4 June, 2023


The Nudge From Delhi

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“All neighbourly and easy talk are gone…..” – Yeats (The Curse of Cromwell)

Narendra Modi has spoken. And his words are no different from Manmohan Singh’s.

During his meeting with the TNA Mr. Modi has laid down the parameters of his administration’s preferred solution to the Lankan ethnic problem. A political package which builds on the 13th Amendment, within a united Sri Lanka[i]; meaning, in essence, 13+ up to federalism; not 13-, which is the status quo; and not confederation, let alone separation.

INdiaThis BJP stance is no different qualitatively from that of the previous Congress administration. The difference, if there is to be a difference, will be in the implementation mechanics. Will Mr. Modi mount consistent pressure on Colombo to restore 13 and move beyond, within a specific time frame? Will there be a ‘Road Map’? Or will Indian pressure ebb and flow, depending mostly on extrinsic matters such as Colombo’s relationship with Beijing and Mr. Modi’s own politico-electoral needs?

Mr. Modi’s stance seems to have taken Colombo by surprise, even though it is similar to what was told to President Rajapaksa when the two leaders met immediately after the Indian premier’s inauguration. In the interim period, the Rajapaksas seemed to have returned to the belief that as fellow majoritarian-supremacists (and anti-Muslims), they and the BJP will be able to establish a special relationship. In forming this misconception they would have been aided and abetted to no small degree by Subramaniam Swamy.

The Siblings obviously believed that Dr. Swamy has a decisive say in the formulation of Modi government’s Lankan policy, even though he joined the BJP only in 2013[ii]. The Rajapaksas may have thought Subramaniam Swamy was speaking for Narendra Modi, when he pronounced, at the recently concluded Defence Seminar, that Sri Lanka has only a linguistic problem and not an ethnic problem[iii]. Dr. Swamy was vocal in his opposition not just to 13+ but even to 13, stating that the North has no need for police powers, to the manifest delight of the Rajapaksas and assorted Sinhala-Buddhist supremacists.

When Dr. Swamy said that the TNA leaders cannot visit Delhi until and unless they obtain permission from President Rajapaksa, Colombo may have believed he was expressing the new Modi Doctrine. “Though sections of the UPFA perceived Swamy as a powerful voice of a policy maker in….BJP Government, his remarks made clear he was not in the loop on key issues between Colombo and New Delhi. The TNA visit planned earlier had been kept a closely guarded secret until two days ahead of the delegation’s departure.”[iv]

Mr. Modi’s stance on the Lankan ethnic problem is an unexceptionable one, unless you are a Sinhala-Buddhist supremacist or a Tamil extremist. His backing for 13+ would be equally unacceptable to the Rajapaksas and to the Tamil Diaspora hardliners. According to The Sunday Times President Rajapaksa is angry about the TNA visit[v]. But however enraged the Rajapaksas might be, they are unlikely to respond abrasively to the latest message from Delhi, after the fiasco of the Defence Ministry website article. It is possible that instead of a strident official response, the Rajapaksas will opt for official silence and shrill unofficial reaction. The Siblings might use their useful extremist pawns (Ministers Weerawansa and Ranawaka/BBS and Sinhala Ravaya) to unleash a screaming campaign against Indian interference.

The Rajapaksas are opposed to devolution for the same reason they are opposed to division of powers or to fundamental human rights. They see all these democratic measures as impediments to their abiding desire – to rule supreme and long. Ever since winning the Presidency in October 2005 (thanks mainly to the inane boycott imposed by Vellupillai Pirapaharan) the Siblings have been moving inexorably to occupy every Lankan space and institution, so that they can have their undisputed way not just in the North but also in the South, not just with the minorities but also with the majority – including Buddhist monks.

To Occupy the Nation

Last week, Ven. Maduluwave Sobitha Thero charged that the government is planning to give itself the power to appoint chief incumbents to temples through the new Temple Ordinance[vi]. Traditionally this power has rested with the existing chief incumbent and/or the heads of the relevant Nikaya. These archaic laws, which often turn temples into the private property of chief incumbents and result in the ordination of unsuitable relatives for the sole purpose of keeping temples in familial hands, need to be amended. However the solution must not be worse than the problem. If a Commissioner General functioning under the Ministry of Buddha Sasana is to be given extraordinary powers over temples, including the authority to appoint chief incumbents, it will place the Sangha Sasana under the Rajapaksa thumb. This way the Rajapaksas will be able to use the law to reward their robed-acolytes and to punish those monks who oppose them. If enacted, such a law will further encourage anti-Buddhist behaviour among monks. More monks will wallow in extremism, in the hope of getting their hands on prestigious and lucrative temple properties. Such a development will be inimical both to Sri Lanka and to Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

The Rajapaksas continue to undermine the 13th Amendment for the same reason they are undermining every Lankan institution, norm and tradition.

This year a student was admitted to a university, outside the normal procedure, due to political influence. The influence reportedly came from Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa.

Until this year, university admissions remained one of the few areas untouched by the corrupting influence of partisan-politicisation. You made it to the university – or didn’t – thanks to your own efforts. Not any more. A letter by Namal Rajapaksa has resulted in a student being admitted to a national university. Since the Minister of Higher Education defends this unprecedented action and the president has failed to say a word about his son’s execrable conduct, it is reasonable to assume that in the near future political influence and not merit will become the decisive factor in university admissions.

The Rajapaksas have subverted another decent Lankan practice.

The Rajapaksas want to rule supreme. Their real concern is not Lankan sovereignty or even Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism. Both are vehicles to achieve what they really desire – Rajapaksa supremacism and Rajapaksa sovereignty.

According to The Sunday Times, the Monitoring MP for Foreign Affairs, Sajin Vaas Gunawardena has signed another deal with another American public relations firm, for 6 months at a monthly fee of US$ 5,000 (Rs. 650,000)[vii].

And, again according to The Sunday Times, President Rajapaksa has gone abroad, to the US. The purpose of the visit is said to be private, to meet with his brother[viii].

Contrary to their rhetoric, the Rajapaksas cannot do without the USA. Two of the three Ruling Siblings are American Lankans. If Washington imposes travel and asset bans on top Lankan leaders and officials at the conclusion of UNHRC investigation, it will be an enormous blow to the Ruling Family.

Thus the hurry to hire multiple PR firms.

PR firms do not decide US foreign policy, anymore than Dr. Swamy is Premier Modi’s Lankan avatar. But learning lessons from past mistakes requires some intelligence.

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    “The Siblings obviously believed that Dr. Swamy has a decisive say in the formulation of Modi government’s Lankan policy. The Rajapaksas may have thought Subramaniam Swamy was speaking for Narendra Modi, when he pronounced, at the recently concluded Defence Seminar, that Sri Lanka has only a linguistic problem and not an ethnic problem. When Dr. Swamy said that the TNA leaders cannot visit Delhi until and unless they obtain permission from President Rajapaksa, Colombo may have believed he was expressing the new Modi Doctrine. Though sections of the UPFA perceived Swamy as a powerful voice of a policy maker in the BJP Government, his remarks made clear he was not in the loop on key issues between Colombo and New Delhi. The TNA visit planned earlier had been kept a closely guarded secret until two days ahead of the delegation’s departure”

    Smashed them all with those lines, TG! It seems, an angry Mahinda Rajapaksa conveys his displeasure to Sampanthan through an emissary bbout TNA meeting Modi without informing President! So, they went without formally telling MR.

    So, Su Swamy is a demonstrated dummy piece :)

    • 8

      Spring Koha,

      Su Samy sings for his supper provided by the Sri Lankan state via Mahinda.

      Don’t people know this is going on for three decades?

      • 3

        Why the Tamil Nadu Tamils don’t kick this PonnaSwami’s nuts.
        Jayalalitha or Karunanidi should have crushed it long back.

        Where is Vaico, Seeman, Vijayakanth at al.

        • 4

          Tsunami Hora,

          Because of democracy in tamil Nadu, unlike in Sri Lanka, Su Swamy thrives on personal gains for his work in support of genocidal Sri Lanka doing anti-Tamil propaganda.

          • 2

            Lungi Swamy exposed Sonia and stopped her from being PM- thats his achievement.
            Sushima- stopped Sonia from being PM by promising to shave her head if white trash was made PM- that’s the civil servants daughter from N Delhi college.
            But Sonia/Rajive got their way around Nepal- hindia/sonia/gate.

            Jathika Thonduvas dug their own grave- that’s is your arrogance which comes before a fall.Because of conviction(faith) you cannot reflect.

            Time to let sleeping dogs lie low and play on different turf- no lungi/sarema, no dothi no temple to run the state- objective and free to practice what you like.

            • 1


              C_R_A_P, C_R_A_P, C_R_A_P.

        • 2

          Dont you know that he never openly landed TN for last two years? People from all walks of life including some brahmins are waiting for him.

          • 2

            In that case Manisekaran the Tamil film industry must organize a special party for ponnaSwami and invite him. The rest assured :) .

            Thiru – Democracy or not Pee-Swami should be given a Buriyani feast since he’s Brahmin (Brahmins no offence, please).
            This bugger Pee-Swami (English pee or Tamil pee) is a real joker and a comic like Mervin so its time that TN people get serious and teat him handsomely.

            Pee-rabakaran helped Mara denied/betrayed the Tamils from voting and paid dearly. PeeSwami is also betraying the Tamils for his benefits must pay dearly.

            Wonder what is Jayalalitha’s opinion about the PeeShit.

        • 2

          Luny has exercised his internal flight option and claimed asylum in Kashmir and lives with his Parsi wife and two Muslim son in laws and writing a book on Hindu Muslim affinity. According to Luny it is not an Ethnic Problem but a Language problem and his belief is that Sinhalese is a primitive language and who will disagree.

      • 0

        “But learning lessons from past mistakes requires some intelligence.”

        How come this woman still keeps beating her chest then? Doesn’t she have enough intelligence to work out that she is wasting her time?

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      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara

      “PR firms do not decide US foreign policy, anymore than Dr. Swamy is Premier Modi’s Lankan avatar. But learning lessons from past mistakes requires some intelligence.”

      Well written piece. Thank you.

      Looks like the Indian Shill Dr. Swamy is not measuring up to MaRa lies being prompted and sold. What can US PR Shills do? Just take the money.

      The curse of Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils in the land of Native Veddah.

      Thanks, but let us look at alternate viewpoints from a “Thomas Paine -Age of Reason”, of Sri Lanka, Dr E W Adikaram.

      Well, Well, the core problem is the Para-Sinhala-”Buddhism”, Racism and Chauvinism, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho. This was aided and abetted by the Dipawansa and Mahawansa.

      This is the Core sickness of the Para-Sinhalese “Buddhists”. Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient?


      Reproducing historic article by Dr E W Adikaram

      At a time when few practice what they preach, Lankan scholar, writer and social activist Dr E W (Edward Winifred) Adikaram (1905-1985) was an illustrious exception. As a public intellectual, he had the courage of his convictions to speak out on matters of public interest — even when such views challenged widely held dogmas or went against populist trends.

      Nationalism is not the road to peace. Truth alone will bring us peace and freedom.

      There is only one human race. We are human beings and not Sinhalese, Tamil or English. Biologically this is so. But those who are fettered with the belief that there is racial difference are incapable of seeing this fact.

      As the idea of nation has come into being by assuming as existent something which does not exist, nationalism has to be necessary considered a form of insanity. Not only here but in the whole world the vast majority of people are tethered with that belief, with that delusion.

      The main cause for all the wars that took place in the world in the past was this psychological aliment, namely nationalism. Even in the modern world which, due to advancement in Science, has all the opportunities for comfortable living, man has to suffer because of this disease of nationalism and its inevitable political tentacles.

      In big countries those who suffer from this madness contrive to bring about murder on a big scale with nuclear weapons etc. In small countries like Sri Lanka they kill human beings on a smaller scale and they hurt people’s feelings with various ridiculous mad activities such as the defacing of name boards written in languages other than their own.

    • 3

      I am sure everybody knows this news that exposes what Swamy’s biases are and how they resonate with the current situation in Sri Lanka: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/harvard-university-removes-courses-taught-by-subramanian-swamy-156269

      Since Modi’s past too had parallels with the above stand of Swamy, some Sri Lankan groups that handled Swamy thought he would be an ideal agent to influence Indian policy. However, India has learnt too many lessons about Sri Lanka to be influenced with narrow biases that easily.

      Basil Rajapakse too should stop communicating to the Indian Government through NY based Sri Lankan groups who have little knowledge about broad diplomatic issues involved. Rather, the Govt should take a more direct and honest dialog with India.

      I am sure, Modi would have seen that the quality of TNA’s diplomacy is superior to that of the Central Government that works through so many unprofessional channels.

  • 13

    Govt dream of Modfying has been sadly interupted by falling back to earth. Dr Subramanium Swamy, the court jester has taken the whole lot for a ride.

    • 2

      `the court jester has taken the whole lot for a ride.`

      Never in his history taken Hindia for a ride but the Lungi Vaiko and Sarema’s.

      See the number of classified classical languages of India.

      He married a Farsi (the ones who came with the sugar concept after Islamic Jihad)to better his lot when Homi Jahangir Bhabha,father of Indian nuclear deterrent, and Hong Kong floating docks was popular. Farsi never married outside and still don’t marry the new arrivals from Iran.(the marriage law in India was changed recently due to medical reasons)

      • 1


        You Indian SLAVE just in case you misunderstand C_R_A_P for CRAB let me explain. CRAB is delicious but CRAPis shit so you know what your is. I mean jone up shit. You used to have loose motion ( I mean broken ) but I dont know what you took it has become joined up. What did you take man.
        It shows how much you about things oustside your slump. Do your research before you write especially about Subramanian Swamy the Luny.

        You probably think MR is a Human but MR stands for Man eating Rabbit. Have you seen his left hand it is always scratching his back and for your information the Man eating Rabbits do before they pounce.

      • 2

        Ja_vi the illiterate:

        This is for you so in future dont talk rubbish.

        “Family and personal life:

        Subramanian Swamy married Roxna Swamy (a Parsi) in June 1966 whom he met at Harvard.[110] Then she had obtained PhD in Mathematics[111] who is now an advocate at the Supreme Court of India.[112][113] They have two daughters, Gitanjali Swamy,a private equity investment professional in the US, married to Sanjay Sarma, a professor at MIT and Suhasini Haider, a strategic & diplomatic affairs Editor married to Nadeem Haidar (SOAS alumni), son of Salman Haider, former foreign secretary and external affairs minister in 1997.

        • 1

          Jati Thonduva, (Jaffna Tamil) Porriki Passa,

          Who is interested in some lungi who was a lecturer at iit delhi. his father government statistician.

          Only lungi fears lungi- rotten dates.

          • 0

            Ja_vi you SLAVE.

            It was you lot who are paying him millons and having lost your argument why are you chickening out. Beggars cant be choosers.

            BLOODY LOOSER.

            (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)
            (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)(^‿◕)(^‿◕)(^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)
            (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)

            • 0

              Kali, international Terrorist Jati Thonduva, (Jaffna Tamil) Porriki Passa,

              Try attacking Lungi Swamy he will have you all down the drain pipe from the west- on identity issues, drug smuggling gun trotting to corner shops?

              Way to Go?~゜・_・゜~  ~゜・_・゜~  ~゜・_・゜~ 

    • 0

      Sub-Swamy was a plant by an Indian PR firm engaged by MR Regime, as a
      successor to Hindu Ram – both working in the desired mode. These are
      mere ups and downs.

  • 8

    Brilliant Tisaranee.

    This Subramanian Swamy is a empty talker with no real influence after all. The likes of Kumar David and the Rajapakse siblings took him too seriously.

    Modi now wants to meet with Wiggie. The writing is clear and its 13+

    • 3

      Not so fast Wiggie can wait- a cat has 9 lives.

      …till the irons RED.!

      China is your defence partner;)

      • 1


        Frankly C_R_A_P. Waste of time and space.

  • 6

    Tisaranee Gunasekara ,

    “Until this year, university admissions remained one of the few areas untouched by the corrupting influence of partisan-politicisation. You made it to the university – or didn’t – thanks to your own efforts. Not any more. “

    “The Rajapaksas have subverted another decent Lankan practice.”

    The above two statements are a distortion of a fact, isn’t it Tisaranee?

    The above statements hide the fact that admission to the universities based on merit ceased long ago when the Sri Lankan regime then found that too many Tamils to their liking were admitted to universities based on merit. So they they introduced the so-called lop-sided standardization to do way with admission based on merit.

    Tisaranee, do you suffer from selective amnesia?

    World not full of fools to believe everything you say as truth: Some truths mixed with half truths to blend I suppose.

    Tisaranee, please let truths stand alone, as they shine brightly without adultration.

    It’s not not Mahinda, but it was Srimavo who started this ball rolling, Namal Rajajakse is only kicking the ball down the road.

    This is how the hierarchy of Sinhala leaders killed democracy by thousand cuts since independence.

  • 5

    Wonder whether the Vellala Boss of our TNA outfit pointed to the Indian PM that a student was sneaked into one of our UNIS through the back door by rookie MP Rajapaksa, and Mahanyakas have been stripped of their power to appoint the successors?.

    I mean, these serious issues could have certainly , convinced the Indian PM that the Lankan President is a bad dude.

    He is totally out of control.

    And he must be told in the strongest terms that he should grant the Vellalas, the wishes of the TNA to have their own Police and Titles to all Government land in the former LTTE turf.

    Otherwise how can the TNA look after the poor dalits in the North who have become destitute by serving the LTTE and its Leader for 30 years?.


    Is Dr Subramanian in the picture?

    At least he would have put in a word to Modi on behalf of the 4 % Indian Tamil inhabitants who don’t have a representative in this delegation.

    After all wouldn’t they wish to have their own Police and Titles to the Govt land on their Turf.


  • 4

    Only the Sri Lankan press and government ministers refer to Sup Swamy as a senior BJP leader.

    The scoundrel’s Janata party was a one man party and was going nowhere in politics so he decided to hitch his cart to the BJP only a few months before the Indian elections. Overnight the man has become a senior BJP leader according to the SL press and government politicians who have all been fooled by this educated trickster.

    He has no designated or defined role in the BJP government and his recent pronouncement on the TNA meeting Modi proved that he is as far away from Modi’s inner policy making group as he is from the tamil electorate that rejected him all these years. The man is being paid handsomely by the Rajapaksas or else why would he wish to alienate not only the tamils of Sri Lanka but also his fellow tamils in Tamila Nadu.

    This Swamy drama shows what suckers the Rajapaksas are.

  • 3

    The time is ripe.`CHINA LANKA TREATY` HINDIA BOK ME JA- the future is bright; work for your bread and butter than being bogged down.

    Modi needs to impress USA for FDI +++. With small time chai talk.
    Can Modi says yes to what Manmohan said Badhme (later) South China Sea.
    Story different with Ukrain and US Russia busy as never been before.
    Can Modi let go the Russia/India defence treaty?? No China would swallow them.
    Can India let go ruble/rupee yes but it wants to buy smart & smarter than the smartest almost free civil nuclear energy plus exorbitant guarantees.

    US can wait for Modi to take the Poo to the Loo first before FDI.

    This time China is free as a lark and Hindia walking with a limp.

    It’s time to brush Hindia goodbye because the land is still Lungi for the Dothi to rule with an Indian rope trick.

    Sign a Defense Treaty with China now and the turf is brand new. No one looses freedom than being bullied by foreign mercenaries.

  • 2

    Dr S. Swamy ( Is he really a Doctor) has no right to talk on policy matters especially foreign policy. Now that we know Mr Modi’s
    stance on the ethnic issue, he should reprimand Swamy and demand him not to talk on policy matters without reference to him.
    Swamy has proved that he is a clown and the Rajapakse morons should not take what idiot Swamy says seriously
    and waste tax payers money on him. He has proved an unreliable source and no one takes him seriously. He is a non entity in TN, and if Jayalalitha should kick him out.but then where can he go.Maybe the Rajapkses will welcome him.

    • 2

      Well Said Leon.

      Swamy wanted to create a friction between the TNA (Tamils) and the governing party (Singhalese) to take revenge from the Tamils in SL
      & Tamil Nadu for side lining him in Tamil Nadu and thrown him out of politics. There after what he was doing in Tamil Nadu.was that He set Ms.Jaya against Karunanithi and set Ms. Jaya against ex PM Manmohan Singh and that was his pastime

      It was not surprising that shrewd President Rajapakse with his long carrier in politics, showed to the media and the masses that he believed Swamy to be an influential character in Modi govt. but in actual fact it was not so,he wanted to drag the issue and he wanted
      a middleman and Swamy fitted in that role but now exposed after the TNA/Modi meeting. He should be shown the door now instead, wasting public money on him. I am sure TNA would have told Mr. Modi as to
      what he is up to in SL.

      Immediately after the war ended, instead of militarising the North
      and bringing the people under army rule,if reconciliatory effects, such as Northern Province election held immediately, appointed a
      civilian Governor and made land grabs an unlawful act,kept the armed forces in their barracks and deployed only when necessary, allowed freedom of the press,etc, were taken, today the Tamils would have voted with the govt. They are silently, appreciative of what is being done in the N/E ( Infrastructure, roads etc )but the humiliated conditions they live in as secondary citizens overshadows the good work being done. This is a simple solution where the President can do it with the snap of his fingers but do not want to do it and people of N/E do not know the reason. If he wants to keep the Police with him , he could do so by providing Tamil speaking policemen handling the Police stations so that the statements are recorded in the language the people of the area understand, read & write. and not the way it is done now where people sign the statements,which is not understood and very undemocratic procedure.

  • 1

    “The Siblings obviously believed that Dr. Swamy has a decisive say in the formulation of Modi government’s Lankan policy, even though he joined the BJP only in 2013…” Anyone with an iota of knowledge of Indian political affairs know that Dr. S.S. is an inconsistent fraud who makes his “services” available to any one or Party in power in the States and the Centre in India. He stays in the news hedging on to that part of the news that engages contemporary public interest – more outrage. He keeps filing cases in the Supreme Course on the 2G Scam, against his nemesis ex-Minister P. Chidambaram and so on. Few take him seriously in India – except when they need his limited space and for his nuisance value.

    Tisaranee points in this article the many instances he ill-advised or gave false hopes to the harebrained Rajapakse Family. The truth is the Rajapakses are his only source of income – and so he frequents Colombo.
    He is, if I may be allowed, an impolite word a “political prostitute”
    Let the gullible Rajapakses at least now learn their lessons. But they are not going to get back the many millions of dollars they have invested in this political double-crosser.


  • 3

    TG says something.

    This is also a comment by another member of the LTTE rump.

    Arrangement of Cleaner Modi`s meeting with TNA doesn`t seems to be neither cordial nor serious one but a token one.
    Hindu Thathuva party`s stand, as far as Eelam Tamils are concerned, is the same as that of the Italian mafia woman`s party- can say- it could be even worse.
    The difference is the way these Hindian pariah`s behave towards Eelam Tamils.
    Hindu Thathuvites are also still smarting from the treatment their cowards got from Eelam Tamils

  • 1

    LOL. Shree Modi’s body language tells it all.

    • 1

      and you bare it all tweet tweet what a doll.;)

      SS with his pedigree and access to main frames was able to nip the bud of the boat club protesters the peasants- that is the stench that villagers cannot stand; fatso VP in his pongu lamented; I made a mistake.-
      annoy the master of masters of identity theft disclosure and he can take it up to transsexual usa and Uk can never hide(:*

  • 1

    The millions spent on PR companies in the US doesn’t seem to be working. Somebody has to resign. I am joking. But really somebody has to pay. The PEOPLE will do that! No fuss!


  • 0

    If an student is admitted to Lanka’s national university system outside the parameters set and especially under pressure from any politician that marks the nadir of the system’s reputation. However, why does the writer, who is infamous for the blind spots such as Islamic terror and only focuses on anything that is negative about the current ruling party and Lanka’s President, not divulging the details of the student this admitted? Isn’t CT able to find our more information and publish it all here? Why not expose the details as soon as possible?

  • 1

    I have been commenting in CT that Dr. Subramaniam Swami is a “spent force” in Indian politics. Although Sri Lankan Government called him a Leader of BJP and the Sri Lankan news media called him the Chairman of BJP, he is only a honorary Chairman of a small group established specially to gain votes for BJP at the next elections. He has no say what so ever with the center. Dr.Swami (Supra- Mani) who sucks up to President Rajapakse does not have a party and he has not contested any election for a long time. The Party he lead has been folded into BJP and he has no party to lead. Even when he lead his small party he has not contested an election for a long time. Further when he was offered a seat by BJP to contest during the last elections he turned the offer down, with a lame excuse, as he does not have a voter base. He makes himself important by supporting Rajapakse and that too in Sri Lanka. In India no one takes any notice of him. He is very rarely quoted in any Indian news media. Although he lives in India his name appears in Sri Lankan media more than in India due to Sri Lankan regimes pressure on news media to put his name out there. Even the group he lead recently to Sri Lanka did not have the blessing of BJP or the Central Government of India. In fact more and more it appears he may be paid for the publicity campaign he carries out on behalf of Sri Lanka like the other campaigns paid and carried out in the US by the Government.

  • 3

    Why all this talk about Dr. Swami? What has Dr. Swami said about Sri Lanka’s situation? Why didn’t Colombo Telegraph report on any of Swami’s so called rhetoric?

  • 0

    If you have good money, you can import Indian swamys, gurus
    and Kama Sutra instructors by hundreds from India. The more
    you pay, the more you can get the most known.

    Though a deranged product from Harvard, this Subramaniam
    Swamy is different from his compatriots. He loves money, and
    that too in dollars.

    This close friend of Sajin Vass Gunawardena keeps coming to
    Sri Lanka and gets VIP treatment only because of that. Are our
    leaders such dumb idiots? They believe in such aiya samys. This
    time they will antagonise the Modi government through these
    antics. Then they will go on their knees.

    They did this when the US wanted a domestic inquiry into alleged
    war crimes. They said no. After realising they are up on the wall,
    they changed their mind. The earlier rejected the UN panel of experts inquiry but surreptitiously appeared before them. Say one thing and
    do another, seems their foreign policy.

  • 1


    As a woman you know that it takes 10 hard long months to deliver a baby and it doesnt simply pop out the Morning after. It has just been conceived and there will a period of ” Morning Sickness” as aresult of the body ( GOSL) reacting adversly to a foreign body ( the sperm) but the baby will be born unless there is any genectic defect or administration of Thalidomide (BBS) to cure the Morning Sickness.

    As for your other observations:

    MR is spending money on trying to do the undoable.

    1) Paying billions to woo Obama which has back fired with the seeting up of an inqury by the US to inquire into the Illegal activity ( under American Law) of the monitoring Sri Lankan MP.
    2) Luny Swami was humiliated by Modi when he failed to invite Swmai for the inaguration and despite a belive by the Luny that he will be appointed to advise on Finacial matters. So you can see what role if any the Luni Swamy has frankly none and that is why Congress asked for an explantion as to the role of Swamy in the foreign policy matters. There was a firm denial by BJP that he speaks for the Government and hope fully his wings will be clipped.

    I take offence to you equating the Tamil Diaspora with BBS which amounts to putting Hitler and the Jewish Diaspora in the same pot.

    • 1

      “to you equating the Tamil Diaspora with BBS”

      Kallathoni Kali`mutt`U with Toxic Sock Syndrome,

      The Jewish people are beyond your imagination.

      TD(Tamil Diaspora) `Terminally Demented` village louts –

      JT(Jaffna Tamils)`Jathika Thonduva,`

      BBS- Big Brother Syndicate

      • 1


        As usual you have again written what is frankly C_R_A_P because it hasnt answerd any of the Charges but simply cobbeld together a few broken words as usual thinking that it is a contrbution.
        But then again what do you expect from people like you ( 20 million of you lot) with a maniac disorder offten in self denial that you are not suffering from the disease and that is a trait.
        Those who suffer delude themselves but the whole World can see it and that is why your Boss the THUG MR was declared a persona non grata for the Commonwealth sighting reasons that he will be danger to the Public. THUGS and MANIACS are not allowed in public places except in Sinhala Lanka .So for the local consumption to show it is as usual MR goes ( in reality beggs to be invited )to an African Country and pays some money given by Cheenavedi and takes a photo of an African Woman kissing his hand ( she would have been prepared to kiss somewherelse if asked for money ( if not MRs wife the im fatty bum bum) and then returns home to a heros welcome and you lot are happy.

        Sinhala Lanka has become a laughing Stock of the World but for those who are born in the slumps the skin is thick and doesnt hurt.

        • 0

          `Jati Thonduva,` JT- Koli`Mutt`U

          ” have again written “

          “Frankish language”/”Lingua franca” /`Pidgins`/`Creoles`.

          I wish I knew.!

          Appe Sri Lanka


          • 1


            C_R_A_P again


            • 1

              `Jati Thonduva, (Jaffna Tamil)

              Porriki Passa ( Koli`Mutt`U)

              Eek eek eeelam in bin lardens seabed.

  • 3

    Traitoras of Srilankan origin to mother Lanka are doing there best, wounded as Sihalese are gaining recognition at last after 65 years of some freedom of wich 30 years of Foreign sponsored terror.

    • 2

      The recognition only comes from paid clowns like Luny Swami and Sharma who count for nothing. Sharma bought MR the chair but he couldnt sit on it at the Commonwealth Games because he said he was suffering from PILES.The Americans are smart. They take the money and disappear into thin air.
      Money wasted but it doesnt matter as it comes from the Pichai from China and Ja_vi will confirm this as he also has a Pichai Pathiram which he carries around.

  • 0

    All I have to say is that Subramanian Swamy is nothing more than a pompous twit who thinks his opinions are important.

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