26 June, 2022


Sri Lanka Trade Union Alliance Calls For Resignation Of Sirisena Brother “Horā”

The Sri Lanka Telecom Trade Union Alliance has demanded Chairman of SLT, Kumarasinghe Sirisena to resign from his post for allegedly committing financial extortions of SLT and Mobitel assets, and for his unethical business conduct.

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Chairman of SLT, Kumarasinghe Sirisena

In a letter addressed to Sirisena, who is the brother of President Maithripala Sirisena, the unions said that since Kumarasinghe was appointed as SLT chairman, he has failed to work in a manner beneficial to the organisation. “We have observed your bizarre behavior, where you have tarnished the image of the SLT group, and have not done anything ethically or empathically for the benefit of SLT,” the letter sent on April 18, 2016 said.

The union alliance noted that SLT is a highly sacred place for over 8000 employees who earn their bread and butter, hence it was the unions’ duty to protect the organization from people who are harmful to it.

The unions also alleged that Kumarasinghe had utilized his position at SLT to provide employment for his son, who had also made several foreign trips despite being under probation.

The unions charged that Kumarasinghe had been involved in the violation of a tender procedure of Mobitel which resulted in an over Rs. 20 million loss on an insurance deal, while advertising contracts have also been given to an agency of President Sirisena’s daughter. “You have manipulated board minutes, which is detrimental to the company and also authorized documents, which you cannot, as you do not possess executive powers,” the unions said.

They also accused Kumarasinghe of appointing, R. Rubasinghe, who was interdicted, as CEO of SLT campus, while also insisting that the SLT Board of Directors approve a house rent of Rs. 750,000 apart from attempting to obtain a threefold salary increase by submitting a board paper.

They also accused him of removing Board Directors Thusitha Haloluwa and Cooray from their positions, and appointing Wegapitiya, a friend of Kumarasinghe, as a Board Director.

“Mr. Chairman, since the day you took up office, you have been involved in enormous scandals, which humiliates the prestige of the organisation. The money of this company is from the hard earnings of the hard labour by the employees, if you’re intentions is to plunder company money, then we as a trade union sincerely and very humbly request you to resign from this position without getting branded as a horā (thief),” the letter added.TTTTTT


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  • 15

    People talk abot what is happening now. Not about what the previous government did. They were sent home because of what they did expecting something better from this bunch. Are we getting anything better? I guess not. A different set of thieves have taken over including the boss’s brother. Thank the trade unions for taking some action since no one else is interested in getting rid of thieves.

    • 5

      Trade Unions can call even the President’s brother “a hora” now. This is truly the “Yaha palanaya” or the begin of “the change” we expected. Could, not the trade unions, even a single member of general public, call Basil Rajapakse (He was not just a “Hora”, but a “Mega Hora”) a “hora” during the last regime, there were “Horas” in every sector of the government then and not only one brother of the then President, but all his brothers (except for Chamal R), sons (except the youngest, may be), wife, cousins, nephews, brothers in law…., the whole pack robbed this country to its last thread, but no one raised a shout, as the whole country was plagued by a fear psychosis instilled systematically in the minds of the people by Gota. We are free from the hands of those morons now, so let’s strive hard to pressure the President and his government at every turn to bring about the “Good Governance” promised by them, let’s not leave them alone to govern, let’s join hands with them and swerve this on right direction, I believe, as a nation, that’s our duty towards the country, it’s the need of the hour now.

      • 0

        a lot of “trolop” basically dreamers.
        Get real. One set of crooks has been replaced by a new set of crooks.
        Nothing will change until the country gets rid of the “old” generation of politicians.

  • 16

    The resignation of this man is not enough. Get the IRS in, and investigate his assets prior to the ‘self appointed’ chairman and at present. Lock him up if you have to.

  • 7

    Harin we consider you to be a dynamic young Politician who even took the Challenge to contest at the Uva provincial council and make the much wanted change. This guy is creating problems to the President , The PM and the Cabinet . It is best that he leaves this job

  • 2

    He is certainly creating problems to the government. President should get rid of this shit-eating pig!

  • 3

    The current govt. should seriously note that they are digging their own graves by giving employment to relatives and friends who does not have the necessary qualifications and status to fill top positions,in the govt. sector while the well qualified and deserving candidates knock on doors after doors in search of employment, will rebuff on them, when it comes to the general election. Sure,you will agree the entire staff strength of Sri Lanka telecom, amounting to around 8000 men and women plus their family members and close friends will vote against the President and PM and their parties and these people may have voted for the President & PM in the last election and like wise,staff members of Sri Lankan airlines, Ports and shipping, insurance corporation, public works, Pharmaceutical companies &
    GMOA, and several other organizations, which employ thousands of workers, accounts for a sizeable amount of voters,may vote against
    the Govt.in future elections because of the Govt. planting undesirables as top executives, who are ruining the organizations they are working for under the very eyes of their workers. The govt. will be in trouble if they ignore this humble warning from a voter.

  • 1

    This government that came in to power on a promise of Yahaplanya is now stinking with charges of corruption. These will be reflected in a resounding defeat at the local government polls, if unsuitable candidates are selected to contest.

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