5 July, 2022


Sri Lanka: Challenges Implementing International Human Rights & Accountability For Human Rights’ Violations

“Sri Lanka: Challenges Implementing International Human Rights & Accountability for Human Rights’ Violations”
Speakers: Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu (Centre for Policy Alternatices, Sri Lanka), Prof. Steven Ratner (University of Michigan Law School)
Chair: Sharry Aiken (Queen’s University Law School)
With introductions by Prof. François Tanguay-Renaud (Osgoode/Nathanson Centre) and John Argue (Amnesty International Canada)

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Location: Osgoode, IKB 1014


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    As a peace loving citizen of SriLanka… I think Srilankan Government… sorry there’s no such think as SL government. Now it’s RAJAPAKSA’s GOVERNMENT should allow UN’s international independent investigations if they truly didn’t do any war crimes…

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      Lankan are you serious. If an Independent Investigation is allowed everything will come to light. How after VP was promised a way out after surrender, where VP’s own death, with a look alike presented by the LTTE itself, was marketted by MR to take the heat off VP, what does MR do? MR gets the Forces to massacre all the surrenderees including VP when SF was out of the country through Shavendra Silva. Now, MR did not do this alone as he had the nod from the Americans and the Indians obviously. So an Independent Invetigation will reveal all these connections. Remember SF’s white flag story that upset Gota who said SF will be tried for Treason and SF had to retract the story? Why the UN is soft peddling action on MR, is for the same reason and further offering Shavendra Silva protection at the UN itself, who is a War Criminal. Therefore let us see how things will unfold.

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        Why is that one cant believe it is just because US itself are accountable for thousands if not hundred thousands of civilian casualties in the Afaganistan and Irak and that could be the reason them UN to soft peddle in terms of lanken matter. Today the situation before all 47 members of the countrys that UN is governed by the US. You bring consecutive sets of theories – probabilities, but the truth is far from being achieved. Now with Ltte is no longer existing within the island, for the co lateral damages that have surely occured in the war end – only one party which is the GOSL to focus on an independent investigation is alone for that reason not fair. But IC should put the pressure on the radical rulers of current in srilanka in terms of implementation of LLRC and all other necessary step for the benefit of the NE of the country is what the focus should be. So long radical uneducated like MR would stay in power, nothing like accountability whatever they have been carrying out will come to light.
        He is not pragmatic, but deceitful by nature – I now believe, why SF was absent in the war end – could also be because their doubts about the leaks through him, if he was held on the ground on very days. These MR bunch are clever at brutal acts for their genetics.
        India ‘s Dr Subramaniamswamy respects the eradication of LTTE within the country, but SRILANKA should focus on the any form of develotion power – according to the Jayawardana ^s disccussions held with Rajiv Gandhi.

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          In the same manner, to appoint BR as SLFP national organiser – just paving the way Sirisena to slowly get away from the path of becoming PM following the incumbent premier, all are their strategies that one could see as unpredictable but focusing on their Rajapkse future rule.

          This is why I believe, the SF ^s contradictory views in terms of Rajapkshes were detected by them before the war end – and since then they had been planning to get him out of the ground – in the very stages that more civlians were murdered. Why GR became aggressive in the BBC Interview threatning if SF reveals all these, he will be hung etc.. make further clear that there are lot more that an international inve could surface the truth. This is the reason why they dont seem to be agreeing iwth any parties even with conditions. If ther is no causalties occured to the manner UN or other IC bodies claimed why to worry even to discuss the war end episodes – make UN and US to pressure the lanka with resolutions.

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    An international investigation will expose many parties who contributed to the final war and that includes India, the US, the EU and the UN.

    Most of these parties are cross with Rajapaksa because they supported him on the promise of a political solution to the Tamils which he failed to deliver after the defeat of the LTTE. India among these is standing out as a sore thumb because of its weak leadership although it was the major supporter of Rajapaksa both politically and militarily during the war. Without India’s support Rajapaksa would never have defeated the LTTE but the gratitude he showed to India for its crucial support was to go back on the word he gave to Manmohan to implement the 13th amendment – a very I gentlemanly act. India knows what the SL military did to the Tamil civilians and it has a lot to lose if an international investigation takes place.

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