6 December, 2021


Sirisena Wants All World Leaders To “Emulate” Nelson Mandela But He Himself Wants Another Term

President Maithripala Sirisena, who used photographs of former South African leader Nelson Mandela in advertisements throughout his election campaign and promised a similar rule, yesterday called upon all world leaders to emulate Mandela.

However, Sirisena, over three and a half years into presidency, has earned severe criticism in his own country for backtracking on the election promises and moving away from the so-called ‘Mandela policies’.

“I wonder how many of the leaders have the qualities displayed by Nelson Mandela and I feel that it is for the leaders to emulate Mandela and enter the correct path (sic),” Sirisena said, Addressing the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit held on the sidelines of the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.

“Mandela was a leader who showed how to use power for the benefit of the people and give up power without any greed,” sirisena added.

The Plenary Session of the Mandela Peace Summit will also adopt a Political Declaration covering policing guidelines for a gamut of areas including peace, democracy, rule of law and human rights.

Sirisena made this statement just a week after he ordered the Police not to arrest his highest military commander, Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, over his alleged involvement in the abductions and killings of 11 youth.

Sirisena also promised not to seek re-election upon the completion of his first team. However, he has now made it clear that he will run for presidency again in 2020.

Despite his promises to step down from presidency after five years, Sirisena also unsuccessfully sought the opinion of the Supreme Court whether he could continue in office one extra year, until 2021.

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  • 2

    Mandela did not seek a second term for health reasons. MS is in good health.
    Nothing wrong with his call to ’emulate Mandela’. It is only as hollow as MR calling the present GoSL, “Corrupt”.
    Or Gnanasara and/or Wirathu (of Myanmar) preaching ‘Non-violence’.

  • 1

    All world political parties and their class represtanative are NOT intelligent.
    In fact some of them are above Sirisena Mathripala and other are below that MS.
    Current UNO has lost objective & aspiration People of world by corrupted leaders has address not key issues of billions of people vital Interest .

    Well MS advocated same set of policies.

    We citizens of this country who has well known that Gamralgae Sirisena allies MS betray nation Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Rights of Democratic and Independence which that surrender to USA, UK and Indian hegemonies in 2015 January 8th?

    The same person asking in UNO platform request that do not intervention of INTERNAL AFFAIRS our Nation?

    What is this double standard of MS policies? are you try hoodwink People of
    Sri lanakn ?
    Or do that MS you, really feel what that you have done OUR Nation, Country and People that irrapala damage was ungrateful?
    MS you sold our country ,nation and People’s sovereignty to foreign Power .
    We have learn lessons from not your words but from your real deeds .

  • 4

    Ane sir!
    Don’t preach but practice! I may recommend you for this year’s best actor award.

    • 2

      Srisena reminds of a Tamil saying “Oorukku upathesam Unakkaladi” this quote has a story behind it, but – I will give its meaning “the advice is for the World and not for home consumption”.

  • 3

    “Sirisena Wants All World Leaders To “Emulate” Nelson Mandela But He Himself Wants Another Term”

    When he promised to the people he will abolish the Executive Presidency and will never contest again (for presidency). He let down all the people who voted for him on the promises he made. He accused the former President Rajapakse that he is protecting criminals. But this cheater too is protecting the accused navy officer interfering with the judiciary to protecting him from prosecution.

  • 0

    It must be a Tamil Nadu saying isn’t it just like all the other Sri Lankan Tamil stuff including their language.

  • 0

    Well all Tamil chauvinist and extremist while that including Tamil terrorist has know that simple fact the land of our soil not a platform to be created Tamil separatist in state in Sri lanka quite impossible at any cost of majority Sinhalese-Buddhist civilization .

    We are majority living in many centuries and enrich fairly sustnabile civilization in world .
    Indeed ground reality in our soil cannot be denied by that Tamil backward culture and religion faith in Indian soil was birth place Tamil Nadu.

    By Established matter of facts has been that reveled Tamil Nadu is origin of birth place of Tamils all of them whom are living through-out the world .

    Despite that MS of President or UNP of RW or TNA & LTTE terror outfits including CBK of Tamil federalist decedents has to accepts logic of Mother land of Tamils are Tamil Nadu. Not that North and eastern part of Island Not Tamil homeland.
    Tamils are fighting homeland Sri lanka soil is purely political myth by misleading
    whole UNO members so many years.
    That is why MS of President has to say in UNO assembly which that War unleashed by Tamils Terrorist unjust war therefore that not war crime arise at all.

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