15 August, 2022


Separation Of Powers Tripod Acquires Fourth Prop

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Trump’s jingoism hopes to reverse collapsing domestic popularity: Separation of powers tripod acquires fourth prop

Trump’s America is an example of how mass demonstrations, social media, town-hall meetings, local councils, court action by rights groups and mass pressure can make Congress, courts, media, the White House and security agencies bow to public concerns. In the last three months this conglomeration of drivers, which I will call People’s Power (PP), have been able to compel the other three branches (executive, legislative and judicial), well defined in the Constitution, to accommodate their influence. My thesis is that this is a paradigm shift, a change that has come to stay. There are now four not three ‘branches’ in the division of power, three constitutionally stipulated and PP, a supra-constitutional dynamic.

This thesis makes sense only if PP is not a flash in the pan but has come to stay. Many great mobilisations have transformed society, or been crushed or fizzled out. Revolutions alter countries; the tide from 1789 to 1848 changed Europe, February and October 1917 did the same for Russia and wars have shaped and misshaped the world. The Arab Spring, despite electrifying fireworks, fizzled out. PP in the Philippines and Eastern Europe achieved great change but did not add a fourth prop to the structure of state. In democratic advanced societies – that is, technologically, materially and culturally advanced – the score is different. Modern communications empowers social media whose influence is a game changer. It brought Trump to power and has the clout to drive him out of power. The influence of electronic media, TV and the Internet, penetrate maybe a 100 million homes.

Jingoism to mute critics

Let it be said upfront that Basher al Assad, a slayer of innocents and an egregious tyrant must be driven out. He has often used chemical weapons against his own people and I will cheer when they hang him from a lamp-post. World and American popular opinion is glad that Assad’s nose has been bloodied. Trump’s resoluteness contrasts favourably with his predecessor Obama’s Hamlet like indecisiveness in similar circumstances.

However, Trump repeated over and over again on the campaign trail that he would not “waste US tax dollars getting involved in the Middle East” and declared “let the people over there sort out their problems, it’s no concern of the US”. This complements his refrain that human rights and soft morality is drivel not in American interests. En passant this is a wakeup call for Sinhala chauvinists and simpleton Sirisena who delude themselves that Lanka’s war criminals and human rights violators are off the hook following the leadership change in Washington.

Why Trump’s epiphany, dramatic change of heart and total reversal of pledges? I was amazed to watch his performance. Why, he even had a tear for the “beautiful babies and chocking civilians” that Assad’s brutes were mowing down! You don’t need to be a cynic; you only need common-sense to see how bogus and theatrical the dramatization was. Firstly, the build-up of tension and its cathartic release was to defuse unbearable domestic pressure escalating against him. Secondly it was intended to mollify international human rights movements and thirdly to send a message to North Korea, the Middle East including Iran, Russia and China that the new man in the White House is tough so don’t mess around. This third objective may fall flat as global powers see that this is only an act by a crude showman. The strike was limited to 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles and hit just one air-base, Shayrat. The Russians were told in advance to move personnel out of harm’s way. No doubt the information was passed to their Syrian counterparts. [There is a Syrian-Russian version that conventional Syrian air forcr bombs fell on rebel held poison gas stockpiles. I have not taken note of this in this piece because no evidence has been offered up to now].

China and Russia

It was a painful snub to Chinese President Xi Jinping who was in Florida and told when dining with Trump when the missiles were already on their way. The Chinese, very sensitive to matters of face, were appalled by the snub. They are also to read this as a warning of US military intentions in North Korea and the South China Sea. Trump has said more than once, what Nicky Haley said at the UN Security Council during Wednesday’s debate: “If the UN does not act, we will act unilaterally”. I doubt if he will attack Pyongyang since a worst case response will be a nuclear counterstrike on Seoul. Nor is he likely to check Chinese garbing in the South China Sea because that would push the world to the brink of war. But a psychologically unstable type in the White House, when he sets out to push others around, could create far flung consequences. The election of Donald Trump has taken us a little bit closer to World War III.

The rapprochement between Washington and Moscow that Trump promised has suffered a setback. If there was Russian intervention in the US election to rally Trump’s prospects (I think there was but I also doubt if it had much effect) then Moscow’s efforts have been wasted. Trump gets payback in being seen as anti-Russian since FBI and Congressional Investigations into collusion between his campaign and Russia are digging up dirt. A distraction takes steam out of pressure in the rough and tumble of media limelight. The president who wanted to turn his back on the world and focus on Making America Great has mired his country more deeply in global affairs than at any time since George W Bush. The domestic survival strategy of an embattled president bogs America ever more deeply in world affairs and US-Russia relations have taken a battering.

Mavericks of neo-populism

Some weeks ago I argued in these columns that neo-populism should not be confused with fascism and that leaders like Trump, Durante – and Modi and Le Penn – can swing wildly in one direction or the other. Trump is a maverick, a chameleon which changes colour at break-neck speed. From “Obamacare is the worst in the world” to “Oh let it be”; from trade, territorial and maritime threats against China to accommodation; from “Regime change is not a priority in Syria” to “I have changed my mind about Assad” is quicksilver mutation. He has reversed his campaign trail Middle East policy, decided that he can live with Obamacare, gone silent on the Wall and removed his far-right political guru Brannon from a top security committee. The strike on Syria is earning a wave of support among foreign leaders, except Russia, Iran and China, and anti-Trump domestic furore has subsided, perhaps temporarily. The reason for the strike was to swell American pride with a ‘Trump is tough you protesters shut up and fall in line’ message.

I said “perhaps” because there are two alternative paths from here. Either, after the dust settles in Syria and he is back to his bad old days, anti-Trump mobilisation will return with renewed vigour; or the other more interesting option is that Trump will change. A radical turn will bring Trump into conflict with the GOP hard-right causes in Congress. Anyway I emphasise volatility and variability of neo-populists like Trump and Durante – less so Le Penn and Modi – who have no ideology and no world view to which they cling. Durante took China to the international courts about the South China Sea dispute and won; then he sidled up to Beijing to extract promises of aid and even got a big hug. Then equally inexplicably last week he sent troops to occupy some disputed islands. Like Trump he is bone headed and has no political vision or loadstar.

I have come full circle from my theme of several weeks ago to the thesis at the beginning of this essay. Twenty-first Century neo-populism is a new ball-game and when the player is a maverick the results can spin off in all sorts of directions. Democracy and technology engender a fourth pillar of state power in open societies, people’s power. Ah but what a pity, not yet in Lanka.

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    The US claim that Assad used sarin gas is contested by two sources. The Syrian-Russian version says a bomb from a Syrian air force plane hit a rebel owned sarin stockpile. This is implausible and contradicted by independent visitors to the site. The sarin canister landed in the middle of a road.

    An analysis by MIT Prof Theodore Postol argues that a sarin filled container was placed on the road and exploded by a remote device. See the web for numerous accounts and a summary at http://www.unz.com/article/the-nerve-agent-attack-in-khan-shaykhun-syria/ .

    It is best to read the 14 page report which debunks American, Russian and Syrian government versions in full. (Available on web). I will not be surprised to see fourth, fifth versions soon. For now we can say the jury is out on responsibility for the sarin attack and all three government stories seem to be bunkum. That somebody released sarin is incontestable.

    However, this does not change my fundamental thesis the slightest. Trump is desperate to counter the collapse of confidence in his presidency and is clutching at every straw, real, manufactured or imagined.

    • 2

      Prof Kumar David, the Judge, Jury and the Executioner

      I am amazed by your comment on your own article. It is the first comment to appear, hurriedly posted, when you found out that you had jumped the gun. You say, “That somebody released Sarin is incontestable”. And for that Assad has to be hung from a lamp post. Is that what you say?

      I am really disappointed in you on this matter. First you want to hang President Assad. Then you call our President a Simpleton. Next you go and attack President Trump. Last but not least, you call the President of Philippines as President Durante arousing the emotions of silvestra, my highly emotional housekeeper.

      She is sobbing and tears are falling from her eyes in torrents incessantly. What makes matters is that you have done this after she corrected you the many times. I wonder whether you are doing this purposely to upset me through her. She is asking me “how will your Guru Mr. David feel if someone calls your Prime Minister as Naril?”Silvestra is right there. I am sure you will feel very bad that a Prime Minister who belongs to the Colombo 7 elite, a Royalist, is called Naril.

      You are going berserk, attacking 4 presidents in one day and in one article and a comment and then you come out to say “That somebody released Sarin is incontestable.” What is the idea? Do you want to become President of Sri Lanka by insulting 4 Presidents this way? Not likely, I must say. You may become Arahat David but not President David. If you still want that post, it will be over my dead body and perhaps silvestra’s too.

    • 1

      The Syrian-Russian version was only a statement of a strong possibility. They were certain that they were not the culprits, and that was what mattered

      Who were the ‘independent’ visitors in the middle of US-backed Islamist territory were? Also, who could have placed the canister on the road? Russian or Syrian government agents?

      The question is whether Syria was involved. If as it seems it was clearly not, why was the haste to bomb Syria?
      Does it surprise anyone who knows the conduct of US in global affairs?

      Also, there was an earlier unfounded charge against Syria possessing and using sarin to which the writer could have referred.

      As I said Syria and Russia were only speculating on how the gas got there since they did not deliver it.
      The American story is not ‘bunkum’ but an outright lie to put Syria & Russia who were winning and had no reason to do such silly things (like the LTTE destroying the water tank in Kilinochchi) .
      To equate the two sides with the term “bunkum” is not intelligent writing.

      “The election of Donald Trump has taken us a little bit closer to World War III.”
      Sorry Prof David, we are in the middle of WW3 already. And how it is conducted is not decided by the chief occupant of the White house. I fear that Mrs Clinton if she was there would have done the same if not worse.

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    Procedure is to complain to United NAtions send investigators. Instead, US directly dropped 59 Tomahawks to an abandon airforce camp. This bombing coincided with the dropping of MOAB to afghanisthan which should have killed unknown numbers.

    Besides, this gives some news to media who would stop Trump – bashing.

    • 0


      Ex-secretary has been asking manything from Yahapalanaya like:
      1. Investigate Old regimes Reporters, players.. murders
      2. Investigate war crime.
      3. Install a solution to race relation.
      4. Keep China at arm length only trade, no Land sales and submarine landing.
      5. Open the economy to Western investments instead of pawning it to China.
      6. Stop the Kerala and Pakistan Ganja Trade.
      & many more….

      For any of these requests, Yahapalanaya’s answer was “Military coup is coming”. Assistant Secretary Biswas and Secretary Kerry have been repeatedly telling to Yahapalanaya that they can take care of it, but Yahapalanaya should go forward. They even trained military to protect Ranil and New King in any dangerous situation like coup. They helped Rapist army to create a Marine quality new unit. Then Yahapalanaya purposefully connected local government election into this & made the matter more complicated. Though Secretary Kerry can do something on EP election by twisting TNA’s hand but can do nothing about local election, he lost his deals to the Yahapalanaya’s Aappa diplomacy. He told that when he met New King at last year UN meeting.

      Now the new administration has an answer to the “Military coup is coming”. They are asking where to deliver the MOAM if the real “Military coup is come”. Can you ask New King and Ranil to find a good place for it?

      • 1


        Read the following article. IT says, the systematic rape in the war torn areas never happened. Because, the govt knew in advance that single Tamil women were the prostitutes to NGOs who came has STDs and HIV/AIDs. LTTE offered those Tamil women to NGOs.

        Security forces personnel were warned by the hierarchy well in advance not to engage in any sexual activity including consensual sexual activity with Tamil women in Jaffna, Batticaloa and especially Vanni. This is because of feared very high prevalence of AIDS and other STIs among them. AIDS scare hit Sri Lanka in the mid 1980s. Until then it was unknown. As other STIs were not fatal, the government didn’t invest anything for their prevention until then. With AIDS awareness, government funded a spirited awareness and prevention campaign of AIDS and other STIs in late 1980s. However, these could not be carried out in the north as the government was not in control.

        Although hospitals could have carried out limited awareness programs, due to extreme sensitivity of sexual matters in ultra conservative Hindu societies of the north and east, that too was not received well in those areas.

        Media was not accessible in the north. LTTE and IPKF didn’t allow printed media from Colombo. Radio and TV transmissions were disrupted by the destruction of the relay station in Kokilai by Tamil terrorists.

        As a result the anti-STI campaign never reached the north and parts of the east.

        Tamil terrorists used Tamil women as prostitutes to bribe and sell their narrative to western media and NGOs. Most of these activists that accepted these favours had been to other conflict areas in Africa and elsewhere with no awareness of STIs and with high prevalence. This also added to the STI burden in the north and east. Due to the long war, injury and blood transfusion medicine took priority. STIs were the last of the worries of people in war affected north and parts of the east. As a result, STI prevalence rose even higher.

        Due to these reasons, security forces personnel were told in no uncertain terms not to engage in sexual activity with Tamil women from the north and the east. If anyone contravened that advice and engaged in sexual activity that was done against instructions and cannot be a systematic crime. It is only an individual crime.

        • 0

          IT says,

          Softy, IT can anything, but IC did say Rapist Army not just raped Tamils, but even the children of where they went to peacekeep. You read the IT article. We want ICC inquiry.

          Tamil women don’t need SDI lessons from Ayatollahs. Adultes determine their freedom even to listen to education also. But the consent has to be given after witness protection from Rapist army and Yahapalanaya bullies, in from of foreign judges and lawyers.

          Can you show me an international agency’s official statistics(not Lankawe Central Bank data) of Jaffna women higher rate of death than the rest of the country by STI by their faults?

          Condoms could not reach Tamil women, but the army was able to reach their consent?

  • 0

    My question is who brought President Trump in? Putin, ISIS, Assad, Kim Jong Un …..

    “Paadu Padda Pandarikku Poosani Kayilai Konjam kooda Poodu”. (Give some more of the Pumpkin curry to the cook toiled hard to make it- I Think buying and making pumpkin curry is cheap and easy- That is way that saying is going sarcastically like that). So President Trump is delivering them some more of the pumpkin Curry! Now, I think they have an obligation of receiving it. If they install a president, they have responsibility of protecting him though his term too. If his popularity is sagging and he has to something about it, then they have to take it on their back.

  • 6

    I hope that Trump will take out Kim un Jong of North Korea. I wonder whether he is a chicken curry fan to become so fat. How can people allow such an idiot to run their country? He looks like an Idiot. Acts like an Idiot. And is an Idiot.

    But then, so was Veluppilai Prabhakaran. He looked like an Idiot. Acted like an Idiot. And was an Idiot. And even died like an idiot. and he almost became the King of Eelam.

    • 2

      Typical style of comments added by EDWIN ?

      What matters is not BMX of a person but his or her person, whether appropriate to give a lead to the nation politically. right ?

      You were not born yesterday to see Kim or the like offsprings to have got elected that way regardless of their professional qualifications as politicians – very similar to the known personalities like our Namal Rajapakshe or the like men. If people s power ignored it, lanken would have reached to the levels of Notherkorea getting governed by Namal Rajakashe remember ?

      • 1

        Thank you Simon. But I don’t take advice from The Tamil Rumpers who are ‘asevanaca balanams’. Avoid playing false roles and fooling people. Do a lot of good Karama, pray for a better birth next time. May be you will be born as a Ravana blooded Sinalam. Then, may be, I will listen to you.

        • 1

          What a dimwit to put me too in the same bin – who seems know few words but to call himself as a profi. Putting always anyone stands against his comments as tamil rumpers. so pathetic.Poor guy !
          By the way, my elders taught me – Rodrigos are not real sinhalayas then cant be real sinhalaya as branded by many on the platform or not ?. Now you get the same view from me about you. I really dont think you are sinhalaya. Why should I be a tamil btw just because I did not agree with your comment ?
          For your information, We have been regular commentators to CT years before you joined. Please stop adding your insulting wording anymore.
          You dont need to listen me. Not at all. I just added what I instantly felt after reading yours. Next time on, I will just ignore yours as some of your comments were blocked by CT authorities. Thanks.

          • 1

            Simon, you call me a dimwit. You also say “For your information, We have been regular commentators to CT years before you joined”. You have been haunting this forum for years and no one, least of all those scissor clicking CT moderators, identified you as a DDLDT, until I came along? Now you see no why I wear this dimwitted posture? It is to catch traitors like you.

            You also say, “By the way, my elders taught me – Rodrigos are not real sinhalayas”. Who are these elders? The Brahmin Poosaris in Nallur? The very guys who dashed thousands of coconuts for 33 million Gods, praying for the victory of Hilary. I will not go in to what kind of Gods because this is my Guru David’s territory and I don’t want to pollute it with those things. But you know what I mean… Animals riding other animals, yeah? yeah?

            You saying “A Rodrigo cannot be a Sinhalaya” is like the pot calling the kettle black. Obviously, just like all Simons, all Edwins are out and out Parayas. But how does that make me a non Sinhalaya? Don’t you know it is an assumed name? Ask the good Professor. In fact I happen to have a touch of Siriyan noble blood mixed with Lion blood.

            So you want to slink away after that salvo? Short of ammo, are you? Or short of courage perhaps?

            • 0

              I will not go in to what kind of Gods because this is my Guru David’s territory and I don’t want to pollute it with those things. But you know what I mean… Animals riding other animals, yeah? yeah?

              So Prophet Rodrigo, you polluted some other worthless, rotten, imbeciles’ articles purposefully with those things(May I know what those things are anyway? Prophet my small IQ could not get of what did you mean? What do you really mean anyway? Feeling really Really shy to tell?) Poor are those fools depended on you to save them. Like every others in your gang, you let down those fool by opening up your real heart, here.

              Is that your claims if Prof. Kumar is not obedient to you, you will pollute this too? Please, can you go ahead and reveal yourself if there anything more in yourself, filthy Prophet and if anyone does care of you for anything.

            • 0

              Be careful Mr, we will complain to the CT authorities to be well alert on your comment contents. You are absolutely no go – IF CT should maintain the standards on this platform.
              Please CT over to you – be well alert on this creature who would obviously knows nothing but to attack anyone using his fithly terms.

              • 1


                Don’t worry Simeon, CT is already censoring me completely. None of my comments numbering a half dozen have been posted. Hope this will get through at least as an explanation.

                Have a good time without me.

  • 1

    By now everyone knows that the USA is not in the middle east to solve problems, they deliberately create wars, then they come to war with their latest and newest weapons and test them on stupid Muslims. Crusade is ON.

    Cameron released alleged Lockerbie b0mber on compassionate grounds pretentiously and then they killed Gadafi in revenge.

  • 2

    USA bombed an ISIS base in Afghanistan breaking the international law because they consider ISIS as a terrorist group and it is a threat to America. The irony is that the same lot come to UNHRC and tell Sri Lanka that launched a military operation against LTTE terrorists to conduct investigations on war crimes. This is the hypocritical behavior of the so called ‘Civilized Developed Countries’.

    Trump may be a crazy character but as far as Sri Lanka is concerned Trump is a better devil than Hilary. Kumar David might be getting some mental satisfaction by saying “En passant this is a wake up call for Sinhala chauvinists and simpleton Sirisena who delude themselves that Lanka’s war criminals and human rights violators are off the hook following the leadership change in Washington.” With the way Trump is changing his position on international issues who knows probably he might turn around and say “Forget those war crime charges against Sri Lanka”. If the Foreign Minister acts quickly before Tamil Diaspora brainwash Trump Administration, this is a possibility. I hear the Tamil Diaspora is trying hard after the catastrophe of putting all the bets on Hilary. Launch a campaign ‘You heard Tamil Propaganda; Now hear the truth’.

    • 3

      Trump and the Rump

      Eagle Eye, you say, “Trump may be a crazy character but as far as Sri Lanka is concerned Trump is a better devil than Hilary”. That is my opinion too. The Tiger Rump backed the wrong candidate with their money and coconut bashing. But there was no option for them, because already the Rump had ‘invested’ millions of Dollars with the Clinton Foundation to destroy Sri Lanka.

      I think Prof Kumar David is trying to Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds in this article. He is also walking in to dangerous territory unknown to him by saying “Let it be said upfront that Basher al Assad, a slayer of innocents and an egregious tyrant must be driven out. He has often used chemical weapons against his own people and I will cheer when they hang him from a lamp-post”.

      If it comes to a choice between Shiites and ISIS, I would take the side of Shiites any day. I have lived among the Arabs for 25 years and I know what I know. I have already invited the Professor to come and see, (Ehi Passiko). Again I tell him, “please come and see before you write articles on subjects that you seem to know very little about”.

    • 1

      USA bombed an ISIS base in Afghanistan breaking the international law because they consider ISIS as a terrorist group and it is a threat to America. The irony is that the same lot come to UNHRC and tell Sri Lanka that launched a military operation against LTTE terrorists to conduct investigations on war crimes. This is the hypocritical behavior of the so called ‘Civilized Developed Countries’

      I am not sure what part of the international law is broken by Afghan government and America in fighting with ISIS. You can explain that in detail. But Lankawe’s shelling and bombing even from Navali Church all are international crimes. To save CBK and IPKF only those parts are out of current investigation. The current date was fixed by Old King to have him exonerated by LLRC.

    • 1

      Russian bully went into Syria against the UN Security council agreement. UN is responsible to conduct a fair election in Syria instead of pampering Assad dictator.

      America can tackle Russian bully, Chinese Dragon……,.. North Korea. But dealing with Lankawe’s Foreign Ministry Aappa Diplomacy is not easy. So far they have lost disastrously. After dealing with Lankawe’s FM for about 12 years, Ambassador Blake accepted in Congress that America was cheated. One time he used the full muscle of republican administration to help Lankawe’s Foreign Ministry wishes to have LTTE banned in EU against EU’s will, though Condoleezza Rice,.

      Aappa diplomacy never really scratches anybody’s. But with blank promises of scratching back others backs, FM know to employ America, China, India & Russia to scratch its back. As long as victims are under FM’s control, their scratches are good. Otherwise FM will become wild lion, turn around on you, with its razor sharp claws, and tear off your back. This how Ambassador Blake’s deal of Dole’s land was plugged out and Chiana was offered Hangbangtota. While victims are scratching the FM’s back they cannot even differ on their opinion even of a movie. That kind of control FM uses over its victims of Aappa diplomacy.

      Lankawe wholeheartedly supported Trump. New King announced that he was working with the new administration to have the Resolution 30/1 repealed. If the new administration is doing that then it is not turning around. In fact rolling back of 30/1 with 34/1 is only working with Lankawe, not turning around. So if America says “Forget those war crime charges against Sri Lanka” then that is not turning around. It is only staying steady on the expected path. So Prof. Kumar’s prediction of that New Administration may stop the support to Yahapalanaya is correct and sensible.

  • 2

    “Let it be said upfront that Basher al Assad, a slayer of innocents and an egregious tyrant must be driven out. He has often used chemical weapons against his own people and I will cheer when they hang him from a lamp-post.”

    Syria was doing fine until Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and the CIA decided to back a Wahhabi insurrection to overthrow the (legitimately) elected government of Syria. There are some economic interests at stake here, which the Western media rarely touches upon. Europe relies largely on Russia for natural gas. Qatar proposed to build a pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey, to supply Europe with natural gas (from Qatar). Assad rejected this plan, instead agreeing to a plan with Iran, in which Iran supplies natural gas to Europe.

    Why did Assad use chemical weapons? Remember that his opponents (ISIS, for example) do not obey the Geneva Conventions either. And the West put sanctions on (Syrian) oil, forcing the Syrian military to improvise, e.g. barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

  • 0

    Prof AK David
    You refer to a Durante in the penultimate para. Duterte is the correct spelling.
    If in doubt ask silvestra. Do not ever ask Edwin. He is a thick head which even an MOAB (Mother Of All Bullets) cannot penetrate. Recycled plutonium bullet might!

    • 1

      Yes Sir, Thank you very much Mr. Pillai Sir.

      Sir, please sir, Mr David Sir, I write before also, our President name DUTERTE.

      All Sirs and Madams, our President Duterte visit Bahrain. He invite all Kabayan to come see him Friday. Meeting place, sir, near Mr. Edwin house.

      Meeting 6 evening Sir. But Kabayan come 10 morning. Line up. Me too Sir. He shake my hand Sir. Me so proud Sir.

    • 1

      Sir, Mr Pillai Sir. You right about Mr. Edwin. I laugh reading your note. Everyone say him like spoilt child. Stubborn right word Sir I think Sir?

      He read my note Sir and tell me get out. I went Sir. Then he call me say sorry. Come back.

      I know he try get another housekeeper. But no one come. All know Mr. Edwin not good person. Him use bad word. Not respectable family Sir.

      Now me not afraid Sir. I speak Sir. also write.

      Thank you for remember me. Sorry two note Sir. Not more Sir. Thank you again Sir.

      • 1

        Madam Silvestra, you should send your master on a long holiday like I did to mine months ago.

    • 1

      Tell me Pillai, just to make sure, do you mean ‘Mother of all Bullets’ or ‘Bullet of all Mothers”?

  • 0


    Your line…..
    But Lankawes shelling and bombing even from Navali church all are International crimes…..
    Ajita, Lakshman Kadirgamers daughter has ostensibly released her fathers biography.LK being a Christian himself,defended the action of the Airforce when the Navaly Church was bombed!But this part I am sure will not find a place in the Biography.Ajita and her brother Ragi were persona non grata when LK was among the living!
    Bombing of civilian targets by the Srilankan Gvt:took place long before the FINAL PUSH AGAINST THE LTTE.

  • 1

    Recall a bit of history. Sarkozy desperately wanted to serve another term but “intelligence” reported that Gaddafi may spill the beans as to financing of his earlier campaign. A way out is a regime change. Reasonably wealthy Libya has been reduced to stone age – slaves are traded openly in Tripoli.

    The regime change and the result of Iraq is history now – the WMD scare was exploited to the maximum.

    Democracy in Libya, Iraq, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia? My foot!! The very same democracy is on its way by post to Turkey.

    USSR went through a regime change. So did China from a socialist to extreme capitalism.

    Planned regime changes include Iran. Russia is on the card. In due curse EU.

    One can see a puppeteer group directing all governments. Trump was a regime change. Unwittingly he tried to espouse independent views. The puppeteers tied him down with the toxic gas story and surprised him with the MOAB. He will now do what is expected.

    The very same puppeteer made Prof AK David to say: “….. Let it be said upfront that Basher al Assad, a slayer of innocents and an egregious tyrant must be driven out. …..”

    The above is lateral thinking. David thinks vertically.

  • 1

    AKD a modern day Bahiya

    AKD says: “I will cheer when they (the ISIS) hang him (Assad) from a lamp-post”.

    Then later in his article, he says, “En passant this is a wakeup call for Sinhala chauvinists and simpleton Sirisena who delude themselves that Lanka’s war criminals and human rights violators are off the hook following the leadership change in Washington”.

    It looks like that what he wants is for Sirisena and all other Sinhalese who fight against the Tamil Tiger Rump to be hung from lamp posts and not to punish Assad. One must remember that the country of his socialist gurus support Assad. In other words his sympathy for the Tiger terrorists is getting the better of him and making him come out with those violent thoughts.

    I thought AKD was good raw material to become a Buddhist and because of his superior brains even become a modern day Bahiya to be named Arahat David, the first Christian to realize the truth. But no. Definitely not. May be further down in the Samsara. But not in this birth.

    • 0

      AKD’s hangman has a long waiting list.
      Priority is for those who defy imperialism.

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