25 May, 2024


Speaker Has No Legal Or Moral Right To Interfere In An Ongoing Investigation: LfD

‘Lawyers for Democracy’ has today condemned the attempt by some members of Parliament to interfere and intimidate the Bribery or Corruption Commission from inquiring into allegations of Bribery or Corruption by powerful personalities.

Some of the opposition members yesterday protested over former President Mahinda Rajapaksa being summoned to the Bribery Commission, claiming that it was an illegal move instituted to further a prevailing witch-hunt against the former President.

Parilament 3Yesterday the Director General (DG) of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption Dilrukshi Wickramasinghe has been asked to be present at the Parliament by the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa.

“We view this as an affront to the Rule of Law and in fact democratic governance. The law has to apply equally to all citizens. However mighty they may be. If an individual has a grievance against any person or any institution he has the remedy of resorting to legal action by way of a writ and /or by way of a fundamental rights application.” said the Lawyers for Democracy.

Issuing a statement convener of the LFD Lal Wijenayake said; “We further view with alarm the action of the Speaker in calling the Chairman of the Bribery Commission and questioning him about a pending inquiry. The Speaker has no legal or moral right to interfere in an ongoing investigation. We condemn this action. The independence of the institutions of State has to be protected. The legislature and / or the executive has no right to interfere in the administrational justice.

“This dangerous development has to be checked. The people at the last presidential election clearly voted for the abolition of the executive presidential system due to the abuse and misuse of power that was witnessed during the past few years. The people has given the President a clear mandate to uphold to Rule of Law. We call upon the President to see that Rule of Law prevails. We call upon the Civil Society and specially the trade unions, university teachers, the Bar Association and other organizations of lawyers, artists, media organizations, which led the struggle to restore Rule of Law in unitedly fight against this dangerous trend.”

“I received a New Year gift recently asking me to report to the Bribery Commission regarding a bribe. Accordingly, the bribe and my offence are providing a ministerial portfolio to Tissa Attanayake. If I am the President, and if I cannot appoint a Minister, I don’t need such a post,” former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday.

Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe today assured Parliament that Bribery Commission officials would visit former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to record his statement.

Meanwhile Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa has informed Parliament today that the Bribery Commission should inform him beforehand if it wants to investigate or record a statement from any Parliamentarian.

Minister Ravi Karunanayake claimed that MPs had consumed liquor last night while staying in Parliament.



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  • 25

    ‘Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe today assured Parliament that Bribery Commission officials would visit former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to record his statement.’

    This is the man who betrayed the former CJ Shirani Bandaranayake as well. When some members in the profession demanded to boycott the court system until the CJ is recalled and restored this man (then the President of the BASL) decided to boycott work for 48 hours which MR accepted gleefully.

    The speaker and the rest, the so-called elected members in the legislature, should understand that there is no one above law and nobody is entitled to any kind of unequal treatment.

    The Director General of Bribery should have liberty to perform her duty independently with no fear or favour.

    • 20

      What is happening in Sri Lanka today including in the parliament reflects how much respect the rule of law has in this country.

      This is the pinnacle of Appe aanduwa”.

    • 20

      If the President has the right to violate the election laws by gifting Ministerial posts, then he should be be able to gift SIL REDI too during an election. Ex- prez should be sent to Elect Chair for violating Election Laws.
      Speaker has violated the law and abused his powers by calling the Bribery Comm to Parliament in connection of a layman – non parliamentarian.

    • 1

      Isn’t it a pity the rule of law and writ applications were not used when illegally and unconstitutionally removing the chief justice Mohan Peiris. Instead the corrupt UNP candidate, BOI bribe taking chairman Upul Jayasuriya was the sole legal authority with.

      • 12

        @ Jangi Hora

        You have become Jarapassa’s “Jungi Hora”. No wonder the name suits you. Keep on sniffing!

    • 10

      Director General (DG) of the Commission

      “‘Lawyers for Democracy’ has today condemned the attempt by some members of Parliament to interfere and intimidate the Bribery or Corruption Commission from inquiring into allegations of Bribery or Corruption by powerful personalities.”

      That is the Law,

      Please go after the Liars, the Crooks, the Criminals and the Criminals.

      People gave a right. P;lease talk to .JVP

      Please do your Job.

      If you can’t please resign.

      • 0

        Hi Amare.
        [Edited out]

    • 7


      “The Director General of Bribery should have liberty to perform her duty independently with no fear or favour”


      Recruit the JVP and its members to go after the Liars, Crooks, Robbers and Criminals.

      Mahinda rajapaksa worst lie ever told, one of many.


    • 12

      1. Chamal Rajapakse cannot preside over any decisions involving his relatives. He must at least now understand the principle of ‘Conflict of Interest’.

      In that, he should even think of giving up his position as the Speaker.

      2. Wimal Boruwanse must go on hunger strike indefinitely or jump in the Baira Lake. This time the President or the Prime Minister will not go with the passion fruit Poachi to end his boru show.

      • 1

        Dankotuwa Manike

        “2. Wimal Boruwanse must go on hunger strike indefinitely or jump in the Baira Lake. This time the President or the Prime Minister will not go with the passion fruit Poachi to end his boru show.”

        They all should go on hunger strike and die. They are NOT needed.

        Waiting for them to go on hinder strike and die, before the bribery commissioner gets to them.

        We do not need these Donkeys, Buruwas like Wimal Modawansa.

        Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s Speech on Wimal Weerawansa


        2/2 =0, EEEYa EEEya EEEEya

        Do we need these Idiots? Let them go a hunger strike and die.

    • 6

      This appear to be the Banana Republic Law. The crims and the dogs are manipulating the law as always done by the politicians for the last 65 years. Enough is enough the penal system of SL used to be the envy of the world once upon a time..
      Now it’s worse than some countries not even worth mentioning here.

      If the present government give in to these twists and turns of the gangsters we can count on it as a country of losers with no Balls.

      Shame shame shame of our mother Lanka.

      Disgraceful politicians slumbering on the floors of our parliament.


    • 5

      The inbred Srilankan. Politicians are showing the true colours now , whether it’s the past Regime or The Present Regime they are all integrated into this inbred system.
      This one is that ones uncle or brother or of some connection in their Blood that is the down fall of this country.

      No Balls to punish one another. Even if there is no inbred connections the other connections are By marriage from The North to South OR The West to East all are related to each other.
      . It’s a dogs plate this SL.

      Another connection is by This Mega gang swindlers swindled together since the Independence. so they stay together.
      Destroy the democracy and destroy the country .
      I would say the country i s in grave danger because of these manipulators and spinners.

      No balls but greed.

    • 4

      What a pathetic site. Criminal crooks sleeping in the national chamber to shield Ali Baba and themselves.

      Where were these parasites, when people protesting for clean water were gunned down by Gota’s cronies? Where were they?

      Stupid electorate in SL should wake up. Make sure these corrupt criminals will never see the inside of Sri Lanka’s Parliament come next General Election.


      PS: I see no Lemon Puff. Please send in a carton. These are “national heroes”.

    • 1

      So many corruption charges, instances of high expenditure, extensive misuse of public resources were levelled against the Rajapakses but government was slow in taking action. Appointment of Tissa A has been the reason for calling MR to the Bribery Commission while all other imp cases are being put behind

      Has the air force, media institution sent him even the bills for the use of helicopters and for the advertisements. Even it takes a long time for some of the frauds to be investigated, these institutions can officially ask the Rajapakse’s to pay for these so called ” privileges”. Why aren’t they doing it ? Are they scared or they want to make a big noise. Now MR is challenging all these deals?? At the next election MS and RW would look fools if they don’t put these people behind bars. People will not believe MS and RW and MR will be swept into power with a bigger majority.
      Now there is the CB bond case and as the trite saying goes Justice must appeared to be done and this did not happen as UNP cronies were appointed to the commission.
      COL has not decreased significantly either and it is no point in talking about how they have done 85% of the premises when major stuff is not done.

      We are sad what we gained in Jan 8th will be soon lost and do hope that it doesn’t happen.

    • 0

      My dear Nagananda.
      Yes, no body is above the law of the land if it is enforced lawfully.Not when the Bribery Commissioner,long time friend of the Prime Minister was hand picked by the him. Do you not think that this appointment should have been made by the president the head of the cabinet, and furthermore made on the recommendation of an independent judicial panel, The bribery commissioner should have first been vetted for her impartial credentials.
      DG of Bribery Commission has so far been abusing her power, yes without fear , but not without favour, and ben serving the will of her despotic master.
      People now begin to see the emergence of the IDI AMIN OF ASIA with the tacit support of CIA

      • 1

        My dear Gigu, looks like you missed the bus. Idi Amin of Asia was the one who got booted out by the ‘people’. Where were you? Or didn’t the Aussie News cover the story?

        And when you speak of ‘procedures’ being bypassed, check out what your ‘Idi Amin’ did during his reign of terror.

  • 16

    How pathetic to call these mega rogues as our law makers as the parliamentarians are called in the first world.

    If this is the norm, we do not need any Law Enforcement agencies and let the rogues run their own kangaroo courts in this lawless banana republic.

    See some of the mega corruption from the MaRa regime.

    MASSIVE PUBLIC FUND FRAUD-billion of outstanding payments that were to be paid to state owned media during the Rajapaksa regime, are yet to be settled by government departments and institutions.
    According to the Media ministry sources payments to the following state-owned media have been defaulted:
    Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) – Rs. 206.1 million
    Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) – Rs. 51.7 million
    Associated Newspapers Ceylon Limited (ANCL) – Rs. 124.9 million
    ITN – Rs. 89.2
    Wasantham TV – Rs. 4 million
    Wasantham Radio – Rs. 11 million
    Lakhanda radio – Rs. 6 million
    State printing corporation – Rs. 592.6 million
    CTB-Rs. SLTB says that a sum of Rs.142 million is to be made in payments for the use of SLTB buses during the recent presidential election.
    Sill redhi , Regulation commission- Rs. 600 million
    SLAF helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts have been exploited at the whims and fancies of the Rajapaksas and some of the Ministers of the former regime, which has resulted in a loss of millions of rupees which will now be settled by taxpayers’ money.
    Lottery board- Lottery Board complains,90 percent of the funds of 400 million rupees that has been allocated as promotion expenditure were spent on political work and presidential election campaign.
    Divinaguma-Divi Neguma Department funds for campaign activities in the last Presidential election and spending about 70 million rupees to hold a conference
    Funds worth Rs. 18,592,750 had been spent as food expenses alone at just three functions hosted by the Rajapaksas in 2010.
    This was revealed through a random check by the Sri Lankan Airline Board of Inquiry team into the receipts and bills of Sri Lankan Catering on the expenses incurred by the institution for functions held at the President’s House.
    The BOI inquiry team has also probed into a series of donations made by the SLC in the forms of cash, material and cooked food worth Rs. 2,537,941 between 2010 -2014 for various government functions.
    Listed below are the conspicuous expenses:
    •600 kg of rice worth Rs. 25,200 given to the President’s House on 4/5/2010
    •Cash worth Rs.1,810, 654 given for the IIFA function on 29/6/2010
    •Meal packs for children worth Rs. 702,087.00 given to the Chairman on 31/10/2012
    •May Day lunch worth Rs. 330,000 given to Civil Aviation Minister Priyankara Jayaratne 27/05/2014

    • 11

      It is time to pause ‘Yahapalanaya’.

      MS should hang the 19th amendment and dissolve the parliament. It is time to round up the Rajapakse SOBs and the disgraceful cronies.

      They need a dose of their own medicine !

      • 1

        Point of View – You said it right. let the EP system continue until such time the culprits who plundered the people’s money
        are given the proper treatment, they deserve and that’s the reason people elected this Govt. Let the election go ahead and let the party that gets the most no. of seats elect their prime minister and Ranil should be more considerate and take a give and take policy in the interest of our beloved nation and the aspirant
        who wants to lead the country, once again will not get the executive powers under EP system and past Presidents cannot contest once they have finished their 2 terms. In this situation the current rampage by the opposition will come to a halt and they part ways. and then we the govt.could have the amendments
        to the constitution and what not in peaceful environment.Let us not become the laughing stock of the world.The unruly behaviour of the opposition in the parliament floor has given enough international publicity and the question is why the speaker and the police did not act immediately to remove them from the floor
        of parliamen. Is rowdiness is the order of the day in Sri Lanka. This is all happening due to weakness of the govt. and not being firm.

    • 0

      Well said Matilda. Hope Gigurawa digested all his Idi Amin’s actions you have noted.

  • 14

    In a better age than this through which I have lived unscrupulous political thugs who disgraced parliament and made fools of themselves refusing to leave the chamber, would have been bodily thrown out by the Seargent at Arms on the orders of a Speaker who enjoyed public confidence.

    • 0

      You professor.ha, ha. [Edited out]

  • 19

    Today’s BBC news.

    Egypt’s ousted President Mohammad Morsi given 20 years in Jail, for crimes committed against in 2012.

    In this country people elected to pubic office, probably with lowest level of integrity, demand a guarantee that they should not be dealt with law.

    What a Country, what a Nation.

    • 16

      And, former PM of Pakistan Mr Bhutto found guilty of crimes, he was was hanged to death. No one above the law, and if the former President is not prepared to respect it, how could maintain the law and order.

      The parliament becomes a laughing stock and the speaker inviting the bribery commissioner is nothing other than a joke. How could he or anyone even the President interfere with some legal process. This kind of precedence sets a bad example and encourages the corrupted ones entering into politics to safeguard themselves from being convicted. The money they earn through illegal ways and means can be easily used buy votes, and we are to see more and more corrupted ones. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, to the extent it is very transparent even at the high level but people cannot do anything about it. Only can a thug walk safely inside the parliament, such a situation is not too far now, unfortunately. This is Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      Mr Naganandan.

      This exposes your hidden agenda. Egyptian president, Mosi was the first elected president of Egypt; he was overthrown by a military coup and tried and sentenced by a military court. This military regime is sustained and propped by America and its allies.
      This is exactly what we are witnessing in Sri Lanka. Ranil is the de facto leader of the country. He has appointed all his henchmen to highest offices in government. The DG of Bribery Commission is his confidante and long time family friend.Army commander was forced to retire and replaced by a junior oficer who does not command respect by rank and file. Police oficers are being trnsferred without even informing the IGP. Kangaroo courts are being set up to try all opposition politicians. The country is now under the dictatorship of one man called Ranil. Who is this Ranil?. [Edited out]
      Idi Amin of Asia is past halfway in its metamorphosis and that is in one hundred days.

      • 0


        You are talking nonsense and exaggerating and misleading. The present Prime Minister, Hon. RANIL wickremasinghe,, respects democratic values, and looks forward for good governance. He never used his position to intimidate his opponents. In actual fact he is being accused by his partymen that he is trying to shield MR and family, which may look true based on the slow speed investigations were carried out against all these political criminals who have ransacked the country. The true position is that independently the police, BC is functioning and they are acting on various complaints at the speed they could. The speaker, also being a member of the same family, acted somewhat emotionally whilst he should not interfere with investigations of police, BC etc.

        Bottom line is all the crooks, rogues and thieves must be punished severely with jail terms with hard labour and confiscate all the wealth of the politician and all their families.

        Some stealing of state and public wealth may not be proved because these crimes have been committed, may be in an intelligent manner but where these can established the culprits must get punished.

        You can run behind, various Kovils, temples etc, etc, etc and offer poojas, donations etc but the true Gods cannot be bribed and they will act soon or later where there can be no more
        appeals, and support and protests from other rogues will not hold.

  • 14

    Actually the right thing to do is to remove them from inside the parliament and put outside, because they are disturbing the house sessions.

  • 2

    Ranil’s old mate Duminda Silva is still a free soul, even after Wela Sudda handed over Duminda’s Kudu accounts to the UNP Police.

    Bribery Chief on the other hand is going after the ex President for giving ex UNP General Secretary, a ministerial post..

    And the Chief commissioner apparently is a close family friend of the Wickremasinghes.

    When questioned in parliament about this blatant abuse of power, Ranil said he doesn’t have any Kudu Business friends.

    Duminda Family must be e in Tourism taking pilgrims to Holy Land and Venarasi.

    Yahapalanay is firing on all cylinders.

    BTW, Is Ravi a Teetotaller ?..

    • 6

      K.A Sumanasekera

      Don’t you think the present defense secretary should send in the STF to deal with the protesters and clear the entire building?

      Gota would have sent all these hangers on to Kannete in no time. Lot of Sinhala/Buddhists would have appreciated the massacre and his decisive action.

      Don’t you miss him? You miss the action and blood too.

      The President, the Prime Minister and the Defense Secretary are back boneless cowards, aren’t they?

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Your unelected PM and his Troika of Ravi, Kiriella and Mangal would love to send in not only the STF, but also our brave Armed Forces.

        But Ranil and the Troika will find hard to give them direction after the boo boo they made not knowing Alimankada from Pamankada.

        Your mate Ranil would even go a step further and do a Sissi..and kill our Sinhala Buddhist rural masses if he had the power.with the help of the Diaspora buddies in the West.,

        Thank heavens 58 Lakhs of our rural poor inhabitants didn’t swallow the ” Guli” which the Maithri and his Madmm were handing out with the help of the
        anti Buddhist Monk Rathne and his Abiththaya Ranawaka.

        Lord Buddha must be still watching l over our inhabitants,because without them, there wouldn’t have a Buddha in his Home Turf, South Asia.

  • 14

    This parliament needs a clean up..unbelievably crass behaviour by these lowlifes needs to stop. So sick of this generation of rogues. They need to be replaced. Do the speaker and the MR sycophants think that MR is above the law? If he doesn’t comply with the order, he can be assumed to be guilty of wrongdoing. There should in fact be a whole litany of charges against him.

  • 5

    Today BBC reported that Egypt’s ousted President Morsi jailed for 20 years, whereas in Sri Lanka lawmakers protests in the Parliament against the implementation of the Rule of Law.

    Surely the destiny of the people of this country will never be changed, unless and until the people realise that they are above all organs of government (the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary) and keep a close eye of what all these organs do at at all times. And fearlessly take them to task if any organ betrays people’s sovereign rights enshrined in the supreme law, the Constitution.

  • 5

    The so called Bar Association or any other lawywers association such as LFD should know that for democracy to flourish there should be a courts system which is free from corruption and cases not being postponed at the behest of lawyers with the aim of fattening themselves up economically at the expense of the litigant. In that respect the legal profession of Sri Lanka is the least qualified to champion democracy in this country.

    Every institution has its level of authority and should not exceed its bounds. If you consider the CIABOC (Bribery Commission) it does not exercise any part of the sovereign power of the people unlike the Parliament of Sri Lanka which exercises the legislative and judicial powers (through a system of courts). Therefore the LFD cannot complain if the Speaker summons the DG of the CIABOC to inform what procedure must be adopted in dealing with MPs.

    Everyone knows that MPs have been summoned and they have attended the CIABOC previosly without any sanctions of the Speaker and there was no fuss. This was sparked with the summon issued on MARA. In that context as per CT report the assuarance given by the Justice Minster Wijayadasa Rajapakse that CIABOC officials would visit MARA is to be frowned upon. How can the Minister of Justice speak on behalf of the CIABOC? That is a blint arrogation of powers of the CIABOC. On that score the LFD is blind, deaf and dumb.

    If it is to record a statement from MARA, he as the former President must respect the law and the constitution and go to CIABOC offices to make a statement. (Speaker or MPs have nothing to do with it). However, if it is a matter dealing with an appointment of a Minister while MARA was in office as a favour then in the same token a statement must be recorded from SIRA as well, after all it is only recording a statement. If it is bad for MARA to appoint ATTA as a minister for crossing over which happens to be constitutional then for SIRA to appoint Ranil as the Prime Minister without anywhere near a majority in return of UNP votes has to be very bad.

    Above all the CIABOC must maintain its integrity and must have the damn commonsense not embroil itself with all kinds of controversy and do a clean job and accomplish the mission it was created for.

  • 15

    A tuktuk driver’s comment to me today is worth repeating.
    ‘They even gave these fools dinner. Pres. Premadasa would have switched off the lights, locked them inside Parliament and thrown away the key!’

    • 8

      Actually it should have been , disconnecting the power & water supply instead of switching off the lights .

  • 0

    Aia, Nagananda and the rest of the intellectually challenged CT cruisers the losers, look at Egypt and Pakistan now, beautifully peaceful democracies aren’t they NOT!
    If you keep quiet my dear CT losers, no one will know you all are rabidly mad or basely stupid!!

    • 3

      So, StupidityCheck you seem to be wanting of a peaceful democracy, yet you want its values are to be uphold by some basely stupid politicians….is a long shot. They spent a night not because they were loyal to MR, but to get a package deal with MR’s, so their deals being hidden. Only escape route for them is to take cover behind the MR’s shadow.

      Egypt and Pakistan were only an example, and were good example because even in these countries no one were treated above the law. Didn’t see the need to relate about Water Gate, this happened even when President Nixon was in power; that how the long arm of the law extends and expected treat every one. PM Thaksin yet another example in recent time; popularly elected but had ran away from Thailand.

      To have a peaceful democracy, the country must learn to respect the democracy principles. Rule of law is part of it. What you seem to like in the democracy is the ‘number game’ part. You would not hesitate to buy MPs, Ministers and even voters to win the numbers and to provide peace to a few. Let’s check our stupidity as a nation. You can fool some for some times, but not all, all the time.

    • 0

      Learn to spell first!

      • 4

        This is not an English lesson to write with good spellings. This is a forum to share your point of view nothing else.
        Analysing and arguing on others points will keep you cerebral for years.its an art and gift which not many can attempt. So a spelling or a grammatical mistake is irrelevant here as long as everyone can enjoy the rantings .

  • 6

    When the Mafia family was in power , they high-jacked the parliament , now even without the power , still go on high jacking unabated ! Booruwansa was leading the farce as expected , how on earth this toilet mouth still behaves as if his mafia boss is the leader of the country, MY3 & RW style 5 star democracy wouldn’t work with these lot , please bring FM Sarath Fonseka as a consultant or something to the Bribery commission , he will help to solve all those cases within a very short period of time, if MY3 & RW let lose these uncivilized criminals to continue to dominate the parliament like this ever again ,MY3,RW duo also going to lose the confidence before the general public.

  • 15

    No one is above law. Agreed. This you can see really happening, in Egypt, Thailand where tge head of a ousted government being punished after due legal process. Unfortunately, too many in ine family, showing their family bandism. It is very high handed of the parliamentarians to demand tge DG of Bribery Commision to be summoned to parliament. The reason being ex president MR being asked to come to BC for recording a statement. The parliament has no business to interfere into these investigations and the Speaker has overacted in this instance.
    The behaviour of some of these politicians are unbecoming and disgraceful. Thus totally against the rule of law.

    The best action forward for President Maithreepala Sirisena is to dissolve the parliament and carry out a president’s rule for a specific period with professional advisers to cover different areas and clear up all these cunning, rogue politicians who have robbed the country and ransacked. Proper investigations followed by court action and finally punishment, which should be jail term + confiscating all illgotten wealth which should include the family as well.

    Though we as ordinary citizen may suffer for a specific period with the suspension of the normal laws
    But for the joy of seeing a ‘cleaned’ country, it is well worth it.

    • 6

      Well said..had enough of this bullshit

  • 4

    The speaker’s action in summoning the DG of the Bribery Commission to parliament amounts to intimidation of a public official.

    MR is now a citizen, a common man, and could/should have attended the
    office of the Commission and refused to be questioned.
    Then the DG would have had to take further action via the courts.

    These protesters are those who enjoyed the ‘crumbs which fell of the table’ of the Rajapakses.

  • 6

    I remember a story which I have mentioned here before. A person got caught among 10 opponents on his own and they tried to assault him. He told, ok you all can hit me but I will only take revenge on the person who hit me first. No one touched him. Like wise if Mithiri government announce that the first person in the front will be arrested, then one by one all creep to the rear and eventually there will be no one. These people shout in a crowd but not stand on their own. How ever try, eventually MR & co will count the bars either in Srilanka or in a foreign jail – Frogs shout until die. These idiots have a lot of Karma to settle.

  • 4

    All the so called lawmaker CROOKS putting on a big show to get cleared of the frauds they have done, at this rate ,Sri lanka can never come out of the big mess the Rajapaksas have done,these actions of the so called lawmakers only benefits the crooks.
    The speaker is another Rajapaksa ,he should be removed ,and he has no authority to dictate to the investigating team .
    Let the investigating team do their job for the sake of good governance.
    The President must now start using the iron hand,put all crooks behind bars,vvips,vip ,big fish ,small fish past and present.
    The majority want confidence from the Presidents actions.

  • 3

    These idiotic legislators were elected by the general public from th elast general elections, and the voters now can see the quality of their selection . They must think again whether to do the same mistake again.
    I hope all these rogues will be taught a very good lesson at the next gen election. That is why they are behind the biggest plunder since they are dead sure they have to go to the zenith of Diyaluma Falls no sooner the next general elections results are announced. It also could be a welcoming decision since we are going to save some amount by way of reduced tax.
    If they do not opt Diyaluma , they all to be air lifted upto the dead sea ignoring the cost of air passage.

  • 3

    The President is all powerful and can call for a presidential inquiry in the matter without involving parliament. Also parliament cannot be used to stage protests or interfere into investigations or inquiries. If they want to protest then they should take it outside the parliament premises and not misuse the facility.
    What is the grounds for the Speaker to get involved in this inquiry ? MR is not a parliamentarian nor is his brother GR so where does the speaker come into the scene ? is it because the speaker is a sibling.
    The voter has a right to know the facts and it is the governments’ obligation to
    provide same.

  • 3

    Thanks to politics these freeloaders are sleeping in the parliament, if not for politics they will have to sleep on pavement and most probably prison for selling drugs and prostitution.

  • 1

    What has the [Edited out] Dayan Jayatilake got to say about this illegal protest?

  • 2

    A no confidence motion againts the speaker. A attempt to interfere in the process of law againts a relative. As a suporter of a block in parliment shows parshality to a group. A debate is necessary.

  • 1

    Its time to apply Wanathamulla tactics by this docile MS/RW combine. Pussy footing around these jokers is not going to work. Hit them hard and they will all run home. Things will get worse if this SOFTLY SOFTLY approach is further adopted.

  • 0

    The segregation of powers in most countries’ constitutions have been a valuable safeguard for hundreds of years but during the tenure of the Rajapakses, that safeguard went out the window for Sri Lanka. The judiciary was their glove puppet and the acceptance of bribes and commission became the norm. If the present government acted this way, the Rajapakses, including the former President, the Speaker and the Defence Secretary, would now be languishing in Welikade or white-vanned. The Speaker should count his blessings and begin complying with the laws of the land and let the Bribery Commission do their duty without hindrance.

  • 0

    This certainly is a joke and the world will cast our Prez as the Marshall Joker.
    How can the speaker interfere in an ongoing investigation ?
    1. MR and GR are not parliamentarians, but are sibling of the speaker which is the only reason for the speakers’ interference.

    2. MY3 and RW must be in the mars if they did not know the basics of this.

  • 0

    When will Chamal Rajapakse be trapped for the illegal impeachment? Will there be an inquiry for Chamal Rajapakse for the import of formalin for distilling kasippu.

  • 0


    Please know mahinda Rajapasa is the man who did the greatest servise for the country he only solved the problems that were created by since SWRD to rouse nationalistic feelings to come to power.
    as a person who narrowly escaped death when returnig home after work at Rajagiriya ,bomb set for Ratwatte where innocent civilians died know the contribution by Rajapakse.
    I am a govt engineer for 35 years until i migrated to give education to my two children.
    I know how people were murdered during Premadasa regime where Ranil was also had some active position,more than 40000 sinhalese were murdered and burnt on by the side of roads and thrown to rivers.
    corruption is not something introduced by mahinda it was there from the time human race started.
    if you are talking about corrution and bribes what have you got to say about misuse of power by maithreepala, son of a peasant and how all his brothers have become millionaires now.recently nature gave punushment to one sibling..

    you being a formercustom man as iunderstand and a lawyer ,tell us wheter,conduct of maithree is ethical.he is destroying SLFP by giving some santhosam to SLFP ministers so that SLFP is destroyed and thereby ensure,Ranil become PM next time, to pay gratitude for maithree to become president,which he would not have dreamt even in his wildest dreams.
    you breing a former custom officer must be knowing you and all your friend owns not houses but mansions by manipulating the system.
    in Sri lanka if you take 10 people 9 are corrupt ,so no point in blaming mahinda or even Ranil .most guys join public service and honourable offices for power and to earm my by unfair means.
    when we joined govt service in latter part of 1970s ,we were paid rs 680.00 month and when we fought demanding salaly increase we we told indiectly ,in public service salary is only pocket money and there are many other sources of income ,if one was prepared to compromise integrity.
    to give one example, the guy from kotmale valley who handled mahaweli project in JRJ time who only had a second hand morris minor had the good fortune to get a now more than billion worth of mansion with the coutest of contractors.

    so nagananda may be only ,ranil,karu and few others may have not used their position to get financial rewards.but they are only handful,

    In srilanka their are no saints in public service or among honourable guys.
    pl stop blaming mahinda who has at least create a peaceful country fot us to live and implementing large number of development projects which has benefited everybody.
    with love towards all and hate to none

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