23 June, 2024


SLMC Urges Govt To Ensure Muslims’ Safety Ahead BBS Summit

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has called upon the government to ensure necessary precautions are implemented to ensure the tragic events expired in Aluthgama do not recur following the Sangha Sammelanaya (summit of Buddhist monks) organised by the extremist group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS).

BBS Gnanasara

BBS Gnanasara

In a statement issued to the government, SLMC Secretary General and MP Hasen Ali has stated that the announcements made on the summit organised by the BBS to be held this Sunday, contains similar patterns of inflammatory hate speech propagated in Aluthgama, giving rise to the possibility that certain incidents that would violate the law and order of the country might occur.

They have pointed out that therefore, the SLMC is concerned that the meeting could be a platform where the tragic events of Aluthgama might be replayed.

Hence, the SLMC has urged the government, the Ministry of Law and Order and the Defence Ministry to ensure that necessary actions are taken to guarantee that citizens and public life in Sri Lanka are not harmed by the events.

They have gone on to remind the Government of Sri Lanka that it would have to bear full responsibility of ensuring the safety of the Muslim community in the context of the threats that have been imposed by BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara in the video announcements propagated on the event.

These calls by the SLMC come just a few days following the pledge made by President Rajapaksa to the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Iyad Ameen Madani to take immediate action to address any concerns or incidents against the Muslim community in Sri Lanka and to ensure their safety.

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    RE: SLMC Urges Govt To Ensure Muslims’ Safety Ahead BBS Summit

    Can you trust the Govt when they are the criminals?

    Get your own defense. Isolate the rioters, and you need to deal with the,m including identification etc.

    Police will just watch just like at Aluthgama.

    Expose expose and expose the Terrorists.

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      Look, Gannasara is holding Mahawamsa in his hands to authenticate what he is saying.

      I am sure Sinhala Buddhists will believe him, than to reason and civility.

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      The Muslims view BBS & SLMC are no differance in ideas. Both need to build the Mahinda. Muslims given the correct verdict in UVA election.

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    What did SL muslims say, when Maldive muslims destroy their ancient buddhist statues ?

    what did these muslims say when Afghan muslims destroy the Bamiyan buddha.

    If we leave it for muslims, one day they will bomb burmese buddhist temples and Sinhale’ buddhist statues too.

    that is muslims.

    • 2

      Well said Brother. Islam is all about killing non believers.
      when they kill., it is “what the god says”
      when others try to protect them selves., it is ” against Islam”

      Islam will be the cause of worlds end.

      Now it is time to clear Sri Lankan from the Islamic cancer.

      • 2


        “Well said Brother.”

        Bulls**t Roshi.

        “Islam will be the cause of worlds end.”

        On the contrary, Sinhala/Buddhism is the curse of this island.

        “Now it is time to clear Sri Lankan from the Islamic cancer.”

        Its high time we liberated Buddhism and Buddha’s teaching from Sinhala/Buddhism.

        {Islam is all about killing non believers. when they kill., it is “what the god says”}

        Sunday Sil Monday kill.

        A Dead Tamil is a Good Tamil

        Preaches Sinhala/Buddhism.

        Kill the Veddah
        Rob the Buddha
        and blame the Sudda.

        Demands Sinhala/Buddhism.

        Lately you have changed your prayer chanting to

        A Dead Muslim is a Good Muslim.

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    Sri Lanka Muslim Council, do not worry about the safety of the Muslims anymore as President Rajapakse has given a firm assurance to the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Lyad Ameen Madani, that he would protect the Muslims as his brothers.
    Hope that this would not be like another promise he gave to Manmohan Singh and Ban Ki Moon to implement 13A plus.

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    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

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    like you so accurately pointed out, it was the afghans and maldivians that destroyed those temples NOT the Sri Lankan Muslims. we have always lived in peace and harmony, so why now? why create discord when its been only 5 years after the war? is peace such an impossible thing to live with??

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    Why do people pray to things made by them, which cannot benefit or harm a person. Idol worship is not buddhism it is hinduism. There is no picture or idol of the real buddah. as this idols were introduced by monks 1000 years later copying hindus. humans are more important than idols, why build idols when that funds can be used to feed the poor.

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    What did SL muslims say, when Maldive muslims destroy their ancient buddhist statues ?

    Thank God, we can now live in peace and witness the dawn of prosperity to our motherlsnd.

    what did these muslims say when Afghan muslims destroy the Bamiyan buddha?

    Way to go! What a implosion. Worth watching its effect again and again.

    one day they will bomb burmese buddhist temples and Sinhale’ buddhist statues too.

    Probable, Yes, and if they don’t, it will just decay away anyway, and then the vagrants, looters and nidhana hunters will have left their mark before that.

    When the light of Islam shines bright, all falsehood and darkness will vanish. Simply dissappear, as has already happened in several new Muslim countries. Falsehood cannot simply survive on its own, but will one day cave in to the Truth.

    This is what Muslims will say.

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    Are the BBS with the regime behind it, planning something for Muslims like what JR and the UNP planned for Tamils in July 1983?

    God forbid if it is something like that, because Sri Lanka has no governance in the conventional sense.

    Sinhala Buddhists have taught a bitter lesson to Tamils, now they want to teach Muslims, and next it may be Christians.

    Muslims and Sinhala Christians supported Sinhala Buddhists to teach Tamils the lesson, now your turns to learn may be coming.

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    It’s Like asking the wolf to stop hunting for it’s food.

    Now the MURDEROUS MARA/GORA DUO have to come realise that their chances of winning the Presidential Elections through even with thuggery and intimidation has become a mirage. This is the conclusion for these MURDERERS after the UVA elections. So the MURDEROUS DUO needs a communal violence for their survival, that is the reason why the BOORU BALU SENA DOGS HEADED BY PONNASARA has been unleashed by the MURDERERS.


    In the circumstances, there is no other option for the minorities other than protecting themselves by whatever means possible and look to the heavens for help and assistance.

    Such is the situation for minorities in the MIRACLE OF ASIA HEADED BY MURDEROUS MARA AND THE GANG.But one thing is certain, the MURDEROUS MARA’s AND THEIR FAMILIES AND HENCHMEN will perish just like all other TYRANTS AND TERRORISTS who terrorised their people. How long is the question and at what price. There is no escape from this GOSPEL TRUTH.

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    Muslim party in the government is asking the government for protection against BBS vandals?

    Justice Minister Rauf is unable to provide justice to his own people and pleading for help from his own government. What a tragedy.

    Get out of the government and shout and scream on the streets. You will be more powerful than making fake appeals by being in the government.

    The Muslim ministers are dragging on till the end of the parliament term to enjoy their pension stakes. Once the parliament is dissolved they will turn to be the sacrificial heads of the Muslims to continue with another term in parliament.

    One time, Muslims were feared for their butchers cleavers and choppers. BBS has done it well to campaign against halal butchery and with that the fear of the knives too have evaporated.

    Muslim leaders must stop playing dingdongs which they are historically famous for. Their dingdong games are now contested, unless they change stand for principles than being petty parochial, they will fall into the entrapment of the established marginalisation agenda of the Sri Lanka state.

  • 2

    There is little doubt the “monk” in question is not a buddhist. But, a world class hate preacher. With a track record to show for it.

    Hate preachers are found in abundance within Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism as well.

    I understand Sri Lankan Muslims not wanting him on our soil. However, perhaps the right strategy would be not to avoid the “monk” in question.

    But, take him on openly using democratic channels.

    And educate the stupid public who believe in crap. As long as the hate preacher is wearing religious garbs. Educate the people about the trail of blood left behind by this so called “monk”.


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    What a shame for a drunkard and a womanizer who maintain and taking care of a [Edited out] living in France to be the Head monk.

    Where is “Jathika Sanga Sabawa” Mervin Silva and Rajitha Senaratna.

    Shame on Sri Lanka Therawada Buddhism.

    What are the qualifications required to be a Buddhist Monk in Sri Lanka……

    Looking for answers.

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    There is a well established Hierachy amongst the Sangha in Sri Lanka with the Mahanayakes of the Chapters at the apex. There is also the elected Govt and Ministry of Buddha Sasana with the PM in charge.

    How then is it possible that Gnanasara has taken the reigns and called for a Maha Sangha Samuluwa to decide on the fate of Buddhism and the entire country, his advisers being the Bin Laden Wirathu from Myanmar and other renegade monks from other countries? Also the election of a Presidential candidate?

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    A monstrous tyranny will have to come to an end if peace and prosperity were to dawn in the resplendent Isle. It’s up the voters in the next election to make that choice and shape their destiny. When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes. As falsehood by nature is bound to perish.

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