6 July, 2022


Sirisena To Convene Parliament On November 05 Amid Severe International Pressure To Uphold Democracy

After discussions with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday, President Maithripala Sirisena has agreed to convene Parliament on November 05, reversing his earlier order to convene it on November 16.

President Sirisena – Leader of the SLFP

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in a statement to media a short while ago, confirmed that the President conveyed the decision to him. Before the President ordered probation of Parliament until November 16, the House was scheduled to convene on November 05 for the second reading of the Appropriation Bill.

‘At the next sitting of Parliament, Rajapaksa will take up the chair of the Prime Minister as his name has been gazetted as the Prime Minister’, the Speakers Office said.

The decision to convene Parliament on Monday has been made amid increasing international pressure on the President to allow the legislature to perform its functions.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka Hanaa Singer met President Sirisena in Colombo yesterday and requested him to uphold the constitution and adhere to the democratic procedures.

The same request was made to Speaker Jayasuriya when the UN Resident Coordinator, European Union Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Tung-Lai Margue, UK High Commissioner James Dauris, Canadian Ambassador David MacKinnon and German Ambassador Jorn Rohde met him in Parliament yesterday. They expressed grave concerns about the current political situation and pointed out the detrimental consequences Sri Lanka could face as a result of the “unexpected political transition.”

Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan too met the UN Resident Coordinator in Parliament yesterday and urged her to exert international pressure on President Sirisena to convene Parliament and uphold democracy.

Meanwhile, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is scheduled to hold a rally in Nugegoda today at 3 pm against the appointment of Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister.

The party has stated that by appointing Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister, President Sirisena has beached the Constitution and undermined democracy.

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    Those who oppose removing Ranil Wickramasinghe say that this was done in a highly secretive way. I think those who planned this bloodless coup carried that in a secretive way to prevent Ministers destroying or removing important documents. What Arjuna Ranatunga did by entering the Ministry and trying to take files shows that the decision taken by those who carried out this change in a secretive manner is a sensible one. We hear that Ministry of Health is sealed so that Minister cannot remove any files. If true, probably Rajitha must be shitting bricks.

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    I have posted the Constitution, waiting for CT to approve and publish.

    If we think. MR is a devil. Then so was Ranil is his own way.

    I guess The President was forced to choose the known devil due to circumstances, we must be fair, he offered to have a change, he rightfully offered the position to The Speaker, but was not allowed.
    With due Respect to Mr. Ranil, Like all humans its always we who bring upon ourselves our own down fall, but most of us prefer to find someone to blame it on or the stars.

    I think. Mr.Rajapakshe may have learned to look within him for answers and who knows may be he might prove to be a better option.

    Let us hope he does not let people misguide him. This time.

  • 10

    This pakaya gamrala silisena might dissolve parliament if MR looses which is certain to happen. Let this bastard resign as go who cares of course he will have GS jos

  • 2

    No one can destroy you unless you let them to.
    MR allowed the people around him to in his previous rule.
    Let’s see if he will let that happen again, I doubt it.

    And Ranil allowed those around him..

    Self criticism is the best medicine for your mind.

    Not blaming others of black magic or the stars.

    No magic, no illusions, our minds need to be trained to be fair to all and to look into our mistakes to correct them.

    Justice and compassion to all if you want to rule.

    Remember the universe is unique in returning what you send forth .

  • 16

    Sirisena and MR’s major coup has backfired. They did not expect such a reaction from the people of the country, and internationally. They thought they were above the laws, and above the constitution, and can resort to these power plays.

    MR is a filthy power hungry creature. Who, with his family, bankrupted this country, and was in power for years, and he still is hungry for more.

  • 6

    Champa, Our man (Ranil) will be sitting like a King, while your man will be Shitting in fear.

    • 5




      RW has been very cautious not to attack MS in this interview.
      See, that is what I like in Mr RW, he would never attack a person throwing loads of filthy.
      Going back to last few months, where MS has repeatedly attacked him on the stage, but RW has maintained his men not to attack President publicly.
      Now we know who had been the MAIN barrier in that duo.
      Telling the palatable and doing the other way around is proved by MS to entire world.
      Now we dont need any further proofs.
      Floor test will have to be conducted in that Parliament on the 5th Nov 2018.

      I think there is a huge mud slinging campaign against RW all along.
      But truth as it is MR was the leader to have sold out SANGRALLA fully to India.
      Thanks to RW, they got that turned to a lease.
      These are facts and OPPUWAs are there for anyone ‘s study.
      But lanken media painted the picture in favour of MR et al why ?
      You kill and you hang on the crime on the others – is that fair ?
      I am not any of the party sympathizer – but I am pro democracy.
      That is why I hve all along been engaging to help the correct info be spread.
      I find Mr RW did not accuse anyone in this interview.
      All what he has been sharing to the interviewer were already in the press.
      Just about the FLOOR TEST – is the latest …


  • 4

    Champa ” I know the full story now”.(a well known fact to most) Is it so. please do not tell . Keep it as a secret for your self.

    • 9

      Politicians who are joining Mahinda Rajapaksa are only doing it to fill their pockets not from love of country or representation of the interests of the voters. They were voted to put the Rajapaksas Criminal Network in prison not bringing them back to power. Demand that your elected leaders do not betray you…
      It is clear they all fear Ranil Wickremesinghe and have been sabotaging his efforts to put the criminals in prison. Even President Maithripala seems to have made a deal with the Rajapaksas to block any legal action against them.
      Now just before the special courts kick off in December a plot has been hatched to oust the man keeping the election promise to the people of Sri Lanka.
      These cunning lot are the true traitors who are betraying our citizens.
      They have artfully made Ranil a villain.
      Why now just before the special courts begin?
      Why did the Rajapaksas and Maithripala Sirisena released the terrorists who attacked the Muslims in Kandy?
      Why did they manufacture a fake assassination plot that slowly brought Sarath Fonseka into the picture then Ranil just as the coup was enacted? Was it to have an excuse to arrest the two biggest threats to the criminals?
      The choices you make now will affect the future of our country. The Devils we worked so hard to oust from power are making a final stand to avoid criminal prosecution using all the trickery and spending every last cent they have.
      Keep an eye on those working hard to legitimize them too for they are the criminal who have a lot to lose.

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      There needs to be better analysis of the Geopolitics and economics of the current crisis in Sri Lanka. None of the Asian countries have made statements but say this is a domestic affair..
      The so-called “international community” which is US led Euro-America, including Japan, the biggest holder of Sri Lankan Debt, are a big part of the Economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka. It is their economic agenda that benefits the Global 1 percent and America 1st that Bondscam Ranil was pushing –neoliberal reforms that put Lanka into a debt trap and crash the currency (like Greece, Argentina etc), and so Washington MCC and IMF then control the economic policy making. Neoliberal economic reform comes with a Culture of impunity and immunity for Financial Crimes and NO Economic Rights or justice for working people.

      The western block in order to access strategic assets like land and transport infrastructure because of Lanka’s strategic location in Indian Ocean have got Ranil in their pockets and hence the Land Bank to asset strip Lanka and fight a Cold War with China.
      This is the geopolitical conflict that underlies the current “constitutional crisis in Lanka”

      • 5

        Dinuk, we are doing this to ourselves. This is a move by the Rajapaksas to avoid criminal prosecution by the special courts in December. Can’t you see the connection!? Why else will Maithripala Sirisena make the king of murder, white vans, killer of journalists defender of criminals the Prime Minister?

        Ranil was blocked from taking action against the Rajapaksas Criminal Cabal.

        So the cabal wants Ranil and Sarath Fonseka the big threats to the criminals out.

        Why do you think the terrorists responsible for the Kandy riots were the first to be released soon after Mahinda became prime minister?

      • 1

        Exactly Dinuk.. the world is not the EU, UK, and US, no other country has expressed “concern”.

    • 0

      I am still debating with myself whether I should post my already written comment or not. I might do it ‘one day’ here or elsewhere.
      However, in fairness to Ranil I must say the “assassination plot to kill the President” is TOTALLY FAKE. That Police informant Namal Kumara is a plant by Basil. I have reasons to believe that HE IS the “script writer” of the Police informant Namal Kumara’s tele-story mentioned in my comments here and elsewhere.
      I saw news in few places (local and international both) suggesting that the Sri Lankan President has removed the Prime Minister over an assassination plot which is NOT TRUE and totally unfair as there was NO official conclusion followed by an investigation or a proper investigation at all for that matter, or any evidence to prove the allegation. It is an unsubstantiated allegation and it is a disgrace to the country.

    • 1


      to whom those who are intersted in. you may get the facts about the latest.

      That bugger of BBS dares to say, that only 10 000 gathered to colombo.. and people s attendance were poor. He spoke against his heart feelings we can well be aware as to why. BBS head is jailed by the court verdict not because good governance goverment worked on getting him jailed. And the fact we must not forget BBS head has over dozens of cases being filed againgst his aggressive behaviour.

  • 6

    But we see one unfortunate thing unfolding once again, Muzzamil who was not even was seen around for the last few years is suddenly making rounds of delivering his usual arrogance on media and I wonder if Muslim votes matters for Mr. Rajapakshe, but talking to some people, the releasing of Amith Weerasinghe and his joint press exposure along with Dan Prasad has sent a signal of fear mongering, Muslims do not consider Muzzamil as a their representative.

    I sincerely hope Mr. RAJAPAKSHE will do all he can to bring unity among all our people, a country where the people are divided can neither progress nor can have blessings.

    • 1

      Muslims have nothing to be fearful of as long as they are on their best behaviour. Muslims must not vote piglets like Badudeen, Hakem, Hisbulla, etc.

    • 5


      it is possible us to expect from a pig to fly ?

      Likewise, alone these 6 days are good enough to see how crime friendly Rajaakshes have been.

      How they attacked Arjuna gurads ?

      How they attacked in SLTV and painted the picture in favour of them….

      How they have now been treating Mr Wickramasinghe in Temple trees ? He is to be hurt overnight by OICs today.
      If anyone would kill him before next monday, Rajakshes should be burnt down on day light .

      The very same treatments should be given to MS, because his stupdity created this turmoil.

      • 4

        The release of the terrorist who attacked the minorities in Kandy as a first act by Mahinda Rajapaksa shows he will get back to his old ways. Hold you Muslim & Tamil leaders who join the Maithripala Sirisena Mahinda Rajapaksa Criminal Government responsible. Demand they don’t sell your votes for their personal gain and betray you by protecting the Rajapaksas Criminal Network…

        These politicians have no right to sell our votes to criminals. We do not endorse the protection of criminals.

  • 2

    Any one up for challenge in predicting the game plan????? I see quite a few. 1) MR sits as PM and keep disrupting the procedures as long they can buy time for number games 2) active bribing and recruiting members from other party(already on) 3) If things dont work out as expected MS dissolving parliament for elections. 4) If third is the option then there is uncertainty. Face saving and explaining the gimmicks to an angry public and international bodies, is not a easy job, The sympathy votes is towards RW in way of change of mind in fence sitters. This will also raise questions about declining MR,s charisma and control.Also suspicion in genuine and young voters about the integrity of MR/MS in violating the constitution and cheating the voters Set back will lead to rebellions within party..Before MR was in a hurry to call elections and lost because of greed. MR and co could have achieved the same result in upcoming elections where the chances are already bright.Instead hurried in pulling the rug with the help of MS. This act may turn out be the end of political carrier.But this is too much to ask from retarded voters.

    • 2

      “MR and co could have achieved the same result in upcoming elections where the chances are already bright.Instead hurried in pulling the rug with the help of MS.”

      True ……… but MR had to act fast and save themselves from the special-courts ……….. the special-courts would have exposed their crimes and true nature ………… and made any subsequent elections unwinnable

      The Rajapakses are not as stupid as this move has made them look

  • 2

    The Lessons: Guys, whomever you are supporting in this most interesting Alakalanchiya, let us learn some lessons.
    Firstly, there should be a Plan B. having failed twice in their onslaughts these idiots go out in to battle without a Plan B. The Plan A fails due to astrological and other reasons and the idiots are left with their sarongs down and no water source to clean up the shit.
    Secondly, they forgot one of the most important factors. The reaction of Western Governments and India. Perhaps the idiots like the Drummer Boy, who has promoted himself to the level a second Puran Appu, thought, to hell with them. How can they interfere in a sovereign country. This idiot may be good at Drumming, but when it comes to using Grade 8 brain, well, the less you mention the dirty rat, the better it is for all of us.
    Thirdly, they underestimated the enemy. Ranil never said a word in anger against Sira in any of the conflicts. He was an epitome of patience, equanimity, fortitude and gentlemanly behavior – a model for all of us to emulate. Though we were just commoners, not having much to lose, we were boiling at what was happening for several months. But he was calm and collected.
    I am sure many people are rejoicing. I don’t know what you guys are doing over there. But this is the start of the weekend here. We have beautiful weather here with temperatures in the twenties and blue skies most of the time – the best time in ME, weather-wise. There is a nice pot out there where we can have …. you know what!

  • 1

    Politically, people hate RW except that blind, green blooded UNPers.

    Sacking him is a national interest but unfortunately president is embroiled in constitutional impediments that caused by well planned deceptive amendment to the constitution. (19th amendment) by RW just after the election that made him the PM.

    (Sacking him is not an interest of racially based Tamil & Muslim parties as they don’t engage in national politics)

    UNP must be ashamed of coming to power using cat’s paw common candidate in the absence of a charismatic leader to win elections.

    The reason for current situation is this cats paw president’s attempt to withdraw his paw.

    People appreciate even though it’s late, the sacking/attempted sacking by the president of this unwanted man.

    We expect when the parliament is convened on 5th, MPs will favor president & approve MR’s being appointed as the PM.

    • 3

      Real Revolutionist, the actions of Maithripala Sirisena have proven the true reason people like you want Ranil Wickremesinghe out. He was the only person keeping the election promises and working hard to prosecute the Rajapaksas Criminal Network while others including Maithripala were working to sabotage his efforts.

      Now everyone knows why the criminals are working to remove Ranil to protect themselves.

      Criminal Cabal who is working against Ranil exposed.

      • 0


        Insisting appointing AM to CB head an election promise?

        Bond scam is an election promise?

        Not prosecuting/failure to prosecute so called Rajapakse criminals for 3 years is an election promise?
        (It seems to be RW who protected Rajapakses)

        Attempt to legalize same sex marriage is an election promise?

        Levying unbearable tax on people is an election promise?

        Selling public enterprises is an election promise?

        Letting using PM’s official residence for his political buddies for weddings & parties is an election promise when there’re plenty of tax paying reception halls in the city.

  • 0

    Ranil & Co selected SIRA to be the candidate for their JOURNEY’S DRIVER !
    But how stupid it is for the driver to try his routes with the passengers ?
    In the ideal world , even if he had a very good majority of his own party , HE
    WHEEL IS IN THE FRONT ! He failed to win his own party from MARA but
    that is his problem . You said only one term and you changed track and you
    found a way for that ! Beautiful , now you have 6.2 million laughing at you !

  • 1

    MR is the real winner in this coup. If Ranil loses the confidence of the parliament, Gamarala rules for a while. MR takes over the SLFP leadership. Then will kick out the Gamarala.
    If Ranil wins Gamaya loses face – does he have one? Then he has to go – no matter what lies he comes up with. Then MR automatically becomes the SLFP boss.
    Ranil in the meantime will be inactive as ever. All the politicians will be back to rob mother Lanka & we fools will be voting the same rogues again and again.

  • 1

    Great but its not because President wanted this to happen its because the Speaker under special circumstances would have called the Parliament. Now the Speaker should ensure as first act to call both Mahinda and Ranil to show majority.

  • 2

    Step 1: appoint MR – Done
    Step 2: presidential pardon for Ven Gnanasara -in progress
    Step 3: abolish ongoing investigation against MR and colleagues – in progress

  • 2

    Dear Manel, I beg to differ,, there is no reaction from people at all, what we saw we just UNP supporters.

    The best way To describe it is The way Ven. Monk described it, quote:The entire nation went to sleep so did I too.
    Went to sleep and slept well.

    According to the very constitution Mr. RW have drawn up, President has appointed MR with in The legal framework of the 19th amendment.

    You can not have the cake and eat the cake.

    He did not want to get rid of the Executive Presidency his late Uncle brought in, so here is the result.

    • 3

      If you can sleep while the country goes through ethnic violence, BBS terrorists spreading fake news about Muslims, thugs attacking places of worship, white vans, journalists being killed, kidnapped, or threatened, no freedom of press, and the Carlton group making mints of money, then you must have a thick skin and no conscience.

    • 1

      LANKA Nitizen ,

      There are contradictory reports from within MARA circle about
      the reopening of parliament on the 5th ! And also there are reports
      from the same sources that NO- MAJORITY won’t mean that MARA
      has to go ! What I feel is , this is not a coup that will last only a couple
      of weeks ! JRJ constitution was designed for UNP to rule without
      stop for as long as possible and if you stop , the new taker will do the
      same to you ! And now , it has gone much beyond and without mercy ,
      Non-UNP takers are so much power addicted that they can’t live
      without it ! What’s happening right now is NOT TRYING TO GOVERN
      QUITE DANGEROUS ! Hospitals in the country won’t be able to cope !
      We don’t need this in the name of the country but in some other names
      and for that , leave the governance and do it in your own properties !

  • 4

    So Mahinda wants to sit in Ranils chair in parliament ?and that is why he has agreed to convene parliament .Sillysena is really a idiot he has got trapped in Mahinda and his men’s schemes his days are numbered if MR is PM.
    JVP has a duty to uphold the constitution and must vote to uphold it, they cannot be silent and allow murderers to take over the country.

  • 5

    China should be protesting. By reducing the time to negotiate the deal to buy votes for Rajapaksa it will have to pay a premium price.

    This is after the amount of money it spent on Rajapaksa in 2015 and still lost.

    • 1


      I am looking forward to the next riots against the others hopefully preparations are being done by wannihami, somass, Hela, the saffron clad Elle, Eagle Indian Bum Watching Eye, jimmy the stupid softy, Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weera Windbag Wansa, …. ……………….. .

      I am also looking forward to the next tsunami, the waves are expected to reach 650 Metres high. Again the tsunami will be blamed on GG Ponna, Chelvanayagam, Amirthalingam, VP, Trinco Sam, Vellala caste issue, social unrest among Dalit Tamils, ……………. all past Muslim leaders, Muhammad, Saudi, …..

      Lets have fun watching these stupid self destructive people.
      Where is Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weera Windbag Wansa?

  • 2

    The UN Resident Coordinator to Sri Lanka, European Union Ambassador, UK High Commissioner, Canadian High Commissioner and German Ambassador met our Speaker Karu Jayasuriya. They expressed grave concerns about the current political situation and pointed out the detrimental consequences Sri Lanka could face as a result of the ‘unexpected political transition’.

    Surely MS must be able to read the message here (in diplomatic language).

    We, the lay-Lankans have to carry the burden of the ‘unexpected transition’.

  • 1

    Dear Manel,
    You are coming too hard on me, I am a die hard humanitarian and an activist.

    Honestly I apologize if I displayed any feelings of being not emotional towards humanity.

    It makes me angry to think. How Mr. RW has been. Blinded by his own. Ego.
    Even such great Leaders as LKY was willing to step down as he aged even though he knew there is no one who has the same Iron as he has, but he maintained himself as long as he can as mentor minister and guided and stood by the party, government and country and fearlessly promoted transparency.

    Unfortunately Mr. RW failed in this, yes I will not be apart of tarnishing a man’s character in Anyway.
    I still. Maintain he is an extremely honest man, I am sure of it.,but unfortunately he is in the present situation only because of Malik,

    You know when LKY was ruling Singapore, a close friend of him and a minister was charged for misappropriation of funds, I can not remember the exact case or the man’s name, but LKY refused to bail him out and the man in question commuted suicide.

    I honestly have no sympathy to. anyone, even if it’s my own flesh & blood if they rob my country, if I am persecuted tomorrow to an extended I can not bear, my faith teaches me to migrate not to harm my Country, my “mother. “
    We need to accept facts.

    Mr Ranil need to respect The President’s decision and best keep his self respect and move out of Temple trees and handover the leadership to Sajjith and support him in the future government as a Mentor Minister.
    May peace prevail

  • 0

    Dear John,

    Let us not resort to name calling our own human kind, no matter what they believe in or what they have done, each of us will receive what ever our hands have sent forth.

    One has to walk in others shoes to know what it is they feel.

    No matter which country, it’s unfortunate to note the minorities(of all faiths) in. Most countries lives mostly in fear,, I can take anyone on a plater, The only country in the whole world that can proudly boast of providing a relatively secured environment is none other than Singapore.

    Only place you feel safe to go to sleep.

  • 4

    After release terrorists who attacked Sri Lankan Citizens in Kandy Rajapaksas goes on desperate reckless spending of people tax money to reduce petrol prices and telecommunication taxes to win short term support while rupee crashes causing long term burden on the citizens. Once in power will use Dectatorship style rule and white vans to silence critics and complain against the deteriorating state of our country.

    Also spending stolen taxpayers money to by criminal politicians (citizens will have to put the bill in the future)

  • 4

    What a shaky President, after seeing the JVP rally and the crowd the President has got cold feet and news is out that he is not convening the Parliament on the 5th. Its time the first act in the Parliament should be to bring and vote on an impeachment of the President. Then the rest could be resolved amicably. Its the President Sirisena who started this confusion and its time he is let go.

  • 1

    Truth hurts; More painfully than a pricking thorn; A surgical knife without anesthesia. It can castrate; it can brand with red hot iron; it can horseshoe; it can insert the harness though the nose. It can load you with defame.

    Ranil said “if they prove the majority, I will resign”. He intended to save Old King and New King from there any future accusations of criminal violation of constitution. He wanted them saved from any War Crimes, if not by his government’s action, but with their own governmental actions. It is like Sandhya, Hirunika like Podi Menikes started to blow war conch against the new Mussolini and Hitler coalition unity government. The second tier, Vaalaiththodam Jr, Mangala, Rajitha……started o follow the suit. Then Ranil came to the market.

    Karu was slackening to convene the parliament, which the people and West felt had the ability to represent people’s wish. Western representatives met Karu & warned him of possible Western sanctions, if he fools all. The crook consulted with New King about the new problem. The New idea is: “open the parliament; ” IC thinks shutting Parliament is undemocratic; get the IC out of the path; Then we take care of the rest”. The rest? Yes Karu will seat Old King in PM seat. Ranil will voluntarily go to opposition. No vote counting!

    Anybody has a Problem with that? You have something to complain about Old King, New King’s past crimes. Forget about that! Sorry man!

  • 2

    Dear Babalathappu,
    Like I mentioned before to. John let us not degrade fellow humans.

    I doubt The police or even MR will not allow his camp members to harm RW, you should not take notice of people like SB or Dilan especially, even MP Namal has said that about Dilan he is a joker.
    MR is a seasoned politician he will not let anyone abuse his position

  • 3

    At a time when there is so much of confusion the best way to resolve this issue is for the Parliament to be convened and majority to be proved. Who ever becomes the PM, there should be an impeachment of the President presented to the Parliament and get rid of the President. Once the President is out, and as per the Constitution Mahinda cannot be the President so the Speaker has to act as the President. We all know Karu Jayasuriya who is the Speaker will have Presidential Powers and he will act neutrally to move the country forward. This is the best solution

  • 2

    If the UNF submits an Impeachment motion against the HE President unconsttuitional acts before Monday 5th November 2018, then he cannot dissolve parliament until that matter is settled by the Supreme court

  • 0

    Mr. RAJAPAKSHE HAS TO immediately take control of a very bad situation, while he is openly stating that the parliament will. Be convened on 5th and a group of his camp is denying and making a mockery of MR. MAHINDA

    IF he let’s this go on it would have a severe impact in the future.

    SB & Dilan(aka bibikam & gonna) are destroying him instead of strengthening him

    Dear Mr Rajapakshe. You need to shut the following jokers up.
    SB, Dilan, &, Muzzamil,

    They are actually having hidden agenda of destroying you., please be alert.

    When. You have already appointed two responsible men like Mangala Samersinghe and Keheliya Rambukwala to. be official spokesman, why are these jokers allowed to ruin everything???

  • 0

    Is there any anything truth in the news that Ranil is packing to leave TTC before Monday’s duel?

  • 2

    $ already at 177 longer this goes on 200+ is on the cards. Rajapaksas Government will probably end up way worse much faster.

    All this to escape the special courts in December. Citizens of Sri Lanka to suffer.

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