18 May, 2024


Spectacular Ram Mandir In Historic Ram Janma Bhoomi

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

In the annals of Bharath, circa 1200 before BCE has been deemed a plausible time of Rama’s birth. Treated as the period in which Ram, Rama or Ramar was born, a probable date thereabout has settled down. Testimony of legend, buttressed by belief are now sanctified by generations. Dates are for historians not for a humanity steeped in religiosity.

Hand of Destiny

Destiny appears to have prescribed a timespan of a mere 40 months to the Modi government, to execute an edifice, monumental in conception and exquisite in finish. It is not by chance that Modi having Narendra as his first name is the architect of this historic task from beginning to accomplishment. He placed the foundation – a silver brick 40 kg in weight – on 4th August 2020 and work commenced on the following day after religious ceremonies. The mission has proceeded without a hassle for 1240 days. Thirukkural says, “Those who have associates of unimpeachable report, will have only success in their pursuits”. A decade of triumph testifies to this truism in the political career of Modi as Prime Minister of Bharath.

Seen in history is a phenomenon and an inexplicable one at that, where people in expansive territory have accomplished deeds that were large and great. “Let all your thoughts soar high” is a line which is very much an exhortation to the Tamils, if not to humanity. It was pronounced two millennia ago by the greatest intellect among Tamil poets, Thiruvalluvar.

Among the great civilizations of old are China and India, not to mention Greece, Rome and Egypt. Two of the foremost modern ones are USA and Russia. To fast forward ancient India to modern times has ever been a challenge to Bharath. To redeem the pledge Prime Minister Modi and all his supreme lieutenants are faithfully committed.

A Day Etched in Gold

The memorable day is 22nd January, 2024, the day of consecration of Ram Mandir, when the temple will see dedication amidst lakhs of devotees.

Ram Mandir in all its splendour has been the yearning of Bhaktas for generations. Religious fervour had to marry political authority for a great edifice to sprout from holy ground. This happened under the benediction of great men perched in the citadel of power. For an inimitable temple, every component had to be specially picked. For the statue of the deity, selectively chosen rock was quarried in Karnataka and brought to Ayodhya. For the entire temple, sandstone in tint of pink and some in saffron was hewed from the quarries of Rajasthan. Once at the worksite thousands of stones were turned beautifully by highly skilled craftsmen using appropriate equipment into perfectly executed sculpture. All these sculptures exceeding a few hundred now adorn the pillars, arches and interior of the ornate domes.

The holy mission in the hands of the government is incredibly huge. The Mandir by itself has to shine in all it’s glory. The temple construction is envisaged in a holistic sense. An appreciable length of the road to the temple and beyond is widened into a highway after demolishing a large number of unsightly buildings, old residences and shops placed ribbon fashion along roadsides. A unique addition is high walls separated one from the other and decorated with high quality paintings taken from episodes in Ramayana and the like. Excelling the paintings are fine sculptures using mostly sandstone in pink and saffron. Landscaped stretches lend a view enlivening to the heart and soul of the pilgrims. They will enter the temple in an enthralled mood. To the dreamers and architects who have delivered these marvels, rich dividends are sure to flow.

Medians are now provided for ease of accident-free traffic flow. Together with pilgrimages have to go, ease of commuting. Three modes are being provided: by train and bus on land, plane and helicopter by air and specially made craft on water. In addition are the private vehicles of every description that have surged now. It is already announced that for the consecration, 500 trains from all over India will converge on Ayodhya

Pilgrims and tourists require pleasant accommodation with provision for optimum human needs. Wholesome food and potable water are a category apart when the needs are quantified. With plan or without, they appear to proceed seamlessly when the daily floating populace of pilgrims and tourists is in lakhs. A lakh or more increase in daily pilgrim inflow, India has the capacity to manage.

Entrance to Maharishi Valmiki Airport Ayodhya

Maharishi Valmiki Airport

To all Indians and to the Hindu world, 30th March 2023 has become a day of great religious significance. On this day Prime Minister, Modi inaugurated the hugely revamped and rebuilt city of Ayodhya, holy to most Hindus. He also inaugurated phase I of the massive Airport, appropriately named Maharishi Valmiki a great devotee of Rama. He is reputed to be the poet who wrote the Ramayana in Sanskrit in 24,000 stanzas. The Tamil poet Kamban, greatest in epic poetry wrote the Ramayanam in Tamil in 10,000 stanzas. In a prefatory stanza he praised Valmiki’s poetic prowess thus: “In a stanza of four lines, not a single line can be replaced”. It is such a great name that is assigned to the Airport.

Every feature of Ram Mandir and it’s environs looks and sounds ancient. Yet the airport and all it’s facilities are ultra-modern.

Ram Mandir Bus Station Ayodhya

Pilgrims from a vast sub-continent, steeped in religious sentiment for ages past have from now on to make it to Ayodhya and Varanasi and then to return. To provide all the essential amenities of stay and return is the colossal task of the government. This is being done and it has to continue for very long. Bus transport may require the largest segment and it needs to be sustained. Towards this end, a modern bus station just 3 km away from Ram Mandir is provided anew.

A Composite Marvel

The ancient and the modern are melded faultlessly and harmoniously in a composite creation that is Ram Janma Bhoomi. Six of the seven wonders are said to be of stone. Ram Mandir may be on its ascent to the eighth, as time hallows its acceptance. With the temple blazing amidst blooming gardens and trees aflush with luscious foliage, all visitors to the complex will be treated to a heavenly experience. Together with revamped Varanasi and glorious Kashmir, the pilgrims and tourists, local and foreign will have a Holy Trinity to experience. With Prime Minister Modi’s conception of development, growth will be comprehensive and pervasive geographically. Development will be both spiritual and material, a model to the world a marvel to human-kind.

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  • 11

    Hmm an article by an RSS / BJP fan boy, all his articles are in the same tone, hail BJP,/RSS.

    What RSS is doing is same as what BBS did to our counrty. Only fan boys like your self fail to see and write a praise articles (that, Or out of blind support to the racist attidute, Im not sure).

  • 5

    What nonsense a distorted mind is capable of saying under cover of a pseudonymous comment! Does the comment come from a double doctorate, whose intellectual heights nobody can scale? You have well and truly caricatured yourself to the point of a nincompoop, a disgrace to your parents and siblings.

    • 12

      Hello finally the great Sivathasan him self has graced the comments section.

      no need to insult me boomer, will you accept my comment if i have a double doctorate? or if its is my real name? I see that you never addressed my comments really, rather resort to spewing poison and hatred. typical style. Were you offended becasue i called you RSS fan boy? or is it because you hate BSS but like RSS? or is it because you dont want to take critisim? truth hurts isnt it?

      Well of course its my Real name, because i have no reason to hide my name when speaking my mind to the likes of, but as for the education level it doesnt matter how much we study, common sence and racisim prevail even in the highest levels. Point proven by the likes of you constantly.

      Please look back what you have written about Ranjikanth, Annamali, TN politics etc, you predictions are nothing but crap, just like your disorted writing. Ill stop at that.
      And i would like to point out that your comment shows the twisted mind which cant take criticism. that Or it must be too stupid to understand that.

    • 9

      Well, cannot take a simple objection, and it is not consistent with the faith you are so much devoted. Everyone has the right to look at it everything differently from the others, as they in the eyes of the beholder.

      Saivites and most part of the South Indians population were not that affected by Islamic invasions as much as in North India. So their resurgence has no comparison to the southerners. BJP is their manifestation as they, the North India, were oppressed to the extent still the North Indian Hindu women cover their heads even in their temples unlike their South Indian sisters.

      There is no need to vouch for BJP in Sri Lanka. It has absolutely no link to the Saivites in Sri Lanka socially or culturally. It will be good for the communal harmony in Sri Lanka if the writer will moderate his output as he is simply talking to the wall.

      • 1

        To ‘moderate my output’ may I first moderate the input and temper my thinking? How do the South Indian Saivites differ in their orientation from their Sri Lankan variant?

        The statement “There is no need to vouch for BJP in Sri Lanka” needs clarity.

  • 9

    I’m sure it’s an architectural and engineering marvel. All Hail to the Hindu Gods (so sci-fi and extra terretetarial…..Wow!).

    But it looks like it has been eaten by ants; a giant insect with legs! And soon the place will look very dusty as it will be an impossible task to clean the dust off the millions of crevices. Will require constant and expensive maintenance.

    • 5

      A sandcastle made of mug. One ugly building. :'(

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  • 3

    Ramona Therese
    If you have an eye for beauty, please access Kashmir, Srinagar,tulip gardens in excess of 7 million blooms,Dal lake and snow covered hills and valleys all redeveloped and meticulously maintained in the last few years. You may also realise that North is more advanced than the South. Modi and many of his Ministers are well oriented for proper maintenance and are liberal in devoting financial resources..

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  • 9

    India proclaims itself as a secular country. Then what is the Government of India doing building Hindu temples? Even the entrance to the newly built terminal at the Trichy Airport is in the shape of a temple gopuram! Has the meaning of ‘secularism’ changed?

    • 7

      CM ,
      “India proclaims itself as a secular country.”
      Not really, India has a new god, and His name is Modi. Go look at even an online visa application. There are at least 3 pictures of Modi before you get to the form itself.🤯🤯🤯.
      Even Sri Lanka under the Rajapaksas didn’t go that far.

  • 11

    Hidutva has no place in secular Tamil Nadu with BJP Annamalai or without Annamalai.
    Why the author is insistent on thrusting Hindutva on secular SL Tamils?

  • 2

    Balanced View
    Blessed with a good or perfect balance in matters religious and philosophical, can you share your wisdom with lesser mortals? What is RSS living for and working towards in India? Has Hindutva Inundated Tamil Nadu and is seeking Annamalai’s help to spill over to Secular Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lankan constitution proclaims Pride of Place for Buddhism which to queer intellectuals seems a hallmark of secularism. Is it this crest gem that Annamalai seeks to Destroy? If anyone attempts to take Hindutva near SL Tamils, it will be worrisome to a balanced personage. But when one dares to be so insistent as to not just present but to thrust his heresy on unsuspecting simpletons, it is unpardonable. Hence the illogical effusion. It may be understood thus.

    Views when balanced are gladly absorbed if they are presented with honesty.

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