13 April, 2024


Sampanthan’s Party Still For Establish A Unitary Tamil State And A Unitary Muslim State

By Colombo Telegraph –

The Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), the main constituent of the Tamil National Alliance — the lone credible representative of Tamil people in the Northern Province — has refused to revisit its constitution, which seeks the establishment of a separate state, at its 14th national convention in the Eastern headquarter town of Batticaloa, The Hindu reports.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan

The Sixth Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, enacted in August 1983, prohibits political parties from having as one of their aims the establishment of a separate state. A petition was filed recently in the Supreme Court that sought the disqualification of the parties for retaining the demand for a separate state in their party documents.

“No. There was no move to amend the ITAK constitution,” TNA leader and MP M.A. Sumanthiran told The Hindu over phone. The ITAK has among its goals “establishing of a unitary Tamil State and a unitary Muslim State and achieving political, economical and cultural freedom of the Tamil speaking community”.

In short, TNA leader R. Sampanthan’s gesture in Jaffna on May 1 — that of waving the Sri Lankan national flag for the first time, alongside United National Party chief Ranil Wickramasinghe — did not translate into his party endorsing his sentiment. But it reaffirmed its faith in Mr. Sampanthan by electing him as its president, even as indecision is steadily leading Tamil politics in Sri Lanka to the brink of irrelevance. Maavai Senathirajah was elected party general secretary.

In resolutions passed at the Batticaloa meet, the ITAK demanded devolution of powers to the North and the East, taking it as a single unit. Asked if the ITAK had demanded re-merger of the Tamil majority Northern and Eastern Provinces, Mr. Sumanthiran said this was not the case. “North and East were considered a single unit,” he said, amplifying the diplomatic semantics, which the TNA loves dearly, at work.

The ITAK highlighted some of the crucial issues that dominate the discourse in both the North and the East: it demanded that Sri Lanka demilitarise both the provinces; that lands grabbed from Tamils be given back to them; and a general amnesty for Tamils imprisoned for many years without charges. The ITAK, and other constituents of the TNA, are the only political parties that have constantly probed issues relating to rehabilitation and resettlement of Tamils after the war and have often been on collision course with the government and local authorities. “If these demands are not granted, we will set a time and date and launch a non-violent campaign, much like what Mahatma Gandhi did,” said Mr. Sumanthiran.


The ITAK was forced to change its meeting venue at the last moment after the earlier venue was suddenly and inexplicably engulfed by fire. One source in Batticaloa claimed the place was fire-bombed. The meeting was being held in an area that is at the heart of a turf war between two former Tamil Tigers — the Eastern Province Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Santhirakanthan (better known as Pillaiyan, who was once a child soldier) and Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan (better known as Col. Karuna Amman, who was former Eastern Commander of the Tamil Tigers).

Pillaiyan’s party, the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal, was not in favour of ITAK holding the convention in Batticaloa. Posters had appeared in parts of Batticaloa against the convention.

The meeting did go ahead, and all elections were held as per the constitution of ITAK. Among the prominent names, E. Saravanabhavan, MP, who runs the Uthayan newspaper, was elected secretary (rehabilitation and resettlement) and Sivagnanam Sreetharan, MP, was elected secretary (propaganda). As expected, M.A. Sumanthiran MP, was elected secretary (legal and foreign affairs).

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    Good approach by ITAK and TNA living under military oppression, suppression, repression and state terrorism. Additionally the entire Eastern Province is controlled by the Chief Minister Pillaiyan, Deputy Minister and UK felon Karuna, Military Governor and Military GA of Trinco.

    Muslim Ministers and politicians also want to have their share of power and profits. The para military forces are still operating, despite what Gotabaya’s interview of despicable lies, is said via the government controlled Sunday Leader.

    Disappearances continues with impunity Island wide.

    There will be Non Violent and electronic struggle for Tamil rights accompanied by worldwide trade boycotts, sanctions, protests, demonstrations etc. similar to the apartheid movement. The Tamil majority in the North-East should be granted devolutionary rights and powers to develop their homeland and prosper which will also help the country.

    Or else, this continuous non violent battle will intensify with serious ramifications and consequences to Sri Lanka. The last 3 years has proved it, and MOD is spending more money (22%), that during the war annually, although the war ended 3 years ago. $6.6 Billion dollars is 25% of the total exports on the MOD where as during even Chandrika’s full war time the MOD budget was only $600 million dollars.

    Whose money are they spending? Although the Singhala population is 74%, 90% of the budget is spent on the Singhalese and the Muslims. Totally disproportionate. There lies one of the root causes of the problem.

    Sri Lanka’s Foreign Exchange is boosted by the inward remittances from the Tamil diaspora which is estimated at $3 Billion dollars in 2012, out of the total $6 billion this year.

    Meanwhile, Britain is getting ready to welcoming the alleged war criminal Rajapakse on their soil, an additional cost of a few million dollars in expenses, which they did not anticipate. The attention to war crimes in Sri Lanka and military rule in the NE will once again be highlighted. From Gota’s interview, he has confessed that the whole NE is an open prison with physical and electronic surveillance of the population.

    Guess what my friends among the Singhalese and Muslims! This will be extended to you too. General Fonseka already experienced it first hand, and are the family of Premachandra, Lasantha and many others.. Good Luck living in fear of the White Van and secret service!

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      heroism only the solution for acqure tamil state ,old men should retire from heroism.they only intrest of collect money.

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    I am glad this septic man has mad such a statement.. Now all Lankans can see what and who would be welcomed in this Eelamist state.. This racially pure dravidian state of Eelam would be no friend to non dravidians and espically the Muslims as this septic man has clearly sated what he thinks of the muslims.. the very person who hailed the Eelamist armed wing the LTTE for clensing the socalled eelam land of non dravidians.. espically the Muslims who lived for centuries in the north.. over night were massacred and expelled under the watchful eye of this septic man… This satement is similar to the white South african Racist movement who wanted to carve out a seperate white homeland and keep out the non whites… This is the Eelamist Racist movement in the 21st century..

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      Mr Samuel James Veluppillai cnayakam,

      You copy and paste your comments from one article to other.

      You know something by heart and you don´t have any other arguments

      Did you learn to think independently, free from HU or your Champika Pattali… Wimal Weerawamsa and all other racists?

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    dissolution of ealam state can be market by tna for future fund. good pay dearly for tamils.

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