20 July, 2024


Sirisena To Convene Parliament On November 05 Amid Severe International Pressure To Uphold Democracy

After discussions with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday, President Maithripala Sirisena has agreed to convene Parliament on November 05, reversing his earlier order to convene it on November 16.

President Sirisena – Leader of the SLFP

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in a statement to media a short while ago, confirmed that the President conveyed the decision to him. Before the President ordered probation of Parliament until November 16, the House was scheduled to convene on November 05 for the second reading of the Appropriation Bill.

‘At the next sitting of Parliament, Rajapaksa will take up the chair of the Prime Minister as his name has been gazetted as the Prime Minister’, the Speakers Office said.

The decision to convene Parliament on Monday has been made amid increasing international pressure on the President to allow the legislature to perform its functions.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka Hanaa Singer met President Sirisena in Colombo yesterday and requested him to uphold the constitution and adhere to the democratic procedures.

The same request was made to Speaker Jayasuriya when the UN Resident Coordinator, European Union Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Tung-Lai Margue, UK High Commissioner James Dauris, Canadian Ambassador David MacKinnon and German Ambassador Jorn Rohde met him in Parliament yesterday. They expressed grave concerns about the current political situation and pointed out the detrimental consequences Sri Lanka could face as a result of the “unexpected political transition.”

Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan too met the UN Resident Coordinator in Parliament yesterday and urged her to exert international pressure on President Sirisena to convene Parliament and uphold democracy.

Meanwhile, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is scheduled to hold a rally in Nugegoda today at 3 pm against the appointment of Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister.

The party has stated that by appointing Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister, President Sirisena has beached the Constitution and undermined democracy.

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  • 2

    Dear Why Why,
    I can believe MR is letting these goons turn tables on him
    He must understand that the very people who are full of milk and honey today are they very one’s who were painting him black.
    Well he knows what is best for him, some how there are few characteristics in MR I appreciate, I have never heard him tslk ill of even his enemies or in disrespectful manner not even of those who were betraying him, he is indeed a super PR, even Ranil with all his elite background and education insulted him. by name in parliament.
    Politics is full of hypocrisy you need to play it the way people would love it and believe it, unfortunately people not just in Sri. Lanka even in most first world countries love to hear the lies and enjoy the availability of a scapegoat to drag to the slaughter house rather than accept the facts.
    No. matter who comes to power even Sajith if he ever becomes the ruler the chances of the power misguiding him can not be ignored. .
    This is why the people of this country needs to. get together as one and demand for a constitution that has people power.
    The worse curse we have is the Executive presidency, Ours is even more powerful than The USA, at least they have the congress the senate to counter balance, we have none.
    I am sorry to say this but the truth is bitter but it needs to be said, Ranil for personal reasons never wanted to abolish the Executive presidency, how many times we the the people have been taken for a ride by politicians to come to power, you may say at least Ranil reduce the power, but he was not sincere, he should have abolished it and created a joint premiership. With The President.

    • 1

      LANKA Nitizen ,

      I don’t disagree with all of your contents but my view is not purely
      based on how good or not so good they both are ! It is about how
      MAHINDA and RANIL operate Democracy for common good and
      what they do to take it a level up from the current situation which
      is the concern of peace loving people ! MAHINDA , MY3 AND RANIL ,
      All three are rotten eggs in the current situation , all three have
      their shares in the crisis in some way and the biggest share is divided
      between Mahinda and My3 as they master minded the coup ! It is a
      clean coup ! The worst scenario here is , A NEW HEAD is not emerging
      from any of the two sides , SLPP and UNP ! It is not because of no one is
      available on both sides , IT IS BECAUSE NO ONE IS WILLING TO TAKE A
      CHANCE ! What is that Mahinda wants , a two time president ? What is
      that Ranil doing letting every opportunity slip through the fingers all
      the time and then riding on the back of a donkey ? How can a hired
      man My3 with a small group of breakaway expect to run the majority

  • 1

    ” The UNP leadership was insensitive to the problems of the country and its people and the Maithri-Mahinda link is expected to be beneficial to the country, Most Ven. Warakagoda Gnanaratana Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiriya Chapter said.”

    Once again the “Sinhala Bauda State” royally fkd by the Mahanayake.

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