25 June, 2022


SLFP Central Committee To Meet To Discuss Rajapaksa Faction’s Future

The Central Committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is scheduled to meet shortly to take a decision over the future of the pro-Mahinda Rajapaksa faction members who boycotted Sunday’s event in Kurunegala organized to commemorate the party’s 65th Anniversary.

Mahinda wThe SLFP’s Rajapaksa faction did not attend the event citing several reasons, a notable absentee at the function was Rajapaksa himself, who was in Malaysia. According to sources, it is unlikely that disciplinary action will be taken against Rajapaksa as he ducked the event on the guise of an ‘overseas’ visit.

Announcing the group’s decision last week, Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma said that the Rajapaksa faction will boycott the Kurunegala convention not because they had any animosity towards President Maithripala Sirisena, but instead this was their attempt to try and redirect the SLFP to the correct path.

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    The Central Committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)

    RE: SLFP Central Committee To Meet To Discuss Rajapaksa Faction’s Future

    Can you please get them Fishing boats, to fish in the vast Indian ocean, so that they can fish, and export the fish, to earn foreign exchange to partially cover all the corruption they did over many years.

    You are too distracted by these criminals and thieves. Please Charge them for the crimes, put them in jail or hang them, and move on.

    • 7

      “”Can you please get them Fishing boats,
      to fish in the vast Indian ocean””.
      The Lunatic bunch of thieves with Ali baba.
      When They Are In the Ocean, will not agree with each other,
      Will cut the boat into many pieces and try to kill each other also to get hold of Kassippu bottles.

      • 4

        MR and his corrupt and criminal band of cronies that consist of the JO-KE should be behind bars, their bank accounts frozen and their loot in Dubai and Singapore’ secret bank accounts traced and the funds brought back to SL to pay off the mega loans that they got from the Chinese who were building a Dictatorship in SL.

        Today Sri lanka is being colonized by the Chinese and the environment is also being destroyed as in Hambantota by useless white elephant projects like the Mattala airport where massive acres of elephant habitat and bird sancutury were destroyed.

        Where are the Sinhala Moda Nationalist like Dayan J? why are they not worried about Chinese colonization of Lanka?!

    • 9

      This polburuwa will abuse the nation this way, until their allegations levelled at them would be treated as serious. Billions alleged to have wasted and the related high profile crimes should take its seriousness cornering these men. That is the only wayout him to relinquish the stupid, gulliable, easy targets. Else, those voters would easily be tamed by MR theories would further believe any low level theories being added through their press men.

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        Time is up, put Mahinda on house arrest.

        • 7

          It is easy us to add so – but the number of people joined him even today on his return from Malaysia is also not just few. This man has been creating new devision in the nation abusing the opportunity. But punnaku eating folks seem not grasping it. If people are knowledeble as is the case in EU countries, things would easily work him to be isolated if not now in the days to come.

        • 5

          Mahinda has been using the same tactics as late LTTE leader did then

          – it was using innocient people for their survival and tricky politics.

          All presentees were the evidence that party leadership was voluntarily awarded to incumbent, but the very same guy to express no no .. it was snatched using executive powers is a blatant lie but the ones surrouned by Polburuwa Rajaakhe seem not believing it.

          MR has abused the war victory related respect to abuse people.

          Defeat LttERS must not become a licence any citizen to abuse the nation furuther. Vulerable punnakku eaters would even do anything and everything if they are bribed or pleased by wronful means.

          There is a big conspiracy today led by MR in toppling the govt.

    • 3

      Only wayout to come out of the situation is give the first priority to corner these men investigating all the trials filed against them.

      Else the bugger will always be strong in abusing the stupid folks telling and making them further fools

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    Please send Mahinda to one Europe countries or to Malaysia, Tamils there will write his future very nicely just like he got in Malaysia.

    • 9

      Mahinda Rajapakse & Co are very cunny and cheaty group. They are very good at creating scenes and drama’s to show Sinhalese that LTTE (Tamil) terrorism is still active and danger to this country. Tamils need not to worry about Rajapakse & Co. They are severly wounded lions and they can’t walk even an inch in Srilankan politics. His visits is not a matter for Tamils. Tamils should focus on:
      1. Justice for crimes committed against them.
      2. Welfare of the Tamil people, particularly war victims.
      3. Finding a political solution to secure their right to security, stability and equality.

    • 2

      Whatever you want to say, this is the man who got rid of the terrorist – it seems you are part of it. The frustrated separatist may attack him but the people of Sri Lankan have not forgotten what he saved us from. As the world looks on in horror as terrorism bites them in the arse, you and your kind will never be able to keep a true savoir down. Prabhkaran, the cold hearted killer is gone and will never, never return. So don’t hold your breath

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    Why is Sira so concerned about the corrupt crooks who support Jarapassa’s JO-KE?!
    Beats Me!
    I would say good riddance of Bad Rubbish!

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    If any disciplinary action is to be taken, it had better be against the BALA THANNAWA MARA, THE TSUNAMI HORA.

    He is singly responsible for all the problems caused to MY3, the President of our country. If the MEDAMULANA HORA can rest in peace in the backyard of Hanbantota, Sri Lanka will definitely be a better place for all the races in our country.

    The Ace Racist need to be tamed, if Sri Lanka has to prosper as a Nation where all communities can live in harmony.

    May the blessings of the Triple Gem be bestowed on our Island Nation.

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      ” If the MEDAMULANA HORA can rest in peace in the backyard of Hanbantota, Sri Lanka will definitely be a better place for all the races in our country.”

      Hold on, if that happens, the country will also die with him for Wimal Werawansa and Dayan Jayatilleka believe he is the country.

      “So Wimal was probably right when he said to rapturous applause “Mahinda is not a name, Mahinda is a country!” – Dayan Jayatilleka

      Wouldn’t it be a sad day for the people of this island who will be deprived of a country?

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    Do not you think MaRa & Co are using Race and Religion to come back to power & they use people for self interests ?

    Who can make them irrelavant and redundant for a better SL ?

    Do you agree with me that the majority of the majority in SL and the diaspora from the latter can only make that happen ?

    • 7

      Non PhD ,
      There is no wonder they might make that too. That crook Mahinda Rajapaksa is still walking around cool even after his fall in 2015.

  • 5

    They will never take any action. That would be the end to SLFP if they decide to expel any of the JO members. This is just a show for the public.

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    It is time SLFP Central committee,under the chairmanship of President Sirisena, weeds out the undesirables from the party , specially the communal factions and factions that threaten people with all forms of harm and have a clean party, ready to form a coalition with UNP in the next general election. Assuming that there will be a new constitution in place at the end of the five year term of this govt.and Presidential
    rule terminated and West minister style of Governance,headed by a Prime
    minister,introduced in place, it should be allowed,that the party that wins the highest number of seats, becomes the party who will choose the PM and there should not be any hassle over it and ministers chosen proportionately.

    Provisions should be made to accommodate minority parties, specially TNA, who never accepted portfolios in the current govt., to accept ministerial positions so that the minority people will feel satisfied that they are equally represented in the cabinet, where decisions are made. The Tamils never liked the idea, TNA accepting the position of Op.leader and sitting in the opposition, as, after all, Tamils votes made this govt.to win power.

    Its time our country moves forward with all minority problems solved
    and put behind us, and the majority and minorities should be prepared
    for some sacrifices, adopting a give and take policy. We should be ashamed that our neighbours have progressed far ahead of us while we
    are still fighting to eradicate corruption, nepotism and political
    thuggery, which ruins our country. Unless communal, religious and money
    greedy fanatics are got rid of, there is no chance for the country to
    progress. 25 years ago, India was below poverty line but today, it is
    a rich country and a regional power due to unity among the people, with
    29 federal states working together for progress in Economy, while each State looks after their language, lands, culture, industries & farming without interference from the Central govt.

    The Govt. in power should realise that, to get the country to move forward towards progress, devolution of power should be given to the minorities, so that time & money could be spent on country’s develop
    -ment, instead wasting time, solving existing local political problems.


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    Batalanada Ranil’s smile would have extended from top to bottom, if the mouth was vertical..

    How can Bodhi Sira sack 5,8 Million real SLFPers?..

    Batalanada even assigned his Thambi Marrickkar to insult the SLFP Sira Faction.

    Although Thambi tried to ridicule the Real SLFP , it backfired ,, Didn’t it?.

    Thambi said the JO will have the Black with a pair of Hand cuffs as the Logo at the next election..

    Marickkar should have got a few of his Thambis to hang Balck Flags in Kurunegala, to celebrate the death of Sira Faction .

    That is the feeling I got looking at those poor sods whom they bragged about bringing from different parts in CTB buses.

    One lying on his back, flat on the road,Two vomiting and the rest lined up at the Tavern, would have brought a few happy tears to Batalanda Ranil’s UNP eyes..

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    So the Central Comittee is to decide?. Is this the same Central Comittee that is going to ensure an SLFP win in the next election, under Maitripala Sirisena, chairman and president? Is this the same comittee that will watch as President and Chairman, having proclaimed that he is going to lead the SLFP to a win in the next election, as he will sit like a King on the Chief Guest seat of the United National Partie’s 70th anniversary celebrations?

    It seems like now the Chairman will sit at the UNP celebrations not as partner but as the rising crown prince of the SLFP kingdom that is about to appear in glory.

    What a coup!

    I am sure the Central Comittee will decide on a future that will be brighter, for everyone.

    Suba Anagathayak!

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