21 May, 2022


Sirisena Does A U-turn

Sirisena does a U-turn, says it is the responsibility of the parliament to either abolish or retain the Executive Presidency

MaithriDeviating from his declared policy of abolishing the executive presidency, President Maithripla Sirisena in his inaugural address to the new parliament today said it was the legislature’s responsibility to decide on the fate of the much maligned\venerated, executive presidency.

In his first address to the 8th Parliament of Sri Lanka Sirisena said that he is unable to change the executive presidency on his own as the constitution is amended by the Parliament and therefore the process should happen through the parliament.

However, Sirisena rode on the popular slogan of abolishing the executive presidency at the last Presidential election where he fought a bitter battle with the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa and won.

In the past six months, although he could have obtained a 2\3 majority to abolish the Executive presidency Sirisena did not make any favourable moves.

According to some political analysts Sirisena’s comments showcase his desire to hang on to the executive presidency following on the footpaths of his SLFP predecessors Chandrika Bandranaike and Mahinda Rajapaksa who promised the same but never delivered.

Sirisena’s predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa was seeing listening to the President’s speech with a very obvious smirk in his face from the front row of the opposition benches in parliament in the company of erstwhile colleagues Dinesh Gunewardene and Nimal Siripala de Silva.

The other notable declared ambitions in a so-called abbreviated policy statement were the new government’s desire to combat fraud and corruption.

To the applause of government benches Sirisena stated that he would not hesitate to strengthen the existing mechanisms as well as introduce new ones in his quest to put a full stop to state-involved malpractices.

On the foreign policy, while declaring that the country had always looked to what was delivered from Geneva (in an obvious reference to human rights violation charges) before defining its stance in the past, Sirisena said his new unity government had made much headway in changing international opinion in the past six months.

He went on to suggest that the international community instead of taking up arms against Sri lanka was now taking a more positive approach while supporting its reconciliation and development efforts.

Sirisena also said that he would lay the red carpet to welcome the Diaspora who had fled the country in the face of war. In foreign policy Sirisena declared that the new national government will trod an Asian centered middle-path.

Meanwhile the United National Party (UNP)  MP Karu Jayasuriya was unanimously elected as the Speaker of  the 8th Parliament.

His name was proposed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and seconded by former opposition leader Nimal Siripala De Silva.

The First Session of the Parliament inaugurated today at 09.00 a.m.

UPFA MP Thilanga Sumathipala was appointed unanimously as the Deputy Speaker.

Also, UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella was appointed as the Leader of the House. Gayantha Karunatillake MP was appointed as the Government Chief Whip.

Selvam Adaikkalanathan of TNA, an MP from Vanni District, was appointed Deputy Chairman of Committees.

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  • 7

    Sira is laying the Red Carpet for the British Tiger dudes who threatened to harm the ex President if he ever set foot on British soil. forcing even the London Cops to chicken out..

    How cool..

    Singapore Dollars and Mahendran must be a miraculous combination.

    • 12

      How come the [Edited out] Sumathipala who has [Edited out]from Sri Lanka cricket who was given a national list slot by non other than Mr. good Governance Sirisena, the accidental president of Sri Lanka, has now been made Deputy Speaker?!

      Is this not a travesty of good governance and Sirisena’s promises to fight corruption?!
      And tomorrow we are to see more of Sirisena’s corrupt SLFP clowns installed as Cabinet Ministers?

      What a bloody dance this accidental president is doing with his corrupt and disgusting party!

      • 5

        Another first for SriLanka among its many other firsts. Guinness Book in the Kaley. Previously, we had a PM who was a drug-dealer by the containerload. Now, we have a Bookie for a Deputy Speaker. Thats the way to go, Good Governance. Matatha Thittha

    • 8

      Why cannot the SLFP and UNP leaders EDUCATE their own political colleagues to do the right thing for the sake of honesty and decency, rather than offering them Cabinet post Bribes?

      Leadership from the rear end seems to be Sirisena’s and Ranil’s style, which in fact is moral corruption and turpitude.

      Sirisena of course takes the cake! Having given MR and cronies nominations for the SLFP at the elections, to add insult to injury, Sirisena is foisting on the people his cabinet of corrupt morons, with the financial criminal Sumathipala, from the SLFP because Sirisena is no leader and cannot DO THE RIGHT THING and EDUCATE the SLFP Politicians to do the right thing for the country, rather than for bribes of cabinet posts! Instead Sirisena is bribing the corrupt clowns in the SLFP to support him – for all the world to see. So, how can you have good governance when the cabinet 90 is reeking with corruption?

      • 1


        “Why cannot the SLFP and UNP leaders EDUCATE their own political colleagues to do the right thing for the sake of honesty and decency, rather than offering them Cabinet post Bribes?”

        The answer my friend is blow’n in the wind…and given below…

        Average IQ by Country


        Country/Region IQ (2003) IQ (2010)
        Hong Kong 107 109
        Singapore 105 109
        North Korea 105 106
        South Korea 106 106
        Japan 105 106
        People’ Republic of China 101 106
        Taiwan 104 106

        Sri Lanka is 79

        • 10

          Hey, Amarasiri do not publish bullshit. This IQ value of Sri Lanka calculated base on Indian IQ and data set from the 1950s. Do you know an ounce of basic science? Biggest Curse of the country is half educated idiots like you who pretend to know everything

          • 1

            Well said …Amarasiri is a idiot and there are many others who state there ignorance.

            • 1


              [Edited out]

          • 1

            lipwe and other Modayas, Mootals, Fools and Idiots,

            The IQ Data is much more recent.The Relative ranking does not change.

            How are you going to explain 300,000 preferential voters for Wimal Buruwansa, of 2/2 =0 fame, in the Colombo district of approximately 1,000,000 votes polled? How do you explain that? 425,000 voted for MaRa at Kurunegala.

            Too many Modayas, Mootals, Fools and Idiots.

            That is why the National IQ of Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, is a low of 79. Being Paras from Southern India do not help either. Ha they been Paras from Japan, it would have helped genetically.

            Hard to call a Spade a Spade. A Spades does not accept that.

            Hard to call a Duck, a Duck. A Duck dos not accept that.

            Hard to say that the Earth revolves on its own axis and goes around the Sun.

            -The ancients did not accept that.

            – Joshua said in the Bible that he stopped the Sun for 24 hours and the Christian Church did not accept that and the Catholic Church burned at the stake Giardano Bruno. Still the Earth went around the Sun.

            -25% of the American ignorants, 34% of the European ignorants, and 47% of the Sri Lankan ignorants (those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa, called Modayas, Mootals and fools)) do not accept that the Earth goes around the Sun. Still the Earth goes around the Sun.

            1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says


            Now 47% of the Modayas, Mootals and Fools, who comprise the majority of Paradeshis, Paras from Southern India, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, as shown by the DNA in their bodies, thinks that they are not Modayas, Mootals, Fools and Idiots.

            The data is contrary to the beliefs of the Para- Modayas, Mootals, Fools and Idiots.

            National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


            SOURCE: Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen, Jelte Wicherts.

            The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

            Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

            ——– Country
            ———————– %
            1 Singapore 108
            2 South Korea 106
            3 Japan 105
            4 Italy 102
            5 Iceland 101
            5 Mongolia 101
            6 Switzerland 101
            7 Austria 100
            7 China 100
            7 Luxembourg 100
            7 Netherlands 100
            7 Norway 100
            7 United Kingdom 100

            25 India 82

            27 Kenya 80
            28 Guatemala 79
            28 Sri Lanka 79
            28 Zambia 79

          • 1


            What do Indians, especially Southern Indians, and the Paras in Lanka, the Para-Sinhala, the Para-Tamils and Para-Muslims have in common.

            Para-Genes, Para- DNA. So, they are very likely to have similar IQs, low IQs compared to the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.


            Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112; published online 7 November 2013

            Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations

            Lanka Ranaweera1,3, Supannee Kaewsutthi1,3, Aung Win Tun1, Hathaichanoke Boonyarit1, Samerchai Poolsuwan2 and Patcharee Lertrit1


            Located only a short distance off the southernmost shore of the Greater Indian subcontinent, the island of Sri Lanka has long been inhabited by various ethnic populations. Mainly comprising the Vedda, Sinhalese (Up- and Low-country) and Tamil (Sri Lankan and Indian); their history of settlements on the island and the biological relationships among them have remained obscure. It has been hypothesized that the Vedda was probably the earliest inhabitants of the area, followed by Sinhalese and Tamil from the Indian mainland. This study, in which 271 individuals, representing the Sri Lankan ethnic populations mentioned, were typed for their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) hypervariable segment 1 (HVS-1) and part of hypervariable segment 2 (HVS-2), provides implications for their settlement history on the island. From the phylogenetic, principal coordinate and analysis of molecular variance results, the Vedda occupied a position separated from all other ethnic people of the island, who formed relatively close affiliations among themselves, suggesting a separate origin of the former. The haplotypes and analysis of molecular variance revealed that Vedda people’s mitochondrial sequences are more related to the Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils’ than the Indian Tamils’ sequences. MtDNA haplogroup analysis revealed that several West Eurasian haplogroups as well as Indian-specific mtDNA clades were found amongst the Sri Lankan populations. Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

            Keywords: ethnic groups; genetic relationship; mtDNA; Sri Lanka

          • 1


            There were 300,000 voters in the Colombo district, about 30% of the valid votes, who voted for Wimal Buruwansa, of 2/2 =0 fame.

            Suggest, these Modayas, Mootals, Fools and Idiots, look in the mirror to see their fellow Modayas, Mootal , Fools and Idiots like you.

            Do you still believe Wimal Buruwansa of 2/2 =0 fame?

            [Edited out]

        • 4

          The solution Amarasiri, is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.

          And I don’t mean What Passes for EDUCATION at the Popular Tutories, which exist solely for the purpose of Passing Exams!

        • 0

          Hey Amarasiri,

          LOl.Some People need lessons in how to do proper literature search. Did you check the source. This IQ values for 1950 sampl. at least check the source before commenting.

          How come sample from 1950s give IQ of 201011

    • 9

      KASmalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Sira is laying the Red Carpet for the British Tiger dudes who threatened to harm the ex President if he ever set foot on British soil. forcing even the London Cops to chicken out.. “

      How exactly were British Tiger dudes going to harm him?
      What was the threat?

      Then the president chickened out and never set foot on British soil.

      Don’t you think Sira is better person than the MAR(U)A SIRA?

    • 6

      Looking at the manner, President My3 performed during the last 7 months, we believe that he would never take any actions going against the prevailing law and order of the country. Gone were the days where we had nothing like acocuntablitiy whatever decisions they made – keeping the general public away from the facts. My aged parents say, today we dont know even there is a president in this country. Gone were the days, that Rajpakashes always thought it iwas their treachery- the night races held with the approval of then incumbent president was beyond all ehtics and morals. We never expect the like would return to this country. There will be no room for such show off extravaganzas in this country. There, I salute MY3 and Ranil – they have been exemplary and they will stay so in the days to come. This is what the English people have under the symbol of QUEEN. Queen is the leit figure for the UK – that is respected by majority folks of that country.

  • 25

    I am not a constitutional expert however common sense tells me that President Sirisena is right in saying it is the parliament that has to change the constitution. But he has the moral responsibility to initiate and work with the supporting groups to work towards abolishing the executive presidency.

    Two recent developments may be pointing to the tone of his delivery. First being the close call of Rajapakse coming close to winning the Prime Minister role, which would have made him the head of state if the executive presidency was abolished. Secondly there may be a notion within the SLFP group that President Sirisena should hang on to the presidency until SLFP can regain some confidence and overcome it’s internal strife. Food for thought. With Ranil at the helm the implementation of the plans be at stake.

    • 3

      RE: Sirisena Does A U-turn

      “Sirisena does a U-turn, says it is the responsibility of the parliament to either abolish or retain the Executive Presidency”

      He is correct. but he should provide guidance and leadership. but the responsibility is that of the parliament, who are the representatives of the People.

      Question: Do the MPs work? Do they attend Parliament sessions?

    • 0

      He is a tow word low life. It was he who sabotaged the 20thA in the last parliament.

  • 3

    He is not a Nobel friend. Buddhist sense Kalyana mithrayek novei.

  • 6

    Not just Ranil but Rajitha too is trained in Harvard on how to dismantle executive presidency.

    Nisha Biswal reassured top level US support personally to Maithri only last week.

    Everything going according to plan do not worry.

    Maithri passing the process to parliament headed by Ranil is part of the plan and syllabus from Harvard.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 1



  • 2

    Sirisena definitely does not want to abolish presidency though promised. That is why he wants opposition SLFP members to join a so-called national govt to stall legislation for the abolition of the exec: presidency in parliament. He did this during the 100days program too.

  • 4

    Does it surprising to anyone?

    Sirisena does a U-turn and hanging on to presidency power!!!, they all are same, don’t be fool by Sri Lankan politics specially TNA.!!!

    Some political analysts – Sirisena’s comments showcase his desire to hang on to the executive presidency following on the footpaths of his SLFP predecessors Chandrika Bandranaike and Mahinda Rajapaksa who promised the same but never delivered.

  • 4

    SL citizens and CT commentators live in eternal hope of the deliverance of a better lot in their lives. However, as long as they support these self-serving parties and personalities either from sheer habit or with hopes of something good coming their way, they will get more of the same as during the last six decades.

    It is time they voted on principle, for sound policy, from those who have demonstrated their attitudes by their behaviour. While this is difficult, new forces should be given an opportunity to make radical change to the existing destructive system that merely enriches the most unethical people.

    • 4


      Agreed with most what you say.

      However you said, “It is time they voted on principle, for sound policy, from those who have demonstrated their attitudes by their behaviour.”

      I have lived most of my life in Sri Lanka. I assure you I am still to see a single Sri Lankan politician who is honest and mean what they say. If you know of anyone please let us know.

      I am not at all surprised at Sirisena doing the back flip in almost everything. He after all is a Sri Lankan politician.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

      • 2

        Ken Aryan Anagarika Dharmapala

        “[Edited out]”


        Thanks for keeping it brief.

  • 0

    Sirisena’s U turn??????

    CT has chosen these words for its heading in order to make us read the news story. ha ha ha ha

  • 5

    President should hold on until following are settled.

    1. He should find an ever lasting and final solution to the Tamil
    problem so that the country can move forward with equally satisfied

    2. 13A should be implemented in full and N/E merged on linguistic
    grounds so that language and religion can be preserved and admin.
    made easier with same language spoken in both provinces and less
    costlier. Tamil speaking Muslims should be given their due place

    3. Completely change the electoral system and ensure right people with
    right qualifications enter the parliament – 20A should be passed and
    implemented with further modifications, without further delay.

    4. without exceptions,the people involved in corrupt practices,
    political thuggery and nepotism should be dealt with by laws,
    strengthened for this purpose so that the future generation does
    not get indulged in such activities. This clause should be incorp
    -orated in 20A legislature.

    5. Career diplomats,who followed respective courses should be appointed
    in our overseas missions. India should be consulted as they have a
    system of training their diplomats.No exceptions should be permitted
    and this should be made into law.
    6. Spread of communalism should become a punishable act and such
    organizations, spreading same , should be banned.

    7. Judiciary, Police, Central Bank and similar institutions should
    become independent institutions and interference by politicians
    should become punishable act.
    8. Police force should be increased, to strictly follow law and order
    in the country and more plain clothed policemen should be deployed
    all over the country and cut down on military spending and reduce
    the strength, which can offset other expenses on security of the

    9. Finally a new fool proof constitution, incorporating all of above
    is made so that no body can fool around with the new constitution
    and there should not be any room left for amendments. Every aspects
    should be discussed and there should not be any hurry to make one
    but the president should set a deadline.

    10.Once the president is satisfied that the country had turned a new
    leaf, he may abdicate his position of executive Presidency at the
    end of his 1st term and if he felt he should oversee the fruits of
    his labour, he could for go for his 02nd term but executive presi-
    dency SHOULD END WITH PRESIDENT SIRISENA and under no circumstances,
    this system should be carried forward.

    • 3

      “5. Career diplomats,who followed respective courses should be appointed in our overseas missions.”

      5(a). Sira must soon send Sanga on that respective crash course.

  • 3

    Everyone is very quick in condemning My3 but so far, he has not put a foot wrong. He is right in saying that Parliament is right in ending the Exec. Presidency. He is also right in being mindful of the serious prospects of MR ever becoming Head Of State and also waiting for the SLFP to recover their lost “respect”.

    Civil organizations must make a genuine effort to push Parliament to end this E.P.

    • 5

      Kamaran, I am in full agreement with you here. These commentators just ad their two cents wihtout seeing it clearly. See, sofar, he has not exercised executive powers for anything. At the time, people criticised him allowing UPFA men and women to allow former Prez MR the election nomination, there he could also sack Secretaries of both SLFP and UPFA if he wanted to. But he did not since he thought democracy should go to every corner. As said by him louldy, under his rule Democracy is flowing – dore galanawa – WAS IT UNTRUE ?

      • 0

        The title should actually read as “Sirisena does a yet another U-turn”
        He has made so many U-turns since his candiddature for president wonder if even he knows which way he is heading now!

        “under his rule Democracy is flowing – dore galanawa – WAS IT UNTRUE ?”

        yea…yea..yea infact it is overflowing,meanwhile he doesn’t even let the opposition appoint a leader for themselves, which being none his business anyway.

        • 2

          Read the news from yestreday, he did allow Opposition to appoint the opo leader to the parliament. If you are able to do so, please check the news being unbiased. It looks, even if things turn to be good, you guys would never see it right, since your blood vessels are polluted by the media units RUN by highly abusive Mr Madamulana. Did NOT we think at the time Premadasa destroyed the country and nation that way, that we the folks would never allow anyone like him to be appeared, but the gawky nation let MR andhis co. looting the nation and to turn the lanken nation similar to that of pakistan. Today, the bugger would sit with the most kind pres he would never revenge on anyone not even from MR – going thorugh all what he faced during the last few years under the lead of Mr. Most abusive.

          • 0

            Stop beating the same hide over and over.Tis has nothing to do with Medamulana or MR. It is about MS and his puppet/dictatorial behavior.

            If you read the news yesterday you will realize that he has done yet another U-Turn and advised the UPFA secretary to hide the letter given by UPFA parliamentarians requesting Welgama be appointed leader of the opposition.
            I don’t understand why you poeple can’t undersat and see that MS is Man who doesn’t keep to his own word and change positions depending on who is talking to him.
            But one thing,he never fails let down the SLFP/UPFA.

          • 0

            “Did NOT we think at the time Premadasa destroyed the country and nation that way, that we the folks would never allow anyone like him to be appeared, but the gawky nation let MR andhis co. looting the nation and to turn the lanken nation similar to that of pakistan”

            Look with whom you replaced him with.
            The buggers couldn’t wait till the ink on their appointment letters dry they broke in to the central bank!! That has been proven beyond boubt and the president is sitting on the proof.But why nothing has been found supposed to be done by MR and his men.Infact they are now with MS.
            And one other thing, it may be okay for you guys to forget what Mahinda did for this country and the risks he took to do that but there are still poeple who do not forget that easily.

        • 2

          If Ballige Putha let to rule the nation, we could have been attcked byy every means claiming his third term win. MR and his co operation were into extravaganza parties on the cost of tax payers funds. But see it right man, let alone today, MY3 Ranil won twice, not much is seen that they are even today that happy – because they feell it is the money and assets of people they woudl destroy if they woudl go on jubilying. Learn it from them both, these duo will surely bring this nation onto right tracks heading to permament reconciliation.
          Today, cilivized society is in making. After 8th, I happened to pay visit to the country twice, there, I notice, we clearly saw no placard onthe cost of people s funds were displayed in the country during elecotn. How much money was saved by that way ?
          Was that alone not examplary ?
          No loads of crackers being wasted

          No Kiribath eating 3 rd class parties onthe streets on the cost of Janadhipathi.

          No thugs allowed to revenge on the defeated.

          Are the steps taken by today UNPrs together with wholeheartedness of My3 Not commendable ?

  • 4

    President is making calculated smart moves. He has told the UPFA non-SLFPers that he will not interfere with Opp.leader appointment. He has told SLFPers that if they want they can sit with opposition. He has also told SLFPers that they cannot oppose national govt. policies. Tomorrow he is having SLFP convention where some of his opponents are to be castigated. Probably here he will say that SLFP cannot be in the government and the opposition. (probably this is why convention is held before Opp leader selection). The Sambandan will be the natural choice and a democratic choice. He will show the world that democracy is prevailing and the Tamils are accommodated into main stream politics. Poor CV will be left high and dry…..along with Wimal and gamanpila (who said Opp leader is the prime minister in waiting how can Sambandan be appointed (Tamil) to this post) and of course our DJ

  • 2

    The President is correct. It is the Parliament that must do the Constitutional change to abolish or retain the Presidency. This step involves a long procedure and other than the Parliament, even the Supreme Court will also be involved. However, we heard the PM announcing the formulation of entirely a “New Constitution” for which purpose the entire Parliament will be constituted to be a “Constitutional Council”, before which he also plans to get the leading experts involved in preparing a “Draft” for discussion. It could involve the participation of the people by means of a “Referendum”. In this background, it is not correct to say, “Sirisena does a U Turn”. In a way, it was very fortunate and appropriate that the President hanged on there, unless otherwise all of us would have seen once again a “Monster” spreading his wings. Yet it is too early to predict and let us see what would be in store for us.

  • 0

    “……..red carpet welcome for the Diaspora………………”
    Tamils who are now nationals of other countries are being arrested at the airport when they return to visit their kith & kin.

    The president is out of touch with reality.

    The PTA under which any citizen can be arrested and incarcerated by orders from a Public Servant – NOT by a judicial officer – on the word of a policeman, should be scrapped forthwith.

  • 1

    Sirisena has done so many turns, twists and leaps that at this point, he could be mistaken for a Ballerino.

  • 3

    Did Ranil underestimate Sira?. Or did Ranil totally depended on Madam Cousin to keep Sira in line?..

    Ranil spent most of his productive life dreaming to get this coveted position and go down in history as Junius’s smart nephew.

    But it didn’t happen even after all the help from the West, Diaspora Tigers, Vellalas and even the Wahabis in lock stock aand barrel this time..

    Sira on the other hand wouldn’t have ever dreamed about becoming even a PM let alone the President.

    And the President of the Elite , Anglicans Vellalas and the Wahabis for that matter.

    When the Elite lead by our up market Bikkus came with Ranil, Madam Cousin , Bishwal,Solheim , even Tony the special emmissary of Cameron, came knocking on the door with a special line to Singapore, Sira would have been thrilled to bits.

    Now that he has tasted the good life of being the President and the ability to keep even the UNP boss Ranil and his enforces on a leash. Sira is not going to walk away although he said so,,

    Sira knows that the UNP can never get a 2/3 majority

    Sira’s first appointment was for the brother to get him to the Elite Class,

    He has done a tremendous job culling the influence of rural Sinhala Buddhists who got a fair go from the real SLFP.

    Because Sira knows that good Sinhala Buddhists must be kept on a leash too.

    Get ready my dear friends,,

    Sira will be there in 2020 asking the vote of the Elite, Anglicans, Vellalas and and the Wahabis on his own, this time to go for seconds.

  • 3

    However much RW and others say this is national government of choice, any right thinking person will see that, with no one having a clear majority, this is indeed a national government created by necessity – for UNP’s survival.

    JR’s executive presidency and proportional representation system of electing the parliament is riddled with corruption and sadly the rot will continue.

    Appointing the corrupt-most opposition politicians to powerful positions in the new government, bringing them in through the national list in the first place AND overlooking the most deserving in the process are just natural consequence of this rot.

    And that, girls and boys, is called Ya#apalanaya.

  • 4

    If EP is abolished and Sirisena becomes just a figure head, running of the country will fall on the shoulders of Ranil.

    Ranil is a most inept and lazy fellow, a parasite within the UNP who is incapable of doing a job nor want to allow anyone else who could do so. Ranil is a man who won the prime ministership by default and not by anything he did. Without Sirisena to prop up Ranil at every juncture of Ranil’s pathetic life MARA the rogue elephant will be drummed ceremoniously back to the helm.

    I want EP to be abolished but I do not want Ranil to run the country.

    So what now???

  • 1

    Due to the precedence set Sirisena may have to do u turns, Cut corners, backtracks so as to stabilize himself. We have a vast majority still who have voted to elect most of the notorious gangsters back to power. Good governance is still a dream until those bad apples rot and fade away.

  • 2

    “Sirisena Does A U-turn”

    Not a surprise at all as president Sirisena’s main priority is to look after himselfand his family like the Rajapaksas before the country. This common candidate who contested the presidential elections on the promise of abolishing the executive presidency is a LEECH attached to the presidency. It will be difficult to remove him.

  • 0

    It was evident from his inaugural address to the new parliament that he does not like his name “Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena”. Thus, a National government is formed to change laws to allow him to use P.G.Maithri P. Y. Sirisena instead under a Maithri government.

    • 0

      President also wants to help his new found buddy (after the famous apology), Weerasangili Panikkiyalage Wimal Weerawansa who too is having the same problem.

      • 0

        Even “saddavidda Palanga pathira” may enjoy that too!

  • 0

    Dear Editor
    Please don’t display your upbringing or your parent’s calibre in a public domain. There is a thing call decency and ethics in the society and I greatly respect this new government is somewhat trying to hold on to whatever remaining. It’s the media type’s hooligans like you are the solely responsible for bringing down the decency and morals of the people with your unacceptable foul language and media practice. Maybe in your upbringing you may not have been taught to respect whoever it is when referring them, unfortunately types like you have landed in the media profession and tend to persuade others that you types are the guardians of this nation and rest must believe the gibberish you write out.
    Nah, that’s not the case, there are plenty of young people who had enough of this nonsense and wound want a true change in every aspect of the society. My suggestion for you is, if you don’t have the audacity to respect others get out of the country and find asylum in any nation who will adore your types of media ethics. Why am I telling this?. Why is it so hard for you to refer to the president of the country as President Sirisena? Is President Siresan your mothers bed buddy for you to refer president by his name??

    • 1


      It is President’s wish not to address him as President. The Executive Presidency is to be dismantled. If we keep addressing him with various glamorous titles ‘His Excellency’ and so on, then he might get ideas to stick on. There is real fear Presidency will not be abolished quite against the wish of the people and the promise he made to the people.

      The people have been waiting enough and from 1990’s when Chandrika told a damn lie promising to abolish the executive Presidency and came to power. So that post does not really demand respect. We should address the President as ‘paraya’, ‘Boora’, ‘modaya’, ‘boru karaya’ and then only we could expedite the abolishing of the Presidency. He promised to abolish Presidency in 100 days and nothing has happened, so we should put pressure by calling with such insulting titles.

    • 1


      Very elegantly put ! Your language and terminology is very high class. Very respectful.

      Before advising others, you should take some of your own medicine

    • 1


      “My suggestion for you is, if you don’t have the audacity to respect others get out of the country and find asylum in any nation who will adore your types of media ethics.”

      Yes most of them are exiled journalists. What ethics are you referring to?

  • 1

    “Sirisena does a U-turn, says it is the responsibility of the parliament to either abolish or retain the Executive Presidency”

    Then why did he make a promise to the people so. So the cycle of deception continues as in the past starting from Chandrika Kumaratunge right down. So My3 only wanted to capture power by backstabbing Mahinda. There is nothing stopping someone else doing what My3 did to Mahinda. He promised a 100 days to abolish Executive Presidency he got extended time and now the General Elections are over so can conveniently forget the promise he made to the people. What a joke.

    Are we to wait till the next presidential elections till someone else comes to power promising to abolish Executive Presidency? We should demand such a candidate to come before the people with a legally valid dated resignation letter and he would cease to be President on the date mentioned. If only a mere verbal promise, is simply a deceptive lie.

  • 1

    Ha! ha!!!

    I was wondering how long it would take for MS to realize that “heyyyy!, this is a Cool Spot to be in…. why would I abolish it ?”

    100 days.

    I think the correct expression is “ROFL” !!!

    Sri Lankas Executive Presidency – The Gift that Keeps on Giving !

    JR Pappa is still with us

  • 0

    “Sirisena does a U-turn, says it is the responsibility of the parliament to either abolish or retain the Executive Presidency”

    What damn nonsense is the back stabber Sirisena talking. People gave the clear mandate in both presidential and the General elections to abolish the draconian executive Presidency. The people elected him and the got the majority in Parliament to abolish the executive Presidency.

    What does he mean by saying “….either abolish or retain the Executive Presidency” There is no ‘either’ clause. The people elected both him and the parliament to do just that to abolish Presidency. Please do not go back on your word. In that case damn modaya invertebrate Sirisena (apologies to Ronnie) not only stabbed Mahinda Rajapakse in the back he has stabbed the 5 million people also in the back, who voted him believing in his promise he would abolish Presidency.

    If he cannot do what he came for, cheating every one, and stabbing all including Mahinda Rajapakse in the back, then he does not deserve any respect. I hope I am wrong and he would do as he promised.

  • 1

    No human, male or female, once they have tasted power will surrender it without a struggle. Just ask the directors of regional NGOs.

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