21 July, 2024


Sirisena Hits Out At Judiciary: Says Head Monk Of Village Temple Dictating Terms To Chief Prelate Of Chapter

Hitting out at the interim order issued by the Court of Appeal which prevented purported Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government from functioning in office, President Maithripala Sirisena likened the decision to a head monk of a village temple dictating terms to the chief prelate of a chapter. “නිකායක මහානායක කෙනෙක් කරන්න ඕන වැඩක්, විහාරාධිපති කෙනෙක් දේශනා කරලා.. he said in Sinhala.

By making this statement, Sirisena implied that the Court of Appeal had overstepped its boundaries when issuing an interim order against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his purported government.

Addressing the SLFP Convention held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, a short while ago, Sirisena said there were diverse opinions about the functioning of the judiciary. “Some say the judiciary is highly independent while some allege its conduct is partial. Nevertheless, I respect the judiciary” Sirisena added.

In his speech, Sirisena criticized ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for not only destroying the UNP but also destroying him. “Ranil Wickremesinghe destroyed the spirit of good governance,” Sirisena added, describing the UNP Leader as a “political curse.”

“I don’t have a personal problem with Ranil Wickremesinghe. But his politics does not suit the country. His line of thinking does not suit the country. He is divorced from our identity. He doesn’t respect our culture and traditional values,” Sirisena added.

He also said he did not worship foreign embassies, hitting out at the diplomatic missions engaging with all political parties to resolve the current crisis. “I worship only people,” he added.

Sirisena also promised to resolve the current political crisis in a week. “I promise everyone that I need only seven days to resolve the crisis. Take my word for that.”

However, Sirisena yesterday held a meeting with the Tamil National Alliance and assured that the current political crisis would be resolved in 24 hours.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Its time the courts take very serious note of this statement by the President. If they can bring Ranjan Ramanayake to courts who is only an MP, this person the President making such a statement should also result in charging the President. Who is not doing their job?

  • 29

    President is setting bad examples one after another.
    He must remember that every citizen or every organization has a right to go to Courts.
    Had he respected the Constitution, there won’t be any court cases. It is that simple.
    And, as the First Citizen of the country, he should refrain from criticizing Court’s decision when it is not in his favour.
    From his statement, anybody can imagine how much may have the judiciary been under pressure from the President for the last 5 weeks. I feel sorry for former President, but people cannot tolerate President’s tyranny anymore. The impact of the interim order is actually on the President, not on the former President as it was not his decision.
    Besides, an interim order is procedural.
    The amount of criticism hurled at the Judiciary shows that they are doing the right thing, which is representing the best interests of the citizenry.
    At a time, both Executive and the Legislature are in shambles, it is happy to note that the Judiciary, which is regarded as the “Third arm of the Constitution,” takes every effort to ensure that those in power exercised it lawfully.
    President’s criticism on the interim injunction order of the Court of Appeal could be seen as knocking the fragile relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive, off balance.

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      In as much we cannot or don’t want to, I guess we got to excuse this mule for his lack of education, God given wisdom which he has none. He is a bribe taker from Ministry of Health days to having become President. In his speech to SLFP he said about not bowing down to Western Embassies. That is true for the West does not bribe like the Chinese after whom this monkey has been making a bee line.

    • 8


      “President is setting bad examples one after another.”

      His balls dissolved, when the Parliament, elected by 100% of the People, was dissolved unconstitutionally, by Sirisena.

      The way to comprehend Sirisena, is to think of the Circle of Sirisena, or the Wheel of Sirisena.

      1. Says one thing.

      2. Announces another thing.

      3. Does something completely different.

      4. Repeats the circle or wheel with a new circle or wheel.

      That way, he has managed to earn Titles of

      1. Traitor, Quisling

      2. Sevalaya ( sleaze)

      3. Mala- Perethaya ( living off the dead)

      4. Patholaya ( backbone less person, unprincipled person)

      5. Pachaya ( liar)

      He may earn new titles going forward.

      • 3

        Amarasiri – This pea-brain President does not know what he is talking about! This bugger should not be running the country, he should be admitted to the Angoda Mental Hospital.

  • 2

    either the Prez is insane
    or the Sri Lankans are insane

    I leave it to you guys

  • 10

    The Sinhalese history shows their kings always fought for power among themselves father, son, brother, nephews etc. Except for Parakramabahu 1 and Wijebahu 1 others sought power by any means. From Mahavamsa itself, one can see that of the Sinhalese kings of the so-called Great Dynasty (543 BV – AD275) a few were weak and inept. Of the 54 kings of the dynasty, 15 ruled less than a year. 30 less than four years, 11 were dethroned, six were assassinated, 13 were killed in battle and 22 were murdered by their successors, The dark and dismal record of the early Sinhalese kings was one of incessant struggle for the throne, fratricidal and patricidal slayings, conspiracies and internal strife. SWRD Bandaranaike, JR Jayawardene, Ranasinghe Premadasa and now Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithireepala Sirisena are shining examples. All politicians who came to power after independence in 1948 have destroyed and demeaned this beautiful country for the last 70 years. All espoused narrow nationalism to capture and retain power.

  • 9

    The following is an extract from the speech President Sirisena delivered to the SLFP sessions held at Sugathadasa Stadium:

    ” On Monday during discussions with the leaders of the United National Front (UNF) Sirisena told them that he won’t appoint Wickremesinghe even if all 225 MPs signed a petition requesting his appointment as Prime Minister.

    “Why did I say this? I have no personal issues with him and its not because we are from different parties. I say this because he is an alien to this country; his vision doesn’t belong in Sri Lanka. We have a rich history, a vibrant culture, traditions and religious principles, of many great sages but this man has not been influenced by any of these. So my decision is clearly a political one.”

    The beleaguered President is trotting one excuse after another for not appointing Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister when the latter has the confidence of the majority of members in the parliament. He might be an alien to this country; his vision doesn’t belong in Sri Lanka, but he is the choice of parliament. Sirisena cannot override the wishes of parliament. He cannot ignore the millions of people who voted for Ranil Wickremesinghe and his UNF.

    He has also ridiculed the Appeal Court’s interim order in the petitions filed by 122 members of Parliament. He is alluding the Appeal Court is an inferior court compared to the Supreme Court.

    Many suspect Sirisena is suffering from mental illness/disorder. Sirisena is proving them right.

  • 8

    “Maithripala Sirisena likened the Decision, to a ‘Viharadhipathi’ of a Village Temple dictating terms to the ‘Nikayake Mahanayake’..”

    If the President has understood the Dhamma of the Buddha, He would not be making Statements like the above!

    The Buddha says in Verse 395 of the ‘Dhammapada’:-
    “Saffron Robe and Outward Show does not make a ‘Nikayake Mahanayake’. Neither Riches or High Caste makes a ‘Nikayake Mahanayake’!”

    Also in Verse 403 of the ‘Dhammapada’ The Buddha says:-
    “Him I call a Bhikkhu, whose Wisdom is Profound, and Whose Understanding is Deep…, “

    So the Viharadhipathi of a Village Temple, with the above Qualities, could be a Better Follower of the Dhamma, than a ‘Nikayake Mahanayake’!
    It is not the Title that makes One a Better Follower of the Buddha’s Dhamma!.

  • 11

    This bloody gamaya rascal does not understand that the law is above everyone else in the country………….idiot thinks he is above the law!

  • 5

    The president is not above the law.He is appointed by the people for the people! He doesn’t seem to know his right from his left.No wonder he is making these accusations which can be purported to be a cause for contempt!

  • 5

    Insane Sirisena must be charged for contempt of court for criticising court order.

  • 6

    A good lesson for all. Don’t send idiots to higher elected office if you don’t want to be turned into a laughing stock of the world.

    • 1

      Spot on, Burt. You get the gong for the best comment.

  • 4

    This is sheer contempt of court. He should be brought before a competent court and punished.

    This aside the empty stands in the stadium amply proves where his voter base lie. If elections are held today or within one month for 1) Presidency 2) Parliament 3) Provincial council, his blue party will be pushed to fourth place. He has proved he is a dud coin.

  • 4

    For a democracy to exist, there must be a balance of power – between the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. It is the judiciary’s function to interpret the law as decided by the legislative body – the parliament. In this instance, the “Chief Prelate” has clearly demonstrated his inability to grasp this simple principle. As was said by Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    That the judiciary of this country is functioning with some degree of independence is a source of comfort and satisfaction. But the way things are going, I wonder, for how long. As Lord Acton said:

    “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    • 0

      This fool has never heard of the three arms of government. Sane arguments don’t hold water with this fool . Like Trump he is preaching to a limited audience.

  • 3

    Mr president your talking like small kid in school, when you get cought for wrong doings giving unexpectable excuses . How can you compare you and ranil, do you have a educational back ground or strong background your just a gramesewake for some luck you became president thanks to UNP votes ,I think you believe in corruption like what Rajapakshe and his clan did to fill individuals pockets , is that the way you want,those days are over Mr. P. Your accountable to the voters STOP behaving like hitler otherwise same fate will come to you , you don’t own SL your just a citizen B accountable shame on you

  • 2

    One of the idiots in this country who does not understand that state power is equally distributed among the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. This buffoon was put here by one woman and another wimp of a man and I curse them for doing so and not this man who does not know whether he is coming or going..

  • 3

    Sirinena repeats this: “I don’t have a personal problem with Ranil Wickremesinghe. But his politics does not suit the country. His line of thinking does not suit the country. He is divorced from our identity. He doesn’t respect our culture and traditional values,”

    Well, this is the personal opinion of President Sirisena and not the opinion of the general public. The opinion of the public has to be tested in a future election. Therefore, even if the president does have a personal problem with RW, he cannot refuse to appoint RW as the Prime Minister if RW is the choice of majority of the parliament.

    As some groups demands, if elections are held now and the new parliament decides to appoint RW again, can Sirisena put forward the same argument and refuse to appoint RW as the PM.

    This is absurd. MS must now bow to the majority view of the parliament and appoint RW as the PM without further delay giving lame excuses.

  • 4

    For betterment of Sri Lanka and its citizens, this president has to be dust binned. Totally ignorant imbecile. For betterment of Sri Lanka and its citizens, this president has to be dust binned. Totally ignorant imbecile. À bas, MS.

  • 0


    Says Head Monk Of Village Temple Dictating Terms To Chief Prelate Of Chapter

    Pray who the Potter and who the Pot?


  • 1

    Our country is a victim of International politics. You will remember that one of the main disputes between the President and PM was about favouring India or China.

    We have been down this road before, even President JR was forced to àccept the Indian Peace Accord.
    Under PM Sirimavo we tried to be non aligned. That did not work

    President Sirisena is not mad. He may not have the cunning of Junius to get things done but he is trying.

    My fear is that UNP also will fall into the clutches of the International Community if they ever try to play the Nationalist card.

    We need a transparent agreement with the US. China and India.

  • 2

    It is not about bad examples or being stupid or being a village idiot or not knowing the law. This is now a criminal case. The presidency is such that criminal acts have no remedy other than impeachment. The real reason why this man refuses to re-appoint the legal PM of the country is nothing but greed for power. His family are just as corrupt as the Rajapakshes and they want to stay in power for as long as possible to milk every last drop of money they can amass. This tendency is common and well known. This is why the venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero began the movement to abolish this curse called the executive presidency. Since JR three presidents have promised to remove this curse and renaged on their promise. The law and the investigative capacity was slowly catching up. The Judiciary slowly emerging as an independent institution. All this is poison to a criminal and greedy mind set. Some way or the other this curse has to be removed. Sirisena must be kicked out of office and the office completely wiped out. While it is regrettable that he exists there was no other choice at that time but to make him the common candidate. The agreement was that he would abolish the presidency once elected. Since he did not do so then the only remedy is to get rid of him and the office both in one move since no one can be trusted anymore to do this after being appointed president.

  • 3

    Sirisena thinks the people of Sri Lanka are a bunch ignorant idiots like him. Shame on you Sirisena

    • 1

      It is not the Fault of Sirisena. or the Swabasha Educated People of Sri Lanka!
      We have come to believe that the Only Culture Worth Having is the ‘Sinhala/Buddhist’ One!
      We are shutting off the Rest of the World and any new Developments, and the Ability to Distinguish the Good from the Bad, of those Developments!

      Even the True Dhamma of the Buddha is Discarded for a Hindu Inspired One of the Worship of Gods and ‘Rakhna Bandhan’ (aka Pirith Nool)!

      It all started with the ‘Sinhala Only and Tamil Also’ Policy of Bandaranaike!

  • 0

    Colombo Telegraph Colombo Telegraph you have posted fake news again. What he actually says is ” A sermon that should have been delivered by the head prelate of a chapter has been delivered by the chief incumbent of a temple. “NIKAYIKA MAHANAYAKA HAMUDURUWO KIYANNA THIBUNU BANA VIHARADHIPATHI SWAMIN WAHANSE NAMAK KIYALAY KIYALATH KIYANAWA” It starts in your video around -16.13. That is not at all represented accurately by the headline or the article. In fact it distorts what he said. There is no mention in the speech of a superior hierarchy being dictated terms to by a lower hierarchy. The head of the chapter referred to is the Supreme Court and the Chief Incumbent of the temple (there’s no village temple mentioned, just a temple) is the Court of Appeal. The Bana or sermon is the judgement. What the prez meant was that according to some people, a lower court has overstepped its jurisdiction into what is rightfully the provenance of a higher court. That crucial word Bana makes all the difference. Get a grip CT. Yo sliding.

    • 1

      Critical Take. ,

      Either way , he went to the sermon , listened to it and there’s no Prime
      Minster now as a result of the sermon . It is a sermon all laymen know
      and the a Prelate knows better .

  • 1

    Look WHO is talking!
    The following fits your mind set –
    Who ever penned MS’s script – must have had MS is mind.
    (phonetically) This Honourable President!
    overstepped its boundaries
    purported government.
    highly independent
    conduct is partial.
    destroyed the spirit of good governance
    “political curse.”
    politics does not suit the country.
    thinking does not suit the country
    divorced from our identity.
    respect our culture and traditional values
    Sirisena added.
    “I worship only people,”
    “I promise everyone that I need only seven days to resolve the crisis. Take my word for that.”
    current political crisis would be resolved in 24 hours.

  • 0

    ‘ I said to the boastful..
    Do not deal boastfully
    For exaltation comes
    Neither from the East
    Nor from the West nor
    From the South,
    But God is the Judge:
    He puts down one and
    Exalts the other.
    And those who walk in
    Pride He is able to put
    The most High rules in
    The kingdom of men,
    And gives it to whom
    Ever He chooses’
    ( Psalms and Book of

  • 1

    You don’t worship the foreign embassies but u worship the people.! Is that why you were Euphoric that the the Queen of England shook hands with you without wearing gloves & bragged so much about it? Is it why you have gone on & on that you established wonderful relations with foreign countries &removed the word “viduli putuwa ” from the Srilankan vocabulary ?I don’t know if Ranil ruined your life or not. Looks like your own actions have ruined your political life & the tragic thing is that you appear to have ruined Mahinda Rajapakse’s political life too. Mahinda should have taken Kumar Welgama’s advise.

  • 0

    We agreed what is that said by President,…. Ranil Wicks is most politically corrupted leader of UNP govt .
    President said very clearly that UNP of RW ,the man not fit for JOB of Premier because of his world outlook has contractions within ours Civilization and Nation Democratic Republic state of Sri lanka.
    Sri Lankan in unitary character of State. It has permitted all nationalities live equal footing. It cannot be partition this small Island on ethnic or religion of or other roots of social development, Our capitalism in simple commodity productions ,It has come GDP US $ 85 billion dollars in globally initial stage of emerging-nation.

    We have to have a seriously review on that past performs of RW of UNP-governances and its policies since 2015 January 8th…are not suitable for sustsnsbility development of capitalism .

    The set of policies adopted by RW is Neo-Liberal political-economy is surrender nation economy and political sovereignty to Foreign -power . We are 70 years of independence nation. We are looking forward for Democracy and development in Island both has rise up our all nationalities put into the path of development . RW and UNP anti-development of Economy and undermined Democracy system of good governances.
    We agreed with President speech that allegation against that RW of UNP is in correct stand of Island nation. .

  • 1

    Is this not contempt of court? If he does not worship the West why did he visit so many Western countries during his good days? Is he aware that he will no longer be welcomed and would have to remain here.The only good result of the present political situ is that ministers and their henchmen do not visit other countries If you remember the immediate past as the President returns the PM takes off and this continued.Now this is not happening. How many ministers or the president or the pm have left the country after the crisis began?

  • 1

    Judiciary is above politics. The prez. is reminded that he is the village head priest. He is bound by the law, legislation and constitution of the country, which is the basis of judges ruling.

  • 1

    Buddhist Monks in village temples are close to the people. The prelate of the various chapters live in towers, move about in Benzs. They live in a different era too. For example the second highest prelate of Malwatte Chapter wanted a Gotler to lead us to prosperity. He is still in the era when Hitler was considered a hero!

  • 0

    There cannot be that judiciary is above the People’s Sovergerity. Ours Judiciary system still remain of that influence by colonial remnants while that are operating procedure of judgment, verdicts and punishment in Legal procedure taken long-term to benefits of Lawyers and Judges.

    The system of legal Order is older. It is not catering for majority interest of country. We demand that an urgently has to shifted New Era by represtaitaive of majority of People. Ongoing constitutional crisis and power of executives has negative approach by Supreme Court hearing. Judiciary has no rights challenge for Democracy order of the Sri lanka

  • 1

    In reply to Rajash – I should say that the Sri lankans are insane for tolerating this mad hatter handling
    the reins of the govt. dangerously. for more than a month.. He might all of a sudden see the people as terrorists and start bombarding some areas dominated by UNP and before that happens, let the learnt Supreme court judges give their verdict, final, calling Presidential & Parliamentary elections to be held
    on the same day so that a new President & and new house members emerge, and bring back the old glory
    and give a fresh look of Sri Lanka to the world leaders.
    Still it did not dawn in his mind that his political career has come to an end or forced to come to an end
    and he should accept his defeat gracefully and part ways. It is sad that Maha sangha did, not so far, come forward to advise him to restrain his arrogance, which Lord Buddha himseld preached against it.

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