29 November, 2023


“Sinha Le”, “Marraka Le”, Should We Shed Any More “Le”?

By Hilmy Ahamed

Hilmy Ahamed

Hilmy Ahamed

One year in to Yahapalanaya, the dice has been cast for the renewal of the hostile hate campaign of the Rajapaksa era with the spraying of graffiti “Sinha Le” on the gate of a Muslim owned residence in Nugegoda. This was followed by a violent attack on Muslims in Wellampitiya that injured five. Three were hospitalized with serious injuries. It is rumored that a lady died of a heart attack before she could be taken to hospital, in the mêlée. This has not been reported to the police nor the mainstream media carry it.

Exactly a year ago, we saw the exit of Mahinda Rajapaksa from the Presidency through a “silent” revolution that surprised even the biggest optimist. Many attributed the war winning President’s defeat to the unprecedented hate campaign that was carried out by some Buddhist extremists led by the Bodu Bala Sena. Mahinda Rajapaksa, as President and Minister of Defence failed to control this onslaught on the Muslim and evangelical Christian communities. The President was also accused of promoting a divide and rule policy amongst the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities, so that he could fragment the minority votes and harness the majority Buddhist vote as the guardian of Buddhist hegemony and thereby keep himself at the helm of power for the rest of his life, or until one of his own sons could succeed him. The strategy of retaining power within the family was mainly due to the large-scale corruption, which was assumed to have been committed by the President and his siblings. This of course has not been proven with all the investigations that have been undertaken during the last 365 days. Little did Mahinda Rajapaksa realize that the combined opposition of the minorities towards his regime would send him packing to Medamulana due to his suspected bias towards the hate campaign of the Bodu Bala Sena and other extremists Buddhists.

mccain-isis3Today, politically motivated groups alleged to be close to the former regime have unleashed a new wave of hate and racism under the “Sinha Le” label. They are determined to create divisions amongst the different communities once more and the provocations of the “Sinha Le” group are clear evidence of the renewed hate campaign on the Muslims. The “Sinha Le” group is suspected of attempting to provoke the Muslims to retaliate so that their ultimate objective of causing a major island wide communal riot could be achieved. The Muslims, the Government and the rest of the citizens should take necessary steps to defuse this threat.

The inventors of the “Sinha Le” brand is unknown, with Bodu Bala Sena claiming that they conceived this in 2014, yet two monks close to the Mahinda Rajapaksa’s campaign in Kurunegala are suspected of leading the current campaign. There is also evidence on social media that discarded SLFP racist political elements of the Rajapaksa camp are encouraging this to revive their political campaign to divide the communities that could bring Sinhala chauvinists back into power.

The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe good governance government that came to power mainly through the minority vote will be held responsible if this assault on the Muslim and other minority communities are allowed to fester, hence there is an urgent need to address this as a priority security issue.

Adding fuel to this fire, Government officials are now claiming that there is a possible threat by international terrorists from ISIS or Daesh, the fascist terrorist group which claims to be Islamic. The All Ceylon Jaamiyathul Ulema, the council of Muslim theologians in Sri Lanka and several other Muslim civil society organizations have unequivocally rejected the ISIS or Daesh as an Islamic organisation and has condemned them as a threat to Muslims around the world. It is indeed worrying that state officials continue to link this un-Islamic entity to Muslims in Sri Lanka due to some online activity by sharing , taging and commenting online that could be construed as being sympathetic to the ISIS cause, but the ground situation is that there is no support for any form of terrorism from the Muslims. The lack of knowledge and novelty of online and social media could be a reason for them to share, tag and indulgence in discussions online. ISIS has also been very clever in presenting themselves as saviors of Muslims when there is enough evidence otherwise. (See attached photo)

It is a well-known fact that a Muslim, Mohamed Muhsin Sharhaz Nilam (37) (known within ISIS as Abu Shuraih Sailania), was killed in an airstrike on July 12. 2015. This does not make all Muslims sympathizers of ISIS nor do the Muslims have any direct link with any terror groups. The Muslims have been a peaceful patriotic community and continued to live in Sri Lanka as loyal citizens. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ethnically cleansed the Muslim population of the Northern province in 1990 for refusing to join the Eelam quest of the Tamil separatists.

Its time that all Sri Lankans commit themselves to work towards the prosperity of our nation through true reconciliation. Towards this, the Government of President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe should ensure that these racial extremists are brought before the law for inciting hate and communal threats. Failure to do so would mean that a lot of “Sinha Le”, “Marraka Le” would be shed and Sri Lanka could go back to its isolation by the international community.

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    Galadoda Gnanissara quits Politics , It is in the Colombo Press.

    How cool.

    Norwegian FM was on Elite Turf only for a couple of days.

    The Bedouin Prince is descending in a couple of days.

    Wonder whether our brave Commanders will be brought in UN Vehicles or Black Defenders to face the White Judges in Yahapalan Hybrid Court?.

    Miracles do happen in the land of Sinha- Le..

    • 4

      Sumane, he’s not a Bedouin prince, he is from Jordan. Why always so needlessly racist? Do the white aussies not treat you well? Are you a third class citizen there?

      • 1

        Mate, read the Wikipedia on Jordan too..

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      Sumane’ I think you are confusing Ven Galaboda Gnanissara of Gangarama, with Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara.
      They are two different People.

      • 1

        You think Sumane may have confused Pseudo monk-Ghanasara ? NO way – he can only be tamed by XYY prisoners of Guanthanbe prison. That is what I felt having watched few you tube in which real colours of Ghanasara are showing:

      • 2

        It is believed that Pseudo monks may have gone through a worst child hood him to collect that much of aggressions.

        Can anybody please add the pedigree of the criminal hidden behind the Sanga costume ? That can help many to inform themselves.

        Please do, I have no resources me being out of the country.

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          One of my friends told me that Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara hates Muslims because he has been fathered by a Muslim and his mother was abandoned. He had a difficult childhood and was ridiculed by his peers. When I see his behaviour, I am compelled to believe..

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            [Edited out]

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    Reports indicates that the Norwegian F M came to Colombo to promote

    the SINHALE LE and he met the monks connected to the Sinha Le secretly at a secret location

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      Lanka;- More Gossip, for the Modaya’s who Lap it Up!!

      • 0

        Hamlet mate,

        I thought he was called Podi Hamuduruwo.

        But he is a big fella.. Isn’t he?

        Obviously you must be offering Bodhi Pooja there.

        Does he still have that kick ass collection of Mercs & Beamers to remind him how good even his current dayakayas’ ancestors lived under the old Yahapalanana.

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          Sumane’ Iam a True Buddhist, and don’t believe in Bodhi Poojas, at Gangaramaya or any other Aramaya.

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    He has no other option but quit politics because the long arm of the law is reaching out to him. He has only his robe to save him. If he is a politician, he would be forced to face justice. The country should not forgive him because of his saffron robe, after all how many votes did he get as a politicians. The old adage “Sinhalaya Modaya” is no longer valid

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    What is needed as to suck out every drop of the Marakka Le as Karuna did to our 600 brave policemen, contaminate it with HIV-Aids virus and send it to ISIS. Match over

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    EVERY time that a sinhala person talks about his ethnicity or his world view they are targeted as RACISTS.

    Racism and talking about your own group has nothing to do with each other.

    The SInhala people ONLY exist in Sri Lanka. Muslims , Tamils , Christians and others can exist in Any country.

    The INABILITY of Sinhala people of Buddhist world view to talk aboout their own narration of history and their world view is a CRIM AGAINST HUMANITY.

    • 3

      sinha lame noise

      “EVERY time that a sinhala person talks about his ethnicity or his world view they are targeted as RACISTS.”

      Sinhala person has no ethnicity but a re-branded Indian/Demela. You suffer from paranoia and that is your world view. You are certainly a racist in your thoughts, words and actions.

      “The SInhala people ONLY exist in Sri Lanka. Muslims , Tamils , Christians and others can exist in Any country.”

      As a Theravadin you can live in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh and Burma. If the worst comes to the worst you can rely on your Tamil Nadu brethren whence your ancestors came.

      “The INABILITY of Sinhala people of Buddhist world view to talk aboout their own narration of history and their world view is a CRIM AGAINST HUMANITY.”

      Myth is not History.

      When you harm, kill, maim, innocent civilians irrespective of their race, religion, region, gender in large numbers it is not only crime against humanity but war crime as well. It is even worse when you ethnically cleanse hard working minorities, burn down libraries, ……………

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    Sinhala voice,

    You are like a frog in the well-firstly the aboriginal race of Sri Lanka is only the Veddha community, the rest are all foreign mixed race, check the latest DNA research done on Sri Lankans on Google, secondly similar to the Sinhalese all the other races like Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims and Christians are unique to this island, they don’t exist anywhere else thirdly, like the Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims and Christians, the Sinhalese are also living and residing all over the world.

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    poet Rabindranath Tagore #11 on top 500 poets Poet’s PagePoemsCommentsStatsE-BooksBiographyShare on FacebookShare on Twitter
    Poems by Rabindranath Tagore : 215 / 216 « prev. poem next poem »
    Where The Mind Is Without Fear – Poem by Rabindranath Tagore

    Hilmy very interesting and thanks for refreshing articles you publish. You can see the difference between a functioning democracy and terror in the way the British and US governments bring to trial by representation people accused of terrorism. British citizens are allowed representation, evidentiary hearings in courts where they could be found guilty of not guilty when they live and benefit from those nations as citizens and then spread hate. That is not a condition allowed Yazdis, Shias, sunnis who disagree with ISIS, or anyone other than those adhering to fanatic beliefs based on their interpretation of Quranic verses. So whether we like it or not, it is not the Religion but in fact indeed a version of the religion that is being used; and this spreads fear and insecurity.

    Someone once posted this beautiful poem on CT.

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
    Where knowledge is free
    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
    By narrow domestic walls
    Where words come out from the depth of truth
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
    Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
    Where the mind is led forward by thee
    Into ever-widening thought and action
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake
    Rabindranath Tagore

    • 1

      Grease Yaka;
      It was me that posted this Tagore Poem on CT.

      He was the Icon that inspired the first Sri Lankan Poets and Songwriters, like Saranagupta Amarasinghe.

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    Well said sinhala voice!! At least there is one voice to give the opinion of the silent majority. It is well known sinhalese are more reactive than proactive. They wait for things to happen and then react.That has been their down fall whilst the minorities are active in consolidating their interests. Sinhalese want things to happen but wait for some one to do the dirty work for them. They tacitly accept BBS and Ravana balaya, but dare not support them in public for fear of being called racists and ending up in jail. Even politicians behave the same way. When minority muslims with the backing of a politician destroyed some of the holiest temples in the east, it was only a muted cry of objection. At present they are ruining Wilpatthu reserve to establish their communities whilst politicians blame previous government. When Tamils demanded the removal of Sinhala dominated forces from the north it was done promptly to appease them and the west. These are facts.

    Some of you may call me a racist, but I am not. It is the minorities who should learn to respect the singhalese. Stop unethical conversions and offer equal opportunities to Sinhalese in Muslim enterprises without coercing them to convert to Islam. Stop targeting destitute sinhalese to

    Sinhalese suffered untold threats for three decades at the hands of the LTTE but what happened at the end? The very people who repelled the terror are being hounded now by the west on false allegations.

    Most politciansl have no ‘balls’ to grasp the nettle. If they do, they lose their seat at the next election. So the majority sinhala has no one for help other than these pressure groups. This is one way of expressing the grievances of masses. This is collective grievance of the majority and As I wrote above most sinhalese are terrified of reprisals. Minorities will not get the same levels of punishments. This is not fair.

    If you look around the world there are ample examples of Muslim atrocities committed with video footages of threats. These are fearsome threats to human kind, but what do the muslims do? Nothing. When there is a massacre of some sort the muslims will gang together and disown the perpetrators saying “They are not muslims. They are thugs”. They never accept they were from the same community who shared muslim ideologies attending mosques. They have never accepted them as muslims who hate other religions”. So the carnival goes on.
    Can we the sinhalese do the same and disown BBS and other groups as not true sinhalese? Will the politicians back us? The answer is NO. They all want minority votes to get into power. So the sinhalese have no one to turn to whilst the minorities get what they want. Yet they cry foul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 4


      “It is the minorities who should learn to respect the singhalese”

      Why? Give me one reason.

      ” Stop unethical conversions and offer equal opportunities to Sinhalese in Muslim enterprises without coercing them to convert to Islam.”

      Why should they offer equal opportunity in their private enterprises? No one in their right mind want to run down his or her business like the government departments, banks, corporations, foreign ministry,…. Private enterprises are not charitable organisations.

      “Sinhalese suffered untold threats for three decades at the hands of the LTTE but what happened at the end? “

      Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others also suffered since 1948 under successive governments.

      The best place for you is to get a job in the state institutions where you will be more comfortable and feel homely among your Sinha le, paid monthly wthout fail for doing nothing.

      “Some of you may call me a racist, but I am not.”

      Certainly you are.

  • 1

    Give Dilanthe a few drinks and you can listen to wonderful stories of Gnanasara in france.

  • 1

    I always wanted to get a Tattoo, like most of my mates from both sexes.

    But I couldn’t pick one which is relevant and has no expiry date.

    I think finally I found one.

    After watching the real JHP guy Gammmanpila, I certainly can’t find any racist connotations in displaying own heritage.

    I have seen Poms wearing T shirts calling themselves British,” Aussie’ printed on white dudes’ T Shirts , Thamil Eelaam flags , & T shirts on Canadians,

    Do they express racist connotations?.

    In Lanka we have Thamil Arasa Kittu, All Ceylon Muslim Congress, Thamil Dalits Party , TPC,and the list goes on.

    TAK and ACMC don’t even let any Sinhlayas in their parties..

    Some even raised flags recently with Thamil Eeaalm written on it.

    When a Sinhalese brand himself as a Sinhale, all hell break lose.

    What do the Yahapalana suckers want these Sinhalyas to call themselves?..

    • 1

      Somane, I have a great idea. Will get all my Thambi brothers to tatoo sinha let on the tip of theie 3/4 so that when your girls savour it, they will taste the real le

    • 1

      Sumane’, Have you got an Inferiority Complex, that you have to label your ‘T’Shirt?

      If You want a label, call yourself ‘Human’ that is if you are Human!

      • 0


        I take your word that you are a true SB..

        There are only 3 groups on our Yahapalana gravy train , Elite, Thamils, and Muslims,

        Going Federal, and Jailing the War winning Soldiers is their priority.

        The biggest and the poorest inhabitant population are left out.

        This reminds me of old snap shots of Srialnka in the black and white era.

        Whites in their Tuxedos, Suckers in their ill fitting suits on Colombo streets and the rest walking in their loin clothes. .

        Yahapalanay has re created that in an Economic sense.

        Forget the halfwits who are hangers on, sucking Ministerial bones ( thanks Wimale ).

        Has Sira himself given a descent speech let alone promises about improving the living standards of our Dalits, with real time targets in,

        Minimum Average Wage.

        Per Capita Income .

        GDP growth.

        Lower unemployment for rural youth

        Rapid Infrastructure development in the rural sector.

        Improving Hospitals and Health Care services, public transport and good schools.

        Even true Buddhists like you who read Tagore do not worry about these SBs who belong to Dalit class…

        Yahapalanaya is exactly like the British rule.

        Keep the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas in control.

        True Buddhists who have a little dosh and think that they are also Elite class couldn’t care about the rest.

        One more thing.

        Will our Yahapalana Police Patrols crash in to a Colombo Elite party, trash the premises and beat the hell out of the guests and throw them over the balcony.

        And add insult to the injury the Police Minister declares in Parliament that Dalits are the culprits.

        That is just one example of Yahapalana Independent Police for you..

        • 3

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          You are being scared by your own shadow. Probably you are constantly attacked by paranoia.

          My elders tell that there are new cures available to troubled and bigoted minds such as yours. One is Bio Brick replacement and other is Gene Editing.

          Though both are being developed both might or might not work. Give it a try.

  • 0

    Dear Native,

    Even your mates’ kids who have the brains to study Medicine in Yarlpanam are scared..

    They are scared and frigtened by the prospect of them not getting jobs after graduation, because Malabe doctors with Million Dollar degrees will get all the gigs in Colombo hospitals.

    So the real doctors will be serving in Kilinochi, Puddithikuruppu, Nanthikdal . Kopai or Kaththankaddy.

    That is if Baththu allows them to migrate to the Federal East.

    That frightens the shit out of me too. I mean when Baththa in Batti when it is gone Federal.

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