26 June, 2022


Shashindra Brand Water Bottles For Uva Voters

UPFA candidates contesting the upcoming Uva polls have been inventing absurd ways and means to promote their election campaign as the laws around illegal campaign activities are tightened.

Sashindra Rajapaksa-2One such attempt are water bottles that have been distributed around Badulla and Moneragala districts by Shashindra Rajapaksa bearing his picture and the UPFA symbol. The catchline on the waterbottle sticker reads ‘lifeblood to quench your thirst’.

Despite the production and distribution of such material being illegal, the UPFA candidates have particularly been violating the laws with the sponsorship of the government. Another such example is the three-day concert that has been abruptly organised in Moneragala by the military, that has resulted in the closure of three leading schools in order to accomodate the participating military personnel.

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    This is for sure an another trick to grab the least cents of the poor of the poor. Water is the cheapest food item of us human beings. But this govt has done all to even make poisonous the water /e.g Rathupaswala. This time, making use of the oppotunity this man – Rajapakshe relative makes is clear without any fears or shames – to paint a new pic about him. Many have claimed that the guy was not present before the nation though he was appointed man to serve the nation. This kind of men should be punished by a DOG TAIL.. is what my GRAND PARENTS would suggest.
    While making 0, 5 Mio of Rajarata people kideny /renal sick sending them immaturaly death – this people in power have introduced hazadrous all banned fertilizers in a form of so called relieves to the farming community. As of now, sicentists have discouvered, had the rulers done the job properly, nothing like the young generation dissapearence syndrome (kidney diseases) would never be appearing there. Insead of the millions pouring to Mhin air and night car races, the bugger in power could have good used the funds for the care of these people. But nothing adequate hs been done by the govt to protect those people.
    These men must provide pure drinkable healthy water to that fateful folks – saving their lives. It is really sad to see, only 10% of people abuse the sources allocated to the 90% of the population. The system ballige puthas have created are favourable to not even 1 mio the nation, but the rest should struggle for their lives today.

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    In next days, they would even market THEIR URINE bottles insisting the palatable to the stupid folks.

    • 3

      followy by with goo packets instead of their kriibath parcels. HA HAH .. country is in an appalling levels. Rajaapkshes are responsible for all this mess.

      First GOO packets will be offered to Ela kolla and the like folks that die for Rajas.

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    I have a another jolly good idea for Shashidra Rajapaksha get more and more votes. Products of Ethanol King Lakshman Wasantha Perera and Dy. Ethanol King Jhonston Fernando with Shashindra Rajapaksha’s Picture will attract many many Votes.

    Wordings should be “Jathiye Aadambarakara Pim-Piyage Mathata Thitha Sankalpaya Dinawamu” He can get his Wife’s support as she is also in the Director board with Lakshman Wasantha Perera.

    “Another such example is the three-day concert that has been abruptly organised in Moneragala by the military”

    Those are called “Ranavihilu Rila Natum”

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    DISGUSTING bunch of CUNTS……………..

  • 4

    Not Surprising, for a entrepreneur who has a Alcohol business , I am sure the alcohol is also flowing easily.

    Surely sponsored by Mobitel/SLT , where his brother is a board director and Merchant insurance, where his friend is the Vice chairman, although working as manager at Mobitel.

    Miracle of Asia?

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    Glycophate contaminated water is poisoning millions, only because agrochemical companies have bribed the politicos against total ban.
    Now this man who by special gazette notification was allowed to retain his “nilame” post while contesting elections,is also probably unknowingly offering poisoned water as an election gimmick.

    What will happen when the poisoned water prevalence leaks internationally?

    • 3

      Who are these politicos ? They are all ones related to Rajapakshes.

      They all have ballige putha genetics to feel so – harming the poor of poor while making every efforts to earn their lacks or millioons. Rajapakshe epidemy is worst than EBOLA. Sinahalyani nagitiyaw – time has come to drive away this doggy Rajaakshes to the very same manner soldiers eliminated Ltters.

      Our elderly people are very worried about today s situation PREVAILING in th ecountry. BUT MY PROBLEM is the very same folks that attacked CBK and her administration stay as if they been stuck by Kirimati –

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    IT is time some one analyze the quality of the water that is in these bottles. I am sure its sub-standard as the performance of Sashindra in the past.

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    You cannot expect more from these uneducated, uncivilized Hambanthota Tsunami Alibaba crooks with Billions of Looted money to spend and using money allocated to other ministries for their election propaganda and to dupe 70% village population.
    But I don’t think UVA voters could be duped anymore.
    Surely a Sri Lankan spring is on it’s way sooner than later.

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    ‘Shashindra Brand Water Bottles!’ So what? Openly or covertly and directly or indirectly, all candidates of all parties do all sorts of tricks to maximize the number of votes they receive. All candidates of all parties display their preferential numbers everywhere. Established system force them to do it. Blame those who introduced the system not the ones who are forced to play by it.

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