27 June, 2022


Sri Lanka Preparing For Another International Embarrassment

By Paul Newman

Dr. Paul Newman

The 2nd  draft resolution was taken up on the 8th afternoon for discussion by the US. The preamble and the operational part were clearly explained by the US Ambassador to the UN Ms.Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, told the participants that US wanted to constructively engage Sri Lanka, unfortunate Sri Lanka did not respond positively despite high level delegation visits. She cited the visit of Mr.G.L.Pieris to Washington to meet Ms.Hilary Clinton. Colombo has refused working on a joint resolution. There were new elements in the text when compared to resolution 19/2 brought in March 1012.

The preamble and the operational paragraph were read out and the US ambassador stressing that the GoSL should implement the recommendations of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report along with the Lesson Learnt and Reconcilliation Commission and the National Action Plan.

In response Sri Lanka was given the opportunity to make their point. Mr.Ravinatha Aryasinha, the Sri Lankan Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in Geneva spoke from a written text. The stated that GoSL does not recognize resolution 19/2 passed last march as it was unfair, unjust, against genuine dialogue and politically motivated. It went against the spirit of engagement as Sri Lanka always reciprocated with an open mind.

He pointed out that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights went beyond her mandate and stated that the present resolution was misconceived and arbitrary, far from being a procedural resolution.

There were no appreciation of the positive contributions Sri Lanka had made towards reconciliation including IDP resettlement, reduction of High Security Zones, demilitarization, landmine clearance, infrastructural development, creation of employment opportunities etc.

The first country to respond before the para by para discussion was taken up was Japan which stated that Sri Lanka was cooperating with the International Community and were not like North Korea.

European Union (EU) supported the resolution on the ground that it was important to give justice to the victims along with fixing accountability.

China opined that the resolution should have reflected the positive side of reconciliation and it was unfair to single out Sri Lanka as they had cooperated through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Russia supported the Chinese claims and called the resolution as intrusive and political.

Venezuela made it clear that it does not support any country specific resolution and observed that the GoSL was working hard on human rights!

Pakistan called the 19th session resolution as unwanted, unwarranted and imbalanced and proposed changes to the present draft.

Iran felt that the mandate given in the 19/2 resolution was negated and deviated. The US had turned a blind eye to the progress made by the GoSL and the main approach should be constructive dialogue.

Canada felt that the GoSL had sadly failed the victims. The present resolution is a necessary initiative, the No Fire Zone of Channel 4 did not convince any viewer of  progress made by the GoSL.

Cuba was against any country specific resolution and the best option was the UPR where countries voluntarily agreed to work to enhance human rights. They felt Sri Lanka needs space and time to implement the LLRC.

Thailand felt that dialogue and cooperation were better than bringing country specific resolutions. They were concerned that this year’s draft departs from resolution 19/2 and the text was not balanced and the reconciliation process will take time.

Indonesia supported Sri Lanka based on their own experiences dealing with such situations.

UK supported the resolution in it full content and felt the new elements introduced in this resolution was necessary. They shared their concern on the ongoing violations, welcoming the resolution.

Germany was for the resolution and stated that they have seen changes in infrastructure but wanted to know the progress in accountability and reconciliation.

France felt that the resolution was very important and appreciated the work of the US.

Austria reminded that they had co-sponsored the 19/2 last year and felt there was no substantial progress achieved on political power devolution, and observed that the attack on judiciary was not addresses by the GoSL. Norway too supported the resolution.

When the discussion came up Pakistan wanted to redraft the resolution by praising the work done by Sri Lanka welcoming and acknowledging the reconciliation process including resettlement of IDPs, demining and devellopoing livelihood.

UK felt that the situation was far from being normal. Austria stated that nobody should be confused with infrastructure development and political process. Canada observed that ‘High ways have come and facilitated the influx of other people’.

Pakistan,Cuba,China,Russia,Indonesia wanted the removal of Preamble para 9 and 10 to be removed but Germany, Switzerland, Denmark,Austria, UK, France Sweden wanted the paras to be kept as it is with Canada wanting to add that there should be freedom of religion observing that the Muslim community had become the latest target. Egypt wanted a change of word from failure to urge.

Moving on from there European Union wanted to note the large number of rejections of the UPR recommendations made to Sri Lanka, there was a dispute here as most countries including many from Europe and Africa felt that the UPR was a voluntary submission and countries had the right to select and reject recommendations.

Coming to the Operational para, Russia said that it would not welcome the report of the OHCHR as International investigations would directly interfere into the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and wanted the para to be deleted. China, Thailand and Indonesia supported Russia with Indonesia stating that the report of the OHCHR was not legally binding.

Austria wanted the para to be as it was, UK stated that the report of the OHCHR was based on the resolution passed last year. Chile welcomed the para. Switzerland stated that it was well written. Canada felt it was an important element and spoke of transitional justice and made a few recommendations which included appointment of a special commissioner to Inquire Enforced Disappearances and assimilation of minorities in decision making. They also observed that the report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights added value to the entire exercise.

As time was running out it was clear that among those who participated in the discussions that Pakistan, a great democracy was trying to speak on behalf of Sri Lanka. Russia, China,Cuba,Iran had objections to everything though they voted against the last resolution and do not have a vote this time. Clearly Japan, Indonesia, Venezuela, Pakistan and Thailand would not vote for the resolution.

On the other hand it looked as though Angola, Sierra Leone, Austria, Botswana, Switzerland, Germany among the voting members would surely vote for the US sponsored resolution. Now the million dollar question in everyone’s mind was why India had zipped its mouth without uttering a word during the entire proceedings being the world’s largest democracy especially after its former External Affairs minister Mr.Yeshwanth Sinha had reminded India that  “Foreign policy is not conducted out of fear, but with confidence and elan.”

*Dr.Paul Newman from the 22nd UNHRC, Geneva, Switzerland.

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    It is quite obvious only those countries with sizable Tamil diaspora populations are supporting the hypocritical US resolution. The politicians in these countries are shamelessly courting the ethnic vote. Anyway Mr. Newman there is no point in crying over spilled (watered-down?) milk. It is now reported:

    “The US resolution on Sri Lanka, which was presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Friday, has incorporated India’s suggestion that the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) take the island government into confidence while probing cases of atrocities.

    The resolution seeks to ensure that “special procedure mandate holders” tasked to look into human rights violations, work only in consultation with and with the concurrence of Colombo.

    The provision for taking the Lankan government into confidence was part of the US resolution of March 2012 as well. It had been included at India’s insistence as New Delhi refused an intrusive resolution which could put Sri Lanka’s sovereignty into question.”

    INDIAN EXPRESS March 9, 2013

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      The reason why India “zipped” its mouth and tried last year and tries this year to water down the resolution is because of its own complicity in the crimes. Rajapakse never failed to pat India on the back that he was, after all, fulfilling the mandate of India in decimating the LTTE. The Congress party, and particularly Sonia Gandhi, had all the while known the atrocities committed by the SL regime. What the UPA govt may not have expected or bargained for is the extent that the SL regime misused that “goodwill”. If the UPA govt presses SL too much, then I doubt the SL regime would have any qualms in disclosing the “partners-in-crime”. After all, Manmohan did not pause even a second to shoot off a letter to Rajapakse of telling the wonderful news of watering down the resolution.

      When the Rajapakses are the ones standing accused, you cannot possibly ask them to be consulted to carry on any reviews. That is not only dubious but defies logic and reason, but Ajay, therein lies the game. Do you remember Iraq. If the Americans had conducted the trial, for all you may know, Saddam may still be living but when the Iraqis tried him, he was hanged unceremoniously. As was the handling of Gaddafi by the Libyans, then you should get the message. In a referendum conducted just before the fall of Saddam Hussein, he mustered more than 90% votes but it was his statue that was the first casualty – brought down by his own people. LLRC ought to have taught some useful lessons to the Rajapakses. It may be a long haul but it will eventually come.

      The mistake SL made was to attract international scrutiny by its recalcitrant attitude. The Rajapakses got carried away by the euphoria because of the likes of you. If the people of SL had driven some sense into the Rajapakses that it is fine to defeat the LTTE but it will be an equitable society from now with the institutions guided by checks and balances, and especially when Rajapakse wasted no time in installing himself as the unchallenged “king” through the 18thA because of the gullibility of the people and then when evidence of war crimes started surfacing, and now SL is in a mess. The Rajapakses, to protect themselves from this onslaught, are hiding behind the people to cover their excesses, the same way it has been claimed that the LTTE held civilians as human shields.

      By the way, you seem so elated that India (the Congress govt) had helped SL by watering down the resolution. During the height of the war, Karunanidhi staged a great drama. He had to support the Congress govt then because of serious corruption cases hanging over his daughter’s and a stalwart’s head of his party. He was interested in bargaining for positions for his family. The Tamilnadu congress did not bother at all on what happened to the Tamils in SL. And for that, both these parties paid a very heavy price. Their power and position were stripped off. Kanimohzhi and other MPs were sent to SL, had breakfast with Rajapakse and gave him a clean slate. But all that has changed now. The DMK is in the forefront in getting the Rajapakses to answer for war crimes. The Tamilnadu congress was almost routed in the polls. Today the Centre has a big headache. Slowly it is emerging as a national question in India and Congress is alone in defending India. And Ajay, the big question is, what happens if the Congress loses power in the coming elections? Better say a prayer now itself because when the Congress goes down, so will the Rajapakses.

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        correction “defending Sri Lanka”

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        In which planet are you living? On this planet earth 2013 intrusive resolutions specific to a country infringing its sovereignty is a No No – notwithstanding Indian Congress going down or commotion in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu never fails to make me laugh. They are always on the alert to go berserk over issues they know nothing about. They are driven mad by the most repulsive politicians you can ever find that they immolate themselves.

        Do you think any DMK/ADMK/MDMK/MAD-MK politicians truly care for the millions of Tamils languishing in poverty and misery in Tamil Nadu itself?

        As a matter of fact the Tamils in Sri Lanka are much better off in socio-economic and cultural terms than Tamils in Tamil Nadu despite it being a quasi-federal state. The caste-system, patriarchy, domination of women, and dowry system are much less rigid among Tamils in Sri Lanka. And Sati (widow killing), child marriage and female infanticide are unheard of among Tamils in Sri Lanka. This is due to Tamil linguistic fundamentalism and Hindu fanaticism not taking root among Sri Lankan Tamils. This in turn is due to the influence of living alongside the more culturally liberal and politically progressive Sinhalese people. Sinhalese culture is more democratic and egalitarian due to the influence of Buddhism and the long tradition of left politics. You can easily observe the difference by comparing the lifestyles of Jaffna Tamils with that of Batticaloa Tamils and Tamils living in the south. Interacting with the Sinhalese people has made the Batticaloa and Colombo Tamils more cosmopolitan and liberal in their social values.

        Also Sri Lanka’s performance as a welfare state is much better than that of India. Thus Sri Lankan Tamils are better educated – the illiteracy rate in Tamil Nadu is appalling. Ironically Tamil medium education is more advanced in Sri Lanka than Tamil Nadu. Ask any Tamil academic in Sri Lanka. Also Sri Lankan Tamils enjoy much better health, nutrition, housing and sanitation. In fact Jaffna peninsula has come on top in many studies on nutrition in Sri Lanka. The partiality of British colonial rulers to Jaffna Tamils in terms of hospitals, schools and public employment is another long term factor. In general Tamils in Sri Lanka enjoy a better standard of living and less social injustice than Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Though these socio-economic standards were affected during the war years, there is every sign that they are bouncing back. Tamil Nadu Tamils should visit Jaffna and learn a thing or two.

        And with regard to Irag and Libya is there are a TV channel that I know nothing about? Last time I heard about it Saddam Hussein was killed by the US proxy government in Iraq, and Gaddafi was killed by mercenaries backed by the US.

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          Ajay, Ajay, we want to go to Jaffna and Vanni but you are going to Kandy. Do you know at least what we are discussing about?

          We are now discussing about the UNHRC resolution and I was writing about Tamilnadu, and through Tamilnadu, how India will affect the vote and India has been playing a similar game to the Rajapakses. The subject is about the UNHRC resolution. We are talking about geopolitics and you are talking about economics. No wonder the Rajapakses can fool you dumbheads around. Of course, we can have a heartily discussion on the economics and then we can square on those issues. But, for now, get your ostrich head out of the sand and without wandering off to the magic wand of the Rajapakses, shall we discuss about what the instant topic is about. No one is stopping us here in engaging in discussions with diverse views on the subject being discussed.

          So, you are telling that a proxy govt under the dictates of the US and the western powers is going to hang the Rajapakses. I cannot even remotely see that happening but still feel elated and relish that happening. You see what I mean, in a way, you are reconciling with my my view on the game that I wrote about. And thank you for pointing out.

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            There is no point in arguing about the UNHRC resolution as both of us seem to agree it is a goner. Instead I wanted to show the irony of expecting Tamil Nadu Tamils to save Sri Lankan Tamils. You appear to suggest the only option for Sri Lankan Tamils now is to wager everything on Tamil Nadu and DMK. Your example to show we are going in opposite directions is quite appropriate. You are in fact heading north to India for a solution, but I’m prepared to go south and work with the Sinhalese to resolve the problem. Because I believe, political conflict notwithstanding, Sri Lankan Tamils have more in common with the Sinhalese than with Tamil Nadu Tamils in socio-cultural terms. This may look like a strange idea, but I believe we have to change our conventional ways of thinking and look at things with fresh eyes and open minds if we are to solve our problems. I think we all are too smart for our own good. We like to believe in conspiracy theories and delve into political intrigues inviting geopolitical intrusions and games ourselves. But I believe we can find a homemade remedy to our problem if we treat politics as it should be treated: as the art of the possible.

            Of course you like foreign intrusion not for any sinister purpose but to save MR’s life from local vigilantes. I’m moved by your benevolence.

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    there will never be justice to all, when the other side is unaccounted for as well.. We The people who live here will never accept until the funders of Terror who killed our loved ones are also accounted for. That is the reality

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      The LTTE were not saints and they did commit atrocities and inflicted pain on many people. In fact, some LTTE rump in the diaspora, too, were involved in these dastardly acts. We share that pain, too. I understand that dbs jeyaraj had personally faced such a dilemma.

      But we are talking about the atrocities and crimes inflicted on civilians by a regime that shamelessly carried out a genocide and far exceeded what the LTTE did. Rapes, summary executions and widespread excesses have been committed by this dastardly regime. And I find no excuse that the likes of dbs and you have not considered these atrocities by a ruthless regime and just harp on what just the LTTE did. It does not escape attention that dbs is just another lapdog of the regime who may have at least forgotten that he is a Tamil but he has no excuse as a human. But again, money does wonders, doesn’t it?

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      LTTE did not killed loved ones. They only killed the supporters of State Terror directly or indirectly. money greedy people like DBS Jeyaraj, KT Rajasimgham We who live in Sri Lanka are thankful to the Diaspora for having funded the LTTE. We see trhe value of security LTTE provided now in their Absence.

      Western Nation who are arming the groups fighting repressive regimes should have supported Sri lankan Tamils who have been suffering from state Terror from 1956 spcifically in 1958, 1977, 1981, 1983). Wester countrie should have armed us the way they were arming the people in SriYa, Libya, Eygpt. They did not. We stsrted on our own in the name LTTE against the repressive State Terror against Tamils. Idiotic leadership of Bush should have supported us but choose to ban our saviors LTTE. If the tamils were given a free vote under the UN, they woudl have voted for LTTE not due to fear but they were the only saviors whthe rits is against the IPKF or sri Lankan Army War crimes were committed by IPKF as well. That is whu probably india is with SL Govt.We were not used shields by LTTE we went with them. I being in Sri Lanka can not tell openly. But if I were able to go outside the country I will tell. I am sure there are enough people in the west who were in the Vanni during 2009 May. They will tell whether they wer forced by LTTE to be used as human shileds or they went voluntarily. We were not mad to trust rsi Lankan army. We were vindicxated by the shelling of hospitals and civilains by army and what happened to many people who surrendered. People who were shot were by the Devananda and Karnua Maman factions not LTTE. They were not holding us or shooting at people who were leaving. Let an international team with witness protection scheme then there will be enough people to testify who killed the Tamils leaving LTTE contriolled area. Witness protection should be assured especially Western government allow SL State terrorist to kill us in Countries such as France with impunity

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        I hope Raja what you are telling is true, that the LTTE did not shoot the escaping civilians. All the available news point to the actions of the LTTE. If, as you say, an independent investigation and a witness protection programme would absolve the LTTE of such an accusation then we have to work towards it. And, yes, apart from the atrocities blamed on the LTTE, I agree that the Tamils, at least with hindsight, would accept the fact that the sort of protection the Tamils had was gone once the LTTE was removed from the scene. India and other foreign govts should have understood and realised this but failed or refused to do so.

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          Yeah, keep believing that. Here’s a little excerpt from a BBC interview with a former Tiger. The lies are so pathetically laughable that you wonder why he bothers:

          “Stephen Sackur (BBC Journalist): “Isn’t the truth that many Tamil civilians died in the days of April and May 2009 because you, in the Tamil Tigers, would not let them escape? You forced them to stay with the Tigers, and if they tried to leave they were shot. Isn’t that the truth?”

          Anonymous Tamil Tiger: “The civilians had been threatened, but not by the LTTE, [but] by the pro-government Tamil militia who had infiltrated the area and were posing as LTTE fighters. They wore Tiger uniforms and shot at any civilian trying to leave the area.”

          Stephen Sackur: “It’s sounds to me like you don’t accept the reality of the situation”

          Anonymous Tamil Tiger: “…The Tigers always protected the lives of their people. They would never shoot a Tamil person, I must emphasise this point very firmly. Even a child would confirm this.”

          Stephen Sackur: “But just today, I have spoken to Tamil farmers who have returned to their land for the first time in more than a year, and they say to me, ‘We never want to see the Tamil Tigers back here again. They were bad for us, they were bad for our people, they caused this war.’ That’s what Tamil people are saying.”

          Anonymous Tamil Tiger: “These words have not come from the bottom of their heart. They have only come from their lips.””

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    India has zipped her mouth due to the stench enamating from Paul Newmans mouth.

    Are your Doctor credentials similar to that of Anton the balasingham ????

    Did you understand? GOSL does not recognise resolution 19/2…

    Those countries with Tamil diaspora population …. Yes… salvating for the their vote.

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      Did you say that the Govt did not recognise resolution 19/2? Oh my, then why the hell it allowed the UNHRC team into the country? Don’t be so gullible dicky.

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    The international horse show in progress with lobbying and betting on the outcome. Hope that truth and justice will prevail. The backers of this unjust regime like Pakistan must clean up their own backyards where minorities like the shias are being slaughtered. This type of humbug of you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours will not appease the cries of the innocent victims of secratarian violence. Yesterday it was the Tamils, tomorrow the Muslims?

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    “This type of humbug of you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours will not appease the cries of the innocent victims of secratarian violence”.

    The govts of the day may hold to such positions. But that should not cause concern or worry, what more with the internet, there are bountiful of avenues to go directly to the people. I remember meeting a Japanese gentlemen (journalist) in London who expounded this theory of reaching across the borders. May be we have to start with Japan. With the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, its leaders still have not realised the meaning of war crimes and human suffering.

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    The duplicity of all has led this country to the present predicament. Believe me Sri Lanka will neither feel embarassed nor ashamed as only those with self respect has such problems, but not these Scum Bags in governance today or those who continually post comments here trying to protect the violation of Human Rights of any person.

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      You dead right in your simple, short summing up!

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      You’re dead right in your simple, short summing up!

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    I have no doubt that SL will weather this latest storm as it has previous ones and come out, if not smelling sweet, at least relatively unscathed. Such is the duplicity and hypocrisy of the international community that not one country that is intent on attacking SL, be it the US or India or Britain has a clean record in respect of human rights and good governance. As for India, what about Kashmir? As for the US and Britain, what about Iraq?

    As for the politicians in Tamil Nadu, well did General Sarath Fonseka call them jokers. And I think he was being kind. While they profess an ostensible love for their ‘brethren’ across the Palk Straits, they have no compunction of heart about the way the Tamil Nadu fisherman keep repeatedly and consistently depriving the Tamil fishermen from SL’s North of what is their legitimate due, by poaching on their fish stocks. What sheer hypocrisy.

    It seems the Tamil Nadu electorate is no better that its political leaders. They certainly deserve each other.

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      The man who called the Tamilnadu politicians as jokers was literally dragged away from the corridors of a hotel and had since become the butt of jokes. The adage what goes around comes around is eerily somewhat true in the case of the joker (Sarath Fonseka) who called others jokers.

      I cannot remember the US, UK or India massacring 140,000 of its OWN CITIZENS under the pretext of a HUMANITARIAN OPERATION. While you chide the Tamilnadu electorate, can the same thing be said of the Sinhala electorate, too?

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        Janese seems to be misguided by a arbitrary massacre figure of 140000 which varies according its originator.Of course there would be casualties on anything called war !!

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        I take it that your issue is that SL killed its own citizens, suggesting that it’s OK to kill citizens of other countries, as the US and UK have done so prolifically during the last two centuries.

        FYI the United States killed 260,000 southerners during the American Civil War, and yes they were all American citizens, their own people, who declared themselves a separate state.

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    The so called LTTE Mahaveeran terrorists used innocent Tamil civilians as Human shields and put them in the line of fire to accuse the Government forces to discredit them who were trying to rescue the innocent Tamil civilians which was recorded on Satalites.

    The same tactics are used by the Tamil Nadu politicians against innocent Tamils.

    Be aware India your prevailing political double standards in this matter will come back and bite you back.

    It could be Kashmirstan, It could be Kahalistan, or It could be Tamil Elaamnadu.

    No country or government has the right to dictate terms on an independent country like Srilanka.

    The Tamils live happily in the south amongst the Sinhaleese and the sinhaleese protect them as they are all Srilankans ,They go to school, do business,and lead normal lives.

    In the North there was a war waged by the most dangerous terrorist outfit of all times. And the Srilankan Government defeated them.

    Things are not going to solve overnight as the culture is different to the west but give some time it will.

    The developed powerful countries should not use up a great organization like the UN to hurt small countries. When the world looses it’s faith on UN just like North Korea, it would be a danger to all humanity. So Please UN understand what really goes on!!!!!.

    May the truth prevail and may there be peace on earth through knowledge and proper judgment and fairness.

    Thanks to all.

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    Dear Dr.Newman,

    Let me first of all deal with the question that you pose in the last paragraph:

    Now the million dollar question in everyone’s mind was why India had zipped its mouth without uttering a word during the entire proceedings being the world’s largest democracy especially after its former External Affairs minister Mr.Yeshwanth Sinha had reminded India that “Foreign policy is not conducted out of fear, but with confidence and e.

    Frankly it is not a million dollar question but a very cheap one and the reaosn is very simple. India has remained silent and tight lipped for obvious reasons and contray to what has been put out by Sri Lankan Government and the media that Sri Lankan soldiers won the war with the help of arms from China and Pakistan is siply not true and correct. The war or the Genocide ( if I may call it that) was concluded with the support of Arms , Logisticts and Soldiers from India and India is complicit in the Genocide. If MR and his entourage were to be taken to the Hauge ( which I am sure will happen as soon as we have a change at the top in India next year) India is worried that their role in the Genocide will become public and so it is a natural human reaction to cover YOUR tracks and that is why they have managed to protect Sri Lanka for feaR of being found out. It might be a cold comfort but you are an intelligent individual ( at least I hope you are and I may be wrong ) and it took seven years to bring Milosewich to justice even with the help of Russians the Slavic brothers.
    The countries you quote like Chian and Japan are Buddhists Countries and therefore your natural allies and will support you all the way.
    For me the most important country is India whether you like it or not as India has total jurisdiction over Sri Lanka as sri Lankas Sovereignty is limited to Indias security.
    Every draft resoultion which goes before the UNHCR is vetted by India and amended to stify Indias concern to protect her interest and that shows the vital role of India. I hope and prey that there will be a change at the top in India next yeaR so that we can turn the screw on Sri Lanka and bring your beloved country back into the League of Civilised Nations where she belongs but not in the gutter where she is at the moment. It will be done through a partnership of the international community nudging Sri Lanka in the right direction and the fairminded people of Sri Lanka ( I am not sure if you are one ) electing to throw MR out of power at the next election so he becomes history.But I am a realist as MR my be reelected if he plays the race card which I am sure he will do as he he has a mission to ethnically cleanse Sri Lanka which no doubt you will support. But if that happens Sri Lanka will pay a heavy price when economic sanctions are imposed and begin to bite ( already there are mutterings about such a possiblity) and the country will grind to halt. No doubt the Sinhalese diehearts will say we can weather the storm with the support of China but tht is not going to happen when INDIA IS ON BOARD.
    The positive things you say have happened are a figment of your imagination as nothing tangible has happened. MR is a master of deception and he is ruling by deception and pretending that everything at home is cosy and moving satisfactorily. What he has in mind is just the opposite and he is moving at a relelentless pace to colonise the North and East and he is not stupid and has worked out that if he puts enough Sinhalese settlement in the North which over a time will become permanent and irreversible just like in the West Bank in Israel
    What he wants above all is time which he is trying to buy by deceiving the World with the tinckering work but not body work.
    What the Tamils want is the folowing which I know you are not prepared to give hich you have denied for the last 63 years is the following:

    1) Devolution of power linking North and East which with the rise of BBS even the muslims will be happy with as they speak the same language Tamil.
    2) The devolution of power ( as in India ) should have the provisions of a Tamil Police force with realistic means to security which at the moment does not exist.
    3) Army confined to barracks so that out sisters can live with dignity witout being raped as is happening now
    4) Enough powers to raise revenue for expenditure on things like Schools, Hospital, Police, Development with an annual review with the Central Government in Colombo.

    I am sad to say that none of this is on the Governments agenda and for that matter is on your agenda without which we will cease to exist as a race with distinct Language Religion.
    United ( as two seperate people under one Sri Lanka ) we stand and divided (as under the current arangement ) we fall.
    If the rulers of Sri Lanka that is post MR and his gang have the vision and proceed in that direction we can enrich ourseleves by sharing our culture and values and who knows we can even invite A R Rahman to compose songs in Sinhalese and that would be nice wouldnt it.

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    Is it right that US to bring this resolution against SriLanka in the UNHRC?

    Yes,Because the problem between Tamils and Sinhalese cannot be resolved internally and international community have involved in the problem since 1980s. It is well known fact the democracy system practiced in Sri Lanka and the institutions such as Parliamentary system, Judiciary, law and order system which were created to protect people within the country failed to protect the rights of the Tamils and the security of the Tamils. It is well known fact that there was continuous human rights violations such as violence against Tamils as a group(riots, burning of Library, murder of political prisoners)even before the dawn of LTTE and not even a single person was brought under the justice system for these crimes. This is because that the government believe that it is only represent the interest of the Sinhala people and not the tamils.

    Is it Right the UN Resolution is only against SriLanka and not against LTTE?

    It is true that both LTTE and SriLankan State violated the human rights. There is a difference between the state and LTTE.We should recognise the fact that there is two diamensions of LTTE. One diamensions is the rights of the Tamils and second diamension is armed struggle. The international community is absolutely clear that there is a need for a political solution in order to protect the rights of the Tamils and they also felt that the methods used by LTTE is wrong. So, the international community helped SriLanka to defeat the LTTE terrorism.We must remember that only western countries (US, EU) and India are the only countries declared LTTE as a terrorist group even when the peace talks started. It is also well known fact that the Western nations and India gave full support to defeat LTTE. LTTE is no more in the country. The international community has already punished the terrorism part of LTTE. But not, the genuine political aspirations of the Tamils that was going for the last six decades. They allowed you to destroy LTTE but they didn’t expect you would be a inhumane for the unarmed civilians. The fact is you used all means to destroy not only LTTE but also the rights of the Tamils.

    You cannot continue to apply same tactics to cheat International Community on the political side. They know you have committed crimes against humanity and you are not genuine to solve the problems of the tamil.You have promised to do few things to solve this issue. You are still doing the naughty things you followed over the last six decades. The militarisation and sinhalaisation of the traditional Tamil homeland and use of threat against people to express their democratic rights.The International Community is not interested in you punishing few soldiers who just followed the orders of higher level military and political leaders. It wants you to recognise the rights of the people.

    The question is: Are you prepared to recognise that Tamils are the natives of the northern and eastern part of the Island and they have a right to their protect themselves and manage their own life?

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