24 May, 2022


Split Of Mahinda Group From SLFP Imminent

The UPFA rebels supporting former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, after a secret meeting at MP Gamini Lokuge’s house last night, have decided to sever their ties with SLFP and contest under a separate party at the upcoming Local Government elections.

The meeting at Lokuge’s residence in Kesbewa was attended by parliamentarians Dinesh Gunawardena, Udaya Gammanpila, Prasanna Ranatunga, Bandula Gunawardane, Wimal Weerawansa and several others.

The new alliance is to be led by Kalutara district parliamentarian Kumara Welgama. Rajapaksa is expected to support from the sidelines without entering the fray directly.

The new alliance is to be led by Kalutara district parliamentarian Kumara Welgama. Rajapaksa is expected to support from the sidelines without entering the fray directly.

The new front will include all affiliated parties in the UPFA other than the SLFP. Also a large group of SLFP MP’s loyal to Rajapaksa are set to support the new alliance, according to one of the rebel group members.

The rebel group had reportedly met at Lokuge’s residence last night after President and SLFP leader Maithripala Sirisena decided to vest the responsibility of reorganizing the party machinery with MP S.B. Dissanayake.

Dissanayake earlier made a back door entry to the parliament through the UPFA national list after he was defeated at the last general election by the voters of the Kandy district.

According to the rebel group member Rajapaksa still holds sway among the grassroots members of the SLFP and the new alliance with the blessings of the former President is confident of winning a majority of councils defeating both Sirisena led SLFP and Wickremesinghe led UNP.

The new alliance is to be led by Kalutara district parliamentarian Kumara Welgama. Rajapaksa is expected to support from the sidelines without entering the fray directly.

The UPFA rebels also have decided to use the recent UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka as their main slogan.

The group have already started a series of meetings to make the public aware about the negative aspects of the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka. The inaugural meeting in this regards was held at the Viharamahadevi park yesterday.

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Latest comments

  • 37

    Untouchable, poisonous reptiles are trying to change colors. In a desperate, yet cunning attempt to crawl back into corridors of power.

    MY3 would do well to expedite criminal cases against dangerous individuals in question. Better not hesitate in that regard.

    Otherwise a fatal snake bite on MY3 leg, at the most unexpected moment is a given. Do not live to regret.


    • 30

      Hopefully Maithripala will, even at this late stage, make amends for tolerating the vipers in Parliament, and get those cases going to put away the guilty ASAP.

      Time to stop playing politics and keep those promises made to us the voters who believed him but who are now wondering if he is also just another empty vessel.

    • 5

      Ben – This is pouring water on ducks back !This will never happen as slow death of criminal cases is what is expected by the govt. After all they are the birds of the same feather.

    • 5

      President Sirisena has to act. He’s been too accommodative and far too patient. Also far too tolerant.

      There isn’t a single case proven to uphold any of the dozens of accusations made so far. Not one. Doesn’t that give strength to the denials from the accused and weaken the claim of the accusers?

      Some cases have slowly slid under the carpet. The Sri Lankan airways saga is one such. No one remembers. Thajudeen might be the next.

      In the meantime nepotism is raising its ugly head. Several persons are appointing their immediate kith and kin to prime posts.

      So while all the bally-hoo has brought no results, the President’s camp (government) is busy kicking own goals.

      Foolish I think. Very foolish.

  • 16

    So mahinda is contesting for the Thangalle LC?

  • 20

    Rajafucksa is going below in the political ladder every month!!

  • 16

    MY3 is doing a big mistake here. He should have cornered at least 2-3 politicians from Rajapakse clan and proceeded with corruption charges quickly. The best opportunity is to start with Prasanna Ranathunge having proven bribe taking charges(with his own voice recording). If one such crook is put behind bars others will become very tamed the way MY3 Wants.Unfortunately MY3 is wasting time…and it will be too late by the time he wakes up to challenge the crooks.

  • 3

    Piyasena sarcasm ………………….
    Yes. He went to see Showbitha prior to deciding giving his nomination for Tangalle LC.

    As for MY3, his leg is being stung by his Son In Law Thilina Suranjith as a vehicle costing 435 lakhs will be landed on our shores for this Defence Ministry appointee.
    Is it a part of the Dowry ?????????????

    MY3 well and truly smitten & bitten.

    Ravi.K is unable to take with him MR to discuss with China on loan repayments to them owing to China bashing.
    China is in the UK today, preparing to sign agreements and sign contracts valued Billions……………
    the same President who signed the Port City Project and was vindicated is given a red carpet welcome and hosted in the Buckingham Palace farr away from Polonnaruwa.

  • 16

    This is the time for all able bodied men to come to the aid of the party. Most of those who contribute comments here are not happy with what MY3 + RW are doing – or more importantly – what they are not doing.

    But we are united in one thing. MP4K (Member of Parliament for Kurunegala) should not be allowed to come back to power.

    They will do all kinds of devilish things to come back, not because they love power but because they love money – the money that has been stolen from ordinary folk like us.

    Just imagine US$ 10 billion works out as US$ 500 or Rs 70,000 per every single man, woman and child of this country (assuming a population of 20 million). That what they have stolen from us.

    Let us be vigilant and do the best to prevent calamity.

    • 13


      Excellent comment.

      MP4K is indeed plotting in the background. With his bandwagon of criminal cronies.

      While I hope for the best, I am worried Sri Lanka’s stupid electorate will fall asleep again. When it matters most.

      Any return of the MP4K would be a disaster.


  • 18

    This TSUNAMI HORA is so addicted to power that he cannot be without being in power. He is worst than a drug addict. A druggy will be harmful only to him and his immediate family and friends. But this guy is a National Threat.

    The worst part is, still there are serpents who rally round this venomous reptile who has got immune to the poisonous bite of this snake.

    List of fatal bites of this snake.

    1. Lasantha Wickramatunge and many other journalists.
    2. General Sarath Fonseka.
    3. Shirani Bandaranayake
    4. Bharatha Lakshman
    5. Wasim Thajudeen
    6. Weliweriya victims
    7. A & B victims
    8. FTZ victim
    9. White van victims
    10. Numerous innocent Tamil victims during and after the war.

    Luckily MY3 escaped the jaws of the snake, I think MY3 had better take precautions for the sake of the Nation, otherwise the fatal bite is not so far away going by the movements of the snake, which is ably assisted by the other serpents.(Booruwnsa,Gemmampila,Gonawardane,Vasideva and the likes)

    Take care MY3 and be aware of the snake around your legs and never vacillate in dealing with the reptile with seriousness that requires. If given the opportunity, this snake will deliver a fatal blow to you and will set the whole country ablaze, citing bogus patriotism.

    Need to nip it in the bud.

    • 1

      you are a bull minded man

  • 12

    Lokuge , Welgama , Dinesh (Cardboard Sando ) Rattran, Pachawamsa the tom tom beater pivithuru are all crooks and had met at Lokuge’s palatial house built during his association as UNP minister Cyril Mathew’s unofficial body guard and the money he made when he was the Working Director of the Petroleum Corporation.Your web site is giving all the prominence to such crooks that the people of this country have discarded.Do not think you can bring them to power again!!!

  • 9

    It took MS to change his Office staff after 10 months, after tracing the leaks direct to MR. Such is his simpleton action and is not a reflection of a smart leader. It will be
    late after the snake-bite predicted by common knowledge to make recovery! If what is
    forseeable is to be the fate of us Sri Lankans, so be it.

  • 4

    Thanks Ben,

    The other thing is the shame of the whole thing. These rubbish and
    discarded group of politicians want to convince us that MP4K is the only one who can lead the country.

    Is it not a shame? The out of the adult population of, I assume 12 million, isn’t there one adult who has the ability and the will to lead the country effectively? If that is the case I would be ashamed to be a Sri Lankan.

    • 1

      Edwin Rodrigo, yours is a comment with a lot of common sense.

      Unfortunately, common sense and logical thinking are missing in most of us. We have a head to merely locate our eyes and our hair, for we think from our hearts and sit on our brains.

      Yes that’s us, Sri Lankans!

  • 3

    Ansar, I’ve only got two words for you, you ungrateful pig : Eravur and Kanthankudi !

    • 3

      I have 4 words for you.

      Thanks for equating MARA WITH PRABA.

      Wait a minute you S.B,Praba everybody knew he was a terrorist,but MARA is even worst.He is a hypocrite covering themself with Sheep’s cloth and discreetly acting worst than a wolf,not only with Muslims but also against the Nation.Plundering the Nation and bleeding the poor to death for his and his family’s and cronies extravagant life.

      Give some work to your brain without sitting on it,you racist S.B.You idiot’s always think on racist lines.Get the hell out of it and think National.I am sure you belong to the human species or am I wrong?

  • 8

    Mahinda is a politically dead pig now. And obviously no one eats dead-pig-meat!

    • 3

      The problem is that the discarded group does not want to eat rotten meat themselves but want us to do that. This motley crowd of socialists remind me of Winston Churchill, who said:

      Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

      The misery of the stupid followers and the good fortune of the leaders , I must add.

    • 4

      Shamil yours is a careless comment which severely under-estimates the capabilities of the opposition. My3 also is making the same mistake.

      Any operation involving MaRa if taken lightly, can be a very costly business in the end. Very costly.

    • 0

      No way mr is dead pig buddy. You day dreaming.
      We love him. You see in 5 years. He will come

  • 3

    Good riddance!SLFP’s Senasuru apalaya is nearly over; hope you will take MR along with his brass door knob that he is clutching like a baby’s grip-tight

  • 0

    This is the master Mind of Vasu, Dinesh like Big guns. Wimal Udaya Gamminpola are just back benchers on this. They know Old King is scared to go against UNP or New King. So, what is the point of splitting on the ground of UNHRC. He started LLRC to have his name cleared but still enough room open to threaten Chandrika with war crimes. But now it has back fired. His movement now are calculated maneuvering, now. He decided to hide under M.P. post. He will not let IC to watch he is leading an opposition. This would not have have he Old King’s blessing. He should be shivering these thinking UNHRC and its resolution.

    What the big cannons thinking is when the SLFP breaks down they can pick up one or two more M.Ps from the stayed splinters.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Please leave and Good Bye.

  • 4

    Names for the new party
    Booru Ralla
    Hora Samagama
    Moda Ralla
    Kappam Samagama

  • 3

    This split must happen. That is the only way forward both for the people and the politics of the country. Then only the people will have a CHOICE. The President who is also the President of the SLFP must be able to clean the stable and establish his identity and give the country a stable political party. The President must encourage it and that is a must to happen.

  • 1

    It is time to stop vengeance against Rajapaksa. The new government was to not do what Rajapaksa had allegedly done. But they have excelled Rajapaksa in all activities. Press control, employment, elections, limitless borrowing, fraud, law and order etc. Please for heavens sake put the country first before it becomes Greeecy Tamilnadu.

  • 3

    At last all the crooks, bribe takers and schemers are forming an alliance ie separating from the SLFP, Good luck to them, may they be all enjoy their their representation etc this term under the Sirisena administration and be thrown into the sin-bin at the next election, when hopefully, the country will be in a better economic position.

  • 2

    So they think they can win the councils against the SLFP and the UNP. Lets see how this will work out. 5.8million went down to 4.7million and this time it will go down to — take a guess. They also think they can rabble rouse based on the UNHRC report Ha Ha Ha read the Paranagama report in every villege then contrast it to the UNHRC report while high lighting the great detail our own report contains W.R.T. human rights violations. Gamini Lokuge Thug, Welgma crook Booruwansa mindless idiot and the rest of the monkeys. We can enjoy the show. Indeed it is a good riddance for the SLFP.

  • 3

    This is the time to put to use our capable intelligence services of finding who funds this party, from where and by what means. Also time for the UPFA to get rid of anyone with at least a smear of curruption in his / her skin and introduce young and educated youth to the forefront of politics.

  • 1

    There is nothing undemoratic about this. Democracy in action.

    But what will happen to our beloved Sri Lanka (I mean the party)?
    A split in the party is no good, that is what MS and MR tried to prevent all along.

    By the way, insulting past presidents is not part of good governance, not sure what it is, maybe it is un-parliamentary?

  • 1

    One has to understand the deep powers of each individual ,everyone of us are born with certain powerful energies , not science ,not astrology nor any religion has the ability to fully understand or explain it, the source of this energies are referred sometimes as God ,gods ,angels , Devils , souls of dead ancestors, powers of great men of past believed to be either prophets , saints ,begotten sons and daughters of God and many more , since of late I have been trying very hard stop my to-much of criticizing of others beliefs, and instead am going to try to stop confront and accept the way each person believes, at the end of the day what matters is if what one believes in whether it is utter shop to one and divine and miracle to another ,if it is what works for each person , then that matters as long as we are here in this world .

    But one thing is true,there are energies around us and in us and it is the way we attract them and use them ,it will either give you all what you want or it will take all what you have and wipe you out.

    I see Mahinda Raajapakshe as the Phoenix the bird, who can by all means rise from the ashes and he will ,he did already the day he entered the parliament, tell me how many of us are willing to start life from scratch ? and that too at the age of Mahinda Rajapakshe ?

    quote: of some lines from If—
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you

    watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    Yes Mahinda has it all and more than what is mentioned above in him, he has learnt the art to manipulate the energies inside him , around him and in others too and nothing but death will stop him from achieving what he lost ,which he believes are all what he rightfully earned , yes he will wear his crown again if he lives that long and there is not a thing that will stand in his way .

    You are dealing with a deadly Scorpion .the are born brilliant in manipulating. so watch out .. in two years he may be back ..

    But like everything else ,even in the energies in us,around us ,there is some energies above us ,there is definitely always in everything something superior,we can only wait and see how the chess game ends . This is the most interesting and frustrating times Sri Lanka has ever been through .

    But Unfortunately we Sri Lankans do not have the mindset to understand the true importance of unity and live and let-live and real prosperity which is the success of any Country, it is only by uniting to see a political system that gives every single citizen the equal opportunity to build a life that he wants to live by , so there is no reason for me not to believe that we Sri-lankans will let history keep repeating itself, and allow one particular lot to enjoy the good things of the nation while the rest struggle to death .

    Truth is bitter ,but it is indeed the truth.

  • 1

    from the time this Journal started off as a Sri Lankan Political firebrand for critics,
    the lowest of the lowest , the most cheap coward from the the gutters I ever seen among the comments nick is the use of The name Fathima Fukushima who is not a Muslim as we all know very well , he or she has got no balls to use his or her real identity of race and religious background even behind the luxury and safety of their PCs.

  • 0

    Everyone that attended the lokuge meeting had bought a bottle of scotch for the meeting – all Black Label, Prasanna Ranathunga had brought a Shivaz Regal. Meals including fried rice were ordered from a catering company in Mutwal. Fried Pork had been the main bite for the whiskey, There had been singing and dancing at Lokuge’s

  • 0

    My3 should have faced this dilemma well before the
    nomination of MARA was signed based on lost or
    retired head of state tradition. What’s to happen
    tomorrow would have happened yesterday .No difference.
    For the majority, MARA and his goons are the opposition
    leaders,not Sampanthan . Do we need this joke ?
    Country’s main problem still is , getting rid of MARA !
    Part of Yahapalanaya life is revolving around dealing
    with MARA products. Citizens are still struggling to
    come to grips with whether MARA products are being
    removed from the shelves or being refilled . My
    problem is why MARA was allowed back to active politics?
    If yahapalanaya is about forcing people to lend their
    ears to MARA and his goons’ noises back everyday, then
    what yahapalanaya is it ?

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