18 August, 2022


Shanika’s Cartoon

Cartoon from Shanika Somatilaka




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    If thambiyas (Muslims) are instruments of politics it’s a sad story.

    Whose fault is it?

    What’s negative aspect of Muslims in relation to the aspirations of the majority @ present context?

    Whether to bury or cremate; &/or keep on praying until an almighty cure the Corid 19 affected.

    Such a silly thing to play in politics.

    It’s your own fault Muslims.

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      Amazing stuff from CT! Would you like the investigation into the murder of 300 + innocents postponed till after elections I wonder ?? It can’t be helped if they are Muslims can it?

      I guess the reality of the 2/3rd majority win being very possible, along with growing comprehension amongst even due hard Unp’ers that this country is safer under Gota is difficult to digest!

      Play the race card as you normally do CT…that’s the only way you know how!!!

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        I entirely agree with the comment “Play the race card as you normally do CT…that’s the only way you know how!!!

        While humour spices up journalism, Muslims may not perceive this cartoon to be in good taste, particularly in the context of a vigorous debate on burial rights of Muslims.

        There is a well orchestrated campaign to denigrate, demonize and label Sinhalese as racists. At this rate, minorities will have nobody in the majority community to have a conversation with, which, over time, will lead to non-participation of minorities in the running of the country.

        The majority has demonstrated that minority votes are not required to form a government although such a situation is NOT entirely desirable.

        Most comments use appalling language and vulgar adjectives in references to Sinhalese and in particular, to Buddhist monks. I do not see such comments directed against minorities or other religions.

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          Real Revolutionist & Sunil Abeyratne,

          Idiots, you think the bait is a victim or the fish?

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          Sunil Abeyratne, most posters are overseas Tamils. CT is owned by journalists who have fled persecution in Sri Lanka. They have a common cause. Discredit the Sinhalese and especially the Buddhists and the Sangha. The crude language they use is unbelievable and yet they complain about racism.

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      They have put inside wrong Badiudeen and wrong Hisbullah. Will they ever take the correct persons into custody.

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    You do not who Mahinsa alias MARA is. It’s all pre planned as most of the Beruwal and Ratnapura, Kahawaththa…..muslims are his best buddies. I’ve known them for nearly 4 decades. He loves ‘Jazaheers hotel’ with only six tables x 4 in Ratnapura.in front of the old ‘Luxmi’ theatre.

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      MaRa is dangerous than COVID SARs COV2 virus.

      This nation should be free from this ballige putha once for all, if this nation to see it beyond. The kind of mlechcha politics should be not welcome by anyone that respect ethics and morals.

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        “MaRa is dangerous”

        Is he?….more than ‘Aalawaka, Nalaagiri, Devadaththa…..? No problem, can be defeated and has been….three times.

        “than COVID SARs COV2 virus”.
        Sure, this ‘Dhamma’…..the way it is…. even the ‘Enligtened One’ had to bow down.
        “Sabbe Sankhaaraa Anichahaaaaa”

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        Mr Sunil Abeyratne
        The real trafedy 69 lakhs of those who voted for this racist thuggish government is no small number
        The whole majority had vited on racist lines
        Fair numbers to tag this racist country very sad indeed and blew the myth only a few r so
        Muslims or any other minority are not visitors to this and are equal stake holders whose conttibutions are conveniently ignored
        No wonder the minorities are forced to escalate their voices to various higher international bodies for comfort that could lead to unwanted chaos
        Forming a government is not an but running a country without the contrubution of various stake holders in this debt ridden country is the matrix of the issue
        Paradoxically the silence of the peacefull majority to these demonization of the muslims politically signifies the sinhala majority too tread these lines
        Every sinhala racist confrontation particularly the muslims has set the sinhalese back for example they r no more the majority in Colombo
        The majority of the peace loving sinhalese has to stop this down south racist bankrupt thugs from being marauding highway robbers

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    Exactly Aiyya … that’s why we staged the Easter Bombings using the Wahabi crazies and the Cardinal Hora, No … … Didn’t our Moda Baiyas react exactly as we expected in November? Sure, we have to keep this game going until the parliamentary elections. Let’s find out from the Baldies who are the Thambiyas they like to see thrown inside … After the election we can somehow shape the courts and get them out, No … … Aiyya can then reward these Thambiyas with some ministerial posts … … Don’t worry, I know how to work our Baiyas.

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    Thambi means MALLI. THAMBIYA means that is how sinhala language works. Make a buck just bashing the country. That is capitalism by bankrupt migrents.

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    Super Bloody cartoon! Made me laugh till my sides hurt!

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    Is this cartoon joke or this what really happening in TTH?

    I call this a news piece.

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    reinvent the wheel.crack some heads to bow in submission

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    both of these buggers are the most dangerous obnoxious two-legged human beasts on this wonderful planet ours the sooner we get rid the better it will be for the whole wide world.
    with the elections supposed to be around the corner, they with their corrupt to the core soiled right hand will beg, cajole, beg and woo the Muslims to vote for their party.
    with their arse wiped or wiping left hand they will be the masters in inducing the modaya mainly Sinhala mainly el-cheapo uneducated petty racist uncouth unsavoury buddha’s mongrels by creating false rumours and frightening tales or boru stories against the minorities like the successful campaign they conducted during the last years presidential elections.
    this time with the false arrests now taking place the economically strong Muslim community due to petty jealously on the part of the Yakko race.
    thank the lord that all the members of the Sinhalese are paragons of virtue and a pleasure to deal with
    cheers, r. j.

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      a slight correction.
      the correction is in the 3rd line or paragraph.
      thank the lord that all the members of the Sinhalese are paragons of virtue and a pleasure to deal with
      thank the lord that some of the members of the Sinhalese are paragons of virtue and a pleasure to deal with
      cheers, R. J.

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    He missed one word it should be Tambiyas & Demalals Cartoon is a challenge dor old Wojesoma and Luxxamsn cartoon. Please publish such cartoon I watch Good Bad and Ugly like spitting images in UK TCV

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