29 March, 2023


Sirisena Takes Another U-Turn: UNP Offers To Bring 113 MPs To Presidential Secretariat With Signed Affidavits

Party leaders meeting, convened by President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat, ended in conclusively with Sirisena continuously refusing the UNP’s offer to show its Parliamentary majority.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also attended the meeting along with other political party members in Parliament. The JVP boycotted the meeting expressing doubts over the President’s will to resolve the political crisis.

President Sirisena

The UNP, at the discussion, said the party had a clear majority in Parliament and said they were in a position to bring 113 MPs to the Presidential Secretariat with signed affidavits. The party maintained that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be subjected to a floor vote in Parliament as soon as possible.

Responding to the UPFA’s allegations over the Speaker’s conduct, the UNP representatives said the UPFA could present a motion in Parliament against the Speaker. The UPFA, however, did not respond to this proposal, as the alliance, which claims to be the ruling party, clearly lacks the numbers to form a Parliamentary majority.

The UNF representatives had also informed the President that the latter could not dictate terms to the UNP over its leadership or the Prime Ministerial candidate. The party had also pointed out, according to Article 48(2) of the Constitution, that there was no government in the country after the no confidence motions were adopted in Parliament.

Meanwhile, President Sirisena, taking another U-turn, said he could not accept the results of a voice vote on a no confidence motion although it calls within the Parliamentary procedure and Standing Orders.

Sirisena had a vote by name or a vote via electronic system should be conducted on the no confidence motion presented against Rajapaksa. However, Sirisena failed to take any meaningful step to prevent the UPFA MPs from disrupting Parliamentary proceedings.

Previously, Sirisena said he would accept the no confidence motion against Rajapaksa if the legislature adopted it minus the first clause which challenged the gazette notifications issued by the President.

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Latest comments

  • 22

    Rajapaksas Criminal Cabal trying to fool Sajith Premadasa into a premature bid for Prime Minister in the hopes of splitting a strong united UNP giving the a chance to protect the Rajapaksa criminals from the special courts…

    Sajith Premadasa Won’t be fooled so easily.

    UNP stands for the special courts and the promise made to the citizens of Sri Lanka and will not allow a forceful call for elections to be used to protect the Rajapaksas from criminal prosecutions.

    Send the Rajapaksas to Hage. Let the International Criminal Courts take care of them.

    • 1

      You may request the IGP to install a’ NO U-TURN’ sign in the presidential secretariat.

  • 3

    Why can’t these Goo N.P. idiots wait until SC gives their verdict. Because of what they are doing, Goo N.P politicians will be branded by people as anti-election morons. They kept on agreeing with Ranil when he kept on postponing Local Government elections and Provincial Council elections although Ranil wants to project his image as the savior of democracy. When President decided to give people the right to choose, these idiots oppose that as well. Goo N.P politicians are digging their own grave by hanging on with Ranil who is suffering from election phobia.

    • 12

      Credibility of GAMARALAGE SIRISENA has fallen to zero level by today; the man we made him a president to get rid of murderous, rapist Rajakashes, has ruined the nation to this day, as never expected by anyone.

      Today, if anyone from a local prison can have more credibility of their statements than that of OUR so called president. His should be connected with some pathological reasons or he is on a life threatening situation.

      We can only say- GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH !

      He changes his words from dawn to dusk, just being caught by devil group headed by none other than the man who looted and rooted the country by 2015. However, masses have still been made hallozinated feeding them with blatant lies.
      That is why those commenters found in SOCIAL media are seen as blind sympathisers of Ballige putha Rajakshe.
      This morning I heard one video depicgting what is happening to Ballige putha Rajapkshe is the promise given by President SIRISENA to him prior ballige putha being offered FAKE premiership was, that over 12 UNPrs would join to Rajakashe:
      Latter has now become dream so now what STUpid SIRISENA has been in a problem… so is the case with power intoxicated high criminal Rajakashe.

      And they the analysts compare the situation similar to:
      ධාතු කරන්ඩුව රාජපක්ශෙගේ ඔලුගේඩිය උඩ තියලා සරම කඩල.. රාජපක්ස හෙලුවෙන් කාලය ගත කරනවා මේ දිනවල කියල..
      சிறிசேன ராஜபக்ஷவின் தலையில் புனிதத்தலத்தை வைத்தார். அதே நேரத்தில் ராஜாபக்சின் சரணாலயம் கீழே விழுந்து நாகம் அடைந்துவிட்டது.
      Sirisena has put the sacred shrine on Rajapakshe’s head and in the same time, his sarong is set to fall down so that the man stays naked:

  • 17

    JVP did the right thing by boycotting the party leaders meeting with the baboon, who can trust him , and who is he to tell the UNP who should be their leader, instead Sirisena can resign and let the country live in peace. PLEASE GO FOR HEAVENS SAKE.

  • 16

    Mr. Sirisena, while you bungle around like a mad buffalo attacking anything that moves without any rhyme or reason, here is a character, a True Son of Lanka, whom you can try and emulate. I don’t think, you will be able hold a candle to him. But anyway, here we go.

    1. Old Boy of Ananda College

    2. Commissioned officer of the Army

    3. Occupied high positions in 52 companies world wide

    4. Ambassador for Sri Lanka in 5 countries including Switzerland, Germany and France

    5. Asst Secretary of UNP

    6. Past Mayor of CMC. During his tenure, CMC selected as the best managed MC in South Asia and he was selected as the best Mayor in South Asia

    7. Has not accepted salary for the public positions he occupied

    8. Refused all vehicle permits due for his positions

    9. Name never connected with any bribery or corruption case..

    10. Fighting mightily for democracy in Parliament

    Who is this man? A character from Fiction? A Knight in shining armor from King Arthur’s Round Table? No it is our own hero Karu (The Hon. Speaker of the House)

    (My thanks to Jeevantha Kaluarachchi)

    A Gamarala is a Gamarala even if he goes to heaven holding the elephant’s tail. Family background matters. That is why, even Buddha, no respecter of caste or clan, selected the Royal clan of Sakya to be born in to.

  • 12

    Are the white vans back in operation?

    “The Editor and script writer of the ‘Koombiyo’ Tele Drama, Damitha Chandrasiri has gone missing without a trace for the past three weeks, Police said yesterday.

    According to a complaint received by the Welikada Police, the 41-year-old Editor had gone missing from his rented lodging in Nawala.”

  • 5

    Some people question the double standard of some media. Some reporting is bias while others try to keep the balance somehow. However, some pathetic online media were so bankrupt they have even resorted to utterly cheap plagiarism, even backdating, without shame. “Colombo Telegraph” has played a bigger role in its efforts to give the correct picture of the crisis while accommodating diverse views of commenters which is commendable.

  • 12

    Sirisena, listen up. You know Libya and its past President Muammar Gaddafi, don’t you? He was a tyrant to his enemies but a great benefactor for other citizen. He gave them free housing, free education up to any college anywhere in the world all expenses paid, cars, wedding gifts – you name it – he gave it.
    But you know what happened finally? He was dragged along the road like a dog and slowly beaten to death by a mob of his own people. One of his biggest mistakes was to go against the wishes of Western powers. They were behind his death.
    Libya was a very wealthy country and Gaddafi a very tough guy. Compared to him you are less than a mouse. Don’t play with the Western Powers. They can be very dangerous. Especially in this case when they are on the ‘good’ side and you are on the ‘bad’ side.
    So you had better leave now. Go to China, Seychelles, Timbuktu or Tuttukudi for that matter. But Go before it is too late. With the billions you have stolen from us you can pay your way through and then live safely until your miserable life ends naturally. We don’t want any harm to fall on you. We don’t want any harm to fall on anybody, for that matter, even on Mara. Unlike you, we are genuine Buddhists and Maithriya is our key word.
    Ayubowan and Theruwan Saranai,

  • 5

    The Parliament has been postponed to next Friday.

    Obviously, waiting for Supreme Court final decision.

    The amount of funds wasted, how much could have been done to the needy.

    Now we will spend millions more borrowed on interest for development to have elections.

    So The Executive political system is here to Stay.

  • 3

    Parliamentary Election is the requirement of the people of Sri Lanka at the moment. previous government delayed all elections due because they are afraid of facing the people for the mandate.

    Ranil knows very well that people are waiting to give him the real time lesson for planning to bring Orumitththanadu where country will break in to eight pieces and North & East as a combine government with all the powers no Executive Presidency to check if they decide to separate. Besides, the bond scam – Daylight Robbery of Central Bank, stee increse of Cost of Living, Tax Burden, ETCA, Singaore Agreement, planning to sell all government entities, Foreigners able to purchase lands of the country out right,

    People are supreme and above all including Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. Mahida can wait for another one and half years where he will get a landslide with a 2/3 majority, Can the country can wait?

  • 0

    It is crystal clear that FEAR OF GOING PRISON is the name of the game .
    The victory in any future elections for both the UNP AND BUD hinges
    on court verdicts . People’s main demand today is “punish thieves.”
    U N P can not face people without results and the BUD can not face people
    with the result ! So, this kind of a juggling ! Mahinda knows this is the
    only way to hinder court proceedings ! Otherwise no fool will take such a
    risk at a time of growing popularity ! And the battle finds a peaceful exit
    in favour of Ranil could mean a DEAL . IN FACT AN ELECTION IN
    ABSTENTIA IS WHAT’S GOING ON , another name for the game !

  • 2

    It is a MAD MAD MAD world in Sri Lanka lead by a MAD President and MAD MR. The only Judiciary can save the MAD country. The reputation of the country has gone for dogs. I wish that people will teach a lesson to the MAD politicians so that they will not think about politics in the near future

  • 2

    Credibility of GAMARALAGE SIRISENA has fallen to zero level. He is no longer the president but a terrorist, thief who did not obey the constitution. No point in having discussions with a MAD COW! Now should be the action to get rid of him,penalize him for not respecting the constitution, creating economic havoc in the country. He should be liable for the damage caused ( we should have a law in sri lanka) and every million should introduce jail time for 1 year.

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