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SLFP Anniversary & Its Crisis: Opportunity To Join And Strengthen Democracy

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

65th Anniversary of the SLFP this week is marked by a deep crisis within the party, its local organizations and policies. Crisis according to the Chinese tradition is not necessarily a bad thing. The Chinese character for ‘crisis’ is composed of two separate characters meaning ‘problems’ and ‘prospects.’ Therefore, a crisis is a turning point for better or worse. In the case of the SLFP, while there are considerable problems, if these problems can be properly resolved, the situation can be turned into a better situation. This means, in my view, making the party stronger, more democratic and ethnically inclusive; with its policies more appealing to the masses and particularly the modern youth, both rural and urban.

Historical Role

The SLFP was formed, initiated by SWRD Bandaranaike, breaking away from the UNP in 1951. Within five years in 1956, it managed to form a coalition government. Therefore, its first contribution was to break the monopoly of political power held by an urban elite and create a situation where people could select an alternative party/policies. It was because of this contribution that Sri Lanka became a two party (or two coalition) system which is considered a necessary ingredient for a proper parliamentary democracy.

MaithripalaPreviously, when Bandaranaike joined to form the UNP in 1946, as a necessary broad front, his organization was Sinhala Maha Sabha (Grand Council of Sinhalese). He maintained this unity/coalition at a crucial juncture and for five years (1946-51). Therefore, the present SLFP unity government with the UNP is not unusual from this perspective.

The vision of Bandaranaike, as he often said, was to unite the Sinhalese first and then the other communities which was never actually happened during his time or after. The SLFP always had a Sinhala bias and orientation with fluctuating magnitudes. At times, these nationalist forces were uncontrollable. As a predicament of this situation, Bandaranaike was assassinated in 1959. As a national party, no party can ignore the interests of the majority. However, to ignore the interests of the minorities, or other communities, could lend enormous consequences to the party or the country. This was a major reason for the ethnic conflict beginning the Sinhala only policy in 1956.

When the SLFP was formed, as the name signified (Sri Lanka Freedom Party), the objective was to extend the independence of the country and to assert its cultural heritage. This was absolutely correct particularly in the context of submissive Western orientation of that time, or even today. However, it should not have been at the expense of communal harmony in the country or healthy relations with the West or any other camp. SWRD Bandaranaike was one who had thoroughly studied ‘nationalism’ in the world. His writings vouch for this knowledge. He perfectly understood the ‘merits’ and ‘dangers’ of nationalism, let alone communalism. However, he and the party blundered in its practices again and again.

Middle Path and Policies

Bandaranaike and the SLFP espoused a Middle Path. This is the major strength of the SLFP even today, although a difficult path to tread. It would be the history that would judge the success or the failure. A middle path did not and does not mean indifference or neutrality on justice issues. An active middle path is about social justice. For example, in the case of international relations, the policy was not indifference, but to align with the poor and developing countries of the non-align movement (NAM) on economic and social issues. This is exactly the policy which became abused by the past regime by even aligning with the dictatorial regimes against democracy and human rights.

The middle path of the SLFP has been more prominent nationally on issues of capitalism vs. socialism or the private sector vs. the public sector. This is one reason how the party acquired a reputation as a socialist or a socialist oriented party, apart from aligning with the Left parties (i.e. LSSP and CP). This in a way was correct. If one believes socialism as a goal, but not possible or advisable to achieve through revolutionary means, then some kind of evolutionary policy might be the best. But in the case of the SLFP, it always had a bourgeois character at the leadership level, of the nature of a rising rural bourgeoisie. There were times that this trend became more prominent than the other. As a result, certain political regimes of the SLFP allowed quite blatantly for its hierarchy to acquire wealth and capital, obviously through dubious and corrupt political means.

It has been a historical fact, however, that the public sector always expanded under SLFP regimes compared to the UNP, with both strengths and weaknesses. Under a particular international context, nationalization policies of the SLFP became very much popular and even imperative. But under changed international and national circumstances, some of these nationalized enterprises proved to be a liability than an asset. While these circumstances have narrowed the differences of economic policies of the SLFP and the UNP, now for some time, the promotion of a middle path appears to be in the advancement of public-private partnership (PPP) in a pragmatic manner.

Then the question remains how to promote ‘socialist oriented’ or ‘pro-poor’ economic policies under such circumstance. This is undoubtedly a challenge for the SLFP today. It is in this context that new economic models (perhaps social market), income redistribution policies and modern tax regimes have to be innovated while promoting entrepreneurship, small businesses and perhaps advocating non-profit or reasonable profit making businesses. There are emerging literature and debates on these matters in the international scene.

Socially progressive policies of the SLFP have never been limited to nationalizations in the past. It was the SLFP which initiated the employment provident fund (EPF). It was the SLFP which reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 for the benefit of the politically awakening youth. There was a firm commitment on the part of the SLFP to preserve and promote the welfare system in the country (pension schemes, free education and health etc.) although this determination appear to wane under the pressures of the neo-liberal policies internally and internationally. This is still a challenge.

The major failures of the middle path undoubtedly came in respect of nationalism and on the national question. It is on record that Bandaranaike was quite remorse when the communal riots took place in 1958. But his capitulation to extremist pressures was responsible for the situation. There were major strides that Mrs Bandaranaike made in foreign policy and on some social issues. However, her policies were more flawed considering the opportunities presented during her leadership. One example was the missed-opportunity of the 1972 constitution to rectify the situation. This is one reason why the opportunity for a new constitution today should not be missed by the SLFP.

Present Crisis

The crisis in the SLFP is not recent. It is a crisis created over several years. One merit of the SLFP was its strong concerns on territorial integrity and national security. However, it should have been proportional to the threats posed. The thrust against terrorism should not have been a thrust against the Tamils or an excuse for human rights violations. The present crisis within the SLFP brewed particularly after the defeat of the LTTE. Taking the opportunity, the power became blatantly abused for family, political or financial reasons, not by one leader but several of them. This is a trend in many political parties or politics in general, but the magnitude was overwhelming.

Political parties in Sri Lanka are still not fully democratic. The leaders have undue authority and the members or other leaders are usually subservient to the Leader almost by nature. A major crisis point in the SLFP was the 18th Amendment. Although many second ranking leaders wanted to oppose, they didn’t for the fear of reprisal. Therefore, the early call for the presidential elections in January 2015 was the opportunity to rebel by the bravest. It was a blessing in disguise. When the rebellion worked, the former leadership crumbled and the others joined the fray. It is only after sometime that the old leadership has managed to regroup and pose a threat to the new leadership. The difference between the two leaderships or the factions in my view is about ‘democracy and authoritarianism’ within the party and the country. This is why the new leadership should be supported but critically because of the inbuilt weaknesses.

This is the crisis today and the old leaders and their followers are in a counter-rebellion mood. The main rallying point of the opposition is the present SLFP alliance with the UNP. Added reason is the extension of that alliance from two years to now five years. Although the SLFP emerged initially from the UNP, throughout years there had been bitterness between the two parties particularly at the ground levels. In addition, there are still substantial policy differences between the two. One accusation of the opposition is that the present SLFP leadership has capitulated to the UNP and through which to an international conspiracy. The purpose of that conspiracy is pictured as to divide the country eventually through a new constitution.

Opportunities for Change

The personalities, policies and the practices of the opposition are those that became largely defeated at the last two elections in 2015. It is not clear whether the electors would again go back to those old policies and conditions. One can reasonably argue that the new government is not fundamentally different. There are some ‘old guard’ in the new formation. A coalition government by nature is a weak government. A relatively democratic government also may appear as an inefficient government than an authoritarian one. Therefore, there are some natural advantages for the opposition. However, the next parliamentary elections will be in 2020, and the presidential in 2021 (unless something dramatically happens), while there can be local government (LG) elections in early next year.

There are moves for the Joint Opposition to contest independently at the LG polls. There are also moves for the opposition to form a new political party. This must be something that the SLFP leaders are waiting, like the ‘handing over of the leadership’ in January 2015! Party splits, purges or reorganizations are not ideologically alien to a person like Maithripala Sirisena. His political upbringing is equal or tougher than Mahinda Rajapaksa. The spilt in the party and any new formation would favour the UNP. It is unfortunate for the country creating volatility. The SLFP is in a crisis, but not the UNP. It is a crisis generated by the ‘old guard.’ If at all, the formation of a new party would be premature, geared by emotions than any hard calculations.

It is not my intention here to speculate or predict electoral fortunes for anyone at LG polls or beyond. The concern is about the SLFP as one of the necessary pillars of the democratic system in the country. In this context, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong for the SLFP to work with the UNP at this juncture of democratic transformation. If the mission of the ‘January revolution’ is to be carried forward, the SLFP has to be reformed and reorganized. For a proper functioning of the democratic system in the country, there are several conditions necessary. The following can be the minimum.

  • A more democratic constitution and an effective legal system with rational laws.
  • A well trained and enlightened bureaucracy in all state institutions including the armed forces.
  • A fully democratic party system with rational and modern policies and leaders.
  • A vibrant civil society with trade unions, voluntary organizations and professional associations.
  • A well-educated citizenry with mutual respect for rights and duties of all.

The January 2015 political change can be attributed to the alliance between the new leaders of the SLFP and the UNP, and the effective contributions by the civil society. There has been reluctance on the part of the civil society activists and intellectuals to join political parties in the past, given the dubious circumstances of those parties and the leaders. As a result, the SLFP and even the UNP have been in a dearth of competent and capable leaders and members. Low educational standards of the parliamentarians and low level of debates in Parliament have been some results.

Professionals, academics and artists also have ‘ivory tower’ conceptions and reluctance to be bound by party discipline or intricate party procedures. These are largely valid. They are also maximalists in general. However, the crisis within the SLFP at present opens up ample opportunities for them and others to join the party and make useful contributions not only for that party, but also for the country at large. This may be equally valid for the UNP. A person who comes to my mind who made such a contribution is late Professor Wiswa Warnapala. This is a tribute to him as well. I express this opinion not on behalf of that party, but for the sake of the country and its democratic future. If joining the SLFP by new blood can be done at a large scale, then the crisis within the SLFP can be turned into a great opportunity.

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    Dr. Laksiri Fernando

    RE: SLFP Anniversary & Its Crisis: Opportunity To Join And Strengthen Democracy.

    “The SLFP was formed, initiated by SWRD Bandaranaike, breaking away from the UNP in 1951. ” Why? Hegemony?

    Yes. The crisis, has two meanings, Danger and Opportunity.

    The Danger is that Mahinda Rajapaksa can wreck it, because he wants to be King and wants his cronies to back him, for obvious reasons.

    The opportunity, is that SLFP to clean house, to get rid of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies, and reform the party so that, this will not happen again with checks and balances.

    The opportunity is to reform the Party and merge with the original United National Party, that encompasses all the people, the way it was before SWRD Bandaranaika split off from UNP and formed SLFP, due to D.S.Senanyakas’s family dynasty aspirations.

    The Danger here is that will it lead to a dictatorship like JR Jayawardana’s UNP. So, UNP needs reform too with checks and balances.

    What a mess created by the needs to maintain family dynasties by D S Senanayaka, SWRD Bandaranaika and of course by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    They all asked, what can the country do for ma to maintain by hegemony and my family hegemony.

    Voice of Ceylon


    • 6

      SLFP is a Sinhala Racist and SEXIST Party. How many women did Sira appoint to party organizer posts – along with the Criminal CAD who was the former Mayor of Hambantota?

      All the new organizers that Sira appointed are Sinhala Modayo.

      Now is the time to pluralize the party and bring in women and minorities into the SLFP.

      Culture of IMPUNITY FOR CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL POLITICIANS flourishes under the UNP and SLFP alike. Ranil prats on about Parliamentary privileges and sovereignty for the uneducated morons and criminals that are the majority at the Diyawenna Parliament of corrupt clowns.

      Meanwhile CBK is tangoing now about reconciliation and prating on the UN international – donor conference circuit with all her cronies at ONUR in tow.
      But CBK did not bring women or minorities into the Sinhala Only SLFP party. Only 5 percent of parliamentarians are women.

      • 0

        How many women did Sira appoint to party organizer posts

        Dumb western thinking. You need to first understand how the western law treated in their rule books as well as in their society. compare that with Kewni, who was a queen. that is the recetn history of Sri lanka.

        Then since the second world they employed women to make the country rich. then they wanted immigrents to increase their GDP. Now, they are using racism openly to oppress immigrwents in order to save their cultures from disintegration.

      • 1

        That took the direction of non-racist during the days of CBK then again Meeharaka Rajakashe guided it to all mockery. In the days of CBK, we did not hear much about the low lives behaving against party principles as is the case under MR. Rapists, gold chain robers or all various kind of men and women were part and parcel of the close association of Rajakshe family.
        Alone that tourist murder occured in Tangalle was about to be disappeared in the carpet unless british premier and Prince charles forcefully interfered. Now they talk about sending the multi criminal former PS man to the prison, but it took that long them to convict him:
        Alone the issue murder of Hirunikas father related saga was deliberately handled by MR family to allow the most known criminals to earn respect while abusing state funds for his foreign stays.
        Not revealing the truths, DUminda silva was kept 2 years away from the country- his ETIOLGY of the hospital records still to come out from clearing the pending unanssered questions. a

        People are so curious how his head was turned to be okay immediately the 2 years period is gone, earlier predications were that he lost his memories fully…… all these were recorded in that case.

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      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      RE: SLFP Anniversary & Its Crisis: Opportunity To Join And Strengthen Democracy.

      This is an Opportunity for the Paras To Join And Strengthen Democracy, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      It is reported that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has ordered Minister of Law and Order Sagala Rathnayake to look into the “Sinhale Jathika Balamuluwa” which attacked a protest organized by a civil group under the theme “Ekama Le” (same blood).

      Reportedly the incident took place a few days ago at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo.

      The Prime minister has ordered the Minister to file a report on the actions taken regarding the incident by the police.


      So are these “Sinhale Jathika Balamuluwa”.

      Who is this Sinhale? It is Para-Le from India, Hindia, Baharat, just like the Tamil-Le or Demala-Le. They all are Paras with Para-Le, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations.

      Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36;

      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


      PS. Common Sense Phamplet?

    • 3

      According to MR s public speech of yesterday he is the one who united the party and Mr Sirisena and CBK according to him have damaged the party.

      And also he insists that all the devious information – mostly cant be truthful at all – to attack the current party men.

      As the right thinking lankens observed it, it was MR and his brothers damaged the party than anyone else. All low level PS to MINISTER level positions were offered to the unappropriate canddiates in order to continue Rajakashes kind of tactful politics destroying entire external affairs. Today one of his close men – turn man of Mr Sirisena reiterates, that entire world keeps faith on the country today than had been a year ago. In the same time reactions being made by International communtiy prove the truths about that.

      At the time, MR decided to go for early election to get rid of the problems, but telling the otherway around fooling the stupid majorities, there were two dillemial problems that he thought would never be able to settle easily.

      a) Economic crisis according former Secretary to Finance – imposing trade embargo was on the door steps – Raajakshe s governance was criticised by entire developed world -not because his terms ended the war, but because the manner he governed in the post war years. Not respecting its people the way it should have been. Not allowing them the basic human rights.All records went up interms human rights violations
      b) International crises – UN bodies were planning to go against srilanka

      After Mr Sirisena took the office:

      a) Dillemal stands left in the areas of countries economy – is being addressed but step by step…

      b) NO more threat from International community, – they welcome newly elected DUO – calling them and judging them as the leaders for the war torn nation.

      C) Investors keep the faith on the country – China and India make strong ties with the country,

      d) After all – some degree of transparencies and work are being done against corruption and abuses – even if the levels would not go down easily in th eocuntry since almost every 2nd is pro abusive than anti

      • 1

        LOL what an idiot

  • 3


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      [Edited out]

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    [Edited out]
    The thrust against terrorism should not have been a thrust against the Tamils or an excuse for human rights violations. – How were the Sri lankan human rights during the JVP times.

    Political parties in Sri Lanka are still not fully democratic. – Just name one country out of FIVE EYES (USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) which has democratic political parties and minorities or at least their borgnies are treated with respect, not equality.

    A well-educated citizenry with mutual respect for rights and duties of all. YOU SIMPLY LIVE IN A IMAGINARY WORLD.

    In Sri lanka, BOTH THE POLITICIANS, GOVT EMPLOYEES and top bureaucrats live in IN iVORY TOWERS. They don’t see any one or anything else.

  • 1

    “Bandaranaike and the SLFP espoused a Middle Path.”

    SWRD did not take the middle path to win the elections with 2/3rd majority.
    Yet having got the power and realising the blunder he made in 1956,he voluntarily called SJVC & signed a pact ( BC pact ) with him to ensure sovereignity & take the country forward.
    Majority of the minorities thought or believed that SWRD & SLFP espoused a middle path.

    That “espoused middle path never came into practice. Buddhist monks together with SWRD foreshook the middle path. SWRD abrogated the pact. Yet he was assasinated.

    Talking about new blood joining SLFP as a solution is wishful thinking.
    Because the majority of the new blood are born after 1972,or 1977.

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    I have said this several times; if people get a chance to vote they see only two parties at any future election: My3’s SLFP, UNP, and JVP as one governing coalition or one Party and Mahinda’s SLFP with Joint Opposition as the other. The JO members who are good debaters give a really hard time to UNP and My3 and their followers at popular TV political programs such as ‘Satana, Ilkkaya, 360, and Vaada Piitiya.’
    For example, at one of the TV news programs, I watched an Indian man carry the dead body of his wife on his shoulder wrapped in a piece of cloth; his 12 year daughter was crying and following him and their walk was not a kilometer or two but 60 kilometers from the hospital (where she died) to their village. (The reason: Indian government authorities can not afford to give this service)! And the TV presenter was sarcastically reminding Sri Lankan viewers of the ‘fleet of ambulances’ donated by India. At this point deputy foreign minister Harsha de Silva (A Dr just like Laksiri and not a medical Doc) who was praising Indian government as never before was coming to our mind! I like Dr. Harsha’s style of debate but I felt really sorry about him too. Was he too duped by Indians in this ‘fake’ donation? Has he become a ‘cat’s paw’ in a larger RAW plot? Are Etca and the ‘Bridge’ behind this type of ‘donations’ to dupe the Sri Lankans? How can Dr. Harsha justify this situation to Sri Lankans and the poor Indians too who are millions and millions, not just thousands? I hate Hippocratic political manipulations and so do the millions of Sri Lankans and Indians too!
    People will definitely not vote for liars, cheaters, and political manipulators because people do not want to be in a messy Sri Lanka again; now what they want is to teach the same lesson they had taught Mahinda’s crooks (the majority of whom are now with My3 and Ranil); in short, they will forget Mahinda’s shortcomings for a moment and vote to the lesser evil that is Mahinda’s Joint Opposition headed by Mahinda’s SLFP. This will happen in hundreds of thousands and probably this will be an unprecedented historic situation in Sri Lanka.
    Dr. Laksiri F may be trying to invoke blessings and point out the virtues of being with My3’s SLFP (and UNP); but with new allegations coming (not from FCID) but from Australia against My3’s dubious deals in the past, I don’t think people are ready to ‘reconsider’ their decision. However, the SLFP convention will be a good case in point.
    PS: Some die-hard UNP friends of mine who love Sri Lanka now say Ranil Wickremasinghe too made a historic blunder by hastily tying the knot with My3 with the blessings of CBK and certain Western powers who are not genuine. according to them, he should have waited for another year or two, but now it’s too late; he too is in hot water due to CB scandal and other unfriendly parliamentary Acts like VAT! In the eyes of Sri Lanakans his image is unfortunately no longer Lilly-white!

  • 0

    Elite , Anglican and Vellala stronghold on post Colonial Srilanka was diluted, thanks to Banadaranayaka.

    Successive SLFP Governments gave the great majority, opportunities to lift up their stock.

    Whilst the Sinhala Buddhists poor , who are the biggest majority had to share the burden imposed by the LTTE Tigers.

    And they made the ultimate sacrifices to eliminate the 30 year Tamil Terrorist campaign, which was launched to destroy Srilanka by the Indians , and the Diaspora with the help of the West..

    It is not the lack of good policies which split the SLFP.

    It is personal jealousy, and hatred of the Bandaranaya’s, own offspring , whose one left eye was removed by Pirahaparan ,

    And the greed, and the once in a life time opportunity to a mediocre Minister, who milked the system all his life to make his extended family rich.

    West, Vellalas, Anglicans and the late arrival Wahabis sensed the opportunity, and grabbed it with both hand to try and restore their dominance once again in good old Srilanka.

    And they are well on the way.to get there.with all the bells and whistles which no future Governments can touch, no matter what.

  • 1

    While wishing the 65th SLFP anniversary celebrations a success, The Tamils expect President Sirisena to spell out the solution he has in mind to solve the Tamil problem, which has to be a permanent solution for once and for all, so that the country can move forward with all minority problems put behind us. It should not be a solution like SWRD’s district council bill signed with SJV Chelva, Federal party leader and abrogated the pact before the ink dried on the paper they signed, giving flimsy reasons. Today, we would have been another
    ‘Singapore’ if SWRD implemented the B-C pact.

  • 1

    “The SLFP was formed, initiated by SWRD Bandaranaike, breaking away from the UNP in 1951. Within five years in 1956, it managed to form a coalition government. Therefore, its first contribution was to break the monopoly of political power held by an urban elite and create a situation where people could select an alternative party/policies. It was because of this contribution that Sri Lanka became a two party (or two coalition) system which is considered a necessary ingredient for a proper parliamentary democracy.

    Maithripala Previously, when Bandaranaike joined to form the UNP in 1946, as a necessary broad front, his organization was Sinhala Maha Sabha (Grand Council of Sinhalese). He maintained this unity/coalition at a crucial juncture and for five years (1946-51). Therefore, the present SLFP unity government with the UNP is not unusual from this perspective.”

    The entire essay is a whitewash of the criminal history of the SLFP. Solomon West Ridgeway Dias changed his religion with sole purpose of capturing power. His day and night dream was capturing power. This last century Oxford educated lawyer is the Shape and Soul of urban elite power hungry monsters. An urban elite, a converted for the purpose of power, formed a political racial religious organization in 1930s, “The Sinhala Maha Sabha”. Then seeing UNP was ahead of him he went there. Four year after Lankawe got its freedom from Britain, with ill intention, he re- named his party as Sri Lanka Freedom party. He created a party with a racial mind, to cover entire Lankawe, rather than his earlier dream of keeping Kandy Elites separate under Federal structure re at a higher level than the rural poor beggar Sinhalese and North East Tamils. Article is whitewashing him as a friend of poor. When he saw in UNP his chance of rising to the ultimate tops post was being spoiled by already Royal-lized UNP is minimal, he went opposing the UNP. Comparing with his tricky somersaults, he saw Dudley politeness as inferior candidature. This power hungry man started a socialist party seeing the Sinhalese are Modayas and decided to take advantage of them. Ronnie De Mel tore off Sirimavo’s socialistic approach of nationalizing Estates and transferring them to her name. That was exactly how the Old King sold the Lankawe to China and transferred proceeds to foreign bank accounts. SWRD’s aristocratic family was robbing the land. His biggest damage to the country is not the “Sinhala Only”, it was only to destroy Tamils, but his call to change the Soulbury democratic constitution and replace it with a racial dictatorial Sinhala Only constitution to protect his act. So he called the part that formed after freedom as Freedom Part. That was a sheer intention of fooling the Sinhala Modayas.

    Eventually Kodeeshwaran had filed a case against Sinhala only with Privy Council to get back his increments he lost by Sinhala Only. Privy Council gave a verdict that Kodeeswaran had filed a case in a distress, so that must be resolved by the Supreme Court of Lankawe. They did nothing to comply it until they had chance to change the constitution and had the Sinhala Only embedded in that and Privy Council verdict invalidated. This is what now happening to UNHRC resolution. That time they cheated the Privy Council until they had chance to change the constitution. Now they are cheating UNHRC until they finish their constitution. This intention was publicly announced by Minister Rajitha. The only purpose of the call for constitutional change on those days was to take out the onerous Privy Council and Section 29. Other than that, Lankawe, in 1950s, stood as the richest country next Japan in Asia. There was no need to introduced communism or Socialism to a country in that high standard. There were many economic mechanisms available to improve the income distribution. The first law to legislate in the parliament of Ceylon should have been the profit sharing of the estate companies with the up country Tamils, not nationalizing the companies and put them with their other deeds files or deporting Tamil workers. It is exactly what happening, again, now. There is a constitutional change is taking place in Lankawe only to save Old King from onerous UNHRC. JR also changed the constitution to ensure that Tamils will never come to opposition level. There is new need like that too. This time, unlike the essay whitewash trying show, while Sinhalese overwhelmingly voted to Old King, the Tamils selected the president. Even that, the Tamils not obeying the will of the Sinhalese, has to be fixed. SLFP was formed with an intention of do anything possible to capture power. The truth this SLFP culture is well natured and has grown up as Jack’s beanstalk.

    SWRD’s 4 years were spreading melting volcano lava in Lankawe.

    SWRD’s hooliganism stopped and eliminated by the thugs he have had surrounded him. If he had been allowed to live long, the Old King’s legacy certainly has been staged well early in the 1950s and 1960s. Once he was eliminated, things appeared to be cooling a little bit. But it was not over as he had already established the SLFP. SWRD’s principle less- power hungry socialism did less damage than his wife’s actions mainly because it short lived and was inundated in turmoil. Her first term too was filled turmoil like coup and power competitions. But she still managed to do maximum damage to economic structure of the country. For the first time a country which had favorable balance of payments for two decades became an indebted nation. She deployed North and East with rapist army to occupy. Tamils were corned like cattle to be reared. 1961 was year of death of hope for Tamils. She suppressed the Satyagraha with many times the force of the Julian Wala. Many Tamil MPs faced death on the abusive hand of the army brutality.
    She cried on the stages to get into power. When she got it she killed all the progress the country had reached until the 1956. She antagonized the whole world and it basically remained in that level until Chandrika used Kathirgamar to reverse it.

    But SLFP returned back in 1970. Lake House received her with the obituary notice of “Death of D.M.Ocracy”. Sirimavo regretted not having nationalized Lake House in the first wave itself. But she promptly fixed that in the second wave. The stolen freedom of speech even for Sinhalese is still lingering in Lankawe. Time to Time, Ranil issues threats to Medias to keep them shut and keep them under surveillance.

    When Sirimavo came to power, Puthana returned to Lankawe. It is not just on the Tamils, she showed she would launch her rapist Army judgment to the kids of Modayas’ who sent her to parliament with 2/3 majority. It is not just the Muslim Ministers’ standardization was hurting Tamils, N.M.Perrea like communist’ Financial Management and Phelix Dias’ Economic and Commerce management ran the country to the edge of Hell. Poverty gripped the North and East. Bread queues stood in those areas for miles from the early morning 4 ‘ Clock. Communist M.N.Perrea even ordered not serve rice on Fridays to kill Tamils who fast on Fridays without food.

    There is no crisis in SLFP. This a joint drama acted by UNP and SLFP to save the Old King from IC inquiry. But of cause the Joint Comedy communist look for a poisonous spear head to launch on UNP. For that they are trying to split Old King and use. But Old King came always come with bag and baggage as Old Royals. So it is not that easy for the communist to cheat Old King like they did to Sirimavo.

    The elite professors who preach communism does not have anything other than whitewash the horror land of the Wildlife Sanctuary Lankawe. The entire article is a fraud. But there is no need for somebody point out everything because everybody the history of the land and each power political groups twist it in the beneficial way to them too.

  • 1

    Dr. Laksiri is indirectly asking the people to support MS as the SLFP leader. However he must know that MS by appointing the defeated SLFP candidates to the ministerial posts and the way they talk now against their own government without any shy, no educated person will join them. Sorry Dr. Laksiri there are no opportunities to make it strong.

    • 2

      What options he had to that time, if the party was to be protected ?

      WIthin both grand parties – you dont have goodies only… most of them that are connected to ground level poltics are abusive by nature. That is common to lanken cutlure, please do some survey by your own to grasp this – in lanken culture regardless of the race, relgion or whatever – almost everyone is abusive minded from the day one.

      Searching for good politicians or good authorities, good academics free from abusive nature are like searching mustard seeds from a house where noone is dead.

  • 0

    A strong dedicated opposition is a pre-requisite for democracy.

    At some stage Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) did have opposition who took up the plight of the down-trodden. They found that perks go begging. Slowly they adopted the means to survive with “If you cannot beat them, join them”.

    Recently opposition has become an auction area – highest bidder gets the cross-over. The present scene is somewhat farcical – who ever saw the same party fielding MPs in government side and in opposition. This is tragedy with a comic look! It is clear the leaders are intent on owning a party.

    It will be best if the Joint Opposition form a party and get into the business of serving the purpose.

  • 0

    We saw in current govt. “good governances” option is a dead end for the vast majority of masses by rule of MS & CBK led ‘SLFP’ of the Fake coalition concord led by UNP-Ranil W…shown last 19 months.

    At least having proved that ‘good governance and rule of law’ by MS and CBK in Sri lanka totally failure, but there is no way recovered the foreseeable future in an Island.

    Hence MS and CBK cannot review and regain leadership of ‘SLFP’ by any means.
    We need a different vision and task one that safeguard the considerable nation interest of sovereignty. There is no longer such agenda has been an introduce by MS+CBK….of the “SLFP” in the “propose SLFP convention” in Kurungala in 4th of September 2016.

    The very sustsnibility of system of capitalism , while explicitly recognizing the virtues of national diversity by centrality of national bourgeoisies governances by MR leadership of SLFP, that new vision of politics. The Proposed and ongoing changes of democracy of SLFP class roots is different from 1951 SLFP political foundation in the past.

    What, we need in effect is revalidation and updating national Capitalism on compromise for new social forces led by MR and other progressive democratic elements in our soil.

    We must recognize the realities of the day that our nation in real danger under so-called leadership of MS and CBK political-“SLFP”. Current SLFP leadership has to underline that myth USA is no longer the world dominant economic superpower.
    And BRICKS-mainly China majoring market can no longer be ignored .

    USA -market having no free rider of present world order!

    The UNP -Ranil W… that join hand with MS and CBK of Neo-con which of that handful are showing power of state is that like paper Tiger.
    These so-called elites say under MS and CBK of SLFP can return to some mythical of “golden era” with high standard of economic development ,but that is not truth of political reality of ours ground level.

    New forces has to learn lessons from “rainbow revolution”( counter revolution-2015 January ) by MS and CBK oriented that our policies must be reorient on the national priorities accordingly development of independent of economic and political sovereignty.

    The UNP-Ranil W… CBK and MS that neo-liberal capitalism by ignored markets self-regulating received a mortal blow in the recent financial market crisis cannot overcome once and for all.

    That is why that we believed the UNP’s back the magic of markets forces is a dangerous siren song since 2015 January 9th in Island .

  • 2

    Laksiri Fernando has stated;

    “Professionals, academics and artists also have ‘ivory tower’ conceptions and reluctance to be bound by party discipline or intricate party procedures. These are largely valid. They are also maximalists in general. However, the crisis within the SLFP at present opens up ample opportunities for them and others to join the party and make useful contributions not only for that party, but also for the country at large. This may be equally valid for the UNP.”

    There is hardly ANY DIFFERENCE between Professionals, Academics and Artists (the products of free education) and Highly Corrupt politicians in the country. Both groups are equally responsible for the misery endured by our citizens.

    Both SLFP and UNP are in their final stage of their “Project Life”, both parties are being destroyed by internal cancers. They are equally responsible for initiating misery to our citizens through DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY,WAR,DESTRUCTION,POVERTY,ALCOHOLISM,PROSTITUTION,POLLUTION and above all destroying future of kids and grand kids. The time has come to bury these two evil political entities with the other class ,ethnicity and religion based chauvinist political parties.

  • 1

    “As a result, the SLFP and even the UNP have been in a dearth of competent and capable leaders and members. Low educational standards of the parliamentarians and low level of debates in Parliament have been some results.”

    Dr. Laksiri I bet you will not be invited to their anniversary celebrations!

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