26 June, 2022


SriLankan Airlines Smoke Filled Emergency Landing Into Bangkok – Passengers Refuse To Fly Back

A smoke filled SriLankan Airlines flight bound for Colombo from Bangkok declared an emergency soon after taking off last night and returned to Suvarnabhumi airport with passengers and crew on board.

Sri Lankan Airlines flight bound for Colombo from BangkokThe rescue and support offered by Bangkok airport staff in this emergency of flight UL 891, proved to be more hazardous than the emergency itself and in violation of safety and emergency procedures during this incident.

Many passengers photographed were seen loitering on the tarmac unattended soon after Captain Upali Amerasinghe instructed them to disembark the upon the aircraft ramp steps being positioned.

Passengers were seen photographed covering their noses and mouths still suffering from smoke inhalation even after disembarking the aircraft.

In a recorded video captured by a passenger Capt. Amerasinghe appears to be more traumatized than the passengers himself. He is heard announcing “there is nothing to worry about, so please use caution when getting down from the ladder”.

A passenger on the flight Dallas Kelaart speaking to Colombo Telegraph from Bangkok asked “Which ladder was the captain asking us to disembark from? ”

“There was absolute chaos and the ground staff in Bangkok did not have the situation under control. I in fact have refused to fly back on the same aircraft. The ground staff is pushing us to somehow travel on the same plane now saying there is no other choice as the flights from Bangkok to Colombo are all full. This situation has brought bad publicity to the airline, as most passengers taking pictures and videoing the incident handled unprofessionally have already posted these on social media” Kelaart said.

Passenger Kelaart including another 15 passengers have categorically refused to fly back on the same aircraft after it was cleared to operate, stating the flight to be unsafe to travel.

SriLankan Airlines was recently ordered to provide explanation by the International Civil Aviation Organization for alleged safety violations pertaining to flights operated to Seychelles.

It was reported that SriLanka risks been blacklisted by ICAO if proved to be guilty for safety violations.

Whilst publishing this story the aircraft still remains on ground in Bangkok.

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Latest comments

  • 28

    The reason for the smoke is one of the Airconditioning system failed/malfunctioned -internal damage causing smoke in the cabin not a common issues but it can happen,the AC was rectified and flown back to Cmb and in service now.
    I just cannot understand why such a big fuss

    • 6

      Many are annoyed when they Srilankan’s name raised. Current regime is responsible for this, for they bring out inquiry boards, make all the noise and then do nothing about it.
      Then, the regime, correctly exposes the criminal decisions of the previous.

      All in all, UL gets hammered. Good/Bad PR. I must say.

    • 4

      “” understand “”
      Common people have common problems.
      social attitudes: impunity !
      they all want compensation for distressed caused.

    • 7

      The big fuss my friend is thanks to beanie bag aviators (or arm chair aviators) like this particular so called journalist and a few idiot, self loading cargo that think they know better than professionals with tens of thousands of hours and 25 years of experience who are trained to fly a 233 ton jet!

    • 1

      You seem to be knowledgable on the technical aspects of the incident so I would like to know what defect in the air-conditioning system caused smoke in the cabin?

  • 20

    Captian Amarasinghe – Well done , Sri Lankan Airlline best Airline for me.

  • 14

    Welldone Captain Amesasinghe and crew in landing the aircraft safely

    Unfortunately CT has a fetish in tarnishing Srilankan airlines at every possible juncture,but these incidents are common in many airlines Qantas,Emirates,Etihad,BA all have had issues

    I dont know why Mr Kellart is making such a hue and cry as the Captain has rightly ascertained the risk level and deployed the ladder instead of the slides which could have meant passengers getting injured and even Mr Kellart may have twisted his crown jewels in the process!

    For all the fuss the type of ladder in question is still used in Doha,Dubai,Colombo and Kuwait airports when the air brides are full for passengers to embark/disembark

    Sadly CT reporting style is now more akin to the Daily Mail in the UK which is considered trash !

  • 17

    Incidents happens but thankfully all the lives are saved.as far as I know they will make sure it’s fit to fly and have recommendation.you can’t just load the passengers and fly.
    Am very proud of our national air line and the service are very good the cabin crews do tremendous job.hard and dedication the business class is same as the big names air lines.well done good luck.

  • 3

    Whenever UL comes up there is always a crowd that supports and opposes UL/its particular subject.
    This is an airline in financial trouble for as long as we can remember and every govt.stacks it with people who don’t have proven upper managerial experience (CEO)in airlines.

    So why not prune it or shut UL and all government corps? Why not prune government spending on its ministers and everything in general…instead of taxing the people with higher VAT,taxes etc?? I give another 2 years and VAT will be 18% then one day soon it will be 25% along with higher taxes all around.All this when belt tightening can be done.
    The messege sent though is all is good fiscally,lets give ourselves car permits which we can sell for 22 Million.So called opposition can object and call for responsible fiscal management but,not in Lanka.

  • 9

    One thing quite evident is that a group of pilots especially those with bruised egos have ganged up in unison (which is nice to see for a change) to write back to back comments under different names in support of their pilot Capt. Amerasinghe and he airline.Well done for that. However as passenger I have never heard the word ‘ladder’ been used in any of my travels. The airline jargon used frequently by airline staff is good for them and their communication methods. But for us passengers especially in an emergency imagine running around looking for a ‘ladder’ especially when the captain himself gives the command and instructions. Sadly one thing is that a mere 7000 staff members are robbing us the public of treasury funds. The management of the airline, Board of Directors, Chairman, Chief of this Chef of that, whatever their posts are,General Managers,Country Managers, Senior Managers, Pilots, Engineers and Cabin Crew are all been paid salaries and packages which does not justify the bottom line. Strip all of them of their perks for under performance and ask them to take the bus to work. Just pay them a basic salary cos that is what they are truly worth. Civil Aviation Authority has also proven to cover the rubbish the airline is doing from a safety point of view. Everyone in power both in the airline and CAA is also screwing the public big time.

    • 7

      Sha!! Standing ovation for that rant! Feeling your Kohonas swell?!

      Who cares what idiots like you think man? People like you are the reason we are called the Banana Republic!

      Bombay looking Calcutta going!

      The emergency was over Mr. Traveler! That’s why the slides were not deployed and an evacuation not done. That’s why the step ladders were postioned so that people like you could “calmly” walk down instead of tripping over each other trying to get your balmy bums down the slides and twisting your Kohonas in the process! As mentioned by someone earlier, arm chair aviators like you need to stick to playing Flight “Stimulator” and leave the real flying to the real professionals!

  • 2

    Public Moron,
    Seems like you may have to seek employment soon Public Moron at the rate your airline is heading. Perfect name you got for I guess the a perfect moronic airline you work for. This airline was great until morons like you joined. Look at the carnage you have contributed towards too. Very soon you may have to ferry your plane with no passengers to carry at this rate.
    “Leave the flying for the real professionals” – hahahahaha! you make me laugh Mr.Muscles…being the real pilot you think you are. Grow up you dag!

    • 4

      Gee whiz mate! You sure know how to stick your limbs in your mouth! Happens I guess when you’ve been dealt such a nasty hand by destiny! Sure sounds like another “Chicken or Fish” fellow!

  • 8

    Public traveler,i feel really sorry for your ignorance,what does the word “Ladder” matter?The airline flies multi national,multi language passengers,at times all the passengers on a china bound passengers will not understand the word ladder or INIMAGA,the evacuation command is given by idealy, the PIC if not any crew member,the well trained cabin crew members will direct them towards the exit and that is what the crew had done.
    Just in case if the plane was full of ME workers,the initial evacuation command is made in english (SOP) but if the passengers get confused they(Cabin crew) would use Singhalese or any other language including body language to get the passengers to safety.
    what if you were a passenger on a Chinese airline,French Airline or even a Japanese airline what do you think would have been the exact word of your choice?
    End of the day, safety was not compromised,please do not exhibit your ignorance

  • 9

    Who is this Dallas ? Burger man so critical about the captain’s call for a ladder,when his mother used to shout “Daugherty Dada coming jungi put and come” laugh also coming aunty Bertha…

  • 2

    A classic case of nonsensical, biased and bad reporting. Shame on you Colombo telegraph.

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