4 December, 2023


Sirisena Must Avoid Mixed Signals

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

After I dispatched this article I received Maithripala Sirisena’s Election Manifesto. I was shocked and then Dr Jayampathy Wickremaratne was kind enough to provide a more exact English translation of the Sinhala original. His translation of the relevant portion follows:

In place of the executive presidency with arbitrary powers, a constitutional structure with an executive tied to Parliament through a Cabinet of Ministers will be established”.

This is TREACHERY! It goes back on all the sacred promises Sirisena made to the nation only four weeks ago that the Executive Presidency would be ABOLISHED. I have issued a brief statement on the matter which appears elsewhere.

In last week’s column, I made the following comment (abridged): “There is alarm in the minority communities of an alleged Maithri-JHU anti Tamil-Muslim alliance which could be a threat to them and to 13A. This is endangering 18% of the vote (Ceylon Tamils and Muslims; 24% if you count Upcountry Tamils)), but what for? The JHU can pull hardly 3% of the ultra-chauvinist vote away from Mahinda”. This was in response to panic buttons that many Tamils both at home and the diaspora had pressed in e-mails and conversations with me. [I do not use the diminutive My3 any longer as a reader found it offensive].

To retain perspective and restrain panic I balanced it with a more reassuring take on the scene after regime change: “The state will remain unitary; there will be no further devolution (that is no 13A+). But 13A may be more genuinely implemented. (Ranil and CBK are liberals; that helps). Wigneswaran and the NPC will have a freer hand, cussed obstacles put in his way by Rajapaksa will ease, and there could be some reduction in militarization”. This remark assumes regime change, which though desirable I have always cautioned, is by no means still certain. While there seems to be a landslide against Rajapaksa in city and urban areas and in minority communities, rural trends have still to crystallise. There are complaints that the UNP campaign is top-heavy and neglects grassroots organisation. Forecasters should not make the mistake they made with Sarath Fonseka four years ago! With these few words I leave the question of predictions to one side; the subject is not my forte.

Maithripala Matale 19 12 2014The big-guns are UNP-Ranil and the CBK-Cluster (I will define it anon). Next the silent guns of the JVP, and then JHU’s and Fonseka’s blazing guns. It seems Rev Sobitha and the NMSJ are a little marginalised. Also on the side are many left caucuses: LSSP (Non-Dead) – spokesman Keerthi Kariyawasam; an umbrella group – spokesmen Drs Michael Fernando (CP Non-Dead), Kumudu Kusum Kumara (Independent) and Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri (Independent), and Prof Vijaya Kumar (LSSP Non-Dead); and civil society organisations; and on the platform is Bahu. This entire left oriented collective, NGOs and Bahu included, I call the Left-Cluster.

From the beginning two or three years ago it was obvious that once the Common Candidate got off the ground and active electioneering commenced, leadership would pass into the hands of the established liberal bourgeoisie, the UNP and the CBKs. What is new is that Tamils fear that a MaithriRathanaChampika outflanking attempt is afoot therefore TNA and SLMC support has to be quickly consolidated. Secondly, it is timely that the JVP and Left-Cluster mobilise together for objectives that only partly overlap the big-bourgeoisie’s programme.

Muddied Single-Issue waters

Snags in the opposition (formal moniker National Democratic Front – NDF) such as the Tamil issue and JVP concern that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is biased to capitalism and neo-liberalism were entirely avoidable. They could have been sidetracked if the protagonists had strictly adhered to the Single-Issue (SI) principle; that is abolishing the Executive Presidency (EP) and essential consequential arrangements only. The point of SI is that everyone can focus on one agreed primary task and not be diverted to other issues. The Sinhala- Tamil virus, socialism-capitalism ideologies, one-God versus many-Gods inquisitions; and heaven knows what undigested tripe will be vomited out next, could all have been cast side. Form an SI perspective the first three points of the MoU is all that is needed.

It is not only inflation from one crisp principle to a multiple catechism that is divisive; the fattening of the timeframe from the six-month road-map proposed by Rev Sobitha’s NMSJ, to an obese two years has also created difficulties. Then Maithri promised to abolish EP within 100 days it created a muddle. One hundred days is not enough if parliament refuses to play ball and has to be dissolved and replaced. Six months would have been a comfortable window to get everything done even if parliament was uncooperative.

Devolution and chauvinism

One dynamite issue the SI strategy was intended to side-track was the intractable devolution issue. True, together with the problematic of the state (the authoritarian Executive Presidency) this is one of two fundamental challenges of our time. Those partial to Althusserian categories could say ‘The State and the National Question are the two over-determining issues in Lanka’. The point about the SI approach is that it decoupled the two. If one tries to solve them simultaneously, both will fail – short of a revolutionary overthrow of the state; but this is not a study document for the Marx School!

The Rajapaksa clan must be hooting with joy to hear a Maithri-JHU duet. Can the JHU break a goodly part of Rajapaksa’s Sinhala-Buddhist base – nonsense! Can it attract the hard-chauvinist vote on an “Abolish EP” platform – bollocks! Retaining EP is the core principle of chauvinism and the JHU cannot chip it on the basis of an Abolish-EP ticket – vide Gammanpila’s departure. What fear of an alleged emerging Maithri-JHU axis may do is endanger Ceylon Tamil, Muslim and Upcountry Tamil votes where at least the first two were a guaranteed anti-Mahinda block. This is risking 18% to 24% sure-votes for a small vote that the JHU may be able to swing in the Dharmapala Belt (Nugegoda-Maharagama-Kotte).

Is Sirisena going to visit Jaffna? What is he going to tell them about devolution, the misery of the IDPs and militarization of civilian life? I am assured by those who know him that Maithri is a decent man and a good choice for Ceremonial President, but he seems not so good in seeing the big political picture; Ranil and the CBK-Cluster must step in and deliver on their contract with the nation.

I now need to define CBK-Cluster. Maithri is a lightweight and a hither-and-thither personality. The real powers mobilising anti-Paksa sentiment within the SLFP are the old traditionals who resent hijacking of the party by sleazy gangsters and of course Bandaranaike loyalists. Add to this the fifth column; those who may cross-over later and those who stay inside, collect a few million and wink at the anti-Rajapaksa brigade outside. It is CBK and the traditional SLFPers who call the shots in this game, not Maithri. Then there are non-SLFPers like Rajitha and his influence domain, Rajiva and the small but intellectual Liberal party, and the non-UNP liberal middle and upper classes. For want of a better term I call this entire collective the CBK-Cluster though many are not actually Chandrika personal loyalists.

JVP cum Left-Cluster

Anura Kumara may be uncomfortable on a platform dominated by Ranil, CBK, Rathana, Champika and Maithri and I guess so is Bahu. The tasks of the left at this moment are not identical with those of the NDF though they overlap. The crucial overlap is a commitment to defeating Mahinda, abolishing EP and restoring democracy. Where they do not overlap is socio-economics and an enlightened approach to the Minorities. The JVP is insensitive to Tamils; otherwise I would have said an enlightened approach to Devolution. Leaving 13A+ to one side, the shared concerns of the JVP and the Left-Cluster are: “Will the NDF abolish EP and restore substantial democracy? Will it prosecute corrupt and mobster UPFA politicos? Can JHU influence over Maithri be curbed so that Tamils and Muslims are not alienated and space kept open for a democratic approach to the national question at a later day?”

The JVP and the Left-Cluster should work together; the former as the largest party should summon a working group. (The FSP, a few stray atoms circulating around it and Sirirtunga have chosen to abandon the mass movement and regress into the wilderness; that’s their choice, they have to be ignored).

Some obvious items for a joint agenda are:-

  1. Ensuring the defeat of the incumbent President while holding the NDF strictly to account in respect of its own programme and promises.
  2. Ensuring that the election is not annulled and foiling attempts to thwart the transfer of power. Anura’s concept of independent mass mobilisation is very valid.
  3. Insisting, post 8 January, on genuine democratisation – unshackling the judiciary, a new style 17A, ending police abuses, a freedom of information act, investigation of disappearances and ending threats on journalists.
  4. Investigation and prosecution of graft on overseas projects and local embezzlement.
  5. Cleaning up the corporate bureaucracy and the diplomatic service both of which are riddled with place-seekers and nepotistic appointees.
  6. Dismantling the Basil Rajapakse Economic Empire and injecting economic rationality.
  7. Promoting reconciliation and extending a hand of friendship to the Minorities.

[I am NOT asking that the war-crimes issue be placed on the agenda of a putative JVP cum Left-Cluster gathering since consensus will be impossible].

Points 4 to 7 have been added because the original Single Issue concept has now turned into a two-stage process. Stage 1 is the basic SI objective to be accomplished in 100-days or six months. Stage 2 – points 4 to 7 – reaches beyond this period but is still limited to a bourgeois democratic programme within the NDF’s reach. I concede that it is not high sounding principles of abolishing EP, democracy etc that is urgent for people in economic hardship. Now that it is to be a two year, not a six month transition, it will not be limited to Stage 1 SI objectives. Industrialisation, employment creation, investment strategy and policy will be on the agenda though limited to a rather puzzling two-year perspective. Discussion of these matters is beyond the purview of today’s piece.

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  • 9

    Good article.

    I am a Burgher and I am not comfortable with the rising clout of the JHU within the opposition. This is particularly given the fact that they cannot get elected on their own (Kumar’s 3% is generous, more like 0.3% would be more accurate). LIke the MEP in the regime, they seem to wield too much influence to the detriment of the country.

  • 7

    Well what do you expect? Until he became the common candidate My3 was a Minister in the Government of MR. At that time, if asked, you would have called him a villain, a man who had sold his soul to the devil for power and money.

    After he became the CC you think he is clean. Do you think he suddenly had a change of heart and became a sincere democrat with ‘nation before self’ as his motto? Do you think he suddenly realized that MR was a crook?

    What you are seeing is Maithripala Chinthanaya. Its just Mahinda Chinthanaya without MR. As I have said several times the nation has no sincere politicians, they are all crooked. Don’t say you weren’t warned. There is worse to come whoever wins.

    • 2

      Chose the one you want to vote, Paul. Either way you’re not voting for regaining Lanka bugger or 13+ or even 13. Got it.

      • 3

        Wathie, I’m an apolitical Sinhala Buddhist. The politicians are all villains. Got it?

        Here’s something from My3’s cv

        [Edited out]

        • 6


          “Wathie, I’m an apolitical Sinhala Buddhist.”

          Hope you are not a Sinhala/Buddhist.

          sach, wathie and nuisance do employ the same script writer.

          Have you noticed that sach and nuisance have completely vanished and now wathie is using the same script as the other two.

          • 1

            Native, I had not noticed. Paul Pakshaya has to be an apolitical pressure group as the country has no statesmen, just sobs and the Balu Sena. Ct deleted my link to DBSJ’s expose of Maithri’s lack of Maithri. Given the freedom of the press that they support I’m sure it was an oversight. Here it is again [Edited out]

            • 0

              [Edited out]

        • 1

          Paul, There is a Sinhala article in Lankaweb about blackwhites by Mahinda Pathirana which was first published in Divaina. Its a must for you. Pseudo Vedda boy or kallathoni from the east cannot read it for he doesn’t read Sinhala.

          • 3

            Thank you Bolawathie. I will read your biography.

            Perhaps you are aware that Rohana Wijeweera spoke English and Sinhala so fluently that he was able to help the judge who tried him with his translation? You see, the Kaduwa is a two edged sword.

            Love and kisses,

            Blackwhite Paul

          • 2

            “Pseudo Vedda boy or kallathoni from the east cannot read it for he doesn’t read Sinhala. “

            wathie This is what I thought of you when i saw your suwabasha comment on CT.

            You don’t know your father gatte kollo it’s apey sanskrit.

            stick to you begging bowl not_worth pambaya!

  • 4

    It seems, the hard work by Ven Sobitha, Professori David and et al and their organisation NMSJ have been clearly high jacked by an insignificant duo of the Urumaya. Needless to talk about the pathetic ride by the apathetic UNPers. Vultures that await for things to get rot to grab the pound of flesh are also in a limbo. This presidential election is nothing but a fight between the blues to settle their scores. Adios David.

    • 4

      “This presidential election is nothing but a fight between the blues to settle their scores. “

      SWRD had no blue it was total Goo kollo talking lefty shop in their endeavour to hitch a ride to Buckingham palace.

      Passa is all violet satayaka (perhaps the borrowed ambude round the neck- hang him high).

      Sarema hato
      Sateyaka Hato

      Banda Bandh!

      sihala buddhist bando


      • 1

        Javi needs to go for a rehab to learn civlized vocabullary.
        Massa wahanne goma godemai. Learn to add your comments in a polite manner Javi. today is no too late.
        We have to drive away the ballige puthas in power for a change -Basta.
        All right thinking ones should rally round to chase away Rajapakshes on the 8th January.

        • 2

          when you school drop out qualify from a school of C Jung then you would be heard.

          Till then SFup.

          I will never be led by bandits moron.

  • 8

    Both candidates (MaRa and My3) are very careful to make sure that they win election (but) by not solving the Tamil’s issue.

    No wonder Srilanka going downwards since independence from British.


  • 2

    Dear Prof.
    you got it wrong. I have just wrote an article on elaboration of this point. Send me your email . I will send a copy of it so you could see the difference. Do not panic. He will have clues that limits power of president.

    • 1

      Dr Rifaj, Tell us where have you published your article. We too like to read it.

      • 7


        “We too like to read it.”

        No you don’t like to read it as you have already made up your mind what to comment/type.

        You can just comment without reading it.

        To support your comment/typing please do mention Ancient Jaffna (1929). That will do the trick.

  • 4


    I too had the doubts about JHU taking a prime role in this game.
    Champika and the Dharmapala Racists are a die hard crack pots. They will never change unless Gota send his secret Gestapo to assassinate them lock stock and barrel.

    In the Manifesto of My3 there’s a silently inserted future conflict provoking items….such as ANIMAL RIGHTS…this means, JHU will propel their torpedo at the most opportune time to attack the Muslims again with a new name and a project, so too to the Tamils with a twisted under cover operation.

    But, there’s a big elephant blocking the road of JHU’s criminal Sinhala Only project, the Sinhala masses have opened up their minds to the outside world. Meaning, they are mostly been enlightened and are more knowledgeable people now.

    Not JHU or even if Anagarika is resurrected to re=-start the secret Zionist game of racial supremacy a poison fed by the Satanists Olcott & Blavatsky, will never find any favour among the Sinhala masses.

    They watched, they saw throughout the history of the Ceylon and Lankan political landscape how Racists Anagarika poison fed politicians never took the country in the correct pathway leading to a progressive society.

    Still, the die hard Satanic Anagarika’s mind control methods are being heavily used by the remaining crack pots in the JHU and the MR camp to their advantage. Thambiya, Demala, Kotiya are all mind control switch keywords to hypnotize the Sinhala mass to transform themselves into slaves of the Sinhala Only criminal masters and becoming a killing machine again and again to the benefit of the satanists who pose off as the True Buddhists under many labels like JHU/BBS etc.

    Learn about mind control methods used by the Zionists to create the NWO…The Anagarika crack pots have used maximum level of the mind control methods which is being taught by the Zionists to create conflicts around the world against the Islam and the Muslims.

    Which is why Donald Perera spoke in Tel Aviv in support of Zionism, which is why Gnanasara and the JHU gangs were funded by Norway and taken on a Mass Murdering practical course on Islamophobia and its subsequent results shown by the Gota gangs, which is also why they supply weapons and Kfir jets to fight the Tamil population.

    Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media

    • 5

      Desert storm
      Can you please highlight whatever you know about the depraved minds behind the recent Peshawar school children’s killings and the 26/11 Bombay episode?
      Was it the Zionists?
      Ask Nobel laureate Malala if you do not know the answer.

      • 1

        “Can you please highlight whatever you know about the depraved minds behind the recent Peshawar school children’s killings and the 26/11 Bombay episode? Was it the Zionists?

        A BIG YES……It is Zionists…no doubt.

        Only thing is the Zionists have mind controlled a huge population through their media power and the Politico Military power.

        You don’t have to ask dumb questions from me as if its the ZIONISTS who are responsible for the ills of this world…YES THEY ARE THE ONES who are corrupting this earth for millenniums…

        It will be waste of time to write too many things in this commentary….just watch the videos below…..if you do really think you want to know about it seriously…..or just be as a dumb soul believing the craps spit out in the mainstream media controlled by the Jesuit backed ZIONIST criminals.

        How Jews executed mass murders in the near history of 100 years.

        Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

        CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen’t Exist

        zionist jews stalin bolshevik starved Christians …: http://youtu.be/AujuXTsaXTI

        Obama’s Zionist Masters by Brother Nathanael Kapner

        Will Israel Be The Next World Power?

        Stop The Jews From Rebuilding The Temple

        Can The Jews Stop Putin?

        The Zionist War on Islam & The Next False Flag In…: i://youtu.be/CYBN15ePLkQ

        • 1

          Yo Uthungan,

          Just remember it was not the Taliban who killed many millions of humanity but the Bloody Jews whom you and many thought were otherwise.
          Even the Taliban & Al Qaeda are all US brands created to launch their NWO project.

          Who do you think used in the human history the first Atomic bomb on human beings full of families and peasants in Hiroshima & Nagasaki…Taliban???? You bloody smutt…

          There’s more shit about the crimes ZIONISTS did to the world..

          SHOCKING TRUTH Jewish Zionists – Communist Bolsheviks

          Bolshevism/Communism/Zionism and the Russian Holocaust of 65 million ethnic Russian’s

          Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1.

          Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 2.

          • 5

            Hey Desert Storm,
            You have not replied my question,that is why you are not well informed about the Taliban which went about destroying the renowned world heritage carved into the sand stone, the 6th century ancient Buddhist statues in the Bamiyan valley when the Islamic way of life had not sufficiently overcome the civilised traditions that had existed in the part of the world.
            Had you asked Malala even she could not have edified you because of the desert desert sand in your eyes and the camel sense people like you are bestowed with.

            • 1

              Yo Uthungan Dumbo,

              Just because I used a name “Desert Storm” does it mean that I am a Muslim? Is this much is your level of intellect?????

              There are desert in many parts of the world. Desert Storm is a Zionist tag name used for mass murder and robbery. It was used by the Gulf War Thieves in the US. Understood!

              What am I got to do with Taliban anyway???? Taliban is an American subsidiary company created to destabilize USSR. Were you born at that time or later? You seems to be very very poor informed.

              Bamian statue? What am I got to do with it???? The Zionists wanted to get it destroyed to fix the world against Islam. Its a covert operation of the CIA Mafia. Do you know what CIA do anyway????

              CIA Covert Action in the Cold War: Iran, Jamaica, Chile, Cuba, Afghanistan, Libya, Latin America

              The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

              The other thing is when you take all the world religions, Islam is the only one in the way of the Zionist criminals path to total annihilation and total robbery of the world. That way the rest of all other religions gave in and bum sucking the Zionists and siding with them against one single strong religion of Islam.

              For centuries they are trying to destroy it, it is standing like a rock. Look at the other religions….they all been corrupted to the Zionist Kabbala system. All of them have Re-incarnation, all of them have idol worship, all of them have Pantheism, All of their gods have a halo behind their heads…to symbolize the Sun God worship of Horus and Ra of the Egyptian Gods.

              What else, even the Kapila Vastu Mahinda brought from India to show to the unmindful unsuspecting crowd is having a PYRAMID shaped show case. The same symbols used by the Satanic Egyptian gods.

              So, all the other religions have ganged up to destroy Islam and the Muslims but couldn’t do it properly for some bloody reason…WHY?????

              Let’s search for the truth…until then have Kit Kat….

      • 5

        He is an addition to IS muslim goon squad like the new walking fatima fuckushima but small brain than fuckshima the rest of lankan society defended them to disgrace Gota-

        every action equal and opposite reaction.

        the next time after elections BBS gets them say you never saw.After all they are proved illegal immigrants chameleons in the island.

        • 1

          Yo BBS Scum…

          What a yukkish name you have….

          OK coming to your slur against my comment saying “He is an addition to IS muslim goon squad”…. What’s a bloody shit you are talking…go and wash your mouth….

          Look,ISIS is a Zionist bastard’s another covert operative arm….
          You guys are really sucks man….stop watching porn stuff and look fo some real valuable news in the alternative media…the stuff I post and similar infos….

          OK… let’s get ready baby…

          ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad Agent

          Zionist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

          al-Baghdadi, a Mossad agent named “Elliott Shimon” report

          Now, for a change you Scum bastard…tell something against the real evil guys- The Zionists, will ya….

          You look for every bloody Islamophobic Propaganda shit news and then open your sewages against Islam….Here I am proving with facts and and figures about the Bloody Israeli criminals… and still you are dumb???

          Tuck your head in your sarong or in your jumper suits and go to sleep…take a shot of pot…that might relieve your pain..

        • 4

          Lets keep Gotabaya and invite the Chinese to drive out the Muslim terrorist.

          you are guaranteed top job like the one they accomplish in the Somali seas.

          Western eyes must look away so that the common European can have peace when he/she visits as a tourist.

          We can do it if you love the island.

          • 1

            Yo Javi,

            Putin Foils Israeli/American Zionist Jews In Syria

            You are a proven dumb…How did a Desert become a Muslim? Just because I used a pseudonym “DESERT STORM” your small brain filters it as a Muslim….

            Last but not least ZIONSTS will be destroyed very soon…. not by any other means…..it will be done through the very same people you think you have insulted by your keyboard hiding inside a cage…the cage of prejudice..

            See, almost all the Zionists and the Pro-Zionist evangelical crackos all have same killer attitudes. They want to murder innocent people, children, babies and women…what is your SICKNESS by the way? Have no cure???? BLOOD THIRSTY????

            Look, the Zionists and your lot can kill until a certain time…That deadline is nearing an end. Did you see how the ZIONIST bastards got the treatment from RUSSIAN Strongman Putin?

            Well, the ZIONSTS danced all this while killing unarmed or weakly armed small gangs of people. They still haven’t met a Super Army much more advanced than them….BUT, NOW THEY HAD MET ONE….THE RUSSIAN ARMY.

            Rabbi Jew says zionist Israeli government and their regime must be totally eliminated

            Rabbi Josef Antebi exposing Zionists, even after being tortured by them!

            Ukraine and Crimea is the beginning of that downfall…wait and see.

            BTW, this message is not for you…this is for the other readers who are seeking knowledge..the real knowledge. They would have anaylised your childish answers and your sweet knee jerk reactions….Please don’t change yourself…ok..Thanks Buddy.

            Already the countdown has begun…..the WW3 is being prepared by the Zionists and God will definitely turn it towards them for their own annihilation by their own hands….

            Let us wait for Jesus and until then Have a Kit Kat….

            Now, you must stop smoking bad things…OK…Good Boy!

            Merry Christmas Javi….

          • 1

            Oh Javi,

            First time in the history of CT you are getting the back fire for all your Islamophobic comments made at every given opportunity isn’t it????

            Your prejudiced sick mind should be cured first and foremost. I am doctor for the hearts and minds…Remember!

            The other thing is…CHINA is a close FRIEND of RUSSIA, ad the RUSSIAN PUTIN is a friend of the real Muslims countries. SO, Russia and China won’t touch any Muslim country. But, they are getting ready to bump off the Zionists once and for all.

            Mahinda is a double game player who tried to do blow job and and and insertion together in the World power politics.

            He helped China to have a hold in in SL and at the same time tried to woo the Zion’s Crazy bastards by way of attacking the Mosques and the Muslims and even the Christians….NOW WHAT…? He is in the soup.
            BBS guys will see another Rwanda genocide happening to them very soon after the 8th of January. You will see Gnaney’s body lying without a proper burial in the streets of Colombo. The people are so angry at them….

            Mahinda is paying for his dumb double games played with the Zionist West and the Chinese/Russian alliance.

            What America is afraid of? Russian Satan. The R-36. Voevoda

            S-400 air-defence shields Russia from sky & space threats

            Yo are a scum Javi…. You evangelical nut heads who bum suck the Zionist campaign does not know where the Christian Evangelism came from…

            Are you ready for the truth…..(Come on…order some pop corn and sit by me)…

            Jim Marrs: False Flag Events – 9/11 & The Fourth Reich! Dark Journalist

            Jim Marrs Terror Conspiracy and 9/11

            Jim Marrs – Our Occulted History

  • 5

    Prof. Kumar David

    “This is TREACHERY! It goes back on all the sacred promises Sirisena made to the nation only four weeks ago that the Executive Presidency would be ABOLISHED. I have issued a brief statement on the matter which appears elsewhere.”

    Well done Professor. Yes. Confront. MS. Ask for clarification. However, defeating Medamulana MaRa should not be placed in Jeopardy.

    People do not want to replace one dictator with another one, using the executive presidency.

    No more dictators. No more Muttals and Madus, who will let Medamulana MaRa win again.


    Mahinda Rajapaksa gave money to LTTE – Mangala – P1

    No more Chauvinists and Racists. Is MS letting the JHU Tail. wag the Dog?

    THE BBS rally at Hype Park got only 200 people, may be half of then Journalists trying to figure out what was happening.

  • 5

    If the abolition of EP is not included, Tamils should re- think supporting the candidature of Sirisena. It appears that the JHU, a minuscule party is slowly but surely gaining grip on the CC!

    Sengodan. M

    • 5


      The intolerable toothache is NOT Executive Presidency. It is the incumbent President. The rotten tooth to be extracted is the current regime. Let not the country and the minorities win a battle and loose the war. Never, Never.

      • 1

        This Toothache is not an isolated issue. It is caused by Gum decease.. Just removing bad teeth would not be enough, you have to treat the Gum Decease…

        • 1

          “would not be enough, you have to treat the Gum Decease…”

          that calls for revolutionary cleaning up operations which the island cant do wont do and it is not on the table.

          in fact nothing critical, constructive is on the table from either- even in jazz or football or cricket its the manager who wins and takes the decisions- always 1 person at the helm.

          So do you cut the mop of hair or dont??

          Currently all I notice is horse trading from writers of articles on CT regarding the EP elections (after all it’s always been the batth parcel vote to win but this time with polla too)

  • 3

    It will be all rejigging, even if Sira gets the main Prize on the back of this Rabid anti Rajapaksa Alliance .

    What happened to Ven Sobitha’s new Constitution ?..

    We are no professors,

    But it was clear all along, that the Opposition alliance is a concoction of Revenge Seekers,Greedy guts, No hope Politicians, Commission Agents,and their Western Allies.

    Minority Political parties got all excited hoping the Exec Prez will be kicked out lock stock and barrel and a PM and Cabinet will take over.

    And it would have paved the way for separate Provinces with total Self Rule with own Police and Land Banks.

    All that came to an end when Sira signed the deal with the JHU.

    If anyone in his /her right mind think the JHU can go back to the South to ask the electorate to vote for them,, after the current Prez system is blown to pieces , and allowing Ranil to give the TNA and the SLMC two provinces for self rule?.

    And Privatize the Public assets which the current Govt has built with Chines generosity and goodwill?.

    I mean Dr Kumar being an intelligent leftist needn’t re programming to realize how the UNP and Western allies operate when it comes to public assets and welfare systems.

    They say it is never too late. and the The Devil you know is better ..

    If the TNA is even half as smart as Dr Kumar , it has the chance now, to work something out with the Govt.

    They can get what they want if they come with a clean slate and talk turkey with reasonable demands.

    And if they focus totally on the needs of the Tamil people as well as the others and their next generation going forward.

    They say you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

    Although they were hoping for it with the help of Ranil and the London UNP,

    But it all changed after Rathna, Sobitha and Champika got in to the fray.

  • 1

    You know.. choosing between the two parties is like choosing the lesser-evil.
    Think of it this way:
    You are given an option to go for a date, either with the one who has raped 50 women or with the one that has raped 10 women. Right now, the mentality of the web is, to go on a date with the one that has raped 10 women. Well, I hope you don’t get raped anyways.

  • 2

    Prof. Kumar David

    RE: Sirisena Must Avoid Mixed Signals

    What should one say?

    Tamils a Must Avoid Being Mutaals (Fools) of TNA and mixed signals.


    Sangaree Urged TNA not to mislead Tamils at the President Poll: “Let Tamils to vote according to their conscience and not be dictated by TNA”

    Colombo, 20 December, (Asiantribune.com):
    General Secretary of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) V. Anandasangaree yesterday urged the Tamil electorate to vote for incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa or Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena at the January 8, 2015 presidential election, regardless of the instructions given by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

    Political veteran Anandasangaree emphasised that every Tamil speaking voter should decide after carefully examining the ground situation without being swayed by the TNA again. “Examine various proposals put forwarded by rival camps that can benefit the country and different ethnic communities.”

    Former Kilinochchi District MP Anandasangaree was responding to a query raised by The Island in the wake of President Rajapaksa campaigning in one-time LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu on Thursday (Dec 18).

    Anandasangaree said that those living in the Tamil majority Northern Province or other areas, particularly in the Eastern Province shouldn’t under any circumstance allow the past to repeat, where the TNA decided on their behalf at the crucial presidential poll.

    Responding to a query, Anandasangaree, said that the TNA had caused irreparable damage to the community by taking controversial decisions at presidential polls in Nov 2005 and January 2010. Had the TNA allowed people to decide on their own, post-war situation would have been different, the former MP said, adding that the TNA had lost its credibility the day it recognised the LTTE as the sole representatives of Tamil speaking people during Chandrika Banadaranaike Kumaratunga’s presidency.

    Having squandered its right to represent the community, the TNA on behalf of the LTTE had directed Tamils to boycott the presidential poll on Nov 17, 2005, Anandasangaree said. According to him the order had been issued on Nov. 10, 2005 in Kilinochchi following consultations between the TNA and the LTTE.

    Anandasangaree said that the TNA had, by throwing its weight behind war winning General Sarath Fonseka against the incumbent president at the last presidential election in January 2010, placed the community in an embarrassing situation. On both occasions, Tamils had slavishly followed the TNA. General Fonseka wouldn’t have polled so many votes, if not for the TNA intervention, the former MP said.

    The TULF chief alleged that the TNA was now making a desperate bid to deceive the electorate by pretending to be consulting members of its parliamentary group as well as members of Provincial Councils and Local Government Authorities. Regardless of the stand of the majority of elected and nominated members, finally one or two persons would decide on behalf of the community, Anandasangaree explained.

    The TNA comprises the Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK), TULF and former Indian trained terrorist groups turned political parties, TELO, PLOTE and EPRLF. The grouping has 13 members in parliament in addition to members in the Eastern Provincial Council and overwhelming control in the Northern Provincial Council.

    Anandasangaree insisted that he wasn’t taking sides at the presidential campaign. He regretted that the government had ignored his contribution as a Tamil to defeat the LTTE’s murderous ideology, he said, reminding the government that he had been high on the LTTE hit list, Anandasangaree said that the government didn’t even bother to make at least a passing reference to him during President Rajapaksa campaign tour of the Northern Province.

    Anandasangaree said instead of manipulating the decision making process, the TNA should involve capable people who could make positive contribution towards the grouping and the community. Anandasangaree alleged that the ITAK had taken its place in the TNA by removing the TULF. “This was done for ITAK’s benefit and to pave the way for it to secure favours from pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora. The bottom line is that the TNA wants to continue as the LTTE front organisation. Unfortunately, the TNA has succeeded in creating an impression that all Tamils are LTTE supporters. The Tamils are in a dilemma. The situation can deteriorate further if the TNA succeeds in taking Tamil speaking people for a ride again.”

    Responding to a query, Anandasangaree stressed that those who had been living in areas under the LTTE control had suffered immensely during the conflict. In spite of propaganda carried out by the TNA and other interested parties, including some Western powers, the sufferings experienced by people of all communities during the war couldn’t be compared with post-war situation, he said.

    – Asian Tribune –

  • 2

    Look here,

    Allow me to give you a sense perspective. The two options are

    1 – Tiny devolution + a downsized executive prez
    2 – No devolution + a ceremonial prez

    The opposition is opting for 1. Mahinda R trajectory will take him to option 2. The indications are MR will win by 56%. So all this is kind of moot anyway.

  • 3

    Thanks for that, Kumar.
    While many of us might not be in complete support of what you have to say, the central thrust of your submissions on this subject have been refreshing in that there has never been the taint of self-interest that has been a feature of so many submissions on this subject.
    Goodness knows we need voices of reason, rather than PhDs parading their “erudition” as a means of advancing their personal fortunes!

    • 1

      Well said Email.

      We always suspected the Sirisena “kanda havula” was going to cause a few loose motions. The fifth column has begun to show symptoms of indigestion first, due to the Sinhala Buddhist influense in the havula.

      As far as the remnants of foreigners are concerned, the ultimate aim of all schemes designed to defeat MR are to undermine the Sinhala Buddhist claims to restore the pre-colonial prosperity of Sri Lanka.

      But they will fail miserably, worse this time than wth the Phoneseka try. We will reclaim both sides of the Kandy-Kurunegala highway by 9 January 2015.

  • 2

    How many times did you go after the MR regime ? You think anyone will listen to you. Another MR scumbag !

  • 1


    Glad that you are sounding the alarm bell now. Remember that despite a puny vote base JHU occupies the mental space of the Sinhalese majority. The big difference is that Chamipika is smart enough to know that the Sinhalese are primarily know globally for war crimes and that their country collapsing under dept to China and that the Sinhalese have no future as a nation or people. So this is a positive kind of Nationalism – which is good.

    Tamil and Sinhalese Nationalism can co-exist in a positive way, because if not for the Sinhalese – there wont be Tamil Nationalism and vise verso. They define and reinforce each other – usually in a bloody and negative way.

    What the voting masses need to develop is the understanding of gong – Nationalism, like when you sell your women to middle easterners and your country to the Chinese and be proud of being a Sinhalese Buddhist. Or send other peoples Tamil children to death wearing cyanide capsule in the name of Tamil Nationalism.

    What we don’t need is the dumb assed kind of Nationalism of the kind that MR is ridding on that JHU helped build. But genuine Sinahala Nationalist like Champika now realize that he is taking the Sinhalese to a hell hole and needs to TNA’s support to help apply the brakes.

  • 3

    Prof Kumar David seems overreacting and causing an irreparable damage to the honest effort taken by the joint opposition to bring back democracy to this country. Sri Lanka never had an honest elected leader since the demise of Dudley Senanayake. Now, the Sri Lankans have got the rare opportunity of electing an honest person to be the leader of the country who will do away with the executive presidency no matter what. Look at Maithripala Sirisena. Listen to what he says. Doesn’t he look like the ideal person the people of this country were looking for. He seems genuine, honest and a trustworthy gentleman who will bring back gentleman politics to Sri Lanka. Prof Kumar, please just wait and see. Maithree will fulfil your dream. There is no doubt about it.

    • 2

      Patriot, you seems like having sincere wishes for your country which is very nice… I too wish to see the end of the most corrupted leader and his family out SL leadership.. But don’t believe Mr. Sirisena can do miracles.. Today Mr. Sirisena sounds like honest, educated, and trustworthy “Good” human. But what about one month after winning, one year after winning… Will our Nandas, Mamas and Mudalai Mamas let Sirisena be the same person after one year with power? You underestimate the power of Lankan culture…

  • 1

    The only choice is Sirisena today and the only worry is his MoU and alliance with racist Champika/JHU gang of Sinhala only/Buddhists only ultra racist nationalists. These bad elements will not allow harmony in the country. They will be prepared and happy to loose one of their eye if the minorities and non-Buddhists will be made to loose both eyes. They are simply Anagarika racists, cruel minded rascals and not the real nationalists of any kind.

    Sirisena/RW/Chandrika bunch should either consider cutting off ties with JHU Champika gang’s unholy alliance in order to get minority votes or loose their dream of winning the elections. If they don’t , they are finished for sure.

    Thought we had some hope of getting rid of MR but we might probably end up with the same devil who is ruining the nation.

    The Common candidate group seems clumsy in attracting minority votes, which is vital for a victory.

    Whatever happens, it’s all our fate and so be it ! Sri Lanka will be a silly Lanka for ever…

    • 0

      What a wicked scheme? To safe guard their bad mouthing most Eelamists except for a few like that Vedda boy are in mid summer hibernation. But for Jihadi Muslims, they just cannot do that. They cannot hide their desire to get a misguided village Buddhist to trample the entire urbane Buddhist society.

      • 4

        wathie. sach, nuisance, mechanic, sarojini, …

        Hope you would replace your script writer with a clever one if you can find one.

  • 1

    Professor Kumar David,

    You should have spoken on the matter after 22nd when MR would have released his manifesto.
    Then you could give your view points with clear signals to your readers and the voters.
    In my view you have jumped the gun. It is not so fair.

    Let see your response to MR ‘s manifesto .
    Hope you don’t say reject both Mahinda and Maithiri or endorse your comrades Vasudeva ‘s, Tissa’ s , Dew’s, and DJ ‘ s stands on the Presidential election on the 8th January the date Lasantha was murdered.

  • 2


    So lets not support Maithripala and let MaRa win again.

    This is Tamil logic unfortunately.

    They did this in 2005 and look what happened to Tamils!

    Something is better than nothing!

    • 3

      FU sugar bumkin like pumkin in the dry zone,

      “They did this in 2005 and look what happened to Tamils!”

      Great so the government has that essential experience and
      learned from their mistakes.

      It means now the BBS government can go for Fallujah style operations

      with a slant you never know.

      The island must get rid of muslim terrorist.
      It seems a vast majority of muslims in the capital are sympathisers of IS terror??

      life or death, what is your response??

  • 0

    Prof.David is very right as people were told that a West Minister style
    of governing with PM as the head will replace executive Presidency system but its back to square one as MS is also for EP system in a different form, by reducing some powers. He may promise lot of changes on the political platforms but when one sits on that chair, like the past Presidents like CBK, who also promised to abolish the EP system and that never happened during her tenure, he or she will find that the country cannot be run without executive powers held by the president, executed from outside parliament, but in parliamentary system, the PM and the cabinet are responsible for all decisions and done in parliament. There will be more and more of amendments if a EP is elected and the constitution will be in shatters once the elections
    are done for 2015.

  • 0

    Once great NAPOLEAN said I am not worried about violence of the bad
    people but I am hurt with silence of great educated people

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