23 May, 2022


Sri Lanka Needs Bullish Treatment For Manic Disorder

By Rajasingham Jayadevan

Rajasingham Jayadevan

Rajasingham Jayadevan

Sri Lanka is acutely suffering from manic disorder since its military wresting control of the Eastern Province from the LTTE in July 2007. Sri Lanka is experiencing all the recognisable symptoms the ailment embody, and acute treatment of psychotherapy is needed to arrest the disease. The symptoms of manic attack are:  overblown  snobbishness, restlessness, sleeplessness, jabbering too much, conflicts in thoughts,  agitated behaviour, risky pursuits and making meals out of unimportant issues.

The whole body politics of Sri Lanka is going through a directionless skewed path that even the international effort to help arrest the disorder is being bullishly resisted by the ailing government.   This manic disorder is having consequences for India too. Any attempt by India to help deal with the problem is rebounding on India as the snotty Sri Lanka is cuddling the lethal stocks like Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Iran, Australia etc., to avoid receiving the necessary treatment. The other victims of the overblown snobbishness of Sri Lanka are: Ban-Ki-Moon, Navaneetham pillay, USA, EU and a whole heap of other countries, as well as local and international non-governmental organisations, local media and the worst the judiciary of Sri Lanka. The manic attack has reached a stage that Sri Lanka has lost its balance and is crawling through African states to sing and fairy dance furthering its dire medical condition.

Subramaniam Swamy-the unpleasant eccentric , Lord Nesabit- allegedly a  controversial paid agent, Lord Sheik-a new found lover of Sri Lanka , and some other British parliamentarians are making the condition worse for Sri Lanka by joining in its psychotic dance. Masterly China is fishing in the troubled waters. It is pumping in conditional finances to extend the risky enjoyable pursuits. Corruption and murderous quests are high on the manic disorder and the Tamils and Muslims are being battered in the psychotic thrill of the government.

The ruling coalition parliamentarians of the legislature are a bunch of uncouth who are enjoying the thrill of the psychotic salsa of the Executive. Most of them are diabolical crusaders who cannot think beyond petty parochial pursuits and are hero worshipping crusaders. The Executive functionaries of the legislature are the creamed out sub-servants who does not comprehend the very meaning of exercising their executive powers.

Prof Gamini Luxsman Peiris is the most special of the government Ministers. He is a professor in law, who does not understand the very basics of legal rights of  his own  External Affairs Ministry. His ministry  is under seizure by others. The learned Professor is being officially shadowed by the President’s questionable soul mate Sajin Vas Gunawardene who has gone to the extent on his own of employing international consultants for millions of dollars to lobby President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron. Even the Central Bank Governor  Ajith Nivard Cabraal has appointed international consultants for political propaganda work, knowing very well the Foreign Minister will not take him to task for not even consulting with him. EAM has subcontracted its major function of appointing diplomats and officials to the Sri Lankan foreign missions to the President’s brother Goatabaya’s Defence Ministry. Except for the appointment of the 82 year old Neville De Silva as the Deputy High Commissioner of the Sri Lanka mission in London, when retirement age of government servants is 60 years, there are no credible evidence of his office having any influence in the EAM’s own mandated appointments.

Verbal unfetter – the symptom of manic disorder of jabbering too much is a specialism of Prof. G L Peiris.  Inconsistent, contradictory, illegal, irresponsible and boring comments are freely delivered whenever he gets the opportunity. He loves microphones. He will say one thing in Washington one day; then the next day another contradicting the Washington story in Beijing; following that will be a mix of both in a banana republic and thereafter an upbeat statement in Colombo to boast about his achievement to satisfy his master. When he visits the west, he will not make an attempt to meet the Tamils and will make a snap shot official engagement and run through the back doors silently to avoid meeting them.

The government media spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella is a hilarious government official spokesperson. He has to learn a lot from the Indian External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin, not to go into hypes on sensitive issues. He embodies all the symptoms of manic disorder to the extent of falling off from a hotel room window in Australia in a confused state mind.

Minister Mervin Silva is a real gutter Minister who does not understand what his ministerial responsibilities are. The Minister has no self  esteem having been battered, bruised and insulted many times and still he enjoys the embrace of the Chief Executive to extend his nonsensical pursuits. The peak of his behavior is digging his own grave in the Colombo Kanaththa cemetery and performing his funeral service before his death in the future. He is an embodiment of evil and visibly reflects the psychotic state of the government.

Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem is another educated hoodwink who does not understand his ministerial authority and responsibilities. Whilst serving the government, he behaves like an opposition MP and appeals for international support against the government. He is a gutless and an insensitive Minister who presided over the irregular removal of the former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake from office. Under his ministerial leadership, he is witnessing the Judges acting substandard. No one knows what he has achieved as Justice Minister. He is a minister who could not introduce a bill to deal with the fanaticism of the Buddhist monks for bashing his own Muslim community publicly without any fear.

Prof. Tissa Vitarana who presided over the APRC and produced a set of proposals to change the constitution is a lame duck minister in his residual age. His upbeat statement in May 2009 that his proposal will be implemented after the defeat of the LTTE is still yet to materialise. His mind and tong have frozen since the defeat of the LTTE and he is even unable to confirm the fate of his proposal.

Minister Wimal Weerawansa who is a well known shot gun terrorist of the JVP, is another unique character who embodies all the symptoms of manic disorder. He is a drama king patronised by the head of the executive to trivialise serious issues in a childish manner.

Minister Champika Ranawaka who rose from bullock cart lifestyle to drive luxury Mercedes Benz cars is a Minister who embodies downright anti-Tamil racism.  He is patronised and tolerated for all his anti sentiments that the manic disorders can only tolerate.

Rishad Bathiudeen is another nauseating minister who is capable of even spoiling the savoury soup with his manoeuvrings. He exceeds his ministerial responsibilities and engage in the Islamisation work all over the country. Being the Minister of Industry and Commerce, he took the liberty of privately trade the LTTE’s war damaged metal stock for his Islamisation projects.

The psychotic state of affairs of Sri Lanka is such that gonibillas (sack ghosts) and venomous crusaders are being produced ongoing basis. One time, it was the Grease Yakka/s (Ghost/s) that terrorised the people. The supper police and the military are still to arrest this manic disorder. Who are the white van abductors and killers- they too are part of the psychotic body politics of the state.

The newcomers to the scene are the extremist Buddhist monk brigade of the Defence Ministry Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). Despite the serious criminal acts of the group, none of them have been arrested or prosecuted yet. BBS is one of the worst of the psychotic conditions of Sri Lanka.

Why did Sri Lanka turn psychotic?  It is the world that failed to have check and balance and only woke up after 9/11. Post 9/11 anti- terrorist world politics helped Sri Lanka to go against the LTTE outright but Sri Lanka went overboard. Thousands of civilians were killed for three decades by the state and the LTTE but the world kept silent. The former UN General Secretary Boutros-Boutros Ghalli only made a passing comment in 1992 during the Jayasekuru operations claiming that ‘human catastrophe’ is facing the Tamil people. But the UN mechanism did not take any serious steps to ensure proper checks and balances on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka thrived on the world mission to wipe out terrorism. Its inhuman warfare and its inability to go further on the political resolution to the conflict has pushed the country to the corner. Sri Lanka says it will not allow the UN to stampede on its sovereignty to undertake any war crimes inquiries on its soil. Sri Lanka knows the outcome and the consequences for both co-operating or non-operating with the UN. If the UN is allowed to go through the Chinese and ADB funded roads to undertake war crimes investigations, there will be substantive and corroborative evidence of highest degree to give an outright judgement. Obstructing the process is the only way to cover up the full facts emerging and the government is doing all the psychotic dances to prevent the UN from having reasonable access to the ground. Many war victims left the and country there will be abundance of evidence for the UN to give a fair judgement. An valid ex parte decision will be given without the presence of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has compromised its sovereignty by acceding to the international treaties and covenants that facilitates UN investigations against the country. It is not the sovereignty that can save the game players – Sri Lanka knows it is the diplomatic immunity they enjoy will prolong the consequence.  Continuing in power indefinitely is the only hope the government have and for that the President has changed the constitution in his favour.

Even Al-Basheer of Sudan with diplomatic immunity could not address the UNGA in 2013 as he was pointed to get his visa to The Hague first to comply with the UNSC resolution against him.

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  • 2

    Dear Rajasingham Jayadevan –

    RE: Sri Lanka Needs Bullish Treatment For Manic Disorder

    “Sri Lanka is acutely suffering from manic disorder since its military wresting control of the Eastern Province from the LTTE in July 2007. Sri Lanka is experiencing all the recognisable symptoms the ailment embody, and acute treatment of psychotherapy is needed to arrest the disease. The symptoms of manic attack are: overblown snobbishness, restlessness, sleeplessness, jabbering too much, conflicts in thoughts, agitated behaviour, risky pursuits and making meals out of unimportant issues.”

    Well said, yes, yes, and yes, Need treatment for the Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” and Para-Tamils.

    Well, Well, the core problem is the Para-Sinhala-”Buddhism”, Racism and Chauvinism, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho. This was aided and abetted by the Dipawansa and Mahawansa. This is the Core sickness of the Para-Sinhalese “Buddhists”.

    Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient?


    Reproducing historic article by Dr E W Adikaram

    At a time when few practice what they preach, Lankan scholar, writer and social activist Dr E W (Edward Winifred) Adikaram (1905-1985) was an illustrious exception. As a public intellectual, he had the courage of his convictions to speak out on matters of public interest — even when such views challenged widely held dogmas or went against populist trends.

    As a sceptical inquirer as well as a spiritualist, he always ‘walked his talk’. He never hesitated to take the often lonely (and sometimes bumpy) high road.

    Adikaram’s worldview was shaped by both science and the humanities. He initially offered science and mathematics at Colombo University College but later switched to Pali and Sanskrit. Having won a government scholarship, he went to England where he obtained his MA and Ph D from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His 1933 PhD thesis titled “Early History of Buddhism in Ceylon” (published in 1946) is still considered an extraordinary body of historical research.

    Young Adikaram was a contemporary — and personal friend — of leading Ceylonese leftists like Dr N M Perera, Dr Colvin R de Silva and Leslie Gunawardana. While he shared their broad ideals of self rule and equality among humans, he did not join socialist movements as he disapproved of using any kind of force — even for the greater good. Instead, he preferred the (Gandhian) non-violent approach to political and economic independence, and chose a career in education upon return to Ceylon.

    He became a teacher — and soon, the principal – at Ananda Shastralaya, Kotte, managed at the time by the non-governmental organisation Buddhist Theosophical Society (BTS). Within a short period, he founded several schools including Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda; Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama; and Vidyakara Vidyalaya, Maharagama. He also emerged as a prominent champion of non violence, promoter of vegetarianism and a campaigner against alcohol and tobacco.

    In the mid 1940s, a chance reading of a book by Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti transformed Adikaram’s life. Krishnamurti was proclaiming a message of inward liberation by understanding the ways of one’s own mind. He rejected the rituals and paraphernalia of organised religion, and saw nationalism as a ‘fatally divisive force’.

    Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient?

    By Dr E W Adikaram Are you a Sinhalese? If you are a Sinhalese, how do you know that? I have asked this question from many who call themselves Sinhalese. I have so far never received a satisfactory reply from any of them.

    I have also asked those who say that they are Tamils, Telegus, etc., as to how they know that they are Tamils, Telegus and so on. From them too, I have never received a satisfactory reply. When this question is asked, some get annoyed. Some ask back why I should ask this question when the reply is so obvious, some consider that the question is asked merely for fun. Still others reply that they have never given thought to this question. Anyway a satisfactory, a logical and an acceptable reply does not come forth from any of them.

    “I am a Sinhalese because my parents are Sinhalese.” This is the argument of many. This surely is not a reply but only shifting the question a little further, as the next immediate question would then be “How do you know that your parents are Sinhalese?” This shifting can go on further and further, but the question will not thereby be solved.

    “A person is Sinhalese because he speaks the Sinhalese language.” This is another argument that is usually adduced. But there are people of other nationalities who speak only Sinhalese because they happen to be brought up from early childhood in homes where only Sinhalese is spoken. Simply because they speak the Sinhalese language they do not thereby become Sinhalese. And also there are Sinhalese people who speak a language other than Sinhalese because they were brought up in non-Sinhalese homes. They are not considered non-Sinhalese simply because they cannot speak Sinhalese. It is therefore clear that one is not a Sinhalese just because he speaks Sinhalese. Similarly a person does not become an Englishman simply because he speaks English.

    If so, how can one conclusively know that a person is Sinhalese, Tamil, English, German or Japanese? There is no reply that could be given to this question. A right reply can be given only to a right question. A right reply cannot be given to this question because the question is wrong. When in truth there is no such thing as a nationality, how is it possible to give a right reply when one is asked to which nationality a person belongs?

    If you have an infant child, please examine its entire body as carefully as possible. Is there any special part of its body or mark which differentiates it as a Sinhalese child? However much you may search you will never find such a distinguishing characteristic. There are people different in colour of skin such as black, brown, white, yellow etc. That is due to the fact that their ancestors lived for thousands of years in places differing from each other in climatic and geographical conditions. But that colour does not give an indication as to what nationality a person belongs. As that child who is common to the entire human race grows up he will be given a name and will be deemed to belong to a particular race or nationality. That child who at the time is incapable of logical thinking, who cannot discern fact from non-fact and who hasn’t the ability to compare and contrast, accepts unthinkingly and unknowingly the nationality that has been thrust upon him. Having accepted it he gradually comes to believe that he belongs to that particular nationality. Please think over the fact that you become a Sinhalese not because you had some thing naturally Sinhalese but because of the belief created and imposed on you by the environment and society including your parents.

    Species of birds differ by birth from one another. Between the eagle and the dove, between the quail and the peacock there is a natural difference. Is there such a difference between the Sinhalese and the Tamil, between the Englishman and the German?

    So are the other animals. They have species differing from one another. There are natural characteristics that differentiate the tiger from the bear and the horse from the bull. Is there such a difference between the Japanese and the Jew or between the Chinaman and the Eskimo?

    Unlike birds and animals, all human beings in the world belong to one species only, the human species. In truth there is only one human race: what goes as Sinhalese, Tamil, English and a thousand other nationalities are only designations born out of belief and having no intrinsic significance whatsoever.

    If one sees things that do not exist and believes that they do exist, such a person we call a mental patient. On one occasion when I went to the mental hospital at Angoda to visit a friend who was a patient there, a person calling himself His Majesty Diyasena the King of the Sinhalese spoke to me and got into conversation with me. Not only did he firmly believe that he was King Diyasena but in his behaviour he even showed an affected regal demeanour. If any one told him that he was not Diyasena, he would naturally consider that person a lunatic.

    If we consider as insane a person who calls himself a non-existent King Diyasena, how can we consider as sane those people who call themselves Sinhalese, Tamils, English when in truth there is no such thing as a Sinhalese nation, a Tamil nation or an English nation.

    There is only one human race. We are human beings and not Sinhalese, Tamil or English. Biologically this is so. But those who are fettered with the belief that there is racial difference are incapable of seeing this fact. As the idea of nation has come into being by assuming as existent something which does not exist, nationalism has to be necessary considered a form of insanity. Not only here but in the whole world the vast majority of people are tethered with that belief, with that delusion.

    The main cause for all the wars that took place in the world in the past was this psychological aliment, namely nationalism. Even in the modern world which, due to advancement in Science, has all the opportunities for comfortable living, man has to suffer because of this disease of nationalism and its inevitable political tentacles.

    In big countries those who suffer from this madness contrive to bring about murder on a big scale with nuclear weapons etc. In small countries like Sri Lanka they kill human beings on a smaller scale and they hurt people’s feelings with various ridiculous mad activities such as the defacing of name boards written in languages other than their own. Mankind today is living in a most critical stage. Many do not understand how dangerous the present situation is. We should understand that the forces that work in the world today are different from those that existed in the past. Even a slight mistake can make the entire human species disappear from the face of the earth. We can avoid that catastrophe and survive this critical period only if we act sanely with the feeling that this is our world and not by murdering each other saying that this is our nation and our country.

    Shouldn’t we therefore be free of this insanity of nationalism and thereby cease to be enemies of mankind?

    Nationalism is not the road to peace.

    Truth alone will bring us peace and freedom.

    The trith is thet Lanka, the land of native Veddah belong sto native Veddah, and all others are paras, Para-deshis, prangios. This include Para-Sinhala, para-Tamils, Para-Muslims. para-Portuguese, para-Dutch, Para-Malays, para-English and other paras.

    See: The Veddah Tribe.



    Tamil-speaking Veddas of Vaharai await war recovery support


    Remember, the Native Veddah Aethho lean Para-Languages so that they can communicate with the Illegal paras who STOLE their Land.

    • 1

      // Is there such a difference between the Sinhalese and the Tamil, between the Englishman and the German? //

      I had a chat with a Sinhalese General Physician in Melbourne on a very similar topic. He said “There is a basic difference; Sinhalese are descendants of Aryans and Tamils are descendants of Darvidians”. When I asked “Are you sure?”, the answer was “Yes”. But, my next question went unanswered “If you are an Aryan descendant how come your skin complexion became darker than that of mine, a Tamil of Dravidian origin (as he stated) and from a hotter climate region of Sri Lanka?”.

  • 4

    At last this man has come out of his condition of being in denial himself: No wonder that he is able to identify the psychiatric condition of the regime, the state and the majority of the Sinhala Buddhist people of Sri Lanka.

    They need immediate treatment before they can cause further wholesale damage such as what happened in Nazi Germany or in Rwanda.

    Who will treat a madman and his cronies? That’s the million dollar question.

    • 4

      You mean this man needs treatment. GOSL can help. they give free medical service. Or we can pray. Visit his temple . Make sure you drop something in the till. All people have to survive.

  • 6

    The author has written a very practical article. He has highlighted the weaknesses of the World at large and stupidity of the rulers. Unfortunately the readers have gone on their Sinhala Buddhist bashing which helps the rulers to divide and rule. The stupid readers should get their act together and get the essence of the article and comment positively for a CHANGE.

    • 3

      So a village jackal like most dictators said`om green green over here in England I was a terrorist once before` Jathika Thonduva (JT) what is that percentage of the little island?

      In fact what he says is all are mad. So how can there be verse??

      TG our very own investigative journalist does all this real time in style.

      Keep temple outside the state. Even China respects that not just big powers.
      Hindia 42 cultures in cold conflict. China with 42 cultures too but a community that would solve their own problems than take it out- that’s their pride.

      Sudan was out 2013 because China left them (oil drilling etc) and the CIA got the $1 billion oil railtrack to Ethopia the final destination.

      Afghanistan was primarily for Gas (whole of EU for 40 years)and only the Chinese can have boots on the ground. SL can have a slice of it from China if we stay detached from the porata war of brothers (Pakistan/Hindia).

      Come winter and only Putin knows the gas tap to EU.

      • 2

        So Ja_vi,

        Let us analyse if there is any improvement the Morning after:

        “manic-depressive illness, or affective psychosis, is a mental illness characterized by periods of elevated mood and periods of depression.”.

        The ilness is an inborn error and it affects 20 million in Sinhala Lanka YOU INCLUDED. If proof was ever needed you have provided it.

        The writer is talking about a Bullish Treatment for Manic disorder inherent amongst 20 million born RACISTS and you have weighed in to talk C_R_A_P.

        You are talking about:

        Chinese Tianamemn Square keeping Temple out.
        TGs journalistic prowess.
        Chinese Boots: You are not alone in this praise for Cheenavedi ( I mean dodgy )

        Oil & Gas.

        You lot will produce enough Gas ( if you eat enough Eggs) than the whole World put together so Putin will think twice before he turns off the Gas and the EMERGING WORLD POWER Sinhala Lanka can guarantee uniterrupted supply to the World.

        • 3

          Trigger for war crimes against Jaffna Tigers in the west!! Now.

          Tamils must learn to SUCK IT UP and move on.

          Otherwise Jaffna Tamils invite more trouble.

          Our bombs and guns are nearing expiry date.

          They have to be used for a good purpose against Jaffna Tamil Elamists.

          eek eek Eeeelam in bin lardens tainted knickers in the seabed.

          Rajafucksa,Wiggie Pack Up and Go.!

          If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who’s very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that’s a very tricky business. We’ve got to know his background… I’m saying these things because they are real, and if I don’t think that, and I think even if today the Prime Minister doesn’t think carefully about this, I and my family could have a tragedy.

          SM Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, September 19, 1999 on Malays in the Singapore Armed Forces

    • 3


      Didn’t many like you rave Rajasighams previous assessments and recommendations over the last three years that painted Rajapaksa regime as fully trustworthy, uniquely competent, self-less leadership — in effect, and a god-send for the nation?

      Jayadevan’s current after-the-fact diagnosis is merely a meek attempt at back-peddling his previous accolades. If not, should he not apologize for his previous gross errors-in-judgment, to put it mildly?

      What we need are useful foresight from intellectuals, not ill-conceived proclamations (remember the tu-tuk story?) and after-the-fact diagnosis having himself helped push the country to its death-bed.

      Please read NY Times editorial to see who the new company the “once magnificent” democracy is keeping, thanks to “help and guidance” from a handful of pseudo-intellectuals.

  • 6

    [……overblown snobbishness, restlessness, sleeplessness, jabbering too much, conflicts in thoughts, agitated behaviour, risky pursuits and making meals out of unimportant issues]

    That Mr. Jayadevan, is what Sri Lankans’ are all (always been) about…………didn’t you notice before?

  • 6

    Multi barrel gun shots from not well known quarters.

  • 3

    Is this the same Jayadewan, who said every thing is hunky dory, after washing down that fish delicacy from Kovilkandy ,with Palm Toddy and watching the Vellala school kids enjoying the “finger licking stuff” from Kentucky?.

    Could this be Bipolar Disorder?

    Or did the Fish have too much Mercury from the effluents discharged into the Lagoon by Jayadevan’s previous buddies when they were manufacturing all sorts of things there including attack air crafts and submarines?..

    • 3

      Do you know Jaya Jaya Devas past?.[Edited out]

    • 3

      KAS for once I agree with your comment
      This is the same idiot who took the pulse of tuk tuk drivers and then stormed to Jaffana fished in the calm waters of Jaffana.

  • 4

    Jayadevan Rajasingham

    “The symptoms of manic attack are: overblown snobbishness, restlessness, sleeplessness, jabbering too much, conflicts in thoughts, agitated behaviour, risky pursuits and making meals out of unimportant issues.”

    Wouldn’t the above statement describe the Tamil Diaspora as well?

  • 2

    Request to CT
    Please maintain your editorial standard and quality of articles. If not you will force readers to ditch CT and you will be spending most
    your time editing/censoring readers comments.

    • 3


      If you have a family dispute with Jayadevan, please deal with it at your dining table, not in this public forum.

      • 4

        Thank god he is not family:)
        I don’t have any dispute with him either as I don’t know the guy. He just writes bullshit.

  • 4

    ….you need to ditch articles like this

    • 5

      Why Mr Rajash…Sinhala people should know quality of their leaders…

  • 0

    While I may also personally despise many of the individuals and institutions highlighted in this article, I find the callousness of the writer equally despicable. Mental health issues are a serious and debilitating issue in Sri Lanka. We have one of the highest rate of suicides in the world, high levels of depression, psychosis and trauma, and I’m sure cases of bipolar disorder that are comparable with the worst cases anywhere else in the world. Mental health is not an isssue to be taken lightly, especially for a country that is emerging from a traumatizing civil war. Many individuals are untreated, and the kind of stigma that this article perpetuates, prevents many more who could be receiving treatment from doing so. Using psychiatric disorder as a metaphor and outlet for taking personal jabs at the present regime, in this context, is simply put, disgusting.

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