19 July, 2024


Sirisena & Wickremesinghe Should Not Betray The People Who Elected Them To Power

By Veluppillai Thangavelu

Veluppillai Thangavelu

 All’s Well that Ends Well is the title of a humorous play (written between 1601 and 1608) by William Shakespeare about the relationship between the two main characters, Helena and Bertram. These days the expression is used to say that a difficult situation has ended with a good result.

The political turmoil and upheaval that gripped the Unity Government during the past few months have come to end with the defeat of the No Confidence Motion (NCM) moved by the United Opposition against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in parliament on April 4, 2018. The NCM was defeated by a convincing margin of 46 votes, 122 against and 76 in favour. Twenty- three MPs were absent. The SLFP/UPFA was badly divided, 16 MPs/Ministers voted in favour while 25 were absent.

When the NCM was handed over to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya on March 10, it was signed by 55 MPS, 51 from the SLPP and 4 from the SLFP/UPFA. This number increased to 76 at the time of voting, that included   6 JVP MPs. Therefore, there was a net gain of 15 MPs all coming from the SLFP/UPFA. It was a pity, Sirisena faction of the SLFP/UPFA could not present a united front either to vote in favour or to abstain.  It may be recalled that all the SLFP/UPFA MPs worked against President Sirisena during his presidential election campaign. They joined Sirisena for the sake of Ministerial portfolios and perks. They are like the fish, cannot survive without full or half Ministers!

Incidentally, in the history of Ceylon/Sri Lanka, this was the 3rd NCM moved against a sitting Prime Minister. The first one was in 1957 against SWRD Bandaranaike in 1957, followed by an NCM against Srimavo Bandaranaike in 1975. 

The stability of the Unity Government was shattered by the well publicised Treasury bond scam that took place on February 27, 2015. Questions arose as to the competence and integrity of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL). There were also allegations of insider dealing. The allegations of insider dealing involved a private company named Perpetual Treasuries Limited (PTL) owned (major shareholder) Arjun Aloysius, the son-in-law of the then Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran. This family connection gave the critics a long stick to beat the Prime Minister under whom the Central Bank operated.

Arjuna Mahendran was a Singaporean citizen hand-picked by Wickremesinghe for the job of Governor. There was opposition to his appointment within his own party, but Wickremesinghe brushed it aside.  He wanted a professional with wide experience in international financing to be placed in charge of the Central Bank.

However, the trust placed by Wickremesinghe was betrayed by Mahendran when he had a clear case of conflict of interest since his son-in-law was the major shareholder of PTL, a primary bond dealer which bought Rs.11.5 bn worth of bonds. It is claimed Arjun Aloysius offloaded the bonds to secondary dealers (state entities) earning huge profit out of the deal.

It was also alleged,

(1) The amount of debt accepted by CBSL at the auction was vastly in excess of the amount that had earlier been communicated to the primary dealers who would bid at the auction.  Whereas the original announcement was for Rs. 1bn, the amount accepted at the auction was Rs 10bn.

(2) Why issue 30-year bonds as opposed to those of shorter tenor.

(3)  The interest rate resulting from the auction was much higher than the rate indicated by CBSL to the primary dealers before the auction, thus the country sustained a very large debt at an unnecessarily high rate of interest.

(4)  The reasonable suspicion Perpetual Treasuries acquired inside knowledge.

Prior to March 1997, the CBSL issued Treasury Bills to borrow funds. This was changed in 1997 when the CBSL switched from Treasury Bills to Treasury Bonds and only Primary Dealers (PDs) were allowed to place bids.

Out of sixteen PDs, nine were affiliated with banks and seven are private non-bank companies. Among these is Perpetual Treasuries, the company at the center of the storm.

At a meeting held on February 26 by Ministry of Finance, it was indicated the GOSL needs Rs.15 bn to pay off unsettled bills. But this was not conveyed to the CBSL officially. Therefore, on February 27, most dealers had made preparations to provide bids for the already announced Rs. 1.0b. When CBSL announced that it was accepting bids worth Rs. 10.0b at 9.50% – 12.50% whereas clients and most primary dealers had made bids between 9.50% and 10.50%, not in the 11% – 12% range. This was ten times the original offer and most PDs were unaware of the revised amount except for a few including PTL.  A total of 73.5% of the bids were accepted with an interest rate of 11.5% or more were taken up by PTL and Bank of Ceylon. The longer the term the lower should be the interest rate. The Joint Opposition and critics argued that the bond issue raised interest rates causing a loss to the taxpayer.

Despite the obvious mess created by CBSL, Wickremesinghe defended the deal in parliament. He also, rather naively, refused to sack Arjuna Mahendran and when his term was over he tried to appoint him for a second term. Then he (Ranil) brought Arjuna as his economic advisor. A committee appointed by Wickremesinghe of lawyers loyal to the UNP exonerated Mahendran of any wrongdoing when facts are overwhelmingly against such conclusion.

So the NCM against Wickremesinghe was in effect his own un-doing due to bad judgment followed by his fervour to save the skin of Arjuna Mahendran his close friend. Tragically Wickremesinghe would have avoided this entire ordeal had he left the CBSL with  the Finance Minister. And it is he who opted for auctions by the CBSL in favour of secret bids which he thought lacked transparency. Sometimes good intentions boomerang and have unintended consequences. This is a classic example.

An infuriated President Sirisena promised to go to the bottom of the scam. At public meetings, he promised to appoint Commissions to inquire into allegations of fraud and corruption.  He appointed a Presidential Commission consisting of Supreme Court Judges Kankanithanthri T. Chitrasiri, Prasanna Sujeewa Jayawardena and former Deputy Auditor General on January 27, 2017. The Commission recorded evidence from several witnesses including Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, Arjuna Mahendran, Arjun Aloysius and Kusan Palisena (CEO, PTL) and several others.

On December 30, 2017, the report compiled by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry was handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat.  The Supreme Court judges clearly stated in their report that fraud had been committed since 2008. They wanted a forensic audit to be carried out covering the entire period.

Then all hell broke loose. The infighting and mudslinging between Sirisena and Wickremesinghe escalated. It continued during the Local Government Authorities (LGA) elections and beyond. During the election campaign instead of swinging his sword against Mahinda Rajapaksa, he swung it against Wickremesinghe and the UNP.

On earlier occasions also President Sirisena stunned his friends as well as his foes by his strident comments questioning the integrity of the agencies carrying out investigations into cases of corruption, bribery, criminal and financial misconduct. He warned that he would take action against Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) and the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) for working to political agendas at the cost of justice.

Many saw his comments as an attempt to shield the corrupt Rajapaksas. Referring to the arrest of army intelligence officers accused of committing murder, abduction, ransom, Sirisena said courts should be moved to have them released or bailed-out pending court proceedings. One of those jailed and released on bail was Udalagama, an army intelligence officer accused of assassinating Lasantha Wickrematunge.

To be charitable to Sirisena he has been consistent in defending the armed forces against any attempt to charge them for crimes committed during the war. In fact, Sirisena stated that the army’s presence in the north should be maintained. He also said he would not allow the Rajapaksas or Sri Lankan military personnel to be tried in any hybrid courts  for alleged war crimes.

According to him, they are war heroes who liberated the land occupied by terrorists. He was angered by the clause in UNHRC Resolution 30/1 of 2015 calling for a judicial probe by a hybrid court into alleged war crimes committed during the civil war. “No matter how much they criticise, oppose or attack me, I will never lose confidence in the armed forces and will always be committed to do the utmost for the welfare, honour, and dignity of the three armed forces and our heroic soldiers” remains his battle cry!

When the results of the LGAA came, it was as predicted. Sirisena’s SLFP/UPFA was placed a distant third. Wickremesinghe’s UNA came second in spite of bond scam allegations.

The figures show that the SLFP/UPA plus UNA had among themselves 47.81% (32.61% + 8.94% +6.26%) votes compared to 44.69% for the SLPP – a difference of 3.12%.  The local government election results are not materially different to the results of the January 2015 presidential election. Mahinda Rajapaksa would have lost a Presidential race on 10 February.

However, this time around in terms of popular vote Sirisena proved more unpopular than Wickremesinghe.  Had Sirisena and Wickremesinghe struck an electoral pact, they would have obtained more votes, councillors and captured more councils. This they failed, because half of Sirisena’s faction of SLFP/UPFA was basically Mahinda Rajapaksa’s supporters as the voting on the NCM demonstrates. Those who are now with Sirisena are those who maligned and vilified Sirisena during the 2015 presidential election.  Today, Sirisena is a captive in their hands.

During the election campaign, Sirisena tried to show himself as a full-blooded Sinhala – Buddhist and the number one enemy of the UNP.  He attacked his own Prime Minister by calling him a thief. He portrayed his own Prime Minister as unfit to manage the economy. If anything has gone wrong, then Sirisena too is responsible since he who appoints Ministers and the allocation of portfolios. If Wickremesinghe as PM is accountable for the management of the economy, President Sirisena is also equally accountable as President.

Sirisena went to the extent of asking Wickremesinghe to resign or step down from his post on February 11 in the wake of UNF losing the LGAA the previous day! He tried to entice Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to take over the post of PM. During talks held between President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, the latter refused to resign or step down. Fortunately, none of his subterfuges and backstabbing succeeded. The voting on the NCM was as predicted. Right from the beginning the SLPP knew they lacked the numbers, but the purpose of the NCM is to weaken the government.

The SLMC, ACMC, DPF/TPA after indulging in some sabre rattling statements against the UNP fell in line on April 04, 2018. In contrast, the TNA took a principled stand on the NCM despite Sirisena’s ominous warning that voting against the NCM will be counter-productive.  Sirisena’s logic was seeking the support of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) by the UNP would adversely affect the Sinhala – Buddhist vote bank in the south. It appears Sirisena has forgotten so soon how the Tamil votes tipped the scales in his favour during the presidential election held in 2015.

Speaking on the NCM in parliament, R, Sampanthan, TNA leader, inter-alia, said:

In regard to the Central Bank Bond scam, consequent to investigations, two persons are presently in custody. There has been a warrant issued against another person and investigations are proceeding. No one should be spared. The rule of law should be applicable to everyone whoever he might be: the rule of law can be no respecter of persons. 

I will now refer to the Motion before the House, which is the Motion of No-Confidence against the Prime Minister based substantially on corruption. The Motion of No-Confidence seeks to implicate the Prime Minister with the Bond scam. Statements of actions by the Prime Minister of a general nature are sought to be used in an attempt to implicate the Prime Minister with the Bond scam. The wording of the Motion and the timing of the Motion are indicative of the pursuit of a political agenda rather than fixing responsibility in regard to the Bond scam.

The question must be raised as to why the wording is so vague, lacking in any specific charge against the Prime Minister in regard to the fraud pertaining to the Bond scam per se. Why should this Motion be brought now, at this point of time, is another question that I would like to pose to the House. The wording is too loose and too general in nature. It could be that the Prime Minister is facing this situation because of the confidence he placed in someone who has betrayed him. But, where is the evidence or charge against the Prime Minister of involvement in the Bond scam per se?  Is the wording of the Motion so loose and so general because of lack of specific material against the Prime Minister in regard to the Bond scam? And, if that is so, in my submission, the Motion lacks credibility.

In regard to the timing of the Motion, Sir, this Bond scam occurred three years ago. It has been the subject of total public focus for a long period of time, from early 2015. Why has this Motion of No-Confidence been brought against the Prime Minister only now? I have a duty Sir, to answer some of the questions I have raised. I want to pose the question whether this Motion against the Prime Minister is the first step in a plan to bring down totally and completely the present Government.

It was obvious the SLPP and the SLFP/UPFA wanted Wickremesinghe to resign or go on his own or removed through the NCM. Once Wickremesinghe is ousted then it is easy to destroy the UNP/UNA. That was their failed strategy.

Wickremesinghe also on his part gave enough ammunition to his adversaries to fire back. The media blamed him justly for the slow progress made in investigating the murders relating  to Lasantha Wickrematunga and Wasim Thajudeen and the disappearance of Jegath Eknaligoda. He was also blamed for the Rs.10,000 salary increases of public servants, duty- free import permits for politicians and doubling the number of Councillors from 4,486 to 8,356 and messing up the LGAA election process that resulted in 160 hung Councils out of 340. The Rs10, 000 salary increase and issue of duty free permits caused gaping holes in the national economy.

As mentioned already during the presidential election in 2015 both Sirisena and Wickremesinghe promised to deliver on three major issues facing the nation. They are (1) Abolishment of  executive presidency (2) Reform of electoral process and (3) A solution to the national question.  None of the issues have been fully tackled and the government has only two more years left.

It is time,  Sirisena and Wickremesinghe both put the past behind them and work hard  together to deliver on their key promises. They should not betray the  people who elected them to power.

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  • 6

    This is the same Grievences we saw during the LTTE war. Universal Franchise is irrelevant. What is important is 31% of minorities should fell superior to the 69% of the majority. PArticularly, Tamils should get Orumiththa nadu and Muslim should get NAsiristhan. Maithripala should givt it if not Hand over it ro Ranil and step down. This is felt by politicians who are plundering the country and the poor for the benefit of the geopolitics.

  • 3

    Velupillai Thangavelu

    You’re too ambitious

    A serious thought should be given to this.

    Recent LG election results firmly say that the mandate given for GG has come to end so it must be considered null & void.

    Failure to fulfil promises & the bond scam have ruined the credibility of both the UNP & SLFP & supporting groups.

    The VNC victory of PM is clearly deceptive & a slap for democratic traditions because TNA held the PM hostage to 10 demands & provided their votes.

    The best is dissolve parliament & seek fresh mandate. A respect people’s verdict.

  • 5

    Mr. Veluppillai Thangavelu,

    Do not worry. Ranil will never betray Demalu; he betrays only Sinhalayo. Once he gave one third of the country on a platter to Prabhakaran. Few days ago in order to survive from the NCM he agreed to fulfill the 10 conditions of TNA. Ranil won the NCM but he would have lost at least 10% of Sinhala UNP votes. Sinhalayo are getting fed-up with both Ranil and Sirisena. 2020 will be the end of their political carrier. Ranil should take the last chance and travel around the world and stay in seven star hotels using poor tax payers’ money.

    • 4

      Eagle Eye,

      The Ven. Gnanasara of the Bodu Bala Sena recetly stated that if Prabhakaran was there, it would been better for them.

      Does this mean that the Bodu Bala Sena are betraying the country?

    • 1

      Tamils are not very grateful people. They are nice fellas but they are ungrateful.

      RW did so much to them but they are on the verge of betraying him. The Tamils owe the SL army a lot. But they are not one bit grateful for what we have done to them.

      We saved them when the IPKF was shooting at them at will. If not for us hiding them inside our barracks, the IPKF would have wiped them out of the peninsula. We even dressed up in LTTE clothes and shot back at the IPKF boys just to cross them up even more.

      Then take the case of Muslim Home Guards. True, the HGs were managed by the security forces. But anyone who knows the situation in a war zone knows it’s not practical to manage and control the HGs 100% of the time. When they are on their own, MHGs (Muslim Home Guards) used to cause havoc amongst the Tamils. Of course these fellas who knows about War only from their video games knows none of that.

      But Tamils always find fault with us. They are making such a big deal because the Army boys relieved some stress using that TV girl Shoba.

      • 1

        Retarded Loony women smelling shameless Perer-ass

        “We saved them when the IPKF was shooting at them at will.”


        “If not for us hiding them inside our barracks, the IPKF would have wiped them out of the peninsula. “

        You begged LTTE to protect you cowards. You were hiding behind VPs fat bum. About few weeks ago you typed you pimped Tamil women for a drink or two.

        You are indeed a stupid bum.

        • 1

          Were you in the War zone to know all this? If so, may I ask on what role were you there? As a Janitor for the red cross?

          • 1

            Retarded Loony women smelling shameless self confessed pimp Pererass

            “Were you in the War zone to know all this?”

            Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar at the age of 19 didn’t travel to Black-hole however he first mathematically proved the existence of black hole. The point is one does not have to travel to black-hole to prove its existence.

            By the way he was not a Janitor but a Nobel prize-winning physicist.
            For a lower ranking private who did spiting and polishing officers’ boots may not have the reason to know Black-hole, Nobel Laureates , Chandrasekhar, …………. because you know nothing outside your own cleaning job.

    • 1

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “Once he gave one third of the country on a platter to Prabhakaran. “

      He made VP comfortable and complacent and then pulled the rug from under his fat bum which open the door for VP to win the war for MR.

      It is too advance a strategy you will not understand it even if you are reborn another 100 times.

      Its time you went to sleep with your feeding bottle or sucking your thumb.

  • 2

    Now the question in front of all Politicians is how to save them or how to win the next election. Who is worried about saving the Country and the People? Not even people. People in Sri Lanka believe in Karma, so politicians can have a hey day every day

  • 2

    President Srisena was voted in not because of his personality but because of his candidature put forwarded by UNP and the minority Muslims who are basically UNPers and Tamils voted him just because they couldnt vote for Mahinda for several reason. He even declared that he was defeated by minority communities. But President is trying have link with those who campaigned against him and trying earn the anger of the very people who voted for him: UNPrs, Muslims and Tamils. President who even asked Pm to step down and resign is still chairing the cabinet meeting with double face. It is bad for him to forget Ranil who brought him as the candidate and campaigned for his victory. On the hand, SLPF/UPFA MPs who are holding ministerial posts are shamelessly holding the post now after voting against PM. They can boycott the cabinet and they must resign the posts if they dodnt like Ranil. UNP can form its own government alone. What kind of politics is played by the president and SLFP/UPFA. What a shame on you guys. Go and look at the mirrors.

  • 1

    Again and again we see diverse views and analysis on the Bond scam issue. Common and salient factor glaringly visible is conflict of interest. Whether friend or foe one cannot ignore or deny the fact that there had been a master mind behind this saga. One cannot rule out the Involvement of Arjun Mahendran as the key player who in fact executed every step in the plan. What was the role played by RW? He seems to have master minded the political safety net by affiliating CB into his Ministry. His glaring obstinacy in refusing to interdict or dismiss Arjun Mahendran added weight to the public suspicion. He foolishly appointed three UNP confidants for the initial inquiry which the public would never approve. PM’s conduct in this issue is unethical . Even the COPE investigation is shady. People expected a high standard from RW in his political and administrative conduct as People were thoroughly frustrated with the former corrupt regime. In this issue President has inflicted more damage to PM by divesting CB to the Finance Ministry. When we consider the damage caused to his honesty and integrity in this CB issue , his victory at the NCM is superficial. Now it is all the more difficult for UNP to bring the fraudsters and criminals of the past regime before the Law and foolishly and unwittingly have strengthened the arms of the President. With the reorganisation program the UNP must bring to the fore who could face the people with confidence and who have not tainted their reputation and honesty and appoint them to strategic and sensitive positions. That is best and only way to rebuild the confidence of the People.

  • 3

    The majority of masses of Sri Lanka has given a clear message through LG Election that they do not want.

    1) A New constitution with a view to giving in to the demands of LTTE Terrorists with violence for 30 years on a platter to the Tamils or Northern Province or any other province or all provinces.
    2) ETCA with India.
    3) External or internal law courts or judges to persecute war heroes of tri forces and Police and office of missing persons.
    4) Selling of properties, land etc of Sri Lanka to foreign countries.
    5) Illegal settlements destroying forest cover, wild life sanctuaries etc.
    6) Destroying of Buddhist Archeological sites specifically in the Eastern Province and Northern Province and government inaction on those incidents.
    7) Corruption with special reference to daylight robbery of Central Bank of Sri Lanka where leadership was given by Ranil Wickramasinghe and Gang of footnotes.
    8) Challenging by any individual or group or race of Very fabrication of Sri Lanka as Sinhales Buddhist country.
    9) to discuss at all about non-existing special problems to any articular race living in Sri Lanka as the problems are to be considered as Economic in nature common to all people living in Sri Lanka..

    In the light of the recent development in the political field, whatever discussed contrary to the above will be null & void.

    • 1

      Nimal wijetunga,
1. Tamils are citizens of this country whether you like it or not. They are represented partly, by the TNA in parliament. The LTTE was defeated. Grow up.
      2. ETCA needs rethinkings and input from industry. I’ll agree with you only on this.
      3. Criminals are criminals, murder committed by a saint is murder. Justice should be served irrespective of class or rank. Any thought otherwise is an injustice against humanity and downright inhumane.
      4. The 10% of port city land offered to china indefinitely is far worse a crime than leasing parts of useless projects to earn a return. The previous president must be impeached for building the mattala airport and hambantota port.
      5. It has been proven time and time again that the muslims were returning to their lands in wilpattu. Have you forgotten how Rajapakse carved a road right across wilpattu from puttalam to mannar? Or how they destroyed sinharaja for political benefits?
      6. What about the destruction of people’s lives in the north and east? Respect the living first before you run behind the dead.
      7. The bond scam is like snatching a toffee compared to what the previous regime did.
      8. Sri lanka is a should be a country where people of all races and religions live with equality and harmony. If the buddha knew that it has become a place where buddhists trample on the minorities, i wonder what he would have said. If you as a buddhist think otherwise that your religion is special compared to others, then shame on you for misreading and misinterpreting the teachings of the buddha.
      9. We had a 30 year civil war and not an economic war. Were you born yesterday? It is the same mentality that got us stuck in this quagmire, in the first place. There is a national problem that needs to be addressed.

    • 1

      Nimal Tissa Wijetunga

      “The majority of masses of Sri Lanka has given a clear message through LG Election that they do not want.”

      What on earth are you rambling about?

      The local government elections are about local issues and not a referendum on national issues although the crooks and war criminals wanted that to be. Any sane minded person would have known the local government elections could not change the composition of the MPs in the parliament nor was an election to elect the president.

      There was no clear message, the votes were dispersed among 5 party’s and no party obtained more than 50% of the counted votes. I suggest you go back to school and learn to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, .. and learn the meaning of percentages.

      Percentages of Votes caste

      Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna – 40.54%
      United National Front – 29.41%
      United People’s Freedom Alliance – 12.07%
      Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna – 5.76%
      Tamil National Alliance – 2.64%

      Do you see any of the party’s which poled more than 50%.?

    • 1

      Nimal Tissass Wijetunga

      “1) A New constitution with a view to giving in to the demands of LTTE Terrorists with violence for 30 years on a platter to the Tamils or Northern Province or any other province or all provinces.”

      The demand for Federalism/Devolution through constitutional arrangements predates LTTE’s birth.
      Why don’t you learn to sit on your bum and not on your brain.

  • 0

    Have a break Thanga. They have already betrayed each other. Therefore, betraying people is nothing for them. Those who voted “Swan” deserve a better choice at the next Presidential Election.

  • 1

    Betrayal and corruption are part of our everyday life. The two compliment each other.

  • 1

    “Sirisena & Wickremesinghe Should Not Betray The People Who Elected Them To Power”
    – The Tamils?

  • 0

    People of Sri Lanka did not elect them to power; it was Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and their infamous “regime changing” tactics that won them the election!

  • 1

    Sri Lanka needs a Sinhala-Buddhist executive president. But the 13th Amendment must be abolished immediately. There are 55 MPs in the parliament from ethnic minority communities which is a major threat to Sri Lanka’s Sinhala-Buddhist character.

    The ultimate solution to the ‘National Question’ was already given at Nandikadal lagoon on 18 May 2009, so, now shut up about it, Sinhalese have moved on. You Tamils can integrate fully with Sinhalese or take the boat ride back to Tamil Nadu.

    • 1

      Johnny Baby

      For the umpteenth time what is Sinhala-Buddhist and what is Sinhala-Buddhist character?

      “The ultimate solution to the ‘National Question’ was already given at Nandikadal lagoon on 18 May 2009, so, now shut up about it, Sinhalese have moved on. “

      How about concentration camp equipped with the latest, efficient, and cost effective incinerators (gas chambers) imported from China?

      “You Tamils can integrate fully with Sinhalese or take the boat ride back to Tamil Nadu.”

      Why do you want the Tamils to integrate with Sinhalese given that the stupid Sinhalese share their DNA with the Stupid Tamil brethren? It would be better if your Tamil brethren take you with them when they leave.

  • 0

    Mr. Sri,

    Whether you agree or not , which is not material to the comments made by me as those are the real life situation and the clear message of the masses of Sri Lanka through LG Elections. Mr. Thangavelu also must recognize this very well and otherwise he will end up writing something unrealistic.
    If you think that there is a National problem as Tamil Problem, it is being answered in 2009 at Nanthikadal by annihilating LTTE Terrorists and its leader so called sun god Prabhakaran. Do not expect anybody or the masses of Sri Lanka will allow to give those non-existing and day dreaming demands of TNA bunch of jokers or any other minority on a platter. The problems of Tamils in Sri Lanka are purely Economic and nothing else. Pepoles lives in North and East were destructed over the years by Tamil politicians since 1933 and followed by LTTE led by Prabhakaran as they are paying the price because of their beloved politicians taken them for ride for the day dreaming demands. Hope that Tamil masses will never be deceived to follow another round of violent destructive path. How about the innocents killed by suicide attacks and other terrorist activities in other part of the country.
    Yes, all races can live in Sri Lanka in peace and harmony with the majority as they lived for centuries. However, minorities must recognise the fact that they must not do anything with the intention of breaking up the country, detrimental to the majority religion and detrimental to the majority customs, traditions, any special treatment to particular race as past imperialist invaders did to get their support to control the majority.
    Wh are you not talking about destruction of Archelogical sites in North and East? This sort of ignorance will definitelt lead to mistrust beteween majority and minority always and therefore reconciliation will be hindered or shatter the peace and harmony prevailed for centuries.

    • 0

      Mr. Nimal
      Could you please mention archeological sites that were damaged with reference? Stop spreading hate. You have no idea what created the war, do you? Your ignorance towards the suffering and arrogance towards the minorities will only fuel more wars. Sri lanka has suffered enough. Do you want sri lanka to become like the middle eastern countries were human rights are trampled upon in the name of religious intolerance, or like mynamar where the minorities are denied citizenship on religious grounds? Or would you prefer a secular state where the best are afforded jobs and job allocation is not according to race or religion?

      Your choice mr. Nimal. I hope you can live with it and i hope your children and grandchildren learn to forgive you.

    • 2

      Nimal Tissass Wijetunga

      “If you think that there is a National problem as Tamil Problem, it is being answered in 2009 at Nanthikadal by annihilating LTTE Terrorists and its leader so called sun god Prabhakaran.”

      When did the national question become “Tamil Problem”? Did you wave your magic wand make the Sinhala/Buddhist problem into “Tamil Problem”?

      “Pepoles lives in North and East were destructed over the years by Tamil politicians since 1933”

      How so?
      I suspect you have another Mahawansa to narrate. Lets hear from you.

  • 0

    Both President and Prime Minister have betrayed the people who elected them into power with their unfulfilled promises. All they did over the past three years is to blame the previous regime. They have had ample time to put things right. How long more do they need to solve the Thajudeen , Journalists, Welikade Prisoners murders. How long more do they need to prosecute mega corruption of the previous regime. How long more do they need to solve the high cost of living, minority issues etc etc. Nothing will happen as they will all now play safe politics until the next Presidential and General elections. Hope the eyes of the people who elected them into power will open soon.

  • 0

    This fella President Sirisoma is a real Gamaya. Once he went to England and his wife who is after all the first lady of the country knelt down in front of the queen and put up a real show.

    Worst President of all time.

  • 0

    th Some of the comments are fair, but most revision of history. Rtd. Lt. Reginald Shamal Perera is burying a whole pumpkin a plate of rice. It is the LTTE that fought the IPKF and the Sri Lankan army was confined to barracks. In fact the then President Premadasa gave arms to LTTE to fight the IPKF. That is why JRJ cynically claimed that instead of Sinhalese soldiers dying, the Indian soldiers are dying. Sri Lankan army defeated the LTTE with help from 21 countries as admitted by Mahinda Rajapaksa. The army lost 35,000 soldiers and twice that number deserted their posts. They are still at loose. Have Sinhalese zealots addressed their minds why the Tamil people massively voted against Mahinda Rajapaksa? He bragged that he had liberated the Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE. When allied forces liberated Poland, France, Greece etc. they were received by the people with flowers and bouquets. Were there any garlands by the Tamil people to the liberators? The politicians, who ruled the country since independence, including the Senanayakes and Bandranaikes, had no vision like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. That is exactly the problem with Sri Lanka.

    • 1


      Making the LTTE and IPKF fighting each other was part of our strategy. We’d play a game of cards inside the barracks and once in a while check the scorecard of how the two warring parties were breaking each other’s necks while we had a good laugh.

      But we were never in favor of the IPKF murdering Tamil civillians.

      You have mentioned about Lee Kuan Yew. Thank God the Bandas and Senas did not have a vision like Yew. Yew’s bragging of Singapore’s prosperity is like the Mother of a Prostitute boasting about her daughter’s ill gotten money. SL should never emulate that Hooker nation.

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        Rtd. Lt. Reginald Shamal Perera,

        Could you emphasize on this statement? //Yew’s bragging of Singapore’s prosperity is like the Mother of a Prostitute boasting about her daughter’s ill gotten money. SL should never emulate that Hooker nation.//

        • 2


          Singapore is a Hooker nation, where 90% of the GDP is earned from prostitution.

          This fella Lee Kuan Yew is always talking about how rich his country is after earning all that money from intercourse. It’s like the Mother of a prostitute bragging about her much her daughter earns.

          What I am saying is SL should never try to be like Singappore because who wants to be a prostitute and earn money?

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            R.S. Perera.

            You should change your title from Retired to Retarded.

            • 1


              You deny that Singapore is a hooker nation? Or you deny they do not have a worthwhile military that we could not invade them before they light up a cigarette?

              Maybe you should change your name to John and visit Singappuru.

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