27 June, 2022


Sara To Take Up Sunanda Deshapriya Issue With Groundviews Editor

“I give the editor of the site the freedom to decide what goes on it. However, since Groundviews is institutionally located at CPA, if anything appears that impacts the organization, I will take the issue up with the editor,” the Executive Director, Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu told Colombo Telegraph.



He made the above remarks when asked how someone has been sacked by the CPA after been found guilty of fraud is allowed to write to a CPA website.

Sunanda Deshapriya who had been associated with the CPA since 2002 was sacked on December 19, 2008.

“Deshapriya has personally returned in full the money owed to the organisation after an investigation into financial anomalies of a project he was responsible for,” Saravanamuttu said in a press statement.

Deshapriya’s articles appear in Groundviews and its Sinahala site from time to time.

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Sunanda Deshapriya the Robber had paid robbed money back ?
    So he escaped after robbing ??

    He is no more a robber ??

    This is the Damn F…ing Justice /Law of CPA headed by NGO Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu ???

    Needless to talk about terrorist activities against Sri Lanka state carried on by CPA with NGO mafia funding.

    • 2

      It was CPA money, nothing to do with GOSL , so if CPA decides the case is closed, what business is it of yours? — In the US victims of assault and theft can decide NOT to press charges against the perpetrators. This often times happens in domestic dispute cases. The most recent case involves the infamous George Zimmermann and his current & former girlfriends ; both after having accuded George Z of threatening them have decided not to pursure charges.

      • 1

        I agree with you.

  • 4

    Sad side of the NGO culture.

  • 3

    Sunanda Deshapriya alias Shakvithi Ranasinge is now a champion Human Rights activist in Geneva !!? The Mass robber should be brought back home for his mass robbery in FMM.

    These rouges in the media are equally corrupt and selfish like the ones in the power circle. I wonder why The FMM, being run by Sunil Jeyasekara won’t make a complain with the criminal investigation Dept. of the Police to get this rouge back home !!? Some body has to check it out with Sunil , whether he enjoys some pleasure with the theft money, donated by Sunanda Deshapriya !!?

    • 1

      “The Mass robber should be brought back home for his mass robbery in FMM” what did he do?

  • 1

    Anpu !!? You seem to have a lot of Anpu (love) on this (media) world renowned swindler and cheat Sunanda Kaasupriya !! I wonder that how come !! You people don’t even hear anything about this guy’s darker side.

    People who moved with him / worked in his line of profession knows his dirty side so well. I have given below just two articles…but if you need I have numerous.This man very cunningly swindled millions of money from FMM and escaped to Geneva at the beginning of 2009 (After the murder of Lasantha)- claiming that his life was also in danger.

    Then in Geneva, his well experienced comrades advised him that the threat claim alone won’t give him asylum in Switzerland. His usual business mind found a way to read out a few lines in the UNHRC against MaRa’s Government. He found asylum in Switzerland as per his plans.

    The next thing he did was to invite Sunil Jeyasekara – his successor of the FMM to Geneva to give him VIP treatment for a couple of weeks. Sunil Jeyasekara at the time of taking the seat proclaimed that he was going to look into the past unaccounted accounts of the FMM !!?..But we are yet hear from him on it.

    1. http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2012/03/04/how-sunanda-robbed-the-money-and-ngo-accountability-fmm-still-not-submitted-audited-accounts-for-rs-30-9-million/

    2. http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2012/02/26/sunanda-saga-states-of-denial-and-ngo-accountability/

  • 1

    Sunanda earns a bad reputation among the 1971 commuted comrades.

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