you think Gota will ban the islanders from accessing Colombo Telegraph?

  • 3

    If with the massive support of Tamils and Muslims, a UNP EP candidate had faced this result, Then there is not use for UNP to stand for Parliamentary election. In her last premier election, Sirimavo paved her way to A.Amirthalingam to become the opposition leader. In the next Parliament election Kaheem or Anura or a Tamil may become the opposition leader.

  • 18

    Well cultured and well mannered leader always behave as a gentleman NOT like BURUWANSA who has no any ability of literacy and numeracy except Hakara Kata and Asuchi kata.

    Sajith is a honourable gentleman.

    People of Sri Lanka are not fortunate to have such a leader.

  • 4

    … brothers and sisters.. take two Panadols and koththamalli..and try and get some sleep tonight..
    poor things..

  • 4

    I hear Ranil is forming a Unity Yahapalanaya again and sharing his Premiership with Mahinda. Is that true?

    Anyway who is Mahinda? (Sorry guys, I never can type something right; it is Lasantha)
    Deva made a call to Keyts from Kilinochi while traveling to Colombo said: “Honey I am on my way to home. Tell them I am back” (some women from home said “this is Keyts; you call Colombo home”)

    Hezbollah said to Karuna now the Muslims Empire in East is over. Saudi Wahhabi Empire is starting.

    Hakeem and Rishard……….

    • 8

      All CT Comminity,
      Most of you are anti rajapakse and uses this forum to spread hate. Sri Lankan people have spoken. At least now stop your hatred and truly try and work towards a prosperous Sri Lanka.

      • 6


        “Most of you are anti rajapakse and uses this forum to spread hate.”

        How does it work being anti rajapakse make all of us hate mongers?
        It is within our democratic rights to be anti rajapaksa. Why does it bother you?

        Why can’t the little fascist stop being a racist, respect democracy and say sorry for all those human rights violations he committed between 2005 and 2015?

        Are you his new b***s carrier?

  • 4

    SAJITH was in a hurry to become president and have lost his political future and that of UNP. those who let down RANIL SUCH AS HARIN,SUJEEWA,AJITH PERERA,MANGALYA,GAFEER CASIM, HAKEEM,MANO MODAYN should take the responsibility for this defeat.HEART TO HEART RANIL AND RAVI must be very happy about this out come.WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE ABOUT HAKEEM AND MY LORD BADURDEEN AS both these guys will not be able to eat and sleep WITH OUT CABINET POSITION.HISBALLA will be able to GET HIS GOVERNER POST AND SHAIRIYA CAMPUS.SIVAJILINGAM WILL BE MADE NORTHERN GOVERNER.GOOD LUCK TO SARATH FONSEKA AND SAJIN VAAS .

  • 0

    The UNP could not run its “top dog”, Ranil, as only some old women in C7 will vote for him. Poor Sajith was given a few biscuts and microphone to save face for the UNP. Well, the “green shirts” idea was clever. Maybe they can try butterfly’s next time to get the beach boy’s vote.

  • 9

    Although many people including myself thought that the UNP would end up in pieces after this Presidential election, with massive 5.5 million people voted in favour of them, one could say it is still a force to reckon with.
    I still cannot understand how did they get this many votes.
    And the 41.99%, almost 42% of the total votes is huge when taking into accocunt their countrywide unpopularity.
    To be fair with the opponent, I think Sajith seemed to have given a new leaf to his party.
    As a principle, I don’t attack the fallen.
    I invite UNP, TNA and Muslim parties to review their currrent toxic policies and make necessary changes for the better.

    • 1

      You reckon the 80% Ordovician votes of the Tamil / Moslem areas as an indication of popularity of the UNP among them?

      In a general election these areas will go to ethnic parties.

      In the areas Pohottuwa won the PE , the picture would be more or less the same , provided they agree for Parliament to be dissolved now – otherwise it‘ll be worse.

      That’s the true measure of UNP led alliance.

      It’s time the people decide to go for non ethnic national parties.
      The time minorities made the kings is over.

    • 1

      Champa, those are probably Muslim votes. We need to check by district to confirm. It is an important observation since it can confirm the rapid growth of the Muslim demographic; larger population means more voting power. Muslims are replacing Tamils (demographically), with each election the Muslim vote becomes more important. This is a trend that future presidential candidates cannot ignore.

      • 1

        Of course I don’t think all 5.5 million votes are UNP.
        My opinion is Sajith gave a new leaf to UNP so that they all came forward in support of the UNP candidate.
        I am someone who vehemently demanded Mahinda and his block to not couple with TNA and Bathiudeen and Hakeem.
        If not for people’s objections, our Sinhalese leaders would have been the victims of Tamil and Muslim bargain politics, once again.
        I take 5.5 million votes received by UNP is largely anti-Gotabhaya votes, i.e. personal votes.

        • 0

          Oooops new leaf……. What I meant was, with his campaign, Sajith invigorated the UNP.

  • 3

    Reasons why Sajith Premadasa lost.
    1. Sajith Premadasa is not matured enough and not educated to suit the present generation.
    2. North & East Provinces voted heavily for Sajith, not because they have a liking towards Sajith, but want to demonstrate their hatred towards Gota.
    3. The attack on April Easter Sunday brought awareness among the Sinhalese and were expecting a strong leader.
    4. Division among members if the UNP supported Sajith for their selfish & personal gains.
    5. Ranil should be partly blamed for accommodating Vijayakala Maheswaran who is still a curse to the Tamils and even the Sinhalese were not happy about Vijayakala’s behaviour
    especially with regard to Vidya’s death. She used her influence to release the suspect instead of handing over to the Police. Moreover, she was talking out of turn and non-sense.. .
    6. UNP should have analyzed the situation when Rajiv Gandhi was assaulted by a Sinhalese Naval rating, for which Sajith’s father was instrumental.
    Moreover, he supported the LTTE to wage war on the IPKF and gave arms & ammunitions.
    7. Had Ranil contested, things would have been different. Before that, Ranil should have been patient to acommodate people like Malik Samarawickrema, Mangala Samaraweera, etc.
    8. Sajith was not known in international arena.
    9. Buddhist monks including the Maha Nayakas of Kandy played a vital role for the victory of Gota.
    10. The hill country Tamils led by Thondaman and Muralitharan were supporting Gota. If these two prominent figures are with Gota, the Hill Country Tamils will blindly support Gota.
    Now let us watch the tug of war between Gota and Ranil’s Cabinet.

    • 0

      “Sajith Premadasa is not matured enough and not educated to suit the present generation.” Well he is much more articulated and intelligent than one thinks. He doesnt need a teleprompter to speak publicly. Plus he is young and certain knows what the youth of this country want.

      “Sajith was not known in international arena.” Well in that case MS or MR were neither known. Being young and as someone who can speak the queens language so eloquently given the current crop of politicians I am sure he would have been able to make a name for himself just like his father and JRJ before that.

      ” The hill country Tamils led by Thondaman and Muralitharan were supporting Gota. If these two prominent figures are with Gota, the Hill Country Tamils will blindly support Gota.” Both these guys are jokers who will sing for their supper.

      Sajith will comeback stronger. anyway lets give the new man a chance. Hope he has mended his ways and is able to embrace all as Sri Lankan. He has the opportunity to right what his brother failed to do and deliver.

      His biggest hurdle 2020/21 debt repayments that will bury us as a country if they rest on their pre 2015 laurels.

  • 3

    You are a very HUMBLE Leader. Possibly the most humble leader ever that we have witnessed.
    Step aside from the UNP CROOKS and create a new party- a party that invites educated, corrupt free, humble leaders with a great vision just like you. And we will vote you and make you our next leader in 5 years time. Till next time,
    Tusen Tack! Tills vi träffas
    Sajith Premadasa, we salute you SIR !

  • 2

    My appreciation for humbly accepting defeat & being brave enough to come to the EC office & face the people. Remember that failure is the pillar of success.

    Your time will soon come. Till then be patient.

    We are always with you.

  • 2

    Let’s look at the bright side here too. True Gota won but the majority is still slim – only by 2%. This means that almost half (48%) of registered voters are intelligent, decent citizens of this country and they cannot be fooled. Unfortunately, too few Sinhalese joined our Tamil and Muslim sisters and brothers in rejecting authoritarianism this time (due partially to the abysmal performance of the Ranil-Maithri combine) but let’s hope that once the repression sets in (sooner rather than later), the situation will change.

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