25 May, 2024


Sajith Sabotages SJB MPs’ Revelations On Easter Attacks Probe

Samagi Janabalawegaya (SJB) MPs are under severe pressure from Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa to quit exposing links between the national security apparatus of the Sri Lankan Government and the Easter Sunday bombings that claimed 269 lives, Colombo Telegraph learns.

The revelations by the opposition, including the SJB and JVP, has caused serious discomfort to the Government, particularly President Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was elected to office on a national security platform after the deadly Easter Sunday bombings shocked the country. In a steady drip-drip-drip, revelations by the opposition and senior law enforcement officials including the former chief of police, have reinforced a connection between the Sri Lankan military intelligence establishment and the terrorist cell that carried out the bombings in April 2019.


At Premadasa’s behest, the Opposition has now missed two scheduled meetings with the Catholic Bishop’s Conference to brief them about the more sensitive and explosive aspects of the Easter Sunday attacks investigations, local media reports indicated.

The first meeting scheduled for April 28, 2021, Premadasa said, had to be cancelled because he had a prior engagement. Premadasa demanded a second cancellation for a fresh appointment granted by the Catholic Bishops for May 5, 2021.

The reason the second time around was that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was visiting Parliament, and he wished to have his entire delegation of MPs present. President Rajapaksa’s meeting was routine at best, and not significant in any way.

SJB MPs Harin Fernando and Manusha Nanayakkara caused ripples with their explosive speeches in Parliament drawing a connection between the suicide bomber cell that killed Catholic worshippers on Easter Sunday 2019 and the intelligence services, based on intercepted communications obtained from mobile devices linked to the terror cell.

Soon after the revelations in the House, a delegation of SJB MPs led by Lakshman Kiriella met with Catholic leaders at the Center for Society and Religion in Maradana, to brief them about the more sensitive aspects of the Easter Sunday attacks investigation inter-alia, the statement made by a CID officer about intervention by the Directorate of Military Intelligence to release an intelligence officer from CID custody. The Military intelligence operative was taken from the CID before he was interrogated about his links to the terror cell. The CID discovered the link and arrested the Intelligence officer by analysing IP data from one of the bomber’s computers, the opposition has alleged.

At the meeting at CSR, which was subsequently treated to a visit from the CID, the opposition MPs requested a special meeting with the Catholic Bishop’s Conference to elaborate the points further.

But for reasons best known to the Opposition Leader, who has recently come under fire for his habit of fiddling while Rome burns, both the meetings were avoided.

Colombo Telegraph learns that Premadasa has also expressed grave concern about the continued exposures by his party members regarding the Easter attacks. It was attracting “unnecessary attention” from powerful sections of the Government and the security apparatus, he claimed. Harin Fernando’s last revelation referred to a code name used by the bombers, “Sonic-Sonic”. The code name was used by the bombers to allude to the person who now runs the entire intelligence operation under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Fernando said, – a clear reference to Major General Suresh Sallay, Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s State Intelligence Services (SIS) Chief.


In fact, the SJB’s meeting scheduled with the Catholic Bishops for 5th May was eventually used by a senior Sri Lanka intelligence officer and a Government Minister to provide a “counter narrative” to the SJB’s claims.

Speculation is raging inside the main opposition party, about Premadasa’s motives. Premadasa’s recent appointment of Dayan Jayatillaka as foreign policy advisor has raised alarm, as has the opposition leader’s continued close association to Army Chief Shavendra Silva.

Jayatillake’s recent assertions that Premadasa stood against the abolition of the executive presidency and a unified opposition that could take on the Rajapaksa juggernaut, has sparked fears about the Sajith Premadasa trajectory, observers said. “Dayan J wants a government under Sajith Premadasa to be a slightly less racist, slightly less nationalistic Rajapaksa administration” one observer told Colombo Telegraph.

Speaking for Premadasa, in a series of articles the Opposition Leader is yet to disavow and probably never will, Jayatillake claimed that the SJB under Premadasa stands completely against the Yahapalanaya policies of democratic reform, broad political coalition building and engagement with the United Nations on human rights and reconciliation.

The opposition leader has continuously urged the US Government to remove the travel ban slapped on Gen. Shavendra Silva who is implicated in war crimes.

Premadasa’s decision to call for an “opposition ceasefire” even as the Government bungles on every front, made some commentators quip that the Opposition Leader was behaving as if the Government had been hamstrung by the opposition’s efforts to hold it accountable all these months.

As the Government’s mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis has led to an increased fatality rate, the country is fast running out of medical facilities to care for patients infected with the disease, the airport remains open, inviting a host of new and deadly corona virus variants to enter the island, silence from the opposition will continue to give the government a free-hand to abuse power and endanger the citizenry, political analysts said.(By Janakie Mediwake)


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Latest comments

  • 18

    ………But for reasons best known to the opposition Leader, who has recently come under fire for his habit of fiddling while Rome burns……….

    Enter Nero Premadasa!
    Exit Sajith Premadasa!

  • 33

    Ranil Wickremasinghe and Maithripala Sirisena went out of their way persistently to obstruct justice and protect criminals. It has now become clear that Sajith Premadasa is also cast in the same mould. Thus, it is clear he is not fit to be an opposition leader and is even more unfit to become the leader of the country. So the best thing would be to vote for the NPP in the next elections if there is one. Perhaps the NPP should form an alliance with other like-minded parties to boot out the SJB and form a credible opposition with a backbone.

    • 8

      Turning to NPP would be like turning the pillow over to cure the headache. They to have the same chemistry in their blood too.

      • 10

        hanchopancho: Can you please explain the “Chemistry” in the blood of “NPP”. Thanks.

        • 1

          Dear Simon. My answer is very simple. I put to prominent members of all shades of the political spectrum an issue that affects the fundamental rights of every citizen where money decides and not the facts, for their response. They are all silent like dead mules. That was what I meant the blood chemistry is all the same.

      • 4

        What is the alternative? I think it s high time educated people to join hand with NPP, but my question is would that happen let alone today? It s just people at large dont seem to care much. I think way out would be to go on a strike against media giant s because media should be the ones that should wake up the people by providing them with FACTS but FACTS.☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  • 35

    And to add to all these, is his appointment of Tissa Attanayake as National Organiser and whose daughter was given a high post by the current administration. He left the UNP and supported MR and now back to SJB. Is he a mole?

  • 15

    I always believe that Sajith is not a formidable leader, now or in the future. He will play politics at any cost.
    My support is for Champika Ranawaka for next president.

    I am gonna see see that Ganakka of Anurapura shortly.

  • 5

    “But for reasons best known to the Opposition Leader, who has recently come under fire for his habit of fiddling while Rome burns”
    When one says ‘habit’ it has to be something with rather regular pattern.
    How much such fiddling has Sajith P done?
    Where is the ‘fire’ he is under coming from?
    Despite my lack of regard for Sjith P’s quality of leadership, I seriously suspect that the author has other axes to grind.

  • 19

    If this information is correct, Sajith should be removed from SJB leadership by the members. As per SJB constitution, the leader is selected by a vote every year.

    • 14

      Buddhist1: This man “Sajith” has many “Skeletons” in his cupboard. Did you notice, even when the “Sugar Scam” was revealed in Parliament, Sajith was “Softpeddling” the issue. Why? His wife runs a “Beauty Parlor” at Shangrila Hotel. Do you see how the “Connections” are built. There is another “Invisible” hand at “Play”. That is “Born Again” “Mafia” and see through it to connect it with “Pathfinder”- “Think Tank” headed by Milinda Moragoda. This “Sajith” yet another “MOLE” and better be “Cautious”.

      • 3

        This man Sajith was a major component in the Yahapalana hook-up with Ranil and Sirisena and equally shares responsibility for all omissions and commissions of the previous government.


  • 17

    Sajith Premadasa is a Rajapakshe project aimed at destroying the UNP. It is working brilliantly. Diana Gamage’s political party was a trap set by a women who is in parliament illegally. She is a British citizen with a fake Sri Lankan Passport. Ranil’s stubborness and arrogance were used to lure the fed up party members. How is this scheme made to work? By using blackmail. I wont say anymore but look back in time to a certain episode and you will find the reason. Dayan J is a first class arrogant racist. He has a king size ego. There was no precedent for his appointment. He has stepped into matters that are not his concern. If these two morons think they can fashion a viable opposition by being Rajapakshe lite they are delusional. They are also first class double dealing traitors no second to the current lot in power.

  • 11

    So we are yet to find a genuine capable leader for our country. Not on the Horizon yet.
    One has already failed and SP is failing.
    So whom to count on next ?
    BTW the failure is in the system itself and not so much with these guys.
    Take every aspect of our politics and admin – each is a mafia with vested interests lining their pockets while pretending to serve the people.
    Country first is a lie

    • 7

      Dear pB,
      ….BTW the failure is in the system itself and not so much with “these guys”……
      Fully endorsed. There is no way for a better leader to emerge because of the entrenched party system of voting and allowing everyone a vote without a qualification. “These guys” are only the types that this system will generate. They have to get power in the party first : HOW. By rhetoric, money, and gather sufficient low types who will do anything for crumbs off the table. Once there, dispense favours.
      A full revamp (a near impossibility under prevailing conditions) is called for. Two ways are possible – a new constitution with new voting pattern allowing anyone to contest with or without a party but place an educational level, very strong restriction on money spent on election and other safeguards for free and fair voting, and media restrictions because this corrupt media is largely to blame. Useless waiting for media to correct itself. There should also be proper administrative and financial controls entrenched in the Constitution itself so that there are no disruptions by favouritism and nepotism in appointments, allowing continuity whenever there is a regime change, while those appointed will only bear allegiance to the constitution only.
      This is only a barebone suggestion.

      • 7

        Unfortunately, the Civil Service, Administrative and Financial Regulationss (ARs and FRs) were done away for political benefit under the guise of quicker development but resulted only in development of those who held the spoon. These regulations curtailed corruption to a bare minimum though delayed some actions. It is the overall benefit that counts. In Australia and New Zealand there is hardly any change in top positions of government departments as they work conscientiously upholding the constitution for the public’s welfare.
        Of course this is helped by the standard of those elected by an educated public, and who will only stick to policy.

        Or secondly, a French …. Which I do not really endorse as we never know where that will take us. Blind Wild Card.

        • 3

          To find a solution one has to look to the past and understand where we went wrong. Until 1972 There was a thing called an upper house called the senate. If the local judiciary was not doing its job there was the privy council in the UK to which an appeal could have been lodged. The president was only a Figure head. We need to restore that system as much as we can no Privy council but make something equivelant. The Sanate will be for highly qualified individuals who have distinguished them selves in their fields. They should have oversight over parliament and the judiciary. President is only a ceremonial head of state who is banned from Cabinet or any other office. Senators should not be elected but given lifetime appointments and the right to retire. The prime minister should be the executive who runs the government. Some ideas. Also political parties need to be regulated. But in order to do this they need to be publicly funded. No donations from foreign countries, Private corporations or rich millionares. The maximum donation should be capped and the donor identified, documented and published.

  • 7

    One must look into the genesis of Sagith. His father launched himself into politics by being Captain of Ibbanwala Football Club. He was the spokesperson for the Colombo slum dwellers. He spiced his speeches to suit their taste buds. JRJ with his inborn arrogance was much disliked by the masses. JRJ being a great schemer harnessed Senior Premadasa to his carriage enticing him with the sweetener that if JRJ becomes the President he would be the prince in waiting to the throne. Srilankan politics has never been based on any solid ideology nor philosophy. He was succeeded before and after by weeping widows.

    • 13

      Dear HP.
      Just to put things factually…. “JRJ being a great schemer harnessed Senior Premadasa .. he would be the prince in waiting to the throne.”
      Actually his genesis was different ….
      In 1950, Premadasa was elected to the Colombo Municipal Council as a member of San Sebastian’s Ward, under Labour Party. In 1955, he succeeded T. Rudra as Deputy Mayor and joined the United National Party in 1956. He contested and lost in 1956.
      He was elected the third Member of Parliament from Colombo Central in the March 1960 general election. He successfully contested the Colombo Central electorate in the 1965 general election, he was appointed Chief Government Whip and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Local Government, by Dudley S.
      In the 1970 general election, he was elected first Member of Parliament for Colombo Central and sat in the opposition with J.R. Jayewardene, the Leader of the Opposition, and he was appointed Chief Opposition Whip. Premadasa was re-elected first Member of Parliament for Colombo Central in the general election in 1977 and became the Leader of the House and the Minister of Local Government, Housing and Construction.
      So he worked his way up from 1956, and was “not enticed” by JRJ. But later in the mid ’80’s, JRJ, the schemer, later divided and ruled, true, pitting Lalith/Gamini against RP.

    • 4

      “JRJ being a great schemer harnessed Senior Premadasa to his carriage enticing him
      with the sweetener”
      H, I would rather think that JRJ had little choice in the matter.
      Premadasa had grown into a larger than live figure by 1977. Had he not clashed with Dudley S some months before the latter died, he may have led the UNP at the 1977 polls.
      JRJ’s loyalty to the UNP was in doubt on more than one occasion. His attempt to join the UF government in 1972 owing to personal bitterness was thwarted by LSSP leaders.
      Premadasa was away in India (?) when Dudley died. JRJ hijacked the remains of Dudley amid resentment against the UF. But without Premadasa, the UNP would have lost, because JRJ’s support base in the NP was not strong. That was why he had to obtain undated resignation letters from all UNP candidates in 1977.
      You are right to an extent about personality dominance. But there was until late 1980s a difference in outlook on a series of matters.
      The difference was clearly underlined by the 1978 constitution.

  • 3

    I dont think that Sajith can cut the cheese.

  • 3

    In short, is Sajith trying to reduce loudness of the opposition whilst being its leader. Did Ranil do this when he was the effective head of opposition? To our knowledge NO. My position is that we must be fair by everyone, Sajith included. Did he do that? If so, why? Is it for the concerns of safety of those who do the talking? If, as believed by many, that there are International dimensions to this, then did some political secretary of an embassy “advice” Sajith? We all know that there are fellows who are good with both sides of the divide. Some of them may have been “involved” in these affairs, either I keeping their eyes closed or to some extent “active” participation. Did they “influence”? The other possibility is that Sajith, like any other in his tribe, has some skeletons in his cupboard and did some one blackmail him to diminish the voice of the talkers? It is also possible that any sensible leader of the Opposition would bid for his time to launch a massive attack and this may not be the time in his point of view. For the slightest thing one must not throw darts.

  • 0

    Anything that causes discomfort to the mastermind of the attacks should be furthered and not sabotaged. Did they let up on the bond scam ?? No they raped you politically with that bond scam which in comparison to what they are doing is like stealing the donation till from a billion dollar hotel chain.
    Sajith. Grow a pair. Or get out.

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