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SriLankan Airlines: Finally The ‘Unelected’ Flight Attendant Union President Resigns

After nine months of forcibly holding the reigns of the Flight Attendants Union as its President of SriLankan Airlines, Cabin Manager Adrian Cramer resigned from his post after a tumultuous emergency meeting was held by its members on the 8th of September 2016.

Prior to Cramer throwing in the towel, his close associates Vice President Warren Hendricks, Treasurer Elseworth Weerasinghe, Secretary Lanka Kamalgoda and the Stewardess girl Nithya Senani Senanayake who was released for MP Namal Rajapaksa’s work, also had resigned.

At the emergency meeting two former preceding FAU Presidents Sidath Dedigama and Dinesh Fernando stepped in to bring stability in the interim until an Annual General Meeting is called.

Despite the internal squabbles during Cramer’s reign, even relations between the Pilots Guild was also soured after Cramer sent in an official letter to ALPGSL President Capt. Renuke Senanayake showing scant respect and even attempting to belittle the aviation professional.

The acrimonious dispute between the Flight Attendants and the Pilots union bodies was resolved amicably at the Pilots Guild office yesterday, when Capt.Senanayake helped facilitate the meeting which was at the behest of Cabin Manager Sidath Dedigama.

All matters of conflict and disputes resolved with honest dialog and genuine goodwill. The one hour and a half meeting covered all aspects of mutual concern and a strong show of solidarity with the new look committee of the FAU extending their support to the pilots guild especially regarding the ongoing “Pilot breathalyzer test saga” which is of equal concern to the FAU.

Committee Members of the Pilots Guild And Flight Attendants Union

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