27 June, 2022


WikiLeaks: Diaspora Funding Intended For Tamil People Goes To LTTE: Gota To US

“Money collected by the LTTE among the Tamil Diaspora in the U.S. is allowing LTTE-sponsored violence to continue, FM Bogollagama emphasized. ‘We want to de-escalate the violence so that the political agenda gets out,’ but money raised in Europe, Canada and the U.S. is used to purchase arms and ‘hit us at home,’ he stated. Without the sources of foreign funds, the LTTE would be isolated among its own community because of the civilian casualties they inflict, he argued. He explained that the GSL would continue to raise this issue ‘because we want our position to be clear.'” US Embassy Manila (Philippines) informed Washington.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

A classified diplomatic cable which details a meeting the US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte had with Gotabaya Rajapaksa on July 31, 2007. The Colombo Telegraph found the related US diplomatic cable from the WikiLeaks database.

“Defense Secretary Rajapaksa clarified that the Tamil Diaspora has been funding the LTTE not because of radicalism, but because of a desire to make financial contributions to their homeland. The Diaspora thinks the money they send goes to the Tamil community, but in reality it goes for purchasing weapons, he said.” the Embassy further wrote.

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    So, he covers up his sins by pointing out someone else’s ? Typical Gota, but not a ‘Smart’ move ! When one is confronted with one’s own follies, the smart, obvious thing is take responsibity like a mature adult. If you do the crime, you do the time ! pointing out others crimes are EXTRELMELY Childish and does not bail one out anyway !

    But Gota and the Jarapakse clan have to be excused. After all, these are the UNEDUCATED THUGS & MURDERERS of ‘MUD’a Midhulana !

    What can one expect !

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      Are you upset about the truth

      • 4

        what do you think Kris ?

      • 1

        Ruwan is not upset but speaking the truth. Your goat is his brothers said after 2009, they have simply wiped out the LTTE. Then why are they talking about LTTE now?

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        No Gota is Kris because he is not getting his cut.

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      If you can read you will realize it is a wiki cable dated 2007. It was a crucial and an important task done by Gota that is stopping funds collecting in US, Canada and Europe for LTTE. If he didnt do it there would still be a war. You wont be able to cry like victims.

      And lastly you wont live in a war free SL.

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    ”Without the sources of foreign funds, the LTTE would be isolated among its own community because of the civilian casualties they inflict, he argued”

    If that is so !!! How about Weliveriya and you …Mr.Lord of the crimes !!?

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    Where is GOTA bitchin about former LTTE leadership now working for GOSL (Rajapaksa) . Karuna and all the other LTTE leadership took Tamil money and are now using it to support GOSL, so where is GOTA ?

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    and the Tsunami money which should have gone to the victims went right into your pocket – remember that or you have forgotten that quickly? you are a crook just like the ealam buggers. NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    All the money hoarded by KP and Karuna are now in Gota’s hands.Otherwise how could the two ex-tigers now live in luxury.What is now complaining about?

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