20 May, 2024


Sounding Poor

By Tony Perera

We live in a nation where actual political choice, which lies between the SJB and SLPP, have at least from a media image perspective pivoted themselves to the lower ranks along our socio-economic spectrum. The two major parties in rhetoric pander to the poor.

This takes the form of large public gatherings, rhetoric lacking economic feasibility, and a lack of discourse on public policy. There is such a lack of differentiation in the rhetoric that people have started calling the SJB, SLPP Lite. I, and I assume the people willing to read my pieces, am not a champion of poor people’s rights over that of the majority.

My take is that pro-poor policies like changing the curriculum towards the vernacular, the take‐over of private estates under land reform, and the vast spread nationalization of major industries is actually bad for the broader society. The impact though perceived as being favourable to the poorest may only be slightly beneficial or in most instances actively against their own long-term interests.


This piece is being written partly in response to the very well written piece in Economy Next titled ‘Classist, (an) aristocratic cabal in Sri Lanka conspiring to prevent Premadasa presidency: MP’[ by Imesh Ranasinghe. This is the sort of rhetoric that helped bring about the first Premadasa presidency and I am concerned given Sri Lanka’s cultural biases it will lead to a second Premadasa presidency.

Historically I come from a mix of people but there is a notable few that I would consider in the elite. On both sides of my family, there were members of the Senate and also other notable subsequent descendants. As people tended to marry within wealthy circles it is very likely that a large proportion of my ancestry including all my grandparents spoke English and had land.

Wealth is not a strong predictor of policy acumen. A lot of my relatives are idiots. My grandparents land holdings of which I have none should not disqualify me from the capacity to impact public policy.

Here I feel I must also tell female readers that I currently am more towards the poorer end of the spectrum and have done things that I deeply regret.

The Pro-Poor policy

SWRD Bandaranaike’s children famously were not educated in the vernacular for their tertiary education. Changing the medium of instruction in most major schools to the vernacular in effect reduced the cost of education (and thereby subsidy to the poor) on the treasury. The students in vernacular education are less gainfully employable by their peers in private institutions.

Large tracts of estate land now lie with no clear ownership and have not been tended to properly. The banking sector is in effect the real owner of most major plantation companies who are now so riddled with debt that they can barely make operational payments.

Large nationalized industries like the CEB, CPC, and SriLankan Airlines are marred by corruption and do not offer low-cost services to the general public.

Historic wealth (land) not a predictor of current wealth

As land has become less important as a factor of production in the modern economy and credit creation has become more meritocratic there is far less of a feudal structure in Sri Lanka. After all many of the estate companies listed on the stock exchange run at a loss.

Think of the concurrent downfall of the Kotelawala empire and the rise of Dhammika Perera. Though there are some families that have notably remained wealthy throughout our independent history they do not make up the current majority of political spending.

The land reform policies of Sirimavo Bandaranaike combined with the subsequent state-sponsored unrest caused by JR Jayewardene caused a huge outflow of talented minds. People who have the capacity to make something out of nothing for many decades now have chosen to emigrate.

Our country is now in such a position of poverty that even marriage proposals advertised in the paper now tend to weigh more heavily on foreign employment opportunities than on the gift of land.

Political Spending

Historically landed people were able to influence electoral outcomes as land was the major asset class and they were able to outspend their opponents. Money is a necessary but not sufficient factor for electoral victory. The SJB outspent both the SLPP and UNP in the last two elections and did surprisingly poorly.

The SJB is backed mainly by the Apparel sector whose major players owe their fortunes to UNP policy in the 1980s that transferred huge amounts of wealth and opportunity to a very small group of people. The notable names within this mix are notably from historically poor and uneducated backgrounds. People of the time would have thought of those people as being Indian (in a derogatory minority sense) and being the sorts that would have to marry within their own very small and highly interrelated communities. This however has not impeded their meteoric rise to power.

The SLPP is backed mainly by the construction and protectionist industries. They owe their wealth to state contracts and large choice and cost taxes they put on the general public through protectionism. The people from this group even in spite of considerable wealth position themselves with the masses. Many go so far as to conflate being Sinhalese to being Sri Lankan. They remain an active threat to an indivisible and pluralistic Sri Lanka.

Aristocratic spending on elections

Assuming the aristocratic cabal in the Economy Next piece refers to Ranil Wickremesinghe supporters one must question whether the UNP will be the major spender in the next general election. Though the sale of the leader’s residence might help it is not like the UNP is going to be able to outspend either the SLPP or the SJB.

Large corporations rely heavily on credit to function. The SLPP will be in a handsome position to allocate credit through the large state-owned banking system to their supporters who will, in turn, spend lavishly on the election. Our own money will be used against us electorally.

The SJB will lean on the vast export wealth whose interests it seeks to protect if elected to power. They will benefit in the long run through a lower than the optimal rate of taxation on export sector profits again in effect robbing from the treasury.

Foreign control of policy

A large portion of the political goodwill of the Yahapalanaya government was wasted on inquiries into the armed forces. Though from a moral perspective there can be no doubt that there should be an inquiry it would be politically prudent to begin from the establishment of the Executive Presidency. It is a political reality that you will have to put Sinhalese victims before Tamil ones.

This loss of political goodwill was not out of some moral obligation as UNP crimes in the South are probably worse than those committed recently but rather for the reestablishment of GSP Plus. More ethnic reconciliation could be achieved if Wickremesinghe makes further acknowledgements of state support for the anti-Tamil riots in 1983. The Tamil diaspora was able to effectively lobby the EU to cripple our export sector.

In spite of any tangible achievement (RW fooled the West and the TNA) of the Sri Lankan government towards reconciliation, the prospect of GSP Plus remains and is stronger than ever as both major parties the SJB and SLPP are willing to act in foreign interests. This is most apparent in the passing of the Port City Law wherein Western and Chinese financiers see themselves setting up shop with the intention of controlling the growth of the broader South Asian region.

The Chinese now have a huge vested interest in our next Presidential election as it would impact appointments to the Port City commission. It was truly shameless that during the recent economic downturn the government prioritized the payment for construction work which is largely Chinese owned rather than looking to provide economic stimulus to the real economy.

Beating up the poor

It is only a partial truth that the geo-location of global services to Sri Lanka will benefit us. Take how oil spills will be treated. Will the cost of cleaning up the spill and the damage caused by the recent incident be recovered from the shipowner or borne by the state and people?

As with all things it is a balance of representing the interests of Sri Lankans while keeping the industry competitive in terms of export pricing. We can go the Chinese route of development wherein to quote the book Trade Wars are Class Wars; Chinese workers are underpaid relative to the value of what they produce. We could also go the route of the Netherlands or Switzerland wherein our value comes by acting as a haven (the word tax implied) for investors looking to capture value from the broader region.

Going down China’s route will mean that we beat up the poor while the poor in the Netherlands or Switzerland do quite well.

War on poor

From the war on drugs to the policing of prostitution, to the banning of abortion we see that the state is quite focused on actually hurting the poor. The war on drugs rarely captures the highest rungs of the ladder in the industry. The arrests are trivial and used as a media distraction when the government is unpopular.

If it is that you want to reduce the scourge of drug usage on society why don’t you treat it as a health problem which is what it is. Methadone clinics and the treatment of drug addicts would go a long way to reducing the harm caused to society. Portugal has had amazing policy outcomes through a non-criminalizing approach.

On prostitution to paraphrase the sentiment in the popular song ‘I Don’t Know Why’ it is difficult to see why the legal structure which thereby necessitates a system of pimping who bribe the police is allowed to continue. Selling sex isn’t the worst thing in the world.

On abortion young girls who have the misfortune of getting pregnant would be far better off if they were allowed to safely abort the unwanted fetus but are unallowed to do so by a state who would much rather see them become destitute.

College graduation

The above section contains values that are held by most college graduates. This is because they are exposed both to international thinking and modern thought on public policy. If Ranil Wickremesinghe the aristocrat was given absolute power some of these things might get implemented.

Wickremesinghe unlike his challengers in both Sajith Premadasa and Mahinda Rajapaksa is a college graduate. Being a college graduate helps Wickremesinghe be better at making decisions on public policy. Going to university which was within the financial means of both Sajith Premadasa and Namal Rajapaksa is an important part of one’s mental and intellectual development.

What Imesh Ranasinghe in his piece is trying to do is to bring about the politics of affinity. He is appealing to the majority of Sri Lankans who don’t have university degrees to cast aside, given the incredibly weak state of our current education system, is the last truly educated (locally) leader of a major political party.

Policy under the Aristocrat Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe doesn’t pretend to be poor. He is power-hungry. He doesn’t pretend to like people. These are by my count attractive qualities for a policymaker. He is also incredibly adept at foreign relations and outperforming expectations electorally. He will be the next Prime Minister.

If we take the recent discourse on both the Port City and Port terminals in the Colombo harbour we find that the major achievements touted by the government are attributable to Wickremesinghe.

The fact that the land under Port City is owned by the state is attributable to Wickremesinghe. If it wasn’t for his intervention the agreement would have reflected the Shang Ri La investment with freehold status to a foreign entity.

The fact that we even have a deepwater terminal that we can get foreign investors as opposed to our own to develop is due to the fact that Wickremesinghe had the foresight to obtain concessionary financing from the ADB.

Under Wickremesinghe, the Port City commission will be comprised of people who can actively attract investment into the country while keeping our foreign relations in balance.

Policy under Sajith Premadasa

It is a real treat to visit Sajith Premadasa’s YouTube page. His political clinics are emblematic of everything that is wrong with the Sri Lankan provision of public services. The need for a politician to make phone calls to influence the provision of public services as with the need for a politician to make decisions on the hiring of workers may be highly politically effective but it is not good public policy. It is unlikely that Premadasa as a leader will have time to deal with all our problems personally. In this Premadasa goes beyond poor (read small-minded) in his approach to politics and enters the realm of being cheap (of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort).

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  • 49

    Politicians of all hues in SL are a pack of crooks. Sinhala politicians are the worst. They have stolen from the people. They have cheated their poor. They send their children to international schools while the children of the poor are hoodwinked to learn in Sinhala and subscribe to a violent brand of Buddhism that teaches hatred. To root out corruption, it is necessary to recover all the wealth that cannot be traced to honest earnings of employment. Those who cannot show this, must return their wealth to the state. in other countries, wealth that cannot be accounted for is presumed to be earned through corruption. This must be made the law in Sri Lanka. We can do with the return of the wealth of politicians in these times of Covid. The more they start flaunting their wealth, the greater is the need for a social revolution. Yesterday’s men, like Ranil, are not going to fix the system. He had an opportunity and he missed it. No one trusts him now.

    • 39

      I agree. Ranil has messed up badly. He did have the opportunity to turn this country around, and put it in the right path, but he chose indifference and selfishness, over doing what is right for the people and country. He became a dog in the manger, and clung to power until the end, when he had to be taken away kicking and screaming.
      It was because of his incompetence, we are now cursed with the Rajapaksa’s, who was rejected by the people before.
      We are now in a pile of dung.

      • 23

        Haven’t all these been said before?

        You can write. You can speak. You can dance. You can sing. You can stand on your head and whistle from ye bottom ……………

        But if there is an election tomorrow ………. as sure as the sun would rise …….. 6.9 million (now, even more) will yet again vote for the same.

        Then the day after …… put a mic in front of any of them (including the Mahanayakes, the Cardinals, the eminent citizens, …..) …… everyone bar none …….. will ask why the country is in the pits ……. why Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka?

        Gotta keep one’s nose to the ground and live reality …… avoiding wishful thinking like the plague ………

        If one has the fortitude to face reality …….. paradise can be found in one’s own mind. …… Well, for Native ……. with a Chinese gal or two ………

        Just my 2 cents ………

    • 20

      Agree. The only party that can get the stolen wealth of the country returned to the coffers is the coalition of JVP-NPP. Have no fear. In this era, socialist groups are far more sophisticated, globally interconnected, have far greater epistemological understanding, and share a paradigm of complex practicality. In fact, major capitalistic countries like USA and great Britain are subscribing to greater state run enterprise for big corporations.

      Let’s pooh-pooh Ranil’s ability to run things like Port- City. Whether they are Chinese investors or Western investors, or a mix of investors, in no way will they be allowed to go on the Switzerland and Netherland pathway. Those places have several centuries of practice of being tax-havens…..they go with the natural long established capitalistic flow. And even at this time these places are being clamped down on. No new ones will be able to pop up. No, not a chance especially in this modern era of B3W. Far better will be the Premadasa involvement.

    • 2

      RW the US Deep State and CIA agent is back in Parliament – singing the virtues of borrowing from the IMF and the long dead Washington Consensus!
      Ranil has survived so long and succeeded in single handed destruction of the UN, Lanka;s GOP, ONLY because of US- CIA interventions and USAID Fake Democracy strengthening projects which turned the Sri Lankan Parliament into a Cesspit of bi-Partisan cross party, CORRUPTION. USAID/ CIA influence is deep in the political parties and cultural life of Sri lanka where even Religions, particularly Buddhism and Islam, have been weaponized as we saw with the FBI Cover up of the Special Operations Forces and CIA role in the ISIS claimed Easter attacks of 2019, along with the New Evagelical Churches – against the people’s social and economic interests and well being and core values of religion.

    • 0

      Cicero: Well said. “This must be made the Law in Sri Lanka”. YES and AGREED. Any “Proposal” as to “WHO” will and can do that?

  • 20

    Sri Lanka is an amusing country “where everybody knows your name” and we talk politics and history like family gossip. Where everyone – with a house and a plot of land and some education and a white collar job – demands elite status vis-à-vis the less fortunate ones in the Gama. If you’re a bit higher than that, then you most definitely have descended from the aristocracy. A few notches even higher means royal blood is running through your veins. But then life can become quite unpleasant when neighbours on both sides of your property are also descendants of KING DUTUGEMUNU.

    • 5

      Dear Author
      ….He is also incredibly adept at foreign relations and outperforming expectations electorally…….
      Electorally – Really ! By getting less than 31000 votes in Colombo for entire UNP. Of course outperforming at Prez elections never came up as he always put someone else up.
      …Under Wickremesinghe, the Port City commission will be comprised of people who can actively attract investment into the country…….
      Not on his record 2015 -2019. How about Malik S. to get FDI. He only gave Lokuvithana 500 acres at Horana for a Tyre Factory – not an FDI.
      And of course the infamous “Volkswagen” factory of Ranil.
      And Ranil only invested in a Foreigner as his FDI, A Mahendran to rob us more.!

  • 3

    Was Ranil behind the EU’s recent Resolution that called for a temporary withdrawal of Sri Lanka’s GSP plus? Why would he do that? What else, other than to facilitate the Rajapaksas to revise the current PTA in favour of the LTTE.
    Ranil and the slave government had the same deal with the LTTE diaspora that the Rajapaksas are having now.
    The Rajapaksas’ favourable reaction to the EU Resolution is almost instant. They are already planning to release 7 or 17 hardcore LTTE terrorists from prison on the Poya Day. Why do they choose a Poya Day? Gotabhaya should have used his birthday to release terrorists and pocket out the bribe paid by LTTE diaspora.
    This is the same President and the Prime Minister who did not make any effort to counter war crimes allegations levelled against the military officers, who are now trying to release hardcore LTTE terrorists. When Ranil tried to do the same the entire country vehemently opposed him and called for his resignation.
    What will the UNHRC say about Sri Lankan President pardoning hardcore LTTE terrorists out of the blue? Will they say bravo?
    I remember UNHRC, HR groups and LTTE diaspora vehemently criticizing the President for pardoning Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake last year.
    I can’t wait to see the double standards of the UNHRC, EU and HR groups.

    • 1

      Champa. Do you remember, when, Dinesh Gunawardane questioned Ranil W in Parliament as to why he (Ranil W) got involved in the withdrawal of “GSP +” the reply he gave? He (Ranil W) said: “What is wrong in doing that”. It is recorded in the “Hanzard”. At that time Ranil W was in the Opposition. What a “Cheat” and a “Rouge” to have been admitted to Parliament once again through the “Back Door”? The surprising thing is the way he was “Received”. He received a “Standing Ovation” from all those seated in “Front” and “Back”.

      • 1

        Why Ranil to be blamed this much while Rajapakshes that break any lawful behavours on broad day light are being protected by the people themselves ?
        It is believed not Ranil himself, but their party has decided and begged him to enter the parliament today while the situation GOTA-MARA is worsening day by day.

        In between https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlXUr3e6WG0
        So called CHAMPA or the like SINHALA nationalists over to you… why dont you guys utter a single word against CHINESE army men in working sites in southern srilanka. If this would have been seen, under good governance, Thattamamala led srilanken bayyas would have gone amok…..
        Champa please wake up !

        • 0

          Dear LLM: “Why Ranil to be blamed”? I am surprised by that question. Who paved the “WAY” for this “Rajapakse & Co. Inc.” to “Regain” power? It was none other than Ranil W’s “Arrogant”, “Lop Sided” and “Corrupted” Governing style of “Yahapalanaya” Government. For your information, I in numerous ways, informed and pleaded with Ven. Madoluweva Sobith to refrain from bringing this “Deceptive Crook” and “Snake Under Grass” to power. I said so to JVP too. In the end, I said in un-no certain terms that all of them, including JVP, would learn the lesson and “Contribute” to the most certain “Resurgence” of “Rajapakse & Co, Inc.” to power. Didn’t that happen?

        • 2

          leelagemalli – Re: Chinese people working at Tissamaharama Tank
          Oh, I am very much awake!!!!!!
          On June 22nd, I posted several comments in Sinhala, against Chamal Rajapaksa selling Tissamaharama Tank to China. People may have missed my comments as the Rajapaksa silly hackers have a habit of fast forwarding some articles that have my comments. They have their writers here.
          However, I haven’ written anything about the uniform of Chinese workers as my focus was on the main issue. I saw several TV channels highlighting the uniform issue.
          If you want to read my comments re: the Chinese involvment in Tissamanarama Tank, here is the link:-

  • 8

    Ranil belongs to Colombo 7, Kurundu Watta politicians like late SWRD. JR and Sri Mavo ., He was not elected by people., UNP was rejected by the people, He was not prepared to come down from leadership. The Egoism between hin and Sirisena led to the April Attack., The commission has identified it but NO action taken aginst both. He was responsible for appointing Aruhun Mahendran, the former CB chief whose whereabouts not known. Ranil was mainly responsible for the defeat of Sajith. Now through cutouts, he is trying to project his image. His next action will be revisiting Dalada maligawa and Mah Naake Theras . He is obviously the favorite of Westen countries. India will be using him, but his single voice will be of no use. Which constituency is he representing>, Is it, Sri Kotha of Colombo 3, My view is that appointed MPs are aginst the concept of democracy, MPs like Ragavan is a bump sucker and only knows to bark like DOG in the parliament, This concept of appointed MP;s should be deleted .

  • 6

    RW and UNP like a sample data of the whole population (Sri Lanka). You play around with samples within the party like dictatorship, ruin the party and if you satisfy apply that to the whole nation (President & Entire citizen). The results are satisfying and give us a confidence interval of 99% the sample is truly represent the nation. I would suggest we keep them both as a testing ground to forecast the future of the nation.

  • 14

    Ranil was never given an opportunity to rule the country properly. When Chandrika was President, Ranil Wickremasinghe entered into a Ceasefire Agreement with the LTTE when in fact, it was a farce. Chandrika didn’t realize the diplomacy initiated by Ranil. She only had the impression that Ranil is going to be popular when, in fact, Ranil wanted the LTTE to be isolated from the Tamils. Accordingly she dissolved the Parliament. The second opportunity that was denied, was during the period of President Maithripala Srisena. Both of them jointly defeated Mahinda Rajapakse assuring the public there will be good governance. But Maithripala Srisena was not sincere and was behaving like a snake under the grass. Had Maithripala been sincere, Ranil would have brought India and Japan to invest in Sri Lanka and democracy would have been restored. There would have been transparency in every aspect. Moreover Ranil is far better than Sajith Premadasa in every aspect which the Sinhalese failed to realize.

    • 1

      Mr. Aiyathurai:Do I have to remind you of Ranil W’s entry to “Politics”? Next how he became the “Minister of Education” and that nefarious selection of a well-known “Thug” and an “Under-World” operative by the name “Gonawala Sunil” who virtually ran the Ministry? The next, his “Involvement” in the famous “Torture House” in “Batalanda” (Worth reading that Commission Report) kept in charge of an “ASP” by the name “Udugampola”. Next, his signing of the “CFL” (which you praise so highly) even without informing the “Cabinet” of the day. That goes to prove his “Clandestine” and “Arrogant” and “Irresponsible” behavior. Next, his appointment of a “Non-National” and a “Buddy”, Arjuna Mahendran as the Governor of the CBSL and “Aiding & Abetting” to “Rob” the Bank. This is only a “Glimpse” into your “Hero’s” political life.I invite you to ponder over that little history and know the “DEVIL” before you “Pray”.

  • 15

    Popular myths about RW.
    He is related to the Rajapakshes False. His father Esmond had two brothers and one sister all younger to Esmond. Bishop Lakshman, Muktha and Tissa are his siblings. Muktha Married Sam Wijesinhe and has three children. The other brother has no children one being an Anglican Bishop.

    Ranil was invited to enter parliament by MR False. MR not only did he not visit RW he is unaware of his residence location.

    Ranil robbed money in the Bond scam False. This is a case of guilty by association just because he knew and appointed the Governor whose SIL did the robbing and further upon the completion of the forensic audit which most idiots do not understand it became clear the the SIL was robbing money in bond scams going way back into the MR regime and that the amounts were much larger.

    Ranil got his chance and did not deliver so he is an old fart. False He was prime minister of one of the most successful governments. He managed two thirds to amend the constitution for the better. Renegotiated the port city. Kept the nations finances in order while spending large amounts on Health and Infrastructure. Sought and successfully received aid from many countries not just Chyna.

  • 13

    I can go on but if I were looking at a persons CV for a job I don’t see anyone with a better demonstrated track record. If such a person were to emerge then He or she would get my support. Sri Lanka is a cursed nation. Its leaders by and large have been failures. But the biggest failure is the electorate of stupid ignoramuses who time and time again go for the wrong type of leader based on this concept of he is our man. meaning some one just as dumb and stupid as them selves. Never see or appreciate a person with talent. Throw mud make false accusations some more absurd than others. The result is the Sinhalese get the leaders they deserve and sink further and further into and abyss. Oh by the way he had nothing to do with the bombing. This bomb was set off because the Rajapkshes knew how successfully Ranil ran the government and that they could not take back power without spilling innocent blood. The power hunger and the panic that one of their children may end up on jail drove them to try to grab power. When the first attempt failed the bomb was their fall back plan.

  • 4

    Debate is re-entry of Ranil Wickremesinghe to the parliament without being elected in the last general election. He as the leader of the grand old political party UNP could not even secure a seat is a pathetic scene under the stewardship of Ranil Wickremesinghe. It is a known fact that Ranil is having a bad track record as a serial loser in many general elections and most intriguing part is he never wanted to contest in any of the Presidential elections as the party leader clearly demonstrates his incapability. Most outstanding feature is he hails from a family of repute consists of Senenayake, Wijewardenas, Wickremesinghes and the list is too long but Ranil didn’t have the capacity to capitalize on it. There is something drastically wrong in his approach or the way conducts his political campaigns created too many in-fights among the party members a serious setback. Here again his divide and rule tactics back fired and as a results many vibrant members to desert the party. Unfortunately under his leadership many of the outstanding talented UNP politicians are with the government. Ranil consoled rest of the party members that they will return once UNP becomes stronger which was only a day dream.

  • 5

    ” I am back ” says Killi Maharaja. Ad sponsored and financed by fake news group. Pimp is back for fixing.

  • 10

    Thiha , interesting style-dramatic but false. MR is unaware of RWs residence location ? ? Eve Ranil said MR visited him, at his mothers house. I think all these chaps live in one compound. Can RW give an affidavit that MR has never visited him ?

    RW is guilty of Bond scam only by association ? Not only he appointed Mahendran against advise of so many, even protected and reappointed Mahendran after the racket became so public. You say that it was the son in law who robbed. So you agree there was robbery, but it is to be excused because the SIL robbed even during Cabrall’s time ! So that forensic report cannot be right-SIL did rob !

    If RW is innocent he could have gone for the truth like any honest person would do. What did he do ? He appointed three pathetic UNP lawyers to investigate the bond scam( the accused appointing the judge !) and did everything possible to sabotage the parliamentary select committee, including dissolving the parliament.

    RW has a good CV ? A crooked man who has destroyed the UNP and let down the whole nation thinking of only his stinking career !Thank god there is only only one Thiha !

  • 1

    Special poson poyaday Dumida is free,sadu sadu

  • 0

    Ranil’s arrival to parliament has spread wild speculations all over Colombo Media. They started to speculate about Ranil’s hidden & secret intentions only after he went to Temple Tree House at 4:00Am, to save Old King, who many saw as the enemy of Humanity and brought Ranil’s team, by a whole world involved in regime change, to bring justice against him. From then Ranil became an ardent Chinese communist and an anti-West campaigner. It took a long time to understand for anyone (but sadly, TNA still does not), but when they understood, Ranil had fooled IMF and sold Hangbangtota and five villages of land to China. It is explained by some writers that Ranil, by giving unwanted Hangbangtota villages, had China to relax the Pong Ching from freehold to leasehold. But we never saw what is in the deeds now or if in future neither Pong nor Hangbangtota would go as freehold again if they are not now. Those pundits are ignoring Ranil paying $280M for Pong Cing delay and $15M for Pahatuwa tower delay, without contesting China at International Jurist Court. But in British hedge fund case they sued the British bank in the UK court and successfully refused to pay the insurance premium.

  • 0

    Recently there were so many distractions. International media raised suspicions that Royal Aanduwa used Rear Admirable and Piyumi fluttering love movie to overshadow the ship’s fire. In Lankawe it was successfully whitewashed for Modayas, but IC environmentalists see it as a world event like Titanic. The international shipping procedures on dangerous substance transport and world ports accepting or rejecting them for emergency help may be revised by this accident.
    Mathure #2 or Duminda #1 is out. Hiruni was complaining about the safety of her life by the games Ranil was playing with Royals’ crimes. What she feared only as a nightmare is now becoming true. She may have to run to Germany or Australia where the Sinhala Diaspora has some grip. She can seek safety within friends.
    Colombo media has been offering minister posts to uncle for too long. Regardless of it, he has been running too many ministries without any ministry designated until now. Uncle Prince went to the US & has come back. If that trip is about his dual citizenship, a question. Sr Uncle Prince saw that US was taking too long to release his citizenship, so he launched the 4/21 with Ranil and New King & thus became the president when he was a dual citizen.

  • 0

    The Son Prince who drew his gun on his Uncle Prince and ordered him to leave his house, now shedding crocodile tears for Tamil political prisoners. Aanduwa murdered political prisoners’ brethren by the name of Buddha. Now as an insult to them, Aanduwa released a nominal number of them to regain the GSP+.
    One of the reasons that time Yahapalanaya neglected to fulfill any one of the 57 promises it gave to EU was: one is Germany’s feeble stand and on those conditions; and other is, Ranil thought that the Lankawe would be soon in upper middle-income level and by internal laws of EU, GSP+ facility would not be due for Lankawe. So he dumped the EU in his 2019 speech at Oxford Convocation. But the Ranil’s, (the great mother’s) penance, the Child Lankawe which started to walk has now progressed to crawl. That is the story of Yahapalanaya economic development. Lankawe decreased from upper middle Income in 2017 to lower middle-income country in 2018. So, by logic, Lankawe still is a poor country and GSP+ applies. In Hakeem’s terminology, Ranil had successfully recreated the cured beggar wound to beg at international level before he resigned his government in November 2019.

  • 0

    Now Germany is issuing a naive threat, so as an answer to that problem, the Old King had brought back Ranil. These guys will aim to get back GSP+ and relabel Chinese’ merchandise and export it to the EU, cheaply. Earlier Chinese trawler boats were combing the Ceylon Sea and selling to Lankawe and Lankawe was exporting it to the EU, on GSP+. They relabel pepper and tea so the market for Ceylon products is low now. Rajitha says Ranil is a shameless person because he refused any lost candidate for national MP positions and is now going as national MP after he received crushing defeat at the hand of the Sinhala Buddhists. He says that Ranil did it to Rosy too but it was Rosy who saved Colombo Municipality for the UNP, where Ranil did not manage to get even one MP, including for him in greater Colombo. What a shame for this Sinhala Buddhist Intellectual man. So now Ranil is back on the seat again to save the Slap Party with the blessing of the Hitler Maker, The Muddu Theddu Vegam.
    Comedy Thamai!

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