4 December, 2023


Shanika’s Cartoon

Cartoon from Shanika Somatilake

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    Give him 4500 ( 5000- less 10%)

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    Not long ago, immediately after election defeat of 2015, this man was captured to have left the country for California.
    And it took more than 3-6 months interpole POLICE to get him back to the island, because allegations of numerous high crimes in connection with state funds flew against him.

    Now again, just having passed 5 years, he is appointed by the brother duo in power to handle the distribution, irrespective of him being not even a member of SLPP or any other party, but blood connection is obviously paid above the legality/constitutionality…

    Is this nation that stupid ? And Rajakshes are at all this much shameless ?

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      Not only Basil, all Gotabhaya’s advisers; P.B., LalithW, MilindaMorogoda, Ali Sabry (who produced fake documents) are a rejected crowd.
      –P.B. said to have given false advice to Mahinda about an imminent economic catastrophe, forcing the latter to hold the Presidential Election prematurely.
      –LalithW. was also instrumental in Mahinda’s defeat. He and Basil, the then Economic Affairs Minister, were responsible for distributing sil redi, violating election laws. The government funds spent to the tune of Rs. 600 million (man, it is a lot, only a little less than Corona Fund) was considered as a misappropriation.The same Lalith, as an Adviser to the current President, made him a laughing stock with the “Adviser vs. his Parrot Q&A Session.”
      –MilindM. whose NGO promotes capitalism and American imperialism advises the current President on economy. He even filed a case against Ven.Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero for chanting Pirith at the temple.
      –Godahewa also burnt his fingers in the fake survey.
      Basil, Gotabhaya, Maithri and the current advisers are the partners in crime who saw to the defeat of Mahinda.
      They are again working together to remove Mahinda from politics.
      Some people, including Maha Sangha, are apparently bothered by Mahinda’s steady popularity.
      They seem to be thinking that Mahinda’s larger than life personality is a great hindrance to Gotabhaya.
      That is why Maha Sangha defines Parliament as old and rotten as if the UNP is still in power, whereas, it is Mahinda who is the PM and Head of the current Government.

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    Its time the Govt sells Basils Ghost Maligawa and use the money to give to the poor during Corona support.

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