29 May, 2022


Sinhala Colonisation: What is Rama’s Relationship With Seetha?

By S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

After listening to the Ramayana epic all-night long, in the morning, who will ask : “What is Rama’s relationship with Seetha?”

Those who have studied deeply and listened diligently will never speak Foolish words, even when they have wrongly understood a matter. – Thirukkural 417 

The title of this article is a Tamil expression. Years ago, the late Sivaram Taraki wrote an article in Tamil, under the same title, explaining how every Singhalese politician since 1948 has viewed the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka and gradually changed their position to deny Tamils’ rights. In fact, this popular article was translated and became available in English as well.

  •  The armed struggle started in 1983, came to a complete halt after Mullivaghzal in May 2009.
  • Since Mullivaighzal, when we look at websites, especially those published in Tamil, we find news items covering – arrests, torture, killings, rape, disappearances, Sinhala colonisation, new Buddhist temples, military camps and also destruction of churches, temples and mosques.
  • Former combatants and the people are in detention centres and internment camps
  • Majority of the Singhalese in the South and the Rajapaksa regime publicly say that there is no ethnic conflict as such, in Sri Lanka. They don’t want even a Provincial Council governed by the Tamils.
  • The international community continuously reminds us that they are in favour of a solution within a united Sri Lanka.
  • Presently Tamils are divided into many organisations and groups. Therefore, there is clearly no unity.

Ignoring all these realities – certain diaspora organisations and some individuals say that they will not accept anything other than a separate or independent state. This is like asking in the morning, “what is Rama’s
relationship with Seetha?” after listening to the Ramayana epic all-night long.

Considering the realities and facts given above, every Tamil should earnestly realise their duty to do something to save our people and our hereditary land. If we fail to do this at the earliest, in another few years, there will be neither an ethnic group nor a nation known as ‘Tamil’ in the island. We will end up like the Tamils completely eliminated in Burma! Is this our intention?

What is our position today?

There is no doubt that since 1948 about 80-85% of Eelam Tamils have supported the idea of an independent state. Like other oppressed peoples, it is not necessary to give up this ideology. For nearly three decades, we had parity with every Sri Lankan government. We were in negotiations on an equal basis, cease-fire agreements and other documents were signed as a legitimate party in various peace processes. But today, does the Sri Lankan government recognise us as a people or as a nation? or even as an ethnic group? On the so-called victory day speech on 19 May 2009, President Rajapaksa clearly said that there is no minority in Sri Lanka!

No-one can deny Sri Lanka’s formidable ‘diplomacy’, allowing President Rajapaksa to remain in office successfully, even without granting the so-called home grown solution to the Tamils, promised to the international community.

The Parliamentary Select Committee – PSC is an eye wash, designed to deceive the international community. It was well predicted that this time-buying tactic would continue until the successful completion of fully fledged Buddhisation, Sinhalisation and militarisation in the Tamil hereditary land.

This is where some of the diaspora organisations and individuals are making mistakes. Statements they make about political solutions are widely circulated to the international community by the Sri Lankan embassies with the intention of proving that Tamils reject any form of reconciliation other than independence.

Presently, there is no genuine socio-economic, cultural or political empowerment for the people who have been living in the North and East for generations, centuries and millennia. The people are managing their lives without any institutionalised help from the diaspora.

Those who are for independence should understand that we are at the edge of a mountain. If we don’t act wisely or don’t call on our neighbour to help us, it will be the end of our political struggle which lasted for more than six decades.

Security Council and the referendum

In the past, I have explained and written a lot about the referendum that some of us are demanding. Once again, any referendum for independence, especially within a country in conflict has to be decided by the UN Security Council. This was the case with Eritrea, East-Timor and South Sudan. We should also remember that China and Russia are two permanent members of the Security Council. Do any of us believe that China and Russia will support our demand to have a referendum?

Scotland and Quebec are two completely different issues. The Scottish referendum is going to take place in accordance with the British government and Quebec had two referenda, both conducted by Canada itself.

Therefore we should not waste time and energy on something sprouting from our ignorance. There are some people who claim to be strong supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – LTTE and its leader Pirabaharan, but who never paid attention to his speeches, statements on the Indo-Lanka accord, his respect and friendship with both India and the international community. If they wish, they can still find these speeches, especially what LTTE leader Pirabaharan stated in the Suthumalai declaration of 4th August 1987 and in Heroes’ Day speeches on 27th November 2002 and 2008. Also his press conference of 10 April 2002.

Those who are familiar with Palestinian issues will not gamble our lives and the land. The Palestinians are openly supported by the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation – OIC which consists of 57 Islamic states. There have been numerous resolutions in the UN Security Council, General Assembly, Human Rights Council and various other Inter-governmental bodies supporting the Palestinians. Despite this massive and widespread support, Palestinians have been unable to achieve their goal as yet.

Consider the Palestinian question – do we have the support they have, of any single state? On the contrary, we have disastrous disunity among us.

LTTE on the Provincial Council

If anyone has doubts about the LTTE’s position on the Provincial Council, I advise them to read the book, “Will to Freedom”, written in 2001 by Adele Balasingam, wife of the LTTE advisor Anton Balasingham. The subject is clearly mentioned on pages 256 to 258 (“LTTE Strategy and Premadasa’s agenda”). Indeed, it is true that the LTTE had a pre-condition within their stance towards the Sri Lankan government, that the 6th amendment should be withdrawn. This should not deter anyone from seeing the positive value put on the Provincial Council.

Also we should consider the reasons why the LTTE registered a political party known as “People’s Front of the Liberation Tigers – PFLT” in 1989 and took part as an observer in the All Party Conference – APC organised by the Sri Lankan government.

Those who do not know these realities and facts are misleading the innocent people. These individuals promote their own selfish thinking as the political aspiration and policy of the people of the North and East. This is opportunism, taking advantage of a political vacuum.

Those who eliminated LTTE

During the recent “Delhi conference”, I got a chance to understand more realities about the present politics of the Tamils. This is really interesting and provides food for thought. However we cannot gamble our present situation.

It is obvious that the LTTE was successfully eliminated by a well co-ordinated and calculated strategy engineered and operating from various corners in different colours and shapes. One important factor was the anti-LTTE Tamil organizations, leaders, academics and intellectuals. These organizations have colluded and collaborated closely with successive Sri Lankan governments. They helped create the reality today : the LTTE is no more on the scene and Rajapaksa says that ‘there is no ethnic problem’ in the country, humiliating the international community and India, who recognize the existence of the ethnic problem.

Some diaspora Tamils say that those who collaborated with the Sri Lankan government in eliminating the LTTE should convince Rajapaksa’s regime of the need to respect equal rights and obtain whatever is possible for Tamils. This position may be based on emotions, anger and frustration.

The crisis proves that the Tamil National Alliance – TNA, should be strengthened and internationalised. No-one but Rajapasa’s supporters will be against this idea. For further objectivity, the TNA should extend their invitation to important personalities like retired Judge Mr. Vigneswaran and other Tamil intellectuals and academics.

When we talk about the TNA, some people panic and over-react. Some say that the TNA should be registered immediately. Even this appears to be a difficult issue, if we consider  the circumstances in which the TNA was established. The TNA is an umbrella body, however those who stood in the elections used the ‘house’, which is the election symbol of the Federal Party (Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi).

Is it necessary to register TNA?

The majority of the people who want the TNA to be registered as a political party, were not initially members of the TNA. In fact those members or organizations were with the Sri Lankan government, notably, the TULF – Tamil United Liberation Front and the PLOTE – People Liberation Organisation of the Tamil Eelam. Now it is believed that these two parties which never won any elections in the recent past, are eager to contest future elections on a TNA ticket.

It is obvious that the TNA was born due to the reluctance of the TULF. The LTTE which co-ordinated the forming of the TNA, wanted to have a multi-party organization, rather than registering the TNA as a single political party.

Therefore the present dilemma is that, if the TNA is to be registered, those parties who were with the government in the past may become office bearers of the TNA. Then there is no guarantee that these members will not twist their position and rejoin the government.

In such a scenario, what is the way forward? At the time of the “Delhi Conference”, we were able to gather another piece of valuable information. When the diaspora organizations and some individuals were invited to participate in this conference, they told the organizers that, if the TNA participated in this conference, they too would participate. This shows the popularity of the TNA among the people locally and internationally.

These facts further prove the urgent necessity of internationalising the TNA. The TNA has to materialize this at the earliest. There are more than 700,000 Tamils from the North and East abroad. The TNA could bring unity among the majority of the diaspora Tamils.

As a first step, the TNA should establish branches in every country and give the responsibility to the right people with the right qualifications – popular figures among the people with wide experience in politics. This will enable the TNA to hear the voice of the diaspora Tamils and have close contacts with Ministry of Foreign affairs in each country. This will give an opportunity to the TNA to feed the right information on local politics and the realities of the people, to the international community. This will also prevent every Tom, Dick and Harry giving false, unrealistic and confusing information to the international community.

Internationalising the TNA doesn’t mean isolating the diaspora organizations which are already in existence. They can continue their usual tasks that they have mastered for years – lobbying, demonstrations, solidarity, Tamil education, cultural programs, sports meets and observing Heroes’ Day and other important days.

Once the political task has been started through the TNA, elected by the people, it will prevent brain-washed individuals who are under the surveillance of the security forces, from harming our political aspirations, locally and internationally.

Also we should be acutely aware of the present task undertaken by the Sri Lanka government representatives. Presently, Prof G. L. Peiris travels around the world, working hard to ban the LTTE in countries where it was not banned and recruiting propaganda experts and companies in an attempt to counter the Tamil lobby.

This shows that there is no guarantee that the year 2007 will not be repeated among the diaspora. Here I recall that in 2007, many Tamil activists were arrested and tried in Europe and other countries.

Considering all these factual and impending realities, the TNA should take the leading role locally and internationally. Activities led by other organisations will be easily countered by Sri Lanka.

In conclusion, since 1948, we Tamils have been gradually losing our fundamental rights, land and properties. This erosion has been systematically carried out by all Sri Lankan governments, and to some extent with the help of Tamils. Let us not make the same mistakes again and again.

“When wicked dogs bark at the luminous Moon, what can the Moon do?”

“Dogs bark and the Moon continues to be luminous”

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    ‘hereditary land’. lol

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    you donkey may be the way to save your people is to help them financially in the north and east instead of doing more destructive politics.

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      “you donkey may be the way to save your people is to help them financially in the north and east ” – so you are saying that government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalease like you are not looking after the people in the north and the east. That is what we are saying Sinhalese govts. past and present did not look after the Tamils equally. Thanks for agreeing with us.

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        Not the way as your VP took care of them.

        But you tamils also responsible for the soup You made.
        And every where the innocents and powerless paid the price.

        and you buggers still not happy with your western luxury.

        let all the sri lankans to live, as they like.

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          Are you responding to my comment? It looks like you have not read it properly.

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    Mr.K V Virubaharan

    * Can you like to see that ordinary Tamil man gets the power in the society to solve his day today life issues?
    * Why Tamil diaspora in the world is so concern on SL Tamils and independent state in SL? what about Tamilnadu?
    * Prabakaran was the no.1 enemy and Mahinda R. is no.2 enemy for Tamils? do u agreed or not ?

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    “What is Rama’s relationship with Seetha?”
    Yes, People who listen to Ramayana the whole night can ask this question? The point is which version of the Ramayana were they listening to. Was it the version where it says the people of Ayodhya refused to accept Seetha’s Agni-puja (fire-oath)to prove that she did not yield her chastity to Ravana who abducted her. The people demanded her banishment on the ground she sat on Ravana’s warm lap.That was not all to it. Consequently, she was banished to the other side Ganga,not alone but with Rama’s brother Lakshman.Why with Lakshman? There is the catch. Was a relationship between Seetha and Lakshman suspected? People of Ayodhya, obviously, knew better and Rama accepted their view!
    No wonder some people who listened to Ramayana the whole night would ask that question, if that was the version they listened to. Kirubakaran’s piece is also like that version of Ramayana. Sinhala colonisation of “our land”.Which land? The land to which the Dutch and Brtish colonial powers brought colonists from South India? Is this “our land” open only to Tamil speaking people, whether they be from Sri Lanka or those brought from South India to work in estates from mid 1800s.Others have no rights there.
    How about Colombo and Gampaha districts? Will they also be “our land” now that Tamil speakers exceed Sinhalese in Colombo, already?
    Pattini-hamy can laugh at Seetha’s claim of chastity!

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    Mr. Kirubahaen,

    Some specific Question.

    1. Is Rama and Sita , Real and not Just Mytholog, of Ramayanna.

    2. Is real and historical, what was the time frame this took place.

    100 BC/, 500 BC/ 1,000 BC?

    3. Did King Ravana actually abduct and take her to Lanka?

    4. What was the religion of Ravana?

    5. What was the Religion of the people of Lanka that time?

    Do you have any other independent historical support beyond Ramayana?

    Just curious.

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      Ravana was a Tamil Saivaite with a keen interest in music and a gifted Veena player. Rama hired south Indian monkey army engineers to build bridge over Palk Strait.

      Please discuss.

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    The Tamil Nation cannot ignore the views of India and the international community. Mr. R. Sampanthan, MP speaking for the TNA – that enjoys the largest vote bank of the Tamils – has made it clear
    we have to weave our future strategy in the reality of an undivided Sri Lanka. Insisting on Eelam or Bust today will further alienate the growing Sinhala support we have in the Sinhala South – not to mention India and the IC. Any Separatist call will only harden anti-Tamil platforms of the chauvinistic religious extreme currently springing all over under various names – some admittedly with a Tamil flavour (Ravana Sena) Working along the lines Mr Sampanthan pursues, it appears to me, increases the chances of early peace and reconciliation.


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    According to a news bulletin from Rama Land, Sambandan went to see the Prez after getting rolled by his own troopers in the House.

    What hope Kiruba has getting his Diaspora Battalions under one roof?.

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    S. V. Kirubaharan,

    You are not a resident of Sri Lanka. Are you a Citizen of Sri Lanka? I doubt it. You are an alien as far as resident Sri Lankans are concerned. You have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. Tamil and Sinhalese residents of Colombo are living peacefully and there are no Sinhalese talking nonsense like Tamil Colonisation.

    You are only a lonely man living in a western capital trying to ferment racial tensions in Sri Lanka. Mind your own business and let the resident Sri Lankans of all communties manage their own affairs. keep watching Ramayanaya and write some fairy tales!

    • 0

      “and there are no Sinhalese talking nonsense like Tamil Colonisation”

      HAHAHAHHAHAHA! have you read the comments on this article itself?

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    The sinhala, tamil, muslim, catholic, malay or any other sri lankan can and should be able to live anywhere they wish in any part of the island which is their home. We dont need to ‘colonise’ our own island and does not need permission to live anywhere in our own country. The sooner this is understood and accepted as our fundamental human right the quicker there would be peace.

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    Kirubaharan is talking like because otherwise, the pot collection money that he is getting is at stake.

    Otherwise, every tamil is for itself.

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    i thought this site’s guideline excluded racism ?

    but the author of this article talks entirely on racist terms and use ethnic slurs; “Singhalese” etc,

    i am not for enforcement of politically correctness, but is there a double standard here how it is enforced?

    some obvious points about author’s mindset based on article itself.

    author regrets the end of tamil tigers (while people who hate racists and murderers celebrate the fact).

    and hates those who brought it about (instead of loving them as decent people do)

    he is also enamored with (and certainly not condemnatory of ) ltte’s “armed struggle” (which to any one with any moral decency appear like terrorists’ continuous butchery of all ethnic groups accompanied by unspeakable atrocities like deliberate killing & maiming of our children)

    with such a warped mindset is it no wonder he makes slanders and absurd allegations without evidence (such as his “arrests, torture, killings, rape, disappearances, Sinhala colonisation, new Buddhist temples, military camps and also destruction of churches, temples and mosques.”)

    similarly he wants to force tamil politicians to toe a racist ideology like his own. and is concerned about the various methods (such as registering tna)that can allow them more freedom to escape such bigotry.

    he sees conspiracies in past , present, and future.

    etc etc

    are there fools or madmen who follow or agree with such disturbed individuals? unfortunately yes. after all there were tamil tiger suicide bombers.

    • 0

      this author seems to be against separate state, against the people who eliminated tigers and also against diaspora groups who still want separate state.

      it looks like he is for 13th amendment.

      therefore, this is neither an article on racism nor against against violent solution, separate state.

      pseudonym sittingnut, you are making a mistake.

      • 0

        So, Mr.Ponnuthurai, your friend Kirubakaran should here after be be addressed as a ”Democrat”!!? No wonder,if you address your friend – ”Nelson Mandela (ii) next time.
        History has passed through hundreds of thousands of brave men and women, who have never surrendered. We call them ”Heroes and Heroines”. There is another lot who made compromises with the enemy to safe guard minimum benefits for their people at the right juncture, and there are a few who sacrificed their own pleasure and luxuries for the betterment of the mankind.
        Where do you find your friend among these folks ?? Your friend is none but an opportunistic Jackal, who once wanted the whole world to have a blind eye on all the murders and crimes committed by VP and now questioning the same world that why it was blind when the enemy did the same thing to them !!?
        When VP declined to accept the 13th amendment with excuses of jokes, this man Kirubakaran praised VP and claimed that VP is ”Sooriyathevan” ( Sun God). Now the same man claims that anyone working against 13th amandment is against India. Did he say it to VP when he was alive !!? Anyone denying 13th amendment works with MR he further claims.
        We do not need opportunistic idiots of this man’s nature to tell the people what to do. Rather he should publicly apologize with his own people for all the crimes committed against them for the last three decades. Criminals like your friend Kirubakaran should surrender to the law enforcement authorities and undergo punishment and mental rehabilitation. That’s what is the need of the hour.
        Mr.Ponnuthurai, when you people claim that VP is omnipotent, we have to bow down and worship, when you say ”he was wrong now follow us” – …and we should say ”yes” is it !!? How come you criminals complementing each other, continue to preach the same folk you wounded !!? Just get lost.
        Mr.Ponnuthurai, your friend Kirubakaran [Edited out]

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    Why none of you didn’t explain to Pirapakaran that as long as China is in the side of Sri Lanka our self determination will never be accepted by UN. Only for the name shake Dr.Anton Balasingham was called theoretician but he too was scared to explain this simple reality to him.

  • 0

    Honestly I’m unable to understand any injustice caused by Singhalese on Tamil community, instead this is an ego centric claim made by some people (ego issue). Since colonization, Singhalese are the one who lost most in this country which is not recovered to date, just as English people cheated Singhalese in 1815 successive governments after independence kept on cheating Singhalese. The only difference is Singhalese now openly talk about their right which they didn’t do earlier. Sinhalese are not racist, they never took that path in the history, but in hindsight I feel that is the biggest mistake they did. Actually the so called most racist Singhalese are much better than the most ordinary people of some other fraction in our society. With these short sighted views of these people we will never be able to succeed in this world.

  • 0

    I believe instead of trying to run the Sri Lankan state Sinhala-Buddhist should look after our own interests, in areas that we are in majority…Safe guard our own interest and leave the minorities to do what ever they want. …..

    By being the majority we have to deal with alot of unfair criticism which the minorities in this country does not have to deal with….

    Instead of forming BBS and other organisations we should learn Sinhala and English well then we can look after our own interests in areas that we are in majority…..

    We should be self reliant and safe guard our territory.There is NO point in talking SRI LANKAN etc etc to these Tamils and Muslims….LET THEM BE WHAT THEY WANT TO BE ….LET’s LOOK AFTER OUR SINHALA KIND….

  • 0

    Reading through all these comments. What I have to say is that Sri Lanka is a mixture of races, having lived in peace and harmony over the
    Centuries the Sinhalese being the Majority, next Tamils as Minority with other ethnic groups. The Island cannot be separated, all the people must live as one nation, one people and this is the duty of all ruling Politicians to sit and talk and find a solution to the problems taking place in the country after this civil war that had ravaged and injustice caused among the community being racial and now religion with attacks to places of worship which had never happened before. We must not attack and abuse our country folks no matter what race he or she is and what religion that is worshiped and respect Temples, Churches and Mosques. Stop talking of the past and Colonisation but rebuild the economic of the country.

    • 0

      When Tamils talk of Traditional homeland of Tamils and Tamil speakers

      When Muslims help each other………

      Why do the Sinhalese NOT deserve an HOMELAND ?

      By saying the North and the East are traditional homelands of Tamils that is a clear message to the Sinhalese that YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

      OK FINE…..


      Forget about running Sri Lanka ….LET’S LOOK after ourselves in areas where we live CALL THIS OUR TRADITIONAL HOMELAND……

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