10 June, 2023


Single-Issue CC Is A Done Deal; Now Hold The Alliance On A Tight Leash

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

At last it’s done! SI-CC has been endorsed; it was a steep and at first a solitary climb, but you and I dear reader, now have a different task. We need to hold the Alliance and its leaders to account; hold a sword over their heads as it were. It is not those who loyally served Mahinda Rajapakse in cabinet and parliament for nine long years who best know the evils of the Executive Presidency; or those who upheld the system when graft, abuse and rights violations proliferated who best understand the state of the nation. The thousands who fought resolutely (I am a lucky unit-of-one in this throng), defied threats and scorn, and in the worst cases disappeared, are the true agents of change.

Don’t trust governments, neither the one which may go out, nor that which may come. Our motto should be: “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” (John Philpot Collins 1808 and Wendell Philips 1852). Anura Kumara of the JVP warned the public not to overly trust the Alliance. Good; its sole purpose is to get rid of EP; it has no long-term socio-economic programme and understandably the JVP did not sign the MoU on 1 December. It has nothing to offer on devolution either so the TNA has not signed on. However, this does not mean these two parties will not join in the lesser objective of defeating Rajapakse and abolishing P. Still, one may legitimately ask: “If the Alliance is a blunt instrument why back it?” The answer is that a Common Candidate is an imperfect but necessary first step without which progress is not possible. When you break out of a dungeon don’t expect blue skies at once; bore through walls and travel down narrow passages first. Electing the Common Chap is an essential though imperfect first step. A blunt instrument is all we have; there is no sharp and shining scalpel in our hands.

My Casus Belli

What recently provoked my ire are inane remarks and dotty stunts of some opposition figures – thankfully CBK and Ranil have held their tongues and shown decorum so far. Harsha de Silva (HdS) of the UNP pledged in parliament on 24 November that prosecution of Pakse regime leaders will be prohibited. A similar unsolicited pledge from candidate Maithripala Sirisena (My3) says: “I’ll protect all members of the Rajapakses family” (Island, 28 November). Irrespective of what domestic law enforcement or international agencies may uncover, My3 and HdS have sworn blanket immunity. War crimes against the Tamils is what these two grandees offer guarantees for, no doubt to seduce the Sinhala voter. One of them, HdS, declares himself a “proud Southerner and a Sinhala-Buddhist”; I can see the veins on the neck swell and the chest heave with hela-jathika abimane.

Maithri MangalaWhat starts like this may grow into immunity for all political criminals and all crimes. If it is not the law that matters, immunity may in time extend from crimes against humanity, to robbers who sold the country for commissions, graft ridden cronies and drug peddlers? Disregard for due process is one trait of authoritarianism, which is what these worthies accuse the Rajapakses of! I follow HdS’ contributions in parliament; his economic discourses in the media are interesting. Better keep it that way and not put one’s foot in one’s mouth pontificating on extraneous topics.

Shortcomings not withstanding, a Common Candidate is necessary, but this most certainly does not mean that we must take any s**t that comes out of the Alliance. On the contrary, from day-one its leaders must be kept in line and firmly disciplined. Let the decline of the Rajapakses be a warning of the fate that awaits errant politicos at the hands of an angry electorate. The people must be watchful and prevent recurrence of past evils. My central message today is: “Hold the Alliance on a tight leash; don’t let it ever get away with hanky-panky”.

Mangala Samaraweera is described as a UNP heavyweight but of recent he has been heavy on daftness. He tried to pass it off as “misreporting” but that cock won’t fight. Asinine comments overreached his status so he had to cow down and pretend it never happened. Contradicting My3 and the UNP official statement which explicitly says EP would be abolished, Mangala took it upon himself to declare “The joint Opposition will retain the executive presidency sans dictatorial powers exercised by incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa”: (Island, 28 November). Presumably Ranil read him the riot act forcing a humiliating retraction next day.

Worse was to come when he promised that parliament would not be dissolved “so that MP’s pensions could be protected!” So people’s representative and voice of the citizen is all hogwash; it’s a matter of lining one’s pocket, eh Mangala? So that’s what sets dissolution dates for parliament!

Foreign affairs

Foreign affairs is deadly serious business; regime change would not be on our agenda today if the Pakses had shown common sense in dealing with India and the West, and had had a modicum of restraint in exploiting the Chinese connection to maximise graft. Economic links between Lanka and China were cosy in the Pakse era for two reasons; first, China had no inconvenient human rights hang-ups and unlike India and the West was not exposed to pressure from the Tamil diaspora and international human rights agencies; second it was easier and slicker to collect graft from Chinese sources. It is not that Chinese organisations are more corrupt than Indian or Western companies, it is that for certain political reasons, collection procedures were slick.

There will be a shift away from an exclusive China reliance to a balanced relationship with Beijing, Delhi and the West. This is healthy and Beijing will be happy about a stable and less corrupt government in Colombo in the wake of Xi Jinping’s anti-graft drive at home. Beijing is in search of global stability for economic growth and respectable great power status in the next decade; she does not need shifty jobbers in pot-sized nations. Nor is she interested in strategically encircling India (the silly String of Pearls thesis) or contesting US-Indian naval superiority in the Indian Ocean. China’s strategic obsession is her littoral waters and Japan, the South China Sea, and her land borders. Only dummies think that if India or the West poses a threat, China will send a fleet of sampans to rescue the Pakse clan! If the regime changes in January, Beijing will merrily send its heartiest congratulations to the new government.

If My3-HdS-Mangala amateurishness is repeated in foreign relations, damage will be done. I have insisted all along that even a broomstick would do as CC if he/she could abolish EP. Now My3 is the candidate of choice for tactical reasons; that’s fine, he can deliver. There is no presumption that he has other skills, especially in foreign affairs. HdS’ expertise lies in economics and Mangala is rather a bull in a China shop (bad pun). There is a great deal of delicate rebalancing between China, India and the West that needs to be handled by skilled hands. Mrs B was adroit and expert at finding a stable foreign policy centre of gravity. It now remains to be seen if the three new heavyweights, prior to and after a new parliament is elected (if there is regime change), Ranil, CBK and My3, can recapture that deftness.

One favour Delhi can do the people of Lanka is to whisper in the President’s ear that coups, whether palace or military, will not be tolerated; abrogation of democracy in this fair isle must be countered by a swift response. The options are many.

China in transition

The present in Chinese politics, economics and international affairs needs fuller treatment, but with pandemonium in Lanka, elections, possible regime change and the Pope’s visit, it is unlikely I will find an opening. It is a matter of global significance, so I will smuggle in a few paragraphs here though only indirectly relevant Lankan hot issues. China’s economic growth is slowing and that is good; the new-normal rate of GDP increase should fall below 7% in the interests of the people. This mad rush of GDP adrenaline is too much. In advanced Western economies 70% of output goes to consumption, the rest is shared between government and investment; in China only 48.5% is consumed by the people, and they are much poorer. She has been the growth engine of the world economy for thirty years in a quest to become the largest. That’s enough, the madness must stop; save less, invest less, let the masses consume more – healthcare, education, working-class housing.

Income and wealth disparity is obscene; worse than in the United States. The Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality where zero means perfect equality, had by 2010 risen to a staggering 0.73 (Professor Li Shi, Beijing Normal University, China Daily, 27 November); far worse than any advanced capitalist country (Sweden 0.23, US 0.46). Worse still, the wealth gap is massive and worsening. The richest 10% owns 64% of property, the poorest 10% below zero, they are in debt. The capitalist world, thanks to democracy, pressure through the ballot, trade unions and mass action is nowhere near as bad. The Chinese Communist Party has lost the plot!

In my paper at the Hector Abhayawardena Commemoration Symposium in December 1999 I held that the state-form in China was indeterminate, its directions contradictory. It is now possible to make a definite classification; it is State Capitalist. The crisis in Hong Kong (HK) is a forerunner of bigger things to come in the Mainland. HK’s naïve student activists are simpletons who muddied the waters, annoyed and alienated literally everybody by blocking the city’s arterial roads for two months.

The real issue in HK is increasing inequality and the end of the economic miracle. In China too Xe Jinping and the CCP leadership know they are sitting on a volcano. The anti-graft campaign is an effort to contain it, xenophobia an attempt to divert it. More radical policy shifts are needed if she is to contain future mass discontent (the CCP is capable of this shift). Don’t be misled by ritzy malls and a stunning building boom. The populace is all a dazzle, but that’s superficial; when the crunch comes the fireworks, a Chinese invention, will be more lurid.

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  • 3

    Prof. [Edited out] ,happy to learn that your vote is going in the right direction. It is a crucial time for a change no matter what the outcome is…

    • 3

      What this fool does not know is that Mangala’s request to enter UF gvernment was stopped by MR and he asked Mangal to work from inside the UNP!. Since he changed his decision to stay with the UNP, he has worked against Sirisena by speaking against his idea of not transferring powers to Ranil. His meeting at Matara was organised leaving Sajith P out, to show division among the ranks of the front.

      David will fall from his sleeping mat to the ground by the early morning of 8 January when his dream world explodes in to the same old nothingness of the past.

      Suffer, professor.

      • 3

        Hi political speculators: Anything can happen in a month or even afterwards, so don’t get carried away.

        Are you anywhere near the caliber of the master politicians in Sri Lanka and the international players in the background? Not at all pigmies!

        In my opinion, Tamils and Muslims form a wild card with both candidates evading the rights of Tamils and Muslims.

        Each ‘now’ moment in Sri Lanka is unique and unpredictable, especially with the UNHCR investigations verdict pending.

        Did any one of you predict the genocide of Tamils in Vanni?

        Keep your intellectual powder dry for the 9th of January 2015.

        Let’s wait to see as to who lights fire crackers, and who fires the real shots!

        • 1

          KD: Thus far the opposition campaign has been remarkably lack luster and it is very disappointing that there are no WOMEN campaigning because women are over half the voting population of Sri Lanka.

          Except for CBK there have been no younger women in sight on the campaign trail to encourage women to GO OUT AND VOTE FOR CHANGE.

          It seems that politikking within the joint opposition is taking too much time and not enough time is going to EDUCATE the VOTERS and target women and youth as special VOTE BANKS…

          Sirisena must get youth and WOMEN on this campaign platform and speak directly to these constituencies if he wants to win.

    • 0

      This election is about constitutional change about removal executive power. Mahinda Rajapakse promised to do that and he didn’t do it. Now there is a coalition promising to do that within 100 days. Mahinda is also says he is going to do that. So, Mahinda should join this coalition to do this and he can contest in the election that is coming after this parliamentary election if the people are happy to elect him. It is an election he wanted to do and if he is honest about his intention of removing this executive power he should withdraw from contesting this election. There is no left to right competition, there is no war crime tribunal issue, there is no devolution issue there is no economic issue here. This election should be considered as a referundum and people should decide that agree or dis agree to change the constition towards better governance.

  • 4

    Thanks Professor for your initiating the SI-CC which has come into being,however this PE, Made-in-China, has to see light?. It is MR s do
    or die “File Politics”!

    Apart from the funds available, this gang of people have to be catered to:-
    “Among the political appointees Mr. Dissanayaka revealed in Parliament are: Sarath Kongahage – Ambassador, Germany – Former Chairman of SLRC Nawalage Bannet Cooray – Ambassador, Italy – Former SLFP organizer for Kolonnawa Gamini Rajapaksa – Ambassador, Jordan – Former Deputy Minister of the UNP government H.R. Piyasiri – Ambassador Myanmar – Former Parliamentarian of the UNP Buddhi Athawuda – Ambassador, Netherlands – Minister Athauda Senevirtna’s son Udayanga Weeratunga – Amabssador, Russia – Presidents brother in law Jaliya Wickremesooriya – Ambassador, USA – President’s brother in law Dikson Daala – High Commissioner Maldives – father of Pradeep Nilanga Daala, Diyawadana Nilame of the Temple of the Tooth, a close friend of the President. ASP Liyanage- Ambassador Nigeria – a property trader and a close friend of the President Oshadhi Alahapperuma– Ambassador Sweden, Younger brother of Minister Dulles Alahapperuma Yasara Abeynayake – Consular in Sydney – Gamini Fonseka’s daughter Bharathy Wijeratna – Ambassador, Turkey – Former Minister Mano Wijeratne’s wife Dr. Yvonne Amarasinghe – Ambassador, Vietnam – President’s close friend Srimal Wickremesinghe – Deputy Head, Vienna – Brother of Ms. Shiranthi Rajapaksa, wife of the President Waruna Epasinghe – Embassy in Washington – A son of a government adviser Karaunaratna Pranavithana – Consul General, Canada – former Chairman of SLRC, a defeated candidate at an election WKS Dissanayaka – first Secretary , Abu Dhabi – a relative of the President Lalith U. Gamage – Indonesian Embassy – a SLFP politician from Galle HNB Ratnayaka – Second Secretary, Russia – Minister C,B, Ratnayaka’s son Lionel Premasiri – Deputy Secretary General, Canada – Former organizer of the SLFP in Galle Harshana Herath – Second Secretary, Singapore – Chief Minister of Sabaragamuwa PC Mahipala Herath’s son Chamithri Rambukwelela – Second Secretary, New York – Minister Keheliya Rambukwella’s daughter Muthu Padmakumara – Second Secretary, London – the daughter of Chairman of Lake House Bandula Padmakumara Methsiri Cooray – Ambassador, Netherlands – President’s close friend Dr. Crtin Waidyarathna, High Commissioner in London – wife of Dr. Ajith Ratnayaka Umayangana Randeniya – Second Secretary, Singapore – Daughter of Ravindra Randeniya, adviser to the President Commander JM Bandara – Second Secretary, Kuwait – Bother of National list MP Janaka Bandara Dixon J. Perera – Consul General, Nepal – Former Secretary of the SLFP MI Kudukewaththa – First Secretary, Beijing – The daughter of the head of the Presidential Security Division Rathna Ranaweera – Second Secretary, Canberra – The daughter of the Additional Secretary to the President Farial Ashroff – High Commissioner, Singapore – Former Parliamentarian “

    • 2

      Kumar David –

      RE: Single-Issue CC Is A Done Deal; Now Hold The Alliance On A Tight Leash

      [Edited out]

      • 4

        With the common candidate declaring that he is a Sinhala Buddhist majoritarian and Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, Tamils and Muslims would be wise not to support either candidate as their aspirations will not be satisfied Sirisena either.

        Let the Sinhala voters decide whom they want: As in past since 1948, whoever promises to suppress the minorities more will win;

        And more and more oppression of the minorities will continue.

  • 1

    Mr. David,

    How does one get all the inflated egos, ignored childhoods, and illiterate henchmen to toe the line. And, to cap it all, Mangala is now in charge of the operation!

    Managing the media message was not going to be easy in the best of times. It will become complicated when anyone attempts to talk about things they know nothing of. The Youth League President Wijewardene is the most recent example. The LTTE is done. Who care if arms were brought during UNP times. Good people should not try to be smart people. It does not work…

    My theory for media is simple. Assemble 3-5 talented graphic artists and represent each and every Rajapakse excess in a 2-3 minute cartoon or Powerpoint and upload to youtube. Show these between speeches at meetings and also show the domain location where these can be found. People will forward these to one another and the info-message will filter through the public, before voting begins.

    The UNP in 76/76 did this in a cassette and I remember listening to it at home, after a neighbour swore my Mum into secrecy and gave it to her to listen. She came by and asked for it the very next day. She had got it from her son who was a Police higher up at the time. People said it was a Hudson someone from SLBC who had done the voice over.

    This is a cheap, easy and cannot be blocked or corrupted.

    The UNP is still so screwed up that you cannot find any updates of the current campaign in their web site. Surely, this has to be a fundamental priority for any campaign manager, let alone a communications manager?

    There is facebook, twitter, youtube and even instagram. All of these platforms are free and the UNP is still stuck with the UVA campaign. Someone needs to throw stones and wake up the sleeping at Sri Kotha.

    If the Rajapakses have State resources to print cut outs free, use the internet resources that are also free and much more effective because they can be updated live. To-date, not a single meeting has been broadcast live on the internet. That should also be done and is easy to do if someone bothers to think about these things. This is not Ranil’s problem or Maithhri’s headache. Where are the henchas who should take care of these things?

    • 0

      Believe it or not – I have written in detail about the production of
      ACD/DVD etc and the kind of graphics it could carry, skits comedy all
      about the 10 yrs. of mis-governance and sent it direct to unp.lk for
      attention of Mangala, and also as email to the parliamentary mail-server of both Mangala and Mithree. Hope these are read?

      The Village folk can be impressed by a DVD played at home at their
      leisure and will catch on like wild-fire if there is some witty
      points. I even suggested that Varsity staff undertake this venture
      in secret. Time is short.

  • 1

    To quote verbatim: ” regime change would not be on our agenda today if the Pakses had shown common sense in dealing with India and the West, and had had a modicum of restraint in exploiting the Chinese connection to maximize graft.”

    So isn’t that an admission of external intervention?

  • 2

    “Not for Self, But for All”:-

    This should be the motto for all the Constituent Parties in the Common Alliance.

  • 1

    It is possible that HdS made those remarks in response to some harsh comments he received soon after the AlJazeera TV program where he participated along with Suren Surendran of BTF. Possibly a knee jerk reaction. However Justice has to prevail in any event and whatever the circumstances. There cannot be something called local Justice and another called international Justice. Justice is Justice!

    Sengodan. M

  • 0

    Dear Prof.

    In this potty litte peasant nation there seem not to be any Sri Lankans. The candidates are peasants and need of evolution before they become culturally extinct due to extreme myopia.One now worshiping Banda who buggered the nation and set the Sinhalese on a path of perpetual decline.

    But amongst these peasant canditates one appears more preferable. But then you cannot hold him on a leash – because only animals understand the limitations of the leash. These two clearly don’t as they offer amnesty to each other for plundering the nation and desimating part of its populous.

    But then is is about what a peasant society can throw up before it elslaves it self as maids to the middle easterns and as debtors to the chinese without a future for itself.

  • 1

    Caesar : “Eides of March has come”
    Sooth Sayer : “Aye Caesar! But not yet gone”

    A good reader like Prof. David knows exactly what I mean. We have to wait until the close of nominations to see whether indeed the so named Common Candidate is indeed Common.

    Some web news papers reported that Ranil Wickramasinghe is supposed have told Ven. Sobhitha that if the CC does not publicly announce properly that the next PM would be RW, then he would file his papers too!

    • 0

      Classics Scholar,

      Caesar: The ides of March are come.
      Soothsayer: Aye, Caesar, but not gone.

      • 0

        Thanks for the correction.

  • 5

    Kumar D was an idealistic young man (like many of us at that time) who got mesmerized by the rhetoric of the old left leaders, and the simple plan to create Utopia by carrying out a revolution. But many of us soon came to our senses, and saw through such pie-in-the-sky politics. However, many didn’t because, especially in the colonies, it remained intellectually fashionable to be ‘revolutionary”.

    When they want to know the ground situation they don’t look at the ground. Instead they read Antonio Gramasci or some failed militant who couldn’t even save his own skin.

    Even as an engineer, Kumar D tends to be a theoretical engineer who knows about Laplace transforms but cares little about real transformers. The leftist strategists like Kumar never got it right, and have got closer and closer to extinction as a species.

    However, Kumar D and a few others managed to get their strategies shoved on to an opposition that was so bankrupt of ideas or a vision that it did not even have a slogan. So, the “one issue candidate” with the mandate for abolishing the executive president (a hackneyed old idea) became talked about! Even the Maduluwave Thera (named Maduluwave Sadhu by KD) was touted as a presidential candidate, where as any one who does not read Gramasci will know that Maduluwave talking about abolishing the exec. presidency would not even pull 100 people to a meeting in most places.

    Is the big, vote catching, visionary slogan the lamentable “abolishing the exec. presidency in 100 days”? It it now also modified to pardon and protect al, sorts of crooks!

    But Chandrika and Mangala also are into it, with their personal agendas and tarnished baggage. So what is common to the common opposition is their individual sordid pasts from when they were in power. So what do we have now? A completely mislead uninspiring opposition. An election process that would lead to a gross set back to the opposition, when the country is in great need of a vibrant, effective opposition to counter the excesses of the rulers. The UNP which is the rightful opposition has once again been shunted and bypassed.

    The UNP ranks do not know how to respond when the campaign is organized by some others outside its structure. What enthusiasm can they have for this? They loose even if Sirisena wins. They loose even more when Sirisena looses. So, if they are going to loose, they might conserve their energy and money for the soon to be parliamentary elections when they have to save their own skins.

    In the old days, the dialectical thinking of the left retarded the economy and created potical mayhem because they thought they will form the government soon,

    In 2010 Kumar D used his dialectical thinking and asked everyone to support Fonseka, who would surely have increased the power of the executive presidency by orders of magnitude if he had come to power.

    Today the dialectical thinking of the left intellectuals has unwittingly set a trap to destroy their class enemy, viz., the Capitalist UNP that they have been struggling with, ever since the old days of the “:Saadukin Naegitiyav”.

    BY the end of January, what ever “opposition” that we have would be all in shambles, demoralized, dejected, and pointing fingers at others.

    By then Kumar D will have a new, even more pie-in-the-sky theory of political action.

    What a pity.

  • 0

    If I read HdS, Sirisena, Samaraweera et al right. This is all about changing, who leads the parade.

    The new leaders, will carry on pillaging, sharing the booty rather than keeping it with one family. The problem with Rajapaksa was he didn’t share. Must have not learnt of it when young, of sharing your toys with others.

    For the average man on the street, there is no benefit for you. Others will make a killing.

    Pity, AKD, the only bugger talking sense in my Motherland.You have my vote.

  • 1

    Sudden appointment a common presidential candidate without much notice has certainly created some confusion in the minds of some people znd they wonder what is happening. MS an experienced poitician, came from the grass roots, is mature to tackle the situation with various groups and emm
    Emerge as a winner. The campaign so far may not look so vibrant but tbis will gain momentum
    After the nomination day.

    There are lot of good thinking people with atleast a very few decent politicians and would ensure the right is done and the country prgresses in the right way.

  • 0

    There is one vital step before holding the A

  • 0

    There is one vital step before holding the Alliance and its Leaders to account.True,the SI-CC has seen the light of day.It should be noted that the incumbent Pres.is a past master in swinging votes in his favour and manoeuvring the final result.The Ground-Work that has to be put in place,by the Alliance to garner the Floating vote to activate women to be involved are also issues that need highest priority.The Electronic and print media is heavily in favour of MR.
    Reader UPUL on this Blog has valuable suggestions.

    After all whats all this about;Abolish the EP and restore RULE OF LAW.

  • 1

    There was a Naughty Boy
    ~John Keats

    There was a naughty boy,
    A naughty boy was he,
    He would not stop at home,
    He could not quiet be-
    He took
    In his knapsack
    A book
    Full of vowels
    And a shirt
    With some towels,
    A slight cap
    For night cap,
    A hair brush,
    Comb ditto,
    New stockings-
    For old ones
    Would split O!
    This knapsack
    Tight at ‘is back
    He rivetted close
    And followed his nose
    To the North,
    To the North,
    And followed his nose
    To the North.

    There was a naughty boy,
    And a naughty boy was he,
    He ran away to Scotland
    The people for to see-
    There he found
    That the ground
    Was as hard,
    That a yard
    Was as long,
    That a song
    Was as merry,
    That a cherry
    Was as red-
    That lead
    Was as weighty
    That fourscore
    Was as eighty,
    That a door
    Was as wooden
    As in England-
    So he stood in his shoes
    And he wondered,
    He wondered,
    He stood in his shoes
    And he wondered.

    I hear some foot steps. It should the returning boy’s from Scotland. The un-educated, inexperienced child called Kumar appears to be returning back from Scotland.

    Usually Sinhala Intellectuals do not realize the effect of their deed even after the water had gone above their nose. But this “Naughty Boy” (like the one in the poem called Prof.Kumar David starting to sense that the snake he catch and put in pocket is rolling and hissing. Soon it will bit his thigh. As in the past there will be no prevention to that. He will have to take it.

    Maithiripala Sirisena, like Shiranee wanted keep all the Preddeep Kariyawasam’s loots from insurance company and the National Saving Bank, wanted to keep all the loot of Brother Dudley’s. Maithiri does remember Shiranee. So he sought the protection of the left over UNP. (It can not be called UNP – 60 MPs won the election, 75 MP left to UPFA. The left over UNPyers are -15 and further as number one Ranil is three naught front like -100, it is -115).

    As soon as Maithri wins the election(Pls don’t find fault on that assumption, I am not telling that is what going to happen.) his main job will be liberating Dudley’s Rice Business from the Royal Family, who seeks most of the loot.

    King needed one slogan of “Saving the pretty woman Lanka from the fierce teeth of the Northern tiger”. But Sirisena who needs more than one, has to rescind his Sinhala Intellectual ID and declare him as a (1) Sinhala Buddhist and (2) as a savior of the Royal family from the teeth of the Western White Tigers, more dangerous than Kallaththoni Northern Tiger.

    One time Canadian Prime minister Trudau said “If you Scratch my back, I scratch your back. If you don’t I will scratch on your face”. The King refused to scratch Maithiri’s back. Now King is politely and patiently taking the scratch of not one, but of the Mythree, CBK, Mangala, Maithiri. This guy Maithiri has taken a vow, If you don’t give me the Executive Prime Minister Job that I ask, I will take away you executive president job too.”

  • 0

    Good one Mallaiyuran. None of this would have happened if the bros had agreed on a loot sharing agreement with the other Sinhalese Buddhist reps – who feel left out.

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