18 May, 2024


Hirunika’s Aunt To Get Diplomatic Posting

The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime’s policy of helping friends and family appears to have spread to the Foreign Ministry with career diplomats being overlooked in favour of loyalists and their kin.

SwarnaSwarna Pushpa Kanthi Gunaratne, sister of Hirunika Premachandra‘s late father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra is to be appointed as Sri Lanka’s consul in Los Angeles, USA.

Colombo Telegraph emailed the Foreign Ministry requesting confirmation of the report regarding the appointment, but the Ministry has not responded yet.

When Colombo Telegraph contacted Swarna Gunaratne yesterday, she said she is waiting for the confirmation. “I haven’t got the appointment letter yet” she said.

It is confirmed that Guarante has never held a diplomatic post before or has any career training or experience in the diplomatic service.

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  • 3

    Canadian oil industry in a very bad shape with mass layoffs across the province of Alberta (and Calgary) with improvements even in 2016 could be a good move for Aunty Swarna. With ultra high unemployment people in Alberta are going to soup kitchens and loosing homes and won’t have money to do grocery shopping.

  • 2

    After so many drama’s only one prisoner Jenivan is released. But Pillaiyan has said he had send assassins to kill New King unders the order of Old King. The murderers of Vidya still not punished, Saraniya – no case at all. Usanthi murderers ruling Velanai.

    Unlimited Cheatings.

  • 6

    Even from his grave, Bharatha Lakshman is providing for his family….

  • 7

    Is S/L going to be another Uganda with illiterate liar as President and backboneless
    PM in power. Hope something good happen to get rid of these idiots before any
    further damage is done to this beautiful island.

    • 2

      What an idiot you should be to name the both as backboneless, while doing nothing kind of critcism, at the time, most rascal president MR was looting the nation. You the guys should have been talking from yoour other end.
      Alone the facts that President sirisena was the key person to have got constitutional amds passed last year.
      Today you guys talk loud since the police act indepenednetly, But in the high days of Mr Mademulana with his barbaric sons running car races even in the premises of most sacred kandy tooth relic temple, irrespective of the request made by most respect venerable theros, …
      What areu talking you guys ? Today even though bit late, Hirunika has been arrested and the case is being heard.
      But in the days of Meeharaka Rajaakshe with all lack of knoweldge ruling the nation to the man mad soldier is given a powerful weapon – you guys stayed as if you are fed with KIRIMATI.
      Please learn to respect at least some – that will lead you to healthy conscience.

    • 0

      Srilankens in general are not grateful to anything. They ve only been criticising. Each and everyone of the nation is an unit to build up the war torn nation. Alone stay on the mode of criticising cant bring us forward.
      If amenments are passed, then they call it as police state.
      If theyare being not done, then they criticise not tohave done

      This is the reality – even any minion can criticise but working keeping majority of the idiots with sabotage mindedness is no way easy for President or RW to do the job.

      If UNP built up their govt, the the opponents of diverse kind would not have allowed them to go this further. That was the reason them to be mixed up with violent MR partial men inthe todays proecss.
      You need to swallo the bitter pill – else, nothign would come easy. That is how Germany became to todays level after being defeated by all powerful nations in 1947. Each and everyone is forced to work and contribute their part. Older generations in germany have worked diehard to achieve their status enjoying today. Young generation enjoy it but not working to the very same manner as had been done by their older generations. This is what professors explain in Germany.
      Even today, they are so rigorous in planning anything in terms law and order issues. Recently reported Colonge incident strenghthend more legal procedures against any refugee men or women behaving not moral and ethical to block them.- there the majoirty would agree with law makers. This did not even take it here a week. But if that was the case in the uncivlized dominated our counttry, that will take a year to get paassed it. Alone all kind of party culprits that cough for them mainly being lacked of proper info – stand on the way. JVPers are right, but they are just impulsive only, If their systems are the most beneficial, people of this country should long back give them a significant mandate to rule this nation.
      Alone AKD is only shouting – practicablity is not seen by them to the manner in compliant with the lanken systems. What is written is not practicable in stupdity dominated uncivlized srilanka. So, senior policians only could how to work on lanken issues. – proved.

  • 4

    Looks like a [Edited out]. How can she hold a diplomatic post. This is getting to be worse than the Rajapakasa era.

  • 3

    Do not blame Mahinda for all crimes the present rulers commit day by day.
    Mahinda is the one who liberated the country from Terrorism.

    We all must pay due respect to him for the noble job he did bravely to save mother Lanka.

    (I do not think your paper will public my comment )

  • 3

    How can this lady who cannot speak two words in English and cannot write two sentences in English work as an ambassador?

    • 0

      Mrs. Palliyagru (If you have not lied about you name) How do you know this lady? Sorry, You must be talking about your self. If this lady knows French it is enough to do a diplomatic job. Don’t forget we are not under the Queen now. Anyway don’t insult a person it shows us what kind of poor qualities you have. I can agree with the constructive criticism. but not with the 3rd class criticism.

  • 2

    This lady is from Calgary, Canada has done enormous service to the Sri Lankan community in Canada. She hold the Sri Lanka Canada Association President post for 5 times and Vice president post twice and secretary post twice in the last 25 years. In SLCA history managed to do several cultural shows with several Artist from Sri Lanka and raise funds for Api Wenuwen Api over $15,000. More than that Sri Lankan Culture has promoted within Canadian Fork Arts Council by holding Cultural Director post and providing an opportunity for Sri Lankan kids to perform in Canada Day celebration. United Nations in Canada she hold the Marketing Director Post. Invited Legend Latha Walpola first time to Calgary, Bhathiya ‘n’ Shantush, Kasun Kalhara, Mithra Kapuge, Sri Lankan Fork Arts Group, Amith Walpola, Mithra Kapuge and several other artists by providing accomadation too. She has raised over $20,000 for Tsunami fund for Sri Lanka. I am sure she will do a good job in Los Angeles. wait and see. Very talented lady.

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