21 May, 2024


Sri Lanka Tourism Facing Fresh Crisis Over Elephant Cruelty

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is facing a severe risk which can result in a heavy tumble in tourist arrivals, after the London-based World Animal Protection (WAP) announced that more than 100 travel companies across the world have committed to stopping elephant rides and shows.SriLankan Airlines Elephent Ad

Sri Lanka which relies heavily on its elephant based tourist attractions may face severe consequences if global travel companies discourage tourists from travelling to Sri Lanka owing to its animal cruelty, specially against elephants.

According to a statement issued yesterday by the World Animal Protection, travel companies, including global industry players like The Travel Corporation, TUI Benelux, Thomas Cook Northern Europe and Intrepid Travel Group have agreed to stop selling and promoting venues with elephant rides and shows, in a bid to end the cruel practice.SriLankan Airlines Elephant

The organization also said that many other companies were to join the 114 global companies who have already given an undertaking to no longer offer visits to venues with elephant rides and shows in any of their markets.

Elephants are one of the country’s main tourist attractions, and tourist promotional material by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, as well as the country’s national carrier, SriLankan Airlines uses elephant parading cultural events such as the Kandy Esela Perahera and the Navam Perahera in Colombo, as well as elephant rides and the Dehiwela Zoo, which chains elephants, to woo in more tourists to the country.Elephent

“In order to make elephants submit to elephant rides and other human interactions they are taken from their mothers when babies and forced through a horrific training process known as ‘the crush’. This involves physical restraints, inflicting severe pain and withholding food and water. By the time tourist come to ride an elephant, they may look at peace, but this is because their spirit has been broken. The bull hook used permanently reminds the animal of human dominance,” the statement said.

The setback comes just months after Sri Lanka was named as a top tourist destination for 2016 by Condé Nast Traveller and Forbes, among others.

“If you can ride it, hug it or have a selfie with the wild animal, the chances are it’s a cruel venue. Don’t go,” the World Animal Protection said.

Sri Lankans too have in recent times taken to protesting against this form of cruelty, with various organisations taking to social media to highlight the cruelty to elephants in the country.

The ‘Say NO to Cruelty to Our Elephants of Sri Lanka’ in a post published on March 18, 2016, called on the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society and Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka to immediately stop elephant cruelty at the popular Dehiwela zoo, which chains elephants and keep them in concrete cages to entertain humans. “Stop this madness! Stop, please stop. Let us as a nation say ENOUGH,” the post said.

A popular school in Colombo also came under heavy flak this month when they used an elephant for their big match parade. However, following opposition from various quarters, the elephant was stopped from being taken on the parade.SriLankan Airlines Elephant AD

Several leading hotels in the country have also come under severe criticism for promoting elephant rides to tourists, while more and more Sri Lankans have become more vociferous against some temples housing elephants, despite it being for religious purposes.

In early March, Buddhist monk and politician Uduwe Dhammaloka was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a permit. He was subsequently released on bail. In 2014, another Buddhist monk, Kolonnawe Sri Sumangala was alleged to have been involved in a baby elephant trafficking.

Last year during the Parliamentary Election campaigning, Rosy Senanayake was condemned after an elephant was used in one of her campaigns. She later denied her involvement in it and said that the banner had been put on the elephant by one of her supporters, but she had instructed them to remove it as soon as she noticed it.Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Sri Lanka’s former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa was also embroiled in an elephant controversy, where he had illegally kept two baby elephants. He later handed them over to the Pinnawala elephant orphanage, claiming he couldn’t afford to take care of them. However, no action was taken against him.

Last year, the media was barred from covering a raid by Wildlife Department officials to ascertain if former President Mahinda Rajapaksa loyalist, Sajin de Vass Gunawardena had the necessary permit which allowed him to hold a baby elephant in his Ambalangoda residence. The officials who came out minutes later after entering Gunawardena’s residence, claimed that he had the necessary documents which confirmed his purchase of the baby elephant. However, animal activists were suspicious over the ‘raid’ and the manner in which it took place.

It is believed that at least 60 baby elephants have been stolen from the jungles of Habarana, Udawalawe and been kept by extremely influential people, including politicians, and priests over the years. Often these elephants undergo very inhuman treatment, as they have been chained and cruelly treated.

Despite using elephants as a tourist attraction, Sri Lanka also became the first country in the world to apologize that elephants are being killed for their ivory. In January this year, the government publicly destroyed its biggest ever illegal ivory haul, at least 350 tusks, in an effort to show poachers that the nation will not tolerate the violent trade.

Sri Lanka’s elephant population has reduced to some 7,000, down from a population of over 12,000 at the start of the 20th century. ( By Munza Mushtaq © Colombo Telegraph)

Elephant Abuse in Sri Lanka: Heart breaking video of Esala Perahera Baby Elephant

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  • 13

    That chain is animal abuse.

    • 17


      Nice to find you on the same page.

      Thank you CT for highlighting this terrible problem. Thank you for giving voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

      This crime has been no go area for many. Because of powerful cronies, money, tourism and so called “religious figureheads” involved in this cruelty.

      We can now expect a big outcry from so called pseudo “patriots” as usual.

      Expect to hear the last resort argument:
      An international conspiracy by NGOs against “Buddhism”.

      Most Sri Lankans are blissfully unaware of the terrible brutality behind taming and enslaving a baby elephant. My hope is that we will manage to change that over time. And this horrific practice will die a natural death.

      Abusing innocent elephants in “perehera” is nothing but a total disgrace to everything Buddhism stands for. Buddhism is not about pageants. Buddhism is not a circus! Bold headed thieves must be made to realize this fact or exposed.

      These are traditions we have most likely copied from village religious festivals in Kerala, India. Where cruel elephant abuse is mind boggling even today.


      PS: We should quit giving away baby elephants as state gifts to visiting foreign dignitaries as well. MS despite his more humane credentials has now committed the same crime by donating to Zoo in Auckland, NZ. Very disappointing.

        • 5

          There is a fantastic documentary in the making about elephant abuse in Kerala, India during village religious festivals.

          What happens in Sri Lanka is not very different.

          For “Gods in Shackles” – A Sneak Preview click this link:

          Keep fighting for the gentle giant.


      • 7

        Read the animal abuse below. businesses are doing that even in Sri lanka. Killing animals for food is pathetic.

        CT publishes articles against using Elephants in perehera.

        Sri lankans know that there are over 400 organizations in Sri lanka and they all want to destroy Sinhala buddhist culture. their only objective is that.

        Even the dumb govt had removed elephants from Buddhist temples. that was dumb. Some one was looking after the orphaned elephant well.

        Each year more than 58 billion farm animals and countless aquatic animals are unnecessarily killed for human consumption. Eating animals has largely been justified on the grounds of human health, but thankfully these myths have now been discredited with many mainstream healthcare professionals claiming animal products actually do us more harm than good.

        I think CT is in england some there. there was an article in the paper which showed how English circus elephant, taken from Sri lanka, was treated very inhmanely.

        • 1

          Elephants have dwindled due to their land take over for farming and hunting for ivory, which are bigger cruelties than traditional Asian culture (passed off as Buddhist culture), which may at least in some aspects be no different to horsemenship commonly accepted

          Capturing and shipping elephants was a historical royal monopoly and a lost cultural heritage

      • 5

        Ben Hurling,

        The former government was encouraging the elite including politicians to have baby elephants as pets. Wasn’t it an overflowing of human kindness?

        I recently saw in the Asian Mirror website how parade elephants were reacting angrily against their tormentors- us humans!

        The elephant herds in their natural habitat are more than human in expressing various emotions. We have invaded their space and call them the aggressors, when they react.

        Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

        • 3

          Dr. Rajasingham Narendran,

          Adorable baby elephants were not just pets for Rajapassa cronies. They were cold hard assets as well.

          Elephant racketeering is hardly the only environmental crime the former regime committed against Sri Lanka.

          Green light for Wilpattu destruction was given by Basil Rajapassa.

          Wasteful Mattala airport was built on a beautiful nature reserve. List goes on.

          These are serious crimes that must be punished.

          Worst is the heart-breaking kidnapping, torturing and enslaving of baby elephants. Very often in the name of “Buddhism”.

          What a farce!

          • 2

            Remember the way current govt burnt down those colelcted sums of irvory. THIS WAS DDONE FEW MONTHS AGO ON GALL FACE OR SOMEWHERE: Those would have helped illegal men to multiply their millions – had Rajakshses men sold them out. Ivory products are a lucrative business on the west. Anyways, Rajapakshes were unable to make blillons out of them. For no reasons those ivories were though cornered and left aside.

            That is how Rajaakshes worked. ANYWAYS; with numbers of elephants becoming multiple times more in the country- the actions need to take to protect them and the affected people should be given highest priority. Either the vets shold work not allowing them to grow further- or the responsible authorities shold do the job well. Srilanka is no africa, it is not even bigger to Germany’s bavaria province.

      • 1

        Why cant the govt make the plans at least few percent of income flowing by Tourism to be used to build up fences keep elephants away from those village folks. It should be like a hell out of situation for those villages being caught by all the damages being continued by giant animals. I myself would not have been able to close my eyes, if known thatI dont have a security. So how could those poor folks living in the areas where Elephants damage their houses and cultivations.
        I think devleoped nations could help the state to keep these animals within marked areas – electric fences building and imposing a control system by police/army can resolve tihs problem easily. Lives are to be protected – I wonder why the men in powerful sections did not react accordingly yet.

        • 3


          Should it not be the other way around- keep humans away from where the elephants roam! We are the land grabbing predators!


          • 1

            with the population go up, it may be difficult to ask those villagers to be away- who would give them lands for their dwelling ?

            Sure, your point is valid, but with electric fence making – those Aliyas can be tamed and let those poor villagers a life. Why the responsible are lagged in this regard is a greater question to me.

            Anyways tellin that almost everyone is feeling better during the last few years withthe econmy and country beocming midincome earners – but how many poor men and women weep bieng uanble to close their eyes in that poor villages being harmed by Wild Elephants.

          • 0

            Some time ago, I have read somewhere that you are a vet by your education. Why cant you guys involve in the project ? I mean why you let those people to extend their habitats trespassing the areas marked for the animals. I have not lived in the country for the last 3 decades. I only know things from what I got to read. I think vets and the wild conservations aurhotities should work together to control the rising numbers of lanken elephants. They can also provide the facts as to what any govt yet failed to protect those human beings from being killed almost every year.

    • 3

      so than dont use any of the animal productions .. not even cow milk … can you ??

      • 5

        chintaka: koheda yanne malle pol!!!

      • 6

        Chinthaka Wijesooriya,

        How dumb do you think you are?

        I mean on a scale of 1 to 10.


        • 1

          How dumb do you think you are? I mean on a scale of 1 to 10.

          BEN HURLING:

          It is simply that European superiority complex in which you think that you are the standard; you are right if any one is not in your boots, that is wrong.

          Simply that is christian mentality in which the Almighty controls the humans and humans control every thing below them including animals and weak humans.

          • 3


            Please deal with the matter at hand mate. Rather than worldwide issues way out of your or our sphere of influence.

            Point is we have a problem we can resolve. Sri Lanka can set the standard for the whole world to follow. We can end cruelty against innocent elephants in Sri Lanka. We can make our country proud.

            Instead we have to read your useless, endless whining about the West, Christianity, mentalities, complexes and you name it.

            Make a difference where you can Jim Brown. Help end elephant brutalization Jimmy.


          • 9

            To: Jim Softly

            Please and kindly keep Christian mentality out of your replies.
            The subject is not about Christian mentality but about animal abuse. The Almighty does not control human action. It is our freewill that controls human action. God gave us all a freewill and how we use thast freewill depends on our wisdom. Use it for good or bad and the consequences will be the same.
            You use your freewill to wank yourself of in dark corners thinking of ugly thoughts. Thats not the Almighty’s doings.
            That is your ugly evil doings.
            Grow up you coelecanth and become mature.
            Its a pity that everyday there is something negative about Sri Lanka in the news and hand shakers like you add fuel to the fire.
            There is no such thing as European superiority complex. It is the Europeans who taught your ancestors to wear shirt and pants and shoes and eat with spoon and fork. Otherwise you would have walking around in span cloth ( Amudai ) with nothing on your feet.
            It is the Europeans ( Brits ) who taught your ancestors the english language, which you yourself use to display your comments.
            It is the Europeans ( Brits) who planted your tea, your favourite morning beverage otherwise you would have been drinking bloody well water for b’fast.
            It is the Europeans ( Brits) who built your railway network otherwise you would have been still travelling in a buggy cart.

            My dear Jim Softly, you seem to be a very weak person in thought, word and deed and i attribute that to your bad habit of doing bad things in dark corners.
            Be a lover of animals particularly elephants as they are gentle giants of the forest. These gentle intelligent creatures have better intelligence than you, so try to find a way how sri lanka can preserve these endangered species. Remember that there are two kinds of elephants in SL. One kind in the Govt and the other in the jungles. Save the jungle species and eradicate the govt ones.
            Finally please post some intelligent replies and not idiotic ones and stop your bad habit of getting into dark corners.

            A little advice for you.

            1. Elephants never forget and forgive.
            2. When you have got an elephant by the hind legs and he wants to run, its best to let him run.
            3. Keep five yards from a horse, a hundred yards from an elephant: but the distance one should keep from a wicked man cannot be measured.
            4. When elephants fight it is the graas that suffers.
            5. Women are like elephants, nice to look at but difficult to maintain.

            Ps: Change your name. ” Jim Softly” it sounds childish, stupid, idiotic, & Yakko. ” Jungle Jim ” is much better.


            • 8

              Lover of Elephants – well said, although your incisive comment will be lost on this guy who endlessly proves his moronic mentality with his usual banal, and often racist, comments.

              The problem with many of the commenters on CT is that, instead of focusing on the subject, they expose their characters by descending into racial, religious and personal insults.

              This is why racial harmony is a distant dream!

    • 1

      What about Bull Fighting in Spain ??? That is cruelty too. Please campaign against all forms of animal cruelty .. including animals in a circus.

      • 2


        Is your last name “Field”?

        Do not let buffaloes ruin your crop.


  • 16

    High time that individuals owning elephants and the use of elephants in parades and for tourist rides is banned.

    For a country that espouses Buddhism, this is an appalling double standard – especially when temples are among the chief offenders.

    • 0

      The donkey’s righting against this crooked kind of animal abuse claim cannot identify real animal abuse because they are simply christians.

      It is your society, that use animals as objects. You think god created animals for you to eat.

      Before the western Christian society started crooked animal rights, Sinhale had 2500 years ago animal rights even for birds flying over the Sinhale Skies.

      Have you people heard anything called sustainable use of animals.

      first learn.

      It is you people who are dumb that is why you believe in creation, and work with hatred, jealousy, stupidity and do not have a brain to think.

      • 3

        Jim Softy – when will you learn to stop displaying your ignorance?

        First of all, your assumption that I am a Christian is way off the mark. I follow the Buddha’s philosophy, but I’m not dumb enough to go around worshiping the so-called priests, most of who are more akin to thugs in robes than followers of the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path.

        So with your assumption (that I am a Christian), the rest of your idiotic comment falls flat!

        I hope you have the intelligence to comprehend what I have written, although I won’t hold my breath!

    • 2

      I mylsef want auhtorities to focus on the victims of elephants.
      Those the poor that cant close their eyes peacefully just because of the damages being made on their house properties eventually.
      This problem is to be solved giving the highest priority. Presidnent et al should pay more attention on this and save the lives of thoese people.

      The poverty in those areas are very much while Rajaakshes never addressed them accordingly. Please please rulers athorities. do your best to save those poor folks and thie rproperties – by introducing a better fencing system to keep away the elephants from them. Or these folks shold be brought to some where else, where their lives are kept safe. This is URGENT issue.

  • 8

    Contrast this counterfeit tears over cruelty with Mullivaikal onslaught where death and cruel injury visited more than a lakh Tamils. If you have tears prepare to shed them at least now.

    • 7

      for killing prabha?

    • 10

      Elephants are not suicide bombers.

  • 4

    Where can tourists shop in Sri Lanka?
    We do not have proper super markets and shopping malls selling international goods as in Singapore,Bangkok.Malaysia etc.etc.
    Our public transport is still third world?

    • 1

      Tourists come mostly for cheap prostitutes of both gender.

      • 0

        jim softy,

        “Tourists come mostly for cheap prostitutes of both gender. “

        And they love to have “jim softy” in their menu!

        • 1

          Silva this is BUT the truth for some germans.

          At the time, I put my feet in Germany – decades ago. Lanka was their paradise for gay sex abuses. Hikkaduwa was their gay paradise.
          But with the war start, those tourists were diverted to tunisia and other countries where beachboys are readily avialbe for gay men from Germany. This is the reality. In Basel, there are even lanken gay couples that sell their thing betraying their folks. That is about lanken pride.

      • 1

        You may be right.
        But it is all because our people need money – WHERE poverty is a struggle, there those whites go and abuse what they are not allowed on their soils. That is how the drug trafficking started and established in the country.

        Those beach boys I met in EUrope – whenever I take the plane back to lanka each year – hang on whites are cheap men from srilanka. Else, some guys from frankfurt areas callin themselve hotel managers do the same in a different way.

      • 0

        I believe that Jim Softy does the same business for higher rates and that is the reason him to call them as ” cheap prostitutes”. As a master he should have invested in the field to uplift the cheap pros.

  • 10

    Very sad to see the discomfort this intelligent animal is put through just to break his spirit. Born free in the wild and now being subject to such pain at the hands of human tormentors is just too much to bear. It is true that these elephants could easily turn destructive if not tethered, but that is elephant temperament and they should be left alone in the wild.

    It is a good thing that this has been brought to the fore, since most of us don’t ever see the dark side of elephant training and rearing. It takes a lot of courage and energy to be involved in elephant training, and most of us take for granted a lot of things we see to be normal animal behavior. The mahout is always at risk with his life as it could easily get snuffed out in an instant. Therefore to maintain his control over the animal and also to ensure his own survival, he needs to project himself to be the dominant party, the one to call the shots and ready to meet challenges from the elephant. However, one day when his lid is blown and bluff exposed and the elephant realizing it, then it is curtain call and then begins the messy stuff of picking up the remains.

    It should be a national policy to control and maintain a healthy elephant population, whilst permitting a smaller percentage of working elephants to contribute to nation building. Ban elephant rides and perahera walks as these are not what these majestic animals were created for. Also ban the display of elephant tusks at funeral homes and at temples.

  • 6

    I’m very pleased that tourism is affected. Hitting the politicians in their wallets is the only way. As much animal abuse as possible should be ended, including animal sacrifices. Well done Otara.

  • 11

    Why an international campaign against the cruelty to elephants? And not the horse? All elephants can not remain in the wild competing with farming. A regulated system for elephants to remain in domestication is needed similar to other animals such as the horse. This is partially a campaign that aims Asian tourism.

    • 7


      Mount a campaign against horse abuse, if you will. In fact many have done just that already.

      However, do not use horse abuse as a defense against elephant abuse in Sri Lanka or elsewhere.


      • 3

        Ben Hurling:

        First you people should talk against killing of millions of animals for food, then Horse races: because, horses used for races are killed once injured. they also kill horses and are canned for foods. Horse meat is available in europe and in north america. Westerners eat even Frogs and Snails. That is simply animal-like. Millions of animals fattened under very abusive inhuman conditions, treated bad and killed inhumanly. chicken are fattened in very small spaces. Cattle is electrocuted high voltage electricity before killing.

        Anyway, these elephants are used in the perehera but they are not mistreated. Saying that the use of elephants in Perehera is simply JEALOUSY BY CHRISTIANS.

        But, you can write against handling of orphaned elephants. there should be better methods to tame them or keep them than the age old practices.

        • 1

          “These elephants are used in the perahera but they are NOT MISTREATED”?? Jim Softly, I know that you seem to have a problem looking at things from different perspectives, but I’m sure even you should have the common sense to understand that no creature that is known for being fearful of fire and loud sounds and lives with its herd can be trained to withstand both fire and loud sounds and live in isolation without it being forced to endure some pretty traumatic exposure to those things during its tender years.

          “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

    • 2

      I think This is against sinhala buddhist culture.

      Christians do more abuse by nailing dumb devotees to the cross to simulate roman punishment of crucifiction of Traitors to the kingdom.

      If these kalusuddhas are talking honestly about animal abuse.

      Stop eating animals, stop abusive farming of of -food animals and their killing.

      One example, you people race the horse, when the horse is injured, they shoot and eat it’s meat and process and package the horses which are not useful for anything else.

      How about innocent animal killing by wealth tourists in Africa just for games. that is animal abuse. Remember how an innocent lion was killed simply for game by a rich american.

      those things are pathetic and barbaric.

      • 0

        The Gampaha Police are on the lookout for a person called ‘Dunesh Priyasantha, alias JS as he was allegedly found naked near a female calf.
        The calf, which belongs to a retired naval officer, had been tethered for the night. It had suddenly started to moo in fear at about 10.00 pm on Saturday. The officer had flashed a torch and seen Kondaya naked near the calf. Kondaya had then run away.
        The owner had complained to the police who had come and found a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a skirt at the spot. A police team is seeking to arrest the person. It is believed that he had attempted to perform a sexual act with the calf.
        Gampaha HQI Deeptha Badrajedha Kalinga and his team are conducting investigation

      • 0

        @jim softy

        “I think This is against sinhala buddhist culture.”

        I think you are wrong

        • 0


          Where you’ve hiding all these days.

          Let’s continue with where we left.

          “I think you are wrong”

          When was Dimwit ever right?

  • 3

    When price william and his bride Kate went in a horse driven carriage after their wedding none of these moosalayas had a problem.

  • 7

    Elephant ride is NOT animal abuse.

    Horse ride is NOT animal abuse.

    Catching fish for food is NOT animal abuse.

    Eating meat is NOT animal abuse.

    Animal Extremists are re-defining the words “animal abuse” to suit their agenda.

  • 2

    CLARIFICATION: PLEASE NOTE that contrary to what the article implies, the SRI LANKA WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY has NOTHING to do with the atrocious Dehiwala Zoo.

    We are a US-based nonprofit (NGO) that has been working with rural communities in Sri Lanka to protect its natural resources since 1995. We are strong advocates for both the conservation of Sri Lanka’s wild elephants and the humane treatment of its captive elephants, and we abhor the conditions under which the unfortunate animals of Dehiwala Zoo are forced to live.

    Our latest project involves the creation of the New Life Elephant Sanctuary (NLES). NLES will provide high quality veterinary care and offer sanctuary to Sri Lanka’s working elephants (young and old) who have spent their lives shackled in chains, abused and exploited in Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing tourism industry.

    Visit our website to learn more about our work: [Edited out]

    • 1

      THE SRI LANKA WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY IS ALSO a fully registered voluntary social service non-governmental organization (NGO) with the Ministry of Social Welfare in Sri Lanka and the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

    Ben , i am going to exactly that,, but only-thing is am going to include it and not make it my main point of argument, sorry mate, I have always stood against these Animal Lovers hypocrites and any-form of double standards.

    The are so freaking blinded by prejudice, can they not see the many stray dogs and cats ,of-cause the cats are even worse off , they are being run over by vehicles on a daily basis , there are so-many limping stray dogs some with infected wounds and suffering on the streets how come they don’t see these poor animals suffer , most of the Animal lovers are freaking hypocrites and especially when it comes to a particular animal and a a particular group of people as long as it does not hurt their pockets.

    Horse racing is even worse ,it ruins families ,and mostly the small man who goes on betting , an evil indulgences ,which is definitely not akin with our culture and ends up spending his hard earn money on horses and then driving the entire family to poverty and at the same time getting the people to be apart of their Horse abuse.

    If this is not more disgusting then what is ?

    I wont be surprised if this is another cheap stunt by some cheap politician who have used a set of cheap hypocritical Animal lovers organization to hurt the Country’s struggle for true progress.

    8 Things They Don’t Tell You About Horse Racing – Peta
    But here in the UK, horses hardly face better odds. … To hurt an animal deliberately is illegal in most other circumstances, but riders at the Grand … Please help spread the word about the cruelty of horse racing: …… Flat racing is by far the worst, dessage is cruel so is showjumping you could even say gymkanna’s are cruel …
    Debate rages over the welfare of horses who race in the …
    Nov 4, 2014 – It doesn’t tell me what killed the horse,’ Dr David Evans said; Racing Victoria’s … ‘The point is we have an animal of incredible weight, 500 kilos, …
    The Ugly Truth About Horse Racing – The Atlantic
    Mar 24, 2014 – Cruelty. No one beyond the world of horse racing cares if industry … the world of horse racing cares if the animals at the heart of the sport are treated … There was the camp, suspicious of the origins of the story, that downplayed it or worse. ….. APO/FPO-Pacific, Arizona, Arkansas, British Columbia, California …
    Animal Aid: Horse Racing
    http://www.animalaid.org.uk › Home › Campaigns
    Race Horse Deathwatch Recording on-course fatalities in Britain Race … We want to see an end to all commercial racing, because it is an intrinsically cruel and …
    Horse racing | Animals Australia
    Horse racing has perhaps the most glamorous image of all so-called animal ‘sports’ (especially when compared to the visually obvious cruelty of rodeos). …. ://kb.rspca.org.au/What-is-horse-wastage-in-the-racehorse-industry_235.html] … At best, horses lead an unnatural and restricted life whilst racing, and at worst end up …
    Using a whip in a horserace is not cruel but racing must …
    http://www.theguardian.com › Sports › Horse racing
    Sep 29, 2011 – Tim Morris: The British Horseracing Authority must make it clear why the … the sort of vox pop described above, which is at best simplistic and at worst, … at the animal welfare science behind the effects of the whip on horses in …
    The Horseracing Industry: Drugs, Deception and Death – Peta
    http://www.peta.org › Issues › Animals Used for Entertainment
    A New York Daily News reporter remarked, “The thoroughbred race horse is a genetic …. of pain-masking drugs and treatments in order to mask the animals’ pain and … 32 Help stop cruelty in the horseracing industry: Work to ensure that racing …. PETA U.K. · PETA France · PETA Germany · PETA Netherlands · PETA India …
    Horse-Racing Industry Cruelty | Horse Racing | Animals …
    http://www.peta.org › Issues › Animals Used for Entertainment
    Horses used for racing weigh more than 1,000 pounds, yet they are supported by ankles the size of a human’s. In the U.S., horses are whipped and forced to run …
    race horse abuse – Animal Rights Action
    This is the second of two pages about race horse abuse. To see … During the slaughter process, these sensitive animals often thrash around trying to avoid the bolt … England, the 1984 UK Grand National WINNER “Hallo Dandy” was was found … and at such young ages causes, or makes worse, serious health problems.
    Horse racing – Society for the Advancement of Animal …
    Horse racing is portrayed today as a “sport of kings” for the fashionable. … veterinary surgeon and expert on animal abuse prevention noted “cruelty is an inherent … the world, from broken legs and pelvises to torn tendon and heart attacks or worse. In the UK alone more than 400 horses die on the track each year and in the …
    People also ask
    How many horses have died at the Grand National?
    Is horse racing a sport?
    Animal Cruelty UK‎
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    Dozens of winning horses drugged at Kentucky Derby race …
    Video for Horse racing the worst animal cruelty in The Uk▶ 4:45
    Apr 29, 2015
    The scale of drug abuse by trainers at the race course was discovered in figures … the Ethical Treatment of …

    Dozens of winning horses drugged at Kentucky Derby race …
    Video for Horse racing the worst animal cruelty in The Uk▶ 4:45
    Apr 29, 2015
    The scale of drug abuse by trainers at the race course was discovered in figures … the Ethical Treatment of …

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    chintaka: koheda yanne malle pol!!!

    I thought only English is allowed here on CT?

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    Paul the fool , here he goes with his usual racist ranting ,

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    Colombo Telegraph is not watching even BBC.

    Read this.

    Eating animals
    Potential wrongs

    Eating animals poses two moral problems.

    Is it wrong in principle to raise and kill animals so that human beings can eat meat and fish?
    Does it stop being wrong if the processes involved are carried out humanely?

    Eating animals is also criticised on health and ecological grounds, but this article only deals with wrongs to the animals involved.
    Violated rights
    Dead cod

    If you accept that animals have rights, raising and killing animals for food is morally wrong.

    An animal raised for food is being used by others rather than being respected for itself. In philosopher’s terms it is being treated as a means to human ends and not as an end in itself.

    This is a clear violation of the animal’s rights.

    No matter how humanely an animal is treated in the process, raising and killing it for food remains morally wrong.

    But: This is using ‘rights’ in a rather technical philosophical sense. When people talk about animal rights colloquially, they are usually talking about animal interests.
    Violated interests

    Even the most humane forms of rearing and killing animals for food always violates the animal’s most basic interest – to continue living.

    Modern agriculture often violates other key animal interests as well – for example:

    to live in natural (or at least, decent) conditions
    to make free choices
    to be free from fear and pain
    to live healthy lives without needing medical intervention
    to eat a natural diet
    to enjoy the normal social/family/community life of its species

    Human interests versus animal interests
    Cuts of meat hanging in a shop

    Many human beings don’t believe animals have rights, but do think that animals have important interests that should not be violated.

    But some of these people enjoy eating meat and fish, and so face a conflict between animal and human interests: the trivial human interest in eating meat versus the basic animal interest in staying alive.

    The human interest is classed as trivial because human beings don’t need to eat meat in order to live.

    The animal interest in staying alive is classed as basic, because if the animal is killed then all its other interests are frustrated as well.

    Ethical question: Should the trivial human interest in eating meat be satisfied at the expense of the animal interest in staying alive?

    The rights argument
    The rights argument against eating animals

    The rights argument is based only on not violating rights. It disregards the consequences of eating animals.

    The argument goes like this:

    Higher non-human animals have rights
    The most basic right is the right to be treated as an end in oneself, not as a means to someone else’s ends
    Raising and killing animals for food uses them as a means to human gratification, it does not treat them respectfully as ends in themselves
    Eating animals is therefore wrong
    There is no important human need to be considered in this case
    Philosophers who respect rights and accept that animals have rights should be vegetarians

    Problem: Surely one person not eating animals will have no effect on whether animals are raised and killed for food – so there’s no point in being a vegetarian…

    Wrong! The pointlessness of a single person removing meat from their diet is irrelevant to the rights argument for being a vegetarian – if something is wrong, a moral person should not do it.
    The consequentialist (utilitarian) argument

    This sort of argument is based entirely on the results of an action (or the total result of a lot of similar actions). It is only concerned with the consequences of eating animals.

    The argument goes like this:

    We should act so as to increase the amount of goodness in the world
    Raising and killing animals for food is cruel and so reduces the total amount of goodness in the world
    If everyone was a vegetarian, there would be no demand for meat
    If there were no demand for meat no one would raise and kill animals for food
    Therefore if everyone was a vegetarian, the total amount of goodness in the world would be higher
    Therefore everyone should be a vegetarian

    You may want to ask yourself whether it matters that individual consumers don’t themselves commit the wrongful acts of raising and killing the animals.
    Problems with the consequentialist argument
    Problems with the consequentialist argument

    If it is true that the world would be a better place if everyone was a vegetarian, does it follow that any particular individual should be a vegetarian?

    Some philosophers say it doesn’t. They say:

    The meat business is so huge that the loss of an individual consumer will make no difference to it, and so will make no difference to the amount of goodness in the world.

    Other philosophers disagree, and say:

    Someone who eats meat is approving of and collaborating in the wrongful acts of the agriculture business, and it is morally wrong to approve of and collaborate in wrongful acts, even indirectly.

    The first philosopher might reply:

    Because the meat business is so huge, the indirect participation or non-participation of an individual in any wrongful acts that the industry may carry will not influence the continuing of those acts.

    Since an individual’s acts do not cause or encourage the wrong-doing to take place, they are not themselves morally wrong.

    The virtue argument
    Dead turkeys hanging in a butcher shop

    Virtue ethics regard the motivation and character of a person as crucial to whether an act is good or bad.

    A morally good act is one that a virtuous person would carry out, and a morally bad act is one that they wouldn’t.

    Virtuous people live lives that demonstrate virtue. They are generous, kind and compassionate.

    People who participate in a system that treats animals cruelly, and that kills animals to provide trivial pleasures to human beings, are behaving selfishly, and not as a virtuous person would.

    Since their behaviour is not virtuous, their behaviour is morally wrong, whether or not it has any effect on whether people continue to raise and kill animals for food.

    One must refuse (even symbolic) support of essentially cruel practices, if a comparably costly alternative that is not tied to essentially cruel practices is readily available.

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      Jim softy,
      “Many human beings don’t believe animals have rights, but do think that animals have important interests that should not be violated.”

      1. Do animals believe in human rights?
      2. Why do humans have a few canine teeth?

      This is not to say that I eat horses, kill puppies,etc.

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    very happy that the whole world is concerned about animals rights. so there’s no objection from sri lankans to give animals their due place. but we, the sri lankans want to see the whole world start to practise it. not only the elephants but also the animals, like horse, cattle, sheep, fish etc..etc..etc

    why should we give it only to elephants?

    so we’ll be able to see a world without butchers, without horse races, dog races, circuses without performing animals, countries without zoos

    in that world dogs, horses, cattles etc..etc will never be chained

    not only any kind of ill treatment but also slaughtering for human consumption.

    there’ll be no KFC, pizza hut will run with all vegetarian food.

    all the living beings will be enjoying equal rights including the almighty god.

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    Thanks you CT for highlighting this appalling practice. Some animal lovers genuinely fond of the elephants did look after them in their temples houses as best as they could . However, the government turned it into a political witch hunt and even the one that were tendered with loving care were removed from the owners . These people were mainly supporters from the previous government .The whole issue was politicised . Having said that I have witnessed elephants kept in one Colombo temple with no concern for the animal at all . The elephant had no where to turn and was in heavy chains .
    Dehiwala Zoo provided better accommodation but the heavy metal chains kept the animals restricted in its movements . This cruelty should have been addressed first rather than go behind people without proper licences . A warning and a heavy fine would have been better rather than confiscate the elephant and jail the keepers .

    SL is turning out to be a crazy country due to vindictiveness .

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    @ Jim Softy ,nothing personal .you do come up with some very good comments ,but somehow you always seem to be unable to accept the fact that CT can be unbiased and has been a great source of information to us Lankies..

    So let us give them a break friend and let us appreciate two things ,one is we have an instant alternative news feed which not only feeds us with much wanted information but also is very tolerant and always encouraging the simplest thinker among the greater ones , like Native Veda ,Ben Hurling and of-cause Amera ..

    I am sincerely grateful to CT ,

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    UK -Please stop your double standard at-least in this new era .. We love our Elephants and honestly we are not as bad , not even 0000000000.1 % cruel as you are trying so hard to portray us compared to some other nations, if you do not want to help us at-least can you leave us alone to unite and rebuild this beautiful nation.
    Elephants killed for meat as well as ivory – latimes
    Jun 10, 2007 – The main market is in Africa, where elephant meat is considered a delicacy and where growing populations have increased demand.

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    Hthere is no elephant tourism in Sri Lanka. Elephant tourism is a side show.tourist come for the the sun and the sea and the beautiful hill country.

    So Sri Lanka can easily stop this elephant cruelty and still have a Eco friendly tourism

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      How does it happen in your mother land Tamilnadu ?

      Get married to elephants too ?

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      Elephants are a big activity in Kerala. Next comes Karnataka. Tamilnadu comes a poor third and not much in elephant tourism.

      Sorry Jim,
      This is sad.
      Why do you resort to personal attacks? To avoid serious discussion?

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        So Sri Lanka can easily stop this elephant cruelty and still have a Eco friendly tourism

        This is insensitivity to other cultures particularly to the majority culture.

        I don’t think they would talk like that in any other country in the world.

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          Rajash: So Sri Lanka can easily stop this elephant cruelty and still have a Eco friendly tourism

          Jim Softly: This is insensitivity to other cultures particularly to the majority culture.

          insensitive majority culture!

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    ri Lanka’s tourism industry is facing a severe risk which can result in a heavy tumble in tourist arrivals, after the London-based World Animal Protection (WAP) announced that more than 100 travel companies across the world have committed to stopping elephant rides and shows.

    I think most Londeners are muslims and poverty stricken whites. I don’t think they have nay money to go on travailing.

    Besides, christians are cancers they send roots every where and try to control the whole world.

    Why don’t they stop Horse races first in their country. they kill millions of animals for eating and they call it FOOD-ANIMALs.

    they still can not understand why Madcow disease ruined they themselves and their cattle industry and why Bird Flew came to the world.

    Londoners they are the world now. that was long long ago

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    Dolphins are trained to entertain people.


    Is this cruelty to dolphins?
    I think that they enjoy what they do.

    But, I do not think elephants enjoy carrying heavy loads and walking in the Perahera.

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    This is the situation in England and in Wales. I think torusits should not Visit England to see their museums full of stolen goods from Asia, Sri lanka, china and India.

    Facts and figures

    On average every 30 seconds someone in England and Wales dials 0300 1234 999 – the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty line – for help. In 2014 we received 1,299,163 phone calls.

    We have approximately 267 full time (46 part time) RSPCA inspectors, 18 trainee inspectors, 55 full time (3 part time) animal welfare officers (AWOs) and 77 full time (6 part time) animal collection officers (ACOs) working to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals in England and Wales. Read more about our people and what we do.

    Our inspectors now investigate more than 150,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect every year. “

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    This is how British Treat their pets.

    A puppy having its head trapped in a door and a dog shot with a crossbow bolt were among a rising number of cases of animal cruelty investigated by the RSPCA last year, the charity said.

    Those incidents, in Barrow and Peterborough, were among 159,831 investigated in England and Wales in 2014, compared with 153,770 in 2013.

    In another case a rabbit died after being microwaved in Gloucestershire.

    However, the number of people convicted for cruelty fell to 1,029 from 1,371.

    Greater London was the area with the highest number of complaints at 12,202, followed by West Yorkshire with 8,440 and Greater Manchester with 8,069.

    The charity said a total of 20,258 cases involved allegations of deliberate and often violent cruelty.
    ‘Disturbingly inventive’

    RSPCA chief veterinary officer James Yeates said: “Most of the complaints we receive involve animals being neglected or not receiving the right care and often we can put that right by offering welfare advice.

    “However, it is shocking that people are still being deliberately cruel in what can be disturbingly inventive ways.”

    There were five prosecutions relating to the “Neknomination” online craze in which people took part in “dares” involving swallowing live fish, frogs and even a lizard.

    In April 2014, a 22-year-old man from Tyne and Wear was the first person to be prosecuted by the RSPCA for swallowing a goldfish and posting the footage online.

    Overall, West Yorkshire saw the highest number of people convicted at 93, followed by County Durham with 83 and the West Midlands with 64.

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    “London-based World Animal Protection (WAP)” accusing Sri Lanka of Elephant cruelty when WAP should protest to Buckingham Palace and ban horse racing and Fox hunting? Also, why not these pundits go protest at 10 Downing street against George Osborne’s (Chancellor and CHEAT of the Exchequer) austerity measures that target those on disability benefits which is “HUMAN CRUELTY” in itself. This inhumane benefit cuts is like chain sawing those on disability and kicking them off the cliff.

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    This should be the work of British LTTE rump. Otherwise, emgland haviliy abuse their race horses and . At the end kill and eat that horse too.

    They should talk if they have any human values with horses.

    The following are a few home truths about horse racing, which make it clear that the Grand National and races like it are a national disgrace:

    Horses die on the racetrack all the time. Eight horses have died at Aintree in the past two years. Four died at Cheltenham this year. Their deaths were traumatic and frightening, a stomach-churning mess of tangled limbs, fractured bones and broken spines.

    Jockeys see horses as “replaceable”. Jockey Ruby Walsh caused a scandal with his comment on the death of Our Conor at Cheltenham: “You can replace a horse“. But his callous remark served only to highlight the widespread attitude within an industry that treats horses as commodities, not as sensitive, sentient animals.

    Horses are often on drugs. Drugs, both legal and illegal, are as ubiquitous at the racetrack as silly-looking hats are at Ascot. Horses are often drugged to mask their pain and keep them running when they should be resting or receiving treatment. Last year, trainer Mahmood al-Zarooni was banned from racing for eight years after he doped horses with prohibited steroids at one of the world’s leading racing operations.

    Former race horses are “retired” to the slaughterhouse. According to Animal Aid, around 1,000 horses from the racing industry are killed in slaughterhouses in Britain every year, to be turned into dog food or horsemeat. Other horses may face horrific live export to Europe.

    Aintree is one of the most deadly courses in the world. The infamous Becher’s Brook is known as the world’s most dangerous jump and has racked up many fatalities, yet authorities refuse to remove it. Racing 40 skittish horses at a time makes accidents still more likely, while the minor so-called “improvements” to the course are simply token gestures. It’s the very dangerousness of the race that draws in crowds and lines bookies’ pockets – while horses pay with their lives.

    Horses are made to race when they’re too young. Making horses risk their lives on the racecourse is wrong at any age. But it’s especially heartbreaking to learn that these animals may begin to race when they’re barely more than babies and their bones are not up to the pounding and stress of the track. It’s hardly surprising, then, that injuries, lameness and exhaustion are common afflictions.

    Horses are whipped to the finish line. To hurt an animal deliberately is illegal in most other circumstances, but riders at the Grand National are actually required to carry whips – despite the RSPCA’s verdict that “[u]sing whips can cause pain and suffering to the horses” and often makes them run beyond their usual capability, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Frequently, jockeys violate the already watered-down whipping regulations, which dictate how often and where they hit horses.

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    Jim Softly “This should be the work of British LTTE rump.”

    you poor thing.

    But Tigers is also an endangered species.

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    Nothing to do with kindness its all about hitting the buddhist/hindu Culture by christians.

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      It is modern culture, not Christian culture

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