21 July, 2024


Sirisena Hits Out At Judiciary: Says Head Monk Of Village Temple Dictating Terms To Chief Prelate Of Chapter

Hitting out at the interim order issued by the Court of Appeal which prevented purported Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government from functioning in office, President Maithripala Sirisena likened the decision to a head monk of a village temple dictating terms to the chief prelate of a chapter. “නිකායක මහානායක කෙනෙක් කරන්න ඕන වැඩක්, විහාරාධිපති කෙනෙක් දේශනා කරලා.. he said in Sinhala.

By making this statement, Sirisena implied that the Court of Appeal had overstepped its boundaries when issuing an interim order against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his purported government.

Addressing the SLFP Convention held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, a short while ago, Sirisena said there were diverse opinions about the functioning of the judiciary. “Some say the judiciary is highly independent while some allege its conduct is partial. Nevertheless, I respect the judiciary” Sirisena added.

In his speech, Sirisena criticized ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for not only destroying the UNP but also destroying him. “Ranil Wickremesinghe destroyed the spirit of good governance,” Sirisena added, describing the UNP Leader as a “political curse.”

“I don’t have a personal problem with Ranil Wickremesinghe. But his politics does not suit the country. His line of thinking does not suit the country. He is divorced from our identity. He doesn’t respect our culture and traditional values,” Sirisena added.

He also said he did not worship foreign embassies, hitting out at the diplomatic missions engaging with all political parties to resolve the current crisis. “I worship only people,” he added.

Sirisena also promised to resolve the current political crisis in a week. “I promise everyone that I need only seven days to resolve the crisis. Take my word for that.”

However, Sirisena yesterday held a meeting with the Tamil National Alliance and assured that the current political crisis would be resolved in 24 hours.

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Latest comments

  • 44

    This man issurely loosing it! Or lost it. God help us.

    • 29

      This man SIRISENA has now become the most abusive person among the heads of states in the world.
      In EUrope, he earned some respect only because his mediation was instrumental to build up a GERMANY STYLE grand coalition-UNITY govt, but that did not last longer than 3.5 years.
      However, almost any good steps get passed to the constitution during the aforementioned time caused Supreme court of the nation to suspended arbitory dissolution of the parliament 3 weeks ago, and again the ineriam decision on holding the FAKE Prmiership secretly offered to former Prez Rajakshe on the 26th Oct. And also the cabinet sworn in during the last 4 weeks, irrespective various experts in constituion and parliamentatary affairs, not forgetting ruling Hon. SPeaker s statements, were all subjected to yesterday court’s deicsion.

      All in all Hon SPeaaker and the UNF led parlaimentarians won it sofar, while CHILI powder – attack-LED vicious notorious loyalists incl. former Prez Rajakshe are claiming all depths.
      I wonder why these men irresepctive of all the insults hold on to power, by putting the most abusive TINPOT dictator in their RUKADA display.
      The world is laughing at us .. today more than yesterday, and questions if SIRISENA is head healthy ?
      He keeps on cirticising almost anyone stands against them, but not seeing the constitutional inconsistecies in his decision MAKING.

    • 8

      My mother has repeated it, evne if a dog’s tail woudl have been put in a bamboo sheath, that would not been straightend. So as Sirisena and Rajakse and their abusive vicious and malcious nature would never change.

    • 4


      During the debate on the executive presidency in 1978, the late Dr. N. M. Peters said that if a madman, pissa, becomes President, the country would be in peril. Dr. Peters was so prescient, as you have made his reduction come true. The land is suffering the curse of JR constitution, which 19A did not Fully correct.

      Why not follow King Siri Sanga Bo?

      • 1


        Typo Corrections.

        Dr. N. M. Perera, not Peters.

        Dr. Perera was so prescient, as you have made his prediction come true.

  • 48

    Prez needs counseling as he is suffering from mental health issues. Everyday he announces different things. Not suitable to the country anymore. Let him retire and enjoy his life at his native place.

    • 5

      Only way out would be to check if he is vaccinated to rabbies.

      We need to add it to the constitution, all the candidates that have not been vaccinated against the kind of illnesses should not be given nominations.

      As if Ranil Wickramasinghe was the main problem, this bugger has now been painting the picture in favour of him.

      Main barrier not to have succeeded what was being pledged to the nation was SIRISENA himself, In fact Polonaruwe ballige putha himself was intrumental by sacking that Mrs Dilrukshi Wickramasinghe at the time, fearless soul reacted calling upon those army and navy heads for the ir alleged crimes.
      Nothing about the reasons were in the news. All was kept hidden.
      There are even lot more that Ranil has to reveal about SIRISENA, I believe they will reveal them all next days:
      In today s context, I thi k SIRISENA should go nobody else.

      We need elections but Prez election prior to any other elections.

  • 39

    Say. we accept everything he said about Ranil, but what is his excuse for appointing Mahinda – worse in every aspect, stealthily and unconstitutionally? And he is going to solve the self-created situation in a week – his mad brain must be thinking that this country is the paddy field in Polonnaruwa which he had once set on fire.

  • 39

    Dear President Sirisena,
    Its almost more than a month. You proved yourself not fit for the purpose. If you resign from your current employment that is the best solution.

  • 6

    How can it be an hit out @ judiciary?

    Even MR in his comment said it belongs to the SC.

    Why are some with so much of hatred towards the president, grabbing the silliest thing to attack him?

    • 5

      Is it that the Court of Appeal does not fall within ‘Judiciary’ according to your understanding?! If anyone casts innuendos or implied aspersions against any court, whether it is magistrate’s court or supreme court, it is an attack on the judiciary.
      The President does not seem to understand what he utters! As the local saying goes ‘he does not know whether he is coming or going!’

    • 0

      Why there is so much hatred in a Sinhala Buddhist country is a great question my friend.

  • 39

    Watch your words Mr President.
    You may be charged with contempt of court in your retirement at the end of this presidency.

    • 4

      Dual Citizen ,

      All signs are we have a dictator coming into existence . ” Don’t worry we’ll
      get justice” an assurance from MARA , lash out at the Judiciary by Sira
      soon after an interim order and pending another hearing are , in a sense an
      indirect pressure and direct threat to the judiciary . My assumption is , Sira
      has already embarked on the mission of ruling the country single handed
      never minding the consequences ! First there was already a situation where
      people were made frustrated about the credibility of both the previous and
      current rulers ! This creates an opportunity for Sira to try his antics !

  • 40

    Mr. President
    It appears that you have no idea of how parliamentary democracy works.
    The majority of the Sri Lankan people have voted for the policies of the UNP headed by Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe. So, you have no right to sack Mr. Wickramasinghe from his prime ministerial position as he has got the majority in the Parliament to act as the legitimate PM in Sr Lanka.

    Your SLFP POLICIES WERE rejected by the people in the last general election.
    You have elected people like SB, DILAN, and many more jokers rejected by the voters.
    Your policies of protecting rejected SLFP members, murderers, drug dealers and many other fraudsters have not been approved by the majority voters in this country.

    Your narrow minded illegal policies have ruined the good image of SRI LANKA.
    So, please do not try tell more lies to justify your illegal and unethical activities.

    If you are saying that you are doing the right thing please do resign from your post and hold a presidential election to justify your position as the President of Sri Lanka

  • 32

    Why are these poltical parties in Sri Lanka not organizing the mass demonstrations to chase this man of unsound mind from the office ?Are you allowing this mad man to destroy the country anymore?He is playing one man game and destroying the future of our children.

    • 4

      Now we have to show people power .demonstrate acroos the country till this man out his post..

    • 4

      No political party in SL has the gumption to do that.
      The UNP will not ever do that, nor the SLFP or even the JVP.
      As for the TNA or The SLMC if they do that will be interpreted as an affront with regard to the majority and that community would solidify on communal lines.
      You need not be told what that would entail.
      Sira and MaRa know that for sure and that is what they want, and that’s the way the political stale mate will continue. The judiciary will be simply ignored. Look at the headlines of this piece for comfort.

    • 6

      Wipula, days ahead of us, not just demos but even civil wars can be inevitable.

      People s angers have turned out to be furies with the time not seeing any kind of solution.

      Ballige putha from Polonarruwa ruined this country not being able to get the basics of the constitution. His advisers are even worst.
      But one thing should be clear, the president himself should have a spine to be able to take good advice from good people.
      He is from the begning on, like a square peg in a round hole.
      This was what JR s staff then predicted, if the constituion would land to the hand of a mad person, things would end up with the unexpected.

  • 13

    Mr. Sirisena,

    Your comment about judiciary is not right.

    But your comment about Ranil can be acceptable. Ranil “destroyed the spirit of good governance” and he should go.

    Though I don’t agree with you on your recent decisions and behaviour, I agree with your comment on the 2nd point above

  • 25

    What’s wrong with this Hopper Sirisena?
    He must have misunderstood the American idiom, “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going”
    When the man get mad, man should be sent to Angoda. In his case then impeached.
    Instead he is expressing his feelings for Mahinda, here is a perfect song:

    When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going
    Billy Ocean

    When the going gets tough
    The tough get going, tough, tough, huh, huh, huh
    When the going gets tough, the tough get ready

    Yeah, ooooh, du da do da

    I got something to tell you
    I got something to say
    I’m gonna put this dream in motion
    Never let nothing stand in my way
    When the going gets touch
    The tough get going

    I’m gonna get myself ‘cross the river
    That’s the price I’m willing to pay
    I’m gonna make you stand and deliver
    And give me love in the old-fashion way


    Darlin’, I’ll climb any mountain
    Darlin’, I’ll do anything

    Ooh, can I touch you (can I touch you)
    And do the things that lovers do
    Ooh, wanna hold you (wanna hold you)
    I gotta get it through to you, oooh

    I’m gonna buy me a one-way ticket
    Nothin’s gonna hold me back
    Your love’s like a slow train coming (slow train coming)
    And I feel it coming down the track (woh)

    ‘Cause when the going gets tough
    The tough get going
    When the going gets rough
    The tough get rough

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Wooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    When the going gets tough
    Going gets tough
    Going gets rough
    Going gets rough…

    • 1

      Those yankee rhymes never, took root here, and will never. They are relevant to, and the favourites of the hymie diaspora who came here in ships in the 15-19th centuries, and left their disposables here.

      Over the last two or three weeks the president has displayed his mettle against filthy diatribes of the UNP ‘have beens’, the JVP murderers and other Lansi cryptos.
      So the pansi lakas will be dreaming if they think President Sirisena is weak,

      • 1

        M.M.- Mano Asshole, you proved your point!

  • 28

    this man is a animal and he did not have any dignity and respect.he was in the parliament over 40 years and he knew Ranil as same period if Ranil is such a bad person why did he joint with him? now he is right when people selected Gamarala from village to rule he country they must know this is coming .
    for the best interest of the country we need to have presidential election soon and remove this mentally sick man.this man had selected criminals waiting trail in the court for his cabinet and appointed one one the top murder in the world to his prime minister now talking WADIBANA TO PEOPLE

    • 1

      Polonaruwe Guru
      “….for the best interest of the country we need to have presidential election soon and mentally sick man, this man had selected criminals……”.
      Why should we have Presidential election again?
      Isn’t it enough for us who are now experiencing the travails of the system with a mad godaya as president now who doesn’t understand the importance of the judiciary in a democracy.?
      Impeach this mad idiotic fool, get rid of the presidential system if the country is to progress by the ‘Rule of Law.’

  • 22

    He is just a gramasevaka with a gramasevaka mindset. Shows it’s limitations.

    • 3

      Brain of a Koombiya

  • 22

    Polonnaruwe Hanuma is definitely suffering from “mad cow” decease. In our Village (Horana – Batakaththara) there is a famous “Weda Mahaththaya” who can treat for this decease. Can Shiral Lakthilaka or somebody bring Polonnaruwe Hanuma along with Madamulana Hanuma for immediate treatment.

  • 18

    If Sri Lanka has got free and impartial judiciary away from politics ; M&s should have been jailed by now.
    I think that still people in judiciary have some fear to act freely .
    They all know what happened in precious government in MR time .
    Now they have little bit of freedom …but they may fear return of MR ..
    They have families and children .
    Judges too need peace of mind ..
    These political gangs will never let them to do their job.

  • 20

    You Mr President created this situation, not by Ranil,not by Mr Sampanthan or Muslim

    democrtic norms is vital to country

    stop mahindanada talking dirty race issue by law.

    God bless Srilanka

    please make Harmony not split by race, religion and lanquage.

  • 16

    Dear Mr President, Any independent minded person can see that you are unable to handle the crisis and are going down. Please dont take the country down.with you. If it is any consolation, I assure you that all independent minded people hold Ranil and MR responsible as well for this dangerous situation, but the point it is that you alone started it. Please reinstate the status quo and the UNP will have no choice but to replace Ranil.

  • 11

    Yes Ranil is a problem! But Sira, the “Andarae” at the helm is a bigger problem! Now the nation should make sure “Andarae” is sent back to Polonnaruwa to plough the paddy fields!

  • 14

    There is a saying in Tamil, “A drunkard’s words last only until the following morning.” The same is true of practically all cheap politicians.

  • 13

    By addressing a political party convention, Sirisena has insulted the ‘office’ of President.
    He, as president, should be ‘above’ politics.
    He has also insulted the judiciary by his statement.

  • 15

    THIS MAN NEVER KEEP HIS WORD.HE AND HIS MIND IS OUT OF CONTROL.HE IS IN A VERY UPSET STATE OF MIND.we wonder whether it took three and a half years for him find out that RANIL,S WAY OF RULING IS NOT SUITABLE FOR SRILANKA.he is telling all lies and tales TO COVER UP HIS SILLY MISTAKES.

  • 14

    Hopper Sirisena

    It appears you want to be everything, Commander in Chief who is still fighting the LTTE valiantly, fashion police chief, Chief of moral police, chief of butterfly observers, …………an appraiser of Mandela’s height, now the chief law giver, …………… Arbitrator between CID, Courts and the crooks,

    Man you need rest.

  • 7

    Oh another question to Sira? Is Andarae in contempt of court? I dont think he cares a f–k!

  • 7

    Mr President happy to see that blue ( not Royal blue) SLFP blood runs in your veins.

    People, the fake Presidential candidate ( pambaya) you voted for has turned into a real man after all, enjoy this.

    Hereafter known as Weera Sirisena.

  • 11

    so looks like sirisena wants to be a benign dictator.The prelates are not elected by the people.

    “I worship only people,”

    as soon as he got the job he appointed as MP’s those that were rejected by the people he worships.

    At heart he seems to be a benign dictator.Well,he has a right to follow his heart,but there is something called the constitution that has been framed with the intention of keeping out dictators.

    If he does not believe in democracy and thinks a benign dictatorship is better for the country to progress swiftly which it may very well be true,he should resign,voice his opinions and start afresh.

  • 16

    Don`t be surprised if this man commits suicide within the next seven days. He wanted only one thing –

    to contest for next PE without Ranil too contesting! So he conspired with MR and MRs legal team (GLP

    Sarath Silva, Basil etc) to try using Constitutional means, which those involved presented to suit MY3s

    immediate need, knowing well that if it misfired it is MY3 who has to bear the blame and not his cohorts in


  • 9

    Who will ever believe a word from you?

    Purely a president by chance, you seem to be a confused AH coming out with bizzare solutions to serious issues.

    A despicable character… who cannot even be trusted to wash a toilet.

  • 9

    Polonnaruwe Hanuma will go to the history as first Impeached President in the Country.

  • 11

    “Says Head Monk Of Village Temple Dictating Terms To Chief Prelate Of Chapter”

    No an OL failed Gamarala telling what is right and wrong to University educated and cultured professionals

  • 3

    This man should be sent to a lunatic asylum before he makes further damage to the country He proved himself a clown in the eyes of the community both nationally and internationally. We all have made a grave mistake in supporting his candidature in the Presidential election 8th January 2015..In fact , the writer too had written an article titled “Great expectation ” (published in Daily FD) on the eve of presidential election calling upon the people to vote for the common candidature. of this man as the dawn of a great expectation to relieve the country from MARA regime of tyranny prevalent at the time. We are all now feel sorry and repenting in trusting this cunning , uneducated miserable man to be a leader to steer the country towards a Just society..

    H.K.Seneviratne .

  • 4

    It is sad to see a President of a country behaving like 3rd grade student having fights with mates for petty things , and threatening that he will never ever be friends. You see the difference in pedigree when you hear comments of Ranil who is critized to the hilt on public platforms by the President. He has not said anything about him but argued his case on the provisions of the constitution only and it’s leagality. It is best that he retires from his present job without waiting for another week

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