2 April, 2023


Sirisena Now Standing On The Side Of Murderers: Anura Kumara Dissanayake

President Maithripala Sirisena is now standing on the side of murderers and assassins, charged JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake in a blistering speech in Parliament on Friday.


Dissanayake charged that President Sirisena’s first act as Law and Order Minister was to attempt the transfer of IP Nishantha Silva out of the CID where he was working on high profile cases, including the Lasantha Wickrematunge’s assassination, the Keith Noyahr abduction and assault, the Upali Tennakoon assault and other major cases. Through the years the CID had withstood political interference in order to unearth evidence into the Thajudeen killing and other cases, he said.

“President Sirisena who was elected in 2015 to solve these crimes, is now standing on the side of the murderers,” Dissanayake charged. Soon after winning the presidency in 2015, Sirisena had claimed he had hidden in a coconut estate out of fear for his life in case his opponent Mahinda Rajapaksa won the polls the JVP leader said. He said he worried that he and his family would be killed. Who was he alluding would be the assassin? Mahinda Rajapaksa of course – those are his words not ours” he added.

“So teach us the formula – how does this alliance between the would-be assassin and his would-be victim work now?” Dissanayake charged.

Explaining why Mahinda Rajapaksa took over the premiership at this stage, when there was a clear path for him to do so legitimately at an election, the JVP Leader took pains to explain that the Rajapaksa family could not afford to wait because a stream of cases against the immediate family were lining up. “02 cases of Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s were coming up. Two cases of Namal’s were coming up. Wimal Weerawansa’s case and his wife’s case was coming up, Lalith Weeratunge’s appeal was coming up, Gamini Senarath’s case was coming up – all this before February,” Dissanayake explained.

“Mahinda Rajapaksa took this step forward, against all good reason in order to save his acolytes from legal action,” he charged.

By summoning cabinet even after there was no cabinet after the no confidence votes were passed in Parliament, President Sirisena and the UPFA ‘ministers’ were like Ali Baba and his 40 thieves, charged Dissanayake. “No state officials should operationalise decisions made by the fake cabinet,” he charged.

President Sirisena was continuing to summon cabinet even though under the provisions of the constitution Cabinet stands dissolved after two No confidence votes were passed in Parliament – “this is like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves meeting” said JVP Leader Dissanayake.

President Sirisena, who had instigated a dirty and uncivilised coup, was now seeking to set boundaries on the struggle to defeat the coup, the JVP Leader accused.

“Who is he to tell this Parliament how to pass a No Confidence Motion? After bringing a fake Government into power under the cover of dusk? He is the most uncivilised politician in this country today. He no longer has moral authority to speak about civility,” Dissanayake charged.

If the UPFA had a problem with standing orders being suspended to pass the No Confidence motion on November 14, all they had to do was defeat the motion to suspend the SOs, he said.
Praising the Speaker for his bold decision to take votes and declare his rulings on November 14, 15 and 16th, the JVP Leader said only the Speaker had to the right to rule on votes taken in the House. Sirisena did not have that power, he said. “The Legislature is not under the authority of the President, Dissanayake said.

“If he likes, he can go to Polonnaruwa and grow a paddy field according to his whims. He can decide which crops to grow. Whether to use organic or chemical fertilizer – he cannot rule this country as he pleases with no regard to law,” he charged.

Anyone with brains the size of an ant’s head can understand that the core of the 19th Amendment was to ensure that the mandate of Parliament could not be subsumed by the Presidency, Dissanayake said.

The President cannot rule the country according to his mad whims, there are boundaries set upon his powers by the constitution and he is bound to act within those confines, the JVP Leader charged.

After Sirisena dissolved Parliament in violation of the constitution the highest court of the land was moved for the first time to unravel an entanglement between the executive and the legislature, by bringing the third branch of the into the picture – the judiciary.

The Supreme Court issued a historic interim order suspending the gazette, and that is the only reason Parliament was able to reconvene, he said. “The judiciary defeated the first step of the coup – we pledge that Parliament will defeat the rest,” Dissanayake vowed.

Addressing President Sirisena directly, Dissanayake said the JVP was not going to fall prey to his tricks of ‘discussions’ about the political crisis. “The only discussion you need to have is with your conscience – we have nothing to talk to you about,” he told the President during a 19 minute speech.

The JVP Leader also threatened the President that he was liable for impeachment by the Legislature and that there were two conditions that could be fulfilled to start that process. “One is the deliberate violation of the constitution. The other is mental infirmity,” Dissanayake charged, adding “let us contemplate our future actions in this House in that regard.

The JVP Leader also took aim at the UNP, saying it was because of the party’s failures in Government that this coup had come about. Accusing former Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake of interfering in cases pertaining to the former regime, Dissanayake said the UNP had failed to bring perpetrators of gross corruption to book during their time in office, because they were too busy doing “deals”.

The Cabinet made a decision that former first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa would not be asked to report to the FCID, but the FCID would be asked to go to her where ever she was, the JVP Leader accused. “At the cabinet the discussion was “she is the former first lady of this country,” he said. Mangala Samaraweera interjected at this point to explain that it was President Sirisena who made this argument.

“Well all of you were in that marriage together all this time,” Dissanayake retorted.

He also accused the UNP of harbouring Gamini Senarath the Rajapaksa’s former Chief of Staff, and keeping investigators at bay. The UNP had failed to be transparent in their dealings in Government, and were paying the price for that and could not be considered the true custodians of democracy, he charged.

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  • 6

    JVP & TNA both Terrorists Parties. JVP killed innocent unarmed people and SONS of TNA , LTTE terrorists killed innocent Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese. Mahonia killed terrorists who killed Indian and Sri Lanka Prime Ministers also of course any war innocent people getting caught in the war

    • 10


      “JVP & TNA both Terrorists Parties.”

      So are SLFP and UNP. Both parties committed state terrorism between 1971 and 2015.

      Anything else do you think relevant to this discussion?

  • 2

    JVP & TNA both Terrorists Parties. JVP killed innocent unarmed people and SONS of TNA , LTTE terrorists killed innocent Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese. Mahonia killed terrorists who killed Indian and Sri Lanka Prime Ministers also of course any war innocent people getting caught in the warh

  • 9


    Why complain now?
    Every act of injustice should have been challenged.
    Every act of violence should have been subjected to accountability.
    The race to hit the bottom started when hard working upcountry Tamils were disenfranchised by the state in 1948. It was the first display of independence.
    Then came Sinhala only act followed by several riots, wars, under development, crude forms parochial constitutions, new identities , new sloganeering, racist rhetoric, competitive racim, ……………. massacres, war crimes, impunities, ………………….

    Have you ever stopped for a moment and questioned yourself or the next person as to the direction the island has been forced take?

  • 12

    I never had any respect for the JVP because of their violent past where many innocent civilians lost their lives & the country was under their terror & intimidation tactics. It appears that under AKD, the JVP has become a mainstream political party & compared to the current uneducated yobs, & even the so called educated but corrupt parliamentarians, the JVP are a viable alternative. AKD, undoubtedly in my mind, has proved himself as a better leader than many of the accepted, so-called leaders among the current bunch but he has to denounce the violent past of his party publicly &, at least, apologise to the families whose members have been arbitrarily murdered before he has my respect. At the same time, the JVP has to prove their integrity & sincerity by pledging to end corruption & nepotism by their party members if in power & he can start by refusing perks, such as, duty free vehicle permits, which have to be paid for by the public, especially, at a time when the country’s coffers have been emptied.

  • 5

    Lankan. You’re quite right.
    Srilanka has no future! Sinhala Buddhists have no future ! Nor the Sinhala Christian Buddhists ! Nor the Muslims. The Tamils have left with nothing.
    All because of Sinhala majority chauvinism , Selfish greed, with the help of Yellow robed spiritualists.
    What will be left is all to see, Self Destruction of course Sinhala Buddhists killing each other.
    Just like the following words.
    “” When they came first for the Trade unionists ! I said , no , I’m not a trade unionist.
    When they came for the Terrorists! I said I’m not a terrorist,
    When they came for the Jews ! I said no! I’m not a Jew!
    When they came next ! There was no one else. except them and me .
    . Same as the Sinhala Buddhists ripping each other apart.
    Funny ! But the truth.
    There will not be the Ape Aanduwe or the Land like no other in a hundred years time.

  • 6

    Whilst I agree that Maithipala Sirisena has been switching on matters of concern, the best thing that has happened out of this entire debacle in that Ranil W who was instigating many unconstitutional and bad things for our country has being ousted in the process.

    Those who argue for democracy , should also consider the evils of creating a non-democratic simple majority of government, wherein the majority party ( the UNP) has to cater to all the demands of their coalition of minority parties.

    The UNP under Ranil W, has been a total failure since they have failed to address any issuers of the Sinhala majority.
    Thus I find that Ranil W’s government to be unfit to command any dominance as a governing party.

    The idiotic followers of Ranil W, need to u’stand that the SL government is NOT their “gayish” playground. I am a Thomian myself and I challenge Ranil W to any Forum to discussPpolitics and the current scenario along with the sexual orientation of you and me.

    • 3

      @ Dr.Dharshana

      Issues of Sinhala majority?
      Who is ruling your Sinhala majority since independence?
      Be proud because of Sinhala only education Podi Menike and Punchi Banda clean Arab toilets
      but English educated Filipinos work as teachers ,,nannys ..secretaries for Arabs.

      Dont worry RW is indirectly engaged in Sinhala colonisation in NE and giving blessing building Buddhist viharas there thus making a direct challenge to Tamils force them to react soon . This is not 1983 doctor.


      • 3

        Please stop lying. Stop gross exaggerations.
        I am a Punchi Banda as well. I studied in Sinhala. I am working as an expert together with few Filipinos who constantly seek my opinion even in their fields of expertise, because our education system is far superior to theirs. It has nothing to do with English.
        I find the root cause of this conflict is the dishonesty of Tamils and their hatred and racist way of fighting the slightest indifference the face among Sinhalese. They can tolerate gross discrimination from Singapore Chinese, Malaysian Malays, Australian Whites, Canadian Whites, Indian Sindhis or any other race but Sinhalese.

        • 2

          @PM Somapala

          You are just one exception among million of Sinhalese working in Arab countries.
          You know very well what Sihalease are doing there.
          So Tamils should be greatful for your great grand father,grand father ,father and you for your masscare since independence ?
          Out of Sinhala Lanka Tamils can go to any high position using their talents.
          Do you know who is the Deputy PM, Foreign MInister, Law Minister in Singapore ?
          All are Tamils .
          Many top civil servants in Singapore are Tamils.
          How many Tamils are at your Sinhala Foreign ministry today ‘?
          How many Tamil diplomates are from SL today?
          Even there are Tamil ambassadors from Mauritius ,South Africa,Malaysia ,Singapore India serving all over the world .
          10% Doctors at government hospitals in United Kingdom are Tamils and many hundreds are in the pipe line why ? There is no Sinhala type discrimination for Tamil students there.
          Majority of Doctors ,Lawyers and Accountants in Malaysia are Tamils .Many business tycoons in Malaysia are Tamils.
          Probably some bright Tamil student was sacrificed for your university entrance.
          Thanks for standerdization of Srimavo.
          Once world class education of Ceylon is a laughing stock today.
          Wake Up.
          You Sinhalese can`t give the rights of Tamils and run their adminstration in North East but ready to accept Chinese dominance who will soon rule entire country.
          It seems Chinese are good and know the talent of Tamils ,and there won`t be any special privilages to Sinhalese ..if they bark Chinese gun will send bullet.
          We have thousands of Tamils in Malaysia who are fluent in Chinese Language so no communication problem at the begining of Chinese rule .
          Chinese rule was clearly predicted in a stone in Tambalagamam( 100% Tamil village robbed by Sinhalese) hundred years ago .
          Get Ready to live under Chinese .

  • 2

    I had some faith in the JVP to do the right thing, but I’m sorry that I perceived wrong given how the JVP has acted and done things amidst this constitutional controversy.

    The JVP surely ruined our young lives in the post 1988 revolution and I lost several of my close friends to their political frenzy, yet I continued to believe in their ideologies thru my first degree days and beyond.

    In fact, I voted For the JVP in 2015 the general election, since I did not any faith either of the main stream parties.

    However with Anura Kumara D, and Vijitha Herath ( my good friend) heading the party, I now see that your strategic vision being skewed by other factors.
    In effect the JVP does not represent the view of the commoners any more, instead you have your own agenda that defies the views of the common people.
    The END RESULT, Anura, Vijitha and others is that you will loose any representation that you have in parliament and thus become a defunct party.

  • 3

    Sira is a confirmed mental case. So he forgets past time to time ( maybe heis taking banned drugs ). I think he is no longer suitable to be president anymore.

  • 7

    Anura Kumara Dissanayke is superb

  • 1

    Maithree Gunarathne and Shiral Lakthilaka are stupid lawyers, unfortunatley Maithripala Sirisena takes advice from them. He wil go into obliviation as a result

  • 3

    Anura Kumara Dissanayke has only 5 MPs we should bear that in mind too.

  • 2

    Maithripaala Sirisena’s attacks on Ranil and UNP are not reasonable especially about Shiranthi Rajapakse not taken into custody. It was a decision solely made by Maithripala, Ranil wanted her arrest.

  • 3

    For three and half years Sirisena was standing with a worse kind of murderer ‘Batalanda Wadakaya’ who played a role in torturing and murdering thousands of Sinhala youths misled by ‘Jathiya Vinashakarana Peramuana (JVP) and also had a role in killing thousands of Demalu in 1983 using thugs from Colombo ‘Pathalaya’. May be Anura was a kid at that time and cannot remember what happened or could be that he is suffering from the disease called ‘Selective Amnesia’.

  • 0

    While JVP Leader AKD was making this speech in Parliament with a reference to “Murder” of Wazim Thajudeen, the CID filed a case, on the instructions of “Attorney General”- the “King Kikelle’s Advocate”, against three persons in connection with the “Murder”. Who are they: “1st Accused” – The OIC of the Crime Branch of Narahenpita Police – Sumith Perera; “2nd Accused” – DIG Anura Senanayake of Colombo Division; “3rd Accused”- Colombo Chief Medical Officer – Ananada Samarasekera. In my opinion, this is the “FIRST TIME” the KEY WITNESSES are made “ACCUSED” of a “MURDER”. In Parliament, AKD was referring to a “Defender SUV” that belonged to an organization called “Siriliya” which was used in the “Murder”. So who used it for the “Murder”. Are the above “Three Accused”? Even CID has found that lead to the SUV Defender. What happened to the “USERS” of that vehicle on that day? Where are THEY? Please also note, this case was filed following the “Court Orders”. Let us wait (for how long) and see how “King Kikelle’s Advocate” conducts this case, if at all the case is to be heard. With this, we see, the REAL “King Kikelle” has “ASCENDED” the “THRONE”. Hail Thee “KING”. Long Live to “WRITE” the next BOOK.

  • 3

    Dr. Dharshana W has got his genitalia in the place where his brain should be. So he is getting all sorts of things mixed up – politics, sexuality, factional racism, even the boast that he can debate with a sitting prime minister. These are the thoughts and dreams of a small man, a keyboard warrior.

  • 3

    Every word AKD utters may be true. But is he qualified to be a complainant when his own hands are tainted? At least in the ancient era when Jesus Christ told “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” Everybody left other than Jesus. But today sinners talk of other’s sins. I know what murder JVP committed in late 1980’s. I have seen bodies burning in tyre pyres. AKD was then a junior in the setup but yet his hands are tainted with the blood of everyone who was killed by the JVP. Some websites carry stories about valuable property belonging to AKD in a European country. All that makes AKD yet another politician. The best course of action for the current lot of politicians is to get together only for the purpose of unanimously choosing a father figure not aligned to any group to give leadership to this country.

    • 1

      Your comments against AKD are besides the point

  • 4

    Batalanda Ranil W, Tortured and Killed Thousands, Ranil and his Cabinet stole millions,

    Anura Kumara’s JVP Killed Thousands,

    TNA and the LTTE killed Hundreds of Thousands,

    They are all Mass Murderers; They are all joining together trying to protect Democracy !! What a Laugh

  • 3

    Anura Kumara Dissanayanke’s speech is a master piece which could be remembered for all times. His equivalent, who is another suitable leader for Sri Lanka too has praise AKD for the speech.

  • 2

    It is Time Now, for Sri Lankan Politicians to Realise that They have to Prove their Loyalty to the Country and Her people!
    They seem to Believe that Loyalty to a Political Party is More Important!

  • 2

    Answering Asoka’s comments that TNA & JVP are terrorist organizations, I must say that since independence, the ruling parties UNP & SLFP too took part in passive terrorist activities from
    time to time .1983 riots against the Tamils is a good proof of UNP’s indirect participation in
    destroying the properties and lives of the Tamils using hooligans as patriots and 1956 riots was orchestrated by SWRD founder of SLFP in the name of Buddhism and riots & economic strangling against the minorities continued unabated since independence and until today. and the political parties involved are/were SLFP & UNP.in destruction of minorities . JVP no doubt thought the they could free the people by an armed struggle but failed but today they have resurrected themselves and embraced left leaning democracy and formed a political party and Anura Dissa, the versatile leader of JVP proved himself as an ardent supporter of democracy and fought very hard to protest democracy in the recent Sirisena Drama
    and today people have a watch on him as he is grooming himself to become a leader with a difference.
    TNA had no truck with Ltte and of course , they had to lie low during the armed struggle because they had to live among the Tigers, who were armed and Asoka should know as to how may Tamil leaders were
    killed by Ltte.It is like comparing a cow(TNA) to a tiger.
    I am a Tamil and I support Anura as we need a new party to lead us as we Sri Lankns learnt bitter
    lessons from the rule of SLFP/UNP . I am happy that Anura see eye to eye with TNA on many issues and the days of communal politics are over and he does not utter anything that hurts the minorites and so his

  • 1

    What a joke. Anura the Idiot and betrayer has forgotten what UNP did to them in 1988/1989. If MR & co are murderers what about people who killed their party leader and thousands of youths, Rohana.
    You have destroyed the leftist movement by join hands with UNP. You will pay for that soon.

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