21 June, 2024


Stoning To Death Of A Sri Lankan Girl: Why Don’t Muslim Religious Leaders Openly Condemn This Wahhabi Barbarism?

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Wahhabi justice or injustice is at it again. This time a Sri Lankan girl is about to be stoned to death for adultery, and an assembly of sadists are going to be entertained in public by this so called shariah punishment.

Saudi Arabia, the birth place and exporter of Wahhabism is a member of the family of modern nation states and a member of the United Nations and its international affiliates. The United Nations must be ashamed to have among its members a country that in the 21st century is still steeped in medievalism practicing the most barbaric punitive judicial system. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are unashamedly happy to court Saudi friendship knowing very well that that country’s medieval justice system goes against all accepted norms and values human progress and civilization.

What is even more shocking is the silence of Sri Lankan Muslim religious leaders who seem to be approving this sordid punishment in the name of Islam. There are several among them who are progressive minded and who want to change that part of the fiqh or rules of religious governance that are not universally and eternally applicable but contextually constrained. But even they fear Saudi retribution if they openly advocate any objection. Petrodollars obviously have bought their silence.

stoningWahhabism is the most intolerant of all the sects in Islam. Although it is a seventeenth century product its roots go back to ninth century. Today it has given birth to several other and even more extremist and intolerant offshoots such as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the ISIS. The despicable beheadings carried out by the ISIS criminal enterprise is no different from the beheadings carried out by the Saudi Regime. How can one condemn the one without condemning the other? Stoning to death, chopping of hands and foot and public whippings are other forms of medieval sadist punishments.

The big powers are desperately coalescing now to wipe out the ISIS, but can they wipe out the ideology that produced and sustains it? Don’t the big powers realise that this ideology is spreading in their own countries with public knowledge? Why then is this hypocrisy? Without declaring war on Wahhabism Islamist extremism cannot be even contained let alone defeated.

It is time the world Muslim community and its enlightened religious leaders speak with one voice and send a strong message to the Saudi rulers. There are areas of fiqh the needs to be reformed and modernised. Forms of judicial punishments is certainly one such area. It is no secret that even within the Saudi political hierarchy there are progressive elements that do not support these punishments and desire change. But they are a tiny minority, and even they because of the lack of popular legitimacy need the support of Wahhabi orthodoxy to hold their political positions. This is the tragedy of Saudi Arabia. Democracy and religious reforms need to go hand in hand.

In the meantime, unless some miracle happens the chances of the Sri Lankan victim escaping the racist Saudi Arabian death sentence is very slim, because the person is a woman, Asian and non-Arabic speaking.

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    I thought I should look at the video by Menk. Only 100 lashes is prescribed in the Quran. But he says Sharia prescribes stoning. As a non muslim, I cannot see the logic of this. Then on the sides there were other videos. “Punishment in Islam for having Sex before and after marriage” and “Is stoning to death allowed in Islam?” are two videos that I watched. All these videos discuss stoning but have different meanings and are very confusing. I think knowledgeable persons should explain the correctness of stoning as a punishment. May be a Sri Lankan Muslim with a good knowledge on the subject should tell us the correct position.

    Can members of this forum organise one public lecture or at least do a video presentation and circulate.

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    There is no such thing as a Wahabi justice in Islam unless the writer refers to the tribal justice of Arabia. Adultery is serious violation with serious consequences to Islamic values.

    With terms such as ‘Wahabi’ and ‘Wahabism’ having become highly politicised and sensationalised in the public domain. Poor are those who wish to ‘modernise’ Islam. Not only because they are seen as sell-outs by mainstream Muslims, but because they are at the fingertips of their neo-con masters. Little do they realise that they are in fact selling their afterlife to forward the worldly agenda of someone else. The orthodox Muslim, apart from being scorned at, is inherently seen as principled and resilient. Those who follow the example of the companions are winners in every sense. The one who chooses the side of the companions and sticks to their understanding will be closest in knowing what Allah wants from him. Is this not the dream of every Muslim? To know precisely what Allah wants from you so that your worship of Him is correct and so that your understanding is most precise? The companions were in darkness but since it was the Prophet (pbuh) who personally showed them the direction to the straight path, their awareness of its true nature is unmatched! Allah says,

    And thus have We inspired in thee (Muhammed) a Spirit of Our command. Thou knewest not what the Scripture was, nor what the Faith. But We have made it a light whereby We guide whom We will of Our bondmen. And lo! thou verily dost guide unto a right path. (The Noble Quran 42:52)

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    Who cares what Allah told you. So long as the Muslims lead this parasitic existence on unbelievers, so long as the full military power of entire Islamic Umma combined is less than that of tiny Israel you have to play by their rules. You are successful in exploiting their higher ethical and moral values which has given you this bloated self confidence.


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    Dr Amir A(E)li,
    Your total ignorance of Islam and the saria Law preached and practiced no other person other the great Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).Your rudiment of intelligence is not even worth mentioning. Are you a practicing Muslim or only a Name sake Muslim?.If you believe in the tenets of Islam you will not try to mix your hatred towards the so called Wahabism. Stoning to death for ADULTERY is a punishment meted out during the time of Rasoolullah (PBUH) and followed during the time of Kilafath is very well known to all god fearing Muslim ummah. This is not something that the so called Wahabis brought.
    I thought only Payalwan was the identified saithan from Kathankudi/Saithankudi, but you seems to be getting qualified to be his companion. I need you to say the fifth Kalima of rathu Kufir and ask for pardon and mercy from almighty failing which hell fire will be waiting for you.

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    Very biased n I’ll prepared article

    Bros pls take moment to throughly reflect on two important matters so that you are educated on this matter.

    First let’s understand if stoning is indeed a punishment? And if so what is the criteria. This is two minute clip from the renowned Mufti Menk

    Then look at this news article from Reuters.

    Read the first paragraph. Then tell me if its right or wrong what Saudi is doing

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