30 May, 2023


Sirisena Openly Attacks Human Rights Activists: Signals Approval For Extra-Judicial Killings

President Maithripala Sirisena openly attacked Human Rights activists today for standing in the way of the law enforcement process.

“A country cannot be disciplined if we follow what the Human Rights activists preach. If that is the case, we should hand everything, including the government and the law enforcement system to the human rights activists and wash our hands off, ” Sirisena said addressing a Police diploma presentation event.

“Especially, when dealing with the underworld, the Police have to take certain actions, ” Sirisena said signaling he had no issue with extra-judicial killings.

Ironically, in the same speech, Sirisena explained how he was nearly killed by the Police during the 1971 uprising to which he had no real connection. Sirisena said a Police officer forced him to draw the map of an army camp at gun point and used it to imprison him on fabricated charges.

“I wrote for my Advanced Level examination while in prison, ” Sirisena added.

The Sri Lankan President, last week, drew condemnation from the civilized world when he publicly lauded Philippine Duterte’s “war” against drugs, during an official visit to the country.
Human Rights Watch, last year, stated that Duterte’s murderous “drug war” resulted in extra-judicial killings of tens of thousands of drug suspects.

In one of his speeches, Sirisena said, “Excellency, the war against crime and drugs carried out by you is an example to the whole world, and personally to me. Drug menace is rampant in my country and I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard.”

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    Time & time again, Sirisena has demonstrated his ignorance & stupidity, so much so, we have accepted him as a joker. It has been proved beyond doubt that he is unsuitable to govern the country but what & when are we going to do something about it? Maybe we should consider the current happenings in Venezuela as an example with mass protests which would have the sympathy of the International community in legitimately overthrowing a despot who is unashamedly & openly ruining the country.

    A man who alleges that he was wrongfully detained by the police during the insurgency in the 70s should, as a politician, have the guts to fight for human rights, (that is if had really experienced injustice first hand) instead of promoting vigilantism. Sirisena, once again has put his foot in the mouth but doesn’t seem to have the intelligence to understand his stupid rhetoric. How much longer can this dumb yob be tolerated?

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    Under his snow white national Dress I smell more blood and dirty stuff stains in his Ambude.

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    Sirisena must appoint a commission to look into his family wealth which was collected recently very urgent before he gets out.

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