24 January, 2022


Shanika’s Cartoon

Cartoon from Shanika Somatilake

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    What this cartoon indicate is that The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) of Australia which operates Global Response to Infectious Diseases (GRID) is under the command of our president HE Gotabaya Rajapaksha.
    What a honourable man.
    Be proud to have a president like that.

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      Do you know China ranked Gotabaya as a number 1 killer of corona? Do you know Corana directly went to Mahinda family surrender all its blood.

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      Man ICMA is not a recognised Accounting body here in Australia. Only CPA, CA & IPA are the reputable accounting bodies in Australia. ICMA is run by Sri Lankan origin.

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    They deliberately did this to cover up the Forbes report that ranked SL very low in Coronavirus safety.

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    ICMA is an accountancy body and has no standing in Australia and not recognized by anyone. The two recognized bodies are Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICA) and the Certified Public accountants of Australia (CPA).

    I am glad it has recognition in SL.

    The CEO of ICMA (Australia) is a SL academic and the rep in SL is a new comer to politics contesting the next elections.

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    From the beginning I have suspicion on this virus. Why did it spread so fast to entire world? If that ability is so natural to it how come it had not attacked human being until now? What is the reason Corona class virus only started to affect human from China? If Lanakwe has really controlled it what help they obtained from China? What confirmation they had letting selected Chinese inside will not infect ordinary civilians. What is the secret on controlling it. Isn’t King has been lecturing the world how he destroyed LTTE. Like that, can he call international scientists for meeting on that?

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    “I hear you … I’ve put you number 178 on my list of expert advisors right after Wimalaya, so they don’t become jealous.”

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    Please read the following before making your comments:
    “The reason Sri Lanka responded so well is because Sri Lanka has a public health system which is free for all citizens. Going hand in hand, Sri Lanka has had a free education system until graduate school for the last 60 years; thanks to which it has trained thousands of well-qualified healthcare professionals and paramedical workforce for many decades through well-regulated and state of the art medical faculties covering all regions of the country; all free of charge. The doctors and paramedical staff receive post-graduate training and continuous medical education throughout their career. The island nation also has a robust century-old community health program. Health statistics such as maternal and child mortality rates are the lowest in the region. In fact, comparable to the western world. The life expectancy is highest in the region. The nation is 100% vaccination covered, and all treatments under the extended program of immunization are administered free of charge,”

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    At least he did not become the best finance minister in the world.

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