25 May, 2022


Sri Lanka, Myanmar And The Buddhist Radical Groups: New Alignments?

By Roomana Hukil

Roomana Hukil

Roomana Hukil

Recently, hard-line Buddhist clerics in Myanmar and Sri Lanka stated that Buddhist associations from both countries will work together to protect Buddhism against the threat from the Muslim extremists around the globe. Last month, Myanmar’s Ashin Wirathu and Sri Lanka’s Galagodaththe Gnanasara met in Colombo to work towards “Buddhists around the globe to ally internationally.” Following this, the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) expressed interest in seeking out to a similar partnership with India’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) towards securing a ‘Buddhist-Hindu peace zone in Asia’ to counter radical elements.

Are there divergences between radical Buddhist groups with respect to their attitudes and sentiments towards minorities in Sri Lanka and Myanmar? What impact do such fundamentalist collaborative ties have on the rest of the region?

To Each His Own

Reaching out to a larger international audience by means of collaborations provides impetus for radical Buddhists in both states to exhibit their Islamophobic character whilst protecting their image from being tarnished as an extremist force. Domestic compulsions such as the ends of the civil war in Sri Lanka and military rule in Myanmar created new fissures in the socio-political and economic fronts of the two states. However, despite the similarities, there are differences in social and ideological contexts as well as in political ambitions between the radical Buddhists of Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Buddhist clerics’ demands and statements in Sri Lanka indicate that their main objective is to form a ‘single Sinhala nation’. With the fall of Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and absolute control gained over the north-east in Sri Lanka, the government considers the Tamil minority to be amongst the least of threats in attaining its goal. Thus, the next targets are the Muslims and Christians because the radical nationalist Buddhists are insecure about the perceived rapid conversion rates of the Sinhala people to Christianity and Islam.

Most minority groups in the state such as Tamils, Muslims and Christians – predominantly found, in the major cities of Sri Lanka such as Colombo – are disregarded because of their economic prosperity and domination in the service sectors. Hence, with the support of the government, both groups have been trying to contain all other religious minorities and keep a tab on them. More so, some Sinhala businessmen reportedly pay Buddhist organisations to pester the Muslim-run business groups.

More than aspiring for religious and ethnic statehood such as in the case of Sri Lanka, radical Myanmarese Buddhists majorly fear that if the Muslim community acts irresponsibly, Myanmar will become an Islamist state. It is out of extreme paranoia that Muslims are loathed in Myanmar. This coupled with Muslim individuals’ purchasing of Buddhist-owned land, and their increasing numbers riles Buddhist clerics. Myanmar’s monks are quite isolated and maintain a rather basic relationship with the Buddhists of the rest of the world.

However, Sri Lanka is an exception because the country has historically been fraught with ethnic strife. Myanmar’s monks are inspired by the assertive political nature of the monks from Sri Lanka’s Sinhala majority and, therefore, reach out to them. In Sri Lanka and Myanmar, Muslims comprise approximately 10 per cent or less of the total population and Buddhists account for approximately 70 per cent. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which group is more radical in nature in its approach to the perceived threat from ‘Islamists’.

Cloudy Days Ahead

Fundamental Islamic groups initially refrained from joining and assisting their Muslim counterparts in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar on the grounds that they were “unruly, sinful and did not deserve to be protected under Islamic law.” However, this scenario may be changing now. The numbers of Islamist associations germinating in various pockets of both rural and urban Sri Lanka and Myanmar may be on the rise. With the Islamic State openly denouncing the extremist activities of Buddhist radical groups against minority Muslims, tensions regarding the likelihood of unrest in both these countries in the near future seep into the political discourse of the international system.

An open partnership between transnational religious nationalist groups such as the 969 Movement, the BBS and the RSS has created a cloud of concerns for the rest of the region. Assimilation of such ultranationalist groups puts the region into quandary vis-à-vis addressing the larger question of the societal integration and the States’ policies on minority communities. With these unprecedented developments gaining momentum, there could be a further rise in violent aggression on the Muslim minorities, ultimately threatening peace and security in the region. Also, currently, Buddhist radical elements have increasingly created paranoia in the region resulting in Buddhism’s image being branded negatively. There are fears that a conflict between jihadists and radical Buddhists may be sparked as a reciprocal violence. If such extremism were to spread to other less complex regions such as Cambodia and Laos, the repercussions of that phenomenon might be frustrate the relative peace of the region.

*Roomana Hukil – Research Officer, IReS, IPCS – Email: Roomana@ipcs.org

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      ella kolla,

      Have you employed Nishantha De Silva, nike boy, hikz, … to publish your script in this forum?

      Come back.

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        Hey Native,

        What do you reckon these ” Removed Comments ” are …

        Aren’t you curious ….

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        Hey NV, why don’t you take your comments and shove it up your [Edited out] Bugger, always got nothing to do and too busy copying and pasting other’s comments and adding his own garbage to it. Loser, go and get a life.

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        Roomana Hukil –

        RE: Sri Lanka, Myanmar And The Buddhist Radical Groups: New Alignments?

        In Sri Lanka it is about Sinhala Buddhist Racism and Chauvinism based on the lies and imaginations of Monk Mahanama of 5th Century.

        So, the primary objections were to Tamils, Because they were not Sinhala and

        So, the primary objections were to Hindus, Because they were not Buddhists.

        They were threats to Sinhala Buddhist King-Monk Axis Hegemony.

        The later Arrivals, Muslims, Christians, Malays, Portuguese, Dutch and English were added to that list.

        The fact remains that Sinhala Buddhists are Paras from India, like most not all of the others except the Native Veddah Aethho.

        The Vedda Tribe


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        No Native Vedda

        I haven’t done anything of that sort. I only believe in home grown talent like the BBS. Nishantha De Silva is Portuguese.

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          ela ela, sihala speaking ta_mil,(your DNA) you don’t either have to tell us that you don’t know how to lie without being obvious!
          keep trying my boy and meanwhile we are the first to land on a safe comet.

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          Maduluwave Sobitha is going to take care of your
          pets BBS and the Bands.Just enjoy a couple of
          more months!

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            no he does not need all. that but is capable of handling since he is from the majority 80%.

            go try some more imbili we have answer for that too in the south.

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    Dear Roomana Hukil,

    Muslims are at fault too. They are trying to turn SL into another Saudi. That cannot be tolerated.

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      Isn’t it good Sri Lanka becoming Saudi Arabia, so that your wife and son can return to the island to clean the toilets here itself intead of flying?

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    Specter of Buddhist fundamentalism/terrorism is haunting the region. It can flare up without notice again.

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      Specter of Tamil fundamentalism/terrorism is haunting the region. It can flare up without notice again.

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        “Specter of Tamil fundamentalism/terrorism is haunting the region. It can flare up without notice again.”

        Is it similar to the Sinhala/Buddhist JVP terrorism which erupted not just once but twice or the Sinhala/Buddhist state terrorism which continues to haunt since 1971 and never been defeated?

        It is most likely we will have to face another round of Sinhala/Buddhist terrorism which seems lurking around every corner.

        This is the right time for you to jump ship.

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          `This is the right time for you to jump ship.`

          NV, Tarawa thinks the chinese submarines are buddhist.

          he is a canny old care worker turned predator with vigour and may be due the increase of Viagra from china.

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    A sincere and good one. Not fitting the context of CT.

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    When Roomana Hukil said “some Sinhala businessmen reportedly pay Buddhist organisations to pester the Muslim-run business groups” I believe her as it happened in Gampaha town in the 80’s. The Muslim businesses that were chased out had not returned and even now there are hardly any Muslim businesses in Gampaha despite a significant population.

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      They tried the same tactics over the years in Nuwara Eliya, Negombo, Kandy, and, I am sure, in other towns too. The fact is that as the Tamil and Muslim business decrease and their places are taken by less efficient Sinhala businesses, we will all pay through our noses, including the majority community.

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        after e-mail took over letters you would only feel it in the villages because technology in the form of amazon has overtaken even royal mail parcel service. Standard Service by DHL of 50-100 kilos taxable items at sight Bali or New Delhi to West End London is simply next day delivered.
        Its a case of labour only- picker packer with hand held guns for tracking to a central server with epayments and tax invoices.
        Its not that gloomy but another class war like what happened in China or Russia. religion/ethnic etc is to hide that fact.

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    What explanation does the author have in regard to Muslims having conflicts with not only Buddhism but with all the other major religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism and also among themselves ( shia vs Sunni).

    Pathetic Islamic apologists trying to always put the blame on others instead of trying to correct their own glaring mistakes is the root cause of the hostility muslims are facing all over the world today.

    The author is day dreaming if she thinks that hardline Muslims can take on Buddhist majority countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Burma etc which have very strong militaries and are not paralyzed by human rights considerations like the European countries.

    Today Muslims are bashing their heads on a rock by trying to take on forces that are technologically much more superior (US, EU, Russia, China, India, Israel etc ) than any of the so called 56 Muslim countries in the world.

    I am saddened that all these Muslim apologists do nothng to alleviate the suffering of poor downtrodden muslims all over the world by building hospitals, schools etc., in order to uplift the living standards of the many millions of Muslims in Africa etc., but instead waste time writing hateful diatribes against the followers of other religions and blaming everybody else for their their troubles.

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      American mama

      China – A 2007 survey by the Horizon Research consultancy
      group found that individuals who SELF-IDENTIFY as
      Buddhists,made up 11-16% of China’s adult

      Japan – According to Edwin Reischauer and Marius Jensen
      some 70-80% of the Japanese regularly tell
      pollsters they do not consider themselves
      believers in any religion.

      Korea – According to 2005 statistics compiled by the
      South Korean Govt,about 46% of citizens
      profess to follow no particular religion.
      Christians account for 29.2% of the population
      and Buddhists 22.8%.
      Taiwan- Out of nearly 15000 temples in Taiwan,little
      more than 9000 belongs to Taoists about 3000
      churches.You can work out the amount of the
      rest which are Buddhist temples.

      Now American mama,please tell us where did you get the
      idea that these countries are Buddhist majority

    • 1

      American mama

      Explanation in a nutshell is,only Islam has taught
      politics to its adherents.To understand more,you
      can read “the history of Middle East” by Bernard
      Lewis.Islam is not in conflict anywhere,it’s Islam’s
      politics that’s in conflict with other politics.

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        Unhcr says take your poop away isnt that where your high and mighty culture come from??

        The villages up north did not have toilets or underwear but just slippers because underware was manufactured in the west- colombo.

        how sad yuppy has no imagination to gauge his information so the traditional foul smell of his village where water comes from deep pits.

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    Was it Lenin who said “religion is the opium of the massess”. Any brand or form of opiates is addictive and injurious to our wellbeing.

    We will be so much better off if we could shed religion enmass like the Japanese have done.

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    CIA world fact book 2014

    (2010 estimates)

    China – Buddhist 18.2%, Christian 5.1%, Muslim 1.8%, folk religion 21.9%, Hindu < .1%, Jewish < .1%, other 0.7% (includes Daoist (Taoist)), unaffiliated 52.2%

    Japan – Shintoism 83.9%, Buddhism 71.4%, Christianity 2%, other 7.8%
    note: total adherents exceeds 100% because many people belong to both Shintoism and Buddhism (2005)

    Taiwan – mixture of Buddhist and Taoist 93%, Christian 4.5%, other 2.5%

    Korea north – traditionally Buddhist and Confucianist, some Christian and syncretic Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way)

    Korea, South – Christian 31.6% (Protestant 24%, Roman Catholic 7.6%), Buddhist 24.2%, other or unknown 0.9%, none 43.3% (2010 survey)

    China has over 200 million Buddhists at least, even with a conservative estimate of 18% by the CIA. Some other estimates run as high as 50-60% as most people who say they are 'unaffiliated' due to political reasons are Buddhists or Daoists.

    Proves that ALL of the above nations have a Buddhist majority.

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      So they all worship an Hindian man called Gautama.

      The `chaddi wallas` or RSS have traditionally followed the same principal of the defense called the `Singh` or worriers to resist the invasions of the north of India. The Hindian Buddhist nor the caste less than Brahman belong to their executive membership.
      Therefore how could BBS the untouchables have a memo of understanding with Brahmans???

    • 0

      Your own account obtained from CIA fact book says that
      Buddhists are 18.2% and Folk religion 21.9%
      Shintoism is the majority in Japan.83.9% against 71.4%.
      Taiwan is a mixture of Buddhist and Taoist account.
      South Korea 31.6% Christians against 24.2% Buddhists.
      North Korea,there’s something interesting and note worthy
      in the fact book that you didn’t say,that is,”autonomous
      religious activities now almost non existent;govt
      sponsored religious groups exist to provide illusion of
      religious freedom.” You are still trying to tell us
      these are your proofs for Buddhist majority in these
      countries.Your own accounts joined hands to betray you.
      We have already seen accounts of G L Peirisology on
      UNHRC votes.

      • 1


        Your conclusion is erroneous.

        In japan Shintoism and Buddhism are followed concurrently (overlap). That is why they said the total adds upto over a 100%. In Taiwan the same is true and Buddhism and Taoism is both followed concurrently. The real buddhist population in China is over 500 million. Even in Sri Lanka Hindu gods are worshipped by Buddhists.

        Former communist countries have now allowed religious revival. According to your analysis there shouldn’t be any christians in Russia. Putin himself was seen attending church. The Chinese government has allowed Buddhist revival in China . You can google it.

        I don’t know what religion you follow but you seem to be trying to prove that there is no Buddhism in these countries because you probably are anti Buddhist

        According to your theory there shouldn’t be any Muslims in China but you know very well there are (Uyghur s). So Just saying that because the government is atheist there is no religion in these countries will not hold water.

        I am not a political animal. So your last remark about Peirisology etc., is highly resentful. Theoretically I am a free thinker but my sympathies certainly are with Buddhism

        • 1

          Free thinking American mama,

          Presumably you don’t speak standard Chinese or Putonghua and i doubt you have moved with the common mainland Chinese for any length of time in the mainland.
          The Chinese Government respects their version of Buddhist Philosophy while the majority of the people are `objective` not in an Ayn Rand spirit but they believe in what they see and that guides them – the partyman or they are finished.
          There education is different from our western oriented of individualism.They are held together from kindergarten not by Buddhism but the teaching of what happens in divide and rule (formerly some the Dynasties adopted it) and the meaning of the Opium War and loss of Hong Kong.
          So they always ask the partyman in any office or hospital how to do and they do the same when they come to the west on study assignments or industrial delegations (in a way that is their strength that makes it the workshop of the world)
          When you travel to Longman Grotto’s (where the max statutes are) or Shaoling close by you would meet more American tourist who come in drones (because it is cheap to travel from there) than Chinese who just stay away.

          Don’t tell me the Japanese are very different from them that the American general forgave them. The Emperor was like god and part of their culture so he was spared for the Americans to take control. They invented the aircraft carriers so the 7th fleet is docked there (because they listen) Buddhism is just another philosophy that gives a shield to what they do.(In a way sound of silence is about japan)
          Both Chinese and Japanese believe that some power created everything and in real life the peter principal- the boss is always right. So we see they are slow to innovate compared to the ironic west.

        • 1

          American mama

          I usually don’t shoot at the messenger and it’s the
          message that pulls me.I had disclosed of my
          religious ID many times on this forum and so I don’t
          intend to waste my time on that.I got relations
          married to Chinese,Canadian,English and Japanese and
          I’m truly a man of no boundaries.My father adopted a
          Buddhist girl whose children are under my support,so
          if you even guess that I should be anti-Buddhist,you
          make a gross error.Coming back to the point of China
          being Buddhist majority and religious revivalism in
          modern communist China.Do you know that in China
          communist party members are banned from practicing
          religion?Members of the communist party must be
          Atheist.A study by the Pew Research Centre put the
          Buddhist population in China at 185 million which is
          well over 500 million for you!Thank you for your

          • 0

            `Do you know that in China communist party members are banned from practicing religion?`

            this again is not true as at present (i still visit). There are Rin poches appointed by government and imams too while catholic priest have to toe the government line first before the vatican.

            case in point one of my former trainee from Beijing believes in power but was bored to death since she was the only child (now its possible to have 2 in cities and towns as in the villages) so after all she may go back to china from south america where she holds position.
            Her father a staunch practicing Buddhist is a high ranking member of the party and director of china oil while her sweet mum goes everywhere temples churches.
            With the demise of Mao there has been radical changes and they dont even talk about him except when they want to smile a bit when bored because life is a paradox- the best of meats today don’t taste as good as the single cube of poke they ate then etc.
            want to know more about china watch CCTV international on the web and especially the tourism its wonderful and ofcourse the discussions they have with americans who speak Putonghua its great fun.

            • 0

              You have put forward your source and I put mine.
              If it’s not true then it’s the source.If things
              have truly changed on the ground,good for China.

              “this again is not true.” What else is not true?

              • 0

                oi go find out if travel had not run in your family life. that you refuse to click and check on audio video and its interactive without showing off that you have come from a free education setup
                want more make my day.

            • 1

              “there has been escalating concern among officials
              over the rapid and unsustainable rise of
              Christianity in China.This has led to the removal
              of prominent crosses and demolition of any church
              building that violated local regulations.”In March
              this year the newly constructed Sanjiang church in
              Wenzhou,which took more than 12 yrs and $4million
              to build,was abruptly proclaimed in violation of
              planning rules and bulldozed by provincial Chinesse
              authorities.The source:Berkly Center.

              In the same year,the Chinese govt banned all
              religious activities surrounding Ramadan in Xinjiang.
              State authorities significantly restrict the
              practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet.The govt
              recognizes five religions-Buddhism,Daoism,Islam,
              Catholicism and Protestantism-and requires that all
              religious activities take place under the auspices of
              a religion’s respective “patriotic religious
              association.” The same source.

        • 0

          American Mama,
          Sorry i got into this discussion not knowing i am being tailed by a lying terrorist. I expect people to have read and cross referenced not wikileaks but direct and traveled. anyway here is the answer to all your question directly from china in the english language
          Host wanted for “Rediscovering China”
          CCTV International is currently seeking a native speaker of English to fill the position of host of its Rediscovering China programme. Please send your CV, letter of intention, and show work sample to cctvnews@cctv.com and rediscoveringchina@cctv.com.


          You can watch it search your answers or ask them your question (written answer in 3 days). I tried to give you information I have by visiting and touching.

          Dont waste your time on him in a fight I will some where down the line.
          Good luck NeHa!

      • 0

        `I got relations married to Chinese,Canadian,English and Japanese and I’m truly a man of no boundaries.`

        why not africa because that is where you come from kalu kollo??

        stop sitting on your hands and digging in your feet and conning like the terrorist you idiots were trained by a low bred

        • 1

          The birth place a of a low bred terrorist is
          manifestly clear in the right up of his street
          language.There’s no need for me to interact
          with a school drop out who looks like enjoying
          the company of cracks.Trying to bully is the
          terror tactics of the racist mentality.Oi,if
          you are so allergic of the truth,get lost.

          • 0

            your statement is that of the classic asian offshot thats your palymarah pedigree keep chewing that slipper of yours scumbag.

            • 2

              There is a special vocabulary for low bred and one
              can not get out of it because those creatures have
              nowhere else to turn to.

              Get away from the negative environment

              A true abuser will most likely disregard your
              feelings and ignore you.They might also become
              sarcastic or put you down for approaching them.
              This is a sign that they are unwilling to change,
              and you should take steps to get away from them

  • 1

    Who provides funds to this IPCS, is it Church funded ?

    • 1

      Jim it is King Khalid

  • 2

    I am an immigrant from Sri Lanka currently living in Canada and a Canadian friend of mine sent me the following email which is probably relevant to this subject. I hope this would ignite some interesting comments too.


    Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all school canteens of a Montreal suburb called Dorval.
    The Mayor refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents explaining why…
    1. Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.
    2. They must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.
    3. They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians’ who so generously welcomed them.
    4. They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic; they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (whereas the reverse is not true, in Muslim states, non-Muslim immigrants are not welcome).
    5. That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.
    6. And if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.
    7. Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain.
    The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.
    8. For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Shariah.
    9. If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.
    10. Ask yourself the question, just once, “Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?”
    11. A canteen with pork is part of the answer.
    Thank You.

    • 4

      The Mayor was rightly wrong.

      Once a person gets Canadian citizenship, he becomes a lawful Canadian citizen irrespective of his religion. There are NO new-Canadians and old-Canadians. In fact, the persons whom the Mayor thinks that they are the only Canadians and have the right to dictate rules to other Canadians are only the children of immigrants from Europe. Since Canada was closer to Europe they arrived little (about a few hundred years!) early.

      So the Mayor should understand that some Canadians are objecting pork; they may be Muslims, Jews or vegetarians- he should not look at their religion or believes. If he is a good Mayor, he should conduct a survey among students and parents and make appropriate arrangements without hurting minority Canadian’s feelings.

      Beacause some people migrate to Canada, the nut Mayor should not conclude that Canada is better than other countries. People migrate to Canada only because they accept immigrants. Muslim countries do not accept migrants and if they start to accept migrants, no Muslim would migrate to Canada! The Mayor was utterly ill-informed that there are 57 Muslim countries ready to receive migrants; Muslim countries do not allow migrants to rule them- they just chased away the Europeans unlike native Canadians.

      Finally, if the Mayor is so curious as to why people are migrating to Canada, he must put this question to his fore-fathers who also migrated to Canada (ellam soaththukkuthaan-everything for bread). He must be told that Jesus was never born in Canada and it is some migrants who brought his message like present day Muslims bringing the message of Islam- there is nothing wrong in it- if you wish accept or forget it!

      • 0

        when the christians anywhere even in europe arnt allowed to wear crosses to office etc why should they permit their age old enemy that never kept a truce once released and hit back after a divide and rule buildup??
        Read why Henry the 8th had to join the roman emperor Carlos 3 times and drive away the islamist crusaders in tow with the french.

        finally Virgin Queen liz the only anglo saxon child of henry 8 put all that to rest by conquering the world.

        When Spanish Queen isabella drove almost all the invading moors away she later in her kindness kept a couple of cities untouched and let the none aggresive socialising stay. With time these islamist started coming back and they were driven away and it still continues
        What the locals fear is muslims are voyers on their beaches and in their helicopters and involve in rape while they keep their muslim women stuffed all in the name of religion in short muslim better go mad sooner than later because even in UK right its the pakistanis who are raping teenagers.
        You got to change because it has nothing to do with religion and if you think that the west wont mass kill you all in a series of atom bombs like japan you are mistaken- bush and blair did not need anyones permission and its evne better with Putin flat. if it does not happen now then its in the near future- the world does not need people anymore because of technology.

    • 0

      traditionally the french are closer to the arabs than the english. with the 1000 who have left france for syria to fight. The bells of macgillis and macmasters are tolling in support of france. France is crowded with french speaking north africans and it is not easy to say it from there at this moment in time even no halal everywhere in markets. Spain got an early message with the madrid bombing and kept away since then.

      • 0

        Richmond Peiris
        wasnt it Montreal that insisted women wearing the head scaf to play football and stun even europe??

        so times they are changing.

  • 4

    American mama, the truth is people from those countries don’t follow their religion properly because they were taken away from their religions by communism , industrialism etc.. you cant see buddhism in them !!

  • 1


    You have made a very realistic picture of what is in store for Sri Lanka Muslims.

    Do you know that BBS has been asked to keep their mouth shut and not to commit violence on Muslims until the Presidential polls are over because Rajapakse is still expecting the MMuslims to vote for him.He is even trying to send every Muslim to perform Haj at the expense of the Sri Lanka public.

    Wait and see what would happen to the Muslims after the election is over.

    Also the BBS has planned to celebrate 1915 massacre of the Muslims and conduct another pogrom on the Muslims in 2015 after 100 years of the first one.

    • 0

      there is a prince and anglo saxon wife heading the unhcr and he wont mince words to let house maid supplying nation get away with that threat.

      Neither India nor pakistan send their women to the medieval middle east but lankan men like their women to go and be sex slaves too so there is incest breeding.
      This is the biggest stink not religion/race terror but then lankans have become so greedy and have lost the sense of shame but prefer to bullshit about an indian man Gautama even to the indians- what a bunch of cake eating sihala buddhist.

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