26 June, 2022


“Sri Lanka Is Ready To Take Centre Stage”

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

The caption cited above, is the title of a noteworthy article in the Wall Street Journal. It appeared on28, January 2015. “After a surprising election, the island democracy deserves U.S. attention”. “Maithripala Sirisena expressed interest in counterbalancing a rising China”. These are the prefatory remarks.

It’s a presentation by three well known personalities. Mr. Richard Armitage, deputy secretary of State, 2001 – 2005; Ms. Bue deputy assistant secretary of State for political military affairs 2003 – 2005 and Ms. Curtis Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. To extend credence to what they write, their credentials are convincing.

To commence this account with their concluding sentence; the New Regime is poised to veer “from China’s Indian Ocean “String of Pearls”. For Sri Lankans, “China needn’t be their only friend” it is suggested. Apparently the writers wishfully see the New Regime departing from the pro-China policies of Rajapaksa. The words; the US should coordinate with nations such as Japan and India, in shoring up the new government and reinforcing its initial policy moves, is a portent for a Colombo, Washington, New Delhi, Tokyo Axis.

Maithripala RanilIt is also urged that Sri Lanka has moved forward in re-establishing democracy, with the words “Sri Lanka’s dramatic and peaceful nod” to it. The writers see wisdom in using this opportunity to deepen ties with Sri Lanka by evolving plans to restore Washington’s relations with the Island Nation.

It is further added that time is for now for a roadmap that reflects US interests. They include; respect for human rights, democracy and rule of law. Emphasis is also placed in enhancing trade and regional economic integration. Securing the Indo-Pacific is stressed and one may take the cue from a forward looking statement; “Washington, New Delhi and Tokyo must reciprocate quickly to offer concrete opportunities” to Sri Lanka.

The writers are very pragmatic about quickening the pace of movement in Washington. They also desire Colombo coming closer and acting in concert. Wisdom is seen in an early invitation to President Sirisena to show support for an agenda on Ethnic Reconciliation, Restoration of Democratic Institutions and a Broader Sri Lankan Foreign Policy. Scope is seen in increasing “economic engagement through investment in infrastructure projects, especially in the war-torn areas of the north and east”.

In sum, the writers see an electorally changed Sri Lanka, on the threshold of a tectonic shift in foreign relations. Going afar from China and moving towards the West and more particularly closer to US. A realigned Axis to change the power equation. A new balance in South Asia and in the Pacific. The above is not a far-fetched reading of the views expressed by Mr. Armitage and his colleagues. They may be treated as quite potent and pregnant with great possibilities. If all sides adequately reciprocate, results may be sustained for over a decade. Tamils have a wholesome interest in it.

The contribution that Tamils made to regime change is duly acknowledged. One may even say that the nation was saved from the jaws of fascism, a permanent dictatorship. For once, in seven decades they merged with the mainstream for their electoral prospects and a prospective destiny.

If in the April elections, Tamils abhor ‘boycott philosophers’, spurn their aberrant ways and target 90% electoral turnout, a bright future awaits them. Even so no pearl of great price will fall on our lap. Capitalising on the new power relationship, both national and international, a deft leadership needs to lead the way. Today Tamils have the TNA in whom those inland and those out, trust and repose faith.

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    As long as Tamil speaking people also have a say in the policy and decision making, Sri Lanka will move forward.


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      S. Sivathasan –

      “The contribution that Tamils made to regime change is duly acknowledged. One may even say that the nation was saved from the jaws of fascism, a permanent dictatorship. For once, in seven decades they merged with the mainstream for their electoral prospects and a prospective destiny.”

      “If in the April elections, Tamils abhor ‘boycott philosophers’, spurn their aberrant ways and target 90% electoral turnout, a bright future awaits them.”

      So everybody is now recognizing, including the Wall Street Journal, that the Tamil Muttal (முடால்ஸ்) Fool fraction in the Sri Lankan Tamil electorate is shrinking from 2005 and 2010 and it is positive for Sri Lanka and democracy.

      Will the rest of this decade and beyond be the age of Tamils of Common Sense?

      Can we say, Goodbye Muttals((முடால்ஸ்)?

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    This author talks nonsense again, he says for once in 7 decades they merged with the mainstream for their electoral prospects and a prospective destiny.

    In 1994 also Tamils, Muslims and other minorities merged and gave CBK a unprecedented 62% vote.

    Maithiri never got even close.

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      The simple thing is he does not know even the difference between the General Election and EP election. Pirapakaran is the one put together TNA for parliamentary election purpose.

      He always talks big things, not knowing the basic foundation of it. Chandrika said SWRD messed up the things. Chandrikathasan said SWRD liberated Lanka without blood. He asked Western countries to help him to do a bloodless coup like Lenin did in 10 days. Chandrikathasan is a real comedian.

      UNP DS disenfranchised the Tamils. SLFP with a bloodless coup deported them. Latter UNP JR deported the diaspora. SLFP king disenfranchised them by his double citizenship laws. These are bloodless coup both UNP and SWRD’s SLFP doing.

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    American Armitage reckons, the Elite have become potent and pregnant with possibilities according to Mr Sivanathan. …

    Now, how much Moolah the US Embassy has channelled to “Sobitha JHU”, SLMC and Azathh Sally fighting funds to root the Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants in the South?.

    That is if the UNP allows Sira to call an Election?.

    Dragon Slayer Azaath Sally will get number one position in the UNP ticket in the future Islamist State, where ever it may be in the NE.

    Will the UNP absorb, Champika, Rathne, and Sobitha,to the National List?.

    Then there is Dr Mervyn,who has Bucklys joining the SLFP, after comparing its new Chief to ” seminal fluid”.

    Being a card carrying heavy and a bosom pal of Galleon Dollar Ravi, Dr Mervyn wouldn’t have any problem getting back to his old Turf in Paliyagoda, wearing a Green Shirt with Elephants in front as well as the back.

    BTW, Wonder whether Armitage knows about Azaath Sally and the exterminated CJ..


    • 6

      “2any problem getting back to his old Turf in Paliyagoda, wearing a Green Shirt with Elephants in front as well as the back.””

      WoW Dal`it` you are going places ding a ling vadde kahatta vadde.

      Sumane is he coming for your museum or your bribery now that he got 4 wheel elephant drive??

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    In the first instance the new regime should pin down MaRa, Gota and Co. to make sure that there is no resurrection of these evil forces of corruption and nepotism. Unless that gang is totally out, the Devils will be in the seat of power once again!

    Sengodan. M

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    It was conservative Richard Armitage was functioning as the South East Under Secretary when America splited the negotiations by opposing the Tsunami money to Tamils and refusing visa for LTTE to go to New York for negotiation. Thanks god, Americans didn’t needed a 10 days bloodless coup to send that conservative team home. In the Democratic’s administration, America has hired more employees than entire EU has been doing last 6 years. Last year, the official growth is 5% (GDP). This number is not cooked up by Ajith Nivard Caprral. Even growing economies like India is struggling to stay at that level. So there are so many advises are coming from conservatives to Obama. As usual Chandrikathasan knows what to pick up. So he is coming up with another Lenin’s, Mao-tse-tung’s, SWRD’s ..bloodless coup stories.

    Chandrikathasan is trying to show that the new Royal Government has given everything to Tamils. “Cholian Kudumpi Summaa aadaathu”. So far all what has been done was to subdue the West from International Investigation. That is necessary for the war criminal New King to servive. Tamils area were not allowed have Tamil Governors. The cover up master minds, the Sinhala Intellectuals have been the Governors to North and East. That is not all. It was illegal that Kaheem was threatened with Kumari Cooray’s case to form EPC government. It was illegal to deny the chance for TNA to form the government becuase it was the winning party. When they wanted a subservient, they have appointed a Tamil to Supreme Court. But Justice to EPC is denied by the New King.

    Hakeem’s ministry worked closely with the King to dismiss Shiranee. After the dismissal, it was Hakeem who went to the foreign embassies and explained the reason for dismissing Shiranee, including to American Embassy. At American embassy Hakeem was asked why he should not resign his Justice Minister post for the wrongful dismissal. Shiranee Bandaranake was dismissed by the old king for the reason of not allowing him to pass the Dhivinugumba in the way he wanted.At least that was where the drift became open for the public and media. When this illegal bill has be implemented, all 9 provinces had to sign it. It has to be elected official. North did not have a council. Army commander Chandra Siri illegally signed it. In the East, elected members of TNA did not wanted it to be passed as it was against the 13A. At that time, Hakeem was in America to fool Ms. Clinton about implementing the LLRC commission recommendations in behalf of the Old King. Some SLMCyers did no like to see the EPC’s authorities being watered out by Dhivinegumba. It was Hakeem who called from America and ordered that members to vote for the Dhivinegumba. This Hakeem now wants the CM of EPC. TNA met the New King first and argued it was the winning party, so it has to form the government in the East for the rest of the life of this term. If did not like to support TNA, New King could have ordered for new election as even that election was flawed. New King found illegal on the matters he voted in the past, like Shiranee’s dismissal. But nothing at EPC. So now he has honored the contract that Hakeem and Old King signed to give the CM to SLMC after two years for SLFP.

    With the EPC, TNA has learned that they can become subservient to new King after 70 years maintaining the self respect. But the perks for them will not forth coming.

    When the cheating of the New King going on this direction. Chandrikathasan is claiming that TNA is becoming a perfect subservient too, without that only it did not get anything in the past.

    TNA wrote a false statement claiming that is has an agreement with the new King. Where is it? Why couldn’t they get the new King to support them to get the EPC? Do Chandrikathasan has to do a bloodless coup for this also? TNA can not do, after 70 years, this one alone without Chandrikathsan praying the new King?

    It is not amazing, the only project the Old Royal Government made is making profit is Northern Railway. But, so far only project that China doing has been stopped by the New King is Northern highway. Chandrikathsan bussy in covering up. That’s all!.

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    ” Sri Lanka Is Ready To Take Centre Stage ” . Good caption.
    Will it happen or made to happen ?

    Firstly it depends whether after the parliamentary election the current coalition will be able to continue. MR has not gracefully retired from politics. He desires to be the next prime minister. He and his SLFP old cronies will resort to any means ( wooing the Sinhala Buddhist voters with their past glory of winning the civil war, creating fear that Sinhalese Language and Buddhism are under threat again under the current regime, if they do not openly use this, they will use their extreme organisations like BBS , using the media eg. through the writings of people like DJ, HLDM, Shenali Waduge and so on, or through a march from Hambantota to Kandy similar to how JRJ did ).

    MS’s aim is to continue his regime to at least another 4 to 5 years and to make the necessary reforms and bring stability and put the country in the right direction. That to happen the parties like JHU, JVP, TNA, UNP, MS – Chandrika led SLFP section, Muslim Parties , Parties representing the up country Tamils, Liberal parties have to continue to remain united for a common purpose. PIVITHURU HETAK.

    I sincerely hope much more Southern Voters to wake up and vote with responsibility so that the country can prosper under MS.

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    Being in the same ‘centre stage’ in one of the Washington axes was one of the reasons for the bad external influences in our problems in the past.
    Due to JRJ’s Washington centric policies in the past, ‘some others’ took to our back doors to fuel the internal conflict.
    Now, China, being cornered, might try to do the same with the help of some vulnerable youngsters who might turn to violence for some perceived justice. (For e.g they might seek glory in pin pricking India’s underbelly in support of their brethren somewhere else or they might feel the need to defend them against any hard-liners in SL). The need to educate the youngsters from all corners and make them occupied all the time is very imperative.

    • 4

      I fully agree with you.

      Keeping the Young and the restless occupied is the name of the game.

      To do that they need educational opportunities,job creation, entertainment etc, equal opportunities with out discrimination perceived or otherwise.

      In every day life ,Country needs to reinvent some old values such as meritocracy,non discrimination,equal opportunities for all,rule of law etc.
      Need to make a start some where.

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