7 April, 2020


Sri Lanka’s Anti-Muslim Campaign Fuels Discord

By Munza Mushtaq

Munza Mushtaq

Sri Lanka’s minority Muslim community is coming under intense pressure from a hard-line Buddhist monk organization allegedly linked to certain powerful individuals in the President Mahinda Rajapaksa-led administration.

The Buddhist Power Force, more commonly known as the “Bodu Bala Sena” (BBS) in the native Sinhala language has lashed out at the country’s second-largest minority, which makes up 9.2% of the population, demanding an outright ban on several Muslim practices including the traditional dress code of women and halal dietary guidelines.

Just days after pressuring the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), the apex religious body of Islamic Theologians in Sri Lanka into withdrawing the halal certification provided to companies in the country, the BBS is now targeting the traditional Muslim garb including the abaya (long black cloak), niqab (face cover) and hijab (head cover).

Addressing a news conference in Colombo, the group’s general secretary, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara, said the Muslim attire was creating all kinds of social and security issues.

“We will fight until this attire is banned from this country, so that there is no chance to unofficially enforce the Islamic Sharia Law in Sri Lanka, which is a Buddhist nation,” he said.

In the days since the announcement of the anti-Muslim campaign, several Muslim women have complained of harassment from unidentified men. On March 15, four young Muslim women dressed in the black cloak and head cover were dragged by their dress across the road by several men at the main Railway Station in Colombo. Several passers-by came to the rescue of the four women by chasing the men, who eventually fled.

“A Muslim woman who had been walking down a road in an afternoon was spat at by a man, who used foul language and asked her to leave Sri Lanka and go back to some Arab country,” an acquaintance of the victim who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Asia Times Online.

BBS, which identifies itself as an organization that opposes what it defines as Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism, intensified its campaign against Muslims in February demanding the abrogation of the halal process.

The BBS alleged that the fee charged by the ACJU to provide the certification was collected to fund Islamic extremism in the country. The group also went to the extent of accusing the Islamic theologian body established in the country in 1924 of funding Islamic militant organizations such as al-Qaeda.

The BBS has failed to provide any substantial proof to their claims; that hasn’t stopped their continuing rhetoric. The allegation over halal certification has been flatly denied by the ACJH, which has stressed that only a nominal fee is charged for the certification process to cover operating costs such as logistics and human resources.

As an effort to maintain harmony in the country, the ACJU last week announced that it has decided to stop issuing the ”halal” logo to all companies, stating that the certification will only be provided free of charge for products catering to the export market as and when requested by the manufacturers.

“We are making a sacrifice because we value the centuries of peace that have existed between our communities,” ACJU president Ash Sheikh Rizwe Mufthi told a news conference in Colombo convened to announce the halting of the halal certification process.

The BBS has expressed displeasure over ACJU’s decision to continue to provide halal certification for the export market and is demanding the scrapping of the entire process. The halting of the certification has created difficulties for entire Muslim community, who now face a loss of confidence in whether their food is in accordance with their religious principles.

Terming the halal process “Islam extremism”, an executive committee member of BBS, Dilantha Vithanage has claimed that Muslims are systematically taking over the country with extremist habits and has called on the Buddhist community, which counts for 74.9% of the country’s population, to boycott all Muslim establishments including shops and restaurants, on grounds that contributing to their income will increase Islamic extremism.

Small independent groups with alleged links to the Bodu Bala Sena have threatened to throw rotten eggs on Buddhist women who defy these orders and shop at Muslim-owned shopping centers. Anti-Muslim campaigns have also sprung up on social media sites such as Facebook.

Meanwhile, the BBS has set their sights on a historic rock cave mosque in Kuragala, 135 kilometers east of the capital, Colombo. The mosque’s existence dates back to the 10th century. Gnanasara claims that it should be removed because it is situated in a vast Buddhist monastery complex.

The government is yet to come out openly and condemn the victimization of the Muslim community, and even Muslim ministers in the government are quiet despite the continuous harassment of their community. Sri Lankan police chief N K Illangakoon has said that he will ensure the safety, security and equality of everyone, no matter to which race or religion they belong. However, there have been various instances where the police have failed to act on complaints lodged by Muslims against repeated forms of harassment and intimidation.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a brother of the president, has publicly associated himself with the BBS despite mounting criticism against the group. The BBS is also strongly backed by the Jathika Hela Urumaya, a partner of the ruling coalition.

Analysts expressed concern on grounds that just months before Sri Lanka celebrates its fourth anniversary since ending the quarter-century long bloody war with the Tamil Tigers, the country is showing signs of yet another ethnic conflict. Addressing a mass rally in Kandy, some 100 kilometers from Colombo, BBS’s executive committee member Dilantha Vithanage vowed to continue his organization’s “struggle” on behalf of the Buddhist community.

Meanwhile, veteran left-wing Sri Lankan politician Vasudeva Nanayakkara has expressed concerns over the increased activities of the BBS, warning that their activities can lead to riots in the country. The Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a body comprising of over 57 member countries, this week wrote to the Sri Lankan government expressing its concerns over the escalating ethnic tensions in the island.

*Munza Mushtaq is a journalist based in Colombo and a former news editor of two English newspapers in Sri Lanka. A version of this article is first appeared in  Asia Times Online.

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    The BBS is a group of ignorant elements, being used as pawns by a larger evil entity, to cause communal problems and hatred against 7.6 percent minority. They must be intellectually challenged to think that this minor percentage of Muslims can take over nearly 70 percent of Buddhist and have sharia law in this country.
    BBS does not care for peace in this country. Someone is paying and instigating them to cause turmoil, and intimidate the Muslims. The Muslims have not given any reasons for such hatred, when records show for generations they have lived in peace and minded their business, even sharing their food with neighbors on their holy days. The question is, why is the government encouraging such unacceptable behavior, and allowing this deadly situation to fester? Where are the Muslim politicians and what are they doing about this?
    Why is the government not investigating where this evil stems from, to nip it in the bud?
    Their silence speaks volumes.

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      Yes the BBS is beating the drum for which they are being paid (Kuliyata Bera Ghanawa). Who is paying them?

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        Cant we say LTTE. After all they created the tsunami

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        Hakeem, Rishard, Fousees, Faizals and others are doing an oriental dancing to the drum beat and Muslim league countries are trying to donate more drums to hipnatise all the Mohomads of this Banana Republic

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    The forces of evil fuel discord. They sacrifice their religous pronciples and distort their religon to achieve political power and gain. BBS / JHU / SR are without principles and will surely fail.

    On the other hands the muslims have maintained a principled stand in keeping with their religous teachings and principles. We have not reacted to repeated provocation. So we can stand on our principles and take recourse in our religon.

    ‘And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things.’ Surah Talaq 65-3

    • 0

      Muslims are winning in somalia…haha the paradise of starving skeletons,and the principle is attain paradise by killing infidels ,and the fuel,…saudi wahabi petro dollars….But how long…USA and Israel will finish arabs…then the whole circus will end
      Muslims believe that they will get a place in paradise if they die for their religion,they believe that in paradise 75 virgins called hooris are waiting for them to bang , now what kind of idiots will believe in heaven and hell,The afghanis and pakistanis are dying as suicide bombers ,because they belive that god will reward them jannath and they can bang 75 virgins each…

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    This country is doomed as long as the people tolerate the RajaPassas’ and their extremist Sinhala Buddhist running dogs like the Bodu Bala Sena, Sinhala Rawaya and Power of Ravana.

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    First of all, i would like to thank the writer for the written commentary of Bodu Bala Sena’s actions. Most of the columnist are just giving the commentary only, no one is putting forward any solution to the current situation. Every one is know that the government is behind the scene. The so called ‘the most powerful man’ on this country is publicly backing Bodu Bala Sena, may be that is the reason no one is voicing! The only man who raised his concern was searched and asked to come for an investigation. I am wondering whether he will arrested and will be put behind the bars!
    Dear fellow citizens, we have the the weakest opposition against the 2/3rd majority government. Because of that the government is playing it’s game every where. People do not have any option but to watch the game.
    I am asking true Buddhists to save this country by bringing up the most wanted CHANGE!

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    None of the ethnic communities that live in Sri Lanka can claim purity of blood lines or undiluted genes from one stream of unpolluted ancestry.

    There is definitely “Muslim” blood in “Sinhala” veins, “Tamil” blood in “Muslim” veins, due to so much mixing and marriages between the ethnic groups.

    So, this being the case, why not identify ourselves as “Sri Lankan” rather than maintain a label that is merely nominal?

    Can’t people have their “unique” identities only within their home walls and not on public streets? Why scapegoat or victimise, or discriminate on the basis of religion?

    Is a common identity so hard to accomplish in such a small country?

    • 0

      The older brother cannot get the love of the younger if he treats him differently. To strength their blood relationship the older should embrace the younger. Sinhala Buddhist extremism pinched the Tamils, hurt them and massacred them. Now the pinching has begun on the Muslims. How can the Sri Lankan identity be promoted when such different treatment by the Sinhalese to the other communities is meted out. Of course it is no doubt there are political objectives behind. It is the duty of the Sinhala masses to expose and shun that politics so that the Sinhalese themselves and the country as a whole can be peaceful. When you hurt the other you yourself cannot have peace.

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    Munza Mushtak, Do you think BBS protest against normal muslims? No. BBS protest against extremist unscruplous muslims who trying to establish Wahabi system here. And the various unscruplous methods use by these extremist to earn money.

    It is open secret that muslims bringing drugs to SL from Pakistan. Maybe a carrer is from different nationality but the higher-ups are muslims. In SL money laundering mostly done by muslims and it is a open secret. They are experts to carry foreign currency without declare it thru airport. Anybody can say why not arrest them. They can buy even custom officials,police,immigration officials and even if arrested the best lawyers appear for them. Or they pay the fine at once and release their buddies.

    Muslims engage in a racket to persuade muslim parents to marry their daughters to Pakistani’s,Maldivians etc.. and then get SL citizenship to foreigner’s. And persuade muslim younger’s to marry sinhala girls. In Passara,Badulla area very famous for that kind of activities.

    These extremists planning to grab piece of land adjacent to arch. sites and then expand the extent gradually by erecting a prayer station etc.. That’s what happen in Kuragala, Balangoda and,Dabulla. And in Muhudu maha viharaya in Pothuvil. Do you know how many arch. sites buldozed by these extremists in Eastern SL.

    So when BBS protest against these kind of activities, now they start mud slinging campaign in web sites. These are the few examples. If you want more let me know.

    • 0

      A long assumed story. Yet, why the Sri Lanka intelligence service which claims to be one of the best in world identify the so-called Wahabists and the deal deal with them.

    • 0

      Rana your story is very true.Muslim fanatics where ever they go they create problem for the country for the host country.They are creating problems in UK,Australia,USA,France,Germany to name a few.Where ever they go they want to practice their culture even it clash with the day today life of the people of the host country.Almost all the countries in the world have problems with Muslim due to this nature.Take Russia they have problem in Cechnia.China has Uruguayan problem a Muslim community who wants autonomy there.recently France imposed a ban on Baruka.In this country when we were small we never had this baruka problem.One day fanatic nature in Islam will engulf the whole world.It is already happening in their own countries.

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        The reality is far from what you think.

        Please speak to our embassies in the Middle East. a Significant number of those imprisoned are petty thieves from Sri Lanka as a percentage of the expat population from each country, not from India, not form Bangladesh and not from the Philippines!

        You are blind to Kudu Raja’a who are in parliament. I can confidently say the same thing about Sinhalese who have robbed this country with kickbacks and commissions. Who is Mr. 10%? A Muslim?

        You are ignorant aboutKuragala. there is archeological evidence that Muslims had a place of worship since 10th century. Just because you bulldoze the truth with brute force, it doesn’t change.

        Multi-religious marriages are common in multi-cultural societies. Many Sinhalese are marrying White Christians. This was a fashionable trend some years ago where Whites married and took the their Sinhalese brides away. Many Muslims are marrying Christians as well and Christians are not making a fuss. So why is it a problem when only with Muslims marrying outside their community?

        All this points to scare mongering, innuendo, and pure pettiness.

        • 0

          Nabil the name 10 percent was originated in parkistan and earned by Zardari, Benazeer Butho’s husband during her regime in Parkistan.He earned that name for taking kick-backs using the influnce of his wife.

          • 0

            thank you. Exactly my point. People don’t become rogues because of labels we attach to them. It is unfair to say that Muslims are corrupt by virtue of being Muslim.

            Just because Sakvithi was a rogue to label all Sinhalese as thieves and humbugs is preposterous

    • 0

      @ Rana, BBS is protesting Muslims, not Wahabis! In the name of Wahabis, they are attacking innocent Muslims.
      I don’t deny that the Muslims are bringing Drugs, what about Sinhalese, aren’t they? If Silva brings you call it “One Silva brought drugs.” If a Naufer brings ” Muslims brings drugs.” The different is you generalize when Naufer does.
      Rather blaming a Muslim businessmen for kappam, why don’t you blame or arrest the officials. As long as there are third grade government officials are there these cunning businessmen escape from the system. For your weaknesses you don’t blame all muslim communities!

      • 0

        That mindless commenter like a few others here has one job – to instigate, provoke, and attack one religion. His masters in stolen lands have paid him to attack the Sri Lankan Muslims, and make them look like the extremists that not only bring shame to their religion, but who will kill other Muslims without hesitation.

        The Muslims in Sri Lanka are not wahabis, not extremists, and certainly are unique. It is amusing to see desperate comments trying to connect the Sri Lankan Muslims to others, but it will not go far.
        Every religion has fanatics, extremists, even in stolen lands int he middle east, they have their share of crazies, but right now the islamaphobes intent is to turn all Buddhists against their Muslim brothers. For they benefit from poisoning minds.

        They are filled with hate, insecurity, and hope that their crimes will go unnoticed, when the Muslims are picked on.

    • 0

      Rana, you are convincingly so foolish. You desecrate facts from the air. You can better dessicate coconuts in your kitchen rather than running behind the mirage for indecent proposals to paint your with with modern arts.

      You will know this only when the BBS will be imploded to the extant that you wouldn’t be listening to the television, and watching a radio, and until deprived of a supporting pant under your scrotum.

    • 0

      Yes it is Muslims who owns wine shops, casinos, brothel houses, massage PARLOURS, kasippu dens, etc. etc. because over 70% of Sri Lanka’s population is Muslims. Buddhist are taking sil 24 hours and 365 days.

    • 0


      even if a muslim is smuggling drugs in to sri lanka how will he do it without the concent of any SINGHALA CUSTOMS OFFICER ??????

      if you ARE true please reveal all those drug dealer names so that we may know them too with solid proof.

      this looks like the MAS KANE KES EKA.
      according to the singhala mentality killing FISH, CHICKEN , PIGS is not a sin but only they are disturbed when a muslim slaughters a cow that too the most hyganical way ??? this it self is a clear proof of the ANTI MUSLIM SINGHALA MIND.

      definitely BBS is backed by MOSSAD, RSS , SHIV SENA.

      they must be making big money for sure. any way poor guys let them at least make some money for once instead eating the daily PING BATH in the temples and putting up weight for nothing.

  • 0

    Do we know why the Bodu Bala Sena which is being supported by the present SL Government is attacking the Muslims? It all started with the Muslim parties showing their opposition to the proposed withdrawal of the 13th amendment. Withdrawal of the 13th amendment was sponsored by Gothabaya. Although Gothabaya is only a Secretary – a civil servant, he has no right to make any such proposals or sponsor one. However, he being the brother of the President he proposed the abolition of the 13th amendment. This resulted in India calling him for a showdown and when he returned to Sri Lanka his ranting increased. Since he was attacked by the politicians, general public and the media re: his rating he instigated Bodu Bala Sena to act against the Muslims with a view of controlling the Muslim politicians by fear. So it is not that the Buddhist are worried that if they eat food labeled “Halal” or use products labeled “Halal” they will be converted to Islam, it is the present government’s method of instilling fear in the hearts of the Muslims so that they will not oppose the abolition of the 13th amendment.

    • 0

      Good comment. You hit the nail on GOATAsena’s swollen head. My understanding is that GOATA and his brother MaRa are shitting bricks with the current uprising!!

  • 0

    Obviously there are issues between the different communities in Sri Lanka just like in many multicultural countries across the world. But the conflicting issues should be dealt in a civilized manner through public discussion and debate. It should be a war of ideas rather than one of violence as already pleaded by many writers on these pages. With an increasingly knowledgeable, cosmopolitan and media-savvy younger generation of Sri Lankans such an open and frank yet mutually respectful discussion is not unfeasible. It is true the proliferation of social media is also exploited by fundamentalists on all sides to spread their hate messages. But I’m confident the voice of reason is not lost but embedded in the silent majority like in any society.

    The recent experience of western societies in combating racial tensions due to the ever-increasing influx of new immigrants from vastly different backgrounds has shown education is the most effective method in dealing with the problem. It is so successful among the younger “it” generation that racism or prejudice of any sort is disparaged and looked down as “uncool” and so “yesterday.” It is the racists who become social “pariahs” in western liberal societies. In this process the generational conflict also helps significantly. Young people usually resent their parents’ values and beliefs, and racism is chief among them. The culture war between the generations is even more pronounced among new immigrants as the parents try to dissuade their children from adopting the culture of the host country. Children for their part rebel against racist politics and other oppressive cultural baggage brought over by their parents from the home country.

    This has led to some interesting developments in the Tamil diaspora in the west. In many instances children educated in anti-racism and multi-cultural values promptly identified their parents’ racist attitudes not only against the Sinhalese but also against other communities in their new home. The children censured their parents saying “we never met a Sinhalese in our lives and so why do you keep harping about them day and night?” They were also embarrassed by their parents hanging Prabakaran’s picture on the wall alongside Hindu deities. The children knew the mainstream society regarded him as a terrorist mass murderer. When police officers had to go to these homes on some official duties they were appalled and couldn’t believe their eyes. This was after 9/11 and the officers would ask other Tamils “Is it okay in your culture to worship a terrorist leader as God?” Some would be bolder and ask “What kind of values are you teaching your children when the first thing they see when they enter their home is Prabakaran’s picture who is on Interpol’s most wanted list?” The police officers had no qualms asking such questions as many of these children were getting into trouble with the law. The children also resented their parents’ use of ethnic slur words such as “karuval” for black people and “sappattai” for Chinese. Increasing inter-ethnic socialization, friendships and marriages in the highly diverse post-modern conditions under which these children grow up make racism of any sort highly repulsive and primitive to them.

    So I firmly believe education along the lines of cross-cultural understanding, and more inter-communal activities among the youth can go a long way in changing people’s attitudes towards the “other.” It is the children who can educate the parents and bring positive changes before hatred and prejudice plunge the whole country into the abyss once again. People must be made to realize ethnocentric, racist and fundamentalist ideas no matter where they are coming from – whether from the majority or the minorities – will not be tolerated in a civilized society. Those ideas should be ridiculed as primitive and tribal. Humour and satire can be potent weapons in exposing the hypocrisy of our cardboard cultural warriors and bringing their pakkis pedestals down.

    Racism should be regarded as way out of fashion. Racists should be shunned as “haalparuwas.”

    A person without any bias based on race, class, religion, ethnicity, language, caste, gender or sexual orientation is “ela” and a “cool dude.”

    • 0

      Ajay you are wrong. There are no issues between different communities in Sri Lanka. What we have is the result of propaganda carried out by various political parties for their own benefit and survival. Citizens of Sri Lanka are being manipulated. Let us be honest about it.

      • 0

        Park you are right.

        “There are no issues between different communities in Sri Lanka. What we have is the result of propaganda carried out by various political parties for their own benefit and survival. Citizens of Sri Lanka are being manipulated.”


  • 0

    It is common knowledge that the Defence Secretary, Gothabaya Rajapaksa, is the power and driving force behind the BBS.

    BBS is a common or garden majoritarian phenomenon, driven by maniacal triumphalism after Government forces decimated the LTTE along with allegedly several thousand Tamil civilians in collateral damage.

    Nobody doubts or challenges the fact that the Rajapaksa regime brought the war to an end, and potentially ushered in a long-forgotten peace to SL.

    Despite the alleged collateral damage to Tamil civilians, the people, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, and Burgher are indeed eternally grateful to the Rajapaksa regime for finishing off the LTTE.

    If the people in SL have accepted and acknowledge without demur that the Rajapaksa regime have asserted and established their supremacy in SL after the war, one wonders for what purpose this new project to rouse communal passions against peaceful Muslims is being driven by GR.

    Enlisted in this project are also other running dogs of government, namely the JHU, Sinhala Ravaya and other sundry racist groups. They have seemingly found a new ally in BBS, and are quite happy to supplement and support the racist imperatives of BBS under the guise of objecting to “halaal”, “shariah”, “purdah” and other Muslim practices.

    Everybody knows that these Muslim practices have prevailed for centuries in SL, and hitherto not been perceived to have infringed on the rights of any other citizen.

    Therefore one begins to wonder why, and from where this recent communal campaign originated.

    These campaigners are well aware that their obviously superficial arguments against halaal certification, and the perceived threats from Muslim extremists in SL are spurious and laughable, but make great platforms to create alarm and despondency among the citizenry.

    If, as is evident, this road leads to the door of GR, then it is he, and only he, who should speak up and explain to the general public his motivation and inspiration for this dangerous policy direction.

    Some take the view that GR is perhaps now contemplating leaving his job as Defence Secretary in order to launch himself into the political arena via the platform of radical Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.

    Although he behaves otherwise, legally as a government employee, he is presently precluded from political bias and/or activities.

    Therefore, once he has established a constituency with the support of his running dogs, launching himself into parliament and a securing a Cabinet post (probably Defence) will automatically follow.

    Then he will be completely free to pursue his own political agenda, racist or otherwise.

    The question arises: Will he then be supplementing or competing with the agendas of his other siblings and johnny-come-lately nephew?

  • 0

    MUSLIMS are getting rejected from civilized society due to there cunning opportunistic antisocial attitudes. this is happening NOT only in sri lanka. France said them to go away if they wants to practice there new faith. Australia also warned them. Japan never give land rights to any muslims as they know the danger of that.
    they wants the president to apologize!!!! they took the low in to there hands and issued HALAL certificate violating the existing low of sri lank for years and raised funds. DID THEY APOLOGIZED FOR WHAT THEY DID. DID THEY PUBLISHED THE ACCOUNTS TO SHOW WHAT THEY DID WITH THAT BILLIONS OF MONEY!! if they wants the protection of low they should practiced it. They need the protection of low while they misuse it for there own benefits!!. THEY SAY ALL THIS HAS TO BE FAIR AS THIS IS A BUDDHIST COUNTRY!!!
    THEY CAN THROW STONES TO COURTS, THERE POLITICOS SHOULD BE ABLE TO MINGLE EXAM RESULTS IN A WAY SO THERE PEOPLE WILL GET BENEFIT. they can build mosques in lands belong to Buddhist temples. what they expect is while they do all this anti social things others should keep there eyes closed. sri lankan muslims, it is time for u to correct your bad immoral things if you really need to live peacefully in sri lanka.

    • 0

      “MUSLIMS are getting rejected from civilized society due to there cunning opportunistic antisocial attitudes.”

      Can you list them please and compare them with “ opportunistic anti-social attitudes” of all Sri Lankans? Are the majority of Muslims drunks, rapists and Murders?
      “this is happening NOT only in sri lanka. France said them to go away if they wants to practice there new faith. “

      Sorry. Nothing of the sort is happening in France. What is happening is that there is healthy debate over secular freedom and, religious freedom. The French want to maintain separation of church and government, nor do they want to be too intrusive legislating against religious expression. The Catholic Church has bigger challenges because most westerners are not practicing “Catholics”

      “Australia also warned them. Japan never give land rights to any muslims as they know the danger of that.”

      Australia has a miniscule Muslim population and no one takes extremists there seriously.
      “they wants the president to apologize!!!! they took the low in to there hands and issued HALAL certificate violating the existing low of sri lank for years and raised funds”.

      No one is taking action because no LAW was broken. You think BBS/JHU would have kept qiet if issuing HALAL certificates is unlawful, when they RAID the perfectly legal meat distribution center in Dematagoda

      “DID THEY APOLOGIZED FOR WHAT THEY DID. DID THEY PUBLISHED THE ACCOUNTS TO SHOW WHAT THEY DID WITH THAT BILLIONS OF MONEY!! if they wants the protection of low they should practiced it. They need the protection of low while they misuse it for there own benefits!!. THEY SAY ALL THIS HAS TO BE FAIR AS THIS IS A BUDDHIST COUNTRY!!!”

      Sorry again. They are an organization created by law. They are obliged to have their accounts audited. You can petition the Auditor General if he hasn’t done so. Also ACJU has asked for interested parties to come have a look

      No one is protecting them expect the government. Don’t blame Muslims for the hooliganism of a government backed thug!
      “they can build mosques in lands belong to Buddhist temples. what they expect is while they do all this anti social things others should keep there eyes closed.”

      In most cases where mosques are standing on temple lands, they were gifted to Muslims by very grateful kings for services rendered. Muslims fought alongside the Sinhalese and were persecuted by the Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders, one of the reasons why Kotte didn’t fall for a long time. Whereas many Sinhalese OPPORTUNIST converted to Christianity. If Ehelepola had not betrayed the Kandyan King history might have taken a different turn.

      sri lankan muslims, it is time for u to correct your bad immoral things if you really need to live peacefully in sri lanka.

      • 0

        SU is just a paid troll like the others here, maybe got it’s training in the desert “farmlands” of Israel, or under the Islamaphobic nut like Geert Wilders and his evil outfit. Who knows. But if you read carefully, there is not substantial content in what they say, they just spew anti Islamic rhetoric, with some disconnected – like one may if trained to misinform and spread false propaganda.

        Their support of BBS thuggery and anti Muslim actions here in Sri Lanka only shows what kind of mindset they adhere to. Most intelligent moderate Buddhist are appalled by these saffron robed thugs and their goons. Hatred for Muslims in Sri Lanka is an orchestrated plan that Islamaphobes with millions of dollars behind them have initiated in Europe, Australia, and even in the US. Right now in Myannmar, Muslims are being attacked and murdered by saffron robed thugs and their goons. Strange coincidence eh?

    • 0


      • 0

        Isn’t that the most racist comment made so far?

      • 0

        muslim (but then anyone claim to be muslim)

        A people who are demonised like muslims are today never escaped mass murder! There are many examples.

        One thing that would prevent the future mass murder of Muslims is change of perceptions about Muslims in the Sinhala/ Buddhist community. Rejection of the BBS bigots and their ilk by the majority community is what can guarantee security to Muslims.

        So, you need to be careful of your word choices!

    • 0

      Not muslim my dear it is you people. You have finished Tamils and wanted to do the same to Muslims! This is our Mother Land. We have freedom to practice our religion. In France after restrictions Islam is spreading very fast. It is same in all other Europian countries. Now over 2 Billion Muslims are living in this world. We will eat only Halal meet and also values our religious practices. If you want to eat DEAd Animals No objections, eat them, we are not bothered. If you wants you girls to roam in budu, let them do, no harm, we are not bothered. It is happening even now in CASINOS ANN’S massage PARLOURS.

  • 0

    CT publishes the best articles from the best of contributors. These articles promote peace. Most are thankful to CT for it.

    However, sadly, CT also allows some racists and islamophobes to spew out their anti minority venom in its comments sections.

    Hope someone up in higher levels in CT would look into this!

    • 0


      you seem to be a racist too,in that sense your views too should be blacked out.Listen to the others view points too ,to know how the minority are targeted,by the racists.

    • 0

      It is known their main server sits in Sweden and links through numerous networks thru it’s partners in and etc…

    • 0

      Comments from racists and islamophobes are essential in the interests of fairness. The CT would make very dull reading if every journalist sang from the same hymn book. But there is another reason. Giving space to racists and islamphobes shows them in their true colors and gives readers an opportunity to challenge them.

      • 0


        We cannot allow people to preach murder in the name of freedom of speech.

        Neville, I agree that allowing the racists/islamophobes some space gives us an opportunity to know their ‘true colours’, and challenge them. I think we now know what their they are saying because CT gave them enough space. And many decent people are challenging their false narratives, too.

        Racists/ islamophobes are bigots, and we cannot reason with bigots. What we can attempt to do is to immunise other decent thinking people in the society against their vile ideas. Having those who are preaching murder banned may be of help. Perhaps it may even be a prerequisite for peace in this country.

  • 0


    It was a pre-planned attack on minority Muslims of Burma which created violence in Meiktila on March 20 where the dead toll is 47 Muslim including 11 women, 28 madrassa students and 5 teachers till March 22, according to a press release of Burmese Rohingya Organization UK (BROUK) on March 22.
    “Anti-Muslim campaigns have been getting stronger in Burma during recent weeks. President Thein Sein’s government has incited the attacks and ignored the growing anti-Muslim campaigns.”
    “A monk, who was arrested for similar acts in 2003 and subsequently released, has been preaching the ‘cleansing of Muslims from Myanmar’ for months, but the government didn’t take any action and it became a violence in Meiktila.”
    “It is very clear that security forces are just watching while the mobs are destroying and burning Muslim’s houses. Cleansing of Muslims in Burma is happening under the noses of the international community. These are not communal clashes; this is not equal sides fighting. These are organized attacks to cleanse of Muslims where the vast majority of those killed and displaced are Muslims,” U Tun Khin, the president of BROUK said.
    “We call for pressure on the President Thein Sein’s government to ensure that displaced people can return to their original villages safely and freely. We call on the international community to pressure the Burmese government to stop anti-Muslim activities and racism in Burma.”
    There should be laws on racism if the government wants to see durable peace in Burma, the press stated.
    A Buddhist couple from Meiktila Township entered a Muslim gold shop to try and sell some fake gold and started to threaten and abuse the shopkeeper on March 20, 2013 at 10am.After half an hour, a crowd gathered and started stoning the shop and destroyed it. Two hours later, a big crowd came to the town and started destroying property, Muslims’ shops, mosques and houses were burnt down, according to statement.
    “As Burma is manifestly failing to protect its Muslim population, we also urge the international community to use the “responsibility to protect” or the duty to prevent mass atrocities. This responsibility now lies with the international community.”
    Besides, “The journalists were threaten by young monks to kill if no destroy the image of Meiktila violence and seized all the cameras from us. After promised, they returned our cameras. In Meiktila, after Muslim, they targeted the journalists. It is not a violence, it may be bigger if it spread to other towns, according to a journalist from 7 days journal who returned from Meiktila.
    Similarly, the Amnesty International’s Deputy Asia Pacific Director Isabelle Arradon, said. “The latest reports of violence in Meiktila are very worrying, and show that tension between the two communities is spreading to other parts of the country. There is a real risk of further violence unless the authorities take immediate steps to protect those at risk.”
    “There should also be an immediate and impartial investigation into the recent violence so that those responsible can be held to account.”
    “The authorities are responsible for ensuring protection of people, their homes and livelihoods. While doing so, they must ensure protection of all communities without discrimination.”
    “It is imperative that the cycle of violence is not repeated.”

    • 0

      Well if they are in Burma they become BBS (International)

  • 0

    There is no point in calling the writer a racist mr. lionel. It is because of people like you that today our country is shattered into pieces.
    You choose to ignore the problem, and call everyone racist except the real culprits which is the BBS.
    You call people who write truth racist. You cant have fake peace by ignoring facts.
    Today tamils are cornered and living in fear, and it is also happening to Muslims.
    how come you are so ignorant you dont see the racist activities of BBS?
    You saw how the BBS came on television and lied about how the quran says to spit on food before giving it to non-muslim people.
    Is that ook? is that unracist? is that peace?
    Dont have double standards mr. lionel, today our country is in such a situation not because of the tamils or muslims, but because of the majority, because they feel insecure and they use different tactics to penalize the minorities.
    writing lies to promote peace wont achieve anything.

    • 0

      Lionel was referring to the people who write comments, not the author of the piece!

    • 0

      You have misunderstood Lionel’s comments

    • 0

      I was referring to some of those commenting, and not the authors.

      (Neville and Justice Seeker for attempting to clarify on my behalf. Such little things mean a lot in these difficult times. :) )

      • 0

        i mean to say thank you…

  • 0

    We are playing with fire!

  • 0

    yes, the BODU BALU SENA , KAAMADURULAA SAID IN THAT MEETING IN KANDY “”BBS came on television and lied about how the quran says to spit on food before giving it to non-muslim people.””


    • 0

      first lawyers should sue the people who issued HALAL certificate violating the existing low of sri lanka.

      • 0

        Dear Su, I very surprised by you comment on this Halal certificate.

        Did Muslims OR ACJU demanded from manufactures to produce halal certificate?

        Prior to Halal certificate, Muslims are we used to double check the contains of the products,special with E series. when we find contains are comfortable only we take for our consumption.

        So Companies used segment marketing capture the Muslim community. ACJU helped them by inspecting the Halal process as per Muslim requirement by charging very nominal charge.

        So now you decide….?

        I hope you have basic knowledge to understand the fact..

  • 0

    A lot of Muslims and Tamils in the North and East are still homeless.I think most of them have only one meal a day as they do not have a regular source of income The BBS which preaches against the preaching of the Lord Buddha, is hell bent in disrupting the friendship between the Buddhists and Muslims.Though there are more than 20 Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the government and Provincial Councils they are reluctant to voice their protest.My opinion is that they do not want to be deprived of the perks and privileges they enjoy at present by revealing to the country that the government is not concerned of the plight of the Muslims.Also they know if they leave the government they will lose their businesses too.The ordinary Muslims are helpless today.It seems that Allah is only helping the Muslim Ministers and businessmen, not the poor .Where was Allah when the Tsunami annihilated 1% of Muslim population in Sri Lanka?

    • 0

      @ Premalal,

      Maybe the issue is not so much that they are homeless, but that each family is having 5-6 children. What a shame that Fibonacci used rabbits to derive his sequence, when such a willing segment of the human population was around.

      • 0

        Lester, it seems , you cant make 4 or 5 chuldren , so , better go to dr and consult along with BBS UNMARRIED THUGS. OR YOU MARRY 4 OR 5 MARRIAGES ALONG WITH THEM

  • 0

    I am only analyzing the facts and I tender my apology if my view has hurt my Muslim brothers & sisters. The issue is who was instrumental for anti-Muslim campaign. Are these Muslim politicians honest in being a partner with the majority parties whenever they rule the country? (It does not mean that I am supporting either the Sinhalese or Tamil extremists). It is accepted that majority of Islamic fundamentalists may not be terrorists, but the Islamic teachings have been adapted by Islamic terrorist groups to justify their actions. Islamic fundamentalism calls for a society ruled by Islamic Law and rejects everything that are Western. Fundamentalists call for a return to a strict ‘pure Islam’ as practiced in the 7th century by Prophet Muhammad. In a changing world and especially in a multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious, is it desirable to practice Wahhabist ideology without harming other religious practices. The issue is will they practice tolerance? The Quran sets strict rules against suicide and killing women, children and old people, but today the Islamic terrorist tactics are against the basic teachings of Islam. They failed to realize that a place like New York, London or Mumbai is a home to several races.
    In my view a religion should have the force of blessing everyone irrespective of any discrimination as to race, faith, colour, caste, etc and that any other interpretation that leads to injustice, oppression and hostile to other people and fanaticism that does not respect the rights of others, should be rejected. Today it is found that interpretation of Islam has often been linked to Wahhabism especially after 1970, the events of which will speak for themselves.
    There can be Islamic teachings against suicide and killing of innocent people, but Islamic terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda have used a fundamentalist form of Islam to justify an unholy war of terrorism. Moreover, there are other Islamic terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaeda which has been responsible for the attacks around the world. Bombing of an underground Subway in London in 2005, shooting & bombing in Mumbai in 2008 in addition to the September attack on the Twin Tower in America are cases in point. Moreover, when the Twin Tower was attacked by Al-Quaeda, Muslims were praising Bin Laden over the loud speakers after their prayers which was a common sight in Colombo and which really placed the country in a precarious situation. Have these Muslims ever realized that Sri Lanka has to abide by the principles of the United Nations Charter and that Sri Lanka has to stretch friendly arms towards the countries combating terrorism. The world will never forget how the innocent Israeli athletes were shot dead at Munich. According to one of the widows of the deceased Israeli athlete, an Olympic official has admitted that Muslim countries blocked the ‘One Minute of Silence’ campaign to honour the 11 murdered Israeli athletes. These events showed how Islamic terrorism spread throughout the world and tied their feet. My view is that Sri Lanka too was never an exception.
    The increase of Islamic terrorism spread with the introduction of Wahhabism in Sri Lanka. One cannot easily dismiss that these are rumors operating in the East. After the IPKF had ransacked Kathankudy, the Muslims were waiting for an opportunity. When Chandrika Bandaranayake assumed office as President, Ashroff was given the key portfolio of Ports & Shipping, during which period arms and ammunitions were transported from Colombo Harbour to the East, a fact which cannot be denied easily. The precedent of transporting arms and ammunitions was created by Premadasa when arms and ammunitions were transported directly from Colombo to Vanni to fight the IPKF. It is during this period Wahabbism rooted firmly in the East with violence. Mention should be made that some Israeli athletes (who were to take part in the Olympics) were shot dead by Islamic terrorists at Munich in Germany, which shocked the entire world. However, the Muslims in Sri Lanka were not that violent as the IPKF (with more than 200,000 soldiers) was stationed in North-East Province. But with Chandrika Bandaranayake assuming power as President, there was a turn of event. These are not canards. In fact, there was a Muslim school by the name Al-Quaeda Vidyalaya. The truth was that the Sinhalese was not in a position to confront two monsters at the same time, instead they were compelled to adapt diplomatic means with the assistance of India.
    During the height of the LTTE period, Muslim officers too were engaged in illegal activities. The Deputy Registrar of Persons was a Muslim Officer who issued National Identity Cards for the LTTE cadres for a payment of Rs.25,000/= per card was a case in point. Today he is languishing in jail. This was the period India too was confronted with the problem of Islamic terrorists within the country. Pakistani Islamic terrorists gained entry through Bangaladesh then through Sri Lanka where National Identity Cards were issued and after receiving the Identity Cards they gained entry into Tamil Nadu, where Al-Aqsa was engaged illegal activities. In fact, there were instances where Islamic terrorists in Tamil Nadu were arrested during this period. Moreover, as Bangaladesh was economically weak, some Bangaladesh Muslims were brought into Sri Lanka and settled in the Central Provinces. This was the reason why some Muslims were shot in Kandy during the election in Anuruddha Ratwatte’s period.
    Later when Fowzie was Minister in charge of Harbour Shipping, the notorious drug king Pottu Nauffer was engaged in business in partnership with a Muslim politician. They imported cigarettes without payment of customs duties and used motor vehicles too were imported with the meager payment of customs duties. Finally, when Pottu Nauffer was refused bail, he followed the High Court Judge of Colombo and shot him dead. The country can still remember how authorities were reluctant to put him in jail.
    There were also cases of Customs Officers who met death in accidents which were manipulated by some undesirable elements. This Custom Officer was an honest officer who refused to release goods that were brought illegally or without declaration. There was another Customs Officer whose death was a mysterious after he had lunch. It is for the people to judge the reasons behind these tragedies.
    Then there was another case where Muslim traders injected water in the dressed chicken to add more weight for profit motive. The issue is who are the suffering parties. In addition, there was coir industry belonging to a Muslim which is seen ablaze almost every year to claim insurance.
    Finally look at the Law College Entrance Exam results. Just 150 Sinhalese out of a total of almost 7,000, whereas 170 Tamil medium out of a total of about 700. Of this, all 22 Muslims from a specific institution in Kandy. Badurdeen’s tactic is still continuing. Surely when Sinhalese are been fooled, BBS and other Sinhalese will be vigilant.
    Further, the case of Minister Rishard Badiudeen dictating terms on the Mannar Magistrate and engaging a protest and throwing stones at the Mannar Court is another instance where Muslims demonstrated their unruly behavior. Finally. Muslim ministers maintained silence over the impeachment of CJ Dr.Shirani Bandaranayake. Mention should be made that Rauff Hakim was criticizing the Court’s Order. Upon an analysis of the aforesaid events, can one entirely blame the Sinhalese extremists or even the Sri Lanka government. Is it fanaticism or racism that is been played in Sri Lanka? It should also be observed that the Muslim Congress and the Ceylon Workers Congress have been in the practice of crossing over to parties that forms the government and while being a partner with the ruling party, they have engaged in such illegal activities which prompted the average Sinhalese to be vigilant. Though the manner in which MR addressed the nation and the manner in which the BBS behaved should be condemned, it also requires some balance in weighing the activities of some Muslims and the LTTE. So it is natural that the Sinhalese will eventually lean towards the West. Sinhalese and Tamils are communities that will adapt themselves to changing conditions and liaise with the West.

    • 0


      Being a Tamil, how will you feel if I accuse you of being a terrorist sympathizer?

      Raj Rajarathnam is a swindler. Prabakaran was the worst terrorist ever. I am not saying you are a terrorist. But I am scared that you might become one. I am also worried that Tamils will cheat me. Becasues Raj Rajarathnam was one.

      Please don’t get upset my Tamil brothers. I am not trying to offend you. But I think all of you have the potential to be terrorists and swindlers.

      NT, that is what you are saying in essence if we reverse roles!

      While god gave you knowledge, my only hope that ,he should also give a wee bit of WISDOM particularly in now that you are approaching the evening of your life!


    • 0

      Yes my dear, in 1956, Buddhist never put Tamil babies into burning TAR barrels, in 1983 they never set fire to tamils and their properties in their own Mother Land!, In Cambodia which is a BUDHIST country Camaruge, who is a BUDHIST by birth, never killed over 200,000 innocent Budhists, in Korian war, North and South Korians both are Budhists countries, never killed over 1 million Budhists, In the 2nd world war Japan which is again a BUDHIST country never killed millions of innocent lives in various parts of Asia!, now in Burma they are not killing Muslims and burning mosques!. It is because Budhism teaches Katuna and Maithri. If you kill it is for a cause! In this country Budhists never take bribe, therevare no brothels, Casinos, wine stores, KASIPPU DENS, and there is no BUDHIST who is selling KODU and smuggling SPRITS! No Budhists set fire to his wife and daughter to run with his secret love. No BUDHIST father or grand father abuse their own child. In this BUDHIST country no budhist security forces personnel betrayard secrets to LTTE for money! In this BUDHIST country no BUDHIST supported LTTE fto smuggle arms into Colombo and never provided shelter for money!

      We are against any form of terrorism and communalism.

    • 0

      sir your comment is very good it should have come early.

  • 0

    Dear Nabil, who said that I will be offended in calling Prabakaran terrorist or Rajaratnam a swindler. I was one of the first to criticise the attitude of the LTTE and especially Thamil Chelvan at Geneva. I am one who always advocate Federalism which is beneficial to everyone. I don’t think you would have been aware how the Muslim politicians had links with the LTTE and attempted to murder two professionals which everyone at Hulftsdorp and the Police knew. You would have been surprised to hear that this specific politician had ordered not to lay hand on the underworld criminals to the Police Inspector and the the Police Inspector was transferred to Eastern Province in order to hush up the case. The issue in this topic is whether whether Muslim politicians were genuine when they were partners in the government. Even a Pakistani actress Veena Malik had courageously criticizes the Muslim clerics and the Muslim politicians. She asserts that she is not against Islam. It is shown over the YouTube. She is very broad-minded and is only concerned about the noble principles of Islam. She has indirectly hinted that it is time for Muslims to adapt themselves to changing conditions. In addition, there was a big scene about tattoo. There are instances in the YouTube that North American Muslims are having tattoos. After all it is their freedom. Whether we are Tamils, Sinhalese, British, American, Canadian or any nationality we should respect others’ rights.

  • 0

    I really do not understand why the Muslims waste their precious time arguing over this whole issue behind the screen ,you are only feeding and fattening prejudiced ,ignorant bigots.

    If you really want to do something – demand the ICO to ask all the Sinhalese Buddhist workers ,not Just maids everyone to be retrenched and repatriated back to Sri Lanka & further ask them to suspend all bilateral relationship with Sri Lanka ,Ask Assad Sally to organize a meeting with all the Muslim Embassies and demand this and prevent ACJU from issuing any Halal certificates for any export to Muslim Countries , stop becoming a front line soldier , think like a ruthless Zionist Israeli Jew. do not eat the Pig sell it to the pig eaters ,make money on exorbitant usury ,just money out of your enemy with the available legally system-do no drink ,but sell liquor and a make money (with the available Legal system) , there are 101 ways of skinning a cat..wait patiently ,all these people have lost their minds after winning the war..you think wounds of such a war will ever heal? to date The enemies of the second world war are on the run.. there is no victory in wars ,only in Peace there is Victory , Like The Noble Buddha said nothing is permanent ,not sorrow not Joy , and definitively not arrogance- everyone got to pay some day and no one lives forever-My advice to all Muslims ,let this be the last time you comment – the best way to win an argument is to avoid it. May Allah swt bless and keep the entire Citizens of sri Lanka safe and may he bless their hearts with love,none suspicion &unite all as one Nation -Ameen.

  • 0

    Pikku monkeys are playing with fire… we are not Tamils to sit and wait for Orange dressed fool dramas. Lessens will be taught.

    • 0

      Nizzam, do not under estimate the Tamils. Now they have started to bounce back. They are doing well in foreign countries in all fields of profession. Very soon there will be Tamil investments to help the Sinhalese. Remember both Sinhalese and Tamils are united in foreign countries and keep on helping each other. No sooner MR quits you will see a new chapter in the history of Sri Lanka, the relationship between the Sinhalese and the Tamils will be strengthened.

  • 0

    Dear Muhaamed,

  • 0

    It is pretty obvious Gothabaya is behind this, that means it is completely backed by Mahinda, to supress all the minorities.

    Worst part this is, happening just before and during the UNHRC sessions, so how can they expect a better outcome. All these alleged war crimes definitely would have been done by Gothabaya and his family not by the Srilankans.

  • 0

    I am very saddened to see such moronic acts being committed once again in the country I dearly love. I am BIG SL cricket fan, and I was there for the world cup. I felt so united along side fellow Sri Lankans at the stadium.

    just a thought… I am sure anyone else who reads this comment feels the same way.. if not?, than you must be a very bitter person.

  • 0

    @abdul thank you for appreciating-if my Muslim brothers will just follow my advice, we will be winners (Inshala) ,The Kufars know we get emotional easily because we love our religion ,so what is the answer? how do we deal with such a lot?Allah swt says clearly it is the pagans and the (Zionist) Jews who will hate you most in your religion ,but those who say we are Christians are the ones who will be close in love to The Muslims.

    No 01- Ignore all the comments by these fools, first of all they are Jealous over each other, this is a well known fact with Sinhalese ,you ask any Sinhalese they will say apoi ape unde maha irisiya kaerayo – so what is the great deal of them being Jealous of us? but continue to talk with sensible good Sinhalese ,it is not fair to label all Sinhalese in the same category, some of them are extremely good people & my advice to the Muslim business community is concentrate in overseas business – that means do not export anything from Sri Lanka , travel to Muslim countries and meet people in the Masjids and explain the situation in sri Lanka , and buy and sell and trade with other countries , register your company in Singapore ,Malaysia , Mauritius
    etc, for a Business syndicate and get together about 50 Muslims and pool your capital and then go to Muslim countries -Contact Mr,HaFeel who is an expert on Malaysia and there is suppose to be a superb Singapore business consultant in Sri Lanka working on low profile, who even got people Singapore Citizenship and well connected , try to talk to some Muslims in Singapore or Sri Lanka they should know him – it is time to build our own Muslim Lobby like Israel -Israel is such a tiny population fully depending on western countries who are actually surviving through Muslim countries, we must never insult Christians or Christian Countries as God has advised us that they are our true friends , we must in future work closely with our Christian brothers -we are the one and only none Christian faith who believe without questioning the miraculous birth of our beloved Prophet Jesus Christ, we believe in all his Miracles , we believe in his second coming-It is The none believers of God almighty ,that is people who follow religions that has superstitions and worship Lucifer and who openly say there is no God and The Zionist Jews(Please remember only a small portion of the Jews living in Israel called the Zionist hate Muslims) ,there are other Jews who love the Muslims and support the Muslims- so why do you worry about this 72 %(They are juji pee) who is trying to bully you ? sit and meditate and make salat and duas and plead to Allah swt to increase your knowledge and unite together – can you imagine marshala if you go out and set up a big business syndicate corp and turn it into a Islamic lobby , we have 1,6 billion members(marshala) and then we have the whole Muslim countries which are 57 in members ,secound largest after the UN, and if we discourage our Muslim brothers who are mislead in terrorism and work with our Christian brothers to end terrorism against Christians and Israel and make friends what cant we do Marshala? Look at Turkey’s power subhanala -Israel has openly apologized to Turkey this is good ,we Muslims ,Christians and Jews must Join forces,do not worry about China , Muslim countries are most important for China and the whole world except to some fools like Chamika,- so do not waste your time in boosting these ignorant un educated stupid religious bigots by arguing and thinning your blood ,which is exactly what they want to happen to you, concentrate more in productive matters ,start from today ,am sure most of you have relatives overseas , ask them to support this Lobby talk to all your Muslim friends and relatives talk to accountants among your friends and relatives ,talk to Hon.Kabir Hashim(super economist) talk to Assad Sally fearless sincere Muslim Politician , go out meet and start working and see how Allah swt will pour his mercy upon you, this is a wake up call from Allah swt,to protect you from a huge financial catastrophe that is 100% sure to hit Sri Lanka,I guarantee, so do not worry if they boycott your business,do not fear them, fear God almighty -remember Allah he is= who wer kairul razikeen-he is the best to provide you with rizk ,but do not do foolish things like closing shops and becoming a sheep to crafty Politicians trying to take advantage of your situations. start by talking to each other from today go and meet Mr.Hafeel who promotes Malaysia -JB Johar Bahru is really coming up with the new project called Ishkander , they will support you a lot as Muslims persecuted. , rather than trying to do things alone come together as per Allah swt’s advice, the more you join forces together ,the more the chance you can work and achieve , bring some part of the dollars you earn to Sri Lanka then they can not do anything to destroy you.Please take my advice and Allah swt will give you victory.(inshala)Ameen.. pls say ameen.


  • 0



    BBS trained by Zionists ,it is a Buddhist version of the above English Defense league & German Defense League –

    The German defense league funded the BBS Head Quarters Building in Galle Sri Lanka who is the front of The Zionist movement to control the world defense and resources .

  • 0

    The BBS didn’t came out within a short span. It is a creation of master plan. Let me take you back to the history.

    – There was a guy called rabbi Mayer Kahane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVoFpxHdiIw )

    – He was a jews parliment back in 1984. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meir_Kahane ) Continue reading →

    March 26, 2013 at 8:32 am1 commentAnver Manatunga

  • 0

    The BBS didn’t came out within a short span. It is a creation of master plan. Let me take you back to the history.

    – There was a guy called rabbi Mayer Kahane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVoFpxHdiIw )

    – He was a jews parliment back in 1984. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meir_Kahane )

    – Started Jews Defense League and right wing political party.

    – 1990 he was killed by arabic gun man.His concept never dead.

    – He said arabic settlement within Israel should taken off. He said war within the house(country) is hard. But war with outside (other countries) is easy and wanted all arabic settlement within Jerusalam and israel demolished. Now there is NONE muslims in Israel. No Muslim will get VISA to enter israel anymore.

    – He said co-existance with muslim is not possible due to islamic concept.

    – After 1990, JDL started the kahane concept spread out the world.

    – They wanted to KICK ALL MINORITY MUSLIMS KICKED OUT of other majority country.

    – They started American Defense league, English Defense League, German Defense League, Italian, Norway, Indian, Australian etc etc ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    – all of them have the same concept of WAR AGAINST MUSLIMS and KILL/KICK THEM OFF.

    – All of them have SIMILAR WEBSITE translated to their LOCAL LANGUAGE

    – In 2004, four of Sinhalese intellectual young guys were given scholarships to Jerusalam through Buddhist cultural affairs.

    – They being tough(brainwashed) about “our country” and created patriotism about “our country” against Muslim “Virus”

    – Similarly young guys from ALL OVER THE WORLD was given lesson about “their country” and how bad Islam is.

    – You can see following links and find FaceBook groups and websites on this similar concept all over the world

    How they plan inside Sri Lanka

    – back in 2007, 3 out of 4 guys came back to Sri Lanka.

    – Start their campaign on community sites like FB and Forum. Elakiri was famouse by that time. They posted all kind of racist post on Elakiri. Once they were banned, they started building up Sinhala medium websites back in 2008 April.

    – They had translated English websites to Sinhala. And most current issues were taken from AnsweringIslam.com

    – Peramunerala, Darmadeepayeiranama, musalmanuva anniisa, are the fist one to create.

    – They started “VIRTUAL GROUPS” on the internet against Islam.

    – And they started sorting the out for Monks groups, University groups, Media groups etc. (As you said)

    – They had taken the Internet websites to practical groups

    – Monks openly talked against Islam on TNL, Swarnawahini and all medias

    – Papers were written completely against Islam

    – Hand bills were spreading out all over

    – Now they developed upto spreading the work IN TAMIL AT BATICALOW

    – Soon their team will assign different task to create incident.

    – Remember Norway killer (http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/118e4bbc-edc3-11e1-8d72-00144feab49a.html ) Killed his OWN COUNTRY MAN at a youth camp to ALERT THE WORLD about ISLAM

    – He was funded by EDL (English Defense League)

    – BBS Office may be funded by GDL (German Defense League)

    BBS are just a front and the power behind them is huge and they will do whatever it cost to achieve their targets



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c4xvad_oNJM (Watch from 4:50 atleast)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TYr1d2rc0X0 (Watch from 1:20 atleast)














    Their AIMS:

    1. Destroy all Masjids because Muslim did that to them at Nalanda India

    2. To kill all Mavulavies because Muslim did kill all “samanera” at Nalanda India

    3. To burn all books that has the word Allah, because Muslim did that to them at Nalanda India

    4. Rape all Muslim Ladies, because they says Muslim did that after winning a war

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa Openly Supportive of “Ethno Religious Fascist”Organization Bodhu Bala Sena.
    10 March 2013, 7:45 pm
    In what seemed to be a harmless act in the public interest the Secretary of Defence and Urban Development Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has engaged himself in a controversial move that is likely to have far reaching implications.

    On Saturday March 9th 2013, the Presidential sibling regarded widely as the second most powerful man in Sri Lanka was the chief guest, ceremonially opening an institution linked to the Ethno Religious Fascist movement known as the “Bodhu Bala Sena” meaning Buddhist Power Force.

    Methsevana opening ceremony ~ pic courtesy of: defence.lk

    The Defence secretary ceremonially declared open the Buddhist Leadership Academy of the Bodhu Bala Sena on Saturday in Galle, the capital of the Southern Province, referred to as the Ruhuna historically.The Bodhu Bala Sena’s Buddhist Leadership Academy is located in the Pilana area at Wanchawala of Galle amidst picturesque surroundings.

    According to the Bodu Bala Sena this Academy has been established to propagate leadership qualities in Bhikkus, Buddhist leaders and Buddhist activist youth.The Bodhu Bala Sena has announced that this academy would be developed into a full-fledged Buddhist University in the future.

    The ceremony was presided over by Ven. Pallaththara Sumanajothi Mahanayaka Thera. Among those who spoke were Head of “Meth Sevana”, Ven. Embilipitiye Vijitha Thera and General Secretary of Bpdhu Bala Sena Ven. Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara Thera.

    Declaring open an institution claiming to have such lofty aims and motives cannot be faulted under normal circumstances. Nevertheless there seems to have been doubts and misgivings beforehand about the Defence secretary doing so.


    This fact was revealed by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa himself while delivering his opening address on the occasion.

    Gotabaya Rajapakse at the opening ceremony said that although many had asked him not to participate on this occasion, he did so after realizing its timely importance. “These Buddhist Clergy who are engaged in a nationally important task should not be feared or doubted by anyone” he said.

    The Defence secretary’s glowing testimonial to the BBS and his frank acknowledgement of the objections to his participation at the event highlight the significance of the undercurrents in this exercise.

    The objections obviously were because of the Bodhu Bala Sena factor.

    Earlier media reports had stated that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was to be the chief guest at the opening of the Bodhu Bala Sena headquarters at Galle.

    The founders and leaders of the Bodhu Bala Sena movement are the Buddhist priests Ven.Kirama Vimalajothy Thera and Ven.Galagodatthe Gnasara Thera.


    Vimalajothi Thera is also the director of the Buddhist Cultural Center at Nedimala in Dehiwela.“Methsevana”the buiding complex at Galle was originally supposed to be an Educational and Cultural Center affiliated to the Nedimala Center. Subsequently Vimalajothy Thera being n charge of both the Nedimala center and BBS movement had changed the Galle Center into the Buddhist Leadership Academy of the Bodhu Bala Sena movement.

    It is also claimed that the”Methsevana” Building complex at Galle was the gift of a German national to the Nedimala Buddhist Cultural Center.Apparently the man owned the house and property that has now been converted into the BBS academy. If it was indeed a gift by the german national it is unclear as to whether he concurred with the decision to transform it into a BBS institution. The German national concerned was however present at the opening function though pride of place had been awarded to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and not to the alleged donor.

    It is also interesting to note that while Vimalajothy Thera says the funds for the center at Galle was a donation from a foreign well-wisher he has gone on record stating the Bodhu Bala Sena does not get any foreign money.

    In an interview given to Ranga Jayasuriya of “Ceylon Today” Vimalajothy Thera says “ I can swear, even before the Buddha’s statue that we have not received a red cent from anyone. If anyone proves that we are lying, we would close our organization next day”.

    The participation of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would not have been perceived as an issue if not for the notorious reputation and image of the Bodhu Bala Sena.


    The Bodhu Bala Sena(BBS) has been very much in the news lately for conducting a virulent campaign against religious minorities in Sri Lanka notably the Muslims of Sri Lanka.

    Notwithstanding denials by BBS office-bearers the organization has acquired a reputation in Sri Lanka and abroad of being a neo-fascist movement espousing the cause of Buddhist supremacy.

    The Bodhu Bala Sena along with some other groups aligned to it has been directly and indirectly responsible for an orchestrated well-organized campaign targeting the Sri Lankan Muslims in a manner that has attracted global attention and concern.

    The damage inflicted upon the Country and Government by the Bodhu Bala Sena inspired anti-Muslim campaign led many to suspect that a sinister extraneous force was behind these moves. Some even speculated that Israel was the hidden hand in this.

    Another noteworthy feature of BBS related activity was the visible reluctance of the Rajapaksa regime to curtail or condemn such anti –Muslim activity openly,vehemently and unambiguously


    While platitudes about Buddhist-Muslim unity were uttered and vague warnings were issued against those trying to harm this unity no specific reference was made to the BBS. Even as Muslims were assured that the Govt would not let any harm befall them no promise was made that those involved in an incitement campaign against them would be penalised under the law.

    When Muslim community leaders and representatives appealed to the President and Defence secretary they were told that the Bodhu Bala Sena was only a fringe group with miniscule support and that if action was taken against it that would make the organization a “hero” among Buddhists eventually leading to its growth and expansion.

    Calls to ban the BBS Rally at Maharagama on February 17th 2013 were also turned down.The Maharagama rally attended by mammoth crowds made a mockery of assertions by Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa that the Bodhu Bala Sena was a fringe group without mass support.The crowds and the hostile mood at Maharagama suggested that the Bodhu Bala Sena anti-Muslim ideology was spreading rapidly among the people.

    Although it has not been admitted officially it does appear that the Rajapaksa Govt has complied with some of the demands made by the Bodhu Bala Sena.A notable example being the recent orders to discontinue permanent birth control methods for both Males and Females at Government and Private hospitals.

    The Bodhu Bala Sena has protested strongly against family planning for Sinhala Buddhists saying the community was shrinking because of this while the Muslim population was growing. The BBS specifically targeted the slogan and scheme “Punchi poulak Ratharang”small family is Golden) for Sinhala Buddhists.


    Another crucial factor is the role or non-role of the Police towards Bodhu Bala Sena activities. The Police which cracks down on peaceful demonstrations in many parts of the country when ordered to do so was not moving a finger against the Bodhu Bala Sena and its provocative demonstratons aimed at a minority community and its religion.The Khaki clad guardians of law and order who assembled in full strength to prevent the De jure chief justice Shirani Bandaranayake from going to the Supreme Courts at Hulftsdorph were acting like appendages to the BBS during demonstrations causing potential communal disharmony.

    In many instances the Police role was that of giving full protection to so called Buddhist activists to demonstrate safely without fear of a backlash from enraged members of the public.

    On several occasions demonstrations were conducted in an illegal manner amounting to foster disaffection among communities but the Police did not act. Even when images,placards and effigies deeply offensive not only to Muslims in Sri Lanka but also to those of the Islamic faith worldwide were displayed the cops did not react. Of course the Bodhu Bala Sena would deny responsibility for such offensive acts and attribute blame on other “copycat”outfits but the truth was evident to many.

    There have also been incidents where Police officials disgruntled with the Bodhu Bala Sena have confessed to trusted media personnel “off the record”that they were unable to take any meaningful action because of “orders from the top”.


    All these acts of omission and commission under the Rajapaksa regime have given rise to widespread suspicion that the Government was covertly encouraging and even sponsoring the Bodhu Bala Sena. Unlike the Jathika Hela Urumaya JHU) which is actively involved in politics the Bodhu Bala Sena says it will not get involved in politics.the BBS affirms full support for President Rajapaksa and calls the Govt a True Sinhala Buddhist regime.

    Against this backdrop several conspiracy theories have been floated as to how and why the Rajapaksa regime is involving itself with an ethno religious fascist organization like the Bodhu Bala Sena.

    Chief among these viewpoints is one where Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa figures prominently. It has been alleged that the ex-Gajaba regiment soldier who is a devout Buddhist vegetarian is promoting the Bodhu Bala Sena and even financing it through a Secret fund under the Defence ministry.

    In the previously cited interview given to Ranga Jayasuriya by Vimalajothy Thera some of the questions asked relate to this.


    Q: Back to the previous question. There are allegations that the government is behind your organization?.

    A: We have not received any support whatsoever, from the government. The President did not even send a vehicle to take us to the President’s House for the meeting we attended some time back.

    Q: Not even from Gotabhaya Rajapaksa? He is an ardent Sinhala Buddhist?.

    A: No, I told you we have not received any support from anyone. We have not received any help from the Defence Secretary. What he told us was, “Hamuduruwane, please don’t create trouble.” I told him we do not create trouble and that he or anyone in the government should not worry about that.

    Q: There are allegations that you receive funds from Norway…

    A: Some have said that the Defence Secretary is giving us money. Some others have said we are receiving funds from Norway. I can swear, even before the Buddha’s statue that we have not received a red cent from anyone. If anyone proves that we are lying, we would close our organization next day. I owe Rs 240 million to banks for a loan I obtained to renovate the Sambuddha Jayanthi Mandiraya. It is the vehicles of my Bauddha Sanskruthika Madyasthanaya that are used for our work. I myself authored Dhamma books and printed them with the help of Buddhist philanthropists.

    Q: Are you sure that you have not received any funds?

    A: Yes, we have not got a red cent from the government, any country or any NGO. We are planning to initiate a membership drive and collect a membership fee. We plan to recruit 100,000 persons, both lay and clergy members by the end of the year.


    Despite these strong denials the suspicion of a Gotabhaya Rajapaksa – Bodhu Bala Sena nexus continues to linger among significant sections of Sri Lankan society.These doubts have been further fuelled by media speculation of an “Israeli Connection” in the rise of the Bodhu Bala Sena.

    What would have been expected of any Govt that did not have links to an outfit like the Bodhu Bala Sena was for it to issue a public statement disassociating itself with the BBS. It would have been great had the President or Govt criticized the Bodhu Bala Sena for its anti-Muslim campaign openly.

    But this did not happen and is unlikely to happen under the Rajapaksa regime.

    Likewise the Defence secretary also could have clarified his position vis a vis the Bodhu Bala Sena and denied any links or connection to an organization that is regarded as neo fascist if he really had no connection.

    Instead the Defence secretary has chosen to associate himself openly with the Bodhu Bala Sena by participating in the opening ceremony and declaring open its leadership academy.


    By doing so he has sent a clear message that he does not care about being linked to the BBS. The positive comments he makes about an organization like the Bodhu Bala Sena clearly indicates his mindset on the charges made against the BBS.By his action Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has shown that he does not disapprove of the campaign condicted by the Bodhu Bala Sena.

    Many rationalizations and justifications would be made in due course by those seeking to defend the Defence secretary for adopting this ill-advised move.

    In a sense Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is perhaps being true to his character in identifying himself openly with an organization like the Bodh Bala Sena.He is demonstrating that he does not view the BBS negatively and is willing to stand up for his beliefs.Instead of engaging in words the man of action shows through this act the blatant disregard and disrespect he has for those affected by ethno religious fascism.

    Whatever the reasons for this move it would only strengthen the suspicion of a Gota-BBS nexus. This would reflect badly not only on him but also his brother the President and the Government headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa declaring open the Bodhu Bala Sena Leadership academy in Galle is a seemingly trivial act but the consequences of this action would be felt and realized just as the full implications of the Mullivaaikkaal victory are reverberating in Geneva, Washington, London and New Delhi.

    DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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