10 December, 2022


Sam-Sum Tamil National Alliance

By K. Anaga

Mr. R. Sampanthan, the so-called leader of the opposition, is actually a state sponsored opposition leader. Although he was elected by the people of Trincomalee to look after the interest of the Tamils, he seems to be more concerned about the safety of the ‘Yahapalanaya-Naladchi’ government. He, together with Mr. M.A. Sumanthiran (SAM-SUM) is deaf and blind to the voters who are on the roads for months asking for their lands taken over by the army to be returned, locate the missing relatives and children handed over to the army, release of political prisoners lingering in prisons for years without trial and employment opportunities for the unemployed graduates. Quite a number of graduates appear to have long passed the age of commencing employment, under normal circumstances. These demands are simple and straight forward and need no constitutional amendments or parliamentary approval. What is need is conscience, which the president seems to lack. His Excellency the President Mr. Maithripala Srisena is seen touring the island, preaching what is good, bad and ugly. Unfortunately, the bad and the ugly seem to eclipse the good as far as his government is concerned. Sam-Sum is shamelessly supporting the bad and the ugly with a thick skin. Thus, cheating, not only the Tamils but also the Sinhalese.

May be, the present president HE Maithripala Srisena is awaiting the approval of the former president Rajapakse, whose influence on him seem to be intact, to sort out this problem, despite the fact that he was essentially defeated by the Tamil/Muslim votes.

The Tamils supported the TNA to support the government and obtain relief with regard to the immense humanitarian problems and there after settle the political problems.  Unlike Sumanthiran, Sampanthan is not a ‘Podian’ who may not know the past. Sampanthan, had associated with M/s Chelvanayakam, Amirthalingam, Thiruchelvam and perhaps Vanniayasingham and Dr.Naganathan too, who were stalwarts of the Thamil Arasu Kadchi(Federal Party). Even these representatives of the Tamils were taken for a ride by the successive governments of both UNP and SlFP. Written agreements were unilaterally abrogated. Mr.Thiruchevam, once as a Minister in the UNP government had to resign without achieving anything due to lack of co-operation from the government.

Mr.Amirthalingam, became the leader of the opposition, in his own right, as the leader of his party which won the highest number of seats next to UNP, which became the ruling party.  Here again, Mr. Amirthalingam, as a leader of the opposition lost sight of the purpose of his election and failed to achieve anything for the Tamils. His activities as a leader of the opposition resulted in him being treated as neither fish nor fowl. Finally a no confidence motion was passed on him by the government members.

Very often, you, Mr. Sumanthiran crie out arrogantly that you have been elected by the Tamil people and therefore other Tamil parties have no say. Yes Sir! You have been elected by the Tamil people, but on what basis and what was your manifesto?  Are you adhering to it? .Are you aware of the fact that Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (Federal Party) was routed in the 1952 general elections? No! You wouldn’t have been born. Even, Mr. Chelvnayakam lost his seat. After the defeat, if ITAK would have been licking their wounds, without fighting back and educating the Tamil voters of the danger lying ahead, even you and Sampanthar would not be in the parliament to-day, of course, causing irreparable damage to the Tamil speaking people.      

Despite his knowledge and past experience, Mr. Sampanthan appears to have dumped himself with his associates into the deep sea without wearing life jackets. It is evident, that some of the representatives are struggling to extricate themselves from the clutches of Sam- Sum, but something seems to hold them back. What is it?

Even the Sinhalese from the south are supporting these legitimate demands. But, unfortunately the TNA led by Sampanthan appears to be in a world of his own on the axis of Sumanthiran or vice versa.

A young boy from Colombo Hindu College, in his speech, a couple of week back, in the presence of Sumanthiran, exposed the double tong treachery of Sam-Sum with documentary evidence. This speech had gone viral in the face book and other media. One would have expected Sumanthiran, at least as a lawyer and not as an MP, to repudiate the statement made by the school boy in an appropriate manner – but it was not to be, as facts are stubborn. Instead, he was humble enough to distribute the prizes to the boys.

It is said, that the present government, unlike the previous government has given the freedom to the people to demonstrate and demand their rights. Fine, but what purpose does it serve? Previously, you were not allowed to demonstrate and you did not get anything. But now, you may demonstrate, but get nothing, except blood, tears and sweat, which are invariably washed away by water cannons. Demonstrations are only ‘a means to an end and not an end in itself’.

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    Here is is a Tamil version of Dayan Jayatilake writing on behalf of the Joint Opposition and the MaRa mafia.

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      “Here is is a Tamil version of Dayan Jayatilake writing on behalf of the Joint Opposition and the MaRa mafia.”

      Anaga must be a self hating Tamil version of Anagarika.

      The public racist Anagarika Dharmapala (the homeless one) hated Sinhalese and Buddhists for no apparent reason, if you carefully study his utterances.

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    Since when are invading LTTE terrorists political prisoners? They must be deported back to Tamil Nadu!

    • 7

      Johnny boy

      “They must be deported back to Tamil Nadu!”

      You are right all descendants of Kallathonies should be deported back to Tamil Nadu.

      How about you?

      Would you like to join the voluntary repatriation queue or would you like us to search and deport you?

      Join the voluntary repatriation which is more dignified than subjecting yourself to compulsory removal schemes.

      Before deportation you will be held in a camp which is specifically built for you, the Kallathonie.

      Female members of your family will be allowed to live here on their return from medieval middle-east kingdoms. They too need freedom from bigoted slave master like you.

      When are you leaving?

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    This is a sweeping write-up without any regard to the ground situation. To say how things should be done is easy, but doing is the difficult part. You are criticising Sampanthan and like Gajendrakumar. Gajendrakumar is a good critic; apart from that he does little. Though he is a lawyer by profession, he has appeared only once in a court. That too in defence of some army personnel!
    The problems catalogued by the writer stems from the fact the LTTE lost the war. Whether it is about release of lands occupied by the army, tracing the whereabouts of those missing, release of prisoners (not all of them are political prisoners) and jobs for teachers.
    As soon as the war is over, the army occupied land and properties belonged to them. Thus the army occupied large swaths of land illegally. Rajapaksa encouraged the take over the lands by the army. In the latter part of 2014, the army under the Land Acquisition Act pasted notices on trees in Vali North to acquire land for public purpose.
    This move by the army was thwarted due to the change of government in January, 2015. Sampanthan played a key role in unseating Mahinda Rajapaksa who boasted he is invincible. Sampanthan was largely responsible for fielding a common presidential candidate against Rajapaksa. He refused to support Ranil Wickremesinghe and asked him to propose a common candidate who can defeat Rajapaksa. That strategy worked and a change of government created space for democracy. Under Rajapaksa Tamil people couldn’t even breathe freely. There were white vans, grease demons, intimidation and thuggery in the North. The army was lording over the people by interfering in their day to day life. Today, Tamil people are free to demonstrate and free to go on rotational fast, something unthinkable during the dark era of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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      The writer very clearly exposed the truths. The Sam-SUM – my3-R/nill-CBK alliance is riding in the same direction – fooling the voters/make hay while sun shines/make more money so long in power/hell with voters. We are in Power
      after 5 years the voters will forget everything and by hook or by crook or through preference votes these leader will come back to power. Same alliance, same routine and goes on on for ever;
      The evils of democracy is well practiced in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka can take lessons to other countries in this matter like how to win a war without witness.

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    In Sampur, 816 acres of land confiscated by the government and gifted to Sri Lanka Gateway Industries on a 99 lease has been taken back and handed over to IDPs. Another 237 acres of land occupied by the navy has also been released to the original owners. The credit must go to President Sirisena, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sampanthan and Sumanthiran. Sampanthan and Sumanthiran appeared on behalf of the IDPs before the SC.
    In Vali North out of 6381.5 acres of private land occupied by the army, approximately 1927 acres of land has been released to the owners. This week TNA MPs and Army commanders in all 5 districts in the North are meeting to work out the modus operandi to release lands still occupied by the armed faces.
    As for enforced disappearances, a law has been passed and gazetted. Soon offices will be opened to receive complaints.
    The number of prisoners in jail before January 8, 2015 was 217. The number has now been reduced to 94. The TNA continues urging the government to release those in jails.

    At the macro level, progress, though slow, the constitutional process is addressing three specific areas (1) devolution of power, (2) electoral reform and (3) restructuring the executive presidential system. Out of the three, devolution of power is the fundamental element of the constitution making process.
    Dogs may bark, but it was R.Sampanthan, M.A.Sumanthiran and Mavai Senathirajah internationalized the National Question by getting US to move resolutions at the UNHRC against Sri Lanka. Resolution 30/1 deals with every aspect of Tamil people’s quest for equality and justice. However, more remains to be done.

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    There is lack of progress on transitional justice, accountability and reconciliation. Even the constitutional process is not proceeding speedily as expected, though some progress has been made.
    One of the stumbling blocks towards progress is the lack of unity within the national government. Not only UNP ministers and SLFP ministers are fighting among themselves, there is inside fighting within the SLFP (Sirisena) factions as well. Added is the threat by ex President Mahinda Rajapaksa to topple the government very soon.
    It is in the overall interests of the Tamil people to stay course and engage with the Unity Government in power. The alternative will be worse.

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    As far as I am aware, of the senior leaders you have listed, Sampanthan was politically associated only with Mr.Amirthalingam, and he joined the Federal Party, thru’ the TULF only in late 1976 or early 1977. Sampanthan was not directly involved in FP or any other politics before -Neither as a functionary nor an organizer/member. During elections, he supported his relative Mr.Rajavarothayam, the FP nominee. Otherwise, he was busy with his legal work.

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    These govt sponsored opposition MPs have no interest in national politics, issues or tragedies but to only keep the president and the PM happy and prop up the govt in parliament. They are deaf and blind to what is happening outside their areas in the country. I have still to see a statement from these gentlemen regarding the recent tragedy at least on behalf of the few Tamil people who lost their lives living in harmony among the Sinhalese who were also effected in this area. Please grow up.

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      “These govt sponsored opposition MPs have no interest in national politics, issues or tragedies but to only keep the president and the PM happy and prop up the govt in parliament.”


      Now tell us whom are the Joint Opposition Members of Parliament keeping happy?

      “I have still to see a statement from these gentlemen regarding the recent tragedy at least on behalf of the few Tamil people who lost their lives living in harmony among the Sinhalese who were also effected in this area.”

      The few Tamils whom you consider are living in harmony among Sinhalese may be true. What you failed to mention is that how long, may be until the next state sponsored riots.

      “Please grow up.”

      Are you talking to yourself in front of a mirror?

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        The joint opposition members who refused to be sponsored by the govt: are doing the work of the official opposition in parliament and keeping the electorate informed democratically of the short comings of the govt: which should have been the task of Sambanthan & co. I am sorry that the JVP is also in the same boat of the official opposition.
        Sorry my friend the Singhalese will never ever be fooled again as to be sponsored by the state or by anybody to riot against the Tamils.

        I tell you “Grow up my friend” , we are living in different times.

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          “The joint opposition members who refused to be sponsored by the govt: are doing the work of the official opposition in parliament and keeping the electorate informed democratically of the short comings of the govt:”


          Somebody has to do the dirty job.

          Please enlighten us with the details of people who are in the JO and the party they naturally belong to or banner under which they last contested elections.

          Now tell us what sort of work they have done since they formed this nutters corner within the parliament?

          What do you expect from the official opposition?

          I have at least another 1001 question about the nutters.

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            The details you want of JO people please find out and enlighten yourself. I cannot help you. Looks like you don’t know anything of how this yahapalana govt was formed.To enlighten you, the President as leader gave the JO group of the UPFA the ok to sit in parliament as part of the opposition and do the duty of the opposition. But the speaker for reasons known to him does not agree to give them due facilities to act as a separate parliamentary opposition group.
            However with the little facilities given to them they have highlighted the fraud, corruption and short comings of the govt in parliament and outside to good effect and have made the public aware. This is not forthcoming from the govt: sponsored opposition in parliament or outside. They have failed in their responsibility as opposition MPS. This is a lopsided parliament with people rejected by the electorate becoming ministers just to to keep the govt stable.

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    SAM-SUM are going in the correct path with the present government to obtain a negotiated settlement for the Singhalese and Tamils to live in harmony in Sri Lanka. We Tamils have looked at other options and failed miserably.Please give SAM-SUM a chance.

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    The leader of Opposition and its party is a alternative to Democratic next Govt. to be form if current ruling Party fail govern the country .
    But herewith that an opposition political party of TNA is
    anti-establishment political organization do want to build separate state in North -Eastern Province of an Island ?

    That mode of politics never works in democratic structure of Parliamentary norms. The same set of policies were TNA followed and advocated by TULF and FP since 1951.

    TNA has not change of policies of previous as past as former Tamils leaders.

    TNA has decided not that engaged any national disasters by man-made or natural-disasters of majority peoples become victims’ any form they have NO any political commitments by the role of politics of TNA been avoided to seek solutions as national issues .

    All national issues TNA is Non-committed. And Non-participations is policies since Tamil-chauvinist line of thinking.
    No way of reconciliation between south and north by TNA?

    The Key to role of TNA’s Tamil leadership only that worried about Land and Police power in North by laid new foundation separatism state regime in North by only TNA leadership.

    Take example Mettotamulla-man-made disasters has lost of 33 life of the people of South and 900 familiars are displace, hence that by TNA has not even Issues single statement!

    Is the role of National political Party of TNA?

    How can such party of TNA become Nation Opposition Party ?

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    In the Srilankan history ,Sam is the opposition(?) leader who supported the budget.
    In the early seventies,Sammanthans branded their political opponents as traitors and openly thundered in the TULF platforms that “traitors wont have natural death(iarkkai maranam illai )”.
    The Tamil youth took their order seriously and started to kill Duraiappas. They didnt even spare Amirthalingam
    The ones who who sowed the seeds of violence among the Tamil youth are Sammanthans.No one can deny this fact.

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    Confrontational Politics has not resolved issues relating to the minorities in this country;At the same time it does not mean that a Conciliatory approach is to support a Govt:and prop up same.The TNA IS IN ENGAGEMENT MODE and it could be a little awhile before the issues are sorted out.The issue relating to Land grabs,and political prisoners,I BELIEVE ARE receiving the highest priority.
    Will removing SAM-SUM from the political landscape resolve those issues?
    True it is frustrating for those affected,but let this duo engage with the Govt:and convince the Sinhala people that there is a huge problem faced by the Tamil people in the years after this brutal War.

    • 2


      “True it is frustrating for those affected,but let this duo engage with the Govt:and convince the Sinhala people that there is a huge problem faced by the Tamil people in the years after this brutal War.”

      Hang on, have you considered why the members of Sangha are keeping a deafening silence.

      By the way here is an excerpts from a news item:

      NFF leader calls on Anunayaka Thera
      April 12, 2017, 7:14 pm

      KANDY – The National Freedom Front (NFF) would extend unstinted support to any group determined to overthrow the incumbent government to save the country said the National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader Wimal Weerawansa MP addressing the media after calling on the Most Venerable Anunayake Thera of Malwatte Dr. Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri Thera.

      NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa paid a courtesy call on prelate the Tuesday (11).

      MP Weerawansa expressed his appreciation of the Most Venerable Sri Vijthasiri Thera, who visited him (Weeraswansa) during his fast at the National Hospital, Colombo.

      The NFF leader said the government should be ousted as early as possible and it should not be allowed to remain in power for two more “Poyas”

      Weerawansa said the people were facing severe economic hardships due to the high cost of living.

      The Joint Opposition would ensure that the Galle Face Green would be a sea of heads during the May Day Rally of the Joint Opposition (JO), Weerawansa said.

      He said there was no need to physically surround the President’s House as the crowd attending the JO Rally would show the opposition to the President’s government.

      Most Ven. Sri Vijithasiri Anunayake told the NFF leader that any action taken with good intension would bring valuable results.

      The prelate advised the NFF leader to mind the latter’s health as his services were extremely important.

      Weerawansa earlier paid homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic.

      Central Provincial Council Members Nimal Piyatissa and Nimal Premawansa accompanied the NFF leader.


      What is going on behind the scene is far more important what is happening in the open.

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    Tamils used to be power brokers to form either the SLFP Govt or UNP Govt and we had Tamil ministers.

    That’s all added up to Zero.

    what chance have SAM-SUM as leaders of opposition.?

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    Superb article, well analysed, clearly exposing the truth: Tamils must now look for alternative leadership totally ignoring these two. It is very unfortunate that there is no good leadership in both communities to solve the problem for the betterment of the country. All political parties are spending their time and energy to gain more seats than finding a solution to the problems of the voters.

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