18 April, 2024


SLFP CC Postpones Decision On Future Of Unity Government, ‘Bad Boys’ To Boycott Cabinet Meeting

Ministers of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will boycott tomorrow’s cabinet meeting, the party’s Central Committee decided last night.


The decision was made in view of the fact that a section of the United National Party (UNP) had demanded their resignation over supporting the no-confidence motion against UNP Leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The meeting held at the SLFP headquarters last evening and chaired by President Maithripala Sirisena who is also the Leader of the SLFP was supposed to be about deciding the party’s future in the National Government as well as to decide on the fate of MPs who supported the aforementioned no-confidence motion.

Although the majority supported the proposal of Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa that SLFP ministers should quit the Government, the President had urged that the matter be discussed further.

Accordingly, it was decided that the Central Committee would meet again on Wednesday to decide whether or not to quit the Government.

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  • 8

    This vote of confidence for RW means nothing. It was simply a gang of thieves giving their lead robber vote of confidence to carry on robbing the national assets. The battle between SLFP and UNP in the yamapalana government is nothing but a battle of two gangs of robbers/ rogues/ swindlers/ higwaymen, you name it that is what they are. We the Sri Lankans are so ill fated to have this tragi/comedy being played out by these set of gangsters, while a third group of gangsters are waiting to get back to their next turn to start robbing. If I were an honorable President I would get the Army to arrest the whole lot and stuck them in jail until their balls drop off.

    • 5


      “This vote of confidence for RW means nothing. It was simply a gang of thieves giving their lead robber vote of confidence to carry on robbing the national assets. “

      Good point.
      Did you know a gang of thieves and its commanding thief brought this no confidence motion?

      “If I were an honorable President I would get the Army to arrest the whole lot and stuck them in jail until their balls drop off.”

      You are 10% right. However you cannot get the thieving war criminals to arrest another set of war criminals. It is morally wrong.

      Bring in the UN forces to arrest every thieve in this island who had misused their position including former and present political leaders, state functionaries and top brasses of the armed forces.

      • 6


        Why should UN forces be invited, we can do it on our own. JVP might be useful to make a reactionary regime, might be armed struggle.

        There’re resources in the North too with experienced hands in weapons.

        Stop your subordinate attitude towards the UN

    • 3

      President’s men to cross over to JO – MR

      There is nothing to cross over, just the fool did not realize the thieves he took through the back door after the people rejected were never with Gamarala.

    • 0


      you may have right,
      But Mr President we elected has now changed his focus.
      That is the problem we face it today. He should do it for the people for whom he pledged.
      They the govt louded to open up who was behind Kandy riots lately,

      Did they hold to that word ? No, that buried under the carpets so as the case of Thadjudeen murder. If Rajapkshe killed my son or someone, I would have commited suicide killing the bugger et al on the spot.

      Please just listen to Dr Dambare Amila Thero

  • 6

    Shameless ,Sirisenas and. his men ,still greedy to devour the carcasses thrown off by Ranil s win at the NCM. If they are honest they should all resign , but , it’s because they are dishonest that they want to cling on. Does not the President have an iota of self respect? He should have asked all those who voted for the NCM to resign immediately after the verdict. He is a cut throat , he pretends to be a good man but does the opposite, he will never ever be a president again at the next election.

  • 3

    Silly has Bad Boys..
    What about Dr Ranil.?.
    Ranga Bandara says Ranil’s Boys begged him to save the Boss
    Gunarathna says Badara fell in to a another Dr Ranil .s Rabbit Traps.
    Bandara says he is watching and waiting for Dr Ranil to fulfill his promises made to buy his Vote.
    Dr Ranil has made lots of promises when you add up what the Vellala Kid Abraham said the other day..
    Bandara says Dr Ranil’s Boys are now acting like Suicide Bombers, in his own words.
    I don’t know why..
    Kabir says all crooks must leave their positions, after voluteering to quit his Sec Gig of the UNP..
    Did Dr Ranil push him .
    Has it got something to do with Dr Ranil’s ex Royal mate?.
    In the meantime Dr Ranil’s good mate and buddy Dr Rajitha says he was offered the PM gig on a plate even at late as last Monday..
    Yahapalana suckers are soooo lucky….
    Aren’t they…

  • 4

    IN this photo, thilanga Sumathipala, SB dissanayake, duminda dissnayake everybody knows. for those who do not know, susil PremaJayantha had earned illegal profits by importing SEVEN PETROLUEM SHIPS via SINGAPORE. Anura Priya darshana YAPA is also one like that.

  • 10

    Bill Gates organized an enormous session to recruit a new Chairman for
    Microsoft Europe.

    5000 candidates assembled in a large room.

    One candidate was Sompala Pathirana a Sinhalese living in USA.
    Bill Gates thanked all the candidates for coming and asking those who
    do not know JAVA programming to leave.

    2000 people leave the room.

    Soma says to himself, ‘I do not know JAVA but I have nothing to lose
    if I stay. I’ll give it a try’ .

    Bill Gates asked the candidates who never had experience of managing
    more than 100 people to leave.

    2000 people leave the room.

    Soma says to himself ‘ I never managed anybody by myself but I have
    nothing to lose if I stay. What can happen to me?’ So he stays.
    Then Bill Gates asked candidates who do not have management diplomas to leave.

    500 people leave the room. Soma says to himself, ‘I left school at 15
    but what have I got to lose?’

    So he stays in the room.
    Lastly, Bill Gates asked the candidates who do not speak Serbo – Croat to leave.

    498 people leave the room.

    Soma says to himself, ‘ I do not speak one word of Serbo – Croat but
    what do I have to lose?’

    So he stays and finds himself with one other candidate.

    Everyone else has gone.

    Bill Gates joined them and said

    ‘Apparently you are the only two candidates who have all the required
    qualifications & experience I am looking for

    and speak Serbo – Croat, so I’d now like to hear you have a
    conversation together in that language.’
    calmly, Soma turns to the other candidate and says ` Kohomada Machang?
    The other candidate answers ‘ Ammata siri ………. umbath Lankavenda?’

  • 1

    Deal of Ranil wicmrasinghe witg Hakeem (National list MP) is that a Navy camp to be established will be in their NAsirishthan if set up. SO, Ranil has agreed to that, A web site reports.

  • 0

    There is a tinge of fondness in the use of the words “Bad Boys”. They will be welcomed “Boys will be Boys”

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