29 November, 2022


Sirisena Calls For Urgent Meeting With Joint Opposition MPs Ahead Of Pāda Yātrā

With just a few days more to go for the Jana Satana Pada Yathra against the Government, President Maithripala Sirisena has called for an urgent meeting with Parliamentarians of the Joint Opposition today.

Maithripala Sirisena

Maithripala Sirisena

The meeting is scheduled to be held today evening at the President’s House.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe speaking at an event in Kandy challenged the Joint Opposition that if they can bring 10,000 to the streets against the Government, then his Government was prepared to also bring in more people to the streets in a show of solidarity to the Government.

The Jana Satana Pada Yathra organized by the Joint Opposition will be held on July 28 from Kandy and is scheduled to reach Colombo on August 1.

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  • 9

    Wonder what Bodhi Sira has in mind.

    Is he going to take cue from his mate, Batalanada Ranil from Millenium City and threaten our Village boys that he will also mobilize the SLFP Yahapalana Faction to confront the Dalits in the JO Pada Yatrawa…

    • 15

      You need to get some medication you delusional fool.

      • 2

        Are you Batalanda’s organizer for Kadugannawa?.

        Do you invoice your expenses to Kandy Sira?, Or do you send them to Diaspora Mahendra’s Fund through Malik Samare?..

    • 3

      President Maithripala Sirisena,

      Let them walk. They need the exercise.

      Have some banners about the Stealing of public funds, the killings and white vans by MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa and his cronies all along the way.

    • 1

      His mind would have gone back to Pada yatra of JRJ which lead to continuous bloodbaths in the name Buddha in this holy land Buddha.

  • 4

    Lol. 10,000 to 10,000! Aiyo PM, we experienced a same kind of challenge from you few months back at Hyde Park. Your rhetoric has no value. I do not know how much the number JO can draw at the final day, final rally, but um pretty sure, you cant do a match as a return.

  • 7

    He has called the urgent meeting to pass instructions he has received from
    Buckingham Palace in America,Prince Husain of UN HRC, Ms. Biswal and Tamil dispora that unless they fall in line they await the same fate as per southern provincial minister!and or face consequences of ending in prison thru FCID!

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    The President of Turkey spoilt a well planned coup by calling the
    people to the streets before the coup leaders started the coup and
    in the melee lost 265 citizens, on the streets who sacrificed their
    lives for nothing and this is a new trend to put ordinary people forward to face the music. The Pada Yatra is yet another ill planned
    political action where there will be clashes among the people all along the route and the losers will the ordinary people.

    God has given mouths to speak and why not speak it out in the Parlia
    -ment and other forums and engage in dialogue to solve the existing
    problems instead using man power. The recent students clash at the
    Jaffna uni, is a classic example where A dialogue between the two
    parties could have settled the issue. I presume the President will
    speak to Jnt. op on the same lines

  • 3

    Please excellency

    Don’t stop pada yathra, our boys are waiting to enjoy a live action thriller; let them enjoy it.

  • 2

    What are they upto? There is a Test Match starting in Kandy on the 26th. Don’t spoil the cricket and the image of the country when the world is watching!

  • 1

    MS was elected by anti-sovereignty and anti-democracy outfits of UNP’s,right-wing orthodox base political parties; and JVP is/was of anarchist/Terrorist outfit and TNA & MC anti-establishment separatist political cliques were behind MS by enlarge block voter favourites for his election victory.

    The Key issue are that election was United Front of right-wing forces that was all surrounding with MS forces are by pro-USA, UK and Indian puppets elements.

    How is that MS become leader of SLFP by overnight?
    MS is concurrently puppet of US and Indian regime.
    That the change of regime overnight how he cannot become represtantive of National Capitalist class ?
    The party of SLFP?

    Politics of democracy base on parties by classes of many in pre-developing capitalism.
    MS cannot be leader of SLFP by electing different class interest of local and foreign in last 2015 January 8th election.

    Political parties base on its social roots of classes. By the way SWRD decedent from Tamil blood relationship is historical fact.
    The irrespective of his Tamil roots that SWRD was represtantive of rural poor of our nation and emerging middle petty bourgeoisies of newly emerging country.

    That forces want re-generation of their civilization lost due to old colonial occupation of British, Dutch and Portuguese over 425 years. In this era SLFP under the leadership SWRD role was positive and progressive.

    Her (SLFP) played progressive role since 1956 against anti-imperialist struggle for bordering sphere of democracy in Parliament politics of SLFP.
    Even the incomplete and unfinished bourgeoisie revolution led by SLFP leadership has taken path of reform was to be appreciated by masses of majority of Sinhalese .

    MS and CBK was 40 years in SLFP they have forget or ignored that social roots and democratic task of SLFP.

    UNP and SLFP politics having certain principle differences in policies by MS has not taken into account after he become leader or President SLFP.

    In case of ongoing political task undertaken by SLFP is not that own mission of democratic revolution.
    It is now engaged for the mission of Neo-con liberalism of UNP moribund Imperialist task of US led economic and political hegemonies are definitely counter-revolution.
    MS and CBK are agents of counter-revolutionaries in present context of bourgeoisie is concern.

  • 2

    MY3 has to dangle the carrot and the stick and keep the SLFP Members of Parliament under check. After all he is the Party Leader.

  • 2

    No point Batalanada’s Pada Yatra coming behind the real deal.

    And Bodhi Sira hitching his Yahapalana SLFP caravan , sorry Pada Yatra behind him.

    Pada yatra is the ultimate media outlet to meet the people face to face .
    And disseminate information how this Yahapalanaya is affecting their standards of living, their ability to put food on the table, their little opportunities to educate their children , find jobs and finally their way of life as a united nation living as equals in one country.

    If Bodhi Sira decides to give Batalanada a helping hand, he should tell Batalanada to start his Pada yatra from Colombo.

    And travel after the real deal reaches Chamapakaya’s Megapolis.

    Then only they can re program our Dalits who live along Yahapalana express way, which Rali was boasted the other day that he will extend to even Uda nuwara and Yata Nuwara as well.

    That is a big catchment of Dalits although few Elite are also interspersed and vote for Kandy Kirra.

    Here are a few suggestions for Batalanada and Bodhi Sira to make their Pada yatra a bit up market to match with the Toiya image which they try to portray..

    Like in the EU countries, they can walk under big and bold different banners like the ones the Diaspora use in Toronto and London and opposite the UN.

    UNP and Yahapaana SLFP Seniors and Juniors also must walk under their respective banners.

    Here are a few headings to match with the Yahapalana Bosses.

    Support VAT Banner, Hybrid Courts and White Judges banner, Diaspora Banner, North East Federal Banner, Control the Sinhala Buddhists Banner and the LGBT Banner.

    By all means this is not all,

    There are so many other seriously important issues which our Dalits need explanations.

  • 2

    Looks like Appa Sira is getting scared. Everyone knows that he is living on borrowed time and it will be a surprise if he is the president of this country by end of next year. This must be the most unpopular government in living memory.

    • 0


      You are dead right.. Bodhi Sira invited them for Dinner and a chat..

      Wonder whether Sira served them Mutton Buriyani with Madras Chicken Vindaloo and Irish Coffee cake for dessert to reflect his new Toiya life with Elite , Vellalas and the Wahabis.

  • 0

    In the next local government elections UNP and the SLFP my3 faction will contest jointly as an independent group to avoid embarassment of sira coming third.

  • 2

    The objective of this demo is to intimidate the government, to show that the ex-Pres has people’s power to cause wide spread disruptions and sabotage if the government does anything serious against his family. Toppling the government, I reckon, may be way behind his other priorities.
    Sadly the problem lies with RW for doing deals with the loser at the dawn of 9th Jan 15, and with the current President in his failure to exercise his legal right and get these criminals to court and lock them up for good. Releasing them on bail while investigations on-going proved that the government has no teeth.
    Ex-Pres thinks that he runs a parallel government in Sri lanka, with this mad-hatter sending mail to the Queen and PM of England as if he is in charge here. There is a limit to what RW and Pres should take these humiliations.
    The President should abandon his nonsense of a policy to do away with exec-Presidency come what may. He should do it only if the country has been put first back into a disciplined footing and after ensuring that all these nitwits of MPs and ministers following the same rules as every other citizen when it comes to perks, tax concessions and exceptional luxuries they have been allowed to abuse. It is all wrong.

    In theory we have a democracy but in practice what we have is a total anarchy. It is time the President exercise his powers and get all these hooligans under control

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    The 2015 January 8th ‘change of regime’ the replacement of that MS, UNP-Ranil.W>..and CBK by vested interest of USA, UK and Indian which forceful an adjusting is NOT that new reality of social phenomena of Sri Lankan class forces seek for future of their people.

    The People of Sri Lankan and their political parties must learn fundamentally are, what they are and often cannot do what they need to do even though, they know what they should do.

    Everyone citizens in Sri lanka knows that Sri Lankans need to save more their Sovereignty and Democracy, yet the people of Islanders can do nothing to undermined their own Political and Economic Sovereignty of its Democracy .

    MS has to knows that Sri lanka current Economy does not work and knows that even by USA, UK and Indian so-called foreign forces uniquely engaged.

    Well, but it cannot restructures to be ours whole national economy in domestically led by Singhoporean path and model of by UNP-Ranil initiated led by economy focused on improving people life has been totally fail has been proven 19 months of Misdeeds of New Regime in power since 2105 January. MS has to accepts this reality like it or Not!

    Each of the major players of POLITICAL PARTIES AND THIER foreign backs of that proxies of MS, UNP,CBK of Tamil -NEO-liberalist , TNA, MC and JVP should rationally knows, some of WHAT IT NEEDS TO DO BUT CANNOT ACT by RATIONALLY IN THIER POWER OF STATE AND ITS OUTDATED POLITICS OF ANTI-DEMOCRCATIC NORMS.

    The current ruling regime led by MS of Neo-con colonialist politics are not that unique in believing that their Modes of politics of “irrational democracy” system is best for the country, nation and the People.

    Whatever New Regime of MS say that has created New International Isolationism. After remove MR ruling alliance , we emotionally and rationally the country loos of leadership is more unlikely to lead nation of developing and emerging countries from an Isolationism.

  • 0

    Let them walk. They need to get slimmer as they eat and live at citizen silva’s money. These fellows are no value addition to the country unlike MPs in Singapore.

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