21 May, 2022


Sobitha Proposals, Ranil, Mahinda And The BBS

By Lakshan Wanigasooriya

Lakshan Wanigasooriya

Abusus non tollit usum  – Wrong use does not preclude proper use.

As a Christian Sinhalese Sri Lankan , University educated by the Sri Lankan tax payer and also as a person who has used this knowledge in the fight against the anti democratic forces that plague Sri Lanka, I take great joy in the actions of Ven Sobitha thera and the NMSJ especially at a time when some of his fellow colleagues have taken to the streets to take offence with the Muslim and Christians. Sobitha thera has used his influence and the influence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka to bring forth what is important to our society today hence the above Latin phrase. The Buddhist clergy and doctrine have a role to play in the governance of Sri Lanka but what is sad is groups such as BBS and other similar groups have basically got the wrong end of the stick! rather than using the doctrine by the en lighted one to enhance our position as nation and country within and outside our shores they are using this influence to isolate and to destroy our nation.

What they have failed to understand which Sobitha Thera and the NMSJ has understood is that it is when all of our rights are protected that our individual rights will be upheld a truth that not only the BBS but LTTE and its proxy groups of today don’t seem to understand. There is a saying that “mountains will labour and a mouse will be born” which is what all these groups can achieve even for their core support base; history has shown nothing tangible is achieved by these groups even to the core group whom they confess to represent; Hitler the German people, LTTE the Tamil people.

The post independence political journey of our country is fast coming to the point of  “no return” where the pilot of the state has no option but to continue by hook or by crook; leaders with vision and who heed to good advice soon realise this and are quick change course before they reach this point thus avoiding being sent into political wilderness and taking the whole population of the country sometimes with them. Recent world events show how leaders get to this point very quickly and have paid sometimes with their lives.

Sri Lankan’s have always put trust in people rather than in a system to deliver justice, development, peace ,stability and fair play in the distribution of wealth; however each passing term of government from post independence have abused this trust and the only current way to turn this tide is to support a system that offers a very meaning full alternative which is based on a “system” rather than a person; the proposals by the NMSJ has offered all of us Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgers the principals of forming a united front to bring about this change this front is not UNP, JVP, TNA or UNFP it is a system which guarantees the rights of every one.

As a student of politics and as a campaigner in the West for the rights of all Sri Lankan’s I am indeed proud of the proposals put forward by NMSJ of course these proposals are nothing new, we all know them because this what politicians have promised us over the years at each and every election we also know the objections as these are the same lame reasons which they give us at the end of each term as to why they did not keep to the promises.

The proposal aim to break the culture of absolute power and absolute power as we see and know corrupts absolutely. I think we all agree at least the normal hard working people of Sri Lanka that we need to resolve the issues of corruption, naptiuism and Lawless of this country it is only then that transformation can earnestly begin to re-address the economic issues that underpin and act as the fuel for the above evils, otherwise the so called development will be nothing more than a doted set of white elephant projects; the proposals put forward offer a very quick way of breaking the current political cycle that is plaguing and draining the country of its life blood. I am confident that if Ven Sobitha Thera and NMSJ is able to see this plough through and give leadership to it long enough they will achieve this, they have too as this is the only way!

Great freedom fighters always fought for others as they realised very quickly that is only through the preservation of others that one is preserved. Dr King in one of its speeches says this “All I’m saying is simply this, that all life is interrelated. And we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny — whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. For some strange reason I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality”

Rewind back to 2005 president Rajapaksa at his inauguration speech had among other things this to say ;

“Political power is not a privilege but only a temporary trust. I am not the master but the trustee of the country. I pledge to defend by all means the country you entrusted to me. I will act according to this pledge. From now on Mahinda Rajapakse as President will not be a leader that belongs exclusively to any single party or group. I will not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of politics, colour, race or religion. My political policy from now on will be the rule of law and protection of human rights”

Honestly looking at this in 2013 have we not fallen sort of the above standard? of course we have but for this is it only President Rajapakse to blame ? or does the system not allow for such high standards of government?  How is it that a system of government allow when people talk about human right failings that we should call them terrorist or unpatriotic? when as above the political policy of the president is the protection of human rights? Not only under this government but under the previous government President Rajapakse himself was called a traitor when he travelled to Geneva in 1988 to bring to the attention of the same world body the details of the missing Sinhalese youth for this president Rajapaksa was called a traitor by the UNP MP’s in parliament .

I wonder if Mr Wickramasinghe, John Amratunge and Lakshman Krialla objected to him being called this? if they have not are they also not guilty of the same crime of preventing the course of international justice with they accuse president Rajapaksa of today? It is very clear the social, political, economics and justice problem in Sri Lanka lies fairly and squarely in the system the government has the power to change it but it will only happen if we the masses cry out for it.

As a nation that loves teledrams the script for the political teledrama has not seen a script change for a long time only the actors have changed the current tragedy is that the actors have also not changed. The solution their fore is only one; which is to change the script the proposals for NMSJ aim to do just this

The only way to proceed from a point of no return in terms of establishing good governance and democratic rights would be a full overhaul starting at the top this means the executive presidency. If not the only thing we could reap would be what we will need to sow to keep the system running which are the seed of suspicion, divide and rule use violence in trying to control as much as possible of the lives of population this was the same under the British as it is seen today; Support and patronage to groups such as BBS is also part of this extremist groups are undoubtedly part of this act of divide a rule.

In the Merchant of Venice, Shylock asks: “Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means… as a Christian is? If you prick us do we not bleed?” We all know in our hearts of hearts that their is no basis to divide on race color or religion yet we do so because it human nature to blame someone else for one’s problems we do this as individuals communities and countries. A proper system will allow us to move away from this culture and take responsibility as country, community and individuals for our lives.

If we are to rediscover our country we need to re-start the fire of this of common humanity; to all community leaders I beg you work towards rekindling the common humanity and spend less time in trying to be patriots to your own community. The proposals by the NMSJ I think offers all of us this opportunity. 


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    Lakshan Wanigasooriya.

    Even though you claim that you are Christian you have written a very fair article.

    but, there is another side to this story. If you see the Sri Lanka in different in different angles, you would understand, sympathize and actually support what BBS is doing.

    world is complex and complicated. Two major Abrahamic religions are POLITICAL and they are competing for the world domination. IT is included in their books and in the system. It is like a shark. that is the shark does not swim it will drown and die.

    In the case of Christianity it is almost extinct in Europe and it is fast disappearing in NORTH AMERICA. SO, they are fighting for grounds in Asia. that is why there are many religion related problems in Asia. On the other had once the USSR-WEST cold war was over, now there is MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN COLD war. It is not in the open. IS lam also has begun to go to extremes because they saw the threats and reactionary groups started to go to extremes.

    Sri Lankan buddhists tolerated it for centuries. That is why there are christiand and muslims in Sri Lanka and they are trying to dominate sri lanka in the coming decades.

    So, at least some sri Lankan buddhists have understood and are reacting to the threats.

    Even though it is not VERY-buddhist like, Sinhala-buddhist civilization has to live. Other wise Sinhala buddhists will be LOST PEOPLE on this earth.

    Don’t have high regards for Ranil or Mahinda. They are both politicians, one a president and the president wanna be, with questionable backgrounds.

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      JimSoftly if you cant understand the well meaning of this article by young Lakshan then you a paranoid with the genetic fusion of an animal and a Yakshini you should come out of this cloak then you will be able to see the real world.

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      Jim Softy,

      Listen to this.

      Jatwadiyata Muthwenawa.

      Politicians use nationalism to get elected. It is self interest.

      Maras are not much different.











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        Great.. I agree with Great Sobitha Thero – what he points out are merely the truth. He respects all educated leaders that we had in the past. I believe he is the best candidate to replace all other leaders.

        His view towards federalism is fully correct. He knows how regions can be developed through giving powers to provices as it is seen in Germany and Switzerland. I dont see why lankens dont respect federalism.

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          I respect his gentle views. He is very decent – not attacking anyone he gives only facts from his experience. People of this country have to learn more from this great monk. He can heal the nation I have no doubt about that.

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      Jim Softy,I am a buddhist.But I am ashamed of the JHU, Kunuwansas’s philosophy The BBU and the Ravanas party.Even the Europeans who invaded this country thought that Buddhism can be eliminated. It did not happen. Similarly Chritianity will not disappear.Why people do not go to Church is not because of their disgust with Chritianity, but because of their disgust with the priests. Same as in SL with Buddhists.

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    Good article. I urge we get back to the Westminster system which ran pretty smoothly. There were checks and balances and it contained no Monarchy-potential as the current constitution does.
    Revd Sobitha’s proposals constitute a return to Westminster. Ranil’s proposal is a little more sophisticated intended to update to the current times but they must be brought out into the open more fully for one to scrutinize.
    I must state that Ranil has shown considerable leadership although lots of persons had been prone to criticize him. He is an intellectually and emotionally mature leader and should discuss a common proposal along with Revd Sobitha who has shown purity and social consciousness as a Buddhist leader. In the end a political leader and a political party will have to carry out the required constitutional reform by winning at the elections;Revd Sobitha cannot do this.

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      With all respect Sir, I can’t agree that RW is matured and intellectual leader in respect to Culture of Sinhalese Buddhist. I would say MR is very much mature and RW is actually immature
      MR knows what we all saying hear has no any bearing on majority Sinhalese view. We all may be immature like RW compared to MR …

      • 0

        Can MR put four words together and deliver a good speech?
        Can MR say a single sentence properly without throwing his hands and legs?
        Can MR give a decent interview in Sinhala, let alone English (Thats a joke).
        Can MR talk to a diplomat or a head of state (not Swaziland/Uganda/China)with proper protocol?

        Yes MR can do one thing, with his Satake and Sarong.
        That is to make village idiot happy with his nationalistic bogus talks. Apart from that he is good for nothing absolutely.
        I still remember one of his speeches he gave when he was a presidential condidate which makes me cracking all the time with his same jargon answer for every questions, ‘apita wishala wedapiliwelak thiyenawa’. Mind you, he said this ‘wishgala wedapiwela’ to each and every question been asked.
        He is a show off but nothing else. Ones I read a caption on a Daily with pictures , ‘The President teaches Bill Clinton how to eat hoppers’. I feel sorry for the man for his ego. he in fact showing the EX President how to eat. what a comic it was.

        RW on the contrary doesnt fool around or waste time to answer his critics. Which is actually damaging his reputation. People did lie about him all the time. RW is a genuine leader, no one can match his inteligence, his knowledge or his diplomacy. His only weakness is that he cannot scream and lie in Sinhalese on a stage. he never give promises which he cannot do. He is having the right balance of diplomacy with the West & East. He is a real Buddhist. He is open minded.
        RW wouldnt instigate violence against other communities.
        RW would organise protests against beef eating while swallowing meat daily basis. It would be so interesting to see whats the BEEF consumption of the Temple Trees!
        MR does. MR think all of us are fools and he was genuinely elected by the people (Sripathi Sooriarachchi & Jayaraj arnt there anymore to reveal this). MR does pinch the baby while rocking the cradle.
        NB -Who says RW lost 17 times? He has been ROBBED. RW’s narrow lost to chandrika then in general elections was also a narrow one. Late Gamini Dissanayake pleased RW not to leave the office and form the govt with minority parties. But the GENTLEMAN Ranil Wickramasinghe said ‘We were there for 17 years, and the people have rejected us’. RW is a rare breed. Its sad and we are unlucky not to have him as our leader.

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        Give us examples- reference where RW has gone wrong to the manner MR has been in the recent past in countryy^s history. Yes, it is correct to say that MR drop bucket loads of lies to manipulate the gullible folks being on political stages, while RW is not talented at passing lies. His arguments are always based on rule of law and the paragraphs read on the constitution. Can anybody of share me anything contrary to this with references, I can open my details and write further under my real names. As Pandu clearly mentions – RW is intelligent and he is a decent person- as proved to the nation so far. Lies of all kind about him to put him down had been made to vilify his person. There the rulers – thugs won their programs by sending even robbers to the parliament. This is the reason why – as Ranajan Ramanayake pointed out – you will see only various kinds of criminals in the cabinet of over 200 in the parliament today.

        Hello guys, if we further put RW down, whom you think could have the due knowledge to govern the country to a civilised style. I believe the county will under RW become a greater nation REESTABLISHING the diplomatic TIES with all nations as it is necessary for the future of the country.

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          A real gentleman would leave the leadership and go once he loses one poll, not become a dictator within his own party, imagine him with real power-frightening !!!
          Gentleman my foot !

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        If you think MR (I hope its rajapassa) is very well matured you are a idiot. I dont mean to insult you but every thing under MR”s admisntration what he has done is STUPID, ARROGANT, ANTI DEMOCRACTIC acts. Also I don’t need to mention, any person who has a medium IQ will know that every project that MR did under his leadership has failed. Also MR is so unmatured he proceeded with illegal impeachment, illegal harassments. All thugs, murederers and rapist who support the current supid regime are free. AND NO YOU CALL MR IS MATURE. IF MR wass matured and intelligent he would have staid in power with less problems, if racticed democracy, did not give higher positions becuase they are rajapassas, did not tolerate any kind of intermidation harassment, if he would have repected the country legal system.

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    One of the respected and sane voices in the present political melodrama is that of venerable Sobitha.

    Will the opposition parties agree to being upstaged by venerable Sobitha, however noble, practical and realistic his vision is?

    That is the bane of this country. See how Sarath Fonseka got the karapincha treatment!

    Unless the opposition can take a bi-partisan approach for the sake of the nation and rally round this respected monk to spearhead the much-needed change this country is crying for, we will never come out of the oppression and corruption being inflicted upon the hapless people of this blessed country.

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    Laksman Wanigasooriya,

    Very good essay on the issues. We need such leaders, not opportunists like SWRD and the current politicians.



    Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero – Esala Dhamma Sermon

    When I read Ven. Sobitha Thera and listen to his speeches and sermons, we all get the vision that we are listening to somebody close to the enlightened Buddha. We need True Ven.Buddhist Monk leaders like Ven Maduluwawe Sobita Thero. He can turn a non-Buddhist into True Buddhists.

    On the other hand, BBS, JHU, Jatika Harak Urumaya, Sinhala Ravya, give us visions of Mara. They will turn Buddhists away from Buddhism. The Buddhist children are ashamed of them.

    Let’s look at SWRD.( From Book by Yasmine Goonaratne- Realtive Merits,St. Martins Press, New York, page 3). Hoe the Myths were changed.

    1. South Indian Hindu,Nayaka Pandaram (Nirvana, Rebirth, Sansara)
    2. Kandyn Buddhist, Pandara Nayaka, Bandara Nayake(Nirvana, Sansara, Rebirth)
    3. Catholic, Dias ( Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, Heaven,Saints, Indulgences)
    4. Dutch Protestant Solomon(Hell, Heaven )
    5. Anglican, West Ridgeway (Hell, Heaven )
    6. Buddhist, (Nirvana, Sansara, Rebirth)
    7. Mahanama Racist Monk Buddhism (Racism, Nirvana, Sansara, Rebirth)

    How his family and he changed their MYTHS with the times, and what an opportunist politician he was, even though he was for the common man. If you removed his racism or rather pandering to the Mahanama Myth following Buddhist Monks, he would have been a great Prime Minister.Unfortunately, those who live by the sword and racism, doe by the sword and racism. Include Prabakaran as well.

    They are in Lanka, Burma, Iran. Saudi Arabia, Christian World etc.

    1. JHU, Jatika Harak Urumaya
    2. BBS
    3. Sinhala Ravaya
    4. Monk Mahanama Myths and Racism
    5. Monks
    6. Priests
    7. Mullahs

    The Politicians etc.

    “Hitler the German people, LTTE the Tamil people. Add Mussolini
    Recent world events show how leaders get to this point very quickly and have paid sometimes with their lives.”

    DeJa Vu ….

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    Yes, Rev Sobhitha had to play a part which should have been played by politicians.On the other hand Rev Sobhtha could go so far as to produce a new draft constitution because the Regime was not bold enough to harm him as they did to the CJ and Sarath fonseka. Now is the time to get the act ready. This has to be compared with the UNP proposals too and offer a comprehensive document to the people without being competitive.

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    We may start working towards a country of peace and prosperity. That should not preclude rescuing the war-ravaged from under the boots of the army of occupation before they are asphyxiated completely:

    ”The military continued to engage in activities that fall within the remit of a civil administration, including the authorisation of community meetings or events, and the registration of civilian families in many northern villages, whether they had been displaced or not. Female-headed households reported feeling particularly insecure as a result of military visits. ……. The military leadership continued to control the approval of humanitarian projects in the north through its membership in the Presidential Task Force for Resettlement, Development and Security in the Northern Province (PTF). The PTF places particular restrictions on the provision of mental health care and psycho-social activities. Because of government restrictions, no comprehensive assessment has been conducted in conflict-affected areas, and there is no comprehensive data on the needs of the most vulnerable groups. No IDP profiling has been done since 2007. The government, UNHCR and the UN Office for Project Services launched a survey of protracted IDPs in 2011, but the project was abandoned in December 2012 due to obstacles placed on it by the PTF” – Global Overview 2012: People internally displaced by conflict and violence, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 29 April 2013, http://www.internal-displacement.org/8025708F004BE3B1/(httpInfoFiles)/DB8A259305B071A8C1257B5C00268DDC/$file/global-overview-2012.pdf

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    It has been my opinion that abolition of presidency is a non starter. Today people enjoy peace and invariably they they have better priorities. Besides, on the whole the average man in the village has no objection to executive Presidency. Mind you villagers form the majority.

    We can clearly see that strong objection to presidency come from separatists and their backers. They want nothing but a politically unstable Sri Lanka. They know that then only they can work towards their target, Eelam. Professors David, Hoole and like minded chaps are all for that. The fact that they all have supported SF at the last Presidential election but dropped him like a hot brick at the general election proves my point beyond doubt. The fact that ‘judicial coup’ also failed miserably to upset the apple cart, is a reason for separatist backers, NGOs and their buddies to go for a new tactic. And Ven Sobitha has become a pawn in their game.

    As for UNP, its hierarchy will raise both hands to retain the presidency if they can win elections. But today, UNPers lack a slogan to rally its troupes leave out a winning slogan. So they picked a bit of Ven. Sobitha proposal thinking it would be the trend to come. Alas and alack! end result for UNP will be in a worse position than they were at the last election. RanilW and his pack are an anathema for Sinhala Buddhists.

    As for Ven. Sobitha, he should have gone for a better fiddle at his old age if he is after fame; I suggest, he copy Anna Hazare of India if he wants to be a pora.

    • 0

      ”Today people enjoy peace”?? Only SOME, not ALL:

      ”In The North, The Government Is Setting A Vicious Cycle In Motion Again”
      – ColomboTelegraph, 6 May 2013

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      Leela (or whoever you are)

      Why do you need an Executive presidency?

      Is it to perpetuate the rule of this kleptocratic family?

      Are you also one of those feeding off the national trough?

      • 0

        Nobody should tolerate Executive Presidency and Politicised Judiciary:


      • 0

        Leela has no own opinion.

        Whatever the RAJAPAKSHES interpret – she says yes. There are many in SL with leela s like opinions. She is simply set by them to spread their views also ON CT platform. This particular Leela is unpredicatable.

        I would not wish anyone to respect her sort of thoughts. All these we could just ignore, if Leela is a teenager boy or girl.. she is not in her late 60ties.

    • 0

      Leela , Don’t talk cock . You may be one who is milking the Mahida Rajapakse empire. This young man has written good article ,the sad part is it wouldn’t work in Srilanka till there is some element of democracy.
      The young man’s theory could’t be emphasized in Srilanka till We get rid of Goons Leela and the clan. The majority of the voters have to be educated about the voting system and that the rice packets they get before the election is their own money and without them being pressurised and so forth.

      Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. We all have monkey minds, Buddha said, with dozens of monkeys all clamoring for attention. Fear is an especially loud monkey, sounding the alarm incessantly, pointing out all the things we should be wary of and everything that could go wrong.
      This description suits the BBS ,MR,GR ,Leela……….
      Finally I applaud the young man for this article, but Srilankan mentality is different.

    • 0

      Now I beleive Leela is correct (but not right though). Whether we like it or not, Leela is the voice of the majority of Sinhalese Budhists. At least for another 20-30 years, Leela’s voice will represent the average attitude of Sinhalese Buddhist. It is Sad but my relatives in SL has to put up with this forces

    • 0

      You call Ven. Sobhitha Hamuduruwo a ‘pora’.
      Fantastic, that’s what we can expect from an ardent BBS Buddhist who is also a Gota bootlicker. This is what your Buddhism is, but not ours.
      End of Buddhism by the Buddhists.

      • 0

        Angamana Sumana,

        What do you call a Spade? A Spade

        What do you call a duck? A duck

        What do you call a Cattle-Haraka? A Cattle-Haraka

        What do you call people who follow the Devil? Devil Followers

        What do you Call people who are racists and Nazis? Racist Nazis

        What do you call people who follow the Mara Ideology? Mara Followers. You do NOT call them Buddhists.

        What do you call people who follow the spo called BBS Mara Ideology? Mara Followers. You do NOT call them Buddhists.

        Now Sri Lanka Buddhism, the Milk, the Ela Kiri, has a serious Problem. THE PROBLEM is that it is being contaminated by the Mara Goma, BBS, and it is spoiling the Milk, Ela Kiri, the BBS Goma or Cow Dung or Harak Dung.

        The other day, one Haraka, Mara Haraka, burned himself to death, aided by another Haraka.

        There are many paid shills of BBS and the vested interest of the Maras trying to change public opinion to their Mara ideology.

        Sri Lanka Buddhists are much smarter, not that many Modayas left, in this 21st centuryy of the Internet age.

        The Mara can’t hide. They are exposed. The people know it.

        DeJa Vu….


      • 0

        Angammana Sumana,
        On principle, I do not degrade anyone. I did’t call Ven Sobitha ‘a pora. Read the sentence concerned properly and try to understand the use of ‘if’ there. If you still cannot comprehend my written English I can only suggest you go night classes.

        • 0

          Your idea was to call him a ‘pora’ and you gave the massage. Be a human first then you can advise others to go to night or day classes.
          Your ultimate goal is to force the people to
          accept Ehinda & Gota Rajapaksas BBS.
          BBS or Bebadhu Sena for us is an Anti-Buddhist, Anti-Social reeking element. No sane people would accept a Taleban/Shivsena/Champika group. Gnanasara will perish soon. This regime will perish soon. Then viruses like YOU will perish like vegetables. No one would keep rotten Vegies. Find a place to rest Leela. Really sorry for people like you who dont see the life or world from other angles. What are your motives? I dont understand.
          BBS’ goal isnt to protect anything but the foul Rajapaksas.

          Hatred would not let you sleep. It’s a torture and will kill you slowly.

  • 0

    Totally agree with you leela

  • 0

    It is true the theory is fine but no use in Sri Lanka because the level of politicization in all institutions cannot be corrected by the system. The system to work correctly the individuals must work correctly. The system is already there but individuals are not prepared to behave according to the system. Who can change the individuals? What can be done to change the individuals?

  • 0

    Rev Sobitha and NMSJ has laid down their proposals as given in


    The UNP proposal have been revealed in https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/full-text-of-the-principles-unps-new-draft-constitution-to-submit-people-within-6-months-after-the-formation-of-a-government/

    In my opinion the proposal of Rev Sobitha and NMSJ are simpler to follow and can be adapted into the current system. They include all the relevant issues that have been found wanting in the current system. Most importantly it stresses on the total abolition of the executive presidiency which hass been identified as the root cause of the problem.

    On the other hand the UNP proposal or more the proposal of RW, since it does not seem to have been discussed adequately in the UNP itself, is detailed but not explicit. There are some doubts as to how the powers of the Executive President can be shared with the Prime Minister and Speakers Council. Also how the PC will report straight to the President. It may end up like the Leader, the UNP working committee and tthe UNP, which is not the best example of democracy in the working.

  • 0

    All these named persons (Rev. Sobith, Ranil, Rajapakse and Chandrika, BBS) are well known and not a single has proved to be of worthy of being leaders who could steer the country out of this mess. Only one person who helped us to clear the LTTE menace is Rajapakse. But ufortunatelly he has put the country to a bigger mess by being unable to manage the affaris of governing the country. He has “Politicized” the whole administrative set up of the cpuntry to such an extent that it would not be within anyone’s might to correct the course.

    The question therefore is: who can be the person who would say enough is enough and establish a “No Nonsense Management”? in this pursuit, we need to find a person with “moral values, integrity and honour” who would “NEVER, EVER COMPROMISE” these values. All the Constitutions, Justice Systems, Rules and Regulations, Codes of Conducts etc. can be written down in the statute books; BUT what is the use of all that if the peroson who takes care of the implementation is NOT IN CHARACTER POSSESSION OF THE VALUES mentioned above.

    Judging from the above angle, in my opinion, not a single named in this article is worthy of consideration to be the “LEADER” of this country at this point of time. It is necessary for a “NEW BREED” to emerge and “kick out” these or “put them behind bars” if the necessity arises.

    • 0

      Douglas, the answer to your question is no one else but Rev Sobitha thero although you do not seem to accept him as a person who could steer the country out of this mess.

  • 0

    My opinion is Lakshan Wanigasooriya is very naive in the world political arena.

    What he writes leads only to disaster.

    What he says is very theoretical and not practical and the practical world does not work the way we imagine.

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