2 July, 2022


Sri Lanka’s Racist Politics Cost $200 Billion, Death & Destruction

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Racist politics cost $200 billion, death and destruction: Yet monster of racism begins to raise its ugly head and the country, many fear, is heading towards yet another disaster

Two hundred billion US Dollar is a colossal sum of money especially for a tiny country like Sri Lanka though blessed with the best of natural wealth and a literate population. Converted even at the rate of Rs 145 it would be around 29,000 billion rupees.

Had this national wealth been utilised to develop and modernise the country by improving education and health care facilities, develop infrastructure, launch industrial and commercial ventures, create jobs, eliminate poverty and raise living standard this island today would have become “Paradise” in all respects.

It would have also been a shining example to the entire third world as it was during the time of our independence in February 1948.

Unfortunately this large sum of money was wasted on fighting an unnecessary ethnic war which was the direct consequence of destructive racist politics of all shades of mainstream political parties.

India’s former National Security Adviser and Foreign Secretary, Shivshankar Menon had disclosed in his book “Choices: Inside the Making of India’s Foreign Policy” that the estimated cost of this three decade old war was around US$ 200 billion. This estimate does not include the “opportunity cost” to Sri Lanka which was once the fastest growing and the most open economy in South Asia.

According to him the deaths, between 1983 and 2009, stands at between 80,000 to 100,000 people- combatants from both sides, lost their lives. Among them were 30,000 to 50,000 civilians, 27,693 LTTE cadres, 23,790 Sri Lankan army personnel, and 1,155 men of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).

The final stages of the war had created a little over 300,000 refugees or Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The war had also left 1.6 million land mines in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

But the real casualty of the war was Sri Lanka’s composite society, something that the LTTE and Sinhala chauvinism are “equally responsible for”, stated Menon who had given complete details about the loss and destruction to the country covering almost every possible area.

The LTTE was militarily defeated in May 2009.

Deaths and destruction would certainly make any one to shed the cancer of chauvinism and racism, learn from the past mistakes and seek means to reconcile the devastated communities to move ahead for a better future for all.

Unfortunately for the country and its suffering minorities Mahinda Rajapaksa government abandoned the wounded and battered Tamils. To the shock of everyone he turned his attention against the island’s helpless and voiceless Muslims who also suffered immense during the war.

In fact this is what the chauvinists always claimed -“first we will deal with the Tamils and then take of the Muslims”.

Thus in the hour of glory Rajapaksa government unleashed unprecedented violence against the devastated Muslims for no valid reason. While the world is moving ahead under the global economic changes sweeping all corners of the world, here in the island few hundreds of Sinhala racist began to take the country back to Dark Age.

Rajapaksa government turned a blind eye when Anti-Muslim Sinhala racist outfit Bodu Bala Sena,(BBS), attacked mosques, religious schools; Muslim owned businesses, their traditional dress code and, in short, threatened their very survival as a community.

Rajapaksa government stooped to such low that it even allowed the BBS to invite to a red carpet welcome usually extended to heads of state, Myanmar’s convicted criminal Ashin Wirathu, butcher of Muslims, to declare war on Islam and Muslims.

During Rajapaksa’s corrupt, criminalized and commercialized autocratic regime, law and order virtually collapsed, economy was in doldrums, people lived in fear and on the whole there was an atmosphere of fear.

It was under such circumstance that President Maithripala Sirisena won the 8 January 2015 presidential elections and defeated the dreaded Mahinda Rajapaksa.

There was great hope among people of all communities in the country as President Sirisena came with the slogan of restoring law and order, ensure freedom ,move towards communal harmony and clean up the country of crime and corruption.

Thus overnight the situation changed. There was fresh hope everywhere. With the carnage fresh in the minds people, quite rightly, expected that they could look forward to a peaceful and better future.

However it didn’t take long for everyone to realise the shocking reality.

Within two years today we are back to square one with President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe refusing to fulfil their promises. Those accused of large scale corruption and crimes are free and, instead of bringing them to book, the government seems protecting and guarding them.
Most people are fed up.

On top of all comes the vicious and violent campaign against Islam and Muslims spearheaded by the very same BBS General Secretary Galagoda aatte Gnanasara Thero. He remained subdued after the new government came to power only to raise his ugly racist head again to poison Sinhalese minds against Muslims to create a July 83 type anti Muslim violence to suit his local and foreign masters’ agenda.

Under normal circumstance, where there is rule of law, he would be in custody for his hate campaign including his role in the Aluthgama-Dharga Town and Berwala attacks on Muslims.

The tragedy is that the government refuses to take action against his extremely dangerous and destructive path and his lawless activities. Instead he is protected and the Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe himself says that the government cannot arrest him. The country is shocked that Minister Wijeyadasa started speaking BBS language antagonizing the minorities especially Muslims

It was under such political environment he participated at a meeting of heads of religious leaders summoned by president Sirisena.
People are confused. Their hopes are dashed. They do not know where to turn to.

This anti-Muslim campaign has all the ingredients to turn the island into a killing field from which it may unlikely to recover for decades in view of the existing local and global political environment.

The often raised question is who are these racists? From where did they emerge? Who is financing them? Why no legal action against them? Isn’t it time that the government step in and save the country from yet another potential communal carnage? So far all appeals from the Muslim community and the mainstream Sinhalese community to stop this hooliganism have fallen in the deaf ears.

Today these racist rabble rousers are law unto themselves. They openly violate laws, harass and humiliate Muslims claiming that the government has agreed to their agenda.

In this climate of hate and fear, Muslims living under siege. They feel that they were abandoned by the government and betrayed by their own politicians. Their appeal to the government to contain this ethno religious fascism seems to falling on deaf ears. Muslims’ now appeal to Muslim parliamentarians to leave the government and stop humiliating the community.

Judging from developments since the end of the war in May 2009, one could conclude that no lesson was learnt and, many fear, that the country is heading towards yet another disaster.

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    How do you calculate this $200 billion. Where does it comes from ? [Edited out]

    • 8

      This figure came from a man who helped Mahinda Rajapakse to win over LTTE in 2009. Though China, Russia & Pakistan gave unlawful cluster bombs and chemical weapons to kill thousands of Tamil civilians, India and USA are the two major silent contributors to the victory. The actual cost was much higher to the Nation if you include the money gone into the pockets of Mahinda Family and his partners involved with the purchase of ammunitions and arms and the billions through unaccounted methods.

    • 5

      Immigration (per capita) from SL has became the largest in Asia. It is definitely more than 10% of population.. Ethnic unrest, killing, destructions and less focus on development due to previous reasons should be the major reason for these huge immigrations. There are no middle class youth in their 20s remain in SL now, who is going to take up the future of the country.. And how do you calculate this loss to the country???

    • 6

      How did you calculate “Christians got China by their throat”? Honestly how did you come up with that epiphany?

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    Mr Farook, you are right about one thing; We have not learnt any lessons from the event of the last sixty years.

    The staggering amounts spent on the Armed Forces are not to save the country from foreign invaders but to help the government to keep a tight control on ANY civil dissension, including suppression of the minorities. Non of our Bauddha-Sinhala politicians will give up what has been created.

    The rise of the odious and evil BBS and their like is the latest sinister move. Gnanasara (head of the most un-Buddhist of movements) now sits at top table along with the Mahanayake’s to advise the President on the future of our land. (Thanks to the efforts of a two-headed snake who is the minister of Justice and Buddhist Affairs),

    I remember horrified people in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s hasking the question “how long will the Tamils put up with the tribulations that were heaped on them?” . Now we ask the same question of another minority, our Muslim community.

    Our Muslim leaders have some very big decisions to make.

    The next conflagration, if and when it comes, will be throughout the country, including in the sprawling ‘megapolis’.

    Those toiling to keep the peace had better double their efforts.

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    “Sri Lanka’s Racist Politics Cost $200 Billion, Death & Destruction”

    If you take the cumulative effect of racism let loose in Sri Lanka from independence onward it is much more loss.

    One only has to look at the state of prosperity, employment and peace in Singapore, which got independence much later, and it is clear that the loss is very much more.

    It is a pity that Sri Lanka is not endowed with an enlightened one like Lee Kuan Yew among the majority Sinhalese who have been wielding the political power: It may not happen in another millennium.

  • 3

    DIVIDE and RULE by distracting the moda masses with corruption from politician’s corruption is the story of Lanka after independence.

    Sri Lanka is no democracy, it a Kleptocracy – Government by corrupt politicians, with corrupt politicians for corrupt politicians, in a Miracle of Modayass!

    Racism serves to distract the moda masses from the fundamental truth that UNP-SLFP bi-partisan CORRUPTION, or, corrupt politicians and political PARTIES was the root cause of the war, and racism today.

    It is a fallacy to think that a new constitution can bring any change as long as the corrupt and criminal Political CULTURE remains in place and continues to grow in the Parliament of Morons and Mega Cabinet of Corrupt Clowns while rotting the body politic.

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    Latheef Farook

    RE:Sri Lanka’s Racist Politics Cost $200 Billion, Death & Destruction

    “Racist politics cost $200 billion, death and destruction: Yet monster of racism begins to raise its ugly head and the country, many fear, is heading towards yet another disaster”

    There is no surprise here.

    Why? To maintain the Para-Sinhala Para-Buddhist hegemony, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, by the Para-Sinhala over the other Paras, Para-Tamils.
    So, this has brought death and destruction since independence in 1948.

    This process still continues.

    So, one of the “cures” is to expose the facts. hat are the facts?

    1. Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamils, Para-Muslims and other are Paras, Paradeshis, Foreigners in the :Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

    Modern Human Genetics Support the above conclusion.

    Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


    2. Para-Sinhala “Buddhism”, is not Pristine Buddhism. It is a corrupted form of Buddhism, mixed up with the lies and imaginations of a Monk, Mahanama in the Chronicle Mahawamsa.

    3. Mahawamsa (lies and imaginations) is an Insult to the Buddha.

    Wonder if ours might have been a wiser, and a more ‘humane’ society, had our ‘ancient’ history, been based on Aesop’s Fables, instead of the Mahavamsa. For if not for the Mahavamsa, the Sinhalese may not have been endowed, with the reputation, of “Sinhalaya Modaya (The Sinhalese are Fools)”!


    4. The above combination are mixed up by the politicians to make a toxic brew to poison the Land and the People by the Politicians, to maintain their hegemony with the support of the Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks, who are an insult to the Buddha.

    They even practice castism, which Buddha opposed.

    Somarama, Buddharakita, Ganasara, BBS monks are containing examples from the past abd the present.

    The plight of the Sinhala `DALITS`- Karava, Durava, Salagama, Berava and Rodi. Caste discrimination in Sinhala society

    Caste divisions are not unknown in Sinhala Buddhist history. The Govigama-Karave competition intermittently resurfaces in our history. The Govigama are the farmer caste akin to the Tamil Vellalar. The Govigama are perhaps 50% of the Sinhala population while the Karave are likely 10%. The Govigama unfairly dismiss the Karave as a fishing caste.

    King Vijayabahu in the 11th century DENIED ACCESS TO THE SO-CALLED LOWER CASTES to venerate the Buddha`s footprint at the summit of Sri Pada or Adam`s Peak. These castes were confined to a lower terrace further down. This led to an immediate counter when a 12th century rock inscription of King Nissanka Malla warned that the Govigama caste could never aspire to high office.

    The 13th century Sinhala literary work, the Pujavaliya went on to assert that a Buddha would never be born in the Govigama caste The Govigama reaction was swift. Kandyan Buddhist civil law as later documented in the Niti Nighanduwa, placed the Govigama at the top of an elaborately ordered caste hierarchy.

    The Kandyan Buddhist clergy – the Siam Nikaya – DENIED ENTRY into the Buddhist monkhood to the non-Govigama. They EXCLUDED THE KARAVE. This led wealthy Karave merchants in the maritime districts to finance the journey of Ambagahapitiya Gnanawimala Thera to Amarapura in Burma for the ordination into the Buddhist monkhood in 1800 AD. While the newly founded Amarapura nikaya had 21 sub-sects defined on caste lines (i.e. Karave, Salagama and Durave), it nonetheless offered a rare opportunity for the Karave to join the Buddhist religious order.

    Other Karave ABANDONED BUDDHISM ALTOGETHER AND CONVERTED TO ROMAN CATHOLICISM to seek caste emancipation. 50% of the Karave caste might well be Christian today. At present, Karave Christian youth have the best education outcomes in Sinhala society.


    • 1


      It appeared that you have abandoned para rope and hanging onto caste rope.anyway what have you discussed with forest conservation officials while president in head chairs. have you discussed ways to give badudeen another lands free of charged or how to recover forest land already engulfed by him. farmers are suffering without water but you president advisers sitting idle just writing comment by comment here to promote ETCA spreading rumor that people live here are indians as such we should allow Indian octopus to drink our health and blood the way that predator wants.
      do you know Tabo volcanic eruption took place around seventy five thousand years ago in Sumathra Island very closed by and that eruption effected especially south India lanka and indochina regions very badly in particular and whole world in general.do you know most of the early human lived here migrated to north part of India. only a few remained here. all the flora and fauna destroyed.only the few survived. after decades backward migration started and returnees brought north Indian gene as well.

      survivors who remained here grew as separate community. that is wedda community. they do not show any affinity genetically with any community in the world due to long isolation and bottle neck effect came to play with their genes flow.various mutations had taken place in their genes flow. genetic affinities they share with sinhalese are good enough to determine their primates and sinhalese primates are same do you know that Mr. Amarasiri.

  • 10

    Literate, but an ‘uneducated’ population at large! The difference should be understood, while trying to understand our national tragedy on many fronts. We were a cultured and wise people, before mass ‘Litercy’ became the only goal of our so-called education system.


  • 2

    Successive Govts turn a blind eye on errant monks. Political expediency?

    Police will worship them. Cultural problem of blind faith?

    Courts reluctant to convict. Misplaced sense of Justice.

  • 4

    We must thank Mr Latheef Farook for having highlighted those vital facts which most of us (Sri Lankans) don’t know or don’t want to know. As most of us wish to justify or or keep mum on this issue of war which ravaged this country for more than three decades. The war ended when Prabakaran was killed but that didn’t mean the ethnic issue was solved. Our politicians in the past and present having made good use of the ethnic issue for their own survival and never wanted to find a lasting solution.

    The amount mentioned of US$200 billion is certainly a huge sum and no wonder Sri Lankan rupees value stands at Rs.152.00 against the dollar. This is a clear cut evidence of inflation due to many factors inclusive of ethnic issues. During the 70s dollar value was at Rs.7/-, bread was sold at 28 cents.

    As a result of this issue there were direct impact and indirect impact. Direct impact is the violence unleashed on the people and their property and indirect effect is that the disruptions took place in the government departments and other institutions such as schools, universities etc due to “Sinhalese Only”.

    Outcome is government had to subsidize all government controlled institutions such as Sri Lankan Airlines, Lion Air, CGR are name a few. Other Most important syndrome that is crippling our country is CORRECTION which is causing irreparable loss to the country which no government seem to control it.
    Yet we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • 5

    Brother Latheef states

    “During Rajapaksa’s corrupt, criminalized and commercialized autocratic regime, law and order virtually collapsed, economy was in doldrums, people lived in fear and on the whole there was an atmosphere of fear.” [After a total period of 10 years in power]

    Isn’t equally true that :

    During Sirisena & Wickremasinghe’s corrupt, criminalized and commercialized oligarchic regime, law and order virtually collapsed, economy was in doldrums, people lived in fear and on the whole there was an atmosphere of fear. [After a total period of 2 years in power]. The difference if any is only a matter of degree not of substance.

    Brother Latheef states

    “Rajapaksa government turned a blind eye when Anti-Muslim Sinhala racist outfit Bodhu Bala Sena, (BBS), attacked mosques,………” [Previously]
    “On top of all comes the vicious and violent campaign against Islam and Muslims spearheaded by the very same BBS General Secretary …” “The tragedy is that the government refuses to take action against his extremely dangerous and destructive path and his lawless activities” [Presently]

    So at the end of the day both the previous as well as the present Governments are guilty of being indifferent to the activities of anti-Muslim groups.

    Isn’t the present Government’s guilt all the more serious because they won the support of the Muslims promising to create a more peaceful environment for that community ?

    “In this climate of hate and fear, Muslims living under siege” writes Brother Latheef

    The challenge that faces the Muslim Community is not to continue churning out analyses depicting the Buddhists as being the ‘guilty party’ and by implication the Muslims as being the ‘innocent party’ in the break-down of relations between the two Communities. But rather as CT Commentator Sinhalese Buddhist correctly stated in a previous post, the challenge is to understand and accept that “The key to solving the issue of religious fanaticism and bigotry is to reach out to the majority of practitioners who are good people. Find EMPATHY (my emphasis) with them and they will help defeat the fundamentalists. If you alienate them, they will stand back and allow the fundamentalists to take over – which is what is happening in the US right now”. Once again thank you, Sinhalese Buddhist, for these deeply insightful words.

    Can Brother Latheef identify at least one significant effort that the Muslim Community has made over the recent past to reach out to the empathetic members of the Buddhist Community ?

    • 0

      “In this climate of hate and fear, Muslims living under siege” writes Brother Latheef

      The challenge that faces the Muslim Community is not to continue churning out analyses depicting the Buddhists as being the ‘guilty party’ and by implication the Muslims as being the ‘innocent party’ in the break-down of relations between the two Communities. But rather as CT Commentator Sinhalese Buddhist correctly stated in a previous post, the challenge is to understand and accept that “The key to solving the issue of religious fanaticism and bigotry is to reach out to the majority of practitioners who are good people. Find EMPATHY (my emphasis) with them and they will help defeat the fundamentalists. If you alienate them, they will stand back and allow the fundamentalists to take over – which is what is happening in the US right now”. Once again thank you, Sinhalese Buddhist, for these deeply insightful words.”
      Well said, Ekelbroom.Kudos

  • 10

    Mr. Latheef Farook!
    You have a long list of complaints against both previous and current governments. You are a writer who writes to CT frequently and your issues are mostly Muslim but not Sri Lankan in nature. A Sinhalese could write a similar article and raise a lot of issues that the majority community is facing due to the contentious issue of accommodating minority communities in the country but Sinhalese intellectuals don’t do it for obvious reasons. If he/she does so, he/she will definitely be accused of a Sinhalese chauvinist/racist. You’ve already called Sinhalese in this article ‘chauvinists’.
    Let me take just one simple example about your community’s and its leaders’ approach to politics. Mr. Rishad Badiuddeen was a Muslim minister of the previous government and a minister of the current government as well. He has been accused of helping Muslim encroachers to build settlements in the Vilpattu National park (a precious sanctuary for elephants with several ‘elephant corridors’. There are other wild animals as well as rare types of fauna and flora unique to the zone. I read a few articles and also some reports from reliable fact finding missions by professional journalists and university academics. In addition, the JVP, (which is a comparatively honest political party) has also made a fact finding mission/visit to the area.
    Almost all of them are not too happy about the ‘encroachment’ story! They say Muslims are engaged in a dubious game of encroach the precious land that belongs to the National park and surrounding areas too. Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara, the infamous anti-Muslim crusader (that you have mentioned in your article) may not be a perfect Buddhist leader to talk about but he has highlighted these facts and speaks in a terribly louder voice than others against Muslim leaders. (You know today, if you don’t speak loud nobody listens)! Similarly we know that Muslim politicians who switch allegiance to whatever government that comes to power are not really honest; they think only about themselves and their political future. In order to get Muslim votes they have been engaged in a marathon race against each other ever since they have seen the ‘convenience’ of their ‘Diyavanna’ job as a MP/Minister. Mr. Hakim, the other Muslim political leader was also in the previous government as a minister and he is in the current cabinet too. So, are you telling us that they are going to ‘resign’ over the complaints you have listed in your article? (Those who read your article may think that you sound like a Yahapalan MP or a supporter)!
    Actually, this ‘duplicity’ or ‘double-game’ is a fact but a huge problem for the ruling authority of Sri Lanka. Please do not forget that it was the compassionate kings, chieftains, and people of Sri Lanka that allowed your forefathers to settle down and practice your religion many a year ago. Your forefathers were welcomed to marry Sinhalese or Tamil ladies, do business, and start your community. If those kings behaved like the rulers of current Middle Eastern countries you would neither be carrying your Muslim name nor practicing your beloved religion here today! In short there would not have been a Muslim community at all. In other words, the native Sri Lankans welcomed your forefathers with both hands and you are true Sri Lankans today just like any other Sri Lankan in the country.
    Let’s not forget but just set aside that past for a moment since we are now in the 21st century and we have a lot of things to do together. However, if you try to impose your religion in parts of Sri Lanka by misusing the ‘freedoms’ offered to all citizens through the constitution and other right acts, the majority (not only Sinhalese Buddhists but Catholics, and Tamils too) may think seriously about changing the status quo. A Tamil Sri Lankan asked me once if these Muslim MPs representing the Moor community have ever been on the Opposition. They get elected, switch the allegiance (depending on the opportunity), and become a minister and do things that are favorable only to their community. Strangely, LTTE Supremo V. Pirabhaharan knew this dubious behavior and decided to ‘teach’ them a lesson. That’s why he turned his guns against the Muslims in the North and the East” he said.
    Mr. Farook! Most educated Sri Lankans are silent on your agenda, but they are neither blind nor deaf. They know what happened to the first Buddhist University (Nalanda: started in 6th century BC) in India in the face of Muslim invasions; it was ransacked and destroyed by the army of the Muslim Mamluk Dynasty under Bakhtiyar Khilji in the year 1193! Most people believe that Buddhism disappeared from North India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, and Pakistan, just after these ruthless Muslim invasions that destroyed Buddhist viharas and murdered thousands of Buddhist monks. Many Buddhists and non-Buddhists throughout the world watched how Taliban thugs in Afghanistan destroyed the world largest Bamiyan Buddha statues not long ago but in March 2001.
    Mr. Farook! Not only Buddhists but everyone in Sri Lanka has reservations on your complaints. Just go and ask any Sri Lankan non-Muslim what he or she thinks about your community, its agenda, political approaches etc, and you will be surprised about their comments and answers (if they do so in an honest manner)!
    One of the reports published on the above encroachment issue in a newspaper concludes:
    “(Minister) Bathiudeen mentions that the families have put up “temporary huts on the borders of the Wilpattu National Park …” but it is clear that no one can make houses without proper permission within 1 mile of the border of a national park. The Central Environment Trust … criticized the violation of Flora and Fauna Protection Ordinance No 2 of 1937 and the National Environmental Act No 47 of 1980. This is a blatant encroachment of an environmentally valuable land which affects the eco-system balance. Furthermore, despite the claims by the so called ‘settlers’ the Elephant-Human Conflict will find a new front in Wilpattu North Sanctuary and the surrounding area.
    Mr. Farook! Do you have any idea what these reports, acts, Ordinance speak about the issue? Or you want to kill the messenger?

  • 12

    In good old days only two religion existed in this island. Buddhism & Hinduism.Both religions coexisted without any issues. In one site both religions worshiping places placed. Like in Kataragama, devinuwara and Kandy and Hindus visited Buddhists shrines, Buddhists visited Hindus shrine. It was a new cult mixer of Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddhists accepted Hindu gods are guardians of Buddhism. Hindus shunned some rituals like animal sacrifices from their religion practices instead both resorted to freeing animals meant to be killed for foods. Trouble started introduction of Abrahamic religions in 14th century AD on ward. now though Buddhism given first and foremost place by constitution,What are the special privileges Buddhists are getting in this land. but Islam getting all the benefits. Separate personal law, marriage law, schooling terms,Free defamation to other religions five times a day. separate dress separate foods. separate law in some areas.No standardization

    there should be one country one law for all. law should not be changed as per religion or belief.

    Tamils politicians forced their youth to take to arms spreading false history. Muslims are doing same. destroying Buddhists heritages and building their mosques on them and spreading concept that Muslims are not under any law but Allah’ doctrine. as such it is duty to of Muslims youth to fight for it. both concept were not products of Sinhalese Buddhists but concepts of minorities. Sinhalese responded and defended their rights. That is not chauvinism. That is nationalism.

  • 12

    How about Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan?

    Must be in trillions each! What racism is that?

    • 1

      Latheef talks about Sri Lanka in which we were born, living and own.

      • 4

        Yeah I understand. Racist politics has been afoot since independence but this author started to write about this issue only when it started to impinge on the Muslims! When the Tamils and christians were at the receiving ends the Muslims in general said nothing!

        Racism must be rooted out and adequate statute should be in place.

        • 8

          Burning issue

          if so your koran should be banned in first place. it is a racial book.it called non believers as wild animals. it says non believers made sub human by your almight by putting lock on heart and mind and veil on eye sight.as such as pious muslim you can not make any complain on non believers utternces against you muslims. we non believers or infidel either wild animals or sub humans.if you want to get racist utterances against you muslims first start agitating against your holy book koran. get it banned by government.

          • 4


            Refer to Mahawansa and read the chapter dealing with Naga – serpent-worshippers, Yakksa – demon worshippers, and Rakshasas. Mahanama wrote these people were not human.

            Will you ban Mahawamsa?

            • 6

              Native wedda alias monitor lizard

              Mahawamsa is not a holy book. it is just a history record written on quoting folklores that existed at that time.it is not the basis for any cult or religion. you may believe or you may not believe no compulsory. we were taught not to trust anything if not proven by your conscience. but so called holy book I am referring to is a basis for doctrine. it is revered as holy truth by lots.some are even prepared to be suicide mombers to depend it.as such it can creat truthless terrorists. as such it should be banned.

              • 0

                May we know what the holy book of Buddhists and could you please tell us something of Buddhism !
                Could you explain what you mean by conscience..If you had a conscience,you will not act in this manner
                writing all these stupid things about Islam ,which has 1.6 Billion followers unlike Buddhism and everyday
                you are losing your followers and do you know that many monks are giving up robes.
                Believe me there are some in robes who ate devoutly following another religion. Guess !
                Get it ??? and in Anuradhapura of all places. Shocked ! Surprised !! But it is true.!!!

          • 1

            Ranjit ,
            So you want the Koran banned. Well do it . How do you get about doing it?
            First let me tell you that the Muslim Scripture is The Qur’aan.
            Nowhere does the Qur’aan refer to unbelievers as wild animals.
            You are talking of various things like lock in heart etc.,
            Without knowing what the Qur’aan says do not make stupid comments.
            Your english too cannot be understood.What you write is Singhlish !!!
            When an American ,burnt a Qur’aan ,I challenged him to burn all the Qur’aans if he can.
            Do you know that there are millions who have memorized it, and as such until you kill the last Muslim
            you will not be able to destroy it .Let me tell you that Allah himself has said that He will protect it and He certainly will do it.
            In your earlier comment you say trouble started fourteen centuries ago.
            You ,fool have you heard of the Crusades and who started it.
            First brush up or rather learn english then, history and maybe other things. Learning never ends.
            It appears as if you have just begun to learn..

        • 1

          When racial politics started in this country ,Latheef Farook was a journalist in Dubai .

  • 2

    You do not know history. You say there were only two religions, what about the religion of Mose and then Jesus.
    After that came Islam. Please tell us what problems Muslims create. Tell me which temple was pulled down to build a Mosque. Mahinda mama did some damage to a mosque in Dambulla. If the call to prayer five times day for a few
    minutes is a problem,what about all the jarring Buddhist chantings from every Buddha statue at the most odd place,
    which even the Buddhists do not understand and many have said is a disturbance.
    Two Buddhists President Premadasa and Anil Moonesinghe said that it was soothing to hear the call to Prayer in
    the morning.
    Lately Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth requested to be taken to London Mosque to listen To Quran Recitation as she
    found it very soothing. I have the video clip of this.
    Q. E. D

    • 7

      So screaming in terrorist’s language is soooothing??? Hah,hah, haaaaa!!!

      Buddhist can do whatever they like because Sri Lankan is a Buddhist country, music cannot do anything they want because Sri Lanka is not a Muslim country!! get it?

      The Dabulla mosque was an illegal construction and it was hazard to the people.

      A lot of ancient Buddhist temples were destroyed by some pigish Muslims in Eastern province.

      • 2

        John boy

        “Buddhist can do whatever they like because Sri Lankan is a Buddhist country,”

        Please grow up.

      • 0

        What is terrorists language and tell me who is screaming and where ?
        Buddhism is not native to Sri Lanka as any idiot knows.
        You say “….music cannot do anything they want ,because SRi Lanka is not a Muslim country.!!’
        What the hell do you mean by this. Again this is Singlish!! Get it ! Or you have got it ?
        Muslims do not go about destroying Buddhist temples. It is the other way about.
        Pigs are what you rear and eat and as such you may have “piggish ” behaviour!!!
        Next time you start typing use your brain if you have one and then carry on.
        I wish you the best!!!

    • 2


      Yes it is true that only two religions existed in this Island up to 14th century AD. before Buddhism and Hinduism people were animist nature worshipers. Judaism and Christianity existed in middle east but not in this Island.

      JURAGALA, DEVANAGALA and most of the areas now occupied by Muslims in the east built on ancients buddhists heritages. even puththalam early yakka kingdom places were destroyed by muslims and built their mosques and habitat on them. ruins of those heritage sites used by Muslims to built toilets and cocking places. pothuvil Muhudu viharaya was being destroyed but timely intervation by government saved it.destroying buddhists heritages all over is the habit and practice of muslims. even in india situation was same.

      in 1915 Muslims started trouble asking British to stop dalada perahera and other buddhists peraheras held in all over Island.

      Muslims do not respect or adhere to general rules of the country.Destruction of natural resources for their advantage is their policy.financial power and aids from rich middle east money become driving force here.trying hard to curtail growth of Sinhalese by various ways.even in London Muslims add feaces to food they sell to others. here too there are lots of unconfirmed reports. even adding birth control drugs to food in their hotels.

      Buddhist chanting of pirith to invoke blessing for all. not like Islam. you say there is no god but Allah.insult to other religions five times a day.

  • 3

    Another $200 Billion will be lost in the next 30 years, if not sooner.

  • 5

    waite till we breed to become majority , then you all doomed , we cur your heads off and burn all your temples

    • 3


      yes we know that

      2:191-193 Fight and kill unbelievers until “religion is Allah’s,” i.e. Islamic law rules all societies.

      do not worry. we help you to go to your allah’s garden and enjoy seventy two virgins before that

      • 0


        you brand all who advocate fairness and anti-racism as koran worshiping Muslims! You have been writing a lot but in fact you stand for veiled Sinhala Buddhist domination. This is what you implicitly advocate!

      • 0

        Ranjith, you say::
        “koran; 2:191-193 Fight and kill unbelievers until “religion is Allah’s,” i.e. Islamic law rules all societies.”

        The Mughal (or Mogul) Empire ruled most of India and Pakistan in the 16th and 17th centuries.
        It consolidated Islam in South Asia, and spread Muslim (and particularly Persian) arts and culture as well as the faith.

        The Mughals were Muslims who ruled a country with a large Hindu majority. However for much of their empire they allowed Hindus to reach senior government or military positions.

        The Mughals brought many changes to India:

        Centralised government that brought together many smaller kingdoms
        Delegated government with respect for human rights
        Persian art and culture
        Persian language mixed with Arabic and Hindi to create Urdu
        Periods of great religious tolerance
        A style of architecture (e.g. the Taj Mahal)
        A system of education that took account of pupils’ needs and culture”
        When British took over it was Muslim Emperor Bahadur Shah ruling over a majority Hindu population.
        This is the proof there were no forced conversions.
        Indonesia the biggest Muslim Country was not conquered by any invading Muslim Army.
        So all who try to make Islam an aggressive religion,cannot prove it. I challenge everyone.

    • 0

      You cannot be a Muslim if you hide behind a Sinhala name.
      You are a damned disgrace. Please do not speak for Islam,
      as Islam does not approve what you say. You are a coward.

  • 0

    Most of Sri Lankan’s do not care the country losses. They are worried only about their personal only. Such a selfish nation. South Koreans contributed their private wealth to come out from country debt burden so the citizens of Argentina. Here, in Sri Lanka we witness compleate opposit.

  • 3

    The writer being a returnee from the petrodollars awashed fiefdoms looks at issues from imperialist, Neocon and Wahhabi mentality. He quoting verbatim everything penned by an Indian politician as Gospel truth is in itself shows the shallowNess of his arguments.

    Although he accuses the majority community of racism and chauvinism he never utters a word about the racism and chauvinism of the minority communities, both the Tamilso and the Muslims. In short Latheef Farook, the champion of yahapalanaya, is the last person who could be expected to write an unbiased impartial report on the communal politics of Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    Religious conflicts can easily be avoided if we can ban all the religions that can’t be proved scientifically or argued logically.

    The deeply rooted social concept that religion is a must must be uprooted and destroyed and the rule of law must be strengthened.

  • 3

    Dear sr,

    You’re absolutely right. On the other hand, a certain amount of indoctrination in homes is inevitable.

    There is no way we can educate all children through the same language medium – not for another hundred years, anyway. However, we should not allow kids to be taught religion in State schools; that should be common sense, but we actually allow “Muslim schools” – in all of which (as far as I know), the medium of instruction is Tamil. Why can’t they be in the “Hindu School” – only as I’ve said, I advocate no religion in State Schools.

    Should religious denominations be allowed to run privately funded and run schools? They may tend to be better run, but they do immense harm to society. English medium private schools called “International”? The demand is such that they seem inevitable, but whether they contribute to our Sri Lankan society that ultimately funds them is moot question. So many emigrate!

    However, one thing is certain. Muslims and their politicians imagine that their children are their possessions. How can that be changed when it is there in the Quran that theirs is the only true religion. Some adherents of other Abrahamic religions are almost as bad. It is true that before they got established here only about a thousand years ago, at most, Buddhists and Hindus lived in peace with each other – and that can be the case again. Buddhism is so rational; Hinduism is so tolerant and undogmatic. But find us a Muslim family that is willing to grant its members religious freedom. Almost next to impossible.

    I’ve been thinking mostly of the innocent children, so far, but when will you guys set your women free? A month ago a lot of Muslim women were agitating for reform of MMDA. I wonder what means you guys used to silence them?


    As for Muslim politics – it stinks! Never a display of principle, almost always playing one side against the other. If the “rabble” (count me out) turn against you, I can only say you’ve deserved it the way you go on and on about your “traditional dress code” (rubbish – it wasn’t like that fifty years ago), and beards, and use unnecessary vocabulary, no wonder we find it almost impossible to relate to you.

    Let us work towards a community of people who think rationally, have strong but decent feelings for nature and aesthetics, and marry whom they please. As “sr” has said, more economically there must be no feeling that “adherence to religious is a must”.

    Latheef Farook, stop writing about Muslims; write about human beings: then there’ll be no problem for you. Of course we will have to tackle the likes of Gnanasara and “Siva Senai”. That will be relatively easy!

    • 0

      Sinhala man you ask:
      “I’ve been thinking mostly of the innocent children, so far, but when will you guys set your women free? A month ago a lot of Muslim women were agitating for reform of MMDA. I wonder what means you guys used to silence them? “
      With you fellows raping, and murdering ,we have to protect our women and children.
      You are not bothered about your women and children.
      Please do not worry about our women and children. We know how to protect them from you animals ,those claiming they have animal blood. It is not surprising that you act like dog as and cats.

  • 0

    The Muslim religion has play role of Political Terrorism last 30 years by which undermined world existing order of Democracy.

    Muslim religion has diverted from religion preaching, it has taken role of Political Terrorism through the world by overthrown regimes by Gun Rule politics.

    Look at AL Kaida was Saudi Arabia sponsor Terrorist outfits are function & operation by funding Saudi Arabian Oil Dollars.
    Saudi is cause of Terrorism that through-out the Middle Eastern countries.

    Sri Lankan many Muslim related an organization has been funded by Saudi Arabian financial Backing .

    They who seek separate Muslim for the “Eastern Province” by Saudi -Sunni funding.
    Majority Muslim mosques are funded by Saudi’s Terrorist of Islam ideology by expanding religion extremism in Island. Its working against norms of values Democratise and opposite to secular state of Democracy in Sri lanka.

    They build huge Mosques in main cities in through-out the country.
    Muslim hate other religion and by attacking Buddhist as religion “extremist” while occupy prime land in organising manner.

    All Muslim politician are penetrated into leading political parties having that power-full position with executive power by hoodwink majority people of Sri Lankan.

    Leading political parties are blind on Muslim politician’s corruptions and other Illegal business operation.
    Business of Muslim of Sri Lankan never-mind that system of ongoing development and growth collapse as long as Muslim are gain profit out of the system.

    Sri Lankan Muslims occupy prime land in every cities and illegal.
    Business ventures which illegal earning that turn and twist into Capital by gain political power by hook or crook. The slogan of “Buddhist discrimination” will become blessing their covered operation of Economic, Political and Muslim religion expanding in Island.

    The Muslim is world wide ambition of occupy other land under the other religions.
    They seek domination of Islam religion ideology by other countries land is their political strategy in Globally Expanding by GUN Point or Ballots for gain Islam- Empire!!!!!!!
    This is different from Ottoman Empire ,but similar to the same model.?

    Therefor that is how the Islam terrorism playing leading role of politics in Middle Eastern countries and other countries out of Muslim nations.

    Islam an undermined whole world market Economy by gain profit of their own community.

    They advocated and misinterpret the Muslim so-called discrimination by majority community and demanding “separatist Province” of Part of Island.

    Well known fact that Islam is products of Feudalism ,it denied rights of women are half of population of human kind. The basic human rights of women supressed by all Islam countries.

    The crux of matter is NOT religion, it is Human Right of Women ? How world run half of Women of human being rights has been an opposed and suppressed by Islam?

    How can such Muslin become Democracy and advocated right of equality of every human being in world that irrespective of their gender?

    They -Islam an occupied prime-lands and business venture by domination of world by that seems to be illegal means but they cannot rule the world without majority Women are out of Global Democracy!

    • 2

      First go to school and learn to write good English before you get to making comments.
      So Muslims say there is one God and ask Muslims to come for prayer.
      Your chantings in Pali even your Buddhist do not understand.
      The latest is a court order against Uduve Dhammaloka to control sound at his temple by residents not Muslims but
      others led by Milinda Moragoda.
      So Muslims have lands businesses etc because they have been traders from old times.
      So try to beat them by getting into those businesses.
      Why are you concerned about our women. Your monks I have heard on TV. commending Muslim practices.
      They even say about Muslim WOMENS dress and that Buddhist women coming to temple should dress more modestly.
      You idiot know that Islam gave rights to women fourteen centuries ago. Even as late as a century ago the west had not.
      Do you know in the west there are more Muslim women entering Islam. Why ? If Muslim women are oppressed they
      will not.
      CT, I am trying to make sense of this notch-potch rubbish. You could have edited this.
      I feel sorry for this Paiyadasa !!!

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