26 February, 2024


Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday Massacre; The Distortions In The Invitation Card

By Mass L. Usuf

Mass Usuf

By chance I came across an invitation with regard to the launching of a book titled, ‘Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday Massacre’ by Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, on 28 July 2023. I immediately told myself that I should get a copy for myself. Then, I came across some content on the side of the invitation card. I was taken aback when reading it. There was misinformation, distortion and highly prejudicial information in it. I am not aware if that is an abstract from the book or the work of the publishing houses which are involved in the launching. I do not know. 

However, I could not resist the urge to respond to the untruths and incriminating statements made therein. These are blanket statements indirectly putting the Muslims and its religious leaders in the dock.

1. It states that the Easter Sunday attack is the world’s worst international terrorist carnage after the Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack. 

This is not true. The 9/11 attack took place in 2001. In the year 2020, the famously known, ‘Mai-Kadra Massacre’ took place in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region by the Samri Militia. Amnesty International’s Director for East and Southern Africa Deprose Muchena, said, “We have confirmed the massacre of a very large number of civilians.” Government’s media agency AMMA reported there were around 500 victims. Others reported around 766 deaths. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), as of 11 November, some 7,000 refugees had fled western Tigray state into neighbouring Sudan.

Another example, in late December 2008, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) labelled as Christian Extremists, brutally killed more than 865 civilians, known as the ‘Christmas Massacre’, and abducted at least 160 children in northern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). LRA combatants hacked their victims to death with machetes or axes or crushed their skulls with clubs and heavy sticks. (Human Rights Watch, Christmas Massacres report 2009). Again, the ‘Makombo massacre’ took place in December 2009 in the Haut-Uele District of Democratic Republic of the Congo in the region of Makombo killing 321 people. (Human Rights Watch). 

2. It states, “a global trend, religiously motivated violence has its genesis in Salafi-jihadism”.

This is not true. The Sikh terror attack on the Air India plane killing 329 people on board was as a result of Sikh extremism. The Sikh Khalistan movement. The many attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army (above) whose stated goals include ruling Uganda according to the Ten Commandments is due to Christian Extremism. Picking only Salafi-jihadism, simply stinks. 

3. It states, “How should we hold our religious leaders accountable when they promote exclusivist and extremist ideologies?”

This is not true. The Muslims along with its religious leaders have not hesitated to come forth in promoting co-existence, tolerance and unity among all communities. One or two bad eggs, which are always there in any community, should not be the benchmark for the entire religious leadership. For example, the recent incidents of a Sri Lankan monk in Japan trying to seduce a young man or the ‘threesome’ of the other monk in Sri Lanka, should not be the benchmark to evaluate the entire respected Sangha community. When taking the context in which the religious leadership is questioned, it clearly manifests the inner prejudice against the Muslims religious establishment.  

4. It states, “Why are the radical clerics campaigning to lift the ban on extremist publications, foreign preachers and listed entities?”

People may think that this is nasty insinuation. Who are the radical clerics who are being accused of campaigning? On which extremist publication did they want the ban lifted? Who asked to lift the ban on banned preachers? Are these not sweeping statements? Unfounded, baseless and incriminatory. In fact, when this matter was discussed with President Ranil Wickremesinghe, I was also present.

5. Finally, the most dangerous statement, “should we wait to suffer the next attack or urgently shape all our religious spaces, a sacred treasure, to prevent an attack-in-the-making.”

These words sound prophetic which instilled fear in me. For a moment my imagination went rioting when I read the words, “suffer the next attack”, and “an-attack-in-the-making”. I was thinking is this the harbinger for a false flag attack to put the blame on the Muslim community and its religious leaders? I, then, told myself, “Don’t be crazy”.

If someone asks me, “are you still going to buy the book?’. “Sorry, I changed my mind.”

*The writer can be reached via email at: ctcolumn@yahoo.com

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    1. It states that the Easter Sunday attack is the world’s worst international terrorist carnage after the Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack.

    July 1983: Root Causes Remain Unaddressed

    • 12

      It is well known that this fake “defence expert” Rohan Gunaratna was a prime promoter of Gota and his regime. I would have expected the creep to go away and hide somewhere, not publish yet more imaginative fiction masquerading as research. Maybe he needs money?

      • 8

        Worst racism in Srilanka is Muslim claim to eastern province. How can those who went as refugees 400 years ago claim it over the heads of those who gave refuge. Worst act of terrorism in Srilanka is the killing of 250 Christians inside churches by Islamic terrorists in a single day. These Muslim terrorists would not have come to this state without the support of fair section on Muslims in Srilanka. They have received funds from abroad and internally. Gun training have been given in Puttalalm and bomb making had been done in Katankudy. This could not have occurred without financial and logistical support on Muslims in Srilanka. Worst racists in the world are the Muslims. It was Arabs who took Africans as slaves before Europeans did 1000 years later. Worst atrocity was committed by Mugal invaders who killed 5000 Buddhist monks and destroying several Buddhist holy books in Nalanda university. Please stop pointing fingers at others.

    • 2

      “Disinformation poses a growing threat to security and democracy”
      “The greatest threat to democracy is “when lies become facts”,
      “Manipulation leads to war,”
      society is currently in a dangerous “post-truth period”.
      . “We are in the middle of a post-truth period. Now, everyone is concerned about their own ideas and not the facts,”

      Maria Ressa – Philippines
      Dmitry Muratov – Russia
      Nobel Peace Prize winners warn of growing disinformation threat.

      US media quote Sri Lankan officials as saying both Indian and US intelligence had warned the country about a threat in early April.

      Sri Lanka has admitted a “major intelligence lapse” before the Easter Sunday bomb

      May be the warning is a new sign of a
      regime change.

      • 2

        Good contribution on Important Matter, ‘Plague’ in SL.
        “Disinformation poses a growing threat to security and democracy”
        “The greatest threat to democracy is “when lies become facts”,
        “Manipulation leads to war,”
        Absolutely on the Money and without exaggeration too!!!???
        Just Make-A-Walkabout outside, the confines of your residence – “Galle Face Green”, stand still, LOOK UP at the bluish GREY SKY and POINT YOUR FOREFINGER, towards high-heaven and WHEN THE CLOSEST ‘PERAMBULATOR’ COMES within earshot and ‘WHISPERS’, what is the matter, just mutter the words, “can see an object going round in circles”!!!???
        You would be SURPRISED OF THE OUTCOME!!!
        To realise that would be ‘CORE SUBSTANCE and PURPORTED FACT’ of the day and circulate social media within THE HOUR as SPY CRAFT over SL skies and the HEADLINES ELEVATED, AS A MATTER OF FACT OF THE NEXT EDITION OF LEADING NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS possible western colonial incursions on SL Sovereignty!!??

  • 17

    No one should waste time on this so-called ‘book’. Rohan Gunaratna is well know for his prejudiced, distorted and silly opinions. He gives himself the title Dr., a much abused designation. His use of it is an insult to such qualifications.

    • 3

      A doctorate is of little relevance outside one’s field of research for which it was awarded.
      Even within, it may not mean much.
      Doctorates are as commonplace as a bachelor’s degree since not many decades ago.

    • 3

      Well said and couldn’t have been in anyway improved!!!???
      Wonder what happened to the Professor title attached to him in the recent past???? Memory serves me right, was it ‘University of Singapore’?
      All these qualification attachments were acquired by this individual, by and through the SUN-DAWASA group and the News-Journalistic clipping, without any element of facts and Bogus claims 90% of the time!?
      There may have been an ‘IOTA of FACTS – MINISCULE OF A SPECK’, which was exploded like a Bomb Blast to become ACCREDITED as DEFENCE CUM TERRORISM expert – Doctorate (awarding institution not known) as in the case of all wild claims thereto!!!???

    • 6

      You are right Rohan Gunaratne is a fully extracted Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalist. There is no surprise about his article. Even Gotabaya was honoured with a doctarate for so many massacres in Sri Lanka including the masscare of 60000 Sinhalese. He is still in power under RW. Easter Bombing was carried by Muslim Terrorists for Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalists. One of the promises from RW to investigate using UK intelligence find the master mind now found the results.

  • 9

    A million or more Iraqis were massacred in the years after 2003. The rationale was the 9/11 attacks on US soil. No such involvement by any Iraqi or Saddam Hussein. No evidence of any of the allegations. That, to me is the worst terrorist attack on a nation that did not provoke such an attack in any way. Everything else pales by comparison. Even the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in their own land.

  • 5

    Deceptive author of easter attack might make a quick buck.

  • 2

    Launching of a book titled, ‘Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday Massacre’ by Dr. Rohan Gunaratna.

    With this book, the contextual commentary references be the witness to judge and take up to concerned that has misinformation or a deliberate attempt to mislead.

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